Rotary International Focuses on Clean Water Worldwide

Posted by Paul Keefer on Aug 12, 2022
Rotary Meeting, August 9, 2022
The Rotary Club of Sacramento pulled out all of the stops as we celebrated Imagine International Collaboration. We enjoyed great music, great food, and great fellowship!
Rotarians and guests were greeted by PAST PRESIDENT WALTER DAHL (Partner/Dahl Law, Attorneys at Law) and SERGIO ROBLES (Field Representative / Office of Congressman Ami Bera. M.D. The International Committee sponsored the wine and changed the wine bar menu to provide both Sangria and good cheer! JIM HENDERSON (Attorney/Messing Adam & Jasmine) in his red beret and keen artistic eye was our photographer.
MEGAN WYGANT (Executive Director/CLARA Studios) highlighted the importance of service in our community as well as our world. MEGAN’s most striking quote was the famous speech by PRESIDENT JOHN KENNEDY. “Ask not what your country can do for you” and highlighting later in the speech
Finally, whether you are citizens of America or citizens of the world, ask of us the same high standards of strength and sacrifice which we ask of you.”
With great sadness, Rotarians held a moment of silence for the loss of LIZ MCCLATCHY’s husband, who was a kind, humorous person who led a full life which included worldwide experiences and a loving family.
Rotarians also mourned ERIC SOLIS’ mother, MARIA. The best tribute for a parent is an amazing child. Knowing ERIC, MARIA was a great mother.
May you both rest in peace.
KATHE NATHAN (Retired-Merchants Bank of Commerce) had her hands full with visiting Rotarian Governors (past and present), visiting Rotarians, guests, and our prospective member JOHN MASSEY and our outbound Rotary Youth Exchange student LENA NIEMEYER who is off to Germany in a week…safe travels! (Thank you, SARAH HODGE (Association of Water Agencies), for getting her safely to the meeting!).
Additional guests include PAST DISTRICT GOVERNOR DESIREE WILSON, (Point West Rotary). DESIREE, JOHN GORALKA looks forward to your transfer request to our Downtown Rotary….
HANNS HAESSLEIN, (East Sacramento Rotary); LYNETTE ANDERSON, guest of HEIDI CORBETT; JOE SCHEIMER (Fair Oaks Rotary), guest of JOHN PHAIR; PREET KUAR (Pacific Staffing), guest of HEIDI CORBETT; District Governor 5180, KAREN CENDRO; DAVID REED (Yuba Sutter Night Club); ABBY CESENA (Yuba Sutter Night Club); SHAWNTAY ARROYO (Yuba Sutter Night Club); JOANN HILTON  (Lincoln Rotary) guest of HEIDI CORBETT; DENISE GAYDOS (Laguna Sunrise) ; ERIN JOHANSEN, guest of BOBBIE HALES; SHELLY MATHEWS, guest of HEIDI CORBETT; CHRISTINA DYER (Roseville Rotary), guest of JAMIE FURLONG; FRANK ALI, guest of CLAYTON LEE; LINDA GILBERT, guest of SUSAN DRACK; MARILYN HODGES (Red Cross Honor Guard), guest of HEIDI CORBETT; NATALIE MERCED (Legacy Investment RE),  guest of JAMIE FURLONG; DAN BOEGER (St. Timothy’s Episcopal Church), guest of CLAYTON LEE; ALLISON STEELE (Musician); MACH HORNSTRA (El Dorado Hills Rotary) ; MILLIE STRENG, guest of JIM STRENG; SARAH LOPEZ, guest of HEIDI CORBETT and MELINDA LOPEZ ,guest of HEIDI CORBETT.
YOU ARE ALL GEMS- Thank you for your generosity which is greatly appreciated.
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Posted by Danielle McGarrity on Aug 05, 2022
Rotary Meeting, August 2, 2022
PRESIDENT LINDA GEERY welcomed the very festive Rotarians and called the meeting to order.
ROBYN DELONG (DeLong Team Real Estate) channeled APRIL JAVIST (Executive Director, Sacramento Literacy Foundation) who was home, sick. APRIL celebrated our guest speaker with her Thought for the Day, reminding us of the importance of literacy and creating a generation of lifelong readers. More strong readers lead to fewer social problems and consistent reading matters!  
SERGEANT-AT-ARMS KATHE NATHAN introduced our meeting guests: Prospective Rotarian JOHN MASSEY, Visiting Rotarian from the Midtown Club JACKIE KIRKWOOD, and guest BRENT MAYER, guest of PAST PRESIDENT TOM GILBERT.
FORREST JUNOD (Retired MD) talked about his lifelong interest in learning and education. FOREST was pleased to sponsor today’s meeting because of his strong belief in the importance of libraries in cultivating more people who think critically, whether formally educated or self-taught.
ELFRENA FOORD (Arata Brothers Trust) shared some facts and tidbits about four of our incredible fellow Rotarians: MIKE POLIS (Legal Counsel, Wilkie Fleury) is both an attorney and a CPA, he operates a 60-acre sheep ranch and he is a certified pilot! LEO MCFARLAND (President and CEO, Volunteers of America) will soon be retiring after 45 years with VOA. As a golf fanatic with a hole-in-one under his belt, he is looking forward to hitting the links in retirement and is also planning a month-long European trip. KATHE NATHAN (Retired, Merchants Bank of Commerce) has 45 years of experience in the banking industry, and was instrumental in bringing the Moneystart financial literacy program to life. She is currently spending the majority of her time learning the intricacies of puppy training with her German Shepard puppy. DAN FENOCCHIO (President at Cunningham Engineering) rose from Cunningham’s very first intern to become President within 12 years. He loves to take on home DIY projects and is an avid rock climber.
MIKE POLIS    DOB 8/2         Been in Rotary this time for 48 days.  But he was a member of our club for 11 years previously.
MIKE is unique in 3  ways:
  1. He practices law at Wilke Fleury but he is also a CPA and is the current President of the Calif. Society of CPAs In Sacramento.
  2. He is a sheep farmer and owns a 60-acre farm raising sheep.
  3. He is a pilot, flying around Calif. Seeing friends
MIKE has decided to re-join our club because he says  “Rotary is a phenomenal organization, and with retirement on the horizon, I want to do more for the community.”
Fun fact - at one time, his sheep farm raised the largest herd of Tibetan Yak in California. 
LEO MCFARLAND, birthday   July 13                          35 # years                               
LEO has recently announced his retirement as CEO from VOA - Volunteers of America at the end of this year after serving the community for 45 years there. 
At VOA LEO has been a very effective leader.  He has grown the nonprofit to have programs for Veterans, Seniors, Foster kids, the homeless, and people needing jobs. He has facilitated seven mergers so VOA is now not just in Sacramento but in Northern California and Northern Nevada.  Big shoes to fill.
He's already practicing retirement because he just came back from a month-long trip to Europe where he went to the British Open Golf tournament and has a safari to S. Africa planned soon.   
Golf is a hobby he plans to expand so in 2023, call him if you need a 4th.
Fun Facts:    His young grandchildren call him "ACE" because he actually has a hole in one.
KATHE NATHAN         DOB 8/31        Rotary 8 years     
Retired from Banking in February 2021 after 45 years in the banking industry.
The highlight of her career was a trip to Washington DC with our member JEANNE REAVES, then River City Bank President, who got Kathe appointed to form and chair the committee to develop the FDIC’s Money Smart financial literacy program in the Russian language. She got it done!
One of KATHE’s retirement hobbies is dog training her 7-month-old German Shepard puppy.  She is working with a woman who has won national competition obedience trials.  And as anyone who has tried dog training, KATHE is finding out the real training is training her to do it right.
Fun Fact – KATHE is Named after her great grandmother and KATHE(Kay-tah) is a very old fashion German name. Her 4th-grade teacher told her "K-A-T-H-E spells KATHY and called her KATHY all year. 
DAN FENOCCHIO                    DOB 8/21                    12 year Rotarian
DAN grew up in Davis and majored in Civil Engineering at UC Davis.
DAN was the first intern that Cunningham Engineering ever hired.  Just 12 years later,  DAN was a shareholder and 12 years after that its President. Quite a rise to leadership!
Here are some projects that  Cunningham Engineering has been involved with: Aggie Square, CSUS Ernest E. Tschannen Science Complex, the State Capitol Annex, and the Ice Blocks project.  Impressive!
DAN enjoys any home do-it-yourself projects but his most challenging was his complete gut and redo of his master bathroom.
Fun Fact – DAN likes to climb things. He has done multi-pitch vertical rock wall climbs and climbed over the Berlin wall, just a few months after it fell.
JIM PHILLIPS (Retired air conditioning engineer) made us all a little smarter by demonstrating that it is indeed true that low humidity air feels cooler than high humidity air (even at a lower temperature!) Prior to the digital era, a Sling Psychometer was used to determine relative humidity, by “slinging” it through the air to capture moisture and measure it. So we can all be grateful that when it’s 100 degrees in Sacramento it could be a lot worse if our humidity was similar to Houston’s or New Orleans!

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New Prospective Member for August 12, 2022

The following applicant has been proposed for membership and given permission for his name to be published.

Comments relating to this membership must be in writing and received by the Club President prior to August 12, 2022.
Prospect:            John H. Massey
Business:            Luxe Aviation, LLC
Position:             CFO
Sponsor:            Tim Pinkney & Jim Phillips 
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Posted by John McIntyre on Jul 29, 2022
Rotary Meeting, July 26, 2022
PRESIDENT LINDA (Gilbert & Associates) gaveled in the meeting at 12:10pm, welcoming all to today’s meeting as Hotel California reminded us that “you can check out, but you can never leave...”
PRESIDENT LINDA thanked this meeting’s greeters ALLISON CAGLEY (Sacramento Friends of the Arts), TIM PINKNEY (Luxe Aviation, LLC), and STEVE BRANDENBURGER. GARY BAZLEN (Ampac USA Inc.) was cheered for sponsoring the Wine Reception followed by a collective yawn to acknowledge our esteemed Pulse Reporter JOHN MCINTYRE (Mercy Foundation). Virginia Wade provided photography for today’s meeting.
MIKE MIKLAUS (Integrity Mortgage) provided the thought for the day – MIKE was pleased to be recognized for having a thought in the first place… COACH MIKE MIKLAUS was dressed in and sported ‘referee’ attire. MIKE encouraged all of the Rotarians to consider becoming a referee, noting how slimming the vertical stripes are. He then compared his athletic record with that of our speaker, and that of high-school-football-coaching legend MAX MILLERCOACH MIKE MIKLAUS high school team went “four for four,” clarifying that this meant one win in each of four years… In keeping with the theme of today’s football-oriented meeting, MIKE closed with a quote from Hall of Fame football coach VINCE LOMBARDI: “Football is a great deal like life in that it teaches that work, sacrifice, perseverance, competitive drive, selflessness and respect for authority is the price that each and every one of us must pay to achieve any goal that is worthwhile.”  MIKE- thank you for this sage advice…
STEVE HUFFMAN shared the sad news that long-time member CAROLYN REID passed away. STEVE shared the many ways CAROLYN lived out Rotary’s motto of “Service Above Self.” CAROLYN embodied this motto through her actions and she will be deeply missed. PRESIDENT LINDA requested a moment of silence in CAROLYN’s honor.
Sgt.-at-Arms-for-the-day ROBYN DELONG rose to introduce guests:
  • PHIL KHOLMETZ (International Bird Rescue) guest of NANCY SMITH-FAGAN
  • CHRIS HIGDON (CA Moving Systems) guest of DAVE HIGDON (CA Moving Systems)
  • TIM WHITE (Sac Metro Fire) guest of DIANE WOODRUFF (Retired)
  • MARK GEARY (first spouse) guest of LINDA GEARY
  • MAX MILLER (HS Football Legend) guest of STEVE HEATH
  • JOE DAVIDSON (Sacramento Bee) guest of STEVE HEATH
  • TOM KING (Mutual of Omaha) guest of CHRISTIE HOLDEREGGER (Volunteers of America)
  • JOHN MASSEY (Luxe Aviation, LLC.) guest of TIM PINKNEY
  • DALE MILTON (Coldwell Banker) guest of DAVID BRANDENBURGER (Newmark)
  • Visiting Rotarian J.R. ALWARD
  • Visiting Rotarian RAMANA ANNAVARAPU
  • Visiting Rotarian APARNA ANNAVARAPU
President Linda invited PAST PRESIDENT BOB MILLER to the now-unfamiliar podium. PAST PRESIDENT BOB opened with a photo of himself in a Sac State football uniform, full of youthful enthusiasm and bristling with potential. He shared some of the life essentials he learned from football – teamwork, commitment (to making everyone around you better), and failure (quoting his dad, “You learn more from failure than from successes, but don’t make a habit of it”). BOB then connected all of these to his work with First US Community Credit Union and encouraged Rotarians to give him the opportunity to work with them/us to make great things happen.
ROTARY SPOTLIGHT – 6 SPECIAL ROTARIANS are acknowledged for their extraordinary service:
7/26   Today is his birthday!! 21 years in Rotary
Norm is the Owner and President Headwaters Building  Group.  Some of his signature projects have been 50 Little Caesar Pizza locations,  the Girls Scouts regional headquarters building and one of my favorite restaurants, Scotts Seafood in Folsom.
He has a bocce ball courts in his backyard and every Saturday morning plays with a group that raises money for various nonprofits.Even playing bocce ball, NORM is philanthropically minded.Currently NORM is President of the Habitat for Humanity Board. He has raised 4 boys and has 7 grandchildren.
Fun Fact - NORM loves Sailboat Racing and has won several sailboat races in So. California.
DOB 7/27 Tomorrow is her birthday! 5 years in Rotary
CHRISTIE has been with Volunteers of America or VOA for the last 30 years. She is currently the Chief Development and Communications Officer. She loves VOA as it is an organization that offers hope even in the seemingly hopeless situations.
 In 2013, She got a VOA scholarship to the University of Notre Dame to complete a Masters's in Non-Profit Administration. She thought she was too old to go back to college, but after spending one night on a squeaky bed in a barren college dorm at the University, she knew she was in the right place. This experience re-sparked her drive to be a lifelong learner and work at VOA long-term. 
Tomorrow is KERRY’s birthday 7/27  -  4 years in Rotary
Kerry currently serves as the Chief Philanthropy Officer for the Sacramento Region Community Foundation for the last 5 years.   She has been a leader in the nonprofit sector for 25 years, facilitating more than $100 million in charitable contributions for the region and the state.
But we Rotary Rocker fans know her best as one of the 2 backup singers with the band.She gives credit for her singing debut to Kevin Smith Fagan who encouraged her to expand her “singing in the shower” mentality to singing in public…a huge leap as far as KERRY’s concerned but she loves it.
Fun Fact -She plays 6 different musical instruments – 2 kinds of flutes and 2 kinds of saxophones, piccolo and tambourine!
DOB 7/7
19 years in Rotary - 19 Years and heads up our Youth Incentive Program.
ERIC has been a Financial Planner for 27 years and created the Solis Financial Strategies Group at Wells Fargo Advisors.  His wife of 22 years, Araceli, is his partner in the business.  He was Named on Forbes Best-in-California   Wealth Advisors for last 3 years.
ERIC and his family Love to Vacation in Mascota, Mexico, a Small town of 7k people in Jalisco Mexico.   His wife ARACELI was born there, still has family there and the town reminds ERIC of his hometown in El Salvador.
Fun Facts –He is a master of spacing. He has 3 kids – 1 in college, 1 in high school, and 1 in middle school.  
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Posted by John Goralka on Jul 22, 2022
Rotary Meeting, July 19, 2022
Many thirsty Rotarians arrived to hear the classic tunes of Hotel California. They each enjoyed a glass or two of wine made by our speaker, SEAN MINOR, wines courtesy of our wine sponsor – PAST PRESIDENT DIANE MIZELL.  
As the music played and the wine poured, our greeters JEFFREY DRISCOLL (Peter Shiro State Farm) STEVE BRANDENBURGER, and CRAIG BROWN (CB Property Inspections) had to step in to control excessive spontaneous dancing.
When PRESIDENT LINDA GEERY  observed that DAVE BRANDENBURGER (Newmark) was now also at the wine bar and photo bombing the other members (as evidenced in this newsletter), PRESIDENT LINDA called the meeting to order to better control the festivities.
PAST PRESIDENT WALTER DAHL proposed that Rotary formalize an open door wine policy….if you bring a bottle of wine, we will open the door.
Then STEVE HEATH (Rotary Club of Sacramento) expressed concerns with this proposal and suggested conferring with the Board and possibly legal counsel – so PAST PRESIDENT WALTER DAHL’s proposal is still pending.
DAN FENOCCHIO (Cunningham Engineering) provided a very timely and appropriate thought for the day in light of our speaker. Not surprisingly if you know DAN, his thought for the day was…. WINE.
Our speaker today is SEAN from SEAN MINOR WINES, therefore, the theme for our thought of the day is, not surprisingly, WINE…
Wine has inspired countless famous enthusiasts to remark about this glorious beverage over the years. Here are a couple such remarks…
LOUIS PASTEUR (puh-stoor) said – “ A bottle of wine contains more philosophy than all the books in the world.”
THOMAS JEFFERSON said – “Wine brightens the life and thinking of anyone.”
WC FIELDS said – “I cook with wine, sometimes I even add it to the food.”
LEOANARDO DA VINCI (devinchi) said – “The discovery of good wine is increasingly better for mankind than the discovery of a new star.”
BENJAMIN FRANKLIN said- “Wine is constant proof that God loves us and wants to see us happy.”
…And here is what I say – “The best wine isn’t from France, or Spain, or Italy, or even Napa. No, my friends, the best wine is the wine that is shared with good friends.”
So cheers friends,
Cheers, and thank you DAN for your viticulture perspectives.
KATHE NATHAN acting Sergeant at Arms (Merchants Bank of Commerce) introduced our guests.
Our guests today included: JOHN MASSEY (Luxe Aviation) guest of PAST PRESIDENT TIM PINKNEY (Luxe Aviation LLC); KIM MORAN guest of KELLEY MORAN; and LAURIE SISNEROS guest of RICK DAVIS.
KATHE assured each of the guests that we would be on our best behavior at the next meeting.
JIM HENDERSON, Attorney (Messing Adam & Jasmine) indicated that for an undisclosed fee, he would delete your picture.
Meeting sponsor JOHN WOOD (McGee & Thielen Insurance Brokers), who is better known for his wild sense of humor, shifted gears and addresses a serious topic. While the topic was serious, JOHN was sporting a pair of elite, designer Rotary meeting sponsor sunglasses.
JOHN donated his time to the club to discuss why each of us should sponsor a meeting. Thank you JOHN! Please consider the following:
What is the Sponsor of the Day?
An opportunity to make a $350 contribution to the club and be a sponsor of an upcoming meeting, which earns you:
1. Three minutes of meeting time to tell your fellow Rotarians about your business or non-profit;
2. The ability to put a write-up in the Pulse to reach the Rotarians who couldn’t attend the meeting; and
3.  VIP parking in the “Meeting Sponsor of the Day” parking spot just outside the building on the day of your Sponsorship.
Why Be the Sponsor of the Day?
#1 – It’s Good For Your Business
* Where else can you reach 200 of the most successful and ethical business people in this city for a $350 marketing spend?  Nowhere else!
* For $350 you can become top-of-mind with this A-List of potential customers.
#2 It’s Good for the Club
* 100% of your Sponsor of the Day contribution benefits the club’s finances directly.
* It is the most impactful way you can financially support the club itself.
#3 It’s Good for the Young Professionals
* If you prefer, make a $350 contribution to the “Young Professional’s Sponsor of the Day Scholarship Fund”, so that a Young Professional can be a Sponsor of the Day and introduce their business or non-profit to the Club, courtesy of your generous gift.
* You can support a Young Professional of your choosing, or make a contribution to the Scholarship Fund and one will be assigned, and you’ll leverage your contribution by 3X:  1) It’s great for the Young Professional,;  2) It’s great for the Club, and 3) you’ll feel great doing it!
#4 You Get Swag!
* Be a Sponsor of the Day yourself, or fund a Young Professional, and you’ll receive the sought-after Rotary Sponsor of the Day Commemorative Sunglasses! 
* Decked out in the club colors of yellow and blue, with the Rotary insignias on the sides, the Rotary Sponsor of the Day Sunglasses are a must-have reward to complement your Eddie Mulligan and Paul Harris pins!
Who Do I Contact to Get Started?

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Rotary Meeting, July 12, 2022
Celebrations on top of Celebrations!  A party within a party..... remember a party without cake is just a meeting, but hold on:  we had cake and plenty of it.  We just came off the 4th of July holiday to the fanfare of a huge milestone and the installation of a new President- Welcome PRESIDENT LINDA GEERY (Shareholder, Gilbert CPAs).  SARAH HODGE (Association of California Water Agencies) called a raucous crowd to order.  Good Vibrations by the Beach Boys put everyone in a festive mood.  A far cry from the tyrannical choice ala Tears for Fears of our outgoing PRESIDENT BOB MILLER (First Community Credit Union) who wanted to Rule the World. Click here for the entrance music.
Rotarians were met by our greeters MATT PAGE (Lucas Group Financial Planners, Inc.) and SHARNA BRAUCKS (YMCA of Superior California).  VIRGINIA WADE (Retired, SAFE Credit Union) was on photo duty to record the festivities and MEGAN LAURIE (UCP of Sacramento & Northern CA) manned the very popular wine reception.
Introductions were in order.  The Foundation Trustees ROY ALEXANDER (Sacramento Children’s Home), BOB DALEY (Financial Network Wealth Advisors), JAIME FURLONG (Legacy Investment Real Estate), LINDA GEERY (Shareholder, Gilbert CPAs), APRIL JAVIST (Sacramento Literacy Foundation), STEVE JOHANNSEN (Johanson Associates Law), LEV KAGANOVICH (LEED & Commissioning Consulting), TODD KOOLAKIAN (Sacramento Children’s Home), VIRGINIA WADE (Retired, SAFE Credit Union) and TED WHITE (Residential Property Management) made their entrance in grand fashion.
Only to be followed by the Directors and Officers of the club: DAVID BRANDENBURGER (Newmark), JAIME FURLONG (Legacy Investment Real Estate), GABRIEL GENDRON (Coldwell Banker Realty), STEVE HEATH (Rotary staff), PAUL KEEFER (Pacific Charters), TODD KOOLAKIAN (Sacramento Children’s Home), LIZ MCCLATCHY (Safety Center Incorporated), KATHE NATHAN (Merchants Bank of Commerce), BOBBY REED (Capitol Tech Solutions), ANN SOLOMON (University of Auckland), RUTH TESAR (Northern California PET Imaging Center), TED WHITE (Residential Property Management) and TERESA WHEELER (Prevail Public Affairs).
But the spotlight was on center stage as we welcomed our 111th President into the ballroom!  PRESIDENT-ELECT LINDA GEERY (Shareholder, Gilbert PCAs) and her husband MARK cruised in on bicycles!
PAST PRESIDENT DIANE MIZELL gave a warm welcome in her thought-for-the-day remarks. DIANE’s thought for the day was the following heartfelt message of hope for our new PRESIDENT LINDA GEERY:
The first Rotary meeting in July is always a special day. We welcome new leadership.  The anticipation as a new president announces their plans and vision for the coming year has always been exciting.  Today is no different, as we proudly continue our traditions with guidance from President Linda.
For you Madam President:
May the new year bring you an abundance of amazing opportunities, beautiful moments, and joyful experiences.  May your positive actions & attitude inspire others. May you find yourself in high spirits & excellent health. May you love with all your heart and find peace in even the most challenging times. May the love you give always find its way back to you multiplied, and may you forever be filled with the hope & strength necessary to make your dreams a reality.
Our Visiting Rotarians are from Uganda! HENRY KATONGOLE, CINDY IGA - and I thought DAN FENOCCHIO traveled far from Davis!
The Rotary Rockers:  KEVIN SMITH FAGAN (Fairytale Town), SHIRLEE TULLY (Capital Public Radio), JEFF STONE (HUB International), KERRY WOOD (Sacramento Region Community Foundation), JOHN MCINTYRE (Mercy Foundation) and MARK LUHDORFF (Reviver Mx, Inc.) brought the crowd to their feet ­­­­­­ with renditions of A Certain Girl by WARREN ZEVON and Money by the BEATLES.
Mik on the Mic.  MIKE MIKLAUS (Integrity Mortgage) gave a few pointers on how to hold and use the microphone.  Hold it like an "ice cream cone" hold it at an angle, if you turn your head, the mic should turn with you.  There should be no mic drop, don't fiddle with the buttons.  Hopefully, this is the last installment of Mik on the Mic.
ELFRENA FOORD (Arata Brothers Trust) got the crowd into a fever pitch as she introduced our first Rotary Centenarian, BOB COLE (Goodwin Cole Company).  BOB joined Rotary when he was 29, when he turned 51 he was installed as President of the Club.  He was an Eagle Scout, a marine, Serving in World War II and Korea.  BOB attended UC Berkeley and Stanford.  When he was a boy he went to a parade and there were a few veterans there.  Those veterans were from the Civil War!  He was married to Billie for 69 years. He has been a Rotarian for 71 years.  He has 10 great-grandchildren.  The 5 reasons he is so fit, healthy and happy?
#1 Good genes
#2 He gives support and gets support
#3 Sense of Humor
#4 Stay active with a good diet and exercise
#5 Find joy in life
When BOB was president the International Rotary Convention was in Switzerland.  He and BILLIE had a grand time.  BOB's father was a Rotarian in Fresno, CA.  At a father/son meeting, Bob once won a prize: Free Ice Cream once a week for a year.  Yes, Rotary was good to BOB, even then.
Rotary Rockers again brought down the house with Dancing in the Moonlight by King Harvest.  This induced spontaneous dancing by the head table.  And a special tribute to BOB COLE (Goodwin Cole Company), a sing-a-long rendition of Bavarian Folk Song, The Happy Wanderer.  Click here for the PowerPoint Slide Sing-A-Long.
A few video and written messages wishing good thoughts to Linda's term by PAST PRESIDENT DIANE WOODRUFF (Retired, Chancellor California Community Colleges) and PAST PRESIDENT SUSAN SHERIDAN (Retired, Sheridan Law Corporation) set the stage for PAST PRESIDENT THOM GILBERT (Retired, Gilbert Associates, Inc.).
Thom introduced LINDA with a few remarks included below:
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Posted by Nancy Teichert on Jul 01, 2022
Rotary Meeting, June 28, 2022
It was applaud until you drop day at PRESIDENT BOB MILLER’s last meeting. MILLER (First US Community Credit Union) named as many members as he could and thanked them for making his term such a success. Our members clapped back and bid him farewell with a standing ovation.

Greeters ED WRIGHT (Managing shareholder of Martensen Wright Law) and PAST PRESIDENT WES YEE (Yee Dental Care) welcomed members to a room patriotically decorated with everything from napkins to table-toppers colored red, white, and blue. Miller led an enthusiastic Pledge of Allegiance.
Photos were taken by Sarah Hodge and other members since JOHN SWENTOWSKY (Swentowsky Photography) was on vacation. ANN SOLOMON (Regional Director for Western North America, University of Auckland) served up the wine and then gave the Thought of the Day on wine. She quoted ROBERT MONDAVI who said, “Making fine wine is an art.” As meeting sponsor, she then donated her time to CORINNE MARTINEZ of Berryessa Gap Winery, who donated the wine for the reception.
Thank you, ANN!
Sergeant-At-Arms GIULIANO KORNBERG (Executive Director, Sacramento Philharmonic) introduced guests and visiting Rotarians including one young man from Uganda. Seated at the head table were SOLOMON, MILLER, BOB DALY (Financial advisor, Financial Network Wealth Advisors), and President-Elect LINDA GEERY (shareholder, Gilbert CPAs).
California Assembly Member JIM COOPER, recently elected Sacramento County Sheriff, presented DISTRICT GOVERNOR DESIREE WILSON with a framed state legislature resolution honoring our 5180 district for battling child sexual trafficking with a recognition for Seeds of Hope. WILSON said, “It’s Rotarians who step up to make it stop.”



Two new members were inducted, a treat for PRESIDENT BOB’s last meeting. GABRIEL HERRERA (shareholder with Kronick Moskovitz Tiedemann & Girard, was sponsored by JUSTINO SANTANA (Nonprofit business development) and PAST PRESIDENT WALTER DAHL (Dahl Law). SERGIO ROBLES (Field Representative for Congressman Ami Bera) was sponsored by PRESIDENT BOB and BOBBY REED (Database development).
 KIEFIE BREWER (retired Tourism) donated in honor of her and Art’s 67th wedding anniversary. SCOTT FORD (Downtown Sacramento Partnership) donated both for PRESIDENT BOB’s service and the installation of the Old Sacramento Waterfront neon sign. PAST PRESIDENT FRED TEICHERT gave in honor of PRESIDENT BOB, his 31st wedding anniversary, and DISTRICT GOVERNOR WILSON. PRESIDENT BOB donated in honor of DALY’s work for the foundation board.
Many members honored PRESIDENT BOB with donations. SARAH HODGE (Association of California Water Agencies), PAUL KEEFER (Pacific Charters), KERRY WOODS (Sacramento Region Community Foundation), THERESA WHEELER (Public Affairs Consulting), TODD KOOLAKIAN (Sacramento Children’s Home), BOB DALY, KORNBERG, and KATHY HERRFELDT (retired Home Care Services).
PRESIDENT BOB presented the following members with their EDDIE MULLIGAN pins:
               TOM BACON (Commercial Real Estate)
               HEIDI HERSHENHOUSE-CORBET (Nonprofit)
               MAGGIE HOPKINS (Real Estate)
               JOHN MCINTYRE (Dignity Health)
               JEFF SETZER (Setzer Forest)
               JIM STRENG (General Contractor)
               LATOYA WONG (Setzer Forest)
               PAST PRESIDENT KEVIN SMITH-FAGAN (Fairytale Town)
               KATHE NATHAN (Retired banking)
               DICK NOONAN (Excursion Railroad)
               RIVKAH SASS (retired librarian)
               ERIC SOLIS (Wells Fargo Financial Planning
               PAST PRESIDENT JIM LEET (Boutin-Jones)                   
Thank you Rotarians for your generosity this year!
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Posted by Paul Keefer on Jun 24, 2022
Rotary Meeting, June 21, 2022
We had a standing-room-only Rotary lunch meeting (until more tables were brought out) to enjoy a fantastic meal (kabob chicken and rice with a terrific dessert table). Our esteemed public officials bring out our fellow Rotarians!
Our 84 Rotarians and guests were greeted by LAURIE WRIGHT (Tri Counties Bank) and KERRY WOOD (Sacramento Region Community Foundation) and ushered to the well-stocked wine reception. DAVID BRANDENBURGER (Newmark) and STEPHEN BRANDENBURGER (Loch Leven Lodge -Your next vacation Destination) hosted with wines from 827, DeLoach…and well, in the picture below. LEN SIMPSON (2020 Financial Advisers of Sacramento, L.L.C.) provided the chronicling of our meeting through candid images and photo’s taken throughout the meeting.
The BRANDENBERGER team- DAVID and STEPHEN) Master Sommeliers
PRESIDENT BOB MILLER (First US Community Credit Union) gaveled the meeting in order and seemed just a little too happy to announce that his term ended after the next meeting. With the tight schedule of our guest speaker, Sacramento Police Chief KATHY LESTER,  PRESIDENT BOB MILLER (First US Community Credit Union) called an audible and adjusted our schedule appropriately. 
Our own KERRY WOOD (Sacramento Region Community Foundation) introduced CHIEF LESTER. CHIEF LESTER began her career not as an MCI Telecommunications Representative but as a Sacramento Police Department dispatcher. CHIEF LESTER is a lifelong learner who successfully navigated her Sacramento State education, master's degree from Mississippi, language work in Monterey to learn Russian, CHIEF LESTER’s experience in just about every department in the department made her the most qualified person to be the Chief. As the 46th and first female Chief of Police for the police department CHIEF LESTER embraces the community based policing. This priority helps to identify trends, focus on solutions, hold accountable those individuals at risk, and provide exceptional customer service.
CHIEF LESTER knows gun violence and homicides are up and is working with the city to develop solutions based on the root causes. According to Lester, gun violence is concentrated in a small geographic area with a small group of people. CHIEF LESTER will continue to focus on accountability and transparency on behalf of the department as it is important including the sharing statistics.” Share what we are doing and why we are doing it.” On customer service,” I want my cops to be nice! I tell new officers they have a great opportunity to change the world.”  On community service, “Don’t ever ring the bell if you want to change the world.”
There is power in Kindness: The Unexpected Benefits of Leading a Compassionate Life
Acts of generosity and decency are the secret to a fuller, more satisfying life. Kindness is not some squishy virtue but the very key to your own happiness.
Being kind not only has a direct effect on others, but it has a positive impact on you as well.
It is one of the greatest attributes that someone can have.
Do things for people NOT because of who they are or what they will do in return, but because of who you are.
CLAYTON hit the nail on the head as he emphasized the importance of virtue, and specifically kindness.  He emphasized the power in kindness and that kindness is the key to happiness. CLAYTON suggested that we are kind because it is who we are rather than how others perceive it.
SARAH HODGE (Association of California Water Agencies) introduced our outbound exchange student LENA NEIMEYER as she prepares to get to Germany in the Fall. LENA has communicated with two (2) of her three (3) host families in Germany. LENA will be located in Gossler, which is a city of 50,000 people located three hours west of Berlin. LENA will be staying in UNESCO area and will attend a vocational school focusing on STEM. LENA is excited about her first trip to the Nederlands, Belgium, and Luxemburg. If anyone has an idea for host family gifts please let SARAH know. SARAH greeted us in two (2) languages.
LENA’s speech is noted here below:
Hallo, ich bin LENA NIEMEYER und ich bin 17 Jahre alt. Ich werde im August nach Deutschland gehen. That means: Hello, I am LENA NIEMEYER and I am 17 years old. I will be going to Germany in August. I will be attending high school in a town Northern Germany called Gesler which has a population of about 50,000. Gosler is about 3 hours west of Berlin and an hour southeast of Hanover which Is where I will fly into. Gosler is designated as a World Heritage Site by the United Nations Educational Scientific and cultural organization otherwise known as UNESCO because of its 1500 well-preserved half-timber houses from different eras. It gained its wealth from mining and it became the home of the German Emperor. The school I will be attending is a vocational school. They offer courses in engineering, science, and technology. I am excited for a trip I’ll be taking at the beginning of the year with other students to visit the Netherlands, Luxemburg, and Belgium. While I am going to school in Gosier my first host family lives in a small town about 20 minutes outside of it called Liebenberg. This town is made up of 200 houses and is surrounded by farmland. My first host family has 2 kids, a girl who is 15 and a boy who is 18. The girl is going to Ecuador also through Rotary. They have a vacation house on a lake that they like to visit throughout the year. I have video called with them a few times to get to know them before I get there. I haven’t heard from my second family, but my third family has reached out to introduce themselves and they live in Gosier. They have 4 kids, but only one lives at home because the other 3 are in university. They decided to become a host family because the dad is a part of the Rotary Club in Gosler. I am really excited to start this adventure. I think it is going to be a lot of fun to meet new people and immerse myself in Germany’s food and culture. To prepare I have been working on my German. Even though I studied it for 4 years in high school, I know it will be challenging to speak and understand the language. I am also preparing by packing my stuff, finding gifts for my host families, and practicing my presentations for my host club. I plan on giving my host families some Blue Diamond almonds and some gear from the sports teams in the area. If any of you have ideas for what I should bring, I would love to hear them. Thank you so much for sponsoring me and giving me this opportunity. I look forward to coming back here to tell you about my trip.
Safe travels LENA-This will be an amazing adventure for you!
Please remember to RSVP for our luncheons as it ensures that we have the correct number of lunches for the guests. Our meeting today had 70 RSVP’s with 84 total Rotarians and guests. This is a great problem to have but service above self; RSVP.
We had a fantastic list of guests Including;
  • RICHARD HARRIS of the Sac police foundation, guest of KELLEY MORAN
  • Attorney DAVID CHU (The Goralka Law Firm) guest of JOHN GORALKA (The Goralka Law Firm) 
  • LENA and KIM NIEMEYER , guests of SARAH HODGES (Association of California Water Agencies)
  • DOC STEVENSON Guest of TODD KOLOKIAN (Sacramento Children’s Home)

CLAYTON LEE (C.K.L Trust) talked about the important work RCS is involved and the total dollars that each project is valued: Current projects; Ethiopia $800000, Uganda $4000000, and Honduras $800,000. Future Projects; Guatemala $800,000 and Tanzania $800,000.  We are looking for volunteers to go to Honduras later in the year or the first of next year! These are life-changing events. Everyone is invited to Honduras.
VIRGINIA WADE: We need Rotarians to help at Loaves and Fishes on the 30th of June. Help is needed for both morning and lunch shifts. Virginia is concerned because we need 4 Rotarians for the morning shift and 6 Rotarians for the lunch shift.


