President Krysta Logozzo Daniele cheerfully welcomed 34 members today and thanked our Zoom co-hosts Kevin Holloway and Jim Madder our and guest Mal Balachandran (President of the Thunder Bay Rotoract Club).
Our anthem was a unique rendition of O Canada “sung” by a young woman using sign language.  Kevin Holloway has a new take on our national anthem virtually every week!  Her signing was so clear Kevin thinks we will learn ASL before the year’s out!
Krysta played a video celebrating UK’s 116th year Rotary birthday hosted by Scottish Rotarian Tom Griffin. Polio Plus and Covid-19 Rotary contributions to world health were featured. It was a nice reminder of what we do (service to the community) and why we do it (fun, personal growth and for the results achieved).
  1. Mal Balachandran presented on another ambitious and timely local Rotoract project: “Plastic Bag Drive-Sleeping Mats for the Houseless”...the crocheted mats are for use to help protect and keep warm “houseless” individuals in need. Plastic bag drop-off sites include the UPS Store 1100 Memorial Ave.  Training available. Thanks to Dave Everitt (UPS) for his support. Mal is doing yeoman service with his Rotoractors.
  1. Well-Being Committee: Rotarians and families going through rough patches and mourning were acknowledged by Laurie Tulloch.  Let’s reach out to each other and keep us all in the loop.  Next month: Jackie Dojack is the Well-Being lead.
  2. Dew Drop Inn service upcoming this Thursday – call Dave to sign up, especially for the afternoon serving shift. (D. Silliman)
  3. Wrap-up from D. Silliman on a very successful Christmas Carol Sing held virtually at St Paul’s United Church. This great show got a lot of well-deserved exposure and the Christmas Cheer Fund got a lot of donations from this and other efforts.
  4. Next Week we have a joint meeting with the Sault Ste Marie Rotary Club: Presenter will be Dr. Sarita Verna new Dean at NOSM.
  5. Reminder of Anniversary dinner this coming Friday at no fee: see link and details. (Mike Nitz is MC).
Brian Walmark, Chair of the very successful 55th Rotary Family Radio Day campaign (with ads airing on Family Day, February 15, 2021), presented an overview.
This year was unique in many ways not the least being the challenge during a pandemic:
  1. We sold a record 800 ads aired by our friends at CKPR-Dougall media. Revenue estimated at around $40,000. These funds will be available for Rotary projects.
  2. Brian paid tribute to many Rotarians who stepped up, with multiple ad sales: the new sellers, new clients of many stripe, many innovations all of which were successful. Prominent people were too numerous to mention, except for the very top contributors including Bill Everitt, Warren Philp, Jim McDonald. Art Warwick, and Brenda Winter. Mr. Modesty himself, Brian Walmark was the lead and sparkplug advocate. The production team of Albert Brule, Shelley Crawford, Jim Madder, and Kevin Holloway also are to be congratulated.
  3. Brian covered the basics of How We Achieved this Success, Where Do We Go From Here and invited us to join in on the strategic "Zoom Circles Debriefing” and strategic planning for next year.
  4. Constructive questions included:  Is this a repeatable feat? What is the maximum number of ads Dougall will allow? Are we going to continue voicing at home rather than studio? Can we address challenges such as the 60 second ad productions: these take a lot of time and energy if only going to be aired once?
  5. All in all, a happy, celebratory presentation. President Krysta paid tribute to Brian and the whole club team.
The meeting ended with Happy Birthday greetings (Art Warwick and his wit notable) and “Happy Dollars” (one very notable donation from Jim Madder remembering the long and amazing life of his now-late104 year old mom)
The reader is encouraged to revisit President Krysta’s communique of yesterday for many other events and links.
Written as always by the inimitable David Legge and posted this week by Mary-Anne Mackett