AT OUR CLUB  January 18, 2022: Toastmasters

President Jim Madder welcomed a very healthy crowd of 46 plus to today's joint meeting featuring Rotary and Toastmasters (International and Nanabijou locally) in partnership.

There were many guests from the local Nanabijou Toastmasters Club: Debbie Cashmore, Rami El Mawd, Ken Boshcoff (also President-Elect of Lakehead Rotary) and Jean Mirowski.  Neighbours to the south: Kimberlee Redington (a TM District Director), Harold Osmundson (keynote speaker, International TM Director from Minneapolis), David Goldsworthy, Dana Lamminmaki, Katy Hursch (a DFG Elect), Kay Biga (Rotary District 5580 DG Elect from Duluth, Jeremy, Kim and Michael (TMs from Minnesota).

The Canadian National Anthem was played by the Toronto Symphony Orchestra.

Jim Madder read the Land Acknowledgement.


PA Rotarian and Toastmaster from Nanabijou Club Matt Villella presided today.
Matt gave an overview of Toastmasters International (358,000 members in 16,800 clubs in 143 countries) and Rotary International (1.2M in 35,000 clubs in over 200 countries).   We have Service, Communication and Leadership development in common:  "Rotarians Have Great Stories to Tell, Toastmasters Know How to Tell Them."

We heard excellent presentations:

Harold Osmundson in Minneapolis, detailed his journey in life long learning and how he got hooked on Toastmasters early on.
Former TBay Mayor and MP Ken Boshcoff, Toastmaster and Rotarian, described how his extensive background in both organizations helped him prepare for a life of service with broad perspectives on the community at large:

Lawyer Kay Biga, District 5580 District Governor-Elect spoke of following her father into Rotary and working for gender equality while embracing modern technology to further Rotary.  "Service Above Self" guides her.

All three keynote speakers displayed their craft in speaking and living altruistic lives.

Matt Villella then convened a panel exploring how individuals in both organizations find power and satisfaction in their respective organizations:    Brian Walmark,  Rod Morrison,  Krysta Logozzo-Daniele (TBay PA Rotary),  Katy Hursh (Duluth TM) and Rami el Mawd (TBay Toastmasters).

Passionate, hard-working representatives from two very similar organizations encouraged long term leadership.  Attendees were just as energized.  Rotarians are invited to come to Toastmasters meetings!