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June 24 2015 Newsletter

Posted on Jun 27, 2015
Invocation: Pastor Brad Jagger, led us in a wonderful invocation thanking the lord, and  reminding us of who we are and service before self. 
Club Member Announcements:  
Dave Renninger - Food Bank Weds July 1st sign up sheets went around if you signed up please be there. 
Doris Stewart- SMFCC Pride Breakfast will be held July 1st please sign up on clipboard. $10 if you do sign up and don't show up you will be charged. Overflow parking in the Bellacino’s and Acme lot. 
Ron Taggart- July 4th Float work- to start Monday 6/29 please contact Ron Taggart to help or sign up on clipboard. ron@printingconcepts.com We are also in need of children 
** We had plenty of visitors today attend with their families.** 
PAST PRESIDENT: Jim Callahan: Jim reviewed the past year and what we have accomplished and recognized some of our Rotarians who have really contributed this year. He listed off the many many projects we do. Then recognized the board members who supported him this year. He is grateful and thanked us for a wonderful past twelve months. 
FOUNDATION: Pat Messmore gave us a little history of The Rotary Foundation and the Paul Harris Memorial Fund. He then recognized the new Paul Harris Fellows Dan Mazzola, Louanne Redmon, Gretchen Sues, and (Bonnie's granddaughter) Sarah McAdams. Ongoing Paul Harris +1 Pat Messmore, +2 John Sues, +4 Dave Renninger. 
INSTALLATION: President and Board Members and Officers: Past District Governor Bonnie Housley led the installation of President Andrea Denton. She then called up all of leadership the board of directors and the appointed officers. She then talked about the honor and responsibility to our club and support of Andrea. All accepted their responsibilities. We then all pledged our full support of the leadership and incoming President Andrea Denton. 
PRESIDENT: Andrea Denton: Andrea recognized the original founding members of our club. Then she had the 6 newest members stand and be recognized as future members. She spoke about all of us working with each other and joining together to accomplish great things. She encouraged us to listen to can care for each other, thank each other. We really need to show gratitude to each other. This year’s Rotary International theme is “Be a Gift to the World.”  We must do all that we can to strengthen each other and each others gifts to grow. She then presented us with a little gift box, to remind us of what we have within us to share with the world.  She's very excited to share her gifts with us and this upcoming year together. 
 Yours in Service, 
Jacqueline Bowman
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Nov 5, 2014 Club Newsletter

Posted by Roger Cline on Nov 04, 2014
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INVOCATION: Dick Hall- From the book of Monbeck he thanked the lord for our clubs, friendship and health. 


GUEST ANNOUNCER: Tom Loepp got a warm welcome from all of us. He told a little story about Don Coughlin giving out apples instead of candy. Rotary Anniversary: Carol Flask (1), Bill Choler (16) and Mike Sekulich (22). Wedding Anniversary John Long. Birthday Dick Spangler. No Pin: Annie Hanson. Jim Callahan pulled the 8 of hearts. 


Jim shared with us that Rotary International and the Rotary Foundation received 4 star rating nationally for charity and we are very proud of this. Next week we will be at Stow Glen, for Veterans Breakfast. Be there 7:15 AM. Birch Hall. Andrea Denton was our “Whos this Rotarian” She won a  pie eating contest when she was 11, learned to drive a tractor at 12 and is a musician who accompanied the choir in high school. 


Pat Messmore shared with us the football winners. 

Don Coughlin is still asking for tabs for Ronald McDonald House save them and turn them in.  


Bob Oborn presented us with the Ronald McDonald Rotary Room Project. Please take a look at the you tube video and donate at the go fund me site. www.GoFundMe/RotaryCares. Watch the video. Share online. https://www.youtube.com/watch?


INTRODUCTION of SPEAKER:  Dick Hall introduced Joe Karpinski. Graduated KSU 1978, Taught in Akron Public Schools 1978-2007 Started the Construction Management program at KSU in 2007. 


SPEAKER:  Joe talked to us about how he started teaching at Kent State. He launched the Construction Management Program. Official title is Associate Lecturer and Coordinator, College of Applied Engineering, Sustainability & Technology, and Construction Management. In fall of 2013 they became a bachelor of science program at KSU. They currently have between 98% - 100% placement after graduation. They are placed in many internships over the summer. His daughter actually decided to take her dad’s program, and graduated May of 13’.  Her first job is the assistant project manager on 180 mil project for Children’s hospital. She is doing very well. He is looking to get the program accredited as of 2016. They are moving in December into a new building, then 2 years later they will be in a brand new building. Great program.   jkarpins@kent.edu 330-672-3080.


 Yours in Service, 

Jacqueline Bowman

(330) 687-7300









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April 30 2014 Newsletter

Posted by Roger Cline on Apr 29, 2014


INVOCATION: Our Mayor Sara Drew gave us a wonderful invocation dedicated to Rotary. 

GUEST ANNOUNCER:  Jeff Wagner- Thanked Mark Lucco and Tony Falcione for helping him out. He announced our guests Officer Ted Bell, GuHyoun Nam, Susan Clovile-Hall & Dennis Eberhart.  and forgot to announce his guest at his table, Kevin. He was sad to announce there was only one fine this morning. Bob Oborn does not have a pin today. Happy Buck- Bruce Redmon Good Grief Golf Outing, please see Bruce if interested in being a tee sponsor, May 16th at Fox Den 9am. no birthdays or anniversaries today. Rotary Fun Fact: What was Rotary’s motto prior to service above self? “Did the check clear?” Steve Fry is genius. “One profits most who serves best...” was the actual answer. We donated the the card to the Interact Club’s talent show on Friday May 16th.  He then gave us some Ohio trivia. It was... interesting. Then he told a joke about Dick Hall in a million dollar car, and Tony Falcione on a mo-ped with suspenders on. It was a little lengthy, however it got a chuckle. Steve Fry had the winning ticket, and pulled the 2 of spades.  

PRESIDENT: Bob Oborn welcomed Elizabeth Eaken, We received our 2014 AZ Baker Award for our service, August 1st is a Rotary Indians Game 7:05 PM $58 includes buffet , and the game. Tonight is the Senior Banquet as SMFHS please be there if you signed up to serve at 5:00 PM we should be out of there by 7:30/8. Mark Lucco, Golf Outing, please get your foursome together see him for further details. Dave Renninger Akron Canton Food Bank next outing is next Wednesday if you are a first time volunteer, please register at http://www.akroncantonfoodbank.org/volunteer.aspx  website.  Pat Messmore is organizing the Rockin on the River beer pouring we need 30 ppl per shift May 30th (Eagles Tribute Band) The later shift, we are in need of many volunteers. Please sign up.  

GUEST: Gu Hyoun Nam is from Korea and Bob met him at the conference over the weekend, He is 18 years old and has studied English for 7 years. He spoke and received a flag from our club, as well as he presented our club with a flag from his club in South Korea. Very interesting young man who is grateful for the opportunities through Rotary.  

GUEST SPEAKER: Sara Drew- Introduced Officer Ted Bell, and his dog Mingo. Mingo is our female k-9 she is the first Malinaw (sp?) vs Sheppard. She has been in service with us for the past 6 months, and she is doing so well.  She is young and full of energy! She has helped track down some not so good things in our community. She is trained to seek out Marajuana, Cocaine, Meth, Heroine and human scent. He then demonstrated what Mingo does. He showed us how obedient she is. Most all of the dogs are trained in German, so when dogs are imported they choose the dog. He then hid some drugs in Katie Wrights purse. He found it! Look for the video on our Facebook page! She’s an amazing animal and has superior skills. The program is funded by profits of drug money from busts that our department does. The dogs really reduce risk on the city, because the dog can have the suspect bow down, and they are then apprehended.  

What an exciting day! Check out and “LIKE” our new facebook page. It is a community page that will get more traffic and is easier to promote. To view a video of Katie Wright, and Mingo finding her suspicious purse contents.... click here and check it out! 


 Yours in Service, 

Jacqueline Bowman

(330) 687-7300


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April 23rd 2014 Newsletter

Posted by Roger Cline on Apr 22, 2014


Thanks to Andy Denton for taking notes this week 

Invocation: Nancy Rice got our meeting started with an inspirational invocation.

Guest Announcer: Mike Sekulich was our guest announcer this morning and began by thanking new member, Elizabeth Eaken for helping Mark Lucco at the sign-in table. 

Visitors: Betty Spencer, our speaker was welcomed.

Special Days:   

Rotary Anniversaries: None today

Wedding Anniversaries:  Marty Tass and his wife are celebrating 39 years of marriage

Birthdays:  Karen Monbeck and Linda Trevorrow both are celebrating birthdays this Thursday and Bonnie Housley helped us sing to them.

Drawing:   John Murphy’s table had the winning ticket but drew the 9 of spades so the pot will continue to grow.

Fines:  Linda Trevorrow was fined for no pin.

Rotary Fun Fact:  Cheryl Warren will be the District 6630 Governor Elect for 2014-2015 but no one in the club had the answer. 

Joke: Instead of a politically incorrect joke, Mike shared a politically adjustable joke with us this morning

Presidential Announcements: by Bob Oborn   

Bob welcomed Elizabeth Eaken as our newest member.

Bob reminded people to sign the get well card for Doug Dotterer who broke his leg earlier this month.

Dave Brandon’s son is back in the hospital and will have serious surgery tomorrow.

He reminded us that the New Member Meet and Greet is tonight.  We expect that there will be 8 guests and 12 Rotarians in attendance.

Bob reminded us that the District 6630 Conference and celebration is April 25th-27th at Quail Hollow Resort.   Either sign up to attend on the district website or see Bob for details.  The club will pay for any member who wishes to attend.

The Stow-Munroe Falls High School Awards Banquet is April 30th.  Rotarians who are helping should be there at 5:00 dressed in black slacks and a white top.  Dick Hall will provide the red bow ties.  We expect to serve 260 guests.

Mark Lucco announced that the Golf Outing Committee will meet this Friday at 7:00a.m. at Bob Evans.  He reminded everyone that the outing is on June 6th.  Sponsorships are coming in.   See Mark if you need invoices and to get your foursomes turned in.

May 16th at 7:00 the Interact Talent Show  will be held at the high school.    Please support them with your attendance and by giving them gift cards that they can use for prizes.  You can turn the gift cards in to Bob.

Bonnie Housley announced that the Heroes’ Day Food Committee will meet after next week’s meeting.  Remember that the date of Heroes’ Day is Saturday, May 17th.

Dave Renninger thanked everyone for their participation at the Foodbank.  Our next date is May 7th from 5-7:00 p.m.  If you haven’t signed up, let Dave know you are interested. 

May 30th we will be pouring beer at Rocking on the River.  Pat Messmore will give details soon.

Katie Wright thanked everyone who signed up to participate in “Rotary Reads” and circulated the sign-up sheet again.   We will probably just do this once in May and then resume when school starts again in the fall.

Speaker : Nancy Rice introduced Betty Spencer, a retired teacher, who gave a wonderful presentation on the problem of Human Trafficking, as a person who is locally involved in the National Human Trafficking Resource Center. She presented this problem as the newest type of slavery and opened many eyes at to the magnitude of the problem.

She stated that 12 1/3 million people live in forced labor and sexual servitude.  It is the fastest growing criminal industry in the world with profits of those in control of $35 billion.   The United States Department of Justice states that there are 200,000 victims within the borders of the United States.  Trafficking happens in all 50 states.  Internationally, the United States and Germany are the leaders in the problem.  Ohio has had a very poor record, but legislation in the past few years has helped the state place some potential controls on the situation.   Ohio now has a safe haven law but locally, there are no safe beds for people if a victim is found.  The average of the victim is 13 years old and most are female.  The average age of persons being held is 7 years.   

Their soap campaign places little bars of soap in public restroom facilities with the hotline number 1-888-3737-888, on the label of the bars of soap.  That way, if a victim has the number, they might be able to call for help.   Bridgestone gave $5000 toward this effort. 

The Internet is the most dangerous place for young girls to be contacted, but runaways, and even people in local high schools may be contacted by predators.   We can go to www.acf.hhs.gov/trafficking for more information. 

