Eight very hardy and enthusiastic Rotarians gathered at the Boulevard Lake parking lot Saturday morning to complete a cleanup of the park and Cumberland from Gibson Ave to Granville Ave.

Upon arrival, our target area appeared to be rather clean, however as we ventured out to do the work, a fair amount of litter was found.

Total bags gathered:

9 Garbage Bags
3 Recycling Bags
5 Shopping Carts
1 very pristine Soft Ball - found by Warren of course

We were fuelled with Tim’s Coffee and calorie-free doughnuts courtesy of Bruce Nelson…thank you Bruce.

The Team:

Krysta Logozzo-Daniele David Marler
Warren and Barb Philp Jim Madder
Mary-Anne Mackett Bruce Nelson
Steve McAuley
Brian Walmark - who was with us in spirit but a bit
under the weather Saturday AM.