ATTENDANCE:  Rick Archer, Rich Bedell, Dave Christman, Roger Cline, Andy Denton, Mary Dula, Christine Faranda, Dick Hall, Brad Jagger, Carrie Leising, Tom Loepp, Pat Messmore, Gail Moseley, Annette Oborn, Bob Oborn, Dave Renninger, Brad Ruth, Olivia Saltzmann, J.T.Stimler, Steve Stimmel, Bob Sweitzer, Ron Taggart, Marty Tass, Linda Trevorrow and Marissa Williams.  Also with us were Mike Kostyack, visiting Rotarian Michael Lee of the St. Mary's Club, and Matthew Pallo, our speaker.
President, Linda Trevorrow, opened the meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance and Christine Faranda followed with the invocation.
Bob Sweitzer told us that his wife, Jill's, birthday is this week and how October is a "killer month" with birthdays and holidays for his family.
Next week we plan to induct two new members, Sue Figler and Mike Kostyack.
Mike Lee, President- elect of the St. Mary's Club and visiting Rotarian. introduced himself and explained that his club is able to have a hybrid system of meetings with some members attending in person and others virtually.
Amanda Steinheiser and Bill Choler both celebrated birthdays last week.
Brad and Kelly Ruth are celebrating 24 years of marriage.
All Rotarians are celebrating our progress in eradicating polio.
Salvation Army Bell Ringing:  Mary Dula said we are still waiting for a contract stipulating where we will be standing.  She has made numerous calls to the Major at the Salvation Army and does not yet have a response.
Veterans Day:  Tonight members of our board will gather to write notes to veterans who are in various facilities in the area to thank them for their service.
Our Veterans Day Program:  When we meet on the 11th of November, we would like our own members who have served in the military to be prepared to give a short story about their service.  Also, would all members who have been in the military please send Linda an e-mail as to which branch they served.  Her e-mail is
Holiday Helping Hands:
The project is underway. Schools have been contacted and we are looking forward to everyone being involved in the project.

Teacher Supply Closet:  Carrie said that we are prepared to have our first delivery next week.  However, we have no requests yet.  She is not sure if this is because the needs are not present yet  because of the hybrid school model or if it is a communication issue.  If you are willing to help fulfill any requests that come in, help is needed at 5:00 Monday at City Hall.  Let Carrie know if you can help at  She will contact you if there is no need for you to come.  
School plans:  Mike Kostyack reported that there was a School Board meeting on Monday with lots of comments as to whether virtual, in-person or hybrid learning was the best idea as safety is a prime consideration.  Discussions will continue.  At this point 27%  of the students are learning fully remotely while the rest are in groups where part attend on Monday and Tuesday, part on Thursday and Friday and the remainder of the time are in remote learning mode.  
Reverse Raffle:  Bob told us that there are only 7 tickets that are still out and that plans are progressing for the November 7th event.
Happiness moment:  Program host, Christine Faranda, told us about a friend of her's who is out of town and dealing with progressive blindness due to macular degeneration.  She is really struggling with being unable to work or even drive.  Christine was able to make contact with a volunteer organization in her area that now delivers food to her home two times per week.  Both Christine and her friend are grateful.
Christine then introduced speaker Matt Pallo from Edward Jones in Stow.  He is a member of a wide variety of service organizations in the area.  In addition to working with people to make smart decisions about their finances, he also is a Dr. of Pharmacy.  He lives in Hudson with his family and has been with Edward Jones for 2 1/2 years.
Matt began his talk by encouraging everyone to get three shots:  flu, pneumonia and shingles.  That is a great way to prepare ourselves to have a solid future.
He talked with us about preparing for the unexpected with these questions.  Where am I?  Where would I like to be?  How can I get there? and How can I stay on track?  In order to prepare for the unexpected he suggested that we have an emergency fund.  That should be 3-6 months of emergency cash if we are still working and 12 months if we are close to retirement.  He said that a line of credit is a good second line of defense.  Matt also said that homeowners' and renters' insurance are necessary items in preparing for a secure future.  Coverage should be reviewed every 3-5 years.  It is important that we understand that coverage.
He discussed how our tolerance for risk should dictate how much of our assets are in fixed income vs. market investments.  We don't want our financial decisions to keep us awake.  Potential medical expenses should be part of our plan.  Before Medicare, set aside $10,000 to $12,000 per year to manage those costs.  After Medicare, look into long term care insurance and other appropriate riders on insurance policies.  As far as the type of life insurance to have, Matt says that term insurance is the most cost effective for people who are still working.  With the amount of the policy, think of the LIFE acronym...liabilities, income, final expenses and education.    For later, longer range planning , think of a family's inheritance, gifts to charity, long-term care and other goals.  That might be through a whole life policy.  
JOKE:  Olivia Saltzmann told a joke about going into Beef O'Brady's and what happened when people started buying rounds of shots.  She would be glad to share it with you.  Next week, Rich Bedell will be our designated jokster.  
Submitted by Andy Denton