Posted by Danielle McGarrity on Jun 17, 2022
Rotary Meeting, June 14, 2022
PRESIDENT BOB MILLER (VP, Business Services / First Community Credit Union) brought the meeting to order as the countdown to the end of his term continues.
PRESIDENT BOB introduced JIM RELLES (Relles Florist) who celebrated Flag Day by reading an excerpt of JOHN PHILIP SOUSA’s lyrics to The Stars and Stripes Forever: The red and white and starry blue Is freedom’s shield and hope…hurrah for the flag of the free, may it wave as our standard forever.”
The lyrics are as follows:
Let martial note in triumph float
And liberty extends its mighty hand
A flag appears 'mid thunderous cheers,
The banner of the Western land.
The emblem of the brave and true
Its folds protect no tyrant crew;
The red and white and starry blue
Is freedom's shield and hope.
Other nations may deem their flags the best
And cheer them with fervid elation
But the flag of the North and South and West
Is the flag of flags, the flag of Freedom's nation.
Hurrah for the flag of the free!
May it wave as our standard forever,
The gem of the land and the sea,
The banner of the right.
Let despots remember the day
When our fathers with mighty endeavor
Proclaimed as they marched to the fray
That by their might and by their right
It waves forever.
Let eagle shriek from lofty peak
The never-ending watchword of our land;
Let summer breeze waft through the trees
The echo of the chorus grand.
Sing out for liberty and light,
Sing out for freedom and the right.
Sing out for Union and its might,
O patriotic sons.
Other nations may deem their flags the best
And cheer them with fervid elation,
But the flag of the North and South and West
Is the flag of flags, the flag of Freedom's nation.
Hurrah for the flag of the free.
May it wave as our standard forever
The gem of the land and the sea,
The banner of the right.
Let despots remember the day
When our fathers with might endeavor
Proclaimed as they marched to the fray,
That by their might and by their right
It waves forever.
SERGEANT-AT-ARMS GIULIANO KORNBERG (Executive Director, Sacramento Philharmonic) introduced our meeting guests: MARK FARROW (CEO, Epic Experience) and Visiting Rotarian JR ALWARD.
RUTH TESAR (CEO, Northern California PET Imaging) donated her time to Epic Experience, a local agency that empowers adult cancer survivors and helps their healing process. CEO MARK FARROW founded the organization in 2012 after his son’s testicular cancer diagnosis. Epic offers hope to adult cancer survivors through peer support groups, virtual exercise classes, regional meet-ups, and camping excursions. Most recently they began offering Thrive Virtual Reality sessions - while patients are receiving treatments they enjoy custom videos with mindfulness voice-overs and calming, yet empowering experiences like horseback riding, stand-up paddleboarding, and white water rafting.
JAMIE FURLONG (Legacy Investment Real Estate) introduced MIKE POLIS (Legal Counsel, Wilkie Fleury) as a returning member of the Rotary Club of Sacramento. MIKE is an active community volunteer and summer school instructor at UC Davis who also operates a 60 acre ranch in Woodland with his family. He has one college-aged son and one Class of 2022 graduate from UC Davis and is very pleased to be returning to our Club – as he says “Rotary is a phenomenal organization!”
JAMIE FURLONG (Legacy Investment Real Estate) and TODD KOOLAKIAN (Director of Philanthropy, Sacramento Children’s Home) got the Club geared up for the 2022 Sacramento Century Challenge, scheduled for October 1. Online registration is open and so far we have 112 riders and 11 teams. This year we are happy to count Banner Bank as a presenting sponsor ($10,000). Other sponsors include Kaiser Permanente, Williams & Associates, California Lawyers Association, and Northern California PET Imaging. Sponsorships are still available and will be featured on the Sac Century jersey at $2,500 and above. Volunteers are also needed, if interested please contact SARAH HODGE (Association of California Water Agencies).
  • VIRGINIA WADE (Retired, SAFE Credit Union) reminded the Club that we are in need of additional volunteers for Loaves & Fishes lunch service on Thursday, June 30. The morning shift is from 7:30 am to about 10:30 am & we need 7 volunteers; the afternoon shift is from 10:45 am to around 1:00 pm & we need 9 volunteers. The location is 1351 North C Street, Sacramento.
  • PRESIDENT BOB encouraged everyone who can help with this Saturday’s American River Parkway Clean-Up to come to Discovery Park (1600 Garden Hwy) from 8:45 AM - 11:00 AM. (The event has canceled after the meeting)
JIM RELLES donated in honor of his 53rd wedding anniversary
MIKE POLIS donated in honor of his son’s college graduation
Chair of the Day KELLEY MORAN (CEO, Bajrang Yoga) introduced ALEXIS SMITH (Executive Director, Room Redux).
ALEXIS explained the mission of Room Redux: improving the lives of children who have faced physical or sexual abuse by transforming their bedrooms into a safe place. Because abuse often occurs in a child’s own room, the room can be linked to feelings of fear and aversion – causing the child to avoid it entirely. Room Redux organizes 1-2 renovations each month and since their founding in 2019, they have completed 19 room transformations.
The agency receives referrals from law enforcement agencies, child protective services, UC Davis, and agencies including Stand Up Placer. Nominated children must be under the age of 18, living within or near Sacramento, safe from their abuser, and in a permanent placement.



Posted by John Goralka on Jun 10, 2022
Rotary Meeting, June 7, 2022
Rotarians were greeted by ELFRENA FOORD’s (Arata Brothers Trust) tickling the ivories on the piano providing wonderful background music and the sparkling smiles of PAST PRESIDENT PETER DANNENFELSER (Architectural Arts), THERESA WHEELER (Owner/Prevail Public Affairs)  and PAST PRESIDENT BRIAN VANCAMP (Owner, Van Camp ADR). Thank you ELFRENA FOORD, PAST PRESIDENT PETER DANNENFELSER, THERESA WHEELER and PAST PRESIDENT BRIAN VANCAMP for providing such a friendly and inviting beginning to our meeting.
Those smiles grew even larger and brighter as the Rotarians enjoyed the wine selection, donated by FORREST JUNOD (Retired/MD). Thank you FORREST JUNOD for sponsoring and providing the wine for our meeting.
VIRGINIA WADE was on hand to record the festivities with pictures and images. Thank you VIRGINIA for sharing your pictures and photographic talents. JOHN M. GORALKA, this week’s reporter was present to record the events from this newsletter.
PRESIDENT BOB MILLER (VP, Business Services / First Community Credit Union) gaveled the meeting to order. PRESIDENT BOB waxed nostalgic about the end of his term in about 24 days.  PRESIDENT BOB promised not only a peaceful but an enthusiastic transfer of power.
PRESIDENT BOB MILER then introduced our own THERESA WHEELER (Prevail Public Affairs) to provide our thought for the day. THERESA reached back to 1905 to Ukrainian writer and feminist LESYA UKRAINKA. The poem is entitled the CONTRA SPEM SPERO (which means “In the eyes of hope” or “against all, I hope”).
Thoughts away, you heavy clouds of autumn!
For now springtime comes, agleam with gold!
Shall thus in grief and wailing for ill-fortune
All the tale of my young years be told?
No, I want to smile through tears and weeping,.
Sing my songs where evil holds its sway,
Hopeless, a steadfast hope forever keeping,
I want to live! You thoughts of grief, away!
On poor sad fallow land-unused to tilling
I’ll sow blossoms, brilliant in hue,
I’ll sow blossoms where the frost lies, chilling,
I’ll pour bitter tears on them as due.
And those burning tears shall melt, dissolving
All that mighty crust of ice away.
Maybe blossoms will come up, unfolding
Singing, springtime too, for me some day.
Up the flinty steep and craggy mountain
A weighty, ponderous boulder shall I raise,
And bearing this dread burden, a resounding
Song I’ll sing, a song of joyous praise.
In the long dark ever-viewless night-time
Not one instant shall I close my eyes,
I’ll seek ever for the star to guide me,
She that reigns- bright mistress of dark skies.
Yes, I’ll smile, indeed, through tears and weeping
Sing my songs where evil holds its sway,
Hopeless, a steadfast hope forever keeping,
I shall live! You thoughts of grief, away!
THERESA- thank you for this very timely recital of hope even in the darkest of moments.
PRESIDENT BOB led us through the Pledge of Allegiance. The Pledge seems so much more meaningful now with the topic and videos of our meeting and even the news each night. PAUL KEEFER, acting Sergeant at Arms (Executive Director/Pacific Charter Institute) then introduced our guests.
ROBYN DELONG introduced Rotary’s newest member DEIDRE LYNN JOHNSON. DEIDRE is an Administrative Law Judge, retired. DEIDRE is from a military family. Her father fought in WWII receiving two (2) purple hearts. He fought at the Battle of the Bulge. Her mother served as a nurse in WWII. DEIDRE (“DEE”) JOHNSON’s background is both impressive and interesting. Click here for a more detailed description of her background story.  DEE JOHNSON’s membership was sponsored by ROBYN and DANIELLE MCGARRITY. Thank you ROBYN and DANIELLE!
Seated at the head table were LEV KAGANOVICH (Consultant/Energy, LEED & Commissioning Consulting), PRESIDENT BOB MILLER (VP, Business Services / First US Community Credit Union), VLAD SKOTS (Ukrainian American House), and JOHN MCINTYRE (Chief Philanthropy Officer / Mercy).
PRESIDENT BOB then asked us all to go for a run, BOB’s favorite part of our meeting where BOB seeks to have members part with their hard earned cash. BOB proudly noted that he had never been “shut out” or failed to negotiate donations.
  • DAVID BRANDENBURGER – contrituted in honor of his daughter, a Christian Brothers High School Graduate off to college in Connecticut on an Athletic Scholarship- she must have pretty awesome parents!
  • SARAH HODGE- SARAH noted that she had a very successful outing with her YLP students.  
  • DAN MCVEIGH- DAN contributed in honor of his three (3) grandsons and a daughter moving to Europe for a year with her husband.
  • DEE JOHNSON- contributed in thanks for her Rotary Club membership. Thank you DEE – we are lucky to have you!  
  • OLEG KAGANOVICH – LEV contributed in celebration of his upcoming trip to Europe. This will be his most extensive trip to date. Safe travels LEV!
INTERESTED IN SPONSORING A MEETING? This is a great way to get your message and your favorite charities message to the Rotary membership, contact PRESIDENT BOB today.
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Posted by Nancy Teichert on May 27, 2022
Rotary Meeting, May 24, 2022
Reveille by bugle and table centerpieces with flags for each branch of the U.S. military service greeted our club members for Tuesday’s celebration of VETERANS ARMED FORCES DAY. Each of the Rotarians was cheerfully greeted by CHRIS ANN BACHTEL (retired, banking) and VIRGINIA WADE (retired SAFE. PRESIDENT BOB MILLER (First USA Credit Union) thanked the many Rotarians who have served our country.
PRESIDENT MILLER thanked greeters included CHRIS ANN BACHTEL (retired, banking) and VIRGINIA WADE (retired SAFE Credit Union), photographer JOHN SWENTOWSKY (Swentowsky Photography), and JIM HENDERSON (attorney with Messing, Adam & Jasmine) for the excellent wine reception.
Seated at the head table were MONIQUE AUGUST, Executive Director of the USO for Northern California, PAST PRESIDENT THOM GILBERT (retired, Gilbert Associates), the fabulous KITTY O’NEAL, host of the Afternoon News on KFBK Radio   Link for Afternoon-News with KITTY O'NEAL , and MAJOR MIKE MEEK, a pilot from Travis Air Force Base.
Rotarians in attendance were especially generous as there were a lot of volunteers for Let’s Go for a Run, including:
  • BOB DALY (Financial Network Wealth Advisors) donated $100 toward his EDDIE MULLIGAN and another $100 donation to the USO;
  • JIM PHILLIPS (retired, air conditioning) donated $50 for his son’s participation in the golf tournament and another $200 for KITTY O’NEAL’S role as emcee of the meeting;
  • PAST PRESIDENT WALTER DAHL (bankruptcy law) pledged $50 each in honor of his two children serving in the military;
  • DICK NOONAN (Railroad Museum) gave $200 in honor of his late father who served in WWI;
  • PAST PRESIDENT GILBERT donated $100 to the USO and another $100 to the club);
  • STEVE HEATH (Sacramento Rotary Club) donated $100;
  • PAST PRESIDENT FRED TEICHERT (Teichert Foundation) gave $100 each to thank O’NEAL and GILBERT for their help in his 2015 district conference which honored the military; and
  • DENNIS SMITH (Commercial building) gave $100 in honor of his father who served in WWII and met his mother at a USO dance.
PAST PRESIDENT DAN COLE (Commercial real estate) sponsored the meeting and donated his time to the USO Northern California Link for Northern California USO  (“USO”). The USO provides family programs that not only boost morale but provide opportunities for service members and their families. Those programs include but are not limited to Meals 4 Military, Holiday Celebrations, Military Spouse Support Programs, Entertainment Events, Expeditionary Programs, and Transition Programs.  MONIQUE AUGUST, executive director of Northern California USO, said her organization has supported military service personnel for over 80 years. “Wherever they go, that’s where the USO is,” she said. “They defend our freedom and we will be with them every step of the way.” The news each night reminds us all of the importance of our military and the extreme sacrifices made by those in the military and their families. Click here for information on the USO and how you can help-Northern California USO- Volunteer .
SCOTT FORD was inducted as a new member to the club. Sponsored by BOBBY REED (Capitol Tech Solutions) and DICK NOONAN (Railroad Museum), FORD is Economic Development Director for the Downtown Sacramento Partnership.
PRESIDENT MILLER said both his parents served in the military and with that, he turned the meeting over to our many veterans. Many were still able to fit into their uniforms and wore them to the meeting, although PAST PRESIDENT GILBERT confessed that his jumpsuit was a bit tight.
A moving introduction of the flags was presented by our veterans who carried in the flags of the branches of the military each served and posted them next to the head table. PAST PRESIDENT DAN COLE for the Army, JOHN SWENTOWSKY for the Navy, STEVE BRANDENBURGER (Resort proprietor) for the Coast Guard, JIM OLSON (State water resources) for the Air Force, CRAIG BROWN (Home inspection real estate) for the Marine Corps and PAST PRESIDENT TIM PINKNEY (Wealth management) for the Space Force.
VETERAN DR. BARBARA ARNOLD (Barbara J. Arnold MD Inc.) gave the Thought of the Day with a quote from PRESIDENT EISENHOWER:    Every gun that is made, every warship launched, every rocket fired signifies, in the final sense, a theft from those who hunger and are not fed, those who are cold and are not clothed. This world in arms is not spending money alone. It is spending the sweat of laborers, the genius of its scientists, the hopes of its children…This is not a way of life at all, in any true sense. Under the cloud-threatening war, it is humanity hanging from an iron cross.
Growing up, BARBARA recalled learning about the Korean War from the radio and other conflicts on the newsreels before movies. DR. ARNOLD praised our club for all Rotary does to educate the next generation in order to be prepared to serve their country. BARBARA, thank you for this important and timely reminder for us all.
Sacramento’s own KITTY O’NEAL moderated our tribute to Rotarian Veterans and began by relating her family’s deep history with the military. Her grandfather was in ROTC during WWI and continued his service as a flight instructor. Her father, HOWARD F. O’NEAL, enlisted in the US Army Air Corps in 1944, served in Europe and Asia, graduated from the Army War College in 1967, and ultimately served as base commander at the Mather Air Force Base. He was a Rotarian. Other relatives were veterans and most are buried at Arlington National Cemetery. She asked both enlisted veterans and officers to stand and recite their familiar oath of service. A video displayed the Honor Roll of Military Service of our club members including rank and photos. Veterans who have passed away were honored for their service in a In Memoriam video display.
MAJOR MEEK, who didn’t look much older than our grandsons in college, spoke about his service as a pilot and the need for a combination of service, team work and community. He first flew a K-C 10 Extender, which is an Air Mobility Command tanker and cargo plane. Going 600 miles an hour, he often refueled fighter jets in the air. Planes flying on fumes need an emergency air refueling because they are “minutes away from crashing,” he said. One air craft carrier commander told him that his pilot was one minute away from ejecting from his plane when they reached him. Another emergency is when there’s an announcement of “troops in contact,” which means they have encountered the enemy and need support from the air.
Next, MEEK flew a C-17A Globemaster III, which is capable of the rapid strategic delivery of troops and cargo worldwide to 35 countries under his direction. He’s now an Instructor Aircraft Commander. During the Covid 19 outbreak, he flew to a little town in Texas to pick up one patient in need of urgent care. “We’re here to support you,” he said. “I love working with folks that want to make our community better.”  Click the link below for MIKE’s amazing story.
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Posted by John McIntyre on May 20, 2022
Rotary Meeting, May 17, 2022
PRESIDENT BOB MILLER (First US Community Credit Union) gaveled the meeting at 12:10pm, welcoming all to today’s meeting as he and Tears for Fears reminded us that everybody (especially PRESIDENT BOB) wants to rule the world.
PRESIDENT BOB thanked this meeting’s greeters TOM BACON (BCRE-Bacon Commercial Real Estate) and MEGAN WYGANT (CLARA Studios), tunesmith ELFRENA FOORD for pre-meeting music, and BOB ROSENBERG (Inve$tnet Inc.) for sponsoring the Wine Reception. He also thanked Pulse Reporter JOHN MCINTYRE (Mercy Foundation) and photographer JOHN SWENTOWSKY (Swentowsky Photography) for capturing images from today’s meeting.
LARRY CARMICHAEL (Salvation Army), apropos of today’s discussion of justice ultimately (and eventually) prevailing over abject evil, cited the quote (the provenance of which is in dispute, but it’s awesome anyway), “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that: good men do nothing.” LARRY challenged us as Rotarians to work toward a more just and equitable society and further challenged us with the rhetorical question, “How is your courage?”
PRESIDENT BOB led the Rotarians in saluting the flag and our country.
PRESIDENT BOB invited Sgt.-at-Arms-for-the-day PAUL KEEFER to introduce guests:
  • PAST PRESIDENT SUSAN SHERIDAN had a delegation from Habitat for Humanity as her guests: LAINE HIMMELMAN, KATHY SEVERSON, MATHEW ROMSA, and CHRIS PLATZ.
  • Guest JAMI LOUIS WHITE (Louis White Law)
  • Guest STEPHEN WHITE (Howard Medical)
  • Guest OYANGO SNELL (California Lawyers Assn.)
  • Prospective ROTARIAN SEAN O’BRIEN (Raymond James)
  • Incoming member DEIDRE JOHNSON (OAH: Administrative Law Judge retired, (formerly DRE Staff Counsel) 
PRESIDENT BOB announced those who graced the dais today:
  • Speaker THIEN HO (Sacramento County District Attorney Office)
  • Chair of the Day PAST PRESIDENT WALTER DAHL (Dahl Law)
PRESIDENT BOB introduced PAST PRESIDENT SUSAN SHERIDAN, who yielded her time to LAINE HIMMELMAN of Habitat for Humanity.  LAINE provided the following updates: 77,000 low-income families in Sacramento need affordable housing. She acknowledged the recent “Rock the Block” event with 500 volunteers who collaborated to repair 22 homes in Oak Park. She also shared news of the Cornerstone Development soon underway, which will feature 18 single-family homes and with their partner Mutual Housing providing 108 rental units. She said Sept. 24 will be the occasion of the Habitat Gala at the Sutter Club and encouraged those who are interested to get tickets/tables soon, as the event will sell out. She lastly encouraged interest in the ReStore, which is where Habitat will take gently-used household items, which are then offered for sale in the ReStore – discount cards were on each table.
RCOS Armed Forces Day is next week, May 24thKITTY O’NEAL of KFBK fame will be our guest Master of Ceremonies (M/C) for this special event. In order to honor those that have served, we are asking veterans that have uniforms that still fit to wear them. If a member brings a currently serving guest in uniform that person’s lunch is complimentary. Our guest speaker is MAJOR MIKE MEEK, a C-17 Combat Airlift Instructor Pilot from Travis AFB. Be there or risk getting drafted. ADVANCE REGISTRATION ENCOURGAGED.  Click here for a special preview of the Armed Forces Day meeting
  • MAGGIE HOPKINS (Premier Realty and Capital Premier Lending) introduced a World Vision video regarding their aim to ensure all have access to clean drinking water by 2030.
  • BOBBY REED (Capitol Tech Solutions) thanked all for participation in Golf 4 Kids. He noted a survey would be coming and encouraged all to check out the remaining Silent Auction items. BOBBY also noted the upcoming American River Parkway Cleanup – let’s go!
  • JOHN SWENTOWSKY reminded everyone next week’s special “ARMED FORCES DAY” event will start at 12:05 – ten minutes earlier than usual – so plan accordingly.
GABRIEL GENDRON (Coldwell Banker) provided an introduction of newly re-minted member-again HEIDI HERSHENHOUSE-CORBETT (Sacramento Valley Nonprofit) who returns to the friendly confines of RCOS after time spent in reflection (yoga), travel, and marriage – a welcome return!
  • PAST PRESIDENT JON SNYDER (Snyder Commercial Real Estate) noted that, after working in the trenches of Broadway in NYC, JON’s son would be hitting the big time by performing as BOBBY BIGELOW in “Carousel” at the Music Circus this summer.
  • BOB ROSENBERG celebrated a festival of familial academic success.
  • HEIDI HERSHENHOUSE-CORBETT showed she hasn’t lost her chops by chipping in, in honor of her welcome return to friends and club.
  • SURENDER SINGAL recognized his daughter for her commitment to her mom, ferrying her to and from medical appointments – clearly successfully, as mom is doing much better.
  • BUDDY HUBBERT (Mother Lode Capital) celebrated his daughter’s wedding.
  • PAUL KEEFER (Pacific Charter Institute) acknowledged his son’s participation in the Rugby 7’s Collegiate Championship where his University of San Diego Toreros prevailed as national champs.
  • LAINE HIMMELMAN celebrated her partner GIULIANO KORNBERG’s quick and intrepid action to replace the four leads for the Sacramento Opera when they all caught COVID. His success was remarkable and speaks to his pluck – and the show went on!
  • ELFRENA FOORD encouraged all to check out the Habitat ReStore – noting that she’s seen how Susan Sheridan had furnished her own home with ReStore products.
PRESIDENT BOB took a moment to celebrate the club’s success at the District Conference, including having 18 Rotarians attend, which seemed to be an all-time high. He also celebrated several awards for the club: Bronze for Club Administration, Silver for Youth Services, and Golds for Rotary Foundation, International Service, and Public Image. CLAYTON LEE was recognized by Rotary International for his "Meritorious Service".
PAST PRESIDENT WALTER DAHL then introduced speaker THIEN HO, a former Vietnamese refugee who became the first member of his family to attend college at UC Davis, then went on to the University of the Pacific’s McGeorge School of Law. PAST PRESIDENT DAHL noted that MR. HO played a key role in the prosecution of the East Area Rapist, JOSEPH DEANGELO, whose reign of terror lasted from 1974-86.
THIEN, the Asst. Chief Deputy District Attorney for Sacramento County, played a pivotal in convicting East Area Rapist (among other hyperbolic monikers) JOSEPH DEANGELO.
Before launching into a discussion of the East Area Rapist, THIEN shared his background. THIEN and his family escaped in dangerous circumstances from Vietnam by boat and were almost out of food and water when rescued by a French vessel. They were refugees in Malaysia and emigrated to Stockton. When THIEN and his family arrived in Stockton, they did not speak English.
THIEN laid out the spectrum of DEANGELO’s depredations – particularly heinous given his law enforcement background – over the duration of his provable incidents of evil: 13 murders, 50+ rapes, 120 burglaries in 13 different law-enforcement jurisdictions throughout California. THIEN described DEANGELO’s modus operandi, which was to ransack a home, eat the household’s food, drink their beer, and steal one earring, leaving the other as his signature. THIEN said DEANGELO often spent hours in the victims’ homes, tormenting the victims inflicting severe emotional injuries. His rampage began in Visalia in 1974. He committed a series of crimes there, while he was also part of the law enforcement team assigned to find out who was committing these crimes. Because he had a ‘near miss’ encounter with a fellow officer, he left Visalia. DEANGELO then moved to Rancho Cordova, where he attacked and murdered a young couple and, while escaping, was aware that he had been seen without his mask. The East Area Rapist then moved on to Contra Costa County, where he committed another series of crimes there, and continued committing further crimes in Santa Barbara, Ventura, and Orange County – and then back to Santa Barbara for additional crimes.
Advances in genetic testing, use of genetic genealogical testing, and a lot of gumshoe investigation, puzzle-making, including searching census and other records, together led law enforcement to narrow their potential likely suspects down to DEANGELO. They needed to confirm it was him by getting samples of his DNA. They accomplished this by gathering his garbage and matching his DNA to a prior rape kit, which resulted in a firm hit.

The State of Water and Power in California

Posted by Paul Keefer on Apr 29, 2022
Rotary Meeting April 26, 2022
PRESIDENT BOB gaveled the meeting to order at 12:10 PM sharp. He recognized our incredible greeters including BRUCE TIMM (Attorney at Law /Boutin Jones, Inc), NANCY TEICHERT (Writer), and PAST PRESIDENT WALTER DAHL (Partner, Dahl Law). The appetizers were served and our wine bar in excellent form! SCOOP KEEFER (Executive Director / Pacific Charter Institute) reported the daily affairs and JOHN SWENTOWSKY (Owner/Swentowsky Photography) captured the pictures that no doubt will tell a thousand words!  KEVIN WILLIAMS (Account Executive/KCRA 3) graciously hosted the wine bar offering only the very best to the Rotarians!   
Thought for the Day
SURENDER SINGAL (Retired-Electrical Engineer/US Army, Corps of Engineers) provided our thought for the day emphasizing our journey in life being similar to going around and around like a Ferris wheel. He advised that we as humans need to learn to change our course when trouble comes. Thank you for your sage advice SURENDER.
Welcome back NORM!
 It was great seeing NORM MARSHALL (Headwaters Construction) successfully returning to our Rotary meeting and enjoying our food and friendship.
Guest to RCS
Our guests included BONNIE DIXON WATER, Volunteers of America, JENNIFER ROTX with ACWH, ARISOLE SOLIS guest of ERIC SOLIS.
Our Prospective Rotarian included DEE JOHNSON.
Our visiting Rotarians included MICHAEL CAMPBELL, Campbell Pacific, Past president, West Sacramento.
Who is that at the Head Table?
Our head table included CHRISTIE HOLDEREGGER, VP VOA, CLAYTON LEE, CKL Trust, and WILLIE WHITTLESEY, General Manager, Yuba Water Agency and of course PRESIDENT BOB!
Meeting Sponsor
CHRISTIE HOLDEREGGER, Volunteers of America, Vice President of Development, sponsored our meeting with AUTUMN BANKER from Volunteers of America to present Operation Backpack. AUTUMN showed a video describing this valuable program. The children in the video expressed the value of the backpack including the fact that the children “don’t have a hundred arms!” Volunteers of America have a goal of 10,000 backpacks this year to help the children ‘feel normal.”
New Member
Sponsored by JUSTINO SANTANA (Nonprofit Business Development Manager, eFundraising Connections) and JOHN MCINTYRE (Mercy Foundation), our new member MEGAN LAURIE, Director of Development & Marketing, UCP of Sacramento & Northern California, was introduced to RCS.  MEGAN is married with a teenage daughter, a Boston terrier and a boxer. MEGAN enjoys climbing and travelling with Machu Pichu in her sights! Also, MEGAN has experience with Rotary Exchange (Welcome aboard to the RYE Committee for RCS!).
SARAH HODGE (Association of California Water Agencies) introduced BROWN BAG.
Please join us on Tuesday, May 10 for our next Brown Bag meeting. There are five amazing opportunities for you to enjoy lunch and fellowship with a small group of Rotarians.
**Arts Education at CLARA with Megan Wygant**
CLARA is an innovative public-private partnership that provides rehearsal/administrative/classroom space to arts organizations in exchange for those groups providing free arts education programs to Title I schools in Sacramento City Unified School District. Join Megan Wygant for a tour of their historic school site, a conversation about the arts and economic development, the importance of arts education, and maybe even some fun interactive activities.
**Floral Design with Jim Relles**
Hands on experience making a floral bouquet or plant garden. Learn about the history of the floral industry and the current affairs of the floral industry at Relles Florist in Midtown.
**Winters Wine tasting with Ann Solomon**
Join Ann Solomon in downtown Winters in front of Berryessa Gap Winery for a lunch and wine tasting.
**Ukraine – Proper U.S. Response? with Retired Judge Brian Van Camp**
After quoting from JFK’s Inaugural, retired Judge Brian Van Camp will briefly review suggestions from Sen. Bernie Sanders, former Sen. Joe  Lieberman, Sen. Tom Cotton and former Trump Admin. Officers on the U.S. response to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, then invite all comers to suggest or formulate our nation’s best response. Lunch will be held at Piatti at Pavilions.
**Lunch with President Bob Miller**
Join President Bob for a fun small group lunch to talk all things Rotary and get to know a small group of Rotarians better!
Please click here to learn about the different topics and to sign up.
ALFRENA FORD (Ford and Associates) in true festival style was fundraising for the Golf Tournament on May 6. The team is pulling out the stops with the Rotary Beer Garden from 11:30-2:30 PM and Federalist Food Truck.
PAST PRESIDENT DIANE WOODRUFF and MAGGIE HOPKINS introduced the fun activities with three fun people leading games for all of our guests: JOHN WOOD (Cornhole), LATOYA WONG (Giant Jenga), MAGGIE HOPKINS (Beer Pong)
BOBBY REID- 5 slots available for golf.
DARLENE MCCLAIN, wife of BOB passed on the day after Easter. She battled cancer for two years. BOB is doing pretty well. Please complete a CareGram.
JOHN MCINTYRE: Running a ½ marathon this weekend but will a do a 10k today to welcome Megan.
MEGAN: $25 donation in honor of her father
PAUL KEEFER (Pacific Charter Institute) : $25 to MEGAN’s PAUL HARRIS
Water and Power in California
CLAYTON LEE (CLK Trust) introduced our guest WILLIE WHITTLESEY, General Manager of Yuba Water Agency. WILLIE grew up in the Sierra foothills and has a clear view on how to protect the Yuba River Watershed. Prior to Yuba, WILLIE spent 13 years at PGE, Humboldt State University (Cal Poly), is a registered professional Forester, and a member of the Yuba Rotary Club.
WILLIE explained the Yuba River Development Progress including tunnels, reservoirs, Log Cabin Dam, New Bullards Bar, New  Power House, One House, and 60,000 acres of farmland with sustainable water. WILLIE explained how 185 million dollars in bonds afforded this 50 years ago in a deal with PG&E with the bond ending in 2016. The primary goal of the agency is reducing flood risk as well as providing sustainable water supply, and yet other projects like reforestation and biomass are in the works. WILLIE was very optimistic about water in California.
Upcoming meetings
5/3 – Dark – No Meeting (Golf For Kids, May 6, 2022)
5/17 – Thien Ho – Running for Sacramento District Attorney
5/24 – Veterans Armed Forces Day – You don’t want to miss it! Click here for a preview of this very special meeting.
5/31 – Dark – No Meeting
The State of Water and Power in California  Paul Keefer 2022-04-29 07:00:00Z 0

 A Visit with Senator Ami Bera

Posted by Nancy Teichert on Apr 22, 2022
Rotary Meeting April 19, 2022
The skies were threatening rain but the greeters brightened the day with their smiles. JEFF STONE (VP HUB International), JOHN SWENTOEWSKY (owner Swentowsky Photography) and BETH TESAR (CEO of Northern California PET Imaging) welcomed everyone. JOHN SWENTOEWSKY did double duty as the photographer too.
PRESIDENT BOB MILLER (Vice president of First US Community Credit Union) thanked the sponsors of the wine reception MEGAN WYGANT (CLARA Studios) and the Capitol Stage and Theater.
The Thought of the Day was provided by PAUL KEEFER (Executive Director, Pacific Charter Institute). “The person who agrees with you 80 percent of the time is a friend and an ally – not 20 percent a traitor” -Ronald Reagan
PAST PRESIDENT WALTER DAHL (Dahl Law) was sworn in as Acting Sergeant At Arms for GIULIANO KORNBERG (Executive Director, Sacramento Philharmonic & Opera). Seated at the head table were PRESIDENT BOB; CONGRESSMAN AMI BERA, guest speaker; CHRISTIE HOLDEREGGER (Vice President Volunteers of America), Chair of the day; and JOHN GORALKA (President of Goralka Law Firm), the meeting sponsor.
JOHN GORALKA  donated his time as sponsor to Broadway Sacramento which will be having its first GALA since 2019 on May 7 at the SAFE Credit Union Convention Center, Ballroom A. JOHN reminded us that there was no social distancing in live theatre. The Broadway series and Music Circus were both closed during the pandemic. The Gala, which is Broadway Sacramento’s key fundraising event, was postponed for two (2) years in a row.
 JOHN awarded two (2) lucky Rotarians with $200 gift certificates for each to attend a future show with a guest. JOHN introduced KAREN MCCLAFLIN, the Director of Development for Broadway Sacramento and a fellow Rotarian. KAREN announced that the Gala will feature a performance by Tony award winner STEPHANIE J. BLOCK who is best known for her work on the Broadway stage including The Boy from Oz and Wicked. The Gala includes a cocktail reception with full bar, a gourmet dinner, Napa wines and dancing with the band Hip Service. For tickets or more information, go online to You can also contact KAREN MCCLAFLIN as indicated below.
Karen McClaflin (she/her) | Director of Development
Broadway Sacramento | Broadway At Music Circus & Broadway On Tour
1510 J Street Ste 200, Sacramento, CA 95814 | P: 916-446-5880 x178 | C: 916-425-2777
PRESIDENT BOB shared his own Rotary membership moment by asking how many in the room had been invited to attend their first lunch by a Rotary member. Many hands went up. He then challenged each of us to invite someone we like and respect to an upcoming meeting.
In announcements, CLAYTON REED (Real Estate Investment) showed a video about how our international water projects have provided drinking water, sanitation and hygiene care to people around the world with help from contributions to the Rotary Foundation and our Eddie Mulligan fund. Every dollar contributed is multiplied by 2.6 with matching funds. The international work our club does is “so unique,” Lee said. Upcoming projects will be in Honduras and Guatemala. PRESIDENT BOB said our world clean water project has helped 300,000 people. Thank you CLAYTON and your team for the truly life changing work that you do on behalf of Rotary!
BOBBY REED (Computer Database Development) announced the 2022 Golf For Kids Classic will be on May 6 at the William Land Golf Course. More volunteers are needed. The 97-year-old project raises money to benefit four children’s programs including Hiram Johnson Transition Class, the Ralph Richardson Center, the YMCA S.N.A.P. and the Luther Burbank High School transition program.
Staff and participants in the Luther Burbank program in cooperation with the California State University at Sacramento offers safety, job and life skills needed to join the work force. “We’ve been blessed by you guys,” said Ryan Stockton with the Adult Transition Program.
XAVIER THOMPKINS, 19, said he loves everyone at the school and enjoys birthday celebrations. “Without you, there is no me,” he said.
This very worthwhile project is a key fundraiser for our own club. Please contact BOBBY REED with any donations of time, talent, or money that you can give.
BOBBY, thank you for all your efforts and for bringing students that benefit from this program. Those students and your team members evidence the very positive real world impact that your program provides.
BOBBY also announced that there will be an American River Bike Trail clean-up from 9-11 a.m. this coming Saturday. Please contact BOBBY REED if you are available to help or just be at Discovery Park, 1600 Garden Hwy, Sacramento, CA 95833 at 9 a.m.
Sporting a flashing red light bike helmet, DAVID BRANDENBURGER (Real Estate Broker) asked members to donate money to buy more helmets for the first Breathe Bike Rodeo on April 23 in West Sacramento. The rodeo teaches bike safety and offers free helmet fittings.
LET’S GO FOR A RUN – Where PRESIDENT BOB seeks to separate you from your hard earned money!
KATHE NATHAN (Banking retired) ran a marathon donation in honor of her father who died earlier this month.
BRUCE HESTER (Multi-residential real estate) said he and ELFRENA FOORD (Financial Planning) both will give $500 to the Golf4Kids.
SURENDER SIGNAL donated $100 to the club.
PAST PRESIDENT FRED TEICHERT (Teichert Foundation) made a $100 donation in honor of past District Governor Brian Moore who recently passed away.
TOM BACON (Commercial Real Estate) ran a marathon donation in honor of his engagement. After 16 years, he proposed a toast to his girlfriend, knelt on one knee and asked her to marry him. He also donated $250 in honor of his two children who have graduated from college.
GUEST SPEAKER – A visit with Congressman Ami Bera
CONGRESSMAN AMI BERA took the podium and said it was so nice to see people’s smiles since most masks were removed. He said it’s so much nicer than having to repeat “You’re on Mute” on zoom calls.
CONGRESSMAN BERA is optimistic that Sacramento will show resilience in resuming more normal lives. “Come together and put service above self,” he said. Our community needs to focus on the things that bring us together in these divided times. Voters get their news from broadcasts that echo their already strongly held opinions. “How can we be in this together?” he asked.
CONGRESSMAN BERA, who serves on the House Committee on Foreign Affairs, visited Ukraine in February with other members of Congress. “The world is different today because of this invasion,” he said. Like Russia, more countries around the world are become autocratic and Ukraine has no intention of surrendering to Russia. America needs to be assured of our role in today’s world.
Of Sacramento’s problem with homelessness and other issues such as the shootings on K Street Mall, he reminded us that we can be compassionate but our residents shouldn’t have to step over used needles. Our world class universities are a great advantage for our region’s growth. “I think our future is incredibly bright,” he said.
Maybe someday when someone says they are from San Francisco, they’ll have to explain that it’s about two hours away from Sacramento!
Our next meeting is on April 26 when we will have WILLIE WHITTLESEY giving a talk on wildfire prevention and forest management. WILLIE is the General Manager of the Yuba Water Agency, overseeing flood risk reduction, hydropower generation, water supply, and more.
  • 4/26 – Willie Whittlesey – Forest Management
  • 5/3 – DARK – No Meeting
  • 5/10 – BROWN BAG DAY!
  • 5/17 – Thien Ho – Running for Sacramento District Attorney
  • 5/24 – Veterans Armed Forces Day – You don’t want to miss it! Click here for a preview of this very special meeting.
 A Visit with Senator Ami Bera Nancy Teichert 2022-04-22 07:00:00Z 0


