AT OUR CLUB  May 10, 2022

Matt Villella chaired today's meeting, which featured a fine reconciliation "reflection" by Brian Walmark and an outstanding presentation from Thunder Bay Police.

Members should refer to Matt's May 9th meeting communique for a full bio on today's speaker.


Veteran officer Wendy R presented a very enlightened no-holes- barred "Day in the Life of a TBPS Officer: a Personal Experience." 

This was an all encompassing account from a very positive (and unjaded) police officer with 25 years experience on the Thunder Bay Police Force( and more prior to that).

Having experienced every sort of challenge in policing, her account did much to verify her work excellence and dedication to public service in law enforcement. And the ever challenging, even worsening status of the job demands was covered succinctly and honestly.

Her calm and friendly demeanor and wealth of experience shone through further in the lengthy question and answer period.

Her old school chum president-elect Brian Walmark, introduced her and also thanked her on behalf of the club. We hope she returns to the podium