President Krysta Logozzo Daniele chaired a very successful meeting with 34 members attending, and co-hosted again by John Stevenson, Kevin Holloway and Bob Tomlinson. Of particular note, we again welcomed several members of our new Lakehead University community membership group: Dr. David Richards, Kathryn Davidson and Mark Tilbury.
A dynamic new multi-band rendition of Oh Canada  was followed by Krysta's welcoming remarks and acknowledgements.
 Additionally, she played a nice Rotary testimonial by 2015-16 RI president  K.V. Ravinder (Sri Lanka)
 Emily Lauzon

Our guest speaker today was Emily Lauzon, head of the Community Economic Development Corporation  ( 
 initiative entitled the Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot  ( RNIP: www.,>immigration.about-rnip>employers).
 Emily is pictured above as well.

RNIP, a 3 year pilot project, was inaugurated in  2019 and is one of 5 such federal immigration screens (for employment) in northern Ontario. It is modelled after a similar mechanism in Atlantic Canada (AIP), although the latter differs in that it is employer driven as opposed to community driven here (RNIP).

Emily's Power Point commenced with "Why"...the answers lie in the demographics in this area: ageing population, low birth rate, exodus of some young workers, and essentially unmet labour needs. We must encourage immigrants, properly vetted (a panel is formed), to keep our economy afloat in many ways.
Emily provided the data and mechanism on how the program works. 
To date there are 25 engaged employers, 100 recommendations available, and 17 positions filled. The idea is to welcome them, and encourage them to stay in these environs.

More details are available on the website.

A very healthy Q & A period covered topics such as: how to keep valued international students here; priority vocations recommended - a spectrum from engineering to technologists to health care and retail services; empowering employers; Covid 19 impact; dealing with potential push back, even hostility; non applicability to landed immigrants; comparison with other Ontario sites (not easy, with numerous confounding variables);and how can Thunder Bay Rotary clubs get involved?(networking skills a big plus).

Jim Madder both introduced and thanked Emily for her fine presentation. Thank you Emily. Thank you Jim!


1.A moment of silence and tribute was made for the death of well known Fort William Rotarian and community advocate Bruce Nugent

2. Dew Drop Inn will recruit 8  volunteers for the July 23 session (D. Silliman)

3. Minister Patty Hajdu our Thunder Bay - Superior North MP is holding a virtual Town Hall this Thurs July 16th from 6 to 730pm.

4. Art Warwick personally hand delivered (at home no less) the recipients of the Rotary Citizenship Awards for this year (see listing below). Of note President Krysta received a fine thank note from Sarah Tribe (Hammerskjold CI ) for her watch. The club is pleased to support and honour our youth leadership
SUPERIOR- FEMALE     Sara Plummer
                     MALE          Junny Sung
LA VERENDYRE- FEMALE     Mariane Trottier
                              MALE         Eric Vanska
ST. IGNATIUS- FEMALE      Lily Sutton
                           MALE          Adam La Froy
                                   MALE         Aaron Hodgson

5. Upcoming club programming announced. President Krysta spoke of the conundrum to be worked out with respect to venue for meeting/meal resumption with anticipated gradual pandemic re-opening ("mask wearing re-emphasized strongly!)