AT OUR CLUB November 17, 2020

President Krysta Logozzo Daniele today (on Zoom) welcomed 30 members and guests (including Mal Balachandran, Shelley Crawford and former 5580 Assistant DG and PA Rotarian Maria Hudolin (in B.C).
 Co-hosts today were Kevin Holloway, Brian Walmark, Warren Philp and Krysta Logozzo Daniele
Krysta properly acknowledged the land we are living on.

Kevin Holloway played an invigorating O Canada from Toronto Raptor's Jurassic Park...enjoyed by all.

Our lead presentation today was on the subject of Rotary Radio Day (February 15, 2020-Family Day), by esteemed Chair Brian Walmark.

Brian's enthusiasm is palpable. His "Sales Pitches"are already generating some early returns and helpful messaging tips were provided.
The target sales milestones and many rewards were again mentioned.

 Some of the dedicated sales members such as Bill Everitt spoke on individual success strategies, based on a personal approach to prospects.
Albert BrulĂ©, ED and CEO of Thunder Bay United Way has suggested a mechanism for the club to direct assignment of Rotary donated dollars to charities allowing for individual donor charitable tax receipts--stay tuned. Can this be worked into RRD?

Materials have been circulated and members are encouraged to contact Brian at Preferred payments are via e-transfer to Chris Bailey (Treasurer) at . Sellers should email scanned completed sales forms to


 Note: Members should (also) peruse President Krysta's fulsome communique of November 16th for a more fulsome overview of the club' s many activities

1. The Rotary Christmas Social this year (recall last year's rocking good time with Danny Johnson et al) will be different. It will be virtual with the Lakehead Rotary Club as lead.
On December 9, via Zoom, Adventures in Cooking will be presented with Chef Volker Kromm (Lakehead club and RFDA CEO) along with journalist Sandi Krasowski putting on a great culinary show. Tickets will ben $20 per attendee and charitable receipts available. 

2. The club Salvation Army Kettle service needs a few more sign ups. (Bill Green at

3. Dew Drop Inn Service is November 22 with 0930-1200 noon and 1230-1530h slots (contact D. Silliman)

4. The St. James Project is moving ahead slowly but surely. A partnership between the local kids and a school at Fort Severn FN is promising (thanks to Brian Walmark, Chief Paul Burke and Mary-Anne Mackett)

5. The Wellness Committee report involved some discussion on the scope and nuance involved in keeping our kin together in uncertain times, emphasizing many variations such as individual sensitivities and circumstances  (J.Dojack, D. Legge, K. Holloway). Covid times can exacerbate the issues.

6. The Allocation Committee structure and function was reviewed by Chair Kevin Holloway with a vision tba for this years cycle. Committee members will be coalescing soon.

7. Interesting meetings upcoming were outlined. The December 29 Rotary meeting will be cancelled...all can take a breather. December 22 is still on.

8. Certain members will be involved in video promos for the club (Warren Philp gave a fine demo today on the spot... WE are Rotary//WE are People of Action...thanks W.P.)
9. An update on the District grant process for the Wilderness Discovery Centre and channeling of pledges indicated a stay tuned approach.