Rotary Community Action Teams (RCATS)

We have an exciting new concept:  Past President Warren Philp set out how a proposed Rotary Community Action Team could bring together many groups for a key initial project - a new and enhanced Waterfront Trail.  Rotary Clubs began the Waterfront Trails project in 1992.  Now the City is working on waterfront beautification and environmental upgrade, with potential backing by provincial and federal governments.  An RCAT would form a fourth pillar.  Contact Warren with any questions and comments.


Business Announcements
  • Catch the Ace Raffle (A.Brulé): last week was excellent re returns: the jackpot is up to $7113.  Buy early, buy often!  Share the Love!
  • Wilderness Discovery Cleanup Day May 22: (Bob Tomlinson):  Covid rules are putting the dates of event in question - stay tuned.
  • May 25th Club Meeting tentatively cancelled.
  • May18th Club Meeting guest speaker Tracey Buckler, CEO St Joseph's Care Group
  • Eco-Superior Spring Up to Clean Up will be solitary pick ups due to Covid.  Please pick up your Clean Up Kit at Steve McAuley’s residence
  • Virtual Rotary Club attendance – anywhere in the world.  Brain Walmark and Mike Nitz urge you to try meetings like they have in South Pacific, remote communities, anywhere!
  • Dew Drop Inn: next service opportunity is Thursday May 27 (contact D. Silliman)
  • A nice video thank you was received from a NOSM med student for our student bursary. 
  • Thunder Bay Rotaract has a new executive (and a fine website).  Congrats, welcome and kudos for their strong service projects!  Farewell and best wishes to Past President Mal Balachandran.

Happy Dollars

Bill Everitt collected contributions from a number of appreciative members and guests!