Posted by Danielle McGarrity on Apr 08, 2022
Rotary Meeting April 5, 2022
PRESIDENT BOB MILLER (VP, Business Services, First US Community Credit Union) called us to order and  thanked our Meeting Sponsor, SHARNA BRAUCKS (President and CEO, YMCA of Superior California) and Chair of the Day JUSTINO SANTANA (Nonprofit Business Development Manager, eFundraising Connections). He shared that while LATOYA has left the position of Executive Director, she remains a fellow Rotarian. We look forward to seeing you LATOYA in the cheap seats with the members. PRESIDENT BOB announced that the Club has named a new Executive Director, our very own STEVE HEATH (Non-profit CEO), who has already taken the reins. Thank you, STEVE!
A very special thank you to our wine sponsors; the dynamic duo of ELFRENA FOORD and BRUCE HESTER!
MAGGIE BRINKOETTER HOPKINS (Loan Officer, Capital Premier Lending) encouraged us to make a habit of ensuring that our words & thoughts are serving us well. Our mindset makes up our habits, approach to situations, self-talk and our general outlook on life, and affects of overall health and well-being. If we pledge to use nourishing, supportive and healing thoughts – and allow ourselves to “change our channel” away from negative thinking – we can ensure long-term success.
SERGEANT-AT-ARMS GIULIANO KORNBERG (Executive Director, Sacramento Philharmonic) introduced our meeting guests, Visiting Rotarian LYNETTE ANDERSON; and Prospective Rotarian DEE JOHNSON.
SHARNA BRAUCKS (President and CEO, YMCA of Superior California) educated us about the history of the YMCA in California, which predates California’s founding as a state! We have the YMCA to thank for several professional sports, the invention of Father’s Day as well as the concept of night school. The “Y” aims to inspire all people to live a healthy life – in mind, spirit and body. In addition to fitness classes, swimming and youth sports, our local YMCA offers a dozen childcare locations in our area as well as an overnight camp in Tahoe National Forest. Thank you SHARNA for all you do.
MEGAN WYGANT (Executive Director, CLARA Claire Raley Studios for the Performing Arts) represented the Meeting Sponsor Committee. MEGAN and KATHE NATHAN have recruited Sponsors for the remainder of the Club’s April and May meetings but have openings in June and July. Please contact them to reserve your spot. This year sponsors contributed $8,400 to our Club, which helps fill the gap between Club dues and our operating costs.
  • PAST PRESIDENT PETER DANNENFELSER, Membership Chair, reminded us about this Saturday’s District Assembly, in-person at 12 Bridges High School from 9:00-12:45. Register for free online.
  • CLAYTON LEE, International Service Chair, invited members to consider joining the Committee and have the opportunity to travel around the world while making a global impact.
  • SARAH HODGE (Association of California Water Agencies) invited Rotarians to consider hosting a Brown Bag session on May 10. Each host location should be able to accommodate 10-15 guests.
  • PAST PRESIDENT SUSAN SHERIDAN shared some photos of NORM MARSHALL (President, Headwaters Construction Inc.) who is doing well after open-heart surgery. SUSAN also encouraged everyone to save the date for this year’s Sacramento Century Challenge on Saturday, Oct. 1. Registration opens June 1.
  • NORM, we are all wishing you a quick and full recovery!
  • BRYAN MURRAY (Bender Insurance Solutions) asked everyone to save the date - May 6 for our 100th Golf 4 Kids fundraiser at Land Park. We are in need of auction items and golfers! To participate please contact Bobby Reed
ELFRENA FOORD donated in honor of NANCY SMITH-FAGAN’s brilliant idea to move the wine reception into the main meeting space.
ANN SOLOMON donated because she’s about to become a grandmother.
SHARNA BRAUCKS donated in honor of her 50th birthday.
BOBBY REED donated to celebrate the end of the Sacramento teachers’ strike.
MATT PAGE (Partner, Lucas Group Financial Planners) is a former Active 20-30 member and University of Oregon alum who began his career as a financial planner working with Foord, Van Bruggen & Pajak Financial Services. MATT was nominated to join the Rotary Club of Sacramento by PRESIDENT-ELECT LINDA GEERY and DAVID BRANDENBURGER (Managing Director, Newmark Knight Frank). Welcome MATT!
Chair of the Day JUSTINO SANTANA introduced TONY LOPEZ (Vice President, Manufacturing & Logistics for PRIDE Industries. TONY has served on the board of the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce and Metro Chamber, and currently serves as President of the Board of Trustees for the Wheatland School District.
TONY shared how PRIDE Industries fulfills is mission to create meaningful employment for people with disabilities by partnering with businesses in the community. Now active in 16 states across the country, PRIDE has 6,100 employees (3,600 of whom have some type of disability). They help individuals with disabilities build skills and prepare for the workplace; help employers gain an understanding of the value that people with disabilities offer as employees; and match individuals to the right job and provide any support they need.
PRIDE places employees in fields including custodial services, facilities management, landscaping, manufacturing (including medical devices and electronic manufacturing), packaging and fulfillment/supply chain services.
In addition to employment preparation & placement, PRIDE's services to individuals with disabilities include on-the-job support; transition services; independent living; community access; and employment re-entry services.
TONY shared how much more work there is to be done in order to secure a job for every client in need of PRIDE’s services: 30 million people in the U.S. have some form of disability, and 70% of them are unemployed. PRIDE continues to grow their offerings, most recently launching the I Am Able employment helpline (1-844-I-AM-ABLE). Last year the organization’s earnings were $400 million, which is reinvested into additional job training and services to individuals with disabilities.
Click here to view their PowerPoint.
CLAYTON LEE (International Service Chair) and KATHY HERRFELDT(retired) reported on the Rotary’s critical water project.
With International Women's month, we have been honoring women and girls around the world.
Did you know that the task of collecting water around the world falls heavily on women and girls? They are also disproportionately affected by a lack of access to safe sanitation facilities and menstrual hygiene education at home and school. 
This is why our club is committed to helping women and girls access the services they need. The result: girls are empowered to stay in school and women help transform their communities. 
To date, our club has changed the lives of 80,000 women with clean water.
Click here to view their video.
DAVID BRANDENBURGER, chair of the Speech Contest reported that JORDAN “MARI” KEANON won second (2nd) place in the semi-finals. You will remember MARI for speaking enthusiastically on the need to love yourself at our last meeting for 30 minutes without notes, props, or visual aids of any kind. Congratulations MARI – next year you will surely be in the finals!
    MAKING THE DIGNITY OF WORK ACCESSIBLE TO ALL Danielle McGarrity 2022-04-08 07:00:00Z 0


    Posted by John Goralka on Apr 01, 2022
    Rotary Meeting, March 29, 2022
    As the noon hour approached many familiar Rotarians entered the meeting hall with a smile and a glass of wine. Each were greeted by PAST PRESIDENT SUSAN SHERIDAN (Sheridan Law/Retired), PAST PRESIDENT JON SNYDER (Broker/Snyder Commercial Real Estate), and PAST PRESIDENT KEVIN SMITH-FAGAN (Executive Director/Fairytale Town).
    This unofficial Past President’s day with a record number of an esteemed Past Presidents in attendance including SUSAN, JON, KEVIN, JIM LEET (Attorney/Boutin Jones) were certainly all in attendance for a heartfelt and exceedingly well deserved thank you to our Executive Director, LATOYA WONG. LATOYA accepted another position of employment and this was her last official meeting at the helm of the Downtown Rotary. Many surprised members were very concerned learning that LATOYA will continue as a member. Thank you, LATOYA, for all your hard and excellent work some much of which is done behind the scenes and out of sight.
    PRESIDENT BOB MILLER (First US Community Credit Union) gaveled in and quickly took control of the meeting. He thanked our meeting sponsor, the irreplaceable DAVID BRANDENBURGER (Managing Director/Newmark). He acknowledged and thanked our sommelier and wine sponsor DEE HARTZOG (Retired/Weintraub).
    DAVID introduced our speaker, ROBERT NELSON, President of Sacramento State University. ROBERT began his presentation with a few stories growing up on a ranch in Montana. He explained why he has CALAMITY JANE’S saddle in his office. CALAMITY JANE’S prowess as a sharp shooter is world renowned as she performed in many with west shows. Perhaps less well known was her enthusiastic ability to drink. At the end of one such evening, she decided to repeat LADY GODIVA’S performance. She took off her clothes and rode naked through the area that the show performers lived. His father found her, covered in a blanket, and took her to her home. The next day, CALAMITY JANE thanked him and gave him her saddle. A treasured family heirloom ever since. As with all ROBERT’S stories, there was also a moral – his father would not have been there had he not believed in himself and took himself and took a chance to find the life he truly wanted. Also, small acts of kindness and generosity can make a tremendous difference. Kindness towards others allows us all to succeed.
    ROBERT learned about hard work in heating and air conditioning (HVAC). He often worked two (2) jobs as he saved to buy his own ranch.
    ROBERT then reminded us where Sacramento State was when he last spoke about 5 years ago. Sacramento State was not in his mind successful at that time.
    PRESIDENT ROBERT NELSON was proud to announce that graduation rates were way up- so much so that the Deputy Secretary of US Education visited to learn how such tremendous improvements were made.
    Finally, ROBERT reaffirmed his goal for Sacramento State to be an anchor in our community Sacramento State is involved with student activities particularly those to help our local at risk communities. Sacramento State continues to expand its downtown footprint. ROBERT noted that the campus planetarium, one of only 7 in the college system is the only planetarium that does not charge students from other schools to attend performances.
    Sacramento State is truly on the rise with all of the efforts and successes of PRESIDENT NELSON. ROBERT finished his presentation with his customary enthusiastic and still a little surprising stinger’s up battle cry. Thank you PRESIDENT NELSON for sharing your afternoon with Rotary. 
    Our own LIZ MCCLATCHY shared not one but a series of thoughts for the day.  In honor of PRESIDENT NELSON, LIZ shared a number of thought provoking and timely quotes on the general theme of education. Those are as follows:
    Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world. – NELSON MANDELA
    Education’s purpose is to replace an empty mind with an open one. – MALCOM FORBES
    Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself. – JOHN DEWEY
    Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today. – MALCOM X
    Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire. – W.B. YEATS
    Education is not the learning of facts but the training of the mind to think. – ALBERT EINSTEIN
    Learning is not attained by chance; it must be sought for with ardor and attended to with diligence. – ABIGAIL ADAMS
    Education is a better safeguard of liberty than a standing army. – EDWARD EVERETT
    Upon the subject of education- I can only say that I view it as the most important subject which we as a people may be engaged in – ABRAHAM LINCOLN.
    DAVID BRANDENBURGER, meeting sponsor and chair of the speech contact project introduced MS. JORDAN MARI KEANON as the winner moving on to the district competition. JORDAN provided an impassioned lor 20 minute speech on the topic “You must love yourself” without any notes, props or other visual aids whatsoever. She is already a very talented speaker and we wish her well a the district competition.
    A new Sacramento Music House and Performing Art Center will be built to accommodate up to 2300 guests. The center will be located on Romana Avenue. For an artist rendition of the new center please click here
    Fare well to LATOYA – with great sadness shared by all Rotarian in attendance, PRESIDENT BOB MILLER noted that this was our own LATOYA WONG’S last meeting as Executive Director.  He thanked LATOYA for her timeless efforts often unseen, unnoticed and not recognized for all these years.
    Please click here for LATOYA’S farewell video – tissue is recommended. Link to video
    The silver lining, is we will still see LAYTOYA as a member at our meeting.
    Welcome MR. JEFFREY DRISCOLL, our newest member. JEFFREY was sponsored by JIM RELLES and Past PRESIDENT DIANE WOODRUFF. Welcome JEFFREY, you will be a great addition to our club. JEFFREY is a talented agent with New York Life Insurance Company.
    PRESIDENT BOB thanked our photographer JOHN SWENTOWSKY (Swentowsky Photography) and our greeters PAST PRESIDENTS SUSAN SHERIDAN, JON SNYDER and KEVIN SMITH-FAGAN.
     You will not want to miss our next meeting next week as Tony Lopez (Vice President, Manufacturing and Logistics Services/ PRIDE Industries) will be speaking about Price Industries.
    04/12/2022 – Dark
    04/19/2022 – AMI BERA / Congressional Update
    04/26/2022 – WILLIE WHITTLESEY / Wildfire Prevention and Forest Management
    05/03/2022 - Dark
    THANK YOU LATOYA!  John Goralka 2022-04-01 07:00:00Z 0

    Young Professionals Take Over!

    Posted by Maggie Hopkins on Mar 24, 2022
    Rotary Meeting, March 22, 2022
    PRESIDENT BOB MILLER was able to relax and relinquish all his Presidential duties to Sarah Hodge (Association of California Water Agencies), acting President as the YOUNG PROFESSIONALS took over the meeting for the day!!!   President Sarah gaveled in the meeting at 12:10 pm, welcoming all to today’s meeting and promising as much fun as we can all stand.
    President Sarah thanked this meeting’s greeters Megan Wygant (CLARA Studios), Justino Santana (eFundraising Connections), and Danny Gemma (HUB International).  She also thanked Pulse Reporter, Maggie Brinkoetter Hopkins, (Capital Premier Lending and Premier Realty), Wine Reception sponsor, Jenny Winstead (Sacramento Literacy Foundation), and photographer John Swentowsky (Swentowsky Photography) and Bryan Murry (Bender Insurance Solutions)  for capturing images from today’s meeting.
    Todd Koolakian (Sacramento Children’s Home) offered today’s thought, saying This morning as I was considering what I wanted to say as part of today's Thought for the Day, I wanted to share something that spoke to the importance of Young Professionals in Rotary. What I found on the Rotary International website resonated with me and seemed perfect for today.
    New leaders are always emerging. They live in your community. They are eager to contribute. Younger professionals make great Rotary members, but to bring them into our clubs, we first have to understand them. This is essential for Rotary.
    To bring emerging young leaders into our Club, we have to examine our Club’s culture, our outreach to younger potential members and the long term benefits of becoming a Rotarian.
    Understanding younger generations means understanding how changes in society affect them. Technology has given them the opportunity to customize nearly everything in their lives. But possessions don’t sit at the top of their wish list.
    Rather, many share a unifying trait: a desire for experience. When young people invest time and money into something, it’s with organizations that do good in the world. And that is Rotary.
    Younger generations are eager. They’re motivated to change their communities and hope to move quickly along their career paths. They want to build a solid network and learn from mentors, from people with clout and experience. And that’s all of you, that’s us, that’s this Club.
    Few organizations span generations and professions and build personal connections the way that Rotary does. We blend tradition with innovation and use trust and respect to close the generation gap.
    President Sarah led the club in saluting the flag and our country.
    Sergeant of Arms, Giuliano Kornberg introduces today’s meeting guests:
    • Visiting Rotarian Desiree Wilson, Rotary District 5180
    • Visiting Rotarian Mary Jo Edmonson, Placer Valley Sunrise District 5180
    • Visiting Rotarian Samantha Hosuida, Point West Rotary
    • Prospective Rotarian Jeffrey Driscoll (New York Life)
    • Prospective Rotarian Jamil White (Louis White Law Firm)
    • Mary McVeigh guest of Dan McVeigh
    • Sarah Costa (Sutter Health), guest of Bob Miller
    • Chelsea Fahr (Sacramento Region Community Foundation), guest of Kerry Wood
    • Ashlin Lutes (Thatch & Hooper, LLP), guest of Sarah Hodge
    • Colby Relles (Relles Florist), guest of Jim Relles
    • Toyin Spencer (Sacramento Literacy Foundation), guest of Jenny Winstead
    President Sarah announced those who lead us at the head table today:
    • Meeting Sponsor and Chair for the Day, Bobby Reed, CEO of Capitol Tech Solutions
    • President Sarah Hodge, Regional Affairs Representative (ACWA)
    • Speaker Scott Ford, District Direct, Old Sacramento Waterfront at Downtown Sacramento Partnership.
    • Member: Jamie Furlong (Legacy Investment Real Estate)
    President Sarah introduced Bobby Reed, CEO of Capitol Tech Solutions, a Sacramento digital agency working with retailers, restaurants, non-profits, and small businesses to maximize their business online during these challenging times. The company brings an experienced team of experts that partner with organizations and businesses to drive more sales, cut costs, and optimize processes. The company’s award-winning web design combined with digital marketing expertise and proven processes have helped clients meet and exceed their digital goals. Count on Capitol Tech Solutions for all of your digital marketing, software development needs.
    Bobby’s growing team of over 30 people can help you with online advertising, social media marketing, search engine optimization, web design, web and mobile apps, and much much more!
    • April Javist (Sacramento Literacy Foundation) announced that there are sponsorships still available for Golf 4 Kids, which is on Friday, May 6th.
    • Sponsorships that are available are as follows: After Round Drinks: $750; Title Sponsor: $3,500. Please contact April if you are interested in scooping one of those sponsorships up!
    The Group was challenged with matching clues given in a handout with the correct Young Professional.
    1. This Rotarian loves to travel and can’t wait to get back to traveling internationally. He thinks the most beautiful place they’ve been and would like to get back to some day is Banff, Canada…. Todd Koolaklian.
    2. This Rotarian has been to exactly 29 countries…. which is how old he/she is .. Giuliano Kornberg
    3. This Rotarian enjoys camping and recently got caught in a rainstorm while camping in Death Valley. Sarah Hodge
    4. In College , this Rotarian–along with her professor and classmates, was arrested for arson while participating in an Intro to Geology field trip. This person is now married to a geologist and has promised to never go on any fieldwork camping trips. Megan Wygant
    5. This Rotarian is getting married April 9, 2022 in Nevada City! Jenny Winstead
    6. This Rotarian has coached t-ball in East Sac Little League for 6 years in a row. Bobby Reid
    7. This Rotarian was a professional florist in New York City and did floral designs for the clients including Martha Stuart, Vogue, and Architecture Digest. Jamie Furlong
    8. All of this Rotarian’s front teeth are fake from a bike accident when he was Bryan Murray
    Young Professionals Take Over! Maggie Hopkins 2022-03-24 07:00:00Z 0


    Posted by John McIntyre on Mar 18, 2022
    Rotary Meeting, March 15, 2022
    PRESIDENT BOB MILLER (First US Community Credit Union) gaveled in the meeting at 12:09pm, welcoming all to today’s Ides of March meeting. Et tu, Bob?
    PRESIDENT BOB thanked this meeting’s greeters the esteemed and musically talented JUDGE BILL SHUBB (US District Court), CHRISTIE SHORRLOCK (Stanford Sierra Youth and Families), and BOB ROSENBERG (Inve$tnet Inc.). He also thanked Pulse Reporter JOHN MCINTYRE (Mercy Foundation), Wine Reception sponsor BOBBY REED (Capitol Tech Solutions), and photographer JOHN SWENTOWSKY (Swentowsky Photography) for capturing images from today’s meeting.
    KATHY HERRFELDT (retired for the past three minutes) offered today’s thought, saying what impresses her about Rotarians is that…“we take on challenges that sometimes seem insurmountable and we never give up. We set a goal and embrace the power of intention to achieve it. Eradicating Polio is a perfect example of this and, given our keynote speaker’s experience and history, my thought is for all of us to recognize and claim our power of intention.” She then left us with a quote from New York Times bestselling author GLORIA FELDT: “What’s your vision of what you think should happen? How can you make it happen? Go stand in your power and walk with intention to make it so.”
    PRESIDENT BOB led the club in saluting the flag and our country.
    PRESIDENT BOB did his best Phil Donahue, walking into the crowd to find guests to be introduced:
    • Visiting Rotarian JOE SCHEIMER, Elk Grove Rotary
    • Prospective Rotarian JEFFREY DRISCOLL (New York Life)
    • Prospective Rotarian JOSEF GRAY (Anti-Recidivism Coalition)
    • JOSEF GRAY’S guest SELENE NEHME (Anti-Recidivism Coalition)
    PRESIDENT BOB announced those who graced the dais today:
    • Meeting Sponsor PAST PRESIDENT JON SNYDER (Snyder Commercial Real Estate)
    • Speaker BOB ROGERS (Airline Pilot, retired)
    • Chair of the Day PAST PRESIDENT DIANE WOODRUFF (California Community Colleges, retired)
    PRESIDENT BOB introduced PAST PRESIDENT JON SNYDER, who was in a celebratory mood as he announced the opening of the new Museum of Science and Curiosity (MOSOC), which has emerged after $60+ million investment from the husk of the historic PG&E power station between the Sacramento River and I-5. The new facility has 23,000 sq. ft. of exhibit space and they anticipate approximately 250,000 visitors per year. JON thanked the club and its members for their role in helping make this project the success it is.
    PAST PRESIDENT/EMPEROR WES YEE (Yee Dentistry) made his way to the mic and began describing the latest Rotary Fellow, sharing details of the Rotarian’s life, until it became obvious that only one red face was present in the crowd. As his name was announced, the crowd stood and acknowledged native Sacramentan and famously nice guy TED WHITE as a “man who has no enemies,” a successful businessman, and a leader who serves and has served on myriad boards and Rotary committees. Typically low-key and self-effacing, it wasn’t clear Ted enjoyed the attention, but he was clearly touched by the honor and having his family appear to join in recognizing him.
    We are exceedingly lucky to have TED as a member of our Rotary Club.
    New member MARY DELEO (Weintraub Tobin) was introduced by sponsor DEE HARTZOG (Attorney, retired). MARY’S other sponsor is PAST PRESIDENT PETER DANNEFELSER (Architectural Arts) and welcomed into the club with a standing ovation.
    • JOHN SWENTOWSKY thanked the club – our Loaves & Fishes morning-prep and lunchtime-service teams are set for this month.
    • BOBBY REED announced that they were ‘shaking it up’ and having the American River Parkway Cleanup this Friday afternoon – come out to help! While he had the mic, BOBBY also reminded all of Golf 4 Kids on May 6th. There are still sponsorships available!
    • SARAH HODGE announced the “YP takeover” of next week’s meeting – finally, a “fun” meeting…
    • DAVID BRANDENBURGER (Newmark) announced the winner of the club’s Speech contest, JORDAN MARIE KEENAN, who will represent our club in the District competition. He thanked the club members who served on the ‘judging’ team.
    • KATHE NATHAN (Banker, retired) noted that the Vitalant ‘Bloodmobile’ just outside the meeting still had a couple of available appointments, so, if you haven’t given in the last 8 weeks, it’s time! There is a blood shortage across the country, so your help is needed.
    • KATHY HERRFELDT (Home Care Assistance, retired) shared that she had sold her business to CRAIG CARES – congratulations, KATHY!
    • SARAH HODGE (Association of California Water Agencies) became a ‘half marathoner’ to
    • Past-president WES YEE stood to honor his daughter who successfully represented a young Chinese man in an asylum case, which allowed this young man to remain in the US.
    • Past-PRESIDENT JOHN FRISCH (Newmark) rose to honor his mother’s 95th birthday and his daughter’s approaching 39th birthday on March 17th.  
    Past-president KEVIN SMITH-FAGAN (Fairytale Town) and JOHN MCINTYRE came to the mics to share some Irish ‘deep cuts’ in honor of St. Patrick’s Day, which arrives in a couple days. Their tuneful whimsy included The Black Velvet Band and The Waxies Dargle. Many wept. Some for joy.
    PAST PRESIDENT DIANE WOODRUFF provided a warm introduction of speaker BOB ROGERS of the Sebastopol Rotary, and a former district governor, who retired as an airline pilot in 2007 and focused his recent years on eradicating polio through his efforts with Rotary’s Polio Plus initiative.
    Speaker BOB ROGERS opened his presentation with thanks to the Sacramento Rotary for the club’s generous response to the Santa Rosa fires in 2017 – Sacramento Rotary at a meeting in October 2017 raised more than $21,000 to help the communities who suffered losses from those fires, including many Rotarians. BOB was touched by that act of generosity, which led naturally into his discussion of what’s been accomplished by Rotary since the inception of the “Polio Plus” initiative to eradicate polio from the earth.
    A LITTLE SHAMROCKISTRY FOR ST. PATRICK  John McIntyre 2022-03-18 07:00:00Z 0

    Rotary Celebrates the Women of Rotary And National Woman’s Day!

    Posted by John Goralka on Mar 14, 2022
    Rotary Meeting March, 8, 2022
    Greetings ROTARIANS!
    Written By: John Goralka (I am sorry for the delay, I injured my back which set me back ….)
    March opened to a full house as we celebrated National Women’s Day! Read on to learn about the pioneering Women of the American Railroad who inspired transformational changes that we all enjoy today.  PRESIDENT BOB MILLER (Vice President Business Services at First US Community Credit Union) thanked our greeters JOHN PHAIR and CLAYTON LEE who greet each Rotarian with a smile. Special thanks to our photographer JIM HENDERSON for his artistic photographic record of our festivities. 
    JOHN GORALKA (Attorney/President of The Goralka Law Firm) was our scribe and reporter for this event. NANCY SMITH-FAGAN (Philanthropy Manager / International Bird Rescue) was behind the bar with a radiant smile pouring some excellent wines from LANGETWINS FAMILY WINERY courtesy of our own TIM MATTHEIS. Cheers to TIM and NANCY. For more information about LANGETWINS WINERY click here
    LEV KAGANOVICH  (Energy, LEED & Commissioning Consulting) delivered our thought for the day.
    LEV noted that for the past few months, he was constantly searching the Russian, Ukrainian, Belarusian and American news channels and blogs trying to build a picture of what is happening in and around Ukraine.
    LEV observed that, 81 Years ago, a German dictator invaded Soviet Union with the goal to demolish Soviet Army first and kill Jews. He found willing collaborators in many Eastern European countries such as Poland, Lithuania, and Ukraine among others.
    Now, the leftover from the former Soviet Union – the Russian Federation dictator invaded independent Ukraine and under the false pretense of denazification is bombing cities, areas around nuclear plants and even the Holocaust Memorial in Capital Kiev. The former comedian, 44 years old Jewish man and now the President of Ukraine - Zelensky was able to unite the Ukrainian people and the whole world to resist this unprovoked aggression. Along the way, President Zelensky was elected President of Ukraine with 73% voting support. His grandparents were murdered by German Nazis and now Russian dictator is killing Ukrainian people by stating that he is liberating them from Nazis. While seemingly stronger than fiction, this very real tragedy unfolds before our eyes. More than 1.7 million people already left their beloved Ukraine trying to save their families and many more are still trying to leave for safety in the free world.
    Ukraine is getting political, economic and military support from the Units States and the free world. LEV asks his Rotary brothers and sisters to provide humanitarian assistance to people of UKRAINE.
    LEV, with all that we see in the news today, thank you for this very timely and important reminder.
    Our guests included JOHN “SPELS” LANHAM (California State Railroad Museum) , TIM SCHROEPFER (CA ST RR Museum Foundation), MEGAN VILLAPUDUA (CA ST RR Museum Foundation) , MAM STRONG , ANNETTE JUMPER (Director of Child and Family Program) , RACHEL HANN (Crisis Nursery Program Manager) , JERRY ZINK, JEAN YAKATOBE , ROBERT MIDGLEY. 
    A VERY SPECIAL THANK YOU to MEGAN WYGANT – Executive Director /CLARA Studios) who is our meeting sponsor. MEGAN provided some very important information about the critical services of CLARA STUDIOS. CLARA STUDIOS provides much needed arts education to our community.
    CLARA — the E. Claire Raley Studios for the Performing Arts — is a 501(c)3 organization with a mission of providing education and resources to unleash the creative potential of local arts and culture in Sacramento. This is done by:
    CLARA’s programs provide the resources and supports necessary to keep local creative workers here at home, while also building the next generation of Sacramento’s creative thinkers.
    Please see link below of Clara Studios presentation
    RUTH TESAR –She slipped and fell on the ice and was in ICU.  Please send a care gram and hope for a speedy recovery.
    LATOYA resigned and is no longer the (Executive Director – Rotary Club of Sacramento). LATOYA looks forward to continuing her Rotary membership. LATOYA - thank you for your extraordinary efforts. Please send any potential candidates to President BOB MILLER.
    Please see link below for the presentation slides.
    PAST PRESIDENT SUSAN SHERIDAN provided a reminder that our own SACRAMENTO CENTURY is on October 1, 2022. (Only 197 riding days away). What beautiful weather we all have to train for the Sacramento Century.
    Last year/Rotary members raised:
    $21,750 – from club members – thank you DIANE MIZELL for your extraordinary effort.
    $47,000 -from the Challenge Champions led by KATHE NATION. Thank you for leading the Challenge Champions.
    $30,000 – raised by Corporate sponsorship. Thank you TODD KOOLAKIAN for your negotiating these contributions from our Corporate  members.  
    ANNETTE JUMPER and RACHEL HUNN, accepted our check in the amount of $92,500 made payable to the Crisis Nursery. GREAT JOB ROTARIANS! To date this event has netted $587,000 over the past 8 years.
    President BOB gave a big hello out to our guests here today from Isleton JEAN YAKOTOBE and JERRY ZINK.
    JEAN YAKOTOBE and JERRY ZINK were very instrumental in paving the way so that we are able to have a lunch in Isleton to serve 400-500 riders. Jean helped with our lunch location, making a sign when it wasn’t clear to the riders where to turn. JEAN also enlisted someone to hold the sign direct the riders to make the correct turn.
    Thank you both very much for all that you have done for us in Isleton.
    We have been fortunate to partner with the Children’s Receiving Home. 2022 will be our 5th year to work with them to benefit the Sacramento Crisis Nursery.
    Much support emails throughout the year to our list of 3500-4000 email addresses of the riders over the years, the supporters and our club members. Many volunteers and of course, our very own TODD KOOLAKIAN (Director of Philanthropy / Sacramento Children's Home), leads the corporate sponsor drive.
    Welcome to our guests from the Sacramento Children’s Home.
    ANNETTE JUMPER, Director of Child and Family Programs and RACHEL HUNN, the Crisis Nursery Program Manager. 
    Rotary Celebrates the Women of Rotary And National Woman’s Day!  John Goralka 2022-03-14 07:00:00Z 0



