President Krysta Logozzo-Daniele welcomed 35 members and guests today. There was a highly-anticipated presentation by Georjann Morriseau, Chair of the Thunder Bay Police Services Board (see picture). Guests included Mal Balachandran (Rotoract President), Dr. Paul DeBakker, Frank Daniele and David Richards (corporate member from Lakehead University).

Thank you Zoom hosts Bob Tomlinson, Mary-Anne Mackett and Kevin Holloway.

After our national anthem O Canada was played,  President Krysta acknowledged the Indigenous nature of the land we live and work on.


Georjann Morriseau
is the current Chair of the Thunder Bay Police Services Board and the well-known former Chief of the Fort William First Nation. She has an extensive and well-recognized background in aboriginal law, including policing, native justice and teaching. Georjann has worked with and consulted at all levels of federal, provincial and municipal government. She was eloquently introduced and later thanked by PA Rotary Past-President John Stephenson, who has had a long-time relationship through FORM Architects with Ms Morriseau.

Given her extraordinary schedule and responsibilities, she responded off the top, that "sleep is overrated these days," thanking our Club for the invitation and indicating that a brief overview concerning her role and the current situation in Thunder Bay was in order, followed by a more meaningful Question and Answer style interactive dialogue. Pretty soon, the Zoom "Chat Box" was overwhelmed with questions!

Her address focused on the many current policing issues in Thunder Bay, with particular mention of the recommendations response to several enquiries of late: the ORPD, Broken Trust Document and 7 Youth Inquest enquiries included. All have real and lasting impacts on local citizens. The many "systemic" issues are broadly categorized as “Service as a Whole” and Indigenous issues.  Organizational change within the police system is a key focus.  Ms. Morriseau indicated she would try to answer any outstanding Chat questions that we did not have time for during the meeting.

Ms 'Morriseau generously endorsed Rotary as an important proponent of Change.

Following the interactive Q and A session, there was agreement that our club's Indigenous Advisory Committee would have a common denominator as potential partner with her ongoing work and passions. Topics raised included: the impact of violence south of the border in this jurisdiction,  how Rotary can support Thunder Bay Police initiatives,  the thorny issue of “defunding police”,  building trust with Indigenous people,  signing up with the Rotary Peace Fellowship Program (thanks go to Warren Philp),  tackling human trafficking and more.
There are already regular Rotary interactions that engage these topics such as our monthly Dew Drop Inn commitment, Salvation Army (70% Indigenous resident population) and the St. James school literacy project.

President Krysta invited further input and participation with Ms. Morriseau including an invitation to join our Rotary club. 

The club is very much indebted to Georjann for addressing us today and verifying how many common interests we share.


The reader is referred to the detailed events document provided November 30th by President Krysta by email:

Also of Special Note:
Fine work organized by Mal Balachandran (Rotoract President) including Teen Challenge gifting, Business Christmas Decoration contest and members service on Sundays at Dew Drop Inn. Way to go, Mal!!

Matters of Excellence (Happy Dollars...feel free to contact these folks):

Outstanding achievements/life experiences by:
Rod Morrison (philanthropy), John Stevenson (sailing adventure), Art Warwick (who has a novel initiative for Radio Day), Bill Everitt  (ad warrior) Albert Brulé (United Way matching giving opportunity), Shelley Crawford (saluting not-for-profit organizations and new entrepreneurial RRD donors), Kevin Holloway (Dew Drop Inn video chronicle).

On Tap for Next Week:

Guest: Dana Dickerson: former outbound exchange student (France).