On this gloriously sunny first day of June, President Krysta Logozzo-Daniele welcomed 33  PA Rotarian members and guests including prospective member Donna Ostrom, Mal Balachandran (Past-president Rotoract), Dan Brown (Assistant DG 5580 and Nipigon Rotarian, and our special guest (see next post) Nathan Lawrence.

Mary-Anne Mackett and Bob Tomlinson were our Zoom hosts.  The anthem sung by with Walk Off the Earth had a fitting hockey theme. (Maybe next year, Leaf fans!)
Krysta’s Land Acknowledgement was followed by a heartfelt reaction to the news that remains of 215 children were found at the Kamloops residential school.  We had a moment of silence.  Krysta asks us individually and as PA Rotary to seek paths to reconciliation.  She is open to conversation and strategies.

Announcement highlights:

1. Catch the Ace joint fundraiser with United Way is doing very well and will soon reach a possible jackpot of $10,000.  Albert Brulé thanked members for their support.
2. Dew Drop Inn: 387 patrons were served May 27th...our cost $134. Contact Dave Silliman to sign up for next service June 24th.
3. Wilderness Discovery Camp work party is deferred again but stay tuned for garden work this summer: contact Bob Tomlinson
4. At the recent convocation former Past-President Rotarian Seppo Paivalainen became a Fellow of Lakehead University in recognition of his service to the community and the University.  PA Rotary Club has 3 current members who are also part of that honoured group - Colin Bruce, Jackie Dojack and Jim Colquhoun.  Kudos to all!
5. Birthday wishes were gift-wrapped in a joke about old goats courtesy of Brian Thompson.
6. Doug Shanks jangled some Happy Dollars out of pockets:  hapless Toronto hockey fans, happier Hab fans and others – thanks, all!

Refer to President Krysta's communique emailed yesterday for a rundown on other Rotary activities, especially internationally.