Attendance:  People we missed today were Ron Alexander, Geoff Besso, Jacqui Bowman, Dave Brandon, Bill Choler, Doug Dotterer, Chris DiMauro, Ray Evans, Christina Gary, Mike Jabbour, Debbie Kilgore-Eichler, Carrie Leising, Rich Lubinski, Pat Messmore, Paul Organ, John Pribonic, Bruce Redmon, Dick Spangler, Tim Stephan, Doris Steward, Jim Stimler, and Bob Sweitzer

Bob Oborn
Rotary Club of Stow-Munroe Falls

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April 9 2014 Newsletter

Posted by Roger Cline on Apr 08, 2014

INVOCATION:  Carol Flask: Thanked the lord for the privilege for us to gather together and serve. 

GUEST ANNOUNCER: Christina Gary was very dapper this morning and had us laughing. Last in- Geoff Besso. Quite a few Happy Bucks Today:  John Sues- Agusta Golfing this weekend was very exciting for his family. His Granddaughter Raina Ports was in the Drive, Chip Putt Contest. Brand new event held there so a little disorganized as far as TV coverage. He followed as close as he could. Raina Ports was in 8-9 year old group. Overall she took 2nd place for the weekend. She was interviewed in the afternoon. He is so very proud! Carrie Leising- She was traveling Cincinnati & Indiana... She fell upon the District Meeting at a Mariott there. They all send their well wishes to our district. Jay Minkin - Sarah is very soon (he hopes) getting her Masters in Environmental Science in Athens at Ohio University. She was written up in the Alumni Magazine about the sustainability and community gardens for Ohio University. He is quite proud of her. Christina Gary- had a happy buck thanking Annie Hanson for buying her a water this weekend at the community showcase. How sweet!   Club Anniversaries:  Annette Oborn and Chris DiMauro.  Wedding Anniversary- Dick Spangler 54 years. He was celebrating this morning and was not with us.  Birthdays:  John Murphy  Ticket: Ray Evans had the winning ticket and they drew the 10 of Diamonds. Fun Fact: Where was the first Rotary Club outside of North America Chartered?  London in 1912. 


Marty Tass - Announced that in 2 weeks, Library will be holding the great “Dessert Extravaganza”  Thursday 24th at Roses Run. $25 each, profits go to Stow Munroe Falls Library. Please plan on attending. See Dave Renninger or Marty Tass for tickets! 


Heroes Day sign up for food donations and food crew is going around. Please sign up where you can help. Please Turn in ALL of your team rosters we will be calling homeowners this week to set up meeting them and organizing supplies. I need an accurate count of teams and shirts. Thanks!

Dave Renninger said that Doug Dotterer broke his leg, sending him a friendly hello would be nice. Oh boy... 

District conference is coming up in a few weeks, please see Bob if you are interested in attending. The club will pay for your meals. 

Dictionary Project was a huge success we have several thank you cards from third grad students. 

Shannon Sinex: Membership Community Showcase went well we had a good amount of people fill out a slip of interest, and also some good leads for guest speakers. Please bring a guest to the wine and cheese open house. 5:00-6:30 on April 23rd. Please contact Andy Denton 

President asks us to please help the Interact Club 2:35 in the commons at Stow High School to fill eggs Monday afterschool.  

Congratulations to Brad Jagger to be officially installed as Pastor at the Church in Silver Lake.  

GOLF OUTING- Sign up sheet is attached, please see Nancy Rice if you are interested in purchasing a memorial sign for someone $50.  

INTRODUCTION of SPEAKER: Carol Flask introduced Mary McClure who will soon be moving to Nebraska.  She is sharing with us some history about Silver Lake. She is from Cuyahoga Falls, a member of the Cuyahoga Falls Historical Society, and is a Graduate of the University of Akron.   She showed us a slide show starting with Silver Lake Amusement Park, Ralph H. Lodge in 1874 he purchased the lake of 100 acres and 35 acres along the shores. It made up to $5000 a day, when admission was only 5 cents. So many interesting things we never knew about Sliver Lake. 

 Yours in Service, 

Jacqueline Bowman

(330) 687-7300

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April 2, 2014 Newsletter

Posted by Roger Cline on Apr 01, 2014

April 2nd Newsletter

INVOCATION:  Annie Hanson shared a wonderful invocation making some great statements about us all being minorities, all of us being majority, us being diverse as well as coming together in commons. Recognizing differences and being respectful. It was different, and ear catching. Thanks Annie. 

GUEST ANNOUNCER: Dave Renninger - Thanked Mr. Lucco and Carol Flask for taking our money and selling us tickets. LAST IN:  Brad Ruth.  NO PIN: Geoffe Besso  HAPPY BUCK: John Sues- Granddaughter Rianna Ports. She is a 9 year old little girl who qualified to be in the Drive Chip Putt Contest. She is in the division for girls 8-9 years old, she scored the highest. She also beat all girls 10-11 years old.  Drive Chip and Putt Contest this week and will air over the weekend LOOK FOR HER! Here is a link with details... http://www.drivechipandputt.com/golf-channel-sets-production-plans-for-live-televised-coverage/  It will be  amazing to see, what a proud grandpa!  I will be tuned in for sure! ANNIVERSARIES: Club Anniversary Shannon Sinex 3 years.  FUN FACT:  Ohio is the only State that financially supports  Libraries financially. How many public libraries in State of Ohio?  251. Bob Oborn won ice cream.  TICKET: Don Coughlin has the winning ticket and Jim Callahan pulls the ace of clubs.

PRESIDENT: Bob Oborn:  New member Elizabeth Eaken was pinned and sponsored by Katie Wright. She was welcomed by Shannon Sinex, Andrea Denton and we all welcomed her and accepted her as a new member. Very exciting! 

TONIGHT: Food Bank 5-7 PM with Dave Renninger. If you signed up please make sure you register yourself as a volunteer on the website before showing up. Take 2 minutes... Click on link and fill out online application thanks! http://www.akroncantonfoodbank.org/volunteer.aspx 


COMMUNITY SHOWCASE: This weekend, if you have signed up for a shift, please make sure you are there! Contact dentonaz@aol.com 330-688-8431 with questions. Thank you Ron Taggart for putting together our display. 

TODAY: DICTIONARY DELIVERY:  Today we will deliver 9-10AM We are very excited to visit the elementary schools, and deliver these great books! (It was really fun!) 

GOLF OUTING: Mark Lucco - Registrations for signups are now printed, please pick one up, start filling them out and getting them in to Mark. Please talk to Mark about being a tee sponsor if you have not already. You can also do a Tribute or Memorial sign on the course they are $50 each. I will attache a sign up flier next week. (Sorry I forgot to get one!) 

AWARDS BANQUET: Dick Hall - Weds April 30th White Shirt, Black Pants. We serve about 275 people. 5:30 arrival, and you will be done by 7:30 latest. Please sign up for this great night to serve. 

MEMBERSHIP Wine & Cheese: WEDS April 23rd... 5:00-6:30 Please get your names to Andrea Denton ASAP so we can follow up with them. Please take the invitations. Send them out, have a goal to bring 2 people. Cmon folks! (See attached invitation) Email Andrea Denton your guests dentonaz@aol.com or call 330-688-8431 and Give her the Guest Name, Company/Organization Name, Email, and phone number. 

HEROES DAY IN MAY: Saturday May 17th. We have quite a few more teams this year, 2-3 more, and we will have about 20-30 more volunteers which will allow us to service a few more houses than last year. I am still taking suggestions for recipients of our services. I sent around a clipboard for those who are not working on a house who want to help. Please make sure if you are on a team that your t-shirt size is on there. I am looking for a few people to help make 5-7 phone calls to other Rotarians and team captains over the next 7 days. Please email me JacquiBowmanSold@gmail.com if you can help. 

INTRODUCTION OF GUEST: Karl Kalteuthaler is a professor Political Science at University of Akron and he also teaches at Case. He is here to raise our international awareness of whats going on in the Middle East as of now.

SPEAKER: Karl talked about “Arab Spring” and how it got started. It got started by a vegetable seller that set himself on fire, because he was tired of the government manipulating etc. He talked about that the Gulf countries have oil, can escape this Arab Spring. The standards of living are better, so they can bypass this Arab Spring. He talked at great length, and how it effects the United States. “Anytime countries start to disintegrate, it becomes a problem for us. They become sanctuaries for terrorist groups. Syria is a problem for us years to come, the blowback will be significant.”  What can we do about Lybia, and Syria, Egypt.?  There is not much we can do. He was very intriguing speaker and helped many of us open our eyes to reality. He was not a very uplifting speaker due to subject, however this was so informational and appreciated to the majority of us as an audience. He answered several questions. It raised quite a bit of concern here in our club and were very engaged in finding out more and having discussion. 

(Sorry for all the typos, and run ons... I rush to get information out, and have a tight schedule. I would love to do better on grammar, however I do my best! Thanks for understanding) 

 Yours in Service, 

Jacqueline Bowman

(330) 687-7300

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Jan 22 Club Bulletin

Posted by Roger Cline on Jan 21, 2014


Invocation:  Carrie Leising opened the meeting with a humorous but meaningful invocation..

Guest Announcer Jeff Wagner was today’s announcer and began by thanking Tony Falcione for assisting Mark Lucco at the sign-in table.

Visitors:  George Rooney of the Akron Rotary, Dennis Eberhart and Brian Walters, our speaker were all welcomed as guests. Harry Newman, Doris Stewart and Katie Wright all forgot their pins.

Happy Bucks:  There were none today.

Drawing:  Steve Fry’s ticket was the winner but he drew the queen of clubs.

Rotary Fun Fact:  What is green and white and wins all over?  The answer was Michigan State and Doris Stewart won the Handle’s Ice Cream card.  (We know this was not exactly a Rotary Fact.)

Joke: Jeff told a great joke about advice that Mother Superior gave as she was dying.  Ask him about it. 

Special Days:

Rotary Anniversaries:  Jim Laber, 3 years on 1/27.

Wedding Anniversaries: Mike Sekulich, 16 years on 1/26.

Birthdays:  No birthdays this week

Presidential Announcements: by Bob Oborn   

·         Bob presented Katie Wright with her blue badge so she is no longer a new member.

·         We have had an encouraging response for volunteering at the Food Bank since Dave Renninger clarified our responsibilities last week.

·         Karen Monbeck is at home and doing well after knee surgery last week.

·         Rick Archer attended the Berwick Upton Tweed Rotary Club meeting in England last night.  He told Bob about this in an e-mail.

·         Bob introduced George Rooney from the Akron Club to talk with us about the upcoming Chili Open and Raffle.  It will be held on February 1st for the benefit of the Rotary Camp.   The camp served 1700 children who have disabilities last summer.  No one is turned down for their lack of ability to pay.  Raffle tickets which sell for $20.00 could entitle the winners to win a 2014 Chevrolet Sonic, a Cleveland Indians package or a Bridgestone package.   Each person who buys a ticket receives a coupon for $15.00 to Bravo’s Restaurant at Summit Mall.

·          Mark Lucco announced that this year’s Golf Outing Committee will meet at 7:00a.m. at Bob Evans this Friday, January January 24th.

·         Bob reported that next week we will have Club Assembly, and the Interact Officers will also be with us.  At that meeting we will hear about the potential for Youth Exchange and an International Project for next year.  We will also hear about this spring’s membership event and the possibility of a Hole in One Contest.

Member Moment:  Carrie gave her member moment.  We learned that she lives in Kent and has been with Charter One Bank for 12 years.   She is currently the Business Banking Officer and loves her job.  Her husband, Brian is a firefighter in Stow and they are the parents of Sienna, who is a sophomore in high school and Keeley who is a 5th grader. Sienna is very involved with soccer and Keeley is a student at the Expedition Academy where they receive their education both in and out of the classroom. 

Program:  Carrie introduced our speaker, Brian Walters of the Summit/Medina/Portage Small Business Alliance.  He is a graduate of The University of Akron and Youngstown State University with degrees in business and marketing.   They are funded by the Small Business Administration and so there is no charge for their services.  They work with a combination of existing businesses and new starts to help the businesses be successful.  They also put on educational seminars.   Primarily they work on marketing and financial understanding elements with their clients.  They generally work with individuals from 6 months to 2 years.

