Who better to represent the Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada- Lake Superior District Chapter, today, than guest speaker and Fundraising Coordinator Marc Larocque?

Marc  was diagnosed with MS in 2005 after a bout of optic neuritis and following some puzzled clinical assessments.
He has most certainly had his ups and downs, and spoke candidly today of his journey.

He reiterated the importance of this common but very disabling neurologic disease in the Thunder Bay area and Canada (the highest rate in the world). The local chapter is very active in programming, fundraising and raising public awareness. 

In addition, PA Rotary allocated, this past year, funding to assist in a fine video, that was viewed today by the club attendees.
There is a lot going on in support and fundraising. All revenues remain local.

General information is at:
Questions? Support?--contact (www.mssociety.ca1-844-859-6789).

The club is indebted to Marc for his hard toil and courage with MS and the MS Society of Canada.

Marc was supported today by Sandy Lychowyd, Regional Director (pictured with Marc on the right), Laurie Tulloch ,veteran MS advocate and local Fundraising lead (Pictured on left) along with PA Rotary President Rod Morrison.