"Indigenous perspectives on Money."

President Jim Madder chaired today's meeting with a guest presentation and spotlights on recent service and fellowship activities.  Members:  see Jim newsletter for more details.

K. J. (Jules) McCusker philanthropist, Indigenous Educator, philosopher, special advisor, social activator and Senior Creative Director of Mixed Blood Inc.  He graduated from the Vancouver Film School and is vice president of the Métis Artists’ Collective Graphic and Métis Artists’ Collective, to encourage and facilitate Métis Arts and Culture and increase public awareness and engagement of Métis artists, with a pan-aboriginal focus. He is a regular contributor to the Toronto Star.

Jules had a lot to say about the the financial reality in the diverse Canadian Indigenous landscape.  Fiat money – putting worth in money as a store of value – is a recent concept.
There are some misunderstandings in the general public about how Indigenous communities operate financially.  However, financial illiteracy is a factor in some First Nations – part and parcel with substandard primary education.  On top of that can be "lateral abuse"- jealousies within communities of those who are perceived as succeeding.
Community youth need training to take the jobs filled by termporary workers.  They need to be paid at competitive levels so that city salaries do not draw them away.  And of course, remote communities have employment, quality of life and infrastructure issues.
Jules conveyed his message well and sparked the further discussion of how a Rotary Club could get involved further. 
Jules has extensive experience consulting in this area.  He has worked with one of our members, the Fort Severn FN.  Jules was introduced and thanked by President-Elect Brian Walmark.