We missed many people today either due to illness, the cold weather or travel plans.   Those who attended today were:  Rich Bedell, Dave Christman, Jim Callahan, Roger Cline, Andrea Denton, Sara Drew, Chris DiMauro, Ray Evans, Tony Falcione, Mark Ferguson, Carol Flask, Steve Fry, Christina Gary, Dick Hall, Anne Hanson, Bruce Hill, Brad Jagger, Debbie Kilgore-Eichler, Jim Laber, Carrie Leising, Tom Loepp, Mark Lucco, Jay Minkin, John Murphy, Harry Newman, Bob Oborn, Annette Oborn, John Pribonic, Dave Renninger, Nancy Rice, Dick Spangler, Doris Stewart, Jim Stimler, Marty Tass, Jeff Wagner and Katie Wright.

Bob Oborn
Rotary Club of Stow-Munroe Falls

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Jan 15 Club Bulletin

Posted by Roger Cline on Jan 14, 2014

JANUARY 15th 2014  

INVOCATION: Tom Loepp shared a wonderful reading from the book of Bill Monbeck today. 

GUEST ANNOUNCER: Tom Loepp thought he was funny, however the club was a little disgruntled. Ticket Helpers: Tony Falcione & Carol Flask Visitors: Dennis Eberhart Last in: Linda Trevorrow. Happy Buck: Bob Oborn’s mother had surgery went well thank you for your prayers shes back to grumpy self. Rotary Anniversary: Bob Sweitzer 3 years (?) and Andrea Denton 11 years. NO birthdays today or Wedding Anniversaries. Rotary Fact: Because Tom is difficult he did it  Jeopardy style... answer in the form of a question. It was about the first Rotoract meeting in 1968. Linda tried to win a few times with correct information, however the answer was not up to Tom’s standards. Twisting the truth, and our game so that he could win, therefore he kept the ice cream. He does have a talent, we cannot deny that. (Sarge did you get that back?) To top it off, he drew his own card from the bucket. Don Coughlin his dear friend pulled ace of spades. 

PRESIDENT & ANNOUNCEMENTS: Dave Renninger:  Food Bank - We are Struggling to get volunteers for the food bank.The Akron Canton Regaional Food Bank is located at 350 Opportunity Parkway in Akron. Basically we go there and sort food. Look for expiration dates, or opening boxes and sorting them into bins. We as a club are committed first Wednesday 5-7PM. Wear comfortable clothes,  and shoes as you will be standing on concrete in a warehouse. Its a great opportunity to meet others, the employees are appreciative of what we do. It only takes usually from 5-6:30. If each of us volunteered 2x a year, we should be able to get 10 people once a month. Please sign up for one of the next 5 months on the clipboard. For right now, Take 2 minutes... Visit website... Watch this video... Meet Kate... Get inspired. Click on this link...  http://www.akroncantonfoodbank.org/meet-kate.aspx  Mark your calendar for the "Food Bank" 1st Wednesday of the month 5-7PM, Each month. I am sad to say that I (Jacqui) have not participated as of yet, however I am now committed, thanks Dave for the words this morning. If you have never been there its an awesome newer facility. I attended a black tie fundraiser there a few years ago. You really should check it out.  See you there. Further questions call Dave (330)697-1530.  Bob Oborn reminded us that we are a service organization, let’s serve. We also need volunteers for the Stow Munroe Falls Community Showcase April 5-6th.  Please step up for this event promoting our club we only have 3 volunteers so far.  Mark your calendar for 2nd Annual Heroes Day in May Saturday May 17th 2014. 

Tom Leopp talked to us today about when do you need a lawyer. Talking about traffic stops, and what your rights are. Police are trained to collect evidence, and he was helping us understand the process and how things work. It was very informative and there were many questions. Quite interactive and we all know now that Tom’s cell phone is on at 2AM, so he’s always up for a butt dial. Happy sleeping Tom. :-) 

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Dec 8 2013 Newsletter

Posted by Roger Cline on Dec 17, 2013

Rotary Club of Stow-Munroe Falls Newsletter, Wednesday, Dec 18, 2013 

Thanks to all the Rotarians and their families for attending our Christmas program this morning.  The Stow-Munroe Falls High School String Ensemble greeted our members with wonderful holiday music from the time they arrived through breakfast.    

Don’t forget, no meeting on 12/25 or 1/1. Our next meeting is January 8th at Bellacino’s in the main dining room.  Park and enter from the front on Fishcreek.  We will be back at Silver Lake Country Club on January 15th .  Our board meeting on January 10th will be at the Stow-Munroe Falls Public Library at 7:15AM 

After breakfast, we thanked all the servers at SLCC for the great job they did during the year and gave them a Christmas gift. 

We also thanked Fran Hamilton and the String Quartet for their music and made a donation to their program. 

Denny Eberhard of the aurora club treated us with an 18th century storytelling about the meaning of Christmas. 

After Denny was done, we were treated by a visit from Santa.  He gave candy canes to the good kids, which were all of them, and gave Mike Sekulich a voucher for more coal as Santa was out after decades of visiting Mike at Christmas!   Allison Oborn saved the club from hearing Bob sing as she led the club in Christmas songs under Santa’s direction. 

We really need more volunteers for the Food Bank on Wednesday, January 8th from 5-7.  Please help out if you can.  Please let Dave Renninger or myself know if you can make it. 

Sorry, folks, but that is all I have.  I hope all of you have a Merry Christmas and a wonderful holiday break.   Thank you to all of you for all of your support during this year, I really appreciate it.

Bob Oborn
Rotary Club of Stow-Munroe Falls

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December 4 2013 Newsletter

Posted by Roger Cline on Dec 03, 2013
I have extended this weeks meeting update to all of our mailing lists, to share with you some of the stories told about Jim Banks, founder of our club.  He has touched so many lives. We highlighted parts of our meeting today honoring him.   

INVOCATION:  Paul Organ shared a wonderful invocation mentioning Jim Banks passing, and encouraged us all to give and live like he did.  

GUEST ANNOUNCER: Jeff Wagner guest announcer let us know that Ron Taggart did not sign in. HAPPY BUCKS: Lou Dirker - Shop with a cop tickets available please contact him for tickets, and thank you for your support.  Ray Evans - Extremely pleased with the $2300 we raised and wants to thank all of us for supporting such a great cause. While away in Hilton Head, 5 minutes they raised $7500 for the boxes.  CLUB ANNIVERSARY:  Ray Evans 9 years. WEDDING ANNIVERSARIES: Carrie Leising 16 years, Jon Sues 13 years.  BIRTHDAYS: We sang to Mark Ferguson and Andy Denton. Wish Anne Hanson a happy birthday as well if you see her. ROTARY FUN FACT:  Who is District Governor of #6630?  Bob Johnson... good job Roger Cline. Jeff told some kind of joke about blonds. I didn’t get it. Then he told us things that dads will never say, like stopping to ask for directions. TICKET: Spangler’s Table had ticket and Tony drew king of diamonds. 

PRESIDENT: NEW MEMBER: Welcome Dave Christman back to the club. Sponsor Dick Hall, he was pinned again and welcomed. Dave has 3 children, and told us all the great things he has done in life. VOTE:  We casted votes for board. TIP $ SERVERS: please donate in the basket up front at Sarge table to thank the servers here at SLCC for wonderful service they give us all year long. Any agenda items for board meeting please send to President promptly today. CHRISTMAS PROGRAM: Stow Orchestra, story teller and Santa will be here on December 18th.  FUTURE MEETINGS: no meeting 25th, and no meeting on New Year’s Day.  SLCC is closed January 8-15th we will be at Bellacino’s for our meetings those 2 weeks. 

Dick Spangler:  Wrapping party next Tuesday night, 6:30-8:00 at On Tap. Please give Dick any money that you pledged for sponsorship of this.  We are helping 12 families in our area this year. Great job by all. 

Marv Mills - Delivery teams are all put together and routed for delivering the gifts. We are all set, thank you.  

Pat Messmore - football pool winners announced. He also encouraged us to donate to the foundation, and if you want to know your Paul Harris status let him know. 330-607-8959. President also thanked Pat for raising $2000 from football pool each year to fund our dictionary project for the kids, thanks Pat! 

Ron Taggart - gave us an update of the CAMO project and highlighted page 13 about honesty, and Kathryn Tschiegg who has spoken at our club before. Great article, thanked us for supporting this project and we shall continue. (see attached article) 

Mark Lucco - Golf outing committee meeting at Bob Evans 7:00 AM THIS Friday. 

Bruce Hill- Salvation Army bell ringing, please sign up where needed PLEASE, thanks.

We still need someone THIS SATURDAY 5-7PM. Please call Bruce at 330-903-1524.

JIM BANKS: In memory of Jim, Paul Organ organized a program for us to remember him and honor him. Dick Spangler spoke first about when they formed the club. He shared with us how he met Jim, his neighbor.  Who came into Sears and asked for Dick Spangler to meet with him about a problem he had, that there was no Rotary Club here. So they met at the Cafe in Stow, with a few others. His attitude was “We are going to do this, and we would like for you to be a part of it.” After several meetings we knew what Jim was about and what Rotary was about... He wanted to have the club chartered, we needed at least 7 people. They had to have a president, a vice president and five committee chairs. There were 8 of them there that day, so this could be done!  He was always very active, had great ideas and giving attitude. They all met in Marhofer’s garage and make poison control packages for doorknobs and delivered to local homes in the area. They did all sorts of great things. Bonnie Housley spoke next, she let us know services are Dec 14th at 1:00PM for Jim.  Her first meeting here was October 1987. Jim Banks welcomed her warmly. He was the father of the club and a second father to her. Father Banks, is what she began to call him. He encouraged her to become president, and become a speaker at the All Ohio PETS program. He stood along side her and encouraged her to become a leading Rotarian, and get involved. She credits him for contributing to each step she has made. He caused a lot of Rotarians to see things differently and affected many of us in this room. He was the  founder of the AZ Baker Award which he is proud that we have earned every year.  He encouraged her to run for District Governor and helped her get there. His influence and class was felt district wide.  1999-2000 Jim was honored as Rotarian of the Year for the District. First time this award was given. He was a true Rotarian. He has now been reunited with his wife, and god bless you Father Banks. You will be missed. In closing Rick Archer finished up with a great cheer in honor of Father Banks. 

VOTE RESULTS: Jim Callahan, Christina Gary, John Pribonic, and Katie Wright will start service on the board, July 1st 2014. Congratulations to all of you! 

Jacqueline A. Bowman


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November 20 Newsletter

Posted by Roger Cline on Nov 19, 2013

A very special thanks to Andy Denton for taking notes on short notice



Invocation:  Jay Minkin opened our meeting with an inspiring fall prayer.

Guest Announcer Mike Sekulich was today’s guest announcer.   He thanked Tim Stephan for acting as Sgt. at Arms today, assisted by new member, Carol Flask.

Fines:   Debbie Kilgore-Eichler was last in.  Dick Hall and Rich Bedell forgot their pins and Bob Oborn, Marty Tass and Carrie Leising forgot to sign-in.

Happy Bucks:  

Lou Dirker announced that he will have more tickets available for “Shop with a Cop” next week.  He sold all that he had today.   For every $100 worth of tickets sold, a needy child from Stow will be able to go shopping.

Doug Dotterer had the newest Apple I-Pad Air with him and said that the library will be conducting classes in how to use it after the first of the year.

Carrie Leising told us that her oldest daughter has made the league for the highest level girls’ soccer team in the country.

Drawing:  Sara Drew’s ticket was the winner but she drew the 9 of spades so the pot will continue to grow.

Rotary Fun Fact:  What is the purpose of the Annual District Assembly?  Jeff Wagner will be eating Handle’s ice cream because he had the closest answer.   It is a leadership training event for district officers.

Special Days:

Rotary Anniversaries: None

Wedding Anniversaries: None

Birthdays:   Geoff Besso is celebrating a birthday this week but was not here for the singing.

Presidential Announcements: by Bob Oborn   

·          Bob welcomed new members Brad Jagger, Katie Wright and Carol Flask. Brad has completed his new member work and will receive his blue badge as soon as it arrives.   Bob also said that Dave Chrisman has been approved for rejoining the club and will be pinned as soon as his badge arrives.

