Posted by Maria Hudolin on Mar 26, 2019
Sarah E. (Sally) Colquhoun, Coordinator of Legal Services at Kinna-Aweya (Objiwa for "everyone") Legal Clinic, was today's special guest speaker.
She has had a distinguished career advocating as a lawyer for the less fortunate and has been feted by such awards as the Law Society of Ontario Medal (2017).

Funded by Legal Aid Ontario, Kinna-Aweya ( Legal Clinic focuses on :
1) improving social justice for low income people (with a special nod to indigenous peoples, but not exclusively so)
2) advocating for law reform aiming at legal and policy changes to effect the above.

The Clinic does primarily "Poverty Law" only, no criminal law at all, and has many challenges in the Thunder Bay District (including 17 First Nations in the District of Thunder Bay. There are satellite offices in Marathon and Geraldton.

Honing in on client "income maintenance" and "tenancy issues" involves a great deal of interaction with numerous government agencies and other parties.
There are of lot of Administrative Tribunal hearings as a result. Working chronically underfunded, there are many obstacles to overcome. Cultural sensitivity is critical. Even assisting clients in sorting out personal Identification issues (to qualify for many services and payments) is critical as well.
They do it well!

The picture shows:  Sally (2nd left), Sally's sister Carolyn (2nd right, Sally's dad, veteran PA Rotarian Jim (middle) whose "thank you" was from the heart representing a loving family, President-elect Rod Morrison (far left) who introduced Sally, President Warren Philp (far right)
Port Arthur Rotary Club is interested in matters connecting and strengthening the indigenous and non-indigenous communities of Thunder Bay. This presentation was most enlightening in that regard. Our thanks again to Sally Colquhoun!