We had good news today at our meeting, in new connections made, ongoing ones doing well and discussions of where we might like to go. 
Brian Walmark and Warren Philp were able to announce today that Fort Severn will be our Club's first Community Member!  We look forward to new and fruitful ties between individual members of  the Port Arthur Rotary and the members of the Fort Severn First Nation community.  Thank you to both Brian and Warren!
Our club continues to support the Dew Drop Inn lunch program, helping to feed 280 people for a sit-down meal, and a further 130 bagged lunches for the very frugal sum of $138.  Both morning and afternoon shifts saw 11 volunteers - members and guests of members of our Club.  Thanks as always to the volunteers and Dave Silliman for keeping that commitment on track!
Our talk today focused inwards as we got a good overview of how our members responded to the recent survey. President-Elect Krysta Logozo Daniele with President Rod Morrison gave us a detailed look at the survey results and led a thoughtful discussion of where we would like to go as a Club.  Fellowship, making an impact in the community and learning while having fun are front and centre.  Thank you Krysta for the anything-but-dry statistical report!  Call or email Krysta for any further comments you have.