President Krysta Logozzo-Daniele welcomed 31 members and guests today. The land acknowledgement and national anthem were followed by our feature presentation by Social Media Consultant Laura Coronado.


Our Club and two Members of our Club received District Awards in last week’s District Conference.  Congratulations to Kevin Holloway and David Silliman for excellence in a wide variety of service activities.  Way to go!

1 - Distinguished Rotarian in Vocational Service - David Silliman, Port Arthur Rotary
2 - Distinguished Rotarian of the Year - Kevin Holloway, Port Arthur Rotary
3 - Fort William and Port Arthur Clubs tied for First in Inter-Organizational Service
4 - Fort William and Port Arthur Clubs tied for First in Inter-Club Service
5 - Port Arthur Rotary First in Rotary Public Image
6 - Port Arthur Rotary First in Rotary Foundation giving ($7920) for Club size 31-60
Announcement Highlights:
 1.  President Krysta overviewed the 5580 virtual District Conference Highlights.
 2.  The Catch the Ace Raffle is in week 6 and the jackpot is growing.  Albert Brulé thanked all for continued efforts - charitable monies raised is approaching $10,000!
 3.  Kevin Holloway’s Allocations Committee will be gearing up for a second round.
 4.  Rod Morrison invites Members to call him to nominate / join the 2021-2022 Board.
Members who had birthdays were feted. Art Warwick had a great joke – too bad about the parrot.

Doug Shanks raised Happy Dollars for the Dew Drop Inn inspired by good news about Matt Villela, happy wedding news about Dave Legge and Shelley Crawford, Guy O'Brien and our District award winners Kevin Holloway and Dave Silliman.
Way to go, everyone!  Have a great week.