Posted by Mary-Anne Mackett
AT OUR CLUB March 12, 2019

(Left to right) President Warren Philp with President-Elect Rod Morrison and Mayor Bill Mauro
His Worship, Mayor Bill Mauro, was our special guest today and, as anticipated, garnered a sizeable crowd.

Bill's "State of the Union" address for Thunder Bay was very informative and heartfelt in its expression of the challenges, positive highlights and future expectations for the City.
He was introduced by President-elect Rod Morrison, (pictured with Mayor Mauro and President Warren Philp), who emphasized his very lengthy history of public service to the community at large. His experience in elected public office at both provincial and municipal levels augers well for Thunder Bay going forward.

He reviewed the challenges of budget prioritization, the political dynamic with the province, and overviewed the numerous Review processes ongoing.

On the topic of the economy, he reiterated the major changes from resource based forestry (e.g. in 2005) to the more current knowledge-based (hopefully recession-proof) job market/economy and how diversification is so critical.

The hospital angioplasty program, medical and law schools, Confederation College and Lakehead University impacts and (fingers crossed, cardiac surgery unit) all were highlighted.

Mr. Mauro discussed the dynamics involved in Bombardier and the recent investigations and reports involving police services in some detail. His mission involves strong advocacy in improving and promoting economic growth with health-related industries (above), mining, the airport, immigration initiatives, recreation (e.g. a new sport indoor facility) and more. In the Q and A session he tackled the important issues of racism and city beautification measures with a candid acknowledgement that the issues are thorny, but many are toiling hard at dealing with them and time will be needed for resolution.

All in all, the presentation was most appreciated by the audience and very positive in tone.

Past-President Laurie Tulloch graciously thanked Mr. Mauro saying there was serendipity in the recent electoral pathway to his election as Mayor of Thunder Bay. Thanks and congratulations, Bill!