President Krysta Logozzo Daniele welcomed 29 members and guests today, including our speakers, Mal B (Rotoract President), Past President John Stewart and Shelley Crawford.   Kind hosts, with thanks, today were Bob Tomlinson and Kevin Holloway.

Today's O Canada featured a fine community youth orchestra and President Krysta reflected on the myriad challenges we continue to face during these very fluid pandemic times. Despite same, Rotary continues its good service work (many club activities cited).

Summary of Announcements/Business (contact individuals or websites):

TB Chamber of Commerce: Live meeting with Minister Hajdu Sept 9; Amazing Place Treasure Hunt-Sept 10

United Way of TB (Albert BrulĂ©): No Show Gala Sept 17th.  On-line donations replace material gifting.

Terry Fox Run (Lakehead Rotary club) Sunday September 20, 2020.

Hike for Hospice Northwest Sept 13 (contact or even join Jaro Kotalik).

Dew Drop Inn Service (D Silliman) Sept 24

Kishore Sakhrani-has 2 backpacks for suitable recipient (Contact Kishore)

Wilderness Discovery..ongoing hands-on work still available and fun!! (Bob Tomlinson)


Guest Presentation:

Matthew Villella a Distinguished Toastmaster) on Toastmasters International 
(including 6 local clubs) and the new partnership with like-minded Rotary International. Co-presenting with Matt was Area 1 Director of the TB clubs Yvonne Roussel, and Toastmaster in the Nanabijou club Rami El-Mawed (all are pictured below).

Toastmasters number 358,000 in 16,800 clubs in 143 countries. Started in 1924, (, there are numerous "common ground" parallels with Rotary in service with an emphasis on individual professional development, good ethics and fostering skills and self-confidence in public speaking.

"Rotarians have great stories to tell.
Toastmasters know how to tell them"

Toastmasters is an inexpensive organization to join and make new connections and develop skills within a sympathetic and caring group. 
Local clubs are commencing a "speechcraft " course on September 29th for 10 weeks (virtual). No holds barred. Rotarians are welcome and some have already signed on. Matt can be contacted anytime ( 

Of major note Toastmasters International has partnered with Rotary International...many common goals and a global impact.

Dave Legge introduced and thanked Matt, Rami and Yvonne. This is important service being provided to many people interested in self-improvement.

We welcome their continued partnership, even membership in our club. The international and local club websites are all easily accessible for fine detail, including sign up.

The Q&A period featured a delightful vignette from Bill Everitt and his experience with Toastmasters in New Zealand years ago.