    Posted by Jim Culleton on Mar 04, 2022
    Rotary Meeting - March 1, 2022
    Seating was at a premium today as we kicked off March with a packed house!  THE ROTARY CLUB OF SACRAMENTO gathered to celebrate THE JEAN RUNYON COMMUNITY SERVICE AWARD presentation!  PRESIDENT BOB MILLER (Vice President Business Services at First US Community Credit Union) settled everyone down and launched into his thank you's.  Our greeters for the day were LEN SIMPSON (2020 Financial Advisers of Sacramento, L.L.C.),  DENNIS SMITH (V.P./Asset Manager-Office & Property Director of Tsakopoulos Management Company), and DEBORAH RUBINSJOHN SWENTOWSKY ( Owner of Swentowsky Photography) provided excellent photography as usual.
    NICOLE WILHELM (The Wilhelm Team at Compass) delivered our thought for the day. In honor of Women’s Day, Nicole quoted Mahala Yousafzai…
    “I raise up my voice – not so I can shout but so that those without a voice can be heard. We cannot succeed when half of us are held back”
    With all we see in the news today, thank you Nicole for this very timely reminder.
    Please click to hear Nicole’s thought for the day.
    Special thank you to Rotary’s own Sommelier and wine sponsor – the irreplaceable CHAIRMAN DAVID BRANDENBURGER (Managing Director of Newark)
    Our meeting SPONSOR, JAMIE FURLONG (Securitized Real Estate Specialist at Legacy Investment), briefly explained 1031 Exchanges.  She is a "Securitized Real Estate Professional."  Her company Legacy Investment Real Estate can help facilitate sales, explain tax implications and offer advice for those buying and selling properties.
    PRESIDENT BOB'S committee spotlight shined on our Speech Contest.  CHAIRMAN DAVID BRANDENBURGER (Managing Director of Newark) and PAUL KEEFER (Pacific Charter Institute) encouraged all to participate.  Tuesday March 8, 2022 at 5pm at 980 9th Street in the office of NEMARK CORNISH AND CAREY will feature students from McClatchy, New Tech, West Campus and Sacramento High Schools giving speeches centered around the topic, "Charity and how it can make you grow."  Winners get cash!  $200 for first place and the chance to go to Regionals, (then the District).
    JOHN SWENTOWSKY needs volunteers for Loaves and Fishes March 31 prepping from 7:30am - 11am and serving from 11am-1pm.  APRIL JAVIST is looking for Golf For Kids Sponsors, volunteers and players.  CHRISTIE HOLDEREGGER (Volunteers of America/Chief Development Officer) is heading up the ROTARY GRANT COMMITTEE.  She is looking for others to review applications to assist her in distributing grant money.  JUSTINO SANTANA (Non-Profit Business Development Manager/eFundraising Connections) wants helpers for the AMERICAN PARKWAY clean up on March 18 from 3pm-5pm.  Armed Forces Day will be May 24th, see JOHN SWENTOWSKY or THOM GILBERT for details.
    Generosity was flowing today!  NANCY TEICHERT (Executive Director at the Teichert Foundation) donated in honor of JEAN RUNYANBOBBY REED and DAVID BRANDENBURGER traded barbs and donated to the club.  ROBIN DELONG gave and suggested we may bring back the "Hobby Table" concept as she has been making and donating dolls.  DAN MCVEIGH gave in honor of a trifecta:  JEAN RUNYON, JOYCE RALEY TEAL and his granddaughter, CLAIRE.   JIM PHILLIPS gave in honor of DICK RYDER, who had been a friend since the early 1950's through 20-30 club and also in JOYCE RALEY TEAL'S honor.  DIANNE WOODRUFF also gave in honor of DICK RYDER, where they both joined  WES YEE'S trip to China.  JIM LEET thanked KATHY HERRFELDT and her efforts today. 
    The Main EVENT finally arrived!  The committee for this prestigious honor, the JEAN RUNYON COMMUNITY SERVICE AWARD, included KATHY HERRFELDT (COMMITTEE CHAIR, TODD KOOLAKIAN,  MAGGIE BRINKOETTER,  HOPKINS,  SARAH HODGE, AND  STRATI VOURAKIS.)   KATHY explained her selection process and recognized the inaugural winner  BARBARA ARNOLD, M.D.   Last year due to COVID, the award was not given.  So we welcomed it back with open arms.
    JEAN RUNYON, who passed away in 2009 at the age of 82, was a widely known local-area public relations, marketing, advertising, communications specialist, and activist who started her business in 1960 and gave tirelessly to this community while leading one of the most successful firms of its kind. She received numerous awards recognizing her leadership qualities, creativity, and business success, and in 1997, a group of her supporters, in partnership with the City of Sacramento, renovated the small theater in Memorial Auditorium, which was renamed THE JEAN RUNYON LITTLE THEATER. JEAN is recognized as a trailblazer for women and continues to be a symbol in the Sacramento community.
    KATHY described the many contribution made by Rotarian women and the ordeal that went all the way to the Supreme Court.  KATHY played a short video on the history of the DUARTE CLUB'S role in Rotary Clubs throughout the world ushering in women.  The video featured DR. SYLVIA WHITLOCK. In 1982, at the invitation of one of the women, MARY LOU ELLIOTT an elementary school principal, whose admission had caused the ouster of the ROTARY CLUB OF DUARTE, SYLVIA joined the Ex-Rotary Club of Duarte. SYLVIA became President of that Club in 1987, the year the United States Supreme Court ruled that the Club be reinstated, thus making her the first woman in the Rotary World to head a Club as President. In 1988 SYLVIA attended her first International Convention. SYLVIA and the first women to join the DUARTE ROTARY CLUB paved the way for women in Rotary.
    A time line of events ushering women in to Rotary:
    1879 The California Constitution enacted in provided that “No person shall, on account of sex, be disqualified from entering upon or pursuing any lawful business, vocation, or profession” (former Art. XX, Sec. 18; now Art. I, Sec. 8).
    1970 The California law forbidding employment discrimination, first enacted in 1959, was amended in 1970 to prohibit discrimination based on sex.
    1971 The California Supreme Court held that sex discrimination was subject to the same strict scrutiny standard applicable to race discrimination under the equal protection clause in the California Constitution.
    1974 The Unruh Civil Rights Act, first enacted in 1959, which forbids discrimination by business establishments, was amended to prohibit sex discrimination.
    1977 The Rotary Club of Duarte, California, admitted three women as members. In response, Rotary International revoked the Duarte Club’s charter and terminated its membership in Rotary International. The Duarte Rotary Club responded by suing Rotary International under the Unruh Civil Rights Act.
    1987 Rotary International v. Rotary Club of Duarte 481 U.S. 537. Upheld the ruling of the California Court of Appeal allowing women to join Rotary Clubs in California. Although this decision was limited to California, in 1989, Rotary International decided to extend the decision’s reach worldwide, and women may now be admitted into Rotary Clubs around the world.
    1987 JEAN RUNYON is admitted to the Sacramento Rotary Club and receives her red blazer.
    2022 As PRESIDENT NOMINEE, JENNIFER E. JONES will make history as the first International Rotary Club President. On that day women will have officially held every leadership position within Rotary.
    KATHY introduced our keynote speaker, MARIAN JOHNSTON.  Representing the State of California, DEPUTY ATTORNEY GENERAL, MARIAN JOHNSTON, as head of the Civil Rights Unit, intervened in the Rotary case pending before the United States Supreme Court. She successfully defended California’s law against the claim that its application to Rotary International violated any federal right protecting freedom of association or privacy, in light of California’s compelling interest in ending sex discrimination. In 1987, the Supreme Court upheld the California Court of Appeal’s decision interpreting the Unruh Civil Rights Act to protect the right of women to join Rotary Clubs in California. In 1989, Rotary International extended this right worldwide.
    KATHY then went on to present the Red Jacket and the JEAN RUNYON award to ELFREENA FOORD (Foord, Van Bruggen & Pajak).  Her announcement brought the room to it's feet.  She graciously accepted and thanked all of the Rotarians for their support.  ELFREENA spoke of JEAN RUNYON, thanked DIANNE WOODRUFF for nominating her, and hoped that should will be still attending Rotary Meetings in here 90's ala JACK BROWKER and BOB COLE
    Click on the link below to see the Award Presentation
    CONGRATULATIONS ELFREENA! – So very deserved for all you do…

    JEAN RUNYON AWARD DAY -  THE ENVELOPE PLEASE…  AND THE WINNER IS…  Jim Culleton 2022-03-04 08:00:00Z 0


    Posted by Danielle McGarrity on Feb 24, 2022
    Rotary Meeting: February 22, 2022
    PRESIDENT BOB MILLER (Vice President Business Services at First US Community Credit Union) welcomed us with a timely request regarding Care grams for two of our own fellow Rotarians. Former Sergeant-at-Arms ALLISON CAGLEY (Executive Director of Friends of Sacramento Arts) broke a bone in her shoulder and we send her all our best. NORM MARSHALL (President of Headwaters Construction Inc.) is in the hospital after open-heart surgery. We wish NORM a speedy and full recovery. President BOB asked for a moment of silence for Rotarian DICK RYDER, who recently passed away.
    President BOB thanked our Chair of the Day NANCY TEICHERT (Our own Pulitzer Prize winning author).

    The always ambitious and overachieving ALLISON CAGLEY provided our Thought for the Day while recovering at home from a broken shoulder. Once again, ALLISON provided further evidence of her willingness to go the extra mile for Rotary! Please click below for the recital of Change Sings by Amanda Gorman and Loren Long.
    CLICK HERE to follow the read aloud for this week’s Thought for the Day.
    GIULIANO KORNBERG (Sergeant-At-Arms) (Executive Director of Sacramento Philharmonic & Opera) introduced our meeting guests:  and Visiting Rotarians.
    NANCY SMITH-FAGAN (Director of Philanthropy at International Bird Rescue) described the Scholarships Committee, which awards scholarships to graduating seniors at several local high schools. Last year our Club made 9 awards to some very motivated and inspiring students. The Committee is in need of help reviewing this year’s applications after their submission deadline of April 15. If interested, please contact NANCY.
    • BRYAN MURRAY (Technology Risk Advisor / Bender Insurance Solutions) asked us all to save the date, May 6th, for our 100th annual Golf 4 Kids fundraiser at Land Park. We need auction items and golfers! To participate or help for this very important cause, please contact Bobby Reed
    President BOB donated $100 in honor of the Rams’ Super Bowl victory.
    ERIC SOLIS (Managing Director - Investments Officer at Solis Financial Strategies Group of Wells Fargo Advisors) donated to celebrate this year’s Youth Incentive Program (YIP) applicants. We have three new students participating this year, and all Rotarians are invited to attend their orientation on March 4 from 4:30-6:30.
    BOB ROSENBERG (Inve$tnet Inc.) donated in honor of SHIRLEY ROSENBERG.
    Past President WALTER DAHL (Partner at Dahl Law, Attorneys At Law), STEVE HUFFMAN and FRED TEICHERT (Executive Director of Teichert Foundation) donated $100 in honor of Dick Ryder.
    Chair of the Day NANCY TEICHERT shared that in recent years, over 2,000 newspapers have gone out of business. NANCY  reminded us how lucky we are to still have the Sacramento Bee serving our community and to have recruited COLLEEN MCCAIN NELSON last year as the paper’s Executive Editor. COLLEEN received the 2010 Pulitzer Prize for her reporting with The Dallas Morning News. COLLEEN most recently served as Opinion Editor for the Kansas City Star and National Opinion Editor for the McClatchy company.
    During the last 12 months, COLLEEN has overseen an expansion of the newsroom and a reimagining of the Bee’s print and digital offerings. Her priorities are holding the powerful to account, exposing injustices, focusing on in-depth local news reporting and ensuring that journalism provides a service to readers.
    The paper is hiring more journalists, upgrading technology and expanding its coverage of local news. The Equity Lab was created last January and is dedicated to expanding coverage of underrepresented communities in our region. The Equity Lab resulted in hiring seven new journalists, all supported by a Sacramento Region Community Foundation Fund.
    The Bee’s new Utility Team is focused on providing news you can use and answering topical questions about breaking news and will soon offer an opportunity for readers to submit questions for them to address.
    COLLEEN encouraged anyone to contact her with ideas, questions – even complaints – at Thank you COLLEEN for this timely and important presentation!
    Hearty thanks to the Rotarians who served as Greeters: BOB REDIGER (Redinger Labor Law) and BOBBY REED (CEO of Capitol Tech Solutions); Wine reception hosts Past President KEVIN SMITH-FAGAN (Executive Director of FairyTale Town) and NANCY SMITH-FAGAN; and Photographer JOHN SWENTOWSKY (Owner of Swentowsky Photography) the visual record of our meeting!
    We look forward to seeing everyone’s faces for another week of engaging topics and conversations. We will be honored to share the stage next week with MARIAN JOHNSTON, celebrating JEAN RUNYON DAY. JEAN RUNYON founded the first women-run agency in Sacramento more than 60 years ago. She was perhaps best described as a force of nature. JEAN had a contagious spirit, strong personality, and a true Rotarian’s passion for giving back to the community. MARIAN JOHNSTON’s presentation should not be missed!
    CLICK HERE for more information about our own JEAN RUNYON.
    Check out our March and April Calendar:
    • March 1, 2022 – Marian Johnston – Jean Runyon Day
    • March 8, 2022 – TBA!
    • March 15, 2022 – Bob Rogers – Polio
    • March 22, 2022 –YP Takeover
    • March 29, 2022 – Robert Nelsen  – Sac State
    • April 5, 2022 – TBA
    • April 12, 2022 – DARK
    • April 19, 2022 – Ami Bera – United States 
    • April 26, 2022 – Willie Whittlesey – Forest Management

    Rotary’s Inside the NFL Report

    Posted by John McIntyre on Feb 11, 2022
    Rotary Meeting: February 8, 2022
    President Elect LINDA GEERY (Gilbert CPAs) gaveled in the meeting at 12:10pm, welcoming all in her quietly authoritative voice. She noted that Bob was again neglecting his presidential duties…
    President Elect LINDA thanked this meeting’s greeters JIM PHILLIPS (Energy Savers), BILL PROFFIT (Land Park Ski & Sport), and MARJORIE PORTER (HP, Inc.). She also thanked Pulse Reporter JOHN MCINTYRE (Mercy Foundation), Wine Reception sponsor/pourer Past-President WALTER DAHL (Dahl Law, Attorneys) JOHN SWENTOWSKY (Swentowsky Photography) for capturing images from today’s meeting.
    Past-President THOM GILBERT offered thoughts in light of our guest speaker, relating to achievement, sharing (a recorder’s approximation of) quotes by Mark Spitz, “Failing to prepare is preparing to fail,” by Ralph Waldo Emerson, “Those who are good at making excuses are not good at anything else,” and a final one without attribution, “Don’t give up at half-time, you need to go out and win the second half!”
    President Elect LINDA led the club in saluting the flag and our country.
    Sergeant-at-Arms interloper PAUL KEEFER (Pacific Charter Institute) introduced and welcomed the following:
    1. Visiting Rotarian ROBERT HANEY (Capitol Tech Solutions) of Point West Rotary
    2. Prospective Young Professional Rotarian NICK HILTON (New York Life), guest of JAMIE FURLONG (Legacy Investment Real Estate)
    3. Incoming New Member MARY DE LEO (Weintraub Tobin Attorneys), sponsored by DEE HARTZOG and PETER DANNENFELSER (Architect)
    4. SANDRA GARCIA (VEI College), guest of STEVE HORTON
    President Elect LINDA announced those who graced the dais today:
    1. BOBBIE HALES (Gilbert CPAs)
    2. President Elect LINDA GEERY
    3. Speaker MIKE PEREIRA (Head of Officiating, USFL)
    4. Chair of the Day MIK MIKLAUS (Integrity Mortgage)
    President Elect LINDA donated her time to Sister LIBBY FERNANDEZ of Mercy Pedalers ( Sister LIBBY opened by showing a news video of her ministry to the homeless/unhoused, reaching out into the camps and on the streets to offer kindness, human essentials (toiletries, food, water, etc.), but also to assist those in need to improve their situations – shelters, housing, vaccinations and other needs of the unhoused.
    CLICK HERE to watch a video of Sister LIBBY.
    JAMIE FURLONG shared the recent triumphs of the Young Professionals group, which has been a highly successful addition to the club, helping to attract younger members to Rotary. She encouraged every member of the club to bring a young professional (and prospective Rotarian) to the March 22nd “Young Professionals Takeover” meeting. Comply – JAMIE’s word is given!
    1. BOBBY REED (Capitol Tech Solutions) went for the trifecta – he reminded all of Golf 4 Kids on May 6th, encouraged participation in the American River Parkway Cleanup on Feb. 19th, and asked for volunteers to help with the “Point in Time” count of the homeless in the county occurring the nights of 2/23 and 2/24. This count is essential for ensuring Sacramento County receives the correct amount of governmental support to assist those in need.
    2. NANCY SMITH-FAGAN (International Bird Rescue) announced that the Scholarship Committee is readying to give out scholarships to worthy high school seniors heading into college. She seeks additional readers of applications. Contact NANCY to assist.
    3. SHARNA BRAUCKS (YMCA) reminded all that the Vitalant ‘Bloodmobile’ will be at our meeting on March 15th, so, if you haven’t given in the last 8 weeks, it’s time! There is a blood shortage across the country, so your help is needed.
    1. KERRY WOOD (Sacramento Region Community Foundation) made $100 contribution to run a ‘10K’ in honor of her mother, who turned 75 today!
    2. KATHY HERRFELDT (Home Care Assistance) gave $50 (5K?) in honor of her own mom.
    3. JAMIE FURLONG gave $100 to be split between the Eddie Mulligans of BOBBY REED and JOHN SWENTOWSKY for their always-respond-to-the-call awesomeness.
    4. Guest speaker MIKE PEREIRA compelled MIK MIKLAUS to make a $100 ‘10K’ contribution, which MIK accepted good-naturedly.
    MIK MIKLAUS started his introduction by noting the common misperception that sporting contests have two teams, but he noted there’s a third team – the referees who are disinterested parties, serving to ensure that fair play prevails. He and MIKE PEREIRA started together and rose in the ranks of referees, yet MIKE continued to rise to the very top, becoming “Mikey Rulebook.” MIK then welcomed to the dais, native Stocktonian and Fox football analyst MIKE.
    MIKE opened by sharing that he started as a referee in 1970 doing Pop Warner football games in East Palo Alto primarily as a way to get weekend beer money, yet this led him to a career that has now spanned nearly 52 years. He wondered aloud about what else he could do and suggested he might become a screenwriter and write the next season of “Ozark.” He then went into the ‘inside baseball’ for us non-viewers, saying he would send Ruthie on a blind date…with Jimmy Garoppolo, and then engineer selling the San Francisco Forty-Niners to the Mexican Mafia. Be sure to tune in to season 5…
    MIKE noted that he never prepares for presentations like this, because he likes to keep things fresh, so he doesn’t have to remember what he said before, and to keep things timely. He showed infinite wisdom in sharing that he hates the Dallas Cowboys (a hatred shared by all right-thinking individuals), and that HE is the reason the Cowboys lost to the 49ers in the playoffs: Some time ago, he moved the line judge’s position from behind the defensive line to behind the offensive line (and behind the backfield), which meant that it took an extra half second at the end of the game for the line judge to get the ball placed, which was exactly the extra half second the Cowboys would have needed to stop the clock and set up for a game-tying field-goal attempt. Thus, 49ers win, and Cowboys whine (am I being too subtle?)!
    Drawing attention to his new title, ‘Head of Officiating for the USFL,’ he said it wasn’t a typo and that, in fact, the USFL was coming back starting this spring (April through July). Why did he sign on and why does he believe the USFL can survive this time? Because the whole enterprise is owned by Fox!
    MIKE then shifted gears, reflecting on the presentation Sister LIBBY did earlier, and resonating with her suggestion that “Every little piece, becomes part of the larger solution.” He said that his career has been in refereeing, yet his passion is for his nonprofit, “Battlefields 2 Ballfields,” which provides scholarships to help train and equip former military to become referees. There is a desperate shortage of referees, umpires, etc., and many veterans participated in sports, have remained fit, and appreciate following the rules – and some have struggled to reintegrate to society after their service.
    MIKE has seen many participants in his program flourish as a result, which provides a meaningful societal service after service to the country. He noted with pride that he had recently confirmed a scholarship for a veteran who was emerging out of the military court system and who has gotten his life back on track and will now be refereeing softball in Rochester, NY.
    CLICK HERE to learn more about Battlefields 2 Ballfields.
    MIKE concluded by opining that the sense of “service” is something he sees declining in the country (but not in Rotary…) and considers that a great loss, with unfortunate results like the soccer ref in Roseville who was assaulted on the pitch during a soccer game. He hopes we’re better than that, and that we can find our way back toward service to our communities and society. He then offered to take questions.

    Rotary’s Inside the NFL Report John McIntyre 2022-02-11 08:00:00Z 0
    Meeting Sponsor - Jon Snyder - March 15, 2022 2022-02-04 08:00:00Z 0


    Posted by Danielle McGarrity on Feb 04, 2022
    Rotary Meeting: February 1, 2022
    PAST PRESIDENT KEVIN SMITH-FAGAN (Executive Director, Fairy Tale Town) called us to order with a celebration of Lunar New Year…the Year of the Tiger is now upon us! PAST PRESIDENT KEVIN shared a bit of history: on February 1, 1914 our Club was formally chartered by Rotary International – and to this day descendants of the founding members remain active in Rotary.
    PAST PRESIDENT KEVIN thanked our Meeting Sponsor, PAST PRESIDENT DR. WES YEE (Yee Dental Care) and Chair of the Day DICK OSEN.
    Huge thanks to the Rotarians who served as Greeters, Past President FRANK POELMAN (Poelman Company Ltd) and SAM JAROSZ (Public Relations and Communications Director, Salvation Army); Wine reception host DR. BARBARA ARNOLD (Opthalmologist, Barbara J. Arnold MD); and Photographer JOHN SWENTOWSKY (Swentowsky Photography).
    PAST PRESIDENT PETER DANNENFELSER (Architectural Arts) cautioned us to avoid the “Us vs. Them” mindset that permeates much of the media coverage we see and focus on how much more we have in common than what separates us. Let’s reach out and help our neighbors, and grant others grace and space during these challenging times.
    SERGEANT-AT-ARMS GIULIANO KORNBERG (Executive Director, Sacramento Philharmonic) introduced our meeting guests: Prospective Rotarians PETER COYL (Sacramento Public Library), guest of RIVKAH SASS (CEO/Sacramento Public Library), MARY JO STRENG, guest of JIM STRENG,  RORY ACHESON, and BOB W.
    PAST PRESIDENT DR. WES YEE donated his time to CATHY LEVERING (Executive Director, Sacramento District Dental Society and Foundation). CATHY explained that the Dental Society is made up of dentists from a five-county area. Their signature program, Smiles for Kids, partners member dentists with local schools to screen and provide dental education to thousands of children each year, totaling more than $1 million in pro bono services each year. Dearly departed Rotarian DR. SKIP LAWRENCE and DR. WES YEE were instrumental in connecting the Dental Society & Foundation with our Club, which provided them with their first grant of $65,000 (matched by Sierra Health Foundation to become $130,000 in impact!)
    KATHE NATHAN described the Meeting Sponsorship Committee and how much she has enjoyed having the chance to reach out and talk with members she doesn’t always get to engage with. Meeting sponsorship is a great tool for anyone to share their passion by inviting a nonprofit they care about up to speak for 3 minutes or (for newer members especially) to share their work with the Club (anyone interested in either sponsoring a meeting or joining the committee should contact KATHE.)
    • KATHE NATHAN reminded us that the national blood shortage continues, and it’s easy to give at your local Vitalant center – make an online appointment today!
    • PAUL KEEFER (Executive Director, Pacific Charter Institute) shared that two families are lined up to host our Rotary Youth Exchange student beginning this Fall. We look forward to introducing our student to everyone!
    Chair of the Day DICK OSEN welcomed Sacramento County Supervisor DON NOTTOLI, District 5 representative (a region with more than 300,000 people that stretches from Rancho Cordova down to Galt and the Delta communities.) After 28 years of service, Supervisor NOTTOLI has decided not to seek reelection this Fall.
    Supervisor NOTTOLI thanked the Club for all that we do and the many agencies we represent. After a moment of silence for Elk Grove police officer Ty Lenehan, Sup. NOTTOLI shared his hope that when we look back on these last two years of the pandemic, it will have resulted in us becoming stronger and more compassionate toward each other. He believes the County is seeing the peak of our Omicron surge; case rates are down, and vaccination numbers continue to increase. Recently 90,000 COVID tests were distributed by Sacramento Public Libraries in a matter of days.
    Sup. NOTTOLI explained Sacramento’s process for allocating its $300 million in federal American Rescue Plan funds (half of which we’ve received and the other half is due in May 2022). A community survey of 1,500 residents found that top priorities were affordable housing, homelessness, public health and business support. A detailed list of expenditures can be found on this County page.
    Homelessness remains a very troubling issue for our region, and the Supervisor shared that in response to a recent complaint from the American River Parkway Foundation, new Park Ranger positions have been added and more clean-ups scheduled. It remains a struggle to provide enough shelter beds, and officials cannot legally relocate unhoused individuals unless a shelter bed is available. Volunteers are needed for the annual “Point in Time” count of unsheltered individuals in our region on Feb. 23 and 24. Sup. NOTTOLI encouraged Club members to sign up for a volunteer shift.
    Given recent redistricting in both the City and County and several upcoming elections (County Supervisorial Districts 1,2 and 5, Sacramento Sheriff and District Attorney), Sup. NOTTOLI encouraged everyone to remain involved and engaged with their elected officials now and into the future.
    WHAT’s NEXT?
    Didn’t get a chance to make it to last week’s meeting? Don’t fret! There is still a chance to make it to the next one! Join us Tuesday, February 1, 2022 at The Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church from 12:10-1:30 PM to hear guest speaker Mike Pereira, football officiating expert. Mike Pereira is a former American football official and later Vice President of Officiating for the National Football League and currently the Head of Officiating for the United States Football League. Since 2010 he has served as a rules analyst for Fox Sports, for which he has gained the nickname, “Mikey Rule Books.”
    • 2/15/2022- Dark
    A GLIMPSE OF HOPE WITHIN A HEALTH AND HOUSING CRISES Danielle McGarrity 2022-02-04 08:00:00Z 0


    Posted by John Goralka on Jan 28, 2022
    Rotary Meeting: January 25, 2022
    Like clockwork, as 12:10 approached, a flurry of familiar Rotarian faces gradually filled the room, many fully equipped with a glass of wine and all with smiling faces. The cascade of philanthropist entered the Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church, the home of our weekly meetings, but not without a genial welcome. Greeters RICK OSEN (President/Sutter Builders, Inc.), DICK OSEN (Retired Attorney), KEVIN WILLIAMS (KVIE/Chief Sponsorship Manager), RIVKAH SASS (Library Director & CEO/Sacramento Public Library) ensured we were all met with friendly and homely salutations. The four ounce pours that fell into Rotarian wine glasses were brought to us by none other than ED MELIA, as our Wine Reception Sponsor. Luckily for us ED knows the value in providing the right type of refreshment. JOHN GORALKA (President/The Goralka Law Firm), yet another member of the taskforce, transcribed the days events as the day’s pulse reporter. We felt the commencement of the meeting when PRESIDENT BOB MILLER (Business Services Manager/First US Community Credit Union) called us to order as he administered the well-deserved thanks you’s to these Rotarian volunteers.
    KELLEY MORAN, who is the CEO of Barjrang Yoga, gave us a little glimpse into her world by illustrating the philosophical framework by which many Yogic practices derive. She brought to light the cultural significance of Thich Nhat Hanh, a multifaceted and iconic figure within Buddhism. Thich Nhat Hạnh was a Vietnamese Thien Buddhist monk, peace activist, prolific author, poet, teacher, and founder of the Plum Village Tradition, historically recognized as the main inspiration for engaged Buddhism. Known as the "father of mindfulness", Nhat Hạnh was a major influence on Western practices of Buddhism. With this inspiration KELLEY invited members to connect with their breath in honor of his memory. With each breath, members gained a slightly better understanding of eastern practices. When KELLEY provided us with this thought we had the added benefit of being reminded to incorporate mindfulness into our daily lives.

    PRESIDENT BOB MILLER led us in the pledge of allegiance after introducing guest Rotarians who we welcome with open arms, prospective members which exemplify our ever-expanding Rotarian community, and visiting Rotarians who are always a pleasure to have.
    Gazing up at the dias we were able to see the fearless faces of PRESIDENT ELECT NOMINEE TODD KOOLAKIAN (Director of Philanthropy/Sacramento’s Children’s Home) an ever so valued member. STRATI VOURAKIS (President and Owner at Calm Computing) had the pleasure of acting as our Chair of the Day. We have Rotarian testimony as to the quality of the introductions he delivered for our guest speaker, ROB VLOPE (CEO of Ignite 360), who also sat proud at the head of the table. Lastly, PRESIDENT BOB MILLER as we would expect, could also be seen gracing the table.
    We received the honor of hearing from ROB VOLPE, CEO of Ignite 360, who busted some commonly held myths about empathy and shared how to utilize empathy in the workplace.
    Tuesday’s guest speaker, ROB VOLPE, is an astute observer of life and a master storyteller who brings empathy and compassion to the human experience. As CEO of Ignite 360, he leads a team of insights, strategy, and creative professionals serving the world’s leading brands across a range of industries. As a thought leader in the role of empathy in marketing and the workplace, he frequently speaks on the topic at conferences, corporations, and colleges. He is a graduate of Syracuse University’s S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications and lives in San Francisco with his husband and 3 cats.
    ROB VOLPE defined empathy as the ability to connect with another’s perspective or emotions as if you were them – the ability to walk in someone else’s shoes, as them. He stated that people often are afraid of the “E” word and can be resistant to it.
    He presented important tools to help refine empathetic skills by informing of us 11 facts and 5 steps to empathy.
    Fact #1- Empathy is NOT sympathy
    Fact #2- There are two distinct forms of empathy: cognitive and emotional.
    Fact #3- Humans are hard-wired for empathy. It is a neurobiologically-based competency rather than a mere “soft skill” according to leading Harvard neuro-scientist Helen Riess.
    Fact #4- Post 2000, college students have 40% less empathy than their earlier peers.
    Like your muscles, building empathy requires training and practice to stay strong
    Fact #5- 31% of US adults aren’t able to easily see another’s point of view.
    Fact #6- 90% of Gen Z are more likely to stay at an empathetic employer’s company
    Fact #7- Only 1 in 4 employees believe empathy in their organization is sufficient
    Fact #8- ¾ felt engage in their jobs when they have highly empathetic managers
    Fact #9- 61% of employees with empathetic leaders are able to be innovative at work, verses the 15% with less empathetic leadership
    Fact #10- 97% of customers say empathy is the most important element in customer engagement.
    Fact #11- More than 50% of US adults want to improve their empathy skills
    In summary, the application of empathy is intellectual (cognitive) exercise, empathy empowers other and is the secret ingredient to a well-functioning society, and it takes continual practice to keep empathy skills strong. We were immensely grateful and lucky to receive ROB VOLPE’s insightful presentation, especially because of how well it coincided with core Rotarian values.
    WHAT’s NEXT?
    Didn’t get a chance to make it to last week’s meeting? Don’t fret! There is still a chance to make it to the next one! Join us Tuesday, February 1, 2022 at The Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church from 12:10-1:30 PM to hear guest speaker Supervisor Don Nottoli from Sacramento County.  
    • 2/8/2022- Mike Pereira
    • 2/15/2022- Dark
    TAMING THE EMPATHY CRISIS!  John Goralka 2022-01-28 08:00:00Z 0


    Posted by Nancy Teichert on Jan 14, 2022
    Rotary Meeting: January 11, 2022
    The first hint that we were in for a treat was that DAVID BRANDENBURGER (Managing Director, Newmark Knight Frank) was pouring several types of beer at the wine reception.
    PPRESIDENT BOB MILLER (Vice President Business Services, First US Community Credit Union) thanked DAVID for serving both wine and beer at the door and thanked greeters JUDY KJELSTROM (Director Emerita of the UC Davis Biotech Program), DICK NOONAN (General Manager Railroad Operations, California State Railroad Museum), and DICK OSEN. JOHN SWENTOWSKY (Owner, Swentowsky Photography) documented the meeting not with all his fancy camera gear but with his cell phone.
    The Thought of the Day was provided by NANCY TIECHERT, an email she got on New Year’s Day from a dear friend entitled The Train.
    • “At birth we boarded the train and met our parents, and we believe they will always travel by our side. As time goes by, other people will board the train; and they will be significant i.e. our siblings, friends, children, strangers and even the love of your life. However, at some station our parents will step down from the train, leaving us on this journey alone. Others will step down over time and leave a permanent vacuum. Some, however, will go so unnoticed that we don't realize they vacated their seats. This train ride will be full of joy, sorrow, fantasy, expectations, hellos, goodbyes, and farewells. Success consists of having a good relationship with all passengers requiring that we give the best of ourselves.
        The mystery to everyone is: We do not know at which station we ourselves will step down. So, we must live in the best way, love, forgive, and offer the best of who we are. It is important to do this because when the time comes for us to step down and leave our seat empty we should leave behind beautiful memories for those who will continue to travel on the train of life.
       I wish you a joyful journey for the coming years on your train of life. Reap success, give lots of love and be happy. More importantly, thank God for the journey!
       Lastly, I want to thank you for being one of the passengers on my train!”
    PRESIDENT BOB called on PAUL KEEFER (Executive Director, Pacific Charter Institute) to serve as Sergeant-At-Arms and introduce guests including this reporter’s son-in-law Oleg Kaganovich (son of LEV KAGANOVICH).
    Meeting sponsor ALLISON CAGLEY (Executive Director, Friends of Sacramento Arts) was excited to announce that her organization will be putting on A Brubeck Jazz Music Celebration on Feb. 7 at the Crest Theater.
    A live performance by the Brubeck Brothers Quartet will honor the 100th birthday of their father and famous jazz composer and performer Dave Brubeck. To buy tickets, CLICK HERE or call 916-802-2770. Proof of vaccination will be required for admittance. The concert will benefit nearly 1,000 local high school jazz musicians and the expansion of arts programs at Sacramento schools.
    New members inducted into the club were introduced and pinned by PP JOHN FRISCH (Senior Managing Director, Real Estate) who sponsored them along with CHRIS ANN BACHTEL. Both new members work for The Salvation Army.
    It has never been truer… two really is better than one! Our first new member, SAMANTHA JAROSZ will be handling public relations for the Army. Ordained minister LARRY CARMICHAEL will work as social services director for the Army. In club announcements, JOHN SWENTOWSKY thanked members for serving 300 meals to the homeless at Loaves and Fishes. BOBBY REED (CEO, Capitol Tech Solutions) invited members to a clean up on the American River in two weeks and the May 6 Golf 4 Kids.
    • In Let’s go a Run, our member JOHN SWENTOWSKY donated $100 because in the College Football Playoff National Champion game, Georgia beat Alabama. His son graduated from Georgia.
    • ALLISON CAGLEY donated $100 for 43 years of marriage that was celebrated at her favorite Ella Restaurant. SARAH HODGE (Director of Development, California State University Sacramento) announced her new job with the Association of California Water Agencies.
    • Ed Wright donated $250 to his Paul Harris in memory for his late brother-in-law Jann Mikkelsen, who was a Rotarian from Denmark. PRESIDENT BOB donated $100 in honor of his birthday!
    PRESIDENT BOB then called on KEVIN WILLIAMS (Chief Sponsorship Manager, KVIE), to introduce our speaker author and beer expert CHARLIE BAMFORTH (Distinguished Professor Emeritus at UC Davis). Hence, the beer at the wine reception. KEVIN stated that the U.S. beer industry sell about 204 million barrels of beer in a year; or, the equivalent of $11 billion worth of six-packs. There are now about 1,100 craft brewers in California alone.
    CHARLIE reminisced over how the beer market has grown since he first spoke to our club 20 years ago. Anheuser-Busch is still the number one brewery in the U.S. The Brewers Association reports that more than 9,000 breweries operate in the U.S. Small independent craft breweries contribute more than $62 billion to the U.S. economy.
    CHARLIE is proudly associated with the Sierra Nevada Brewing Company founded in 1980 in Chico. He said it now has a beautiful brewery operating in North Carolina.
    Fun fact: In past generations, beer was used as a medicine and even a douche. One of his students at UC Davis asked, “What’s a douche?” and CHARLIE put up two fingers about an inch apart and explained, “It’s this far away from being an enema.”
    Known as the “Pope of Foam” at Davis, he said beers can more easily be matched to serve with cheese, than wine. “I know I’m biased but I’m right,” he said. There’s even a breakfast beer. “There’s a beer for every time of the day.”
    CLICK HERE to watch CHARLIE’s full presentation.
    Friendly reminder that we are DARK next week, in observance of MLK Day. We look forward to seeing everyone back on January 25th!
    **Note to members: Executive Director LaToya Wong is on family leave so please don’t contact her about club business, but keep her in your thoughts and prayers.
    ALL ABOUT BEER! Nancy Teichert 2022-01-14 08:00:00Z 0


    Posted by John McIntyre on Jan 07, 2022
    Rotary Meeting: January 4, 2022
    PRESIDENT BOB MILLER (First US Community Credit Union) gaveled in the meeting at 12:11pm, welcoming all to our first gathering of the New Year. He noted that several intended participants in the day’s meeting were unavailable and so it was possible the meeting run shorter than usual, which he hoped would cause no one heartburn.
    PRESIDENT BOB thanked the meeting greeters KATHE NATHAN and BRIAN MURRAY (Bender Insurance Solutions), pre-meeting musical mood-setter ELFRENA FOORD (Foord, Van Bruggen & Pajak), Pulse Reporter JOHN MCINTYRE (Mercy Foundation), Wine Reception sponsor/pourer SURRENDER SINGAL, and JOHN SWENTOWSKY (Swentowsky Photography) for capturing images of today’s meeting.
    TOM BACON (Bacon Commercial Real Estate) provided his thoughts for a new year in the lyrical context of Neil Young’s “Thrasher,” penned about Young’s breakup with Crosby, Stills & Nash, feeling that they’d lost some of their musical integrity by trying to please, “the man.” TOM’s takeaway was to stay “authentic,” and to “be true to you” through challenges, and that “the best fork in the road is the right one,” which reminded this recorder of Yogi Berra’s admonition, “When you come to a fork in the road, take it...”
    CLICK HERE to watch TOM deliver this thought for the day.
    PRESIDENT BOB led the club in saluting the flag and our country.
    No guests visiting or prospective Rotarians joined us for this meeting.
    PRESIDENT BOB announced those who graced the dais today:
    • Chair of the Day SARAH HODGE 
    • Speaker JENNIFER EDWARDS (Winning Street Ventures, Co-founder, How to Bridge the Gap)
    • KATIE MCCLEARY (Founder 916 Ink, Co-founder, How to Bridge the Gap)
    • KATHE NATHAN – shared the need for blood and encouraged members to go to Vitalant. KATHY HERRFELDT (Home Care Assistance Sacramento) noted that she’d signed up to give blood with the KCRA blood drive, which is another great option!
    • SARAH HODGE – reminded all that Golf 4 Kids is coming, May 6th! Don’t forget to come out for the benefit of physically impaired children of the Sacramento area.
    • KATHY HERRFELDT shared that her Home Care Assistance business was cited by her network as the worldwide leader in Client Retention for 2021. She chipped in $100 toward her Eddie Mulligan to commemorate this recognition.
    • PAST PRESIDENT WES YEE (Yee Dentistry) rose to acknowledge Jim Phillips in honor of his recent 92nd birthday. Wes marked the occasion with $100 toward Jim’s Eddie Mulligan.
    • PAST PRESIDENT JIM LEET (retired) then rose to honor DICK OSEN (Retired) on the occasion of his 58th wedding anniversary with $100 toward his Eddie Mulligan.
    • Not to be outdone, DICK OSEN acknowledged the occasion, noting that he and Judy started out in Minnesota in 1957… Dick contributed $250 to mark the event.
    • ERIC SOLIS (Solis Financial Strategies) rose to share about his daughters’ successes and contributed $100 towards his Eddie Mulligan.
    • PAST PRESIDENT THOM GILBERT (retired) celebrated that his daughter is moving back to Sacramento to take an accounting job (not with Gilbert & Associates…).
    • Speaker Jennifer Edwards could hold herself back no longer and plunked a $20 on the dais, elbowing President Bob aside and sharing that her niece will be traveling to Italy with Rotary Youth Exchange, which she acknowledged will change her young niece’s perspective on the world (true enough!).
    • President Bob, when he could get the mic back, acknowledged Jim Relles for his generous $1,000 gift in memory of his daughter Alicia.
    We had the pleasure of hearing from the authors of the forthcoming guidebook “Bridge the Gap” that’s focused on being present, intentional and authentic: communications is about showing up. They opened by asking whether or not members had thought through and made New Year’s intentions. Some shared examples: wasting less food, spend more time with family, more meditation, mindfully slowing down and being thoughtful about actions, completing a (third!) book manuscript. Each was acknowledged and probed a bit with the Rotarian to learn more about their motivation and intended outcomes.
    JENNIFER and KATIE shared how very different they are from each other – one conservative, one liberal; one amply tattooed, the other not; one a Christian, the other a Buddhist – yet these differences are small compared to how each is similar to the other. This is especially true in their commitment to connecting and communicating, and belief in the power of curiosity.
    They shared some visual aids: first, the “Chinese finger trap,” which shows that the harder you pull, the more stuck you become. Conversely, if you lean/push in, there’s release. Next, JENNIFER used two pitchers of water to show how we respond to pressure: when under pressure, we’re like the full pitcher – at that point can we handle more? No… JENNIFER poured more water into the already-full pitcher with the excess pouring to the floor (onto a well-placed towel). She and KATIE then made the point that pressure undercuts our executive thinking and floods our systems with cortisol, which “hijacks” your brain for up to 27 hours. They suggest there’s a better way, including ways to dial down the impact of cortisol.
    JENNIFER and KATIE also took the opportunity to mention many concepts that we can integrate into our way of thinking- to help us succeed in our relationships, both professional and personal, and everything in between:
    • One-way communication vs. two-way communication: we’ve been taught that two-way conversation is polite and meaningful, but this results in often talking past one another. They suggest one-way conversation is better: Using “tell me about…” inquiries show respect for and interest in the other person, reducing their stress and giving them permission to direct the conversation comfortably. Thus, it increases their capacity to connect and to receive information. When we show up ready to listen with curiosity, we build trust and relationship.
    • Mirror Neurons – these are neurological impulses that, like a pheromone, wordlessly convey meaning/sensation. We need to release these mirror neurons, especially if it is causing pressure (giving that too-full-pitcher feeling). How to do this? Recommendations were:
      • Find space for silence
      • Deep, cleansing breaths
      • Find a place for a private “temper tantrum” to release the anxiety.
    • Successful leaders convey (consciously or unconsciously, verbally or non-verbally):
      • Here’s what I know
      • Here’s what I don’t know
      • Here’s what you can rely on me for…
    CLICK HERE to watch JENNIFER and KATIE’s full presentation with questions and answers at the end.
    PRESIDENT BOB invited Sergeant-at-Arms GIULIANO KORNBERG (Sac Opera/Philharmonic) to share next week’s plans; GIULIANO noted that next week we will be in the same location, The Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church, and that Professor Charlie Bamforth of UC Davis will focus on the effervescent topic of Beer.
    PRESIDENT BOB concluded the meeting at 1:20pm.