·         The club has raised $1400 so far for the Shelterbox Project for the Philippines.


·         Bob reminded us that there are four open positions for our Rotary board and that the elections will be held on December 4th.  He needs to know of members willing to serve on the Board by next week.   Step up and be a part of our growth and change!

·         Anyone who needs to store Rotary items should get them to Bob as soon as possible.

·         Pat Messmore read the football pool results.   The only club member who won this week was Harry Newman, but Shannon Sinex was given a check to pass on to her Dad.  Other community members also won.

·         Pat Messmore also reminded us that from now until mid-December he will be collecting donations for Our Rotary Foundation.   The club will not be doing a match this year.

·         Dick Spangler talked about the Holiday Helping Hands Project.  Sheets are being circulated for gift-buying and attending the wrapping. It is also possible to donate money for others to buy gifts.   If you are interested in delivering the gifts, please call Marv Mills at 330-928-0432.  The wrapping party will be on Tuesday, December 10th at On-Tap from 6:00-8:30p.m.  This year we are supporting 12 families with 27 children from 6 elementary schools in Stow.

·         The Sign-up sheet for the wrapping party was missing at the end of the meeting.  Please contact dick Spangler if you have it.

·         Dave Renninger explained that our next date to help at the Akron-Canton Regional Foodbank will be Wednesday, December 4th.  A sign-up sheet will be circulated again next week.  Our club provided 17 workers last month and finished 45 minutes early.

·         A sign-up sheet was also circulated for the Salvation Army Bell Ringing, which begins this weekend.   If you run into a problem and are unable to ring, please call Bruce Hill at 330-903-1524.

·         Katie Wright announced that the International Institute has many refugees that need warm winter clothing.  Please bring coats hats, gloves, sweaters, and socks for either adults or children next week and Katie will deliver them. Katie talked to them after the meeting and they also desparately need blankets.   Jus the image of a person out in the cold without a coat is motivation to help.

Member Moment:  Jay Minkin gave an interesting update on his two daughters.  One is doing environmental studies at Ohio University and is in India now.  The other daughter is out of college and doing product promotion.  He has operated CO-Op Optical Eye Care Center for many years and also has a very active music blog.

Program:   Jay introduced Gailmarie Forte who is in charge of outreach at Stan Hywet Hall and Gardens.  She gave a fascinating program about the former home of F.A. Seiberling, which will be 100 years old in 2015.  She told us that all collections are original to the home and were used or owned by the family.  It is the 6th largest historical home in the country with its 65,000 square feet on 70 acres. It is also the founding site of AA and hundreds of people make annual visits to that site.    Linda Conrad, Executive Director has been instrumental in creating some new exciting opportunities.  Currently the “Deck the Halls” “Christmas Around the World” is a major event. It will involve 750,000 lights. The celebration begins on Nov. 30 and he held on many nights through the end of December.   Please check their website for all of the details at www.stanhywet.org.  Also review the many benefits for members including opportunities to travel to England to see castles including the one at Downton Abby.

People we missed today were:Ron Alexander, Geoff Besso, Jacqui Bowman,   Ray Evans, Annie Hanson, Bonnie Housley, Mike Jabbor,  Chad Jones, Frank Larson, Rich Lubinski, Mark Lucco, Roy Mook, Annette Oborn, John Pribonic,  Nancy Rice, Brad Ruth, Lorrie Shaffer, Doris Stewart,  Jim Stimler, and Linda Trevorrow

Bob Oborn
Rotary Club of Stow-Munroe Falls

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Nov 13 2012 Bulletin

Posted by Roger Cline on Nov 12, 2013

INVOCATION:  Ron Maghes shared a wonderful invocation with us this morning. 

GUEST ANNOUNCER: Dave Renninger, thanks Dave!  Thank you to Mark Lucco for the wonderful job as our Sarge of Arms. We appreciate you too!  Visitors: today Past Dist. Governor Jack Young, and Ryan Bowman. Last in: Paul Organ.  No Pin: Chief Dirker, Jeff Wagner, Dick Hall. $50 fine Ron Taggart.  Birthday: Debbie helped us sing to Dicky Spangler on the 15th he will turn 39! Then he gave her a smooch. No Sign in:   Rich Bedell. Wedding Anniversary: John Long 39 years.  Club Anniversaries: Paul Organ 14, Bill Choler 15, and Mike Sekulich 21 years. Fun Fact:  Rotary’s shortest theme of the year:  ACT. Jim Stewart guessed correctly! Winning Ticket: Sekulich/Housley table and Carol Flask drew the 7 of diamonds.


HAPPY BUCKS: Chief Dirker- Shop with a Cop starting sell $100 worth tickets will allow one shopper to go with a cop shopping. Please help if you can. 

Jeff Wagner - Go Spartans!  He also shared some Marines thing that he passed around, honestly it was over my head, or my bucket. ha ha. Christina Gary - She gave away free haircuts that were donated to us, she also made and printed thank you notes for the club that we can use, she also completed a vigorous race and shared with us that she is signing up for 5 races next year. 

 PRESIDENT:  Thanked Dave Renninger for organizing Akron Canton Regional Foodbank volunteer night, 1st Wednesday in December we will be going again! We had 17 ppl last time. Brad Jagger finished his blue sheet today... Yeah!  We also pinned Carol Flask today, sponsored by Bonnie Housley. We and welcomed her to the club. She shared with us her many years of service to our community and is honored to now be able to serve with us. Club has 4 board positions opening. Please think of stepping up and being part of the board, and think about what you can do to contribute. Heroes day is confirmed for Saturday May 17th, 2014 from 8AM til 1PM. I will be putting together the committees soon.  Please come to me with any additional Veteran/Heroes that we can serve this spring.  Dave Christman will be back to the club, and will be pinned here soon. Welcome Dave. 


Dick Spangler - Holiday Gift Program Our club will be sponsoring 2 families from the 6 elementary schools for a total of 12 families for the Christmas. Please contact Dick to sign up to donate, or to shop. We will also have a wrap night to wrap the gifts as well.  

 Mike Sekulich - Final numbers from reverse raffle we netted $16,772. Thank you so much, and thank you Mike and Dr. Murphy.

 Bruce Hill - Salvation Army bell ringing please sign up we only have 3 spaces to fill.

ROTARY SPEAKER: Jack Young was here to talk to us about Typhoon Haiyan damage to the Philippines. Effecting over 200,000 people, and projections say that this tragedy will take about 10,000 lives. We need to step up as Rotarians and make a difference and do our best to help Shelter Box.  www.ShelterBoxUSA.org This worldwide organization helps with disaster relief. They had volunteers already there from October so they witnessed the typhoon first hand. Jack says, there is limited flights into Philippines, although we have committed to help over 2 million with temporary housing. Please donate so we can provide these tents/shelter boxes. 32,000 tents were given to Haiti. Each box cost is $1000. Inside is a specially designed tent, blankets, water filtration unit, cooking equipment, mosquito nets and other vital equipment for survival.  During Haiti tragedy, one elementary school class of 4th grade raised $26,000 and sponsored 26 shelters for Haiti. So please even if you personally cannot sponsor, get into the community and let’s get together and sponsor these shelters. Ray Evans shared his experiences with the shelters, and started with his donation of $100 from our club. Ron Taggart immediately matched it, as well as the Oborn’s. After the meeting others did the same.  Rich Bedell will be collecting checks for this effort, make checks out to Rotary Club of Stow-Munroe Falls and send to Rich Bedell at 1390 Mockingbird Tr. Stow 44224. You can also contact Jack Young with any questions about the shelter boxes at (440)759-4000 or email Jack1Villa@aol.com

 INTRODUCTION OF SPEAKER:  Ron Maghes shared with us that he has been here since 1959 in Stow. Married  45 years to Teresa, and have 3 children 4 granddaughters. Introduced his son Michael Maghes. 

 SPEAKER:  Michael Maghes first complimented his father’s work ethic. They tease him that he was born with a brief case in his hand. His first job was here at the country club, mowing greens. Worked at House of La Rose, for 10 years. He then 7 years ago was led to start a company that assisted restaurants and bars into more profitability. Arnone Inc. www.Arnoneinc.com He still runs that business today.  He really has a passion for Italy and started a company importing olive oil, coffee, other products. Its called Arnone Imports www.Arnoneimports.com.  Michael would love to you to visit his sites, and see his products. He loves his “work” and is so happy that he has passion in his work-life. His message to us today was really telling us to “do what you love” find passion in what you do, then call it work. Life couldn’t be better. How can you bring more passion into your work? 

 After dismissal many Rotarians stepped forward and we are well on our way to sponsoring a few boxes in the name of OUR club. We can track the box, and know where it ended up. Please get out there and do what you can as a Rotarian. Have a great rest of your week! Sorry if I missed anything there was a lot of information today! 

Attendance sheet included with emailing to members.

Jacqueline A. Bowman
Rotary Club of Stow-Munroe Falls


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Oct 30 Newsletter

Posted by Roger Cline on Oct 29, 2013

HELLO!  I'm BACK!! Missed you all and had a great 8 weeks in real estate coaching program and ready to conquer our local market! Which is a great one, Woo Hoo!  Kind and warm thank you to Andrea Denton, Annette Oborn and Bob Oborn for filling in for me while I was gone. I was hoping I was replaced, however I guess I was doing a decent job after all! 

ROTARY CLUB of STOW MUNROE FALLS - Wednesday October 30th, 2013

INVOCATION:   Andrea Denton shares a wonderful invocation reminding us to be great citizens, be faithful and to stand firm on our beliefs and live up to our capabilities. 

GUEST ANNOUNCER: Tom Leopp Shared with us that Visitors:  Carol Flask, Dave Christman, Tony Malorni from Cuyahoga Falls Rotary, Dennis Eberhart from Aurora Rotary.  Last In:  Eric Weber.  No Pin: John Murphy and Geoff Besso. Happy Bucks:  Debbie Kilgore let us now that her nephew was released from the hospital where he has been since Aug 30th. He is getting better. Marty Tass shared with us that the Stow Bulldogs were on "front page" of the Cleveland Plain Dealer!  And very nice article in the sports section which he passed around. He also thanked the Rotarians who supported his efforts with the October beer event with the Stow Community Foundation. He thanked all Rotarians for support of the "Lil Dawg Dash" at Echo Hills where PTA raised over 10k in funds towards technology for the school. Rotary Anniversaries: Jay Minkin 24 yrs, Jim Callahan 2 yrs, and John Pribonic 15 yrs. Wedding Anniversaries: Bruce Redmon 52 yrs, and Lou Dirker 44 yrs. Birthdays this week:  Chad Jones and Roy Mook. Dave Renniger's table drew the queen of hearts in my honor today, however did not win any cash. No-one guessed 1962 as the year the first interact club was formed. I think Tom kept the winnings on that one! 

CLUB ANNOUNCEMENTS: Upcoming Events: Dave Renninger let us know the next trip to the Akron Canton Food Bank Wednesday November 6th 5-7 PM. Please contact him for details.  The Veteran's Day Breakfast at Stow-Glen will be next Wednesday November 6th arriving 7:15AM.  Bruce Hill sent around sign up sheet for this year's Salvation Army Bell Ringing schedule. Please sign up we need one Rotarian to mentor the Interact students who signed up on each shift.   Past Events: Mike Sekulich let us know that Annual Rotary Reverse Raffle- Silent Auction grossed about $24k and netted about $15k.  He thanked the great committee, and acknowledged John Murphy's committee for silent auction which brought in $7200 itself. Great job by all! Other Announcements: Please pray for JT Stimler and his family during this time of loss his mother passed this past week.  Chad Jones resigned from being and active Rotarian, saying his company cut back and he will not be able to attend meetings. He still plans on being active at our events. Roger Cline reviewed how to do an E-Makeup seeing as attendance has to be over 50%. (I have attached the instructions AND the current attendance percentages for each member. I personally think that the scribe for the newsletter should get a makeup each week, as it takes anyone who does it at least an hour of time per week. Any opposed?Andrea, Annette, Bob? ha ha) Please look at your attendance and increase it accordingly.

