President Jim Madder presided at today's hybrid meeting in the Oliver Rd Community Centre.  Tech was handled by Kevin Holloway and Mark Tilbury on site and Matt Villella on Zoom.  Matt played the TSO's O Canada.  Jim Madder gave a Land Acknowledgement.

Announcement and Updates: 
(1)  Dew Drop Inn Painting Project  (2) Rotary Student Exchange  (3)  Catch the Ace   
(4)  St. James School Speakers Series   (5) RYLA Camp    (6)  Field of Greens  and more
1.  Dew Drop Inn Painting Project: Chief Bob Tomlinson thanked the crew, who have been tireless in their efforts to brighten up the lunch room.  Members got some cool awards!
2.  Rotary Exchange Program: John Stephenson confirmed we are a go for a grade 12 student from Thailand to arrive at the end of the summer. John and Marg will be first host parents. Members or friends need to carry on thereafter.
3.  Catch the Ace: Albert BrulĂ© is pleased to say we are in Week 28 - the jackpot is reaching $10,500!
4.  St. James School Speakers: Mary-Anne Mackett encourages members to continue to sign up to give a short presentation to students.  Experience so far has been great.  Shelley Crawford and Dave Legge recounted the fun they had.
5.  RYLA Camp: final application deadline is Friday April 15 (3 students, Grades 10-11) (B. Tomlinson).
6.  Field of Greens 2.0 is starting soon with an on site meeting and tour TBD next week. Contact D.Legge and Paul DeBakker to sign up.  Lots to do. 
7.  Jaro Kotalik was happy to see so many Paul Harris Fellows and may get an article to the press.
8. Happy Dollars: Brenda Winter was again very successful.