ATTENDANCE:  Rich Bedell, Bill Choler, Dave Christman, Don Coughlin, Andy Denton, Mary Dula, Steve Dunton, Ray Evans, Christine Faranda, Jeff Film, Ghristina Gary, Dick Hall, Brad Jagger, Jim Laber, Carrie Leising, Tom Loepp, John Long, Gail Moseley, Annette Oborn, John Pribonic, Dave Renninger, Brad Ruth, Olivia Saltzmann, J.T. Stimler, Steve Stimmel, Bob Sweitzer, Ron Taggart, Marty Tass, Linda Trevorrow, Marissa Williams and our speaker, Joe Mazur.
Past President Carrie Leising opened the meeting by leading us in the Pledge of Allegiance.  Ray Evans shared his invocation related to being thankful.
Special thanks go to Linda Trevorrow, who is on vacation, and Carrie Leising for helping us past the glitches of having the meeting start this morning.
Brad Ruth announced that he and John Pribonic have agreed to be co-presidents for the next Rotary year.   The club appreciates your commitment!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mary Dula voted yesterday and appreciated the long lines because so many are voting.
Tina Gary had two happy bucks.  First of all, our Stow Munroe Falls Rotary Foundation is eligible to become the recipient of Amazon Smiles dollars where when you sign up, .05% of each purchase goes to the designated chairity.  Let's do adds up.  Look for an e-mail with instructions for how to do this.
Tina's second Happy Buck is that her niece, who is very special to her  will be married in Pennsylvania this weekend.
Bob Sweitzer's Happy Buck is that daughter Julie's wedding went well last weekend.
The Toppins were not at the meeting this morning, but they too celebrated a daughter's wedding last weekend.

Breakfast Money:  As a correction from last week's minutes, we raised $480 for each of our recipients instead of $480 being the total.  Bulldog Bags, The Akron-Canton Foodbank and our holiday projects were the recipients.  We have now contributed over $6000 to this fund.  To donate00000000..............0 what you would have paid for breakfast in October ($52.00 for the four Wednesdays) send a check made out to the club to Annette Oborn, 381 Silver Valley Blvd., Munroe Falls, OH, 44262.
Teacher Supply Closet: Carrie announced that this will open for the first time in November, so watch for details about how to help get the supplies ready.
Reverse Raffle:    If you still have tickets to pay for, please get that money in NOW!
Ray Evans, program host, for his happiness moment told us that for the first time in many months, he was able to see his wife, Jan in person. She resides at Hudson Grande.  He was extremely grateful to staff person, Ashley, who arranged Face Time calls for Ray and Jan during these past months. 
Ray then introduced Ray Mazur who is the President and CEO of Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad who told us about the railroad's history as well as its present day activities.  It was an appropriate day for him to be with us as today is the day people can try to get Polar Express tickets. Last year 26,000 people rode the Polar Express.  That total will be lower this year due to safety modiations that have been put in place with the help of the Cleveland Clinic.
The railroad, which is know as "The Voice in the Valley" because of its unique whistle, is a 501(c)(3) organization.  In their case 70%  of their budget is earned revenue while 30% comes from contributions.  Every car on the train is at least 70 years old and has a unique history while the locomotives are between 50 and 60 years old.  The engineer, conductor and trainmen are all volunteers.  When you are aboard, there is a good chance that you will see no paid employees.  They follow a mission statement which is to provide education, recreation and heritage railroad experiences and alternative transportation to and within the Cuyahoga Valley National Park and Ohio and Erie Canalway.
In 2018 six California Zephyr domed cars built, in the late 1930's,0 were purchased by the railroad.  They are also maintained by volunteers who have been specially trained to manage them.  There is a rail diesel car that is available to be rented for parties, meetings or theater events.  It seats 36 and has a sound system.  For information about renting that car, go to or call 234-759-0087 for the office.  Watch for various special events all season long.  In addition to the Polar Express, the Grape Express, which involves wine tasting is another event that sells out every year.
JOKE: Gail Moseley was our jokester this morning and had a good one about coffee in bed.  Have her share it with you.
Next week, Olivia Saltzmann will be in charge of our joke..
Submitted by Andy Denton