AT OUR CLUB- April 7, 2020

I'TS GETTING BETTER ALL THE TIME (Beatles...Sgt Pepper..Getting Better)...(re Zoom and PA Rotary)

A very healthy turnout brought us together today with only a few technical snafus as we move forward.

Sincere thanks to host John Stephenson, with stalwarts Warren Philp, Kevin Holloway, Krysta Logozzo-Daniele and of course President and Chair Rod Morrison (having escaped from the Gecko infested South Pacific).

The extended hour pre-meeting coverage allowed for tech problem solving and unique socialization.
 President Rod allowed each of the attendees a few words confirming in general, good health and resiliency during these uncertain times:

We were able to cover a good deal of business and updating:
Some highlights:

1. Brian Walmark on the Fort Severn water situation and the club successful input (a palette of water shipment and more ) to the community (with thanks     Chris Bailey). Brian opined on the big issues in our FN communities with respect to water sustainability/security.
2. Liz Laughton on the St. James Project (Bill Everitt stepping down after a fine career as lead). Replacement successor welcomed.
3. Krysta Logozzo-Daniele on upcoming up SHIFT networking in Thunder Bay.
4. Dave Silliman: Dew Drop Inn coping with 400 bag lunches per day.
5. Jim McDonald:  Wife Bonnie sewing masks as well as Mary-Anne Mackett. Lori Mitchell has patterns. Contact these heroes.
6. Rod Morrison on World Health Day and RI involvement.
7. John Stephenson, our host today on enhancing the regular meeting with online socializing.
8. Jim Colqhoun on sick on absent members in need.

The club is alive and well and adjusting very nicely. We need to reach out to some members along with all our neighbours and families