President Krysta Logozzo Daniele welcomed 32 members and guests today; including our 3 presenters (see below), Mal (president of Rotoract) and Gary Ferguson, new ED of the Salvation Army.
Co-hosts today: Warren Philp and Mike Nitz: tech lead Kevin Holloway: thanks gents.

O Canada was played today by a consortium of Canadian military bands.

President Krysta paid appropriate acknowledements and reflected on this Rotary Membership and Extension month, accompanied by a video from the Chicago Rotary Club extolling international Rotary...(welcoming new recruits of course).

President-elect Jim Madder introduced 3 important contributors to the Thunder Bay integration scene, from the Thunder Bay Multicultural Association (TBMA): Anita Parks, (NWO Local Immigration Partnership Coordinator) and colleagues Anita Muggeridge and Nicole Croes: employment counsellor and "newcomer-partner matchmaker" respectively. See head shot images.

Left to right:  Stacey Parks, NWO Local Immigration Partnership Coordinator, Anita Muggeridge, Employment Counsellor and Nicole Croes, "newcomer-partner matchmaker"

The meeting closed in excellent time following a few congratulatory Happy Dollar contributions.
All three combined on a dynamic description of the amazing job welcoming immigrants to this area and connecting them all to the new land of opportunity (here in Thunder Bay). The federal government selected Thunder Bay as a pilot "government hub" for the very important and (necessary) task of integrating immigrants, many without permanent residency status. 

All three are enthusiastic as are prominent Rotarians who are aware of this vital service. Thunder Bay is a welcoming place and many employers have had prior experience in similar boots as our new folks. They have helped hundreds find permanent placement in our society here.  All of the myriad challenges and barriers were outlined succinctly.

The Q and A session allowed for fulsome discussion on many areas such as the actual numbers (example over 350 economic pathways established last year); job retention for international student "grads"; and how Rotary Service might be applied in assisting these people.

Stacey, Anita and Nicole were eloquently thanked by Past-President John Stephenson.


Announcement Highlights

1. The PA Rotary Visioning Exercise results have been circulated. The club is gearing up for a strong next 3 years. Krysta invites any further input and comments.
2. The Rotary Peace Day Ceremony (normally at the Peace Pole) will occur Monday September 21, virtually this year (Lakehead Rotary is the lead).
3. Wilderness Discovery Handicap Accessible Camp at Shebandowan is an ongoing work opportunity (contact Bob Tomlinson) and a BBQ dinner is occurring Wednesday 26th there hosted by the Fort William club. (contact Brenda Winter). The camp is an astonishing accomplishment to behold and appreciate...already well booked.
4. Dew Drop Inn service this coming Thursday (0930-1230 h).