President Jim Madder chaired today's meeting that featured a  stellar "interview" pitting the wit and grace of fellow Rotarians Krysta Logozzo Daniele and Hector Dougall (pictured).

Shelley Crawford introduced Krysta and Hector as part of her quest for club members to get insight and energy by getting to know their colleagues better. 

This was a lively duel that covered many life experiences and learned values (Hector used his interview guide). It was noted that the strong family legacies of both play a major role in moving the club along successfully.
Club News
1. Dew Drop Inn commitment for this upcoming 26th of May (contact Dave Silliman)
2. (Bob Tomlinson) reported on several major activities including: the Wilderness Discovery Camp Day (work and appreciation) May 21st (see photo);
Country on the Bay Festival at FT William Historical Park- up to 75 volunteers needed and excellent financial rewards anticipated. Smart Serve required. And also, driver volunteer required to return RYLA students back home from Duluth (Crookston) July 17th.
3. Field of Greens II big plant day tentatively booked for Monday June 6, 1000h at Salvation Army Journey to Life (D Legge and Paul DeBakker)
4. Clean Up Day at Current River Park (0900 h-Dave Silliman). Then move over to WRCAT clean up at Marina (W. Philp).
5. Fun in the Sun Day June 5th at 1625 Coral Bay Dr. Shuniah (3 pm to 8 pm) social and networking interaction with TB Rotaract Club (Shelley Crawford) Informal and pot luck... lots to do especially meeting and  interfacing with Rotaractors
6. Catch the Ace: (Albert BrulĂ©): there are fewer cards left and a much bigger winning jackpot approaching $16,000.
7. Happy Dollars (Brenda Warner and Bill Everitt).