    Posted by Jim Culleton on Dec 17, 2021
    Rotary Meeting: December 16, 2021
    Have you ever heard of a Guest-President? Well, you have if you attended last Tuesday’s meeting! The President for the Day was BAILEY PAVELCHIK in place of PRESIDENT BOB MILLER (First US Community Credit Union). BAILEY is the granddaughter of ROY ALEXANDER (Sacramento Children’s Home/Retired). BAILEY is a freshman at Creighton University. She is nursing major, and her future goal would be to become a forensic nurse. BAILEY is currently a member of the Creighton Rowing Team and Freshman Leadership Program. We were lucky to have her!
    We want to especially thank JOHN SWENTOWSKY (Swentowsky Photography) for these excellent photos! He truly outdid himself this time with a surplus of picture-perfect moments!
    BAILEY thanked PRESIDENT MILLER for donating his platform to her and expressed her excitement to lead the day for Family Holiday Traditions Day. Formerly, this was the annual Daughter’s Day, one of Rotary’s longest traditions. In honor of cultural diversities and family, Tuesday’s goal was to celebrate different cultural holidays. In proper Rotary tradition, BAILEY began by administering many well deserved thank you’s. She thanked Annunciation Greek Orthodox Choir for providing beautiful music while we gathered, then continued to introduce a very special assemblage of staff.
    The following four acted as our greeters:
    Greeter CLARE JACKSON is the granddaughter of Past President Jim Leet. CLARE is 7 years old and is a 2nd grader at Sacred Heart Parish School. She likes to read, enjoys science experiments and her new puppy, Lucky.
    Greeter CLARE HOLDEREGGER LEACH was our second greeter and one of two Sergeant-at-Arms. CLARE is the daughter of CHRISTIE HOLDEREGGER (Volunteers of America/Chief Development Officer). CLARE is 21 years old and is currently attending American River College where she is completing her GE and enjoying her Fashion Design courses.  She plans to transfer to a 4-year university where she will major in Fashion and Entrepreneurship.
    Greeter AVERY CANUP, great granddaughter of ART and KIEFIE BREUER, is 5 years old, attends kindergarten and she loves to dance in her dance troupe.
    Our final greeter was HENRY SPAULDING, son of MEGAN WYGANT (Claire Raley Studios for the Performing Arts). HENRY just turned 3!  He loves building towers and cooking, dancing and singing, drawing, making new friends, and identifying the letter "H" everywhere he goes.
    Sergeants-of-Arms was LIBBY PAVELCHIK. LIBBY is a sophomore at Mesa Verde High School where she plays volleyball and basketball. She also plays the guitar and is a member of the DND (Dungeons and Dragons) and anime club at school.  Her interests include reading, writing poetry, fashion, music, psychology, and film.
    ISABELLE JACKSON shared the Thought for the Day. ISABELLE is the granddaughter of PAST PRESIDENT JIM LEET (Boutin Jones Inc.). ISABELLE is 11 years old and is in 6th grade at Sacred Heart Parish School.  She likes to read books on Greek Mythology and play tennis. 
    MILA REED led us in the Pledge of Allegiance. MILA is the daughter of BOBBY REED (Capitol Tech Solutions). MILA attends Piccolini Pre-School. She loves to draw pictures, play with her older brothers, and meet new friends on the playground.
    For the past few weeks, the Rotary Club has been collecting money for the Salvation Army Toy Drive. Rotarians were able to find red envelopes on their table. This was in homage to the Chinese New Year during which gifts of money are exchanged in red envelopes.
    KEVIN WILLIAMS (KVIE) did the honor of creating a wonderful video to celebrate the holidays, filled with family photos sent in by Rotarians. He then encouraged the encapsulation of the memory of Rotary Family Day by pointing families towards the Rotary Holiday Photo Booth.
    From the beginning of November through mid-January, families throughout the world and in our community celebrate more than 30 holidays. Just to name a few are the following:
    Hannukah: is the Jewish festival of lights celebrates the rededication of the Holy Temple in Jerusalem after the Maccabean Revolt in 2BCE. As the temple was rededicated, there was only enough holy oil to light the menorah for a single day, but that single day of oil lasted for eight days. Families celebrating light a menorah, play games, and eat foods fried in oil to celebrate that miracle.

    Chamos: is a festival of the Kalash people in Western Pakistan, lasting for seven days, including the day of the December solstice.
    Yaldā Night: is the Iranian winter solstice festivalwhere loved ones gather to eat, drink and read poetry, primarily the poems of Divan-e-Hafez.
    Kwanzaa: from a Swahili phrase meaning “first fruits" – honors African-American culture. Each of Kwanzaa’s seven nights involves a candle-lighting ceremony celebrating Kwanzaa’s seven principles: unity, self-determination, collective work/responsibility, cooperative economics, purpose, creativity, and faith.

    In China, the Dongzhi festival marks the winter solstice following the yin and yang principal of balance

    In Japan, families celebrate Omisoka which marks the end of the old year and the start of the new.
    After a brief overview of some of the religions that are celebrated in the winter, we had the opportunity of hearing speakers discuss their family traditions.
    The first speaker was ANNE AL AZZAWI, daughter of SULAF AL AJEELI (Rotary Membership Services Coordinator).  ANNE immigrated with her family to the United States from Iraq when she was 14. She graduated from Mira Loma High School, went to community college, and later transferred to UC Berkeley. She is double majoring in Economics and Computer Science. She loves to write and loves volunteering for the community. She taught us about Ramadan which is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar, observed by Muslims worldwide as a month of fasting (sawm), prayer, reflection and community. A commemoration of Muhammad's first revelation, the annual observance of Ramadan is regarded as one of the Five Pillars of Islam and lasts twenty-nine to thirty days, from one sighting of the crescent moon to the next.
    We learned about Diwali from Rotarian SURENDER SINGAL (US Army, Corps of Engineers). SURENDER has lived in California for 50 years. He graduated from San Jose State University with a BS in Physical Education and is now retired. He is busy carrying on his spiritual obligation such as attending to family and grandchildren and helping those in need. He described Diwali as one of the most popular festivals of Hinduism, usually lasting five days. It is celebrated during the Hindu Lunisolar month, Kartika, which is between mid-October and mid-November. Diwali symbolizes the spiritual “victory of light over darkness, good over evil, and knowledge over ignorance.”
    Before the next speaker, we had the opportunity to enjoy a performance by the McKeever School of Irish Dance. This school of Irish Dance is Directed by Nicole McKeever.
    After the delightful performance of Irish Dancing, PAST PRESIDENT SCOT SORENSEN (St. John's Program for Real Change) shared Christmas traditions with us. SCOTT has been a member Rotary member since 2000. SCOTT is a Lutheran pastor who has served congregations in California, Texas and Wisconsin.  He is currently serving as the Interim Pastor at Shepherd of the Hills in Vacaville.


    Posted by Nancy Teichert on Dec 10, 2021

    Rotary meeting: December 7, 2021


    PRESIDENT BOB MILLER (First US Community Credit Union) welcomed our members to a celebratory meeting full of pomp and circumstance with the introduction of our new officers, board members, a Rotary Fellow and our President Elect Nominee.
    At the door, greeters included JIM HENDERSON (Messing, Adam & Jasmine), PAST PRESIDENT JAMES LEET (Attorney/Boutin Jones Inc.),   (Boutin Jones attorney), and BOBBIE HALES (shareholder of Gilbert CPAs). Photography was provided by JOHN SWENTOWSKY (Swentowsky Photography).
    PRESIDENT MILLER promptly and proudly introduced our club’s officers and board members for 2022-2023 including:
    LIZ MCCLATCHY (Retired Safety Center) as treasurer, KATHE NATHAN (retired banking) as Sergeant at Arms and LATOYA WONG (Rotary Club of Sacramento) as Secretary. Other board members included: PAUL KEEFER (Executive Director of Pacific Charter Institute), DAVID BRANDENBURGER (Managing Director at Newmark), ANN SOLOMON (Regional Director for Western North America at University of Auckland), STRATI VOURAKIS (President and Owner of Calm Computing, Inc.),  JAMIE FURLONG (Securitized Real Estate Specialist at Legacy Investment), STEVE HEATH (Non-profit CEO), RUTH TESAR (CEO of Northern California PET Imaging Center), and WHITE (Residential Property Management). Our President after PRESIDENT BOB will be LINDA GEERY (Shareholder at Gilbert CPAs).
    THERESA WHEELER (Public affairs consulting & voter research) started us off with the inspiring words of Ralph Waldo Emerson in consideration of our leaders for next year. As is so often the case, the Rotary thought for the day provides guidance for us all to consider every day…
    Write it on your heart
    that every day is the best day in the year.
    He is rich who owns the day,
    and no one owns the day who allows it to be invaded with fret and anxiety.
    Finish every day and be done with it.
    You have done what you could.
    Some blunders and absurdities, no doubt crept in.
    Forget them as soon as you can, tomorrow is a new day;
    begin it well and serenely, with too high a spirit
    to be cumbered with your old nonsense.
    This new day is too dear,
    with its hopes and invitations,
    to waste a moment on the yesterdays.”
    CLICK HERE to hear THERESA’s timely thought for the day.
    • After PRESIDENT BOB led us in the Pledge of Allegiance, he asked for a moment of silence in memory of RALPH VITIELLO who was a club member from 1982 to 2015. VITIELLO, who died Nov. 1, was an architect and community leader. His fledgling firm started off in a rented barbershop on 24th and J. He went on to form a consortium of local architects who designed the Sacramento Convention Center and Theater for Performing Arts. Then he designed the expansion of the Community Center and many other significant projects such as restorations in Old Sacramento, Eskaton Village in Carmichael, and the West Sacramento City Hall. The last trip that RALPH took with his family was a week in Monterey- walking the beach, dinner at the wharf and solving an escape room game together. RALPH will be missed. A mass and memorial service will be held at St. Anthony Catholic Church which he designed, located at 660 Florin Road, on Friday, January 7 at 11:00 a.m. The Church and Memorial Center require that you wear masks. In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to the California State Railroad Museum, Family Promise, or a charity of your choice.
    CLICK HERE to read more about RALPH.
    • In other sad news, PRESIDENT MILLER read an open letter to our members from RICK DAVIS (Air Force) whose wife and daughter died recently. He wrote:
    “I know that December 14 will be our club’s first ever Rotary family day. I applaud the change to what has formerly been daughters’ day- for what we do as Rotarians really is all about family. And if there’s any pride to be taken in being a Rotarian, it lives within this realization.
    In that spirit, I want to thank PRESIDENT BOB for the recent words and moments of silence he has offered on behalf of “my girls,” Myra and Diane, who both passed away in November. And I thank all of you in this club, members and staff alike. I am moved and humbled by your subsequent generosity and support. And I am honored to be considered one of your fellows.
    Myra and Diane were my wife and daughter for nearly half a century. The three of us travelled the world together - not just the Americas, but Europe, Africa, Asia, living abroad for nearly 10 years. We shared a life enchanted by movements through time and space and imagination. We met and saw all manner of people and places. And we delighted together in all there was to share and to see and to learn.
    The sun seemed never to set on our travels. Yet the two of them were a perpetual sunrise for my soul.
    As are you now, my friends. Thank you again for your generosity and may the sun never set on your travels.”
    CLICK HERE to watch PRESIDENT MILLER read this touching acknowledgment of gratitude.
    Seated at the head table were PAST PRESIDENT DIANE MIZELL, PRESIDENT BOB, PAST PRESIDENT THOM GILBERT (retired Gilbert Associates), and PAST PRESIDENT DIANE WOODRUFF (retired Chancellor California Community Colleges). “We are family. That’s what we’re all about,” said PRESIDENT BOB.
    PAST PRESIDENT GILBERT introduced our newest Rotary Fellow, the highest honor that our club bestows, with tantalizing hints: Born in Sacramento, this member’s grandfather was the barber to Ronald Reagan when he was Governor. Married for 34 years, with two grown sons, the member rides bikes and has led the students at RYLA camps on the rope courses. PAST PRESIDENT GILBERT then introduced LINDA GEERY. “I’m blown away,” she said as her family surprised her with their appearance. “It’s a great day.”
    Then it was time for PAST PRESIDENT WOODRUFF to surprise members with the announcement of the incoming President Elect Nominee for the 2023-2024 year. She led with the following hints: An avid skier since she was two years old, this member also played LaCross and is a big sports fan. After working all over the country, this member finally claimed Sacramento as home and serves on many community boards and has recruited many major sponsors for our fundraising events. PAST PRESIDENT WOODRUFF proudly introduced TODD KOOLAKIAN (Sacramento County Children’s Home) PRESIDENT ELECT for the 2023-2024 Rotary term.
    PRESIDENT ELECT KOOLAKIAN said it was a “huge surprise” when six (6) past presidents arrived at his office to give him the big news. He said he was blown away by their confidence in him. Proud of our club’s impact both locally and internationally, he thanked the many past presidents who offered him counsel on becoming President Elect Nominee. He introduced his partner, Dr. Mark Heller, who walked over from Sutter Health to the club’s luncheon meeting in his green hospital scrubs.
    The newest Rotary member was introduced by CHRIS ANN BACHTEL (Retired). MAJOR JOHN BRACKENBURY is Divisional Commander for our region of the Salvation Army. Besides helping the poor, he enjoys LEGOs and his wife’s baking.
    PRESIDENT BOB has featured the work of our committees during his term and at this meeting, he focused on our RYLA (Rotary Youth Leaders Awakening) camp for teenagers.
    PAST PRESIDENT GILBERT said the committee needs members to work as “learning facilitators,” during the five-night camps offered three times a year and serving 300 to 400 teenagers.
    “This will shake your foundation,” said PAST PRESIDENT GILBERT who has volunteered at the camps. RYLA teaches mostly high school juniors leadership and communication skills to go back to their schools and be leaders during their senior years. “These youth are the future of our community,” he said. Our club’s RYLA program won praise nationally for its focus on conflict management, self-esteem, and the problem solving strategies that the teenagers then share at their schools.
    In club announcements, JOHN SWENTOWSKY asked for volunteers to ring the bell for the Salvation Army and serve meals at Loaves & Fishes; MIKE MIKLAUS (Real Estate Financing) invited members to a fireside at his home on Thursday; ALLISON CAGLEY (Arts Education) urged members to sign up for Family Day on December 14, and reminded us that clean up on the American Parkway will be on December 18th.
    DONATIONS GALORE AT THE ANNUAL CLUB MEETING Nancy Teichert 2021-12-10 08:00:00Z 0

    Rotary’s Foundation Day Extravaganza 2021!

    Posted by John Goralka on Dec 03, 2021
    Rotary Meeting: November 30, 2021
    An uproar of applause reverberated through the room as thank you’s were apportioned by PRESIDENT BOB MILLER (First Community Credit Union). Appreciation was administered to STEVE HUFFMAN (Huffman Strategy/Retired) for holding down the Wine Reception. PRESIDENT BOB also thanked greeters LEN MCCANDLISS (Sierra Health Foundation), LIZ MCCLATCHY (Safety Center Incorporated/Retired), and JUSTINO SANTANA (Non-Profit Business Development Manager/eFundraising Connections) for not letting anyone sneak by them without extending a proper welcome. JOHN GORALKA (The Goralka Law Firm) was also thanked for being our scribe as this week’s Pulse Reporter.
    Without skipping a beat, we transitioned straight into our thought for the day, brought to us by the one and only PAST DISTRICT GOVERNOR FRED TEICHERT (Executive Director/Teichert Foundation). FRED gave an inspirational speech as he detailed the qualities of past Rotary International Presidents that made them such successful leaders. He then pointed his admiration to his listeners, reminding Rotarians of their worth and value by emphasizing that many of us carry capabilities to fill the next leadership role within Rotary. Lastly, he thanked us all for the part we play in allowing Rotary to operate as such a well-oiled machine.
    Leadership is what makes vision into reality, CLICK HERE for helpful tips for becoming a better leader.
    Moment of Silence:
    Just two weeks ago PRESIDENT BOB informed us that RICK DAVIS (Retired Putative Writer) lost his wife MYRNA DAVIS to her battle with breast cancer. With empathy in his voice, BOB made the additional heartbreaking announcement that cancer had affected RICK’s family, yet again. DIANE DAVIS, RICK’s daughter, recently passed at the young age of 48, after an astounding 25-year-long battle with brain cancer. Rotarians engaged in a moment of silence to express their condolences and pay their respect.
    CLICK HERE to learn more about ways you can support someone while they grieve.
    Meeting Sponsor:
    Thought PAST PRESIDENT JIM LEET (Attorney/Boutin Jones Inc.) was done with leadership roles? Think again! He continued to show his dedication to Rotary as last week’s meeting sponsor. Though allocated time to speak, he donated his speaking time to SALVATION ARMY MAJOR RIO RAY who is also a Rotarian. MAJOR RAY urged us to donate to the Salvation Army this Holiday Season! He highlighted how our donations can bring light to a child’s eyes as they unwrap the Christmas present, they may not have otherwise received.
    • Toys for Tots is raising donations to contribute to Salvation Army’s Toy Drive. They are accepting both monetary and toy donations. If you decide to donate a toy, keep in mind that recipients will be from ages 0-18 and to remember to consider appealing toys for the older age groups! Older groups might prefer gift cards to stores or experiences. When donating money online, don’t forget to write “in honor of Rotary Sacramento” so that Toys for Tots can keep track of our overall contributions. For more information on how to donate CLICK HERE.
    • Rotary’s family holiday celebration is coming up on December 14th! At the event there will a fun video slideshow of family photos! Please submit a photo of yourself and/or your family by sending it to the email See yourself on the big screen! Please contact MEGAN WYGANT or ALLISON CAGLEY (Executive Director of Friends of Sacramento Arts) to learn more.
    Foundation Day President BOB DALY (Financial Network Wealth Advisors) welcomed us to Foundation Day and introduced our current trustees which included:
    Vice President- STEPHEN JOHANSON (Johanson and Associates)
    Treasurer- MIKE GILLIGAN (Rina Accountancy/Retired)
    Secretary- JAMIE FURLONG (Securitized Real Estate Specialist Legacy Investment Real Estate)
    APRIL JARVIST (Sacramento Literacy Foundation), LARRY GILZEAN (Spare Time Sports), SARAH HODGE (NeighborWorks Sacramento), NICOLE WILHELM (The Wilhelm Team at Compass), LEV KAGANOVICH (Energy, LEED & Commissioning Consulting), TED WHITE (Sacramento Delta Property Management), ROY ALEXANDER (Sacramento Children’s Home/Retired).
    BOB DALY passed the torch to NICOLE WILHELM as she explained the distinction between Rotary International and the Rotary Foundation. Rotary is made up three parts, the Club, Rotary International, and the Rotary Foundation. These branches all work together to make lasting change around the world.
    Rotary Foundation:
    Fun fact, Rotary International Foundation- Sacramento Chapter, incepted in 1914, is the 20th largest in the world with 300 members. Its mission is to provide leadership, perpetual funding, and the resources necessary to support the diverse humanitarian efforts of the Rotary Club of Sacramento in local and world communities.

    The Foundation is governed by a Board of Trustees, who are appointed from the Club by the Board of Directors upon recommendation from the Club President-Elect. The President and President-Elect are ex-officio members of the Foundation’s Board of Trustees. Our Club Manager serves as the Secretary and Assistant Treasurer of the Foundation.
    We got an indepth representation of the Rotary Foundation’s financial statements for the year 2020-2021 which indicated that despite the net liabilites of the Foundation increasing, there was a overall net increase in assets of $730,676. This was a testimate to the ability of the Club to respond to ever changing financial circumstances.
    The ability for net assets to increase was, in part, due to fundraising. Some of the major fundraisers that took place included; Sacramento Century Bike Ride, which raised $52,507; Golf 4 Kids which raised $63,550, and Young Professionals Group- Iconic Sign Project which raised $25,460.

    Rotary’s Foundation Day Extravaganza 2021! John Goralka 2021-12-03 08:00:00Z 0


    Posted by Danielle McGarrity on Nov 19, 2021
    Rotary meeting: November 16, 2021
    PRESIDENT BOB MILLER (VP, Business Services at First US Community Credit Union) called us to order and requested a moment of silence for RICK DAVIS’ (Retired Putative Writer) wife Myrna Davis who recently lost her battle with breast cancer. BOB thanked our Greeters, JENNY WINSTEAD (Administrative Director, Sacramento Literacy Foundation) and JOHN MCINTYRE (Chief Philanthropy Officer, Mercy Foundation), Wine Reception host JIM HENDERSON (Attorney, Messing Adam & Jasmine) and invited all attendees to serve as Photographer by sharing photos from the meeting with SULAF AL AJEELI (Membership Service Coordinator, Rotary) and LATOYA WONG (Executive Director - Rotary Club of Sacramento).
    JAMIE FURLONG  quoted John C. Maxwell’s “Law of the Mirror” from his 15 Invaluable Laws: You must see value in yourself to add value to yourself. JAMIE reminded us to become our own encourager. The greatest limitations we experience in our own lives most often are the limitations that we impose upon ourselves.
    Watch JAMIE deliver this awesome quote of the day by CLICKING HERE.
    Honorary SERGEANT-AT-ARMS KATHE NATHAN (Retired, Merchant Bank of Commerce) introduced our meeting guests: Prospective Rotarians Samantha Jarosz, Larry Carmichael and John Brackenbury (SALVATION ARMY), LAINE HIMMELMAN (Development Director, Habitat for Humanity), guest of STEVE JOHANSON (Johanson & Associates) and Mary Jo Streng, guest of JIM STRENG.
    STEVE JOHANSON donated his time to Greater Sacramento Habitat for Humanity. LAINE HIMMELMAN shared Habitat’s unique role building and repairing homes while revitalizing communities here in Sacramento, which recently claimed the dubious honor of being the least affordable city for home ownership.
    Currently Habitat is working on a 13-home development in South Sacramento, of which one home is supported by the Rotary Club of Sacramento (to be dedicated on December 18!). To give a sense of the need, this year the organization received 7,000 applications for 12 available new homes. For anyone interested in supporting our local Habitat for Humanity, Wells Fargo will be providing $100,000 in matching funds for all donations this holiday season, beginning with Giving Tuesday on Nov. 30!
    PAUL KEEFER (Executive Director, Pacific Charter Institute) shared some of the exciting developments underway at the small but strong Rotary Youth Exchange Committee. This year we are happy to be sending an outbound student for the first time since 2019 – the Club will have a chance to meet her and learn her destination soon!
    Watch PAUL highlight activities of Rotary Youth Exchange by CLICKING HERE.
    • MAGGIE HOPKINS (Realtor, Capital Premier Lending & Premier Realty) encouraged nominations for the first annual Jean Runyon Community Service Award – due December 3. Award criteria include Jean’s qualities of community service, trailblazing, creating opportunities, giving generously, demonstrating leadership skills and championing women in business.
    • MEGAN WYGANT (Executive Director, CLARA Midtown) reminded us that Rotary Family Day is approaching (December 14). We are in need of some family members to serve as greeters and presenters. Please contact MEGAN or ALLISON CAGLEY (Executive Director of Friends of Sacramento Arts) to learn more.
    • BOBBY REED (CEO of Capitol Tech Solutions) announced the next American River Cleanup on November 20 at Discovery Park from 8:45-11:00 a.m.
    • CHRISTIE SHORROCK (Stanford Sierra Youth & Families) and JENNY WINSTEAD (Administrative Director, Sacramento Literacy Foundation) announced the Club’s Toys 4 Tots toy drives coming up at our November 30, December 7 and December 14 meetings. Club members are invited to bring a new unwrapped gift or contribute by cash or check.
    • PAST PRESIDENT DIANE WOODRUFF announced the recent dedication of Jim Streng Park in Fair Oaks – named in honor of our own JIM STRENG! Jim and Mary Jo have lived in Fair Oaks for 60 years and Jim has had a tremendous beneficial impact on our region, including serving as a member of the Sacramento County Board of Supervisors (1986-92), where he dedicated his time to improving the community and working on many bipartisan issues.
    Chair of the Day KERRY WOOD (Chief Marketing & Donor Engagement Officer, Sacramento Region Community Foundation) introduced CASSANDRA JENNINGS, CEO of St. HOPE. CASSANDRA has been actively involved in the community for many years, working with the City of Sacramento and the Sacramento Housing and Redevelopment Agency and serving on many local boards. She joined St. Hope as CEO in July 2021 after serving as President and CEO of the Greater Sacramento Urban League for five years. She recently received the American Leadership Forum’s Exemplary Leader Award.
    CASSANDRA began by sharing lessons from the musical Hamilton:
    1. Don’t miss your shot
    2. Be in the room where things happen
    3. Rise up and push the envelope
    4. Know who will tell your story
    CASSANDRA explained how in 27 years St. HOPE has grown from the St. HOPE Academy after-school program to a spectrum of community services throughout Sacramento’s first suburb – the neighborhood of Oak Park. The organization is focused on underserved individuals and on revitalizing the neighborhood through education and economic development.
    St. HOPE runs PS7 Elementary School, PS7 Middle School, and Sacramento Charter High School – enrolling 988 students. St. HOPE also owns and operates The Guild Theater and Underground Books, –one of very few African-American owned bookstores in the nation – and invests in Fixins’ Soul Kitchen and World Class Faders Barber Shop. They operate Esther’s Park, an outdoor event venue.
    St. HOPE Development Company has played a large role in the community’s growth and evolution. In May 2003, St. HOPE opened the 40 Acres Art and Cultural Center, a 25,000 square foot mixed-use facility located in the heart of Oak Park’s commercial district which today houses Old Soul, Underground Books, The Guild Theater, and 12 loft-style apartments.
    In the upcoming two years, they plan to build a new elementary school, revive the community garden, begin work on a new football field, spearhead multi-family housing options in South Oak Park and grow the St. Hope Academy.
    Watch the full presentation given by CASSANDRA by CLICKING HERE.
    Didn’t get a chance to make it to last weeks meeting? Don’t fret! We have a recording of it HERE. Not to mention, there’s still a chance to make it to the next one!
    Due to our need to prepare ourselves for the feast that is Thanksgiving, we will not be meeting on Tuesday, November 23, 2021. The following week, however, will be Foundation Day taking place at The Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church from 12:10-1:30 PM.
    Upcoming Rotary Meetings at a Glance:
    • 11/23 – Dark – Get ready for Foundation Day!
    • 11/30- The Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church 12:10-1:30 PM – Be Sure not to miss Foundation Day!
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    Posted by John Goralka on Nov 05, 2021
    Rotary Meeting: November 2nd, 2021
    PRESIDENT BOB MILLER (First US Community Credit Union) called the meeting to order promising a very interesting topic. After which Rotarians gathered for the initiation of the meeting.
    PRESIDENT BOB MILLER led the club in saluting the flag and our country.
    PRESIDENT BOB MILLER initiated the meeting by thanking the following individuals for their participation and commitment to the Rotary Club of Sacramento; BOB thanked this meeting’s greeters PAUL KEEFER (Executive Director/Pacific Charter Institute) greeter TODD KOOLAKIAN (Director of Philanthropy/Sacramento Children’s Home), lone greeter JAMES RHODES-DREYER (Scout Executive -CEO/Boy Scouts of America Golden Empire Council.) He thanked JOHN GORALKA (The Goralka Law firm) for being this week’s pulse reporter and a Brown Bag Day Sponsor. PRESIDENT BOB could not forget the always delightful wine reception provided by meeting sommelier PAST PRESIDENT KEVIN SMITH FAGAN (Executive Director/Fairytale Town). JOHN SWENTOWSY (Owner at Swentowsky Photography) provided the excellent photos that you see in this newsletter. BOB also honored the food system in crisis panel formed by AMBER SCOTT (Author of Food Anatomy Activities for Kids/ TED Talk Speaker) JOANY TITHERINGTON (Manager at Oak Park Farmers Market), RANGINEH AZIMZADEH TOSANG (Founder of Solh Resolutions International) and TRISH KELLY (Director at Valley Vision/ Food System Action Plan).
    Spokesman STEVE HEATH (CEO of United Way/ Sacramento County Public Health Advisory Board.) focused the thought for the day on the importance that we as Sacramento residents make when donating food to different nonprofits. These organizations help provide families in need with food, nourishment, temporary shelter, and a sympathetic. STEVE reminded us all of the impact a food donation makes to families in need especially during this time where our country is facing a difficult pandemic. He also expressed his concerns on shelter. STEVE noted the cost of housing is increasing and fewer families in Sacramento qualify for housing assistance. There are several programs and agencies in Sacramento that can assist families in need especially those with younger children. “They are the future of our Country."
    Meeting Sponsor:
    DAVID BAKER (CEO/ Sacramento Children Home) sponsored this week’s meeting with an eye-opening thought about shelter. He noted that it is almost impossible for middle class families to find affordable housing. DAVID said that the problem is not finding but qualifying for housing as the rules and  are increasingly challenging due to the Covid Pandemic. Below is a summary of the different programs offered by nonprofits to assist families in need.
    GUEST SPEAKERS-The Rotary Food system in Crisis Committee
    The Food Sysytem in Crisis committee is composed of AMBER SCOTT (Author of Food Anatomy Activities for Kids/ TED Talk Speaker), JOANY TITHERINGTON (Manager at Oak Park Farmers Market), RANGINEH AZIMZADEH TOSANG (Founder of Solh Resolutions International) and TRISH KELLY (Director at Valley Vision/ Food System Action Plan).  RANGINEH initiated the discussion by relating back to the previous speech given by STEVE HEATH (CEO of United Way/ Sacramento County Public Health Advisory Board) and DAVID BAKER (CEO/ Sacramento Children Home). The Committee informed the audience of its purpose and that the committee has the following mission “Our panel of experts collectively hold decades of experience building and enhancing our Local food systems from improving the health of kids to revitalizing food deserts with farmers markets.” They shared how the current global pandemic impacted our Local food system and the solutions being worked on. The committee also detailed what we all can do to help. AMBER STOTT (Author of Food Anatomy Activities for Kids/ TED Talk Speaker) cited statistics evidencing that mothers needed to leave their children in afterschool programs in order to provide 3 meals a day… something that could not be afforded at home. These families slipped into crisis mode as schools closed during the pandemic.
    Food Should Not be a Privilege
    But a Right!
    PRESIDENT BOB MILLER announced those who graced the dais today.  
    • BOB MILLER - (First US Community Credit Union) President
    • DAVID BAKER - (CEO of Sacramento Children’s Home) Meeting Sponsor
    • SARAH HODGE - (Director of Resource Development/NeighborWorks Sacramento) Member
    • KERRY WOOD- (Financial Advisor/ Financial Network Wealth Advisors) Member
    The newest member of the Rotary Club of Sacramento was proudly sponsored by PAST PRESIDENT JOHN FRISCH (Senior Managing Director at Newmark Knight Frank) who welcomed new member BRYAN MURRAY (Bender Insurance Solutions). PAST PRESIDENT JOHN indicated that he has known BRYAN since birth and that BRYAN had named his son after him. BRYAN did not confirm where the inspiration of his son’s name. BRYAN is a perfect fit for the Rotary Club of Sacramento because his volunteer work as a soccer coach has enabled him to give back to his community. He is also a specialist in commercial insurance making sure that our community businesses are well protected and from the myriad of risks businesses face today.
    • CHUCK THOMPSON invited all Rotarians to the upcoming fundraising event benefiting the Wounded Warrior Project and the Rotary Club of Folsom. Tickets are $40.00 per person. Click for a link to attend this fast-approaching excellent event.
    • ALLISON CAGLEY noted that the holidays are approaching, and that Rotarians need to pick a date for Toy donations.
    PRESIDENT BOB announced an exciting event happening on November 27th.  SR-71 Black Bird pilot Brian Shul will be speaker at the event on November 27th at 7:30 PM in The Harris Center located at Folsom Lake College. This event will feature a live speech from the Vietnam Hero who is also a recognized author, photographer, and motivational speaker. An astounding story of triumph over tragedy, and spectacular photos/stories of the fastest flying aircraft ever built. Tickets are $40.00 and all funds will go to The Wounded Warrior Project and The Folsom Rotary Foundation. Mph  tragedy, and spectacular photos/stories of the fastest flying aircraft ever built.

