President Krysta Logozzo Daniele chaired a business meeting today, featuring a fulsome report on the club Visioning Exercise, aka Strategic Plan for the next 3 years.

27 members attended and the tech boys John Stevenson and Kevin Holloway ensured a faultless transmission. Thanks gents.

Following the welcomes (including to former club President now a member of Lake Country Rotary in the Okanagan, BC Maria Hudolin) and O Canada (introduced again by Brian Walmark involving students from Winnipeg both indigenous and non), we had a most relevant reflection by Krysta on taking care of one's mental health during Covid-19. The key is happiness  as a function of good relationships/social connectedness and the quality therein. Reducing loneliness is a key ingredient.
"Auntie" Maria Hudolin linked us to a fine TED talk on this very subject, well worth watching:

VISIONING 2020 for the Port Arthur Rotary Club summarized results from the District and in-house deliberations re the next 3 years...where will we be then and by what route?
Four major priorities, each with goals, made this a succinct and cogent exercise for members to digest and ponder on. President Krysta is looking for a "clear path." forward. The challenges are there, we need the commitment to fulfill them. Our members will receive the full presentation for their review and input. 

Business and Announcement Highlights
  1. The Centennial year for the club will be 2024. The club was inaugurated March 31, 1924. A few copies of our recent publication A Century of Service are still available (contact David Legge)
  2. Wilderness Discovery Camp beckons members for service work and also a dinner meeting with the Fort William Club (6 pm August 26th) . Details from Bob Tomlinson and Brenda Winter. A formal off-site style meeting in late September will be deferred til next year.
  3. An invitation is out for a member or two to join the Zoom hosting team (contact Kevin Holloway)
  4. Sick and Visiting ((keeping in touch with our members unable to attend) will be in the offing next meeting.
The very successful meeting ended at 1:05 pm