Today's special guest speaker was the acclaimed Livio Di Matteo: Professor of Economics at Lakehead University; specializing in public policy, health economics, public finance and economic history. He is also a Senior Fellow at the Fraser Institute and has many awards and publications to his credit. He is pictured along with President-Elect Rod Morrison (who introduced our guest), and Past-President Brenda Winter (who thanked him). The presentation title today was NAFTA Aftermath: Canada, Trade and the USMCA. This overview of a complex and evolving relationship with Canada and it's trading partners was nicely distilled, clearly linking the many factors both historically (milestones commencing back in 1854 up through the FTA (1988), NAFTA (1994) to the present USMCA) and in present day transactions, policies, economic realities and options for Canada beyond. Clearly trade is vital for Canada. The recent USMCA, though not yet fully ratified, seems to be have been a defensive partial victory (for Canada) of sorts. But, "It's not over til it's over-and it's not over yet." There are certainly some winners, also losers and disruptive dialogue is a certainty amidst the uncertainty. Having opined thus, Professor Di Matteo remains a loyal, fairly optimistic economist going forward. We were pleased to hear that. Time limited to some degree this fascinating presentation and the Q&A session was brief. Rotarians and guests came away certainly very enlightened. Thank you very much Livio.
The new Rotary People of Action banners (inaugurated at the Santa Claus parade) are again displayed..very professionally done and hopefully effective endorsements for Rotary
November 27