Justin Oda and Lindsay KingSleep Educators and CPAP Consultants with Shoppers Home Health Care-WellWise, presented today on OBSTRUCTIVE SLEEP APNEA (OSA) and CPAP therapy.

Sleep apnea is a major health care disability, with far ranging ill effects. It has been largely under diagnosed and appreciated up until recent times. It does affect many individuals, and this includes many outside the typical stereotype  (obese middle aged males).

Upper airway collapse/compression of musculature affects many and the manifestations are protean.

Justin and Lindsay comprehensively dealt with the definition, patho-physiology, clinical manifestations, subtypes, the typical "myths" explained, co-morbid conditions associated with OSA: leading to definitive diagnosis via referral (sleep study) and treatment options. 
 Of course leading the treatment options is Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP). This has been a big break through for many an exhausted, poor sleeper, at risk for heart disease, stroke and even death.

The principle is quite simple.. a customized mask applies positive pressure that stents open the constricted airway: the proper oxygenation resulting creates a much desired clinical benefit.

 The talk was well received and a healthy dialogue continued past the noon hour. 

Justin and Lindsay are pictured around President Rod Morrison (in the centre). On the left flank Is Mat Diegel who thanked the speakers and revealed his own personal journey. On the right flank is Jaro Kotalik, an MD with personal experience also, who introduced the guests.