ATTENDANCE:  Those with us today were:  Rick Archer, Rich Bedell, Bill Choler, Roger Cline, Donald Coughlin, Andy Denton, Mary Dula, Sue Figler, Dick Hall, Annie Hanson Hilaire, Brad Jagger,Mike Kostyack, Jim Laber, Carrie Leising, Gail Moseley, Annette Oborn, John Pribonic, Dave Renninger, Brad Ruth, J. T. Stimler, Bob Sweitzer, Marty Tass, Linda Trevorrow, Eric Weber and Marissa Williams.   Guests included, Dinah Henderson, advisor of our Interact Club and Interact members, Natalie Katenmeyer, Jordan Collins, Joe Doty Emma LaMantia and Gabby Smith.  Lizzy Hilaire was also with us.  
President Linda Trevorrow opened the meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance and Jim Laber led us in a meaningful invocation about getting along with others and recognizing our purpose.
HAPPY BUCKS: Linda and John Pribonic thanked everyone for the spectacular job they did with the Holiday Giving Project. Earning special thanks were John, Linda and Tina Gary who did the shopping at Cotsco while Jon Prusa used his box truck for the loading and loading of the gifts.  The high school soccer team earned a great thank you for their work in backing the boxes.  Now John Long's elves are ready to make the deliveries.  About $400 was spent on each of the 12 families which included 27 children.
CONCERN:  Dave Christman's mother passed away yesterday.  The club extends its sympathy to Dave and his family.
CELEBRATIONS:  Olivia Saltzmann Smedi celebrated her birthday yesterday.
Brad and Kirsten Jagger will celebrate their 23rd wedding anniversary this week.
No meeting:  There will be no Rotary meeting for the next two weeks.
Board Members: Linda reminded us that we still need three people to run for our board.  Contact her if you are interested at
Salvation Army Bell Ringing:  Brad says that he still needs people to ring this Saturday.  Contact him at if you can take an hour.  This will also be our "Stuff the Bucket" day, so Rotarians should pass by our assigned station at Hobby Lobby prepared to put a donation into the bucket.  This will be our last Saturday of ringing.  Linda will be there at 9:00 so stop by to donate.  
Breakfast Money Giving:  Annette Oborn said that we should have all donations to her by next Wednesday so that she can give to our designated recipients.  We will give to the Foodbank and Bulldog Bags but, as decided at last Friday's Board Meeting, we will also donate to our three regular servers at Silver Lake, since we would normally have a tip jar available for them at this time of year. You may send your check to Annette Oborn, 381 Silver Valley Blvd,  Munroe Falls, OH 44262.
Rotary Foundation:  Dick Hall told us that he is still receiving money for the Foundation and that we have contributed right around $13,000 so far.  If you still want to make a contribution, send it to Dick at 2182 Arndale, Stow, OH 44224.  Checks should be made payable To The Rotary Foundation.
Dinah Henderson of the Interact Club had the students who were with us introduce themselves.  They then explained the greeting card project that they managed where they got over 1300 cards ready to mail to residents and staff of the local residential facilities.  The National Honor Society members also assisted. They used donated cards and then added their own personal messages and artwork.  Gabby and her grandmother, Barb Behrman personally made 75 original cards.   The cards have been sorted and boxed and will be delivered to the facilities where they will go into quarantine for three days before being delivered to the residents.  Because the staff people have done such a great job with their residents, they will also receive greetings in the form of posters for their breakrooms. 
The club thanked the rotarians for giving them the idea for the cards.  In return, Mayor Pribonic expressed thanks to the club for reaching out to those who need a lift during these trying times.  He said he knows they will be very much appreciated.  We probably could see many of the cards on their bulletin boards for days and months to come.  Linda said that the smiles on their faces will be priceless.
Jim Laber, Program Host, told us with his business they do a zoom meeting every Friday and have a section where everyone has to share something good.  He decided that the club members could take a twist on that by sharing a favorite memory of the holidays or a favorite tradition.
People told of activities their families did to reinforce belief in Santa Claus.  We heard about how certain Christmas music that was a tradition in some families.  Family Christmas tree stories took center stage.  Visiting light displays and hanging holiday lights presented other memories.  Don Coughlin topped it all by saying that their daughter, Megan was born on Christmas 50 years ago.  Everyone had a chance for a bit of nostalgia this morning.
JOKES: President Linda ended the meeting with a whole series of corny jokes.  A typical joke was:  Why are Christmas trees so bad at sewing?  Because they always drop their needles.  There were others.  If you contact Linda, she will be glad to give you a whole list.
In closing, Linda suggested that we reflect on what 2020 has taught us and to remember what we have been blessed with during the year.  It has not been all bad.
She reminded us that the club will not meet for the next two weeks and wished everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
Submitted by Andy Denton