    A REVIEW OF A FOOD SYSYTEM IN CRISIS John Goralka 2021-11-05 07:00:00Z 0


    Posted by John Goralka on Oct 22, 2021
    Rotary Meeting: October 19, 2021
    PRESIDENT BOB MILLER (First US Community Credit Union) gathered everyone around to start the meeting with endless gratitude towards the wine reception that never fails Rotarians with a good time. President Bob initiated the meeting by thanking the following individuals for their participation and commitment to the Rotary Club of Sacramento.
    President BOB MILLER initiated the meeting by thanking the following individuals for their participation and commitment to the Rotary Club of Sacramento; BOB thanked this meeting’s greeters KEVIN WILLIAMS (Chief Sponsorship Manager /KVIE) lone greeter CHRISTIE HOLDEREGGER (Vice President Chief Development Officer/ Volunteers of America), lone greeter KATHY TOSCHI (Financial Advisor/ Edward Jones), pulse reporter JOHN M. GORALKA, photographer JOHN SWENTOWSKY (Owner/Swentowsky Photography) wine receptionist LEV KAGANOVICH (Consultant/ Energy, Leed and Commissioning Consulting.)
    Invocator DICK NOONAN (California State Railroad Museum/General Manager Railroad Operations) focused the thought for the day on the importance of constantly using the questions who, what, when, where and why during life challenging situations. Dick further discussed each of them in detail giving examples of their meaning and relevance to the minds decision making process. He quoted “The answer to any question will comes to those who asked why.”
    PRESIDENT BOB MILLER led the club in saluting the flag and our country.
    PRESIDENT BOB MILLER announced those who graced the dais today, in celebration of the success of this year’s blood donation.
    • BOB MILLER - (First US Community Credit Union) President
    • NORM MARSHALL - (President, Headwaters Construction) Chair of the Day
    • DWIGHT WHITE - (Inspector General, City of Sacramento) Guest Speaker
    • BOB DALY- (Financial Advisor/ Financial Network Wealth Advisors) Member
    • ALLISON CAGLEY – Committee Member (Allison Cagley/Daughter’s Day)
    Allison went over the upcoming event and any pending matters pertaining to Daughter’s Day.
    PANELIST TOM BACON (Senior Vice President / BCRE - Bacon Commercial Real Estate) initiated the new Rotary Club of Sacramento induction for their newest member CHRISTIE SHORROCK (Director of Development/ Stanford Sierra Youth and Families). CHRISTIE is being sponsored by PAST PRESIDENT DIANE WOODRUFF & DEE HARTZOG (Weintraub Genshlea Ohediak). Growing up Christie has always been inclined towards helping families and children in Sacramento County. Her role as Director of Development for Stanford Sierra Youth and Families has allowed her to provide families with valuable resources to better assist them with youth mental health and other severe matters like juvenile guidance through the Sacramento County Probation Department. Christie has always had a strong inclination to better serve her community leading her to become a Rotary Club Member. She proceeded to remind everyone of a virtual event occurring on November 17, 2021, at Stanford Sierra. Information is available HERE.  
    • SARAH HODGE (California State University, Sacramento/Director of Development proceeded to talk about the upcoming Brown Bag Day and the regular meeting fee of $25.00.
    • JOHN SWENTOWSKY (Swentowsky Photography/Owner) discussed details on Loaves and Fishes community event.
    PRESIDENT BOB MILLER (Financial Advisor / Financial Network Wealth Advisors) presented a slide with the quote “Did you know polio could be the second human disease to ever be eradicated?” World Polio Day is on Sunday October 24th he said. Bob then informed the Rotarians that Rotary has been fighting Polio since the 1980’s. He mentioned that in 1985 more than 2 billion children worldwide were vaccinated against polio, thanks Rotary International and its health organization. BOB diverted the focus to the importance of fundraising for this cause throughout various upcoming Rotary events.
    • DWIGHT WHITE (Inspector General, City of Sacramento) is a Chicago native who focuses on Police Accountability and Gavin Newsom’s newly created law to prevent misconducted police officers from promotion within their assigned agency before facing disciplinary action for their misconduct. DWIGHT attended the University of Illinois Chicago School of Law and became appointed a homicide investigator for the city of Chicago Police Department. He expressed how honored he feels to now be a Sacramento resident and the Inspector General of the city. He proceeded to address Rotarian’s attention to the severity of misconducted behavior and the aggression that we are manifesting today between police officers and civilians. He also stated that although misconduct is an ongoing issue in our country, so are mass shootings and homicides. His speech concluded with a powerful recap on how important it is for us as civilians to contribute to an investigation if we believe to have crucial details that will benefit an ongoing investigation.

    Thank You To All Participants
    Save The Date! October 1st 2022
    • Some of the photos showed Rotarians at their best riding skills. Thank you to this year’s top raising challenge champions.
    If you’d like to see a recording recapping the Sac Century Challenge, click HERE.
    After final thanks to PAST PRESIDENT SUSAN, PRESIDENT BOB called on Sergeant-at-arms GIULIANO KORNBERG, who shared that next week’s meeting will be at the Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church on November 2nd. Our guest speaker will be AMBER STOTT from (Panel/Food Nonprofits) who will be addressing the fundamental importance that food banks have on our Nation.
    President Bob concluded a busy meeting at 1:30pm.
    Upcoming Rotary Meetings at a Glance!
    • 10/26- Brown Bag Day!
    • 11/2- The Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church 12:10-1:30 PM
    Speaker: Amber Stott + Panel - Food Nonprofits
    • 11/9- Dark
    • 11/16- The Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church 12:10-1:30 PM
    Speaker: Cassandra Jennings
    A VISIT WITH THE POLICEMAN’S POLICEMAN  John Goralka 2021-10-22 07:00:00Z 0


    Posted by John McIntyre on Oct 15, 2021
    Rotary Meeting: October 12, 2021
    PRESIDENT BOB MILLER (First US Community Credit Union) used microphone feedback and the power of Tears for Fears’ “Everybody Wants to Rule the World” to draw Rotarians away from the wine bar and into the meeting at 12:11pm. He reminded all that the Vitalant bus was out front, ready to extract life-saving blood donations from willing Rotarians throughout the meeting.
    PRESIDENT BOB thanked this meeting’s lone greeter PAST PRESIDENT JOHN LEMMON (Knox, Lemmon & Anapolsky, LLP), Pulse Reporter JOHN MCINTYRE (Mercy Foundation), Wine Receptionist DENNIS COOK (Cook Brown, LLP), and JOHN SWENTOWSKY (Swentowsky Photography) for capturing images of today’s meeting.
    ELFRENA FOORD (Foord, Van Bruggen & Pajak) focused her thought for the day on gratitude, as today’s meeting is focused on being grateful to those who led the success of this year’s Sac Century event, and particularly its guiding light since the inception of the annual event, PAST PRESIDENT SUSAN SHERIDAN. Among several trenchant quotes by luminaries was an anonymous one that struck the recorder: “If your only prayer is ‘Thank you,’ it would be enough.”
    PRESIDENT BOB led the club in saluting the flag and our country.
    PRESIDENT BOB called on Sergeant-at-Arm GIULIANO KORNBERG (Sacramento Philharmonic & Opera) to introduce guests, visiting Rotarians, and prospective Rotarians, including:
    • Will Carlton of Mt. St. Joseph Wine, (whose wine was poured at today’s reception), guest of DENNIS COOK.
    • Susan Lamb Cook, co-wine-pourer and spouse of DENNIS COOK.
    PRESIDENT BOB announced those who graced the dais today, in celebration of the success of this year’s Sac Century:
    • PAST PRESIDENT SUSAN SHERIDAN (Retired - Sheridan Law Corporation)
    • BOB MILLER (First US Community Credit Union)
    • TOM BACON (Guitar wizard and BCRE-Bacon Commercial Real Estate)
    • BOBBY REED (Capitol Tech Solutions) reminded all of the American River Parkway Cleanup in Discovery Park on October 16, from 9-11am. Come join the fun!
    • KATHY HERRFELDT (Home Care Assistance Sacramento) encouraged members to consider nominating another member for the Jean Runyon Award to recognize their trailblazing leadership. Nominations due December 3rd.
    • JOHN SWENTOWSKY thanked those who participated in serving at Loaves and Fishes at the end of September and reminded that we’ll again be serving on December 30th and will again need volunteers for morning and midday shifts.
    • SARAH HODGE (NeighborWorks) – made everyone aware that our club meeting on 10/26 will be a ‘Brown Bag’ event – members can choose from any of four locations and an email will be forthcoming with details.
    BOBBY REED– saluted his kids for their energetic efforts at this past weekend’s “Dirty Kids Obstacle Race,” again put on by Fairy Tale Town – he contributed $100 in their honor.
    PAST PRESIDENT KEVIN SMITH-FAGAN (Fairy Tale Town) saluted two fellow Rotarians who played key roles in the Dirty Kids Obstacle Run -- Jamie Furlong and Kevin Williams – and he contributed $50 for each of their respective Eddie Mulligans.
    • PRESIDENT BOB called TODD KOOLAKIAN (Sacramento Children’s Home) forward to begin the review of this year’s Sac Century and TODD shared several key facts – including the gross fundraising figure of $176,000 – with the entire net result to go to the benefit of the Sacramento Children’s Home Crisis Nursery.

    • We achieved that figure with the following major components:
      • Challenge Champions -- $47,000
      • Club member gifts -- $21,750
      • Corporate sponsors -- $30,000
      • Registration -- $76,100
    • TODD also saluted individual members who raised funds, led by TOM BACON’s $15,273! Also among the members who made major contributions LINDA GEERY of Gilbert CPAs ($3,600), JOHN GORALKA of Goralka Law Firm ($3,500), DAVID BRANDENBURGER of Newmark ($2,450), happily retired KATHE NATHAN ($1,500) and RUTH TESAR of Northern California PET Imaging ($1,160).
    • And while he still commanded the microphone, TODD also took the opportunity to again thank PAST PRESIDENT SUSAN SHERIDAN for her remarkable vision and leadership of the Sac Century, which has become a major event in our region. 
    • Having been praised and saluted, PAST PRESIDENT SUSAN SHERIDAN could take no more and wrested the microphone from TODD, after which she thanked the club’s members for their participation in making this year’s success, showing a slideshow of proof that there was a lot of pitching in, as well as many indicators that the event was well-organized and well-loved by the participants.
    ROTARY RIDES AGAIN!  John McIntyre 2021-10-15 07:00:00Z 0


    Posted on Oct 04, 2021
    Reporters: Shirlee Tully and Jim Culleton
    Rotary Meeting: September 28, 2021
    PRESIDENT BOB MILLER (VP Business Services, First US Community Credit Union) called the meeting to order with his usual aplomb.
    We had an enthusiastic team of greeters, Tuesday, consisting of CLAYTON LEE (C.K.L. Trust), LEV KAGONOVICH (Consultant/Energy Leed & Commissioning Consulting), and JAMIE FURLONG (Securitized Real Estate Specialist/Bangerter Financial Services). Special thanks to KEVIN WILLIAMS (Chief Sponsorship Manager/KVIE) who graciously hosted the Wine Reception. Our steadfast photographer JOHN SWENTOWSKY (Owner/Swentowksy Photography) along with our Pulse Reporters, the dynamic duo of SHIRLEE TULLY (Chief Development and Brand Officer/CapRadio) and JIM CULLETON (Strong and Associates), who made sure we wouldn’t forget even a second of this meeting.
    KELLEY MORAN (President of Moran & Associates) our fellow Rotarian and resident yogi shared his thought for the day on the theme of mental health. KELLEY shared that yoga and meditation can offer a path to a healthy mindset, but taking action is also critical. He recommends incorporating the following three actions into daily life: maintaining a sense of humor, practicing supreme compassion for yourself and others, and committing to radical gratefulness. 
    KELLEY- thank you for these timely words of wisdom!
    To watch KELLEY present his thought for the day, CLICK HERE.
    Sergeant-at-Arms, GUILIANO KORNBERG (Chief Revenue and Development Officer/Sacramento Philharmonic & Orchestra) welcomed Jennifer Parcelles, guest of PAST PRESIDENT JOHN LEMMON (Managing Partner at Knox, Lemmon & Anapolsky, LLP), Aricella Solis guest of ERIC SOLIS (Solis Financial Strategies Group of Wells Fargo Advisors) and Julie Hirota guest of PAUL KEEFER (Executive Director of Pacific Charter Institute). We all gave a warm welcome!
    Tuesday’s spotlight was on the work of the INTERNATIONAL SERVICES COMMITTEE (ISC), chaired by CLAYTON LEE. JAMIE FURLONG informed the club about the committee’s work and shared our club’s goal of collaborating to provide clean water, enhanced hygiene, and reliable sanitation to 1 million people around the world. Our ISC currently has projects in Uganda, Haiti and the Dominican Republic. The committee accomplishes this by partnering with other clubs, districts, Rotary International and nonprofits around the world. In a typical project, when a member of our club donates a dollar locally, that gift can be multiplied 7 times by matching funds from these partners to support projects that our ISC had committed to – a worthy investment to bring clean water to those who deserve it just as much as we do!
    Sponsored by MIKE MIKLAUS (Mortgage Broker at Integrity Mortgage) and GERI DABI (Compliance and Risk Manager), our newest member KATHY TOSCHI (Financial Advisor/Edward Jones) was introduced by PAST [RESIDENT PETER DANNENFELSER. KATHY moved to Sacramento in 2000 from the Bay Area and has 2 adult children. KATHY will fit right into our club because of her commitment to volunteering, which she began at the age of 12. With her passion for causes related to children and animals, there will be no lack of opportunities to welcome her into service among Rotarians.
    Sacramento CenturyJAMIE FURLONG reminded us all that the Sac Century Challenge is this Saturday, October 2nd, and that we need volunteers! She recommended that everyone present commit to helping out and call a club member who has not been involved recently to invite them to join in.
    Now is a great time to donate to this worthy cause. Click Here to aid us in helping the Sacramento Crisis Nursery.
    Loaves & Fishes - JOHN SWENTOWSKY asked for 2 more volunteers for Thursday’s afternoon session (10:30am to 1:00pm).
    Blood DriveKATHE NATHAN (Vice President Relationship Manager Merchant Bank of Commerce) shared that there will be a mobile blood drive on October 12th at the Greek Church and we need 15 people to participate.
    Many people were thankful, generous, and shared their good will:
    • GABRIEL GENDRON (Realtor at Lyon Real Estate) is training for his first 100-mile trail run. 
    • PAUL KEEFER (Executive Director at Pacific Charter Institute) has two boys at the University of San Diego. 
    • SARAH HODGE (Director of Development at Sac State) is going to ride in the Sac Century this weekend!
    • PAST PRESIDENT SUSAN SHERIDAN (Owner of Sheridan Law Corporation) congratulated Habitat for Humanity for raising $321,000 and thanked GUILIANO KORNBERG (Chief Revenue and Development Officer/Sacramento Philharmonic & Orchestra) for his bongo playing at the event. 
    • KATHE NATHAN will miss the Sac Century but contributed despite her absence. 
    • KATHY HERRFELDT (Home Care Assistance) will also miss the Sac Century but contributed to the cause.
    DANIELLE MCGARRITY (Development Director, Sacramento Children’s Home) introduced our speaker, KELLY RICHARDSON. According to DANIELLE, KELLY has been in private practice in Sacramento as a licensed Marriage, Family & Child Therapist since 1997. She is known for her direct approach to therapy and the belief that proper communication and clear boundaries help build strong and lasting relationships. While she focuses on serving teens, KELLY connects well to all ages of patients and provides real-world solutions to problems. She strives to create a safe and nurturing environment where patients feel supported and encouraged to explore areas in their lives that are creating stress or difficulty. Also known as "Thera-Mom" (as a therapist and a mother of three), KELLY offered to share about her work, experiences, and what she's seen over the past year and a half - certainly important conversations given everything we've collectively been through in the pandemic.
    KELLY RICHARDSON began her talk by sharing video clips gathered from an Instagram survey among teens across the country during the pandemic. As the quotes showed clearly, everything that teenagers hold dear was taken from them during the pandemic and the effect was profound in three major ways – academically, socially and emotionally.

    The State of the Community College in Sacramento

    Posted by Nancy Teichert on Sep 24, 2021
    Rotary Meeting: September 21, 2021
              It’s beginning to feel like a “big game day” with the Sac Century Challenge only two weeks away! PRESIDENT BOB MILLER (VP & Business Service Manager / First US Community Credit Union) sported the cool bicycle jersey as did DAVID BRANDENBURGER (Real Estate Brokerage). PAST PRESIDENT SUSAN SHERIDAN (Retired law) had her clip board in hand to sign up needed volunteers for the ride.
    PRESIDENT BOB thanked ELFRENA FOORD (Financial Planning) for piano music. Members were welcomed by DEE HARTZOG (Retired, Weintraub Genshlea Ohediak), BRUCE HESTER (Retired Colliers International) and MAGGIE HOPKINS (Realtor with Capital Premier Lending & Premier Realty). PRESIDENT BOB also hosted the wine reception with pouring done by KEVIN WILLIAMS (KVIE).
    BILL SHUBB (Judge with the U.S. District Court) gave the invocation by noting that Friday was Constitution Day celebrating the ratification of our country’s rule of law. In the U.S. the government gets its limited power from the people instead of the government granting rights to the people. He quoted Abraham Lincoln as saying the constitution is the “political religion of nation.”
              Tuesday’s meeting was sponsored by PAST PRESIDENT DIANE WOODRUFF (Retired Chancellor of California Community Colleges) who donated her speaking time to NANCY SMITH-FAGAN (International Bird Rescue).
     International Bird Rescue is a nonprofit group that rescues sea birds along the Pacific Flyway migrating route from oil spills such as the Valdez and Deepwater Horizon. SMITH-FAGAN said she would be releasing two Pelicans from treatment in the group’s hospital in San Francisco this week.
    The question of “Why Did You Join Rotary” was answered by SARAH HODGE (Resource development of NeighborWorks Sacramento). HODGE was active in Interact and Ryla camp as a high school student and now enjoys joining in our club’s civic projects.
              BOBBIE HALES (Partner, Gilbert CPAs) was inducted as our newest member. BOBBIE was introduced by PRESIDENT ELECT LINDA GEERY (Gilbert CPAs) and runs the firm’s nonprofit audit department.
           Updating members on the 2021 Sac Century Challenge, PAST PRESIDENT SHERIDAN seeks to raise more than $100,000 to benefit the Crisis Nursery of the Sacramento Children’s Home.
    CLICK HERE to make a donation. Pedal Rotarians pedal!
           KATHE NATHAN (Retired banking) said 677 riders have signed up for the bicycle ride from the State Capitol through the Delta and ending with a festival on the Capitol Mall. Another 69 Challenge Champions have raised $45,000 in pledges so far. NATHAN also encouraged members to sign up online for blood donations.
              In the Let’s Go For a Run announcements, GEERY donated $250 for a half marathon in honor of her friend Hales joining our club. PRESIDENT BOB gave $100 because he and his wife became godparents to an adorable baby.
              STEVE HUFFMAN (Huffman Strategy), PAST PRESIDENT JIM LEET (Boutin-Jones Law), and HESTER and FOORD all felt guilty for missing Sac Century so each pledged $250 to the club. DR. BARBARA ARNOLD (Opthamologist) donated $250 directly to the Crisis Nursery and invited members to bid on her painting on KVIE’s upcoming Art Auction.
              PAUL KEEFER (Executive Director, Pacific Charter Institute) noted there are 2.1 million teenagers to adults enrolled in California’s community colleges and introduced our guest speaker, Dr. Edward Bush, President of the Consumnes River College.
    Guest Speaker Dr. Edward Bush
              BUSH said community colleges had to figure out how to meet the needs of students as they rapidly shifted from campus classrooms to remote learning due to Covid-19.
              Now their focus is on closing the gaps in achievement due to the inequity of historical barriers. Systemic racism is a pandemic-like challenge to black and Latinx students and those living in poverty or working to be able to afford tuition, books and housing.
    CLICK HERE to see a recording of DR. BUSH’S timely and informative presentation.
              The students at Consumnes may be faced with the question of do they buy books or groceries for their families. If today’s students aren’t able to complete their education, “The cycle of poverty will continue,” he said.
              Community colleges offer groceries from the food pantry and clothes for students to wear for their first job interviews. Even donations have helped them buy or rent their gowns so their families can see them walk across the stage to get their diplomas.
              Consumnes has redesigned itself so students can take the right number of classes to graduate in two years time. Some work 30 to 40 hours to support their families and can fall behind in their classes and may not graduate. With all things considered, dismantling structural racism should be a priority along with deconstructing the socioeconomic barriers that impeded on the success of marginalized groups.
    If you didn’t make it to the September 21th meeting, don’t fret! You can see a recording of it by CLICKING HERE. Don’t forget to make it to the next one!
    On September 21, from 12:10 PM - 1:30 PM, we will be meeting at The Greek Orthodox Church of the Annunciation.
    9/28     Rotary Club Meeting - The Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church 12:10 - 1:30 PM
                Speaker: Kelly Richardson—Mental Health
    10/5 DARK!
    10/12   Rotary Club Meeting - The Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church 12:10 - 1:30 PM
                Speaker: Sac Century Thank You
    10/19    Rotary Club Meeting - The Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church 12:10 - 1:30 PM
                 Speaker: Dwight White—Police Accountability
    10/26    Brown Bag Day!
    11/2      Rotary Club Meeting - The Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church 12:10 - 1:30 PM
                 Speaker: Amber Stott + Panel—Food Nonprofits
    The State of the Community College in Sacramento Nancy Teichert 2021-09-24 07:00:00Z 0


    Posted by John McIntyre on Sep 15, 2021
    Rotary Meeting: September 14, 2021
    WELCOME/GAVEL IN: Please note that, due to solar flares and the recent SpaceX Crew Dragon Capsule launch, there is no video recording of Tuesday’s meeting.
    PRESIDENT BOB MILLER (First US Community Credit Union) attempted valiantly to call the meeting (and the surly horde) to order and finally succeeded at 12:12pm.
    PRESIDENT BOB thanked the following at the meeting’s start: GREETERS CRAIG BROWN (Ret., CB Property Inspections), WALTER DAHL (Partner, Dahl Law), and NORM MARSHALL (Headwaters Construction), Pulse Reporter JOHN MCINTYRE (Mercy Foundation), Wine Reception contributor ALLISON CAGLEY (Friends of Sacramento Arts), and he requested that everyone take photos, as KERRY WOOD (Sacramento Region Community Foundation) was unavailable to take photos for today’s meeting.
    Apropos of today’s topic, BOB ROSENBERG (Inve$tnet, Inc.) offered a reflection focused on “return” on investment, but also OF investment, the idea of adding value, which Rotarians do perforce.
    PRESIDENT BOB led the club in saluting the flag and our country.
    It was with sadness and regret that President Bob shared that JIM RELLES (Relles Florist) and the Relles family lost daughter Alicia Relles. The club observed a heartfelt moment of silence and offer the Relles family warmest wishes for condolence for their tragic loss.
    1. WALTER DAHL (Partner at Dahl Law, Attorneys at Law) gave $300 -- $100 for each of his kids: his eldest became a Navy Lt. Commander, his middle daughter is at George Washington University, and youngest just received her helicopter "golden wings."
    2. MAGGIE HOPKINS (Loan Officer at Capital Premier Lending and Premier Realty) gave $100 -- her family lost their cabin in Lake Tahoe to the recent fires, and she opted to do something good in response.
    PRESIDENT BOB called on Sergeant-at-Arm GIULIANO KORNBERG (Sacramento Philharmonic & Opera) to introduce guests, visiting Rotarians, and prospective Rotarians, including:
    • Guest MJ of BaconCRE, guest of TOM BACON (Senior VP of Bacon Commercial Real Estate)
    • Guest Brite Bowker, gainfully retired, guest of JOHN BOWKER (John B Bowker & Associates)
    • Visiting Rotarian TIM MALIEPARD of Rotary Club of Point West
    • Visiting Rotarian Assistant District Governor TOMMY PENO of Rotary Club of Orangevale
    • Visiting Rotarian District Governor DESIREE WILSON of Rotary Club of Point West
    • Prospective Member Bryan Murray of Bender Insurance Solutions
    PAST PRESIDENT JOHN FRISCH (Newmark) sponsored today’s meeting by telling the story of Cornish & Carey’s name, which expanded and contracted with new names as mergers have occurred. However, sanity and efficiency (and lots more room on the letterhead…) appear to once again reign and the organization has now settled their name as “Newmark.” As JOHN noted, “Out with the old mark, in with the Newmark.”
    PRESIDENT BOB invited Assistant District Governor TOMMY PENO to introduce District Governor DESIREE WILSON from the Rotary Club of Point West. ADG PENO shared GOVERNOR WILSON’s impressive credentials and then teased her a bit for not joining our club, which had been recruiting her for years…
    GOVERNOR WILSON accepted the ribbing good-naturedly and began by thanking RCOS for its long-standing leadership, especially in raising charitable support through events like the Sacramento Century Ride and Golf 4 Kids. DISEREE will be riding in our own Sacramento Century in a few weeks – that is truly an involved governor- thank you DESIREE. She also shared some tchotchkes with the club – lapel pins and magnets featuring her motto for her governorship year, “Creating Today’s Super Heroes.” She readily acknowledged that this is exactly what Rotary does. GOVERNOR WILSON shared a slide presentation opening with Rotary International’s current PRESIDENT SHEKHAR MEHTA of India, whose motto for this year is “Serve to Change Lives.” CLICK HERE TO SEE THE GOVERNOR’S SLIDES. His goals in keeping with that motto are:
    • Grow Rotary (GOVERNOR WILSON noted that Rotary has held at 1.2 million members for years, losing as many as we gain year after year).
    • Each One, Bring One – a means of growing Rotary is for every member to reach out and encourage someone to join them at a Rotary meeting and encourage them to join.
    • Empowering Girls – this is a powerful means of growing Rotary, yet also making the world a better, more equal and inclusive place with positive ripple effects spreading all around us.
    GOVERNOR WILSON then shared her personal passion – Polio Eradication. She found her cause through the personal experience participating in a Rotary mission to inoculate children in India. This mission continues to this day. DESIREE noted that Rotary’s work nearly achieved our goal – only 2 cases of polio identified this year (one in Pakistan the other in Afghanistan) since the last polio case was identified 32 weeks ago. Part of her success is in fundraising – she does a ride in Arizona focused on polio and shared that, because of matching-gift support, every $100 given through Rotary to address polio is matched up to amount to $750!  Lastly, GOVERNOR WILSON encouraged everyone to attend the annual Rotary District Conference in Lake Tahoe and she earned our undying devotion by sparing us the video commercial about the event!
    President Bob reminded all that he started his year with the following questions: “What got you into Rotary, and what keeps you in Rotary? He offered the floor to anyone inspired to respond and PETER DANNENFELSER (Past President/Architectural Arts) stepped forward to share that he was introduced to Rotary through a Rotary Study Exchange which sent him to Turkey. As part of that exchange, he was welcomed to present at Rotary Clubs throughout Turkey. When he returned, he similarly presented at clubs in our region and settled on RCOS as his home club.  What keeps him in Rotary, among other things, is his pride and admiration for the leading work RCOS does in providing clean water to communities in need around the world. This effort, which has partnered RCOS with other clubs and organizations around the world keeps him inspired and in Rotary!
    BOBBY REED (CEO of Capitol Tech Solutions) – noted that this coming Saturday is the River Cleanup in Discovery Park along Mile 0 of the Bike Trail. He suggested to come work for a couple hours in the morning, then hang around for the BrewFest put on in Discovery Park put on that afternoon by the Point West Rotary.
    TIM MALIEPARDRotary Club of Point West announced that he was in possession of tickets to the BrewFest, which he was letting go at a discount for early purchase. If you didn’t get tix then, go to the event website:
    PAST PRESEIDENT JOHN FRISCH serving as Chair of the Day also served as our moderator. PAST PRESIDENT JOHN moderated a panel of experts on commercial real estate to review the state of affairs and to pontificate on what to expect in the future, in light of the impact of COVID. Our panel included local “heavy hitters:”
    • TOM BACON of Bacon CRE
    • KEN NOACK JR. of Newmark
    PAST PRESIDENT JOHN opened by noting that there are six primary areas of focus in commercial real estate (CRE): Investment, Industrial, Land, Retail, Office, and Multi-Family (apartment complexes). He asked the panel to rate each on a 10-pt. scale and the consensus was that most were thriving – “11 out of 10” – although office and retail are struggling some. Some key takeaways:


    Posted by Danielle McGarrity on Sep 03, 2021
    Rotary meeting: August 31, 2021
    Rotarians were formally welcomed by JOEL HOCKMAN (Owner of Pucci’s Pharmacy), SARAH HODGE (Director of Resource Development/ NeighborWorks Sacramento), and BUDDY HUBERT (Mother Lode Capital). Special thanks to our Pulse reporter Danielle. JOHN SWENTOWSKY (Owner of Swentoesky Photography) was on hand to capture the festivities with these pictures – thank you John. BOB AND ROSIE DALY (Financial Advisor, Financial Network Wealth Advisors) provided us with a timely and delicious wine reception. After some skillful piano playing from ELFRENA FOORD (Partner/Certified Financial Planner at Foord, Van Bruggen, & Pajak), PRESIDENT BOB MILLER (VP, Business Services at First US Community Credit Union) gaveled us in, jumping directly to the Pledge of Allegiance, Thought for the Day, and welcoming our guest speaker, SACRAMENTO MAYOR DARRELL STEINBERG.
    APRIL JAVIST (Executive Director, Sacramento Literacy Foundation) shared a favorite quote from Austrian-British philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein: “The solution to the problem of life is seen in the vanishing of this problem.” April believes that we only definitively know the solution to a problem once that problem has been resolved. And for societal problems such as homelessness, literacy, child abuse, and more – Rotarians are part of the solution.
    Chair of the Day GIULIANO KORNBERG (Chief Revenue and Development Officer, Sacramento Philharmonic & Opera) introduced MAYOR DARRELL STEINBERG, who has served the Sacramento community for more than 20 years. Additionally, he was the first Sacramentan to serve as President of the State Senate in over 125 years.
    MAYOR STEINBERG thanked the Rotary for the invitation and reflected that his visit with us may have been his first large in-person public engagement since the pandemic began. MAYOR STEINBERG didn’t anticipate that serving as Mayor could come close to being as challenging as being State Senate President during the 2008 recession, but he is proud of all the challenges we’ve weathered and inspired by our potential for the years ahead.
    He believes that the nature and role of cities has changed in recent years, expanding from their traditional role of providing basic services to citizenry to now being expected to organize investments of time and resources into:
    During the last five (5) years, the City of Sacramento housed 13,000 formerly homeless people. There remains much to be done in the need of housing. The City and County of Sacramento are collaborating on leveraging some of our region’s federal American Rescue Plan funding ($112 million to the City, $300 million to the County) to continue to tackle the issue of homelessness.
    A main challenge is identifying locations for housing; on August 10 the City Council approved 20 temporary Safe Ground shelter sites, which include campsites, tiny homes, and emergency shelters across the city, enabling 5,000 more people to become housed.
    The “Right to Housing” will remain the Mayor’s goal for the next 3 ½ years. He will continue to push state legislation to make mental health and substance use treatment available for those beneficiaries of such housing.
    SERGEANT-AT-ARMS ALLISON CAGLEY (Executive Director, Friends of Sacramento Arts) introduced our meeting guests HOWARD DELANEY,
     JIM AND LORI RICHARDSON, ELBA WHITE, TARYN, KIMBERLY KEY, BRYAN MURRAY – as well as PAST PRESIDENT GARY KEARNS, making his first Rotary appearance in five (5) years.
    PAST PRESIDENT FRED TEICHERT (Executive Director, the Teichert Foundation) sponsored our meeting and donated his time to the Boys and Girls Clubs of Sacramento- Thank you Fred! PAST PRESIDENT FRED noted that the Rotary Club of Sacramento was instrumental to the founding of our local Boys and Girls Club many years ago. He introduced KIMBERLY KEY (Executive Director, Boys and Girls Club of Sacramento) to describe the Club’s service to the young persons in Sacramento.
    KIMBERLY explained that this summer the Club delivered hundreds of Club Connect kits to the families they serve and opened three Clubhouses for in-person service. They are now holding back-to-school events and opening eight more sites. B&G Club continues to seek volunteers and financial support in order to expand their reach. This year they welcomed 2,420 kids at their Clubhouses and school-based Clubs and an additional 4,629 youth through community outreach programs.
    Click here to see KIMBERLY’S message.
    Click here to donate to help the Boys and Girl’s Club of Sacramento to help our youth.
    PRESIDENT BOB shared photos of the members who have joined our Club during 2020-21, many of whom we have only “met” by Zoom. He encouraged us to welcome MEGAN WYGANT (CLARA Claire Raley Studios for the Performing Arts), HEATHER STORY (Financial Advisor at Edward Jones Investments), SHARNA BRAUCKS (President and CEO at YMCA of Superior California), NICOLE WILHELM Co- Founder and Realtor at The Wilhelm Team at Compass), NANCY SMITH- FAGAN (Philanthropy Manager at International Bird Rescue), JAMES BELLEFEUILLE (Founder of VUGO), and JAMES RHODES- DREYER (Scout Executive- CEO BOY SCOUTS OF AMERICA) when you see them in person at future meetings.

    JENNY WINSTEAD (Administrative Director, Sacramento Literacy Foundation) is originally from Kentucky. She recently relocated to Sacramento from Los Angeles. JENNY is passionate about literacy and the environment. Her membership is sponsored by PRESIDENT BOB and APRIL JAVIST
    JOHN SWENTOWSKY (Owner, Swentowsky Photography) announced the next volunteer opportunity at Loaves & Fishes on September 30. Both morning and afternoon shifts are available.