SPEAKER:  Andrea Denton spoke to us today on the ADM Board of Summit County. Alcohol, Drug, and Mental Health Board. She reviewed what they do and shared some interesting facts. One our of four families used the board at some point in Summit County. There are 26 agencies that service the referrals that come from the ADM Board. The board does not directly service the patient/client. They service preschool families, Veterans, and any other citizens in need. Please visit www.ADMBoard.org for more information. She also pointed out to look at the testimonials for some of the people they have served. She has been involved for over 26 years and "Jared" and "China" have 2 great stories to read. She also said we can call her with questions.  She shared with us in detail many of the programs in jails, in hospitals etc that the board make possible. Very informative. As a side note, the levy on the current ballot would provide 74% of the budget for the ADM Board starting in 2015. Great job Andrea. 

Have a great week everyone!

Yours in Success,

Jacqueline A. Bowman
Rotary Club of Stow-Munroe Falls

Doing an Electronic Makeup with an E-Club


1.  go to www.rotary.org

2.  Click on My Rotary at top of page

3. You will need to create a username and password to use My Rotary      

4.  After you get to My Rotary, click on Club Finder

5. type eclub in the search field.  You will get a long list of eclubs.  You can choose any one to do a makeup.

6. One that worked for me:  E-Club of Arizona

7.  click on Website for E-Club.  For Arizona (and I assume others) you have to create a username and password.

8. When I got into their site, I clicked on meetings in Archives on lower right side.

9. I chose the most recent meeting and read through all the material.

10.  After reading all, you have to enter something in comments.

11.  Click on Finish meeting.

12 follow on line instructions from there.  As I recall, I was asked to enter the email address of the person to receive the evidence of makeup.  They ask for the club secretary's email address.  When I did it, I used my own address.

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Oct 23rd Newsletter

Posted by Roger Cline on Oct 22, 2013


Invocation: Chris DiMauro opened our meeting with an inspiring prayer asking for blessings for all who are involved in service.

Guest Announcer Christina Gary was again our guest announcer. Ask her about being runner up in the Pork Queen contest in Seneca County.   She also told us that she will be part of a seven mile obstacle course this Saturday.  It is called the “Bad Ass Dash” and will benefit Autism.

Fines :  Linda Trevorrow was last in.  Tom Leopp was a no show for Announcer so we have to calculate a BIG fine!

Happy Bucks:  Karen Monbeck let the club know that her daughter, Julie Obreza and her husband have added another little boy to their family.  His name is Sullivan James and he arrived at 8 lbs. 6 oz.  He joins his two older brothers.

·         Lou Dirker reminded the club to vote on November 5th.  He explained that Issue 16 is near and dear to him.


·         Bob Sweitzer wished happy birthday to his wife, Jill. 

Drawing:  Dave Renninger’s table had the winning number but Eric Weber drew the 4 of diamonds.

Rotary Fun Fact:  When was the National Association of Rotary Clubs in America formed?   Linda Trevorrow gets to eat ice cream, courtesy of Handels for guessing 1910.

Special Days :

Rotary Anniversaries: None

Wedding Anniversaries:

Birthdays:  None

Presidential Announcements: by Bob Oborn   

·         Bob thanked the club and especially Mike Sekulich and John Murphy for the successful Reverse Raffle and Silent Auction.  Mike then reported that there were 239 people seated this year.   He thanked his committee and said that in the next week or two he will have a final financial report of the event.  John Murphy also thanked his committee and everyone who participated in the Silent Auction.  The only glitch was that the credit card machine was not working properly, so people who need to are being invoiced.

The date for next year’s event will be Wednesday, October 15, so mark your calendars now!


·         Volunteers to go to the Interact Meeting are needed for the last Monday in November and the first Monday in December. Let Bob know if you can attend.


·         The Veterans’ Day observance will be on November 6th at Stow Glen.  The clip board will circulate again next week.


·         Pat Messmore read the football pool results.  The only club member who won this week was Ron Alexander.


·         New members Katie Wright and Brad Jagger were both welcomed. 


·         Bob announced that the Board unanimously accepted the proposal that Carol Flask be approved for membership in the club.  Bonnie Housley is her sponsor. Carol was married to long-time Rotarian, Bob Flask.  She lives in Stow and has been involved in many volunteer activities.  Anyone who has concerns should get those to Bob in writing by next Wednesday.  


·         Dave Renninger explained that our next date to help at the Akron-Canton Regional Foodbank will be Wednesday, November 6th.   Interact members will also assist that night.  The time is 5:00-7:00 p.m.  A sign-up sheet will be circulated again next week.


·         A sign-up sheet was also circulated for the Salvation Army Bell Ringing, and will be circulated again next week.  We will ring for 2 weeks at Acme and then 2 weeks at the Giant Eagle.  Interact will also help us ring.  Bruce Hill is in charge of the project.

Member Moment: 

Program:   As part of the Vocational Month, Chris DiMauro proudly welcomed faculty member, Terri Whitmer and students Mitch Donel and Sabrina Fox, members of the Business Management at the High School.   As part of their education about business practices, they will go to Chicago next April for Money Smart Week.   Included in their curriculum are topics such as global markets, marketing ethics and continually having high expectations for what they do.  It is an Ohio requirement that students in this program have at least one class in financial literacy.  Students have visited many businesses in the area and are always looking for more opportunities.   Contact Chris DiMauro if you are interested in welcoming students to your business.

People we missed today were :Ron Alexander, Jacqui Bowman, Dave Brandon Jim Callahan, Bill Choler, Don Coughlin, Doug Dotterer, Mark Ferguson, Steve Fry, Dick Hall, Bonnie Housley, Mike Jabbor, Jim Laber, Frank Larson, Carrie Leising, Chad Jones, Tom Loepp, Jay Minkin, Roy Mook, Linda Narhstedt, Harry Newman, Brad Ruth, Lorrie Shaffer, Tim Stephan, Doris Stewart, Jim Stewart, Jim Stimler, and Jeff Wagner.

Robert Oborn
Rotary Club of Stow-Munroe Falls
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September 18 Newsletter

Posted by Roger Cline on Sep 17, 2013



Invocation:  Pat Messmore began the meeting with the invocation

Guest Announcer:  Jeff Wagner, guest announcer welcomed Mark Lucco back and thanked Nancy Rice for her help at the check-in table.  He also explained why the husband bought three gallons of milk when his wife only wanted one gallon.   Ask Jeff for the explanation.

Fines: There were no fines this morning.

Happy Bucks:  Marty Tass told us about the “Beerfest” fund raiser that the Stow Community Foundation is holding at Silver Springs Lodge on October 11th.   MadCap beer, made by their company here in Stow will be featured.

Visitors:  Dave Christman was welcomed back as a visitor today.

New Members:  Katie Wright and Brad Jagger were both welcomed today.

Drawing:  Marv Mills’ table had the winning ticket but Katie Wright drew the king of spades which means the prize pot continues to grow.

Rotary Fun Fact: What year was the name of International Association of Rotary Clubs to Rotary International?  Dick Hall had the closest answer to 1922, and received the Handel ice cream certificate.

Special Days:

Rotary Anniversaries   None

Wedding Anniversaries: Jacqui Bowman, 3 years; Geoff Besso, 9 years; Linda Nahrstedt, 16 years and Roy Mook, 30 years.

Birthdays:   None


Presidential Announcements: by Bob Oborn   

·         Next week we will receive step-by-step instructions for getting into the new Rotary International website.  Several members have had problems doing this.


·         When trying to get into our club’s website, be sure to use all lower case letters.


·         Some people had asked about paying for beverages only at our meetings instead of paying for the whole breakfast.  Silver Lake is already discounting our breakfast and is not able to offer a beverage-only option.

·         We will be offering a prepaid breakfast card with 15 breakfasts purchased ahead of time.  Punches would have to be used by June 30, 2014, the end of our Rotary year.


·         Dick Hall will bring in some shirt samples with our logo on them in response to members’ requests for new shirts.


·         Rotary items that are not heat-sensitive will be stored by Jim Stewart.  If there are items that are heat sensitive, Ron Taggart has offered to store them at Printing Concepts.  Let Bob know if you have such items.


·         Bob thanked John Murphy for being willing to attend the 9/23 Interact meeting.


·         Nine people still have not paid their dues that were due July 1st.  There is the option of paying either for a half year ($80.00) or a full year ($160).   Please see either Bob or Rich Bedell to make arrangements if you are one of the nine. 


·         Marv Mills announced that next week the program will be his doctor who is involved in the stem cell transplant clinical trial at Cleveland Clinic.


·         October 2nd will be the first time that the club will volunteer at the Akron Canton Foodbank from 5:00-7:00 p.m.


·         Dick Hall said that there is now one ticket available for the Reverse Raffle.  He asks that money and ticket stubs from everyone be turned in by next week so that the seating can be established.


·         John Murphy asked that as people are contacted about donations for the silent auction, they let the committee know right away what they will be donating so that the items can be processed.  If people want to, they can donate cash toward the purchase of other prizes, but the committee needs to have that information right away too.  


·         Pat Messmore read the football pool results.  The only club member who won this week was John Sues, but many members sold books to winning community members.


Member Moment:  Pat Messmore told us that he is the current president of the Akron Hibernians.  He told us that his two children are now in their senior and junior years at St. Vincent/St. Mary School in Akron.  

Program: Pat then proceeded to tell us about his idea for a potential new fundraiser, A Hole In One Contest.  The handout he used accompanies these minutes. If this were to be successful, it could replace the golf ball drop at least temporarily.

Pat proposed that this happen in April or May but it was suggested that the event be culminated with our Golf Outing to make the best use of publicity and people power for both events.

The contest would take place at Fox Den and Downview with 2-3 volunteers needed at each location per day.   Volunteers would also be needed for marketing, the prize committee and coordinating volunteers.

There would be one qualifier per each location per day to qualify for the final.  There would be a daily prize(s) leading up to the grand prize of $100,000.  

The club did vote to pursue this further.

People we missed today were:Ron Alexander, Jacqui Bowman, Jim Callahan, Bill Choler, Roger Cline, Lou Dirker, Doug Dotterer, Sara Drew, Chris DiMauro, Annie Hanson, Mike Jabbor,
Chad Jones, Tom Loepp, John Long, Dan Mazzola, Jay Minkin, Mike Sekulich, Lorrie Shaffer, Shannon Sinex, Jim Stimler John Sues and Ron Taggart.


Robert Oborn
Rotary Club of Stow-Munroe Falls

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September 4, 2013 Newsletter

Posted by Roger Cline on Sep 03, 2013



Invocation:  Roy Mook prayed for God’s support as we serve in the community.

Guest Announcer:  Dave Renninger, guest announcer thanked Mark Lucco and Tony Falcione for getting us signed in.

Fines: Linda Trevorrow and Paul Organ battled it out for last in. Ron Taggart had no pin.

Happy Bucks :  Jon Sues updated us on his granddaughters’ progress in the golf world.

Visitors:  Rick Sands was welcomed as a guest and as our speaker.

New Members:  Brad Jagger was welcomed today.

Drawing: Table One drew the winning ticket but Jeff Wagner drew the 4 of hearts, so the pot will continue to grow.

Rotary Fun Fact: Who was the Rotary International President who started the Rotary Foundation?  Art Klumph was the correct answer given by J.T. Stimler who received a certificate for Handel’s ice cream.

Special Days:

Rotary Anniversaries   Lou Dirker celebrates 10 years of Rotary membership

Wedding Anniversaries: There were no wedding anniversaries this week.

Birthdays:  Our President, Bob Oborn is celebrating his birthday on September 10th.   Bonnie Housley led us in singing to him.

Joke:   Ask Dave to tell you his joke about a cow.

Presidential Announcements: by Bob Oborn   

            Jeff Wagner will return as our guest announcer for next week.

We offered sympathy to Dan Mazzola and his family upon the death of his father.

Jim Callahan is doing well after his surgery and hopes to be back with us by the end of the month.

Karen Monbeck announced that Aaron, who is the son of former president, Paul Kilgore is in very serious condition in Georgia where he is attending chiropractic school.   He has a virus that has attacked multiple organs.  He is also Debbie Kilgore-Eichler’s nephew.  Prayers are requested for him.

