AT OUR CLUB July 20, 2021: Guest Speaker Trisha Klus

President Jim Madder welcomed 32 plus members and guests to this mid-summer meeting including Mackett clan: Larry, Anne, Janice, special  presenter Trisha Klus and also joining in was artist Mary Conley.   Zoom co-hosts: Warren Philp and Mary-Anne Mackett. The anthem: Anishnabee Warrior Sisters at a Jets hockey game.

PA Rotary Club President-Elect Mary-Anne Mackett introduced her sister Trisha Klus from Cobble Hill B.C. On hand were sister Janice and parents Larry and Anne.  Trisha told us about her exciting life as one of the first female aircrew in the Canadian military in the 1980s.

Trisha Klus is a lettering and book artist with art is in the Special Collections Library at University of Victoria, the National Library for Legal Deposit, private collections and elsewhere. Happily settled in Cobble Hill, B.C., she talked about her former life - being an officer and one of the first women aircrew in the Canadian Military.

Trisha signed up to the military in 1980 and traced her path from boot camp (“”Maggot?” So cliché!”) to exciting travel as navigator in the C130 Hercules and 707, taking UN troops, scientists, paratroopers and payloads all over the world – some cold, like Alert, and exotic, like Easter island, Tahiti, Chile, and Syria. She looked back on those days with pride, explained the basics of navigating and joked that navigators were the brains of the flight crew.  There were occasional scares and many great moments.

She was thanked by President Madder.

If anyone would like more detail and links to related subjects, drop Mary-Anne a line.