    PAST PRESIDENT HAL BARTHOLOMEW reminded everyone about the annual BBQ and Swim party he and PAST PRESIDENT BEVERLY BRAUTIGAM will be hosting this Sunday, 9/5 from 3-5 p.m. (9696 Elk Grove Blvd., Elk Grove).
    DAVID BRANDENBURGER (Managing Director at Newmark Knight Frank) requested volunteers for the Sacramento Century event on October 2. Help is needed and October is rushing towards us.
    BOBBY REED (CEO of Capitol Tech Solutions) announced the next American River Cleanup on September 18 at Discovery Park from 8:45-11:00 a.m., aligning with the American River Parkway Foundation’s 3rd Annual Great American River Clean Up!
    If you didn’t make it to the August 31st meeting, don’t fret! You can watch a recording of the entire meeting HERE. You don’t want to miss a review of Commercial Real Estate Projects and Future in the Sacramento area. Be among the first to know about new projects! JOHN FRISH (Senior Managing Director at Newmark Night Frank) will moderate this discussion with a panel of commercial Real Estate developers, investors, and experts.
    On September 14, from 12:10 PM - 1:30 PM, we will be meeting at The Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church.
    Upcoming Rotary Club Meetings at a Glance:
    • 9/7 – DARK
    • 9/14 – The Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church 12:10 - 1:30 PM
    Speaker: John Frisch (moderator) + Panel – Commercial Real Estate
    AN AFTERNOON WITH MAYOR DARRELL STEINBERG Danielle McGarrity 2021-09-03 07:00:00Z 0


    Posted by John Goralka on Aug 27, 2021
    Rotary meeting: August 24, 2021
    PRESIDENT BOB MILLER (Business Services Manager at First US Community Credit Union) called us to order by thanking Rotarians who volunteered at Tuesday’s meeting. Special thanks went out to the following; ALISON CAGLEY (Executive Director at Friends of Sacramento Arts), JAYDEEP BALAKRISHNAN (Associate Dean of California State University, Sacramento), and TODD ANDREWS (President at Andrews Construction, Inc) who’s roles as greeters did not fall short of making us feel welcomed; JOHN SWENTOWSY (Owner at Swentowsky Photography) who captured the moments we wouldn’t want to forget as our evening’s photographer; TODD KOOLAKIAN (Director of Philanthropy at The Sacramento Children’s Home) who sponsored our wine reception so that each and every one of us could keep our glasses full; and JOHN GORALKA (President of The Goralka Law Firm) assuring the days remembrance as Pulse Reporter.
    SARAH HODGE (Director of Resource Development / NeighborWorks Sacramento) had the honor of delivering our thought for the day. She read an inspirational poem from the book All Along You Were Blooming- Thoughts for Boundless Living, a collection of poetry by Morgan Harper Nichols.
    “Let us leave room for bold adventure and wake up at dawn in search of wonder. Let us find joy in the grit of the wonderlands and look for Light in everything. For all along, we were made for this: to step fully into unknowns, to know deep within the night, within the soul, we were not meant to go alone. In every single moonlit tree, we were meant to see those leaves, and we were meant to see the beauty in the swaying arms of branches. So let us find rest in these woods so new to us, knowing this is where we will learn to grow to love to trust.”
    The Committee Spotlight shone on none other than PAST PRESIDENT PETER DANNENFELSER (Chairman of the Membership Committee). PETER started off describing the scope of Rotary Club by reminding us of its 34,000 clubs around the world, with at least 1 in almost every country. He represented that the Membership Committee’s responsibility is to reach out to members they haven’t heard from in a while to encourage engagement. In addition, Rotary member’s responsibility is to wear their pin, and when people ask what their pin means, take the opportunity to inform them of Rotary’s commitments and participation in promoting the welfare of the community.
    Most of our growth is cultivated by members who extend invitations to others, so don’t forget to invite a friend!
    • PAST PRESIDENT THOM GILBERT (Retired, Gilbert Associates, Inc.) sponsored Tuesday’s meeting and donated his time to the California State Railroad Museum Foundation (CSRMF). THOM  is the chairman of the CSRMF and served on the board for over 8 years. CSRMF provides funding for ongoing support of numerous programs at the California State Railroad Museum in Old Sacramento and Railtown 1897 State Historic Park in Jamestown. Got to the CSRMF website to sign up to become a member. A membership gives you exclusive perks such as getting early presale tickets for their most popular train ride event, The Polar Express and the silver sleigh bell. This event sells out every year and is a train ride in Sacramento that consists of seven separate cars pulled by vintage locomotives from the California State Railroad Museum’s collection. And lets not forget the ever so popular Spookamotive that will roll again for Halloween!
    • RUTH TESAR (CEO of Northern California PET Imaging Center) informed us of Sac Century’s efforts to spread word about the upcoming Sac Century Challenge that takes place on October 2, 2021. Last weekend, volunteers spent time going up and down the bike trail handing out information. From 8:00AM-12:00PM, this Saturday, August 28th they will be doing it once again! If you’d like more information to join, just reach out to RUTH over email by CLICKING HERE
    • KATHY HERRDFELDT (Owner/President of Home Care Assistance) announced that application are now being accepted for the Jean Runyon Award. This award profiles a Rotarian who embodies the qualities and character of one of the first female Rotarians to join our club. This aware considers attributes such as service to the community, opportunity creating, generosity, and leadership. You can view submission guidelines as well as submit nominations at this link.
    • On October 12th from 10:00 AM- 3:30 PM there will be a blood drive taking place at the Greek Orthodox Church. We need your blood! This donating event is private and not live on the Vitalant website, but Rotary members can sign up thorough this link: Rotary Blood Drive . Feel free to use this link: Rotary Members Link to Donating for other times and locations you can give before or after October 12 as well! If you are able to volunteer to help please contact SHARNA and send an email with the times you can volunteer. Come on out, all the cool kids are doing it!
    • There will be a Rotarian Barbeque on September 5th at 3:30 PM hosted by PAST PRESIDENT BEVERLY BRAUTIGAM and PAST PRESIDENT HAL BARTHOLOMEW. Don’t forget your swimsuit because there will be a pool on site! 
    • Would you like to have access to information about Rotary Club with a press of a button? ClubRunner is an app available for download that will give you access to club related information as well as the ability to contact other Rotary members. It’s available on both Android and Apple Devices. 
    JOHN MCINTYRE (Chief Philanthropy Officer at Mercy Foundation) introduced our speaker, DR. OLIVIA KASIRYE. He mentioned that when people meet DR. KASIRYE, the first thing they wonder is “what’s up with that Texas accent?” Be assured this is a common misconception and easy mistake to make. However, in fact, DR. KASIRYE (one might argue wisely) bypassed Texas entirely and both she and her lilting accent hail from her native Uganda.
    DR. OLIVIA KASIRYE, M.D. is the El Dorado County Public Health Officer and the Sacramento County Public Health Officer. She has over 20 years of experience including her work as the Medical Director of the Sacramento County Child Health and Disability Prevention program and the Maternal, Child and Adolescent Health program and as the Communicable Disease Controller. KASIRYE received a Medical Degree from the Makerere University Medical School in Kampala, Uganda. She also has a Master of Science degree in Epidemiology from the University of California, Davis. She is Board Certified in Public Health and General Preventative Medicine and has been employed by El Dorado County Department of Health and Human Services as the Public Health Officer since August 2009.
    According to DR. KASIRYE an aspect of the Public Health Department is the that they coordinate with the state, CHP, and CDC who provided them news about things going on nationally and internationally. KASIRYE then took us on a brief timeline of events for Sacramento County regarding the COVID 19 pandemic. It all began when an article from the CDC was released stating that they had noticed an outbreak in Wuhan, China, which was Sacramento County Pubic Health’s first indication of COVID-19. After that, they started monitoring people that were coming into the United States that were reported to them by the CDC. Initially anyone who contracted COVID either had a history of travel or a history of contact with someone who had COVID. A pivotal point of the pandemic’s presence in US was when there was a contraction that didn’t have any such history. That meant we had COVID in our community, but we just didn’t know it... The timeline for the progression of COVID within Sacramento County was as follows:
    Timeline of Events- Sacramento:
    • February 19th- First case in Sacramento diagnosed
    • February 26th- First case of community transmission diagnosed at UCD
    • March 4th- Placer County announces first death
    • March 5th- Sacramento County declares public health emergency
    • March 9th- exposure in school, closure
    • March 10th- Sacramento County announces first death
    • March 19th- Sacramento County issues first stay at home Public Health Officer Order.
    As most already know, a recent surge has emerged. DR. KASIRYE pointed out that the reason a stay-at-home order was not issued this time`  was because we now have a vaccination.

    A Visit with the Sacramento Arts Community

    Posted by Paul Keefer on Aug 13, 2021
    Meeting: August 10th, 2021
    PRESIDENT BOB MILLER (Business Services Manager at First US Community Credit Union) greeted the club with his homage to the 80’s music. Some Rotarians jumped when the music started. MICHAEL BULLINGTON filled the room with world class piano tunes demonstrating one of his many talents! Rotarians were welcomed by the diligent and pleasant greeters LINDA GEERY (Shareholder/Gilbert CPAs), STEVE JOHANSON (Johanson &
    Associates), and the self-proclaimed “Big Cheese” DAVE HIGDON (California Moving Systems). PRESIDENT BOB gave special acknowledgement to our three Greeters of the week. As we were missing a designated photographer for this meeting, Rotarians were forced to get in touch with their creative sides as they collaborated to create digital memories of the meeting! ELFRENA FOORD (Partner/Certified Financial Planner at Foord, Van Bruggen, & Pajak) and BRUCE HESTER provided the vintner libations - more formally known as wine - during the pre-meeting social.
    Thought of the Day and Visitors
    KERRY WOOD (Chief Marketing & Donor Engagement Officer at Sacramento Region Community Foundation) led our weekly theme of the arts with poignant, appropriate quotes ranging from Picasso to Al Hirschfield. A particularly striking quote came from Hirschfield, who stated “Artists are just children who refuse to put down their crayons.” Some might even say this about Rotarians!
    GIULIANO KORNBERG (Sergeant-at-Arms) (Chief Revenue and Development Officer of Sacramento Philharmonic & Opera) presented our visitors including prospective new member CATHY CONJCE, guest BARRY SICADA, and MARY JO STRENG, wife of our very own JIM STRENG (President of Streng Bros Rentals, LLC).
    Meeting Sponsor
    Our meeting sponsor, PAST PRESIDENT WALTER DAHL (Partner at Dahl Law, Attorney(s) At Law) did not promote his firm to expedite his retirement while taking care of his valued current clients!
    New Member Induction
    Rotary meetings always carry an extra dose of purpose when we have the luxury of welcoming aboard a new member! JUSTINO SANTANA (Non-Profit Business Development Manager at eFundraising Connections) is lucky enough to be sponsored by the wonderful BOBBY REED (CEO of Capitol Tech Solutions) and TODD KOOLAKIAN (Director of Philanthropy at Sacramento Children’s Home). BOBBY, who had the honor of introducing JUSTINO,
    explained that the two of them met in 2020, pre-covid. JUSTINO grew up in Lodi but has lived in Sacramento for the last 22 years and loves everything about our local community. He is a graduate from CSU Sacramento as well as a 1st generation graduate. His non-profit and volunteer work would simply take up too many pages for a weekly newsletter, so you’ll have to just trust us on this one! Fun fact about JUSTINO: After he finished his first full marathon, he rewarded himself with a full “sleeve” tattoo on his leg! What is his tattoo of, you may wonder? Well, take it on yourself to find out when you meet our new member! A big welcome to our newest member, JUSTINO, we are so truly honored to start collaborating with you!
    KATHE NATHAN (Retired / Vice President Relationship Manager at Merchants Bank of Commerce) was joyful while she recognized TOM BACON (Senior Vice President of Bacon Commercial Real Estate) and all his excellent work with the Sacramento Century Challenge, praising him for
    his ambitious (and nearly approaching!) goal of $20,000. Thank you TOM. As he said, “people are glad to help!”
    CLICK HERE to see a slideshow containing pictures of TOM in action.
    DAVID BRANDENBURGER (Managing Director at Newmark Knight Frank) pinched hit for RUTH TESAR (CEO of Northern California PET Imaging Center) by promoting Bike Day on Saturday August 28 from 8 AM – 12 PM at William Land Park. We currently need one hour shifts to promote the Sac Century!
    STEVE HUFFMAN alerted our club of ART BREUER’s recovery from a medical procedure. We prepared Caregrams for ART and KIEFE. Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers!
    SARAH HODGE (Director of Resource Development at NeighborWorks Sacramento) surely let out a sigh of relief, and a smile, when she announced that she has tripled the size of the Brown Bag Committee (1 → 3) since her spotlight last week. She asked everyone to complete the choice email again if you haven’t already. The Brown Bag Day is coming up soon and on schedule for Tuesday, August 17.
    Let’s Go For a Run
    DAVID BRANDENBURGER honored PRESIDENT BOB with gifts from Greece including Olives and Ouzo. Although DAVID was unable to attend a Rotary meeting while in Greece, he committed to take the RCS pennant to another chapter during PRESIDENT BOB’s term. He went for a 10k run ($100)!
    KERRY WOOD wanted to display her appreciation and experience from the American Leadership Forum, as she went on a 6-day trip in the wilderness! She ran a 10k ($100).
    BOBBY REED wanted to honor his wife and her new position as a high school counselor at JFK High School by running a 5k ($50).
    Rotary Fellowship
    In preparation for our Arts Panel, PRESIDENT BOB provided a primer for our fellowship asking how we express our art. I learned that KERRY WOOD is a woman of many instruments, and is currently enjoying the freedom of the organic flute. NANCY TEICHERT, along with her accomplished writing career, really enjoyed sewing prior to retiring her machine. PAST PRESIDENT FRED TEICHERT (Executive Director of Teichert Foundation), as we all know, is an aspiring master chef who is expecting a letter from Gordon Ramsay any day now. Humbly, I talked about my cartooning and many novels started; Mr. Hollands Opus.
    A Visit with the Sacramento Arts Community  Paul Keefer 2021-08-13 07:00:00Z 0

    The Sacramento Chamber of Commerce Supports the  Economic Prosperity 

    Posted by John Goralka on Aug 06, 2021
    Meeting: August 3, 2021
    PRESIDENT BOB MILLER (Business Services Manager at First US Community Credit Union) kicked off the meeting with an expression of gratuity for ELFRENA FOORD (Partner/Certified Financial Planner at Foord, Van Bruggen, & Pajak) who graciously offered her musical abilities in the form of a piano performance at this week’s meeting. PRESIDENT BOB gave special acknowledgement to our three Greeters of the week: LARRY GILZEAN (President at Spare Time Sports Clubs), STEVE BRANDENBURGER, and JOHN GORALKA (President at the Goralka Law Firm). Photography done by our own blood, JOHN SWENTOWSKY (Owner of Swentowsky Photography) and the Wine Reception organized by the lovely SARAH HODGE (Director of Resource Development at NeighborWorks Sacramento).
    Thought of the Day and Visitors
    Inspired by the constant political distress that our society seems to revolve on, LEN MCCANDLISS drew his attention to our third-ever president of the United States, Thomas Jefferson, with quotes regarding democracy, politics, and virtues. Can you imagine such topics being intertwined?
    Visitors included prospective new member JENNY WINSTEAD (Sacramento Literacy Foundation), neighbor Rotarian SIDNEY SMITH from the Elk Grove Rotary Club, and prospective member BOBBIE HALES (Gilbert CPA).
    Meeting Sponsor
    Our meeting sponsor, RUTH TESAR (CEO at Northern California PET Imaging Center) was eager to share some of the new things her company is doing. She first gave us some background information, as listed below:
    ● Northern California PET Imaging Center was the first independent imaging center in the U.S. that wasn’t affiliated with a research project or university.
    ● The majority of their work is tied to oncology, but they are showing promising and exciting levels of development in the field of neurology.
    Some of their recent highlighted field developments in imaging are tied to some of the most
    prevalent chronic illnesses, including the following:
    ● Alzheimer’s
    ● Breast Cancer
    ● Prostate Cancer
    ● Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) in NFL players
    ● Cancer immunotherapy responses
    To see the full PowerPoint slideshow created by RUTH, click HERE.
    SARAH HODGE stepped up to discuss the Brown Bag Committee during the Committee Spotlight. Brown Bag Day is scheduled for Tuesday, August 17th. This will be the first of four scheduled Brown Bag events for the 2021-2022 Rotary year. For more information, please contact SARAH. There will also be emails going out for anyone interested in participating!
    In light of the upcoming Sacramento Century Challenge, DAVID BRANDENBURGER discussed a similar upcoming charitable cause - the Pan-Mass Challenge - organized by a friend. They have a fundraising goal of a whopping $52 million! The ride is all about raising funds for cancer research and treatment at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, and any donations are greatly appreciated!
    To learn more about the Pan-Mass Challenge, click HERE. If you want to keep it local, please sign up to ride and/or donate to our local Sacramento Century Challenge right HERE.
    PAUL KEEFER (Executive Director at Pacific Charter Institute) talked about the Rise Against Hunger event from last Saturday (July 31st). 240 meal boxes = 11,664 meals, 1 silver medal, and 1 bronze medal later… We had a blast! Thank you to everyone who came out!

    JOHN SWENTOWSKY was sporting a stylish Rotary apron when he cheerfully reminded everyone to mark their calendars for the last two Loaves & Fishes events of the 2021 year: September 30th and December 30th. We are already looking forward to the fun that will ensue and hope you can be a part of it!
    Chair of the Day - Guest Speaker Introduction
    DAVID BRANDENBURGER (Managing Director at Newmark Knight Frank) was honored to introduce us all to the Guest Speaker, AMANDA BLACKWOOD (President and CEO of the Sacramento Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce). AMANDA is the first female President and CEO of the Metro Chamber - yay for Girl Power! Her career spans both the private and nonprofit sectors with a focus on financial management, including her past role as CFO for Folsom Asset Management, Inc. She currently sits on the boards or commissions of Sacramento Works, Visit Sacramento, Downtown Sacramento Partnership, Mayors’ Climate Commission, Metro-PAC, and even more. In 2020, she was recognized by the Sacramento Business Journal for their “Most Admired CEOs” and “Women Who Mean Business” awards.
    Guest Speaker
    AMANDA shared that she was a past Rotarian and briefly compared the overlapping nature between the Metro Chamber and our Rotary Club. She prefaced her discussion with the importance of mental health by acknowledging the challenging times that we are facing not just as employees, business owners, etc. but as a community. We all share a common ground regarding fears, concerns, and distress inflicted by the pandemic. That being said, no financial strategy can be successful if we are not taking care of ourselves.
    AMANDA shared the goals of the Metro Chamber, namely 1) To bring people together, share ideas, and better facilitate an open dialogue about  challenges we face from within the community, 2) Employ a “Boots on the ground” tactical assistance strategy, and 3) Advocacy.
    They are the largest chamber to advocate at a federal level. They strive to help businesses learn how to make good policy, first and foremost.
    As expected, one of the Metro Chamber’s primary focus areas is having strong businesses. Economic recovery and policy are an important point of conversation to be having in our functionally-dysfunctional current state of society. This importance of this topic is only further heightened when you are lucky enough to live in the economic hub that is the Sacramento Metropolitan area. AMANDA eloquently stated “If our businesses aren’t properly supported, then there are no jobs.” She further emphasized that there is a breadth of in-person and online community resources for any business owners that have been financially impacted by the pandemic, and encourages community members to access what is available to them. Ultimately, the Metro Chamber values all voices within Sacramento County, and takes every voice into consideration in determining policy that can help us embark on our journey to financial recovery.
    The Sacramento Chamber of Commerce Supports the  Economic Prosperity  John Goralka 2021-08-06 07:00:00Z 0


    Posted by Jim Culleton on Jul 30, 2021
    Disclaimer: As a resulting impact of the Dixie Fires, there is no recording of last week’s meeting available.
    PRESIDENT BOB MILLER’s (Business Services Manager at First US Community Credit Union) walk up music lured a rowdy crowd in from the lobby. Maybe PRESIDENT BOB is secretly being sponsored by big haired English bands from the 80’s?  I’m sure payouts from Jethro Tull, Flock of Seagulls and Culture Club are to follow. Stay tuned if he shows up with a new tattoo and mullet in a new sports jacket with a shiny gold chain. Let’s be careful of what we wish for: Boy Bands from the 90s could be next.
    Revelers were enjoying libations from Christopher Cellars, which were generously donated by PAST PRESIDENT BEVERLY BRAUTIGAM (Brautigam Financial Services) and PAST PRESIDENT HAL BARTHOLOMEW (Managing Partner at Bartholomew & Wasznicky LLP) during the pre-meeting wine reception. Greeters DENNIS COOK, LARRY BOOTH (Frank M. Booth) and APRIL JAVIST (Executive Director of Sacramento Public Library Foundation) ushered in a crowd eager about the restaurant industry which our guest speaker would later orate. JOHN SWENTOWSKY (Owner of Swentowsky Photography), tan and fresh off his Oregon vacation, was back at snapping candids as Rotarians arrived.
    Chris Morra, of Christopher Wines, was a guest of Tuesday’s meeting. Brian Murray of Bender Insurance, Justin Santana, and Bobby Hanes also were attending as new and prospective members. We welcomed Denise Gaydos of the Laguna Sunrise Rotary Club as a visiting Rotarian.
    KELLY MORAN (President of Moran and Associates) acted as our meeting sponsor. In 2019, he sold a portion of his political consulting business which allowed him to pursue Bajrang Yoga. He now spends most of his time teaching meditation and yoga. KELLY offered yoga on a corporate level with an emphasis on conscious leadership. He left us with one technique called Khechari Mudra. Take your tongue and roll it back and put the bottom of your tongue on the roof of your mouth.  Try to say something. You can’t! This, KELLY says, is important for relationships and life.  It will help you maintain focus and become a better listener.
    SHARNA BRAUCKS (President & CEO YMCA of Superior California) gave us the thought for the day.  She chose an appropriate topic: restaurants. 
    They are there for every event of life.  All milestones revolve around food!  They help build relationships. Restaurants are a key piece to our recovery and survival. The YMCA knows how important this is as they donate over 100,000 free lunches to children throughout the calendar year.
    PRESIDENT BOB continues to elevate a committee into the spotlight.  MEGAN WYGANT (CLARA Claire Raley Studios for the Performing Arts), THOMAS GILBERT and KATHE NATHAN (Vice President Relationship Manager at Merchants Bank of Commerce) make a committee of 3 that handles meeting sponsorship. You can promote your business, a customer’s, a vendors, a non profit by becoming a meeting sponsor. Please reach out to KATHE, THOMAS, or MEGAN if you have interest in this opportunity.
    PAST PRESIDENT WES YEE (DDS at Yee Dental Care) gave a brief speech regarding the passing of his father, Herb Yee DDS.  Herb was a dynamo getting involved in many facets of Sacramento.  He was on countless boards and committees that spanned decades.  His time at UOP as a board of trustee saw one of the largest single donations to the University of all time.  Herb was born in 1924 and immigrated from China in 1931.  He was 96 and passed on June 26th.  The family said a celebration of life is planned for October.
    PAST PRESIDENT Dan McVeigh introduced our newest member, JIM HENDERSON. JIM is a trial attorney with the firm of Messing Adam & Jasmine.  He is on the verge of retiring from his practice. He enjoys travel, reading and estate sales. Some would argue his interest in Antique Roadshow borders on and infatuation with American Hoarders. He was also a contestant on Jeopardy! Dan left us with the adage, “You just can’t have enough lawyers in Rotary.”
    • PAUL KEEFER (Executive Director at Pacific Charter Institute) gave us information for Rise Against Hunger which is a fun competition between Rotary Clubs held on July 31st at 9:15am. 
    • DAVID BRANDENBURGER (Managing Director at Newmark Knight Frank) updated us on Sac Century Challenge. The ride is scheduled for October 2nd, 2021.  First Northern Bank has been brought on as a Bronze Sponsor. If you would like to help promote the event and hand out cards on the American River Bike Trail, don’t be shy! 
    • SARAH HODGE announced that Brown Bag Day will be held on August 17th, 2021.  Be on the lookout for sign up opportunities. 
    • SHARNA BRAUCKS wants you to use a link when donating blood.  This will allow your donations to be tracked and credit to be given to Sacramento Downtown Rotary. Register now using THIS LINK.
    • Karen Cendro, our new District Governor Elect, is looking for help to fill different Committee Chairs during her upcoming term. 
    • Denise Gaydos, President of Sunrise Rotary, welcomes one and all to a golf tournament at Valley Hi Country Club on September 27, 2021.  Sponsorships and foursomes are available.  Contact her at (916)-202-4959 or 
    • KATHY HERRFELDT (Owner of Home Care Assistance) will be looking for applications (which will be posted on the Rotary website next week) for the Jean Runyon Award.  Selections will be made the first week of December and the winner will be announced in March of 2022. 
    NANCY TEICHERT (Executive Director an Teichert Foundation) introduced Jot Condie, President and CEO of the California Restaurant Association, by posing the question, “Who missed their favorite restaurant during the pandemic?” Jot seamlessly transitioned NANCY’s introduction into his two favorites:  Falafal Corner on Alhambra and jerk chicken at Ella’s.
    This is Jot’s first time speaking to a Rotary Club, yet he is familiar with the organization.  His father was a Rotarian in the East Bay and as a child, Jot though it was a secret society with secret meetings. 
    He didn’t know how bad the pandemic would get in March of 2020. Hoping maybe fifty-percent (50%) capacity would be the only restriction, Jot soon found many restaurants would lose one hundred percent (100%) of their in-dining capacity.  After struggling through many months, an awareness came from all of this: restaurants would figure out other ways to survive.  Outdoor dining (even in the winter), delivery (including alcohol), and drive through’s all contributed to the survival. PPP loans saved many restaurants.  Fun fact: The largest generator of sales tax in the state is the restaurant industry. 
    Change and struggles will continue.  How people work will affect restaurants.  A shift from urban to suburban demand has hit restaurants. Door Dash, which used to be the enemy in Jot’s opinion, has now become a resource. Their fee sometimes up to 30% of the meal ticket seemed steep, but now these platforms could be considered a savior for the industry. This tech has allowed us to order and have food delivered in minutes.  Maybe our eating habits have changed because of this technology?
    Small business is critical to our neighborhoods. Consider that 60% of restaurants are owned by people of color. There is a real economic viability issue here, Jot explained. Workers have suffered. Three out of five people in the state will claim a restaurant was their first job. Often newly released incarcerated individuals find their first employment back in the free world in restaurants. 


    Posted by Nancy Teichert on Jul 23, 2021
    Rotary Meeting: July 20, 2021
    Please note: Due to solar flares and global warming our meeting recording is not available this week.
    On your marks, get set, go! The Olympic Games start in Tokyo on Friday, but Rotarians got an early start with Sacramento’s own Olympian STARR WALTON-HURLEY. She shares personal stories detailing the history of skiing in Northern California. Those tales include her own adventures on the U.S. Olympic skiing team in 1964. Our meeting Tuesday led by PRESIDENT BOB MILLER (Business Services Manager / First US Community Credit Union) opened with MICHAEL BULLINGTON (a Former Rotarian from Rotary Club) setting a festive mood with lively tunes on the piano. Greeters ART BREUER, MIKE GILLIGAN (Retired from RINA Accountancy Corp.) and KATHY HERRFELDT (owner of Home Care Assistance) worked the doors. APRIL JAVIST (Executive Director of the Sacramento Literacy Foundation) provided and poured the wine and PP DIANE WOODRUFF (Retired Chancellor California Community Colleges) took photos.

    ROBYN DELONG (Coldwell Banker) lit our Olympic fever by telling the tale of a heroic Olympian. “Imagine being in the ocean in a rowboat with sails - with winds of 40 miles per hour and 8-foot waves tossing you about. That’s what sailing competitors were facing in Seoul’s 1988 Olympics. Finn Class is set up for one person in a 14-foot dinghy and 470 dinghy, competition has two in a 15 1/2-footer. In the heat of competition, the will to win often takes priority, especially in the Olympics, with both individual and national glory at stake. But back in 1988, Lawrence Lemieux, leading his race in the Finn competition, set aside his dreams of Olympic gold to help two men who were racing in the 470. On the morning of Sept. 24, multiple races were sailing, with participants spread out over a 2-mile circle. Having done well in the first four races, Lemieux was in contention to medal and spent the early stages of the 5th race in first place. It was supposed to be the Canadian sailor’s year. The 32-year-old Lemieux was finally representing Canada in his preferred Finn class, and doing well. Then he spotted a flipped vessel about 100 yards south of him. He could see a man sitting on the overturned boat holding onto the centerboard. He spotted the second crew member in the water ahead of him, chasing his ship despite being weighed down by his gear. It was clear that the boat was drifting faster than the man could swim, and Lemieux feared he would be lost at sea - a prospect that forced him to stop and lend a hand. Lemieux dropped out of the race and rescued an exhausted Joseph Chan who had sustained a back injury but was otherwise unharmed. Pulling him aboard his single person craft in high seas carried its own risks. ‘Once I got him into the boat, I was concerned we were going to capsize ourselves,’ Lemieux says. When he reached the capsized boat, he learned they were missing a rudder and saw that Siew Shaw had sliced open his hand. He then set off to find the rudder so the Singaporeans could right their boat. It took him less than 15 minutes, but by then many of the Finn class competitors had raced past. Lemieux’s coach, meanwhile, had come looking for him, fearing the worst. Arriving just as Lemieux returned with the rudder, his coach took over the rescue effort enabling Lemieux to finish the race. Although he finished 22nd out of a field of at least 35, Lemieux has no regrets. He stayed in touch with the Singaporean men he helped rescue that day and the 3 sailors meet from time to time on the international circuit. Lemieux has become an in-demand coach. Because of his willingness to put service above self, Lemieux received a different medal - one for true sportsmanship - the International Olympic Committee’s Pierre de Coubertin Medal-an honor that has been bestowed upon fewer than 20 competitors. ‘By your sportsmanship, self-sacrifice and courage, you embody all that is right with the Olympic ideal,’ IOC President Samaranch told Lemieux when presenting him with the award. One could say, doing the right thing wins the gold every time.”
    To watch a recap of the events that took place on the water that day click here.
    PRESIDENT BOB led the club in the Pledge of Allegiance and Sergeant-At-Arms GIULIANO KORNBERG (Chief Revenue and Development Officer for the Sacramento Philharmonic & Opera) introduced guests including our club’s YIP (Youth Incentive Program) members. PRESIDENT BOB initiated a new highlight for our meetings which is spotlighting the work of our club’s hard-working committees.
    PRESIDENT BOB thanked the entire Pulse Report Crew for their excellent work on the Pulse. BOB introduced JOHN GORALKA (President of the Goralka Law Firm). The Committee Chair, JOHN, personally thanked the reporters and team members.  In particular, he thanked SULAF AL AJEELI (Membership Services Coordinator of Rotary Club of Sacramento), JIM CULLETON (President of Strong and Associates), DANIELLE MCGARRITY (Development Director of Children’s Receiving Home of Sacramento), JOHN MCINTYRE (Chief Philanthropy Officer of Mercy Foundation), PAUL KEEFER (Executive Director of Pacific Charter Institute), SHIRLEE TULLY (Chief Development & Brand Officer at Capital Public Radio), NANCY TEICHERT (Retired Journalist), ANN SOLOMON (Regional Director for Western North America at the University of Auckland), JODI FORD (Legal Assistant at The Goralka Law Firm), MAEGAN BODILY (Director of Operations at The Goralka Law Firm), and SARAFINA ANGLERO-EVANS (Legal Assistant at The Goralka Law Firm), all of whom keep us informed by participating in the production of our weekly newsletter.
    Coming up soon is the Sac Century Challenge on Oct. 2 chaired by PAST PRESIDENT SUSAN SHERIDAN (Retired Law). The bike ride will begin and end on the state Capitol Mall with a food and music festival. TODD KOOLAKIAN (Sacramento Children’s Home Crisis Nursery Program) encouraged members to participate by registering to ride, become a Challenge Champion to raise donations by sponsoring a rider, become a sponsor, or make a personal donation. The Crisis Nursery has served 2,047 children at risk for abuse or neglect because their parents need emergency overnight or day stays due to distress, medical emergencies or employment problems. Over the past three years, the bike ride has raised $249,024 to benefit the Crisis Nursery Program. Since the century’s inception, it has raised $450,000 for various charities. PRESIDENT BOB applauded the committee’s work and advised that when PP DIANE MIZELL (retired Credit) shows up as a caller on your cell phone to ask for a contribution, “Just say ‘Yes.’”
    ERIC SOLIS (Wells Fargo financial advisor) updated the club on the Youth Incentive Program (YIP) which pairs members as mentors with aspiring students. The YIP matches at risk 7th graders with volunteer Rotary mentors for 5 years. This ongoing commitment is truly an example of Service Above Self by Rotarian volunteers.  Since conceived by PAST PRESIDENT FRANK POELMAN (residential contractor), the YIP has awarded $200,000 in scholarships. Today, there are 9 students in the program and more club members are needed as mentors. NORM MARSHALL (Headwaters Construction) has mentored Angel Garcia for the past four years and who will attend University of California Merced. “He loves me as one of his own,” said Garcia. GABRIEL GENDRON (Residential Real Estate) introduced his mentee Tim Paige, who will be a freshman at University of California Santa Barbara. “He will always be there checking on me,” Paige said. APRIL JAVIST (Sacramento Literacy Foundation) has been a mentor to Grizzel Yanez for ten years. She now attends San Francisco State, and was recently named assistant editor of the university’s Poetry publication. “She’s a part of our family,” said JAVIST. A very special thank you to all the YIP mentors!
    PRESIDENT BOB solicited volunteers for the on July 31 and to serve meals at Loaves and Fishes on July 29.
    PAST PRESIDENT BEVERLY BRAUTIGAM (Sacramento Collaborative Divorce Group) invited everyone to a swim and barbecue at her Elk Grove home on Sept. 5. PRESIDENT BOB joked, “I will be there, but don’t let that stop you.”
    There were a lot of members willing to pay donations to “Let’s Go on a Run,” because they had good news to share.
    GIULIANO KORNBERG (Chief Revenue and Development Officer for the Sacramento Philharmonic & Opera) donated $25 toward both his Paul Harris and Eddie Mulligan because he was featured on the cover of Comstock’s Magazine as one of the best young professionals in Sacramento.
    MIKE GILLIGAN (Retired from RINA Accountancy Corp.) gave $500 to both his Paul Harris and Eddie Mulligan in memory of his mother who died at the age of 103.
    Prompted by today’s space launch, PAST PRESIDENT FRED TEICHERT (Teichert Foundation) shared his great memory from 52 years ago when the first man landed on the moon. He was a 20-year-old in Florence, Italy, struggling to translate the big news to the Italians. He donated $250 to both his Harris and Mulligan.
    ANN RYAN SOLOMON (regional director, Western North America at The University of Auckland) gave $50 toward her Harris and Mulligan in honor of her mother who turned 90 with all seven of her children. As well as in honor of Wally Funk, 82, the oldest person ever to go into space today on the Blue Origin and a sister alumna from Stephens College in Missouri.