The next board meeting will be Friday, the 13th.  Get any agenda items to Bob by Monday, September 9th.

Only 19 tickets remain for the Reverse Raffle.  The Silent Auction Committee will meet after this morning’s club meeting.  Mike Sekulich has the tickets available.

Dick Spangler presented Doug Dotterer with a check for $1000 as the grand prize winner at the Golf Ball Drop.

Pat Messmore announced last week’s winners for the Ohio State football pool.

Next week, Dave Renninger will explain to us the possibility of a volunteer project with the Akron Canton Regional Foodbank.


Member Moment:  Stow resident, Roy Mook told us that he has been married for almost 30 years and has a son and two daughters.


Speaker: Roy then introduced the speaker, Rick Sands who has been the owner of Great Harvest Bread Company for 15 years. He spoke specifically about the Bread for Haiti ministry led by Rick and his wife, who is also a Pastoral Counselor.  He spoke about what an amazing and spiritual experience this has been, after he told his wife that God wanted him to build a bakery in a third world country.   The pieces began to be put in place because of a client of his wife’s was looking for commerce opportunities related to a school in Haiti.  Ultimately, when he visited Haiti he knew that they needed more than a wood stove in order to bake successfully, and began to figure out how to build a stove that would lead to success.   A series of amazing ties began to happen: 

-          A pickle jar in his store for donations has brought in over $130,000.

-          Cheryl Osman, who was formerly of Osman Pies, is his baker now and will go to Haiti to teach baking.

-          When an executive of ConAgra Foods learned of his mission he asked how much flour he needed.  Rick’s answer was two to three tons, and the wish was granted.

-          The project led to an offer from the White House of meeting with Bill and Hillary Clinton because the Prime Minister told them a bakery was coming to Haiti.   Rick could not go, but friends did.

-          The new ovens are now installed.  The bread will feed breakfast to the 2300 children in the school along with eggs from the egg farm.   They will sell pizza and cakes which will buy the wheat to pay for the breakfast program.  At the same time, people will be learning to bake and have another step toward self-sufficiency.

Rick explained that there are about 120,000 people in Haiti with a 90% unemployment rate.   The average life expectancy is only 57.  Every time that Rick goes to Haiti, it takes about a day and a half to get there, but we all could tell that his passion for the project makes it worthwhile.  He had his “pickle jar” on the sign-in table after the meeting but also gave members certificates for a free loaf of bread.   Thanks to Roy and Rick for bringing us a very interesting program.

Missing People:    Today we were sorry not to see Ron Alexander, Goeff Besso, Jacqui Bowman, Jim Callahan, Don Coughlin, Chris DiMauro, Mark Ferguson, Mike Jabbour, Frank Larson, Debbie Kilgore-Eichler, Carrie Leising, Chad Jones, John Long, Jay Minkin, Linda Narhstedt, John Pribonic, Brad Ruth, Lorrie Shaffer, and Katie Wright.

As the meeting was adjourned a little before 8:30, President Bob wished us all a good week. 

Robert Oborn
Rotary Club of Stow-Munroe Falls

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Aug 21 Newsletter

Posted by Roger Cline on Aug 20, 2013



Invocation: Harry Newman gave the invocation after President Bob led us in the pledge.

Guest Announcer: Tom Loepp thanked Mark Lucco, assisted by Tony Falcione for getting us checked in this morning.

Fines : Tim Stephan was last in.  Other than that, there were no fines.

Happy Buck:  Karen Monbeck gave a Happy Buck about the beautiful garden at Grief care Place which was created through a Rotary donation.   She attended the dedication last weekend.

Visitors:  Roger DiPaolo was welcomed as a guest and as our speaker.

New Members:  Katie Wright and Brad Jagger were recognized as new members.

Rotary Fun Fact: What year was the Polio Plus Campaign launched?  Pat Messmore got the correct answer which was 1985.

Special Days:    

There were no Rotary anniversaries or birthdays to celebrate this week but there are four wedding anniversaries:

Dick Hall, 46 years; Paul Organ, 24 years and Harry Newman, 15 years.  Congratulations!


Drawing:  There is over $240 in the 50/50 drawing.  The Besso table had the winning ticket but Geoff Besso drew the queen of clubs.


Joke:  Ask Marv why it was a good thing that he could eat some freshly baked cookies.


Presidential Announcements: by Bob Oborn   

            Christina Gary will return as our guest announcer for next week.

Jim Steward has offered to store the many Rotary supplies that are in various members’ homes.  Make arrangements with either Bob or Jim to get the items there.

We are out of club directories so will be gathering information for new directories very soon.

Jim Callahan had knee replacement surgery yesterday.

Bob read a thank you from the Save our Schoolhouse committee for the $5000 the club donated toward that project.

Jacqui is the Adopt-A-Spot worker for Saturday, August 24th.

Other Announcements: 

Reverse Raffle:  Mike Sekulich said that about one half of the tickets are already out.   Tickets are $125 per couple and include dinner and one drink for the event which will be October 16th at Guys Party Center.  He encouraged us to try to sell tickets to others. A list is circulating for people who are willing to serve on the committee.  Karen Monbeck is in charge of seating and will give table assignments beginning next week as soon as the money is paid for the ticket.


Silent Auction:  AnnetteOborn talked with us about some unique possibilities of auction items.  Perhaps people could join together and do things like a Lottery Ticket Tree, and tickets to events.   She also is looking for about 20 to 25 bottles of wine with a value of at least $10.00.  Attendees then could be part of a drawing where they choose wine.  They know that they will at least get a $10.00 bottle of wine, but possibly one of a greater value.  Annette will also be the Vanna White of the Reverse Raffle.


Golf Ball Drop: Geoff said that it is important that the ticket stubs and money come back to him now for the Golf Ball Drop.  We will have tickets for sale on both days of the Summer Sunset Blast and so we need to know how many tickets we have to work with.  We also will be selling tickets at Acme this Saturday and need a volunteer to staff the table from noon until 2:00.   Let Geoff know if you can fill that slot.


Football Pool: Pat Messmore has 4 books left for the football pool.  The rest have been sold.


Member Moment:  Harry Newman told us he has both a son and a daughter.  His son was in the Marines for 9 years in Iraq and after that worked as an independent contractor in Afghanistan where he was shot at regularly.   Harry found that to be very stressful but not as much so as the wedding that his daughter and her fiancé are planning for next summer.  He has worked for Record Publishing many years and invited the club to an open house which will be from 5:00-7:00p.m. on Wednesday, September 11th.


Speaker: Roger DiPaolo, Editor of the Record Courier, was introduced by Harry Newman. Roger has lived in Stow for 28 years.  He started in the newspaper business in 1977 and has been with the Record Courier for over 20 years.   He is also the author of Roasted in KentHis father was President of the Ravenna Rotary Club.

Mr. DiPaolo’s topic was “Newspapers:  Alive and Well and Changing.”  He talked about what hasn’t changed is the public’s need for newspapers although now it is possible to read them on line.  It is the manner of delivery and the speed by which the news is relayed that has changed the most.     He stated that local newspapers are important to their area because they cover things that larger new media do not.  Papers like the Record Courier and Stow Sentry are able to report governmental changes, youth sports activities and other local events such as those reported about Rotary.  He discussed how change in this business means survival.  The staff wants constant feedback and makes a real effort to keep the news fresh.   Roger stated that there can be thousands of hits when a new video is posted.  In conclusion he stated that in 1977 when he started in this business, he worked under the philosophy of “Be first and be accurate.”  He states that is still a large part of his job today.

Harry then drew some extra tickets and awarded game tickets to see the Aeros to Roger Cline and Tom Loepp.  Copies of Flashes of Brilliance about the KSU 2012 football season were won by Annette Oborn, Linda Nahrstedt and Bruce Hill.

Robert Oborn
Rotary Club of Stow-Munroe Falls


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August 14 Newsletter

Posted by Roger Cline on Aug 13, 2013

Thank You Andy Denton for taking the notes this week!


Invocation: John Prusa quoted Albert Einstein for an inspirational invocation.

Guest Announcer:  Dave Renninger did a wonderful job as guest announcer as he told two jokes.  If you missed the meeting, ask Dave about the fisherman who found a talking frog and the person who was speeding on Route 8 with a van full of penguins.

            The Rotary Fun Fact:   Who was the first woman vice-president of Rotary International?  Jim Stewart answered that it was Pat Matthews and won a Handel’s Ice Cream gift card for the correct answer.

Visitors:  Amy Smith, Jerry Wagner (Akron Rotary Club), Roger Edwards (Northampton Rotary Club) and Henry Harper (Keller, Texas Rotary Club)

Special Days:    Mike Jabbor has been in Rotary for 25 years.  Lou Dirker celebrates his birthday on August 20th and Andy and Doug Denton observe their 50th wedding anniversary on August 17th.

Drawing :   The jack of hearts was drawn so the contest continues.

Fines:   No pin, Marty Tass

Presidential Announcements: by Bob Oborn   

Tom Loepp will be the announcer for next week.

New member Brad Jagger was welcomed.

The Board made the decision that the Rummage Sale will be in the spring

The Silent Auction committee will meet this morning after the regular meeting.

There is an Adopt-A-Spot opening for this   Saturday.

Bob read a thank you note from Kimpton Middle School for Rotary’s part in sending students to Cincinnati to the Underground Railroad Museum.

Jim Callahan will be having a knee replacement.

Pat Messmore announced that there are only 4 books left for the football pool.   People who have books need to have the money turned in within the next two weeks as the season starts on August 31st.

Preferred giving sheets for an automatic monthly deduction for The Rotary Foundation were available this morning.   Bob or Pat can give more information to anyone who is interested.  There is a $10.00 minimum for the monthly deduction.

Mike Sekulich announced that Reverse Raffle tickets will be available next week.   Date:  10/16/.

Bob presented a $1000 donation from the club to the city in support of the Summer Sunset Blast and also mentioned that Golf Ball Drop tickets are still available from anyone on the committee.

Member Moment : John Prusa told us that he and his wife moved to Stow from Rochester, New York in 1993.  They have two grown daughters.  Kelsey is a fashion design major at Kent State University and Taylor is nutrition major at The Ohio State University.

Speaker: John then introduced Amy Smith from OT On The Go, LLC.  She is a graduate of Eastern Michigan University with her degree in Occupational Therapy.   Her focus is ergonomic function in the workplace. She stressed this by the pens she distributed and explained how their structure is ergonomically kind to our bodies.   She based her presentation around working smarter and not harder by utilizing muscles properly.  She gave some practical tips for the workplace.   In an office, get an adjustable height chair and move it up and down an inch every hour.  Employers should look for injury patterns and try to address them.  It may be worthwhile to invest in some equipment in order to prevent injuries. She stressed four basic ergonomic principles:  1. Use equipment correctly.   2.  Take frequent rest breaks.  3.  Do basic stretches 4.Change positioning frequently.  Amy also listed the 5 risk factors in the workplace as:  1. Posture 2.Force 3. Repetition 4.Contact Stress 5. Vibration.   She also discussed how Baby Boomers are staying at work longer. Although they may have problems with bodies wearing out, they are 30% less likely to get injured because they work smarter.

She gave guidelines for lifting and told us how we need to lift by bending our knees and keeping the object close.    Legs are the strongest muscles in the body, so we need to use them.  Also pushing, rather than pulling, is better for our bodies.

In conclusion, Amy said that “Ergonomics is an attitude, a way of looking at the workplace.  It requires a cultural change.”

Robert Oborn
Rotary Club of Stow-Munroe Falls

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July 31 Club bulletin

Posted by Roger Cline on Jul 30, 2013

Jacqui Bowman needs to win the lottery so se doesn't have to work so much.  Thank you Andy Denton for taking notes, please forgive any errors, as I am typing them again

 Chief Lou Dirker did our invocation today, asking for blessing and strength for our safety forces. 

 GUEST ANNOUNCER:  Roy Mook did a great job today of making the announcements even with faulty audio equipment.  I did let SLCC know that it needs repaired or replaced.  Roy thanked Mark Lucco for his Sgt. of Arms duties and also thanked Katie Wright for helping out at the table.  City Councilman Brian Loudermilk was our lone visitor today.  Annie Hanson was last in.  A good day for the Rotary treasury as no pins: Jeff Wagner, Geoff Besso, Brad Ruth and Pat Messmore.  Rotary Anniversaries: Roger Cline 23 years and Mark Ferguson 7 years.  Anniversaries: Don Coughlin 48 years!, Jim Laber 19 years.  Bonnie Housley help sing Happy Birthday to Mike Sekulich and Mayor Sara Drew. The rotary fun fact of the day was what is the farthest that the rotary emblem has traveled?  Chief Dirker edged Dick Spangler in a photo finish first with the correct answer, the moon.  Frank Borman; a member of the Houston Space Centre Rotary Club, took a Rotary Banner when he orbited the moon.  Winning Ticket was John Murphy's table, but Lorrie Shaffer kept the pot growing by drawing the 10 of spades.

 PRESIDENT: Welcome to our new members Chad Jones, Brad Jagger and Katie Wright.  Don't forget there will be a Board meeting next Friday, August 9th at SLCC.  Please send me any agenda items you would like included by Monday, August 5th. J uly's board meeting minutes will be sent out this week to the membership.  We received a nice thank you letter from Sherri Bevan Walsh, the Summit County Prosecutor for our club's Heroes Day project. I will include in each meeting who is up for weeding on our adopt a spot as I forgot my week of July 24th.  This week is Christina Gary and Andy Denton is scheduled for the week of August 3rd.  We will be having b oth Silent Auction & Rummage Sale committee meetings at the conclusion of today's meeting  See attached flyer for the Rotary Indians Game for August 23rd.  Email me if you need Raffle Tickets for throwing out the first pitch that day and Paul Harris recognition.  We have less than 60 football pool books left and still need to sell our Golf Ball Drop tickets.  A sign up sheet went around this week for manning our booth on Friday & Saturday, August 29-30 At the Summer Sunset Blast at Silver Springs.  Sign up, we need you!  Chuck Collins, our recent speaker, had brain surgery to remove tumors.  He is doing well, but remember him in your thoughts and prayers.  Ron Taggart generously donated 2 Bridgestone Invitational Golf tickets to the Ambassador Tents on the 16th green to be auctioned off  Mike Sekulich was our auctioneer, valuing the package at $35,000, but Jeff Wagner was the lucky guy who took them for a bid of $1,500....I mean $150.  Proceeds from the auction when to the Club.  Thanks Ron!

INTRODUCTION OF SPEAKER: Linda Narhstedt, who successfully fooled the Chief into giving the invocation, gave her member moment.  Linda was once the ball girl for the Cleveland Indians, which she had a lot of fun doing.  She is a graduate of Kent State and is currently the Park and Recreations Director.  Her little know fact is she was once painfully shy!  She sure has made up for that.  She introduced our speakers; Mayor Sara Drew and Chief Lou Dirker.

SPEAKERS: Mayor Drew told us how wonderful the Akron Rotary Camp is as her daughter has attended there for the third year.  Her topic for today was on Community Safety, and her Co-speaker was Chief Lou Dirker.  After the tragedy in Connecticut at Sandy Hook elementary school, superintendent Russ Jones told the Mayor that he wanted to have police officers in each school.  The problem was Stow did not have enough officers, they were actually down 8 officers from 2008.  They temporarily used off duty officers, but cannot sustain the cost long term.  Coupled with this, Stow does have serious law enforcement issues every day, assaults, drugs, violence, and theft among others. FBI reports show that Stow is at 1.05 officers per 1000 people, lower than the average of 1.5 officers per 1,000 people.  That equates to 17 officers short for the average city of our size. After looking at all available options, the Mayor and City Council have approved adding a .25% increase on the city income tax to the N ovember ballot to be earmarked for the police department.  If approved, it will raise $1.7M a year to fund 11 additional officers, a full time DARE officer, a school security division, and an extra officer at the High School.  A similar tax mill levy for the fire department vastly improved our Fire and EMS response time, and have improved so  much that its rating lowered business property insurance.  Both the Mayor and Chief answered many questions offered to be available for additional questions after the meeting.  It was a great presentation on a very important topic.

Have a great week and I will see you next Wednesday when Jeff Wagner will fill in for Dave Renninger for our announcing duties!  I did not talk of the Rotary Foundation today, as we did not have the Direct Deposit forms.  I will have them next week.




Robert Oborn
Rotary Club of Stow-Munroe Falls

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April 16 2014 Newsletter

Posted by Roger Cline

April 16th 2014 Rotary Meeting

INVOCATION: Katie Wright - shared a thoughtful and humorous invocation very enlightening. 

GUEST ANNOUNCER: Tom Leopp He was on fire today with humor, and stole my dollar. 

Last in was Ron Taggart. Happy Bucks: Katie Wright- Literacy Project- Delivered over 490 books to Akron Children Services great job Katie! Bob Sweitzer: Julie Sweitzer KSU Business received more scholarships and awards, he is very very proud.  Bruce Redmon: Good Grief Golf Outing - Is May 16th... It will be a great warm up for our golf outing. Thanked our sponsors from the club and encouraged us to get involved.  No Pin: Mike Sekulich, Rick Archer, Katie Wright. Birthdays: Dave Brandon April 22. Ticket: Lefty table had it and pulled 8 of clubs. 

PRESIDENT: Bob Oborn.  Kimpton Students thanked us for sponsoring the Stem Racing Car, from Kimpton STEM Club Gravity Racing Challenge,  at Derby Downs, Akron. May 15th we will have a logo on the car, and sponsors can get in an adult car and go down the hill if you want. See Dick Spangler for details. Food Bank Sign up sheets are going around. Please sign up. Please see Jim if you would like to Sarge of Arms, or participate in rotation of sarge, that would work too for next year. Andrea Denton read a few names and want us to get all our RSVPs in for the meet and greet next week again its Weds 23rd 5-6:30PM. Interact Talent show, is coming up please donate any gift cards that you can see if you can attend, May 16th. We are looking for members for the budget committee, please see Jim Callahan or Rich Bedell for interest.  April 30th Awards Committee, details from Dick Hall. Please be there 5:00 Black pants and white dress shirt, they will provide the tie. Mark Lucco, Golf outing: Sponsors he is giving invoices, if you are going to still want to sponsor, please contact him. Please start turning in your foursomes. Golf Outing committee, another meeting next Friday 7am, last one in buys. Reminder April 26-27 Quail Hollow is our District Conference Celebration. 

SPEAKER: Katie Wright announced the new program we are starting “Rotary Reads” As volunteers we will be able to help the ESL (English as Second Language) students. She is passing around a sign up sheet, the available day and time. Karen Moore- has a great bio, she is busy. Director of Academic Achievement.   There are 16 native languages spoken from our students that are coming into our district. We are focusing on these English Language Learners. In order First language English, Then Arabic, Spanish, Korean, Cantonese and so forth through the 16. This is a community based program, and this can be used as a makeup please sign up to volunteer to read to these children. Its for young elementary students. Its easy, and its 20-30 minutes of your time a week. Please make sure you contact Katie Wright or Karen Moore st_kmoore@smfcsd.org 330-689-5429 to register and get finger printed. 

SORRY, for frgments, run ons, and errors... REAL ESTATE IS BOOMING. 

Have a great week!  

 Yours in Service, 

Jacqueline Bowman

(330) 687-7300

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Feb 26 Newsletter

Posted by Roger Cline


GUEST ANNOUNCER:  Tom Loepp. Thank you Tony Falcione for helping with the microphone very week and being our ticket seller today. Visitors: Mikayla Ruby, John Murphy’s granddaughter is here with us today, Elizabeth Eaken is here again as a guest with Christina Gary. No happy bucks, Rotary Anniversary 11 years for Rick Archer, Ron Alexander 18 years, Wedding Anniversaries Steve Fry,  Rotary fun fact was First President of Rotary International from Ohio, Pat Messmore said... Arch Klump- so he gets Handels!  During the announcements Linda Trevorrow showed up as last in. then Tom shared with us a bit of humor about a salt truck. John Murphy’s grandaughter pulled the jack of diamonds. 

PRESIDENT:  Bonnie Housley filled in for Bob Oborn as he is sunning in the Bahammas. Poor guy. 


Mark Lucco -  is still looking for headlining sponsors for the golf outing. We would like to have a couple more $500 sponsors for the outing. This includes your name on everything and includes 2 golfers. The expenses for the outing are more this year, and if we don't get enough sponsors, this may be the last year for the outing so please consider it. 

Marv Mills - meeting with donation committee after the meeting today to discuss some issues. 

Dave Renninger - reminded us of the Food Bank will take place next Wednesday from 5-7 PM.

Andy Denton - please get on your calendars the new member wine and cheese event Wednesday April 23rd 5-6:30.  Also mentioned that she went to Interact on Monday, and they announced that the Talent show for SHS Interact is May 16th and that they can use help with that, as well as donations. 

Pat Messmore - Wonderful surprise announcement on May 30th Rockin on the River beer pouring is back on! 

Katie Wright - looking for sponsors to provide a book to every one of the 2000 children in Summit County Children Services system, looking to do this for their Easter Baskets. If anyone is interested in volunteering to read to children in Stow MF schools that English is a second language. 

Heroes Day in May - Saturday May 17th 8:30-1:00. Please mark it on your calendar. Start conversing on recreating your team from last year. We are going to try to give the same teams last year the same homes, plus add about 6-7 more homes and teams. Please contact me with any inquiries or questions. JacquiBowmanSold@gmail.com 

INTRODUCTION OF SPEAKER:  Jim Laber has lived in Stow since age 8, has a family here with three girls age 13, 17, and 18. He has a passion for race car driving so after a few weddings, he might become a roadie.  He (and the speaker today) owns AtnetPlus, a computer company here in Stow- keeping you connected, secure and working. 

SPEAKER; Jay Mellon has been partnered with Jim Laber for 15 years. Talking about security and viruses, and malware. He started out talking about the definitions of malware, virus, worms, trojan horses, spyware, adware, rootkit... then he scared us with the information about how spyware works. These hackers can actually activate your camera on your laptop and the microphone and be able to watch you and hear you. Lots of information is threatened if any of these items are unknowingly on your machine. He then talked to us about cookies. A file that is stored on your computer to help you use that site frequently with more ease. He shared with us that there are ways that they can use cookies to track our activity. He also warned us about the phone calls about cleaning up your computer, they are completely bogus. He showed us many examples of phishing through emails, etc. Very good information, now Im scared just to start the computer! These 2 gentlemen are very smart and we appreciate them keeping us safe.  

If you need help call 1-866-500-7652 or email Support@AtNetPlus.com.

Be safe, stay warm and have a great week! 

Jacqueline A. Bowman
Rotary Club of Stow-Munroe Falls

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February 19 Newsletter

Posted by Roger Cline


INVOCATION:  Bruce Hill shared a wonderful invocation for us today, and reminded us to appreciate our differences.

GUEST ANNOUNCER:  Tim Stephan filled in today as sarge for Mark Lucco, great job! The fashionable Jeff Wagner announced all of our buzz for the day...  Our visitors Patti Filmore, Elizabeth Eakin and our speakers. No Pin, Bill Choler & Linda Trevorrow. Tony Falcione paid with a $50. Happy buck: Bob Oborn state barber test passed with flying colors, and today president is clean shaved! Birthdays: Carrie Leising, Eric Weber & John Long. Club Anniversaries Geoff Besso, 7 years.  Trivia: Jeff mumbled something in some type of language called pig spanish, and Christina Gary says “Cuba” and wins. Jeff told us a few jokes something about a bloody car. Of course Jeff’s table had the winning ticket and Christina pulled the jack of hearts.


President Bob Oborn - shared the following events for the club:  

Dave Renninger:  March 5th Foodbank, fill out the volunteer application online prior to showing up to the date. Looking forward to a great turn out 5-7PM. 

Interact Club need someone for 2/24/14 Monday after school meeting for an hour. 

District Training Assembly Double Tree Hilton Independence March 29th 8:30Am-1:00 $40 club will pay for you to go, lunch included. 

He also updated us about the Pediatric Cardiac Surgery training we raised $633 dollars to that effort as we bring Doctors from Haiti as well as 2 children training them how to perform these surgeries in Haiti in the future. 

Denny Eberhart is pending authorization for transfer to our club, we will enjoy him. 

Still looking for someone to sponsor a Highschool foreign exchange student, actually 3-4 families would be great.  

Salvation Army we raised over $3000 dollars with bell ringing this season, great work! 

Heroes Day in May - I am holding a meeting tomorrow morning 7:30 AM Bob Evans Hudson Drive, Stow. Heroes Day is May 17th 8:30am-1:00 PM

INTRODUCTION SPEAKER:   Bruce Hill: introduced Judge Elinore Marsh Stormer shared her biography, and all of her accomplishments, which was very lengthy. Wow she has accomplished many things and is very involved in our community. Judge spoke with us about what we need to do to prepare for probate. She reminded us to us that probate does good things too! She shared with us 3 brochures that she reviewed with us, and gave us resources to get the information and forms for free. Then she introduced Jon Oldham, Magistrate/Judicial Attorney he shared some things specific to us, local business owners. Do these things to protect your business. 

  1. Key person insurance:  Can jump in and cover a key employee 
  2. Operating agreement for LLC:  will set forth who takes over, if someone passes away.  Make sure that you have an operating agreement or Buy/Sell agreement for a corporation.  Upon death of business owner the life insurance will pay the worth of the business to the family. 
  3. Have a treasure map that shows who the key people who help you run your business,  on a daily basis so that when someone steps in to help, they have success and less frustration through that grieving time. A list of key people. Login and Passwords for accounts online, etc. 

Jacqueline A. Bowman
Rotary Club of Stow-Munroe Falls

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Oct 2 2013 Newsletter

Posted by Roger Cline



Invocation: Bob Oborn opened our meeting with an inspiring invocation.

Guest Announcer Roy Mook began by thanking Nancy Rice for helping Mark Lucco today.

Fines: Pat Messmore was last in.   Marty Tass forgot to sign in. 

Happy Bucks: Marty Tass showed us an article that was in the Plain Dealer featuring Stow’s football team.   They are now ranked fourth in the state after their win against Shaker Heights last week.

Visitors:  Asst. District Governor Bob Heydorn was welcomed as a guest.

New Members:   Katie Wright was here today and Nancy Rice and Annette Oborn were finally given their Rotary work shirts. It is amazing how much work they have done without having the official garb to wear.

Drawing:  Karen Monbeck’s table had the winning number but drew the 2 of clubs so the pot continues to grow.

Rotary Fun Fact: What, where and where was the first Rotary community service project?   Ron Taggart and Dick Spangler tied with the correct answer which was 1907 in Chicago when they put a comfort station near City Hall

Special Days:

Rotary Anniversaries  It is Bruce Hill’s 10th anniversary

Wedding Anniversaries: On 10/6 Bob Sweitzer will have been married 29 years.

Birthdays:  None

Presidential Announcements: by Bob Oborn   

·         Bob offered sympathy to Rich Bedell upon the death of his mother-in-law


·         Bob also gave an update on the Middlefield club president and his wife who were involved in a serious car accident.  He is still in ICU and in need of everyone’s prayers. 

·         We received a thank you from the City of Stow for our sponsorship of the Summer Sunset Blast.·           

·         The Interact Club will participate in the Alzheimer’s Walk this weekend.  Club members were invited to participate or make donations for the walk.  Contact Bob if you will donate a gift card or contribute to the Alzheimer’s Association.   A volunteer is still needed to attend their 10/7 and 11/14 meeting. 

·         We will not have a morning meeting on Oct. 16th because of the Silent Auction/Reverse Raffle that evening.·           

·         Tonight will be the first night that representatives of our club will go to the Akron Canton Regional Foodbank, which is at 350 Opportunity Parkway in Akron, from 5:00-

7:-00 p.m. After tonight it is hoped that this will become a regular event, the first Wednesday of every month.·          

·         Bob asked that we make sure to have our directory information corrected by the end of the next two weeks so that we can proceed with the new directories. 

·         Pat Messmore read the football pool results.  Club members who won this week were Tim Stephen and Geoff Besso.  Many community members won.   

·         Reverse Raffle:  Mike still needs the money for 30 tickets but is happy to say that all of the tickets are out.   Karen Monbeck will make seating assignments as soon as the money is paid for the tickets. 

·         Silent Auction: Next week we will receive instructions as to where to store our Silent Auction Items. We can take them to the meeting next week.  The Silent Auction Committee will meet at John Murphy’s office at 4:30 on October 3rd. 

·          Wine Grab:  Annette Oborn wants us to bring the wine bottle donations next week.  The value of each bottle must be at least $10.00.   Then, the bottles will be covered and people will take a $10.00 chance on getting an even more valuable bottle of wine.   

Member Moment:  Since today is Club Assembly, there was no member moment.  Rich Bedell, Pat Messmore and Andy Denton all presented material.

Treasurer’s Report:  Rich Bedell, Club Treasurer talked with us about how we are working with a break-even budget this year.   So, since we earn most of our money during the beginning of the year, our revenue will be larger now.  At this point we have revenue over expenses of $7000 and have done well on all of our fund raisers.  There are still a few people who need to pay their dues.  This should be done right away.   See Bob Oborn if special arrangements need to be made.

Rotary Foundation: Pat Messmore encouraged everyone to contribute to our Rotary Foundation.   November and December will be the big push for that project.  He has a sheet which tracks everyone’s contributions so that we can be aware of where we stand.  The club will not be matching donations this year as part of our cost-saving process.  He stated that 39 of our present members are Paul Harris Fellows.   He also explained that there are ways to make bequests to the Foundation through insurance policies or trusts.  Information about that is on the Rotary website. 

Membership:    Andy Denton talked about the value of diversity among our members and how when new ideas are followed, it can make a huge difference.   Basically we need to be looking for people who want to make a connection with others who, like them, want to make this world a better place.  She featured two meaningful articles from the current Rotarian magazine.  They are on page 52 and 57 and can give the membership excellent food for thought.   She reminded us of the availability of free breakfast cards so that we can invite someone to see who we are and what we do.  She also reminded us that Shannon Sinex is the membership co-chair.  Both Shannon and Andy have membership forms each week if you want to propose someone for membership. The cover sheet gives instructions to the sponsor of the prospective member.  

Bob ended the meeting by stating that we have three big positive attributes that are making our club a success:   finances, activities and talents.  With that thought, he wished us a good week. 

People we missed today were:Rick Archer, Geoff Besso, Jacqui Bowman, Jim Callahan, Roger Cline, Lou Dirker, Sara Drew, Chris DiMauro, Mark Ferguson, Dick Hall, Bonnie Housley, Brad Jagger, Frank Larson, Ron Maghes, Carrie Leising, Chad Jones, Linda Narhstedt, Paul Organ, John Pribonic, John Prusa, Brad Ruth, Lorrie Shaffer, Jim Stimler, Jon Sues, Jeff Wagner, and Eric Weber

Robert Oborn
Rotary Club of Stow-Munroe Falls

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September 25th Newsletter

Posted by Roger Cline



Invocation:  Marv Mills began our meeting with an inspiring invocation.

Guest Announcer Christina Gary was welcomed as our popular guest announcer and had us all laughing at her joke about the Tickle me Elmo factory worker.  She also thanked Brad Jagger for helping Mark Lucco at the sign-in table today.

Fines: Brad Ruth was last in (but we were glad he was here) and Ron Alexander had no pin.

Happy Bucks: Marty Tass told us about the Echo Hills School fund raiser which will be a walk/run by the students on October 4th for 60 minutes. They are looking for donations to sponsor the walkers.  The main point of this is to keep the students from going door to door with other fund raisers.  See Marty with your donation.

Christina Gary pointed out the fliers on everyone’s table about Stow Candidates’ Night which will be held on Tuesday evening, October 1 at Acker Moore.  Everyone is welcome to come to learn about and meet the candidates for election in November.

Chris DiMauro pointed out that this is the first time that the Stow High School football team has received a state ranking for the first time in 27 years.

Visitors:  Julie Cooper, Janice Mills and our speaker, Dr. Kevin Silver, were all welcomed as guests.

New Members:  We were glad that both Brad Jagger and Katie Wright were here today. They were finally awarded their “work shirts” which were not available when they were inducted.

Drawing:  Dick Spangler’s table had the winning ticket but the king of clubs was drawn.

Rotary Fun Fact: What is P.E.T.S. Training?  Pat Messmore gave the correct answer stating that it is a training seminar for newly elected club presidents.   Pat will be eating ice cream courtesy of Handles.


Special Days:

Rotary Anniversaries  Annie Hanson, 4 years; Marty Tass, 17 years; Bonnie Housley, 26 years and Lorrie Shaffer, 26 years.

Wedding Anniversaries: Pat Messmore, 21 years

Birthdays:   None

Presidential Announcements: by Bob Oborn   

·         Next week we will receive step-by-step instructions for getting into the new Rotary International website.  There are a couple of different ways to do this.


·         Get your ¬≠Silent Auction Items to John Murphy or others on the committee.


·          There are now 2 tickets available for the Reverse Raffle.  See Mike Sekulich if you can use them.  Also, Mike needs to have the rest of the money turned in for the 60 tickets not yet paid for.   As the money is turned in, seating will be arranged.


·         We will not have a morning meeting on Oct. 16th because of the Silent Auction/Reverse Raffle that evening.


·          October 2nd will be the first night that the club will go to the Akron Canton Regional Foodbank, which is at 350 Opportunity Parkway in Akron, from 5:00-7:-00 p.m.     You are asked to enter through the front door.  Do not wear open-toed shoes and plan to spend time on your feet.  Dave Renninger can help with further information.  This is a valuable service project.


·         A banner has been ordered by the club for the high school Interact Club.  A club volunteer is needed to attend their 10/7 meeting.


·         Bob showed samples of a pullover and a windbreaker that can be ordered with the Rotary International logo.  The pullover is $55.00, windbreaker $65 and there will be golf shirts available for $40.00


·         Pat Messmore read the football pool results.   Club members who won this week were Bob Sweitzer, Bonnie Housley, Harry Newman and Steve Fry.


Member Moment:  Marv Mills told us that he has been married to Janice for 59 years.  They have 5 children and 8 grandchildren.  In 1994 he retired from Mills Decorating.  He had his first heart attack at age 55 and his second at age 62.   Later he developed congestive heart failure and was invited to participate in the study involving stem cells which is the topic of our speaker today.  Marv then introduced our speaker, Dr. Kevin Silver who studied at Brown University, Columbia University and the University of Massachusetts.  He has been an Interventional Cardiologist in Akron for 15 years, working with the Summa Hospital System.   He is currently the Director of the Coronary Care Unit and the Director of Cardiovascular Education at Summa.

Program: Dr. Silver talked with us about the medical use of stem cells and how they are a window into the future.   He stated that a stem cell is a cell that can reproduce itself repeatedly and can turn into something different.  The cells can be used to treat heart problems, strokes and Type-One Diabetes.   They are used to treat disorders where blood cells are abnormal.

There are both embryonic and umbilical cord cells.  The embryonic cells are rarely used because they can become cancer.  Umbilical cord cells are the ones that are used and can be modified for specific bodily needs.   More recently adults’ own stem cells are used because they have never been shown to become tumors and there is no rejection because they are the person’s own cells.  When stem cells are used for weakened hearts, they are injected into a weak part of the heart and usually in increase in heart function follows.   Interestingly, the catheters that are used to put the cells into the body were developed in Akron.


People we missed today were: Rick Archer, Jacqui Bowman, Geoff Besso, Jim Callahan, Roger Cline, Lou Dirker, Sara Drew, , Annie Hanson, Mike Jabbor, Carrie Leising, Chad Jones, John Long, Rich Lubinski, Jay Minkin, Karen Monbeck, Roy Mook, Harry Newman, Bruce Redmon, Lorrie Shaffer, Tim Stephan, Doris Stewart, Jim Stimler and Linda Trevorrow.


Robert Oborn
Rotary Club of Stow-Munroe Falls
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How secure is all this data?

Posted by Pat Messmore
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The information contained in this site is very secure from unauthorized access.  Please make use of it to communicate with the Members of Rotary.

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