Jim Madder, new PA Rotary President, started off what promises to be a great year with a packed agenda!  The reorganized Board is off and running, giving a snapshot of what we’re doing and where we will be going in the new Rotary year:

Brian Walmark, Director of Fund Raising
Shelley Crawford and Rod Morrison, Co-Directors of Membership & Fellowship
Mark Tilbury, Director of Public Image
Art Warwick, Director of New Generations & International Service
David Silliman, Director of Community Service
Mary-Anne Mackett, President-Elect and Weekly Programming
Bob Tomlinson updated us on Wilderness Discovery Centre renovations and read out a letter from a very appreciative visitor – the reason we help keep this beautiful accessible wilderness resort open!
There was so much to cover we ran out of time.  Stay tuned at future Club Meetings for Krysta Logozzo Daniele, Past President, Chris Bailey and Albert Brulé, Treasurers, Brenda Winter, Secretary and Jaro Kotalik, Foundation Chair.