    And So It Begins… The Miller Administration

    Posted by Jim Culleton on Jul 16, 2021
    Rotary Meeting: July 13, 2021
    Newly elected PRESIDENT BOB MILLER (Business Services Manager at First US Community Credit Union) welcomed his term with the walk-up music from Tears for Fears, “Everybody Rules the World.”  Please draw your own conclusions on this shamelessly veiled power grab.
    BOB handed out many thank-you’s to fellow Rotarians who volunteered at Tuesday’s meeting, including ELFRENA FOORD (Partner/Certified Financial Planner at Foord, Van Bruggen, & Pajak) on the piano, greeters RICK DAVIS and SHARNA BRAUCKS (President & CEO of YMCA of Superior California), the general meeting public as photographers in JOHN SWENTOWSKY’s (Owner of Swentowsky Photography) absence, and our wine reception sponsor, PAST PRESIDENT BOB COLE.
    Guests were introduced and celebrated, including Selene Brown Rios, Scott Ford, MaryJoe Streng, Christian Dahl, and Kristen Dorfer.
    PRESIDENT BOB urged us to take into our daily lives, the International Rotary President of India, SHEKHAR MEHTA’s  motto “Serve to Change Lives.” As well as reminding us of our local district Governor, Desiree Wilson’s, motto “Creating Today’s Super Heroes.” There are 1.2 million Rotarians in the world. We lose almost one million members, but also add one million members each year. Let these statistics be a friendly reminder to us all just how important our commitment is! We will continue our efforts on retention and attrition.
    GABRIEL GENDRON (Realtor at Lyon Real Estate) led us in the thought for the day.  His “Mindful Minute,” focused on meditation as he walked us through relaxation, a connection to our bodies, a breathing exercise concluding with the direction to, “Open your eyes and come into this space.”
    CLICK HERE to be taken through his guided meditation.
    BOB will periodically highlight a committee or two, this week KEVIN WILLIAMS Wine Committee takes center stage.  KEVIN WILLIAMS (Chief Sponsorship Manager of KVIE) briefed us on the expectations and job requirements of supplying and pouring wine during the pre-meeting reception.  He is actively looking for sponsors. Please reach out if you are interested. You can contact KEVIN by CLICKING HERE.
    PAUL KEEFER (Executive Director of Pacific Charter Institute) promoted the “Rise Against Hunger” event happening on July 31st.  We will need 10-19 volunteers which will help fill supply bags and participate in a Corn Hole tournament as well as a trivia contest. 
    SHARNA BRAUCKS (President & CEO at YMCA of Superior California) will be heading up blood drives this year and hopes to have a mobile truck on site, so on Tuesdays, members can give before our weekly meeting. 
    VIRGINIA WADE needs more volunteers for Loaves and Fishes on July 29th.  Shifts are 7:30am-10:30am and 10:45am-1:30pm.  Box lunches will be packed rather than traditional serving duties. 
    BOBBY REED (CEO of Capitol Tech Solutions) encouraged all to come out and protect the environment by “Cleaning Up the American River Parkway” on Saturday July 17, from 9:00am-11:00am.
    PRESIDENT BOB announced the giving levels for his 2021-2022 term. This year, BOB decided to title the giving levels with a running theme!
    5k distance - $25/$50
    10k distance - $100
    Half Marathon - $250
    Marathon - $500
    Ultra Marathon - $1000
    We were gifted with the generosity of many Rotarians. LEV KAGANOVICH (Consultant at Energy, LEED & Commissioning Consulting) donated in honor of Rick Davis’ Rotary Foundation term.  SARAH HODGE donated in celebrations of her aspiration to become a runner in real life! She plans to accomplish a 5k this year! DAN MCVEIGH (Downey Brand LLP) donated in homage of his son turning 40-years-old. PRESIDENT BOB MILLER donated and thanked his installation committee: TIM MATTHEIS, BOB DALY, DAN FENOCCHIO, JIMMY CULLETON, MAGGIE HOPKINS, and SARAH HODGE for their secret service work.
    TIM MATTHEIS (Principal Architect at WMB Architects) introduced our speaker of the U.S. Small Business Administration. CARRIE is the Deputy District Director of the US Small Business Association, which oversees 22 counties. She has previously held positions of Financial Analyst and Marketing Consultant. She had two personal friends in the audience whom she recognized, VIRGINIA WADE (CEO/President of Golden Pacific Bank) and JIM PHILLIPS (Owner of The Energy Savers). Her office alone approved 715 guaranteed loans for $535 million this past year.
    In California, there are 6 offices: Sacramento, San Francisco, Fresno, Los Angeles, Orange County and the Inland Empire. 1800 employee actively distributed CARES Act funds two ways: Loan Programs (including Debt Relief and PPP) and Grant Programs (EIDL - Economic Injury Disaster Loans and SVOG - Shuttered Venue Operations Grants and the Restaurant Revitalization Grant.)
    11,000,000 loans were approved for $795 Billion with 5400 lenders under the most recent PPP distributions. SBA loan programs fall into 3 categories: Microloans up to $50K, 7(a) loans from $5K to $5million and 504 loans which address acquisition and construction of real estate and equipment.
    CARRIE further explained SBA backed loan relief. EIDL helps cover normal expenses up to 24 months via a $500K maximum loan at 3.75% for business or 2.75% for non-profits of less than 500 employees.  These grant funds are still available until 12/13/21. Currently 3.78 million loans for $205 billion have been approved under these guidelines.
    CARRIE touched on SBA programs such as Shuttered Venue Operators Grant and the Community Navigator Pilot Program.  Unfortunately, fraud is present and actively being combated.  SBA also has resources for Partner Contacts for disasters and district offices.
    All of this (and more!) can be found on
    To watch the full presentation given by CARRIE CLICK HERE.
    If you didn’t make it to the July 13th meeting, don’t fret! We have a recording of it for you to watch HERE.
    Not only that, but there’s still a chance to make it to the next one!
    On July 20, 2021, from 12:10 PM - 1:30 PM, we will be meeting at The Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church. Next Tuesday’s guest speaker will be former Olympian, Starr Hurley, who will be speaking on the Olympics! She was an Alpine Skier who is native to, you guessed it, Sacramento, CA! She has a stream of athletic accomplishments, one of which was being a top finisher (14th) in the downhill at the 1964 Innsbruck Olympics. Finishing 9th in the world at the end of the Ski season, she was the fastest American woman skier in 1963 and 1964. Don’t miss her presentation!
    Upcoming Rotary Club Meetings at a Glance:
    • 7/27 – The Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church 12:10 - 1:30 PM
    Speaker: Jot Condie-CA Restaurant Association
    And So It Begins… The Miller Administration  Jim Culleton 2021-07-16 07:00:00Z 0


    Posted by Danielle McGarrity on Jul 09, 2021
    Rotary Meeting: July 6, 2021
    Last Tuesday’s meeting started off with a mysterious greeting and wine & beer service by the Rotary Secret Service [BOB DALY (Financial Advisor at Financial Network Wealth Advisors), DAN FENOCCHIO (President at Cunningham Engineering, SARAH HODGE (Director of Development at CSU Sacramento), MAGGIE HOPKINS (Loan Officer at Capital Premier Lending ang Premier Realty), JIM CULLETON (President at Strong & Associates)].
    We were also delighted by some uplifting tunes in a performance by the world-renowned Rotary Rockers back in Sacramento from their recent tour at Golf 4 Kids. CLICK HERE to see their performance.
    Sergeant-at-Arms GIULIANO KORNBERG (Development Manager of Sacramento Philharmonic and Opera) welcomed Club members. Introduced were our 2021-2022 Board of Directors: PRESIDENT BOB MILLER (Business Services Manager of First US Community Credit Union), LINDA GEERY (President Elect - Shareholder/Gilbert CPAs), MARK LUHDORFF (Treasurer) (Chief Financial Officer / Reviver), LATOYA WONG (Secretary), DAVID BRANDENBURGER (Managing Director at Newmark Knight Frank); PAUL KEEFER (Executive Director of Pacific Charter Institute); ANN SOLOMON  (Regional Director for Western North America / University of Auckland); THERESA WHEELER (Owner of Prevail Public Affairs), GERRY DABI; CHRISTIE HOLDEREGGER (Chief Development Officer of Volunteers of America); JOHN MCINTYRE (Chief Philanthropy Officer at Mercy Foundation); BOBBY REED (CEO of Capitol Tech Solutions), and KERRY WOOD (Chief Marketing & Donor Engagement Officer / Sacramento Region Community Foundation) . An introduction was also made for the 2021-2022 Foundation Trustees: BOB DALY (Foundation President); STEVE JOHANSON (Foundation Vice-President); MIKE GILLIGAN (Treasurer); JAMIE FURLONG (Secretary); LARRY GILZEAN (President / Spare Time Sports Clubs); VIRGINIA WADE; TED WHITE (President of Sacramento Delta Property Management); APRIL JAVIST (Executive Director of Sacramento Literacy Foundation); LEV KAGANOVICH (Consultant at Energy, LEED & Commissioning Consulting); ROY ALEXANDER (Retiree of Sacramento Children’s Home); SARAH HODGE (Director of Development / California State University, Sacramento); and NICOLE WILHELM (Co-Founder of The Wilhelm Team at Compass). A big thank you was given to visiting Rotarian and photographer for the day MIKE BULLINGTON and to DANIELLE MCGARRITY (Development Director / Children’s Receiving Home of Sacramento)​​​​​​​ for Pulse Reporting. On top of that, we were excited that prospective members Christin and Jenny Winstead were joining us. After all the introductions were made The Rotary Secret Service then escorted PRESIDENT BOB MILLER into the hall to the sound of a thunderous applause.
    Watch a clip of the Rotary Secret Service Escorting BOB by CLICKING HERE.
    JOHN MCINTYRE celebrated BOB’s German heritage by translating his thought for the day into German. JOHN recognized BOB’s commitment to service above self, his competitive spirit, and his unique talents – BOB is an absolute schmuckstück (jewel) of the Club! JOHN’s thought for the day was as follows:
    “Welcome to the first meeting of the new Rotary year. Thank you for your commitment to Rotary and service to it. It’s an honor for me to be here to offer today’s thought for the day as we reflect on the past. First let me thank PAST-PRESIDENT KEVIN for his leadership. KEVIN your leadership allowed us to remain a strong committed organization that continues to do good works in our region and in the world. You set a high standard for PRESIDENT BOB. As you likely all know, BOB is a competitor. He knows how to lead from the front, take on the tough issues, live by the four-way-test. He’s proud of his German heritage, including supporting his beloved Mainz soccer team, mint Germany, the Mainz way, Mainz forever. BOB is a fan of all things Germanic and certainly knows the that, in German, the name for jewel is “Schmuckstuck.” So on everyone’s behalf allow me to conclude my reflection by offering my best wishes to our one and only Schmuchstuck of a president, BOB MILLER!”
    To watch JOHN MCINTYRE deliver his reflection in both German and English, CLICK HERE.
    Due to concerns raised in the initial and expanded Rotary background reviews, GIULIANO shared that he consulted law enforcement contacts, community references, and character witnesses to ensure that the Rotary Club of Sacramento would be in good hands for the year ahead. After a few incidents of hopefully mistaken identity, we were assured that *our* BOB MILLER is A-OK for service – he even received a vote of confidence from MAYOR DARRELL STEINBERG.
    To watch the thorough investigation conducted on PRESIDENT BOB MILLER CLICK HERE.
    The Rotary chamber waited in quiet nervous anticipation. These fears were resolved when PRESIDENT KEVIN came to the podium to bestow the RCOS Presidential Pin upon PRESIDENT-ELECT BOB and gratefully accepted his Past President pin. GIULIANO officially introduced our 2021-2022 PRESIDENT BOB D. MILLER!
    Watch a video clip of the inauguration by CLICKING HERE
    PRESIDENT BOB expressed his gratitude to PAST PRESIDENT KEVIN for helping to prepare him for the role and for his impressive leadership during the last year, his gratitude to the 2021-2022 Board of Directors and Committee members, and to LATOYA WONG, SULAF AL AJEELI (Member Service Coordinator) and BARBARA CLEGG for their indispensable work keeping the Club’s wheels moving. He thanked his wife for supporting him in taking on ambitious role and TODD ANDREWS (Andrews Construction) for first inviting him to Rotary.
    BOB deemed the year ahead our “Year of Recovery” and shared his goals: re-engage current Club members; recruit new membership; learn from some of our region’s top experts as our weekly speakers and of course to Have Fun! He encouraged us all to ponder two questions as we embrace the year ahead and the many opportunities it presents:
    1. Why did I join Rotary?
    2. Why have I stayed involved?
    The Rotary Secret Service escorted BOB out of the chamber as Club members enjoyed some German Chocolate cake!
    If you didn’t make it to the July 6th meeting, don’t fret! We have a recording of it for you to watch HERE.
    Not only that, but there’s still a chance to make it to the next one!
    On July 13, 2021, from 12:10 PM - 1:30 PM, we will be meeting at The Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church.  Our guest speaker will be CARRIE ELLINWOOD, the Deputy District Director at US Small Business Administration. CARRIE graduated Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Business Administration. She has been a Lead Lender Relations Specialist for almost 14 years. Carrie will share her years of experience as our speaker of the day!
    Upcoming Rotary Club Meetings at a Glance:
    • 7/13 – The Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church 12:10 - 1:30 PM
    Speaker: Carrie Ellinwood- U.S. Small Business Administration
    • 7/20 – The Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church 12:10 - 1:30 PM
    Speaker: Starr Hurley - Olympics
    • 7/27 – The Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church 12:10 - 1:30 PM
    Speaker: Jot Condie-CA Restaurant Association



    Posted by Danielle McGarrity on Jul 02, 2021
    Rotary Meeting: June 29, 2021
    PRESIDENT KEVIN SMITH-FAGAN (Executive Director of Fairytale Town) called our festive group to order with words of appreciation for PAST PRESIDENT BOB COLE, who was unable to attend the meeting but is celebrating his 70th year of Rotary membership (let that sink in). Congratulations, Bob – thank you for your incredible service to the Club! SERGEANT IN ARMS ALLISON CAGLEY (Executive Director of Friends of Sacramento Arts) introduced guests SERGIO ROBLES, JUSTINO SANTANE AND JAMIE WINSTON as well as prospective member JIM HENDERSON who joined us at last week’s meeting. We never forget to give thanks to Rotarian Volunteers. We are appreciative of DANNY GEMMA, JIM CULLETON, JERRY HALEY, for acting as our greeters; ELFRENA FOORD for gracing us with entertainment on the piano; our wine sponsors CHRISTIE HOLDEREGGER and LEO MCFARLAND (Volunteers of America); of PAST PRESIDENT DIANE WOODRUFF for serving as photographer for the day; and DANIELLE MCGARRITY for Pulse Reporting this week!
    PAST PRESIDENT FRED TEICHERT shared his gratitude for the Club’s perseverance through the pandemic, thanks to each member’s grace and fellowship, and due to PRESIDENT KEVIN’s incredible leadership. He reminded us that we all have the incredible gift of service to give to the community, under the guidance of the 4-way test! The test that helps guide the ethics of our behavior is to hold truth in our words, fairness in dealings, good will toward all, and acting with a beneficial intent. Whatever our political or religious commitments are, the 4-way test can steer us a little more clearly than if left to our own devices.
    To watch PAST PRESIDENT FRED TEICHERT give his thought for the day CLICK HERE
    PRESIDENT-ELECT BOB MILLER shared that we are seeking a Club leader for the Rise Against Hunger food-packaging event on July 24 and are also in need of donations to meet our $500 goal in order to sponsor the event. Please contact BOB or SULAF AL AJEELI (Membership Services Coordinator of Rotary Club Sacramento) if you can help!
    BOBBY REED (CEO at Capitol Tech Solutions) invited us all to join the July 17 American River Cleanup from 8:45 AM – 11:00 AM. Parking passes will be provided. Please register in advance and feel free to bring friends and family to help.
    PRESIDENT KEVIN requested a motion to approve the revision to Club Bylaws that was distributed via email on June 13. STEVE HEATH (Executive Director of Central California Hemophilia Foundation) so moved and WALTER DAHL (Dahl Law, Attorneys At Law) seconded; club members voted with a show of hands and the motion carried.
    PRESIDENT KEVIN announced that at this year’s District 5180 Conference our Club received gold and silver medals in eight categories, and presented the medals to club members as follows:
    • Membership (GOLD) – to GERRY DABI (Compliance and Risk Manager at Golden Pacific Bank)
    • Administration (SILVER) – to LATOYA WONG (Rotary Club of Sacramento)
    • Foundation (SILVER) – to RICK DAVIS
    • Marketing (GOLD) – to BOBBY REED (CEO of Capitol Tech Solutions)
    • Community Service (GOLD) – to PAUL KEEFER (Executive Director of Pacific Charter Institute)
    • International Service (SILVER) – to CLAYTON LEE (C.K.L Trust)
    • Vocational Service (GOLD)–  BOB MILLER (Business Development Officer- First US Community Credit Union)
    • Youth Service (SILVER)– to ERIC SOLIS (Solis Financial Strategies Group of Wells Fargo Advisors)
    The Board of Directors began by regaling the Club with the “We thank you, KEVIN song” and many members followed in celebrating their happy news and honoring PRESIDENT KEVIN’s year of unprecedentedly unique leadership.
    To hear this song for yourself, CLICK HERE.
    PRESIDENT KEVIN shared 10 of his most memorable moments from 2020-2021, a year which nobody will soon forget:
    1. SULAF Leads the Pledge – After becoming a U.S. Citizen on July 28, SULAF led the Club in a most meaningful pledge of allegiance. Thank you and congratulations to you, SULAF!
    1. COVID-19 Donations – We made it a Club priority to help individuals who were greatly impacted financially by the pandemic, and through partnerships with Volunteers of America, the Salvation Army, and Family Promise, we were able to uplift many individuals and families.
    1. Diversity and Inclusion Reading Group – We committed to learning about different perspectives and appreciating the diversity of our community via this important group.
    1. Golf 4 Kids (twice!) – We were able to hold two golf tournaments this year raising funding for orthopedically-challenged kids.
    1. Pints & Pinot with the President – We found a way to get together and experience fellowship even during the limitations of COVID-19 restrictions.
    1. Protecting the Environment Committee – We launched a new committee which has already undertaken the ambitious task of adopting a mile of the American River Parkway and keeping it clean; and they will do even more incredible things in the year ahead.
    1. Virtual Sacramento Century – We transitioned one of the Club’s most complex projects into a fully virtual event that was accessible to anyone, anywhere – resulting in a great fundraising success for the Crisis Nursery. Thank you to everyone who made it possible.
    1. Young Professionals Sign Project – The YPs set a goal of $25,000 to install a new sign at the Old Sacramento waterfront and achieved their goal through several creative fundraising initiatives. The sign will be installed later this summer!

    1. Top-Notch Speakers – One silver lining of COVID lockdown was our ability to recruit an abundance of amazing speakers from across the country (and the globe!) Congratulations to MARGO FOWKES (President, On-Target Consulting) and SARAH HODGE (Development Director, Sacramento State University) on their successes bringing us so many terrific experts.
    1. Dublin Club Joint Meeting – An incredible across-the-pond achievement of technology and Rotary magic enabled us to share a meeting with our new lifelong friends in Dublin, Ireland – which left a smile on PRESIDENT KEVIN’S face all day.
    Before adjourning, PRESIDENT KEVIN sang us a traditional Irish farewell song while NANCY SMITH-FAGAN (International Bird Rescue) and LATOYA WONG distributed tastes of Irish whiskey for toasting.
    To hear this sentimental rendition, CLICK HERE.
    May the road rise to meet you;
    May the wind be always at your back;
    May the sunshine warm upon your face;
    The rains fall soft upon your fields;
    Until we meet again, may God hold you in the palm of His hand.
    SLÀINTE MHAITH, PRESIDENT KEVIN! (Good Health/Cheers)  Danielle McGarrity 2021-07-02 07:00:00Z 0

    What You Need to Know About Bitcoin!

    Posted by John Goralka on Jun 25, 2021
    Rotary Meeting: June 22, 2021
    PRESIDENT KEVIN SMITH-FAGAN (Executive Director of Fairytale Town) called us to order by thanking all the Rotarians who volunteered at Tuesday’s meeting. A big thank you was given to TODD ANDREWS (President of Andrews Construction, Inc.) and BILL BADHAM (SVP Commercial Banking Manager at Umpqua Bank), our greeters, for all the warm welcomes; to ELFRENA FOORD (Partner and Certified Financial Planner at Foord, Van Bruggen, & Pajak; and Concert Pianist) for setting the atmosphere at our wine reception as she played the piano; TED WHITE (President of Sacramento Delta Property Management) with the highly valued role of sponsoring our wine reception; JOHN SWENTOWSKY (Owner of Swentowsky Photography) for providing the joy captured memories as our photographer; and JOHN GORALKA (Founder of The Goralka Law Firm) for transcribing the day’s events as Pulse Reporter.
    Thought for the Day:
    PRESIDENT KEVIN SMITH-FAGAN was inspired by our speaker of the day’s topic, being Bitcoin, which prompted him to ponder the concept of value. He reflects on the role that value has in the Rotarian mindset with the following thought;
     What is value? How can there be value in something that, in the literal sense, does not exist? What’s value? What is valuable to me? What is valuable to you? As I thought about it, I came down thinking, that each of our own individual values are the things that give us our hope ending, but it’s our shared value that give us the power to change the world. It’s our shared value at Rotary, that we will see in today’s meeting, that make us able to change people’s lives through scholarship programs, through the community grants program, protecting the environment. All the millions of things we do both locally and internationally. It’s our shared values that make Rotary great and gives us the power to make a difference. Thank you for being Rotarian because it’s our shared values that make ourselves, our community, and our world, a better place for everyone.”
    Club Announcements:
    NANCY SMITH-FAGAN (Co-Chair of the Scholarship Committee) announced this year’s scholarship winners! Being a scholarship winner is no easy accomplishment. Our scholarships are administered to High School Seniors that meet the criteria of being at least top 3 in their class. On top of that, they must have shown a demonstration of leadership and community service and be prepared to enroll full time in an undergraduate study in an accredited 4-year university or college in the U.S. This year the GPA average of all scholarship recipients was 4.0.
    This year’s winners were as follows:
    Derek Ian Arnold Scholarship: Delta High School
    1. Stephanie Estrada: Will be attending Notre Dame to become a doctor
    Harold and Lilla Strauch: Rio Americano High School
    1. Nazanin Sadeghian-Dezaz: $2250 to attend Cal Poly and major in math.
    2. Steven Hartman: $2250 to attend UC Davis to become an Aerospace Engineer.
    Oleta Lambert Scholarship: Any Sacramento Area High School
    1. Ania Wilson: $1000 to attend University of San Francisco majoring in Biology.
    Jim and Mary Jo Streng Scholarship: Bella Vista High School
    1. Perla Mariel Tellez Perez: $5000 to attend Sierra Community College and transfer to a UC majoring in Economics.
    Robinson Crowell and Sacramento Rotary Foundation Scholarships: McClatchy High School and Sacramento High School
    1. Ashley Jun: $2500 to attend Stanford and major in Electrical Engineering.
    2. E’Sean Howard: $2500 to attend Grambling and major in Business.
    3. Angel Garcia-Lopez: $1600 to attend UC Merced and major in Mechanical Engineering.
    4. Amarea Lee: $1600 to attend San Diego State and major in Business and Marketing.
    DENNIS SMITH (Chair of the Community Grants Committee) gave us a breakdown of how Rotarian dollars were allocated towards community betterment. There were 31 total applicants this year, 9 of which were chosen as grant recipients to be aided from the $25,000 total community grant funds. Though the decision was tough, we are proud to announce this year’s recipients.
      • Science, Technology, Engineering, Art & Math (STEAM) Alive, Powered by You project
      • Renovation of transitional housing home for 4 men & 1 full-time live-in house leader to duplicate successful 4-bed transitional home for women
      • Team BRIGHT (Burn Recovery in Groups Healing Together) community reintegration program – collaboration between Firefighters Burn Institute and Shriners Hospitals for Children - Northern California
      • 5-home Phase 2 of 13-home Mandolin Estates project in South Sacramento for economically disadvantaged families
      • Expansion of this U.C. Davis 2nd year vet student, volunteer staffed Clinic’s referral program for local Sacramento veterinary clinics to provide complex and/or emergency veterinary care for free to pets of homeless people in Sacramento area (in partnership with Sacramento Loaves & Fishes)
      • COVID-19 Relief Fund providing food essentials and infant diapers to undocumented and asylum-seeking families and individuals to help them prioritize their income toward paying rent and other housing bills
      • Help launch “Grow a Row” project in collaboration with local grower, Heirloom Acre Farms, to plant flowers and greens on donated land to supplement current inconsistent supply of flowers from local grocer partners and to provide more consistent harvest for bouquets given out to isolated and/or hospice receiving seniors in our community
    • VITA Academy (Academy at All Hallows School)
      • Chevalier Project to create 30 to 40-minute video and interactive study guide for 4th through 6th graders to bring to life story of violinist, composer, and conductor Joseph Bologne, Chevalier de Saint-Georges, who is referred to as “Black Mozart” and who contributed significant body of classical music in 1700’s – video and study guide will be made available free to all Sacramento area schools and is to be basis for “live” version of story to be created by Sacramento Philharmonic to take out to schools for educational performance events
      • Discover the Flyway outdoor education program in Yolo Bypass Wildlife Area to teach appreciation for wetlands, agriculture, and wildlife of Greater Sacramento region to students from Title 1/low-income K-12 schools in Sacramento area
    PRESIDENT ELECT BOB MILLER announced the up-and-coming Rise Against Hunger Event on Saturday, July 24th, taking place during 3 different time slots. We are looking for people to chair this event where, together, we will be packing meals to help fight hunger. To see a flow chart for the meal packing assembly line CLICK HERE. Don’t forget to bring a healthy degree of competitive nature because there will also be a trivia contest along with a corn hole contest. Let’s do this!
    TODD KOOLAKIAN (Director of Philanthropy of Sacramento Children's Home) thanked some of the many sponsors of the Sac Century Challenge, taking place October 2nd. Sac Century Challenge is the Sacramento regions premier cycling event to benefit the Sacramento Children’s Home Crisis Nursery! If you are interested in sponsoring, don’t be shy to reach out to TODD KOOLAKIAN!  
    What You Need to Know About Bitcoin!  John Goralka 2021-06-25 07:00:00Z 0


    Posted by John Goralka on Jun 18, 2021
    Rotary Meeting: June 15, 2021
    PRESIDENT KEVIN SMITH-FAGAN called us to order on the same day that California “opened” for business! No masks, just smiling faces! California made one giant step towards normality and allowed Rotarians to gather without the prerequisite of having to provide proof of vaccination or wear masks. Ah! Regularity, what a simple but greatly appreciated pleasure.
    If you’re wondering what to do next in response to the newly lifted mask mandate, CLICK HERE for a sense of clarity.
    To read the latest State Public Health Officer Order of June 11, 2021 and get an in depth description of current guidelines click HERE
    To all the Rotarians who helped make Tuesday’s meeting possible, a big thank you! Special thanks to CHRIS ANN BACHTEL, TOM BACON (Senior Vice President of Bacon Commercial Real Estate), and TED WHITE (President of Sacramento Delta Property Management), for making us all feel welcome as our greeters; and to MARK LUHDORFF (Chief Financial Officer at IMD Path) for providing melodic entertainment on the piano; DEE HARTZOG (Retiree of Weintrab Genshlea Ohediak) for sponsoring the delightful wine reception; KEVIN WILLAIMS (Chief Sponsorship Manager of KVIE) and DEE HARTZOG for pouring the wine; JOHN GORALKA (Founder of The Goralka Law Firm) for documenting the days assembly as the Pulse Reporter; and last but not least, JOHN WOOD (Principal of McGee and Thielen Insurance Brokers), our other weekly scribe, who alerts us of upcoming meeting topics.
    Thought for the Day:
    KATHY HERRFELDT’s (Owner at Home Care Assistance) thought of the day was especially appropriate because our guest speaker’s topic is mental health. KATHY described how much the pandemic has affected the mental health of the senior community, in particular. KATHY presented this thought of the day as a tribute to their resilience, an acknowledgement of their fear, and an expression of hope for a brighter future for senior citizens.
    “To the seniors in our community, I see you struggling and holding on. I see you frightened by the changes around you that you don’t understand. I hear your frustration when what you want today is no longer possible. Please know it’s not your fault and believe me when I say it’s not mine either. We are making it back to a world that was forever changed, and yet, you soon will be the wisest most respected person at the party”
    KATHY also gave us a laugh with a shorter and particularly relevant quote for many of the Rotarians in the room:
    “I’m very sane about how crazy I am.”
    - Carrie Fisher
    Club Announcements:
    • Past President DANIEL COLE gave a memorial presentation of our long-time fellow Rotarian and Past President HERBERT RODEBAUGH (“HERB”). HERB lived a long a full life, passing away peacefully at home at the considerable age of 100-years-old. Born and raised in Philadelphia, HERB was a college athlete before being called to serve in the US Army Air Corps during World War II. After his service he became well established in Sacramento as the District Manager of PG&E, where he eventually retired. HERB’s list of life accomplishments and affiliations is far too extensive to list. To name just a few, HERB was the Director of the State Office of Citizen Initiative and Voluntary Action; Commissioner on the Sacramento County Planning Commission; Director of Junior Achievement of Sacramento; Executive Director of the Sacramento Region Community Foundation; and dozens more. You can read his full obituary listing them all, HERE. HERB was a prominent member of the Sacramento community, and the impact of his philanthropy efforts will survive as his legacy. Together, Rotarians joined in a moment of silence as homage to HERB. For anyone looking for an opportunity to pay tribute, in lieu of flowers, his family ask that donations be made to the Sacramento Region Community Foundation or a charity of your choice.
    For those of you looking for ways to train, DAVID also shared a cutting-edge cycling training and skills video especially geared to riders seeking to prepare for the Sac Century Challenge. SUSAN SHERIDAN (Sheridan Law Corporation) wisely suggests that those participants using the BRANDENBURG training and skills video provide a long form medical disclaimer of Rotary liability… CLICK HERE to view the training video.
    • KEVIN SMITH-FAGAN reminded us that the 10Th Annual River Clean Up will be taking place Saturday, June 19th. Volunteers will help pick up trash and remove debris from the shores and the body of the Androscoggin River. Don’t forget to register for this timely and important event on the event page where you will find all the needed information.
    • MAGGIE HOPKINS (Loan Officer/Realtor at Capital Premier Lending & Premier Realty) shared the good news of her newly purchased vacation home in the Ozarks! MAGGIE also shared that her mother recently concluded a fulfilling career as a 2nd grade teacher. In celebration of both these events she made a Golden Egg donation!
    • JAMES PHILLIPS (Owner at The Energy Savers) made a Pirate level donation in commemoration of his summit of Mt. Dana in Yosemite. He made this 13,000 ft ascension with our very own HERB RODEBAUGH at the impressive age of 69! Remember that all Pirate level donations will require PRESIDENT KEVIN’s pirate impersonation and voice!
    •  KIEFIE BREUER gave the heartwarming announcement of her and her husband’s upcoming 66th anniversary. We couldn’t be happier for them!  
    • SULAF AL AJEELI (Membership Services Coordinator of Rotary Club of Sacramento) announced the proud and exciting news of her daughter’s admission to U.C. Berkeley where she will be majoring in computer science. In honor of this, she made a Golden Egg donation.
    Guest Speaker:
    JOHN MCINTYRE (Chief Philanthropy Officer of Mercy Foundation) introduced our guest speaker DR. SCOTT ZELLER who provided an important presentation on the potential 4th Waive of COVID (click here to view power points), which is the looming mental health crisis. DR. ZELLER is the Vice-President for Acute Psychiatric Medicine at CEP America and past President both the American Association for Emergency Psychiatry and The Nation Coalition on Psychiatric Emergencies.
    WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT THE LOOMING 4TH WAVE OF COVID  John Goralka 2021-06-18 07:00:00Z 0


    Posted by John Goralka on Jun 11, 2021
    Rotary Meeting: June 8, 2021
    What a monumental Day June 8th was! Why you ask? This was the first time, in quite some time, that President KEVIN SMITH-FAGAN (Executive Director of Fairytale Town) was able to call our meetings to order, in person! Yes, that’s right. We have returned to our typical in person meetings at The Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church. A special thanks to all of the many Rotarians that helped make our gathering possible. ROY ALEXANDER (Retiree of the Sacramento Children’s Home), TODD ANDREWS (President of Andrews Construction, Inc.), and KATHE NATHAN (Retiree of Merchants Banks of Commerce), all of which were our greeters; RICHARD WERTZ (Retired Physician) for gracing us with a performance on the piano; JOHN SWENTOWSKY (Owner of Swentowsky Photography) for capturing the event as its photographer; KEVIN WILLIAMS (Chief Sponsorship Manager of KVIE) for donating the wine for our wine reception; CHRIS ANN BACHTEL for pouring the wine; and JOHN GORALKA (Founder of The Goralka Law Firm) for assuring the day’s remembrance as our Pulse Reporter.
    Thought for the Day:
    PAST PRESIDENT DANIEL COLE had the pleasure of giving our quote of the day. When asked, the first thing that came to his mind was gratitude. PAST PRESIDENT DAN quoted American essayist Ralf Waldo Emerson’s short essay on gratitude:
     “Gratitude… For each new morning with its light, for rest in shelter of the night, for health and food, for love and friends, for everything thy goodness sends...”
    PAST PRESIDENT DAN reminded us all that we have so much to be thankful for.
    Club Announcements: 
    • PRESIDENT KEVIN SMITH-FAGAN called for a standing ovation for our PRESIDENT ELECT NOMINEE LINDA GEERY (Gilbert CPA), the PRESIDENT ELECT NOMINEE who will serve as President of the Rotary Club of Sacramento in the years to come.  
    • We learned about the unfortunate passing of fellow Rotarian HORACE WULFF. HORACE passed away May 30th, 2021 at the age of 95. He was a long-time active member of Rotary and his family’s roots in Sacramento stretch as far back as the gold rush. He was born at Sutter Hospital, went to Sacramento High School, and eventually Stanford University receiving a master’s in engineering. HORACE’S passion for Culinary Arts resulted in the establishment of WULFF’S FRENCH RESTAURANT. His restaurant was a landmark of Sacramento for almost 20 years until HORACE and his wife decided to retire in 1991. This reporter thanks him for the many fine meals enjoyed at his phenomenal restaurant. HORACE’S obituary was featured in The Sacramento Bee and the online article gives you the option to send his family flowers. In his honor, we had a moment of silence. HORACE is deeply missed by us all.
    • CALLE SETZER hits HOLE-IN-ONE with two (2) successful Golf 4 Kids tournaments this year. The Pulse was able to obtain footage from ESPN of CALLE at the Golf 4 Kids Tournament. CLICK HERE to see CALLE’S HOLE IN ONE.
    • CALLE SETZER also brought us up to speed with the success of the Annual Golf 4 Kids at William Land Park, thanking the tournament’s many sponsors. As a result of everyone’s generosity and commitment the education of children, our beneficiary payout reached approximately $35,000. The 2021 beneficiaries were the Ralph Richardson Center, Luther Burbank High School, Sac State Transition Program, and YMCA Snap Program. You can access the full PowerPoint presentation listing all the sponsors HERE.
    Thank you to the following sponsors:
    JEANNE REAVES (Consulting)
    CHRISTIE HOLDEREGGER (Volunteers of America)
    GABRIEL GENDRON (Gabriel Gendron Reality Team)
    TED WHITE (Delta Property Management)
    KATHY HERRFELDT (Home Care Assistance)
    JOHN SHELBY (Merchants National Bank)
    ED GREBITUS (Grebitus Jewelry and Fine Gifts)
    PAUL KEEFER (Pacific Charter Schools)
    SUSAN SHERIDAN (Sheridan Law Corporation)
    ELFRENA FOORD (Foord, Van Bruggen, & Pajak)
    DAVID BRANDENBURGER (Newmark Knight Frank)
    JOHN GORALKA (The Goralka Law Firm)
    RED KAPPEL (Kappel Mortgage Group)
    KERRY WOOD (Sacramento Region Community Foundation)
    BOOBY REED (Capitol Tech Solutions)
    • TODD KOOLAKIAN (Director of Philanthropy of Sacramento Children’s Home) announced that, as of June 1st, registration is open for the Sacramento Century Challenge that is taking place on October 2nd. This is the Sacramento Regions premier cycling event to benefit the Sacramento Children’s Home Crisis Nursery. You can register for the event and find more information HERE.
    • KEVIN WILLIAMS named of few of the people who are already committed to sponsoring Sacramento Century including DIGNITY HEALTH,  BOB MILLER (Business Development Officer of First US Community Credit Union), and JOHN GORALKA. Sponsorship levels ranging from $1,000 to $10,000. If you contribute $2,500 or more by June 16th, your logo will be featured on the back of the new 2021 Sacramento Century Jersey. This is a great event for a most worth while cause.
    PRESIDENT KEVIN SMITH-FAGAN reminded us that KEVIN WILLIAMS, Chairman of the Wine Reception Sponsorship Effort, is still looking for wine reception sponsors. If you can help sponsor please contact KEVIN WILLIAMS HERE.
    ROTARY RETURNS TO THE REAL WORLD!  John Goralka 2021-06-11 07:00:00Z 0

    Armed Forces Day

    Posted by Jim Culleton on May 28, 2021
    Rotary Meeting: May 25, 2021
    PRESIDENT KEVIN SMITH-FAGAN (Executive Director of Fairytale Town) called us to order on our 71st Tribute to Armed Forces Day. A day where we commemorate the men and woman who defend our freedoms and our liberty. ALLISON CAGLEY (Sergeant in Arms) Executive Director of Friends of Sacramento Arts) welcomed us and asked our guests to introduce themselves. We then heard the warm introductions of BECK CAHILL a friend of NORM MARSHALL (President of Headwaters Construction Inc.); LIUETENANT, JUNIOR GRADE, PARKER MARSHALL of San Diego, Ca.; TOM HUFFMAN, son of STEVE HUFFMAN, and last but not least, Army Reserve member MICHAEL DAVIS, son of RICHARD DAVIS.
    Thought for the Day:
    PAST PRESIDENT WALTER DAHL presented a thought of the day in special dedication to Armed Forces Day. In an eloquently crafted manner, he encouraged introspection, remembrance, and appreciation with the words that follow:
    • We gather today in tribute to our armed forces. In 1949 President Harry S. Truman established the third Saturday in May as Armed Forces Day and no subsequent administration has tampered with that executive order. As we pause and reflect, we ask God to protect and comfort the men and women currently serving in our nations Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, Space Force, and Coast Guard. We also honor and appreciate those who have served. Both in war and in peace, our military veterans have kept the flame of freedom alive. God, we especially seek your blessing for those veterans of the Vietnam conflict as their service and dedication was not then acknowledged. And finally, let us remember and give tribute to those who paid the ultimate price in the service of our Country. As is written in John 15:13, ‘Greater love hath no man been this, that a man lay down his life for his friends,’ in gratitude to all that are service and have served, amen.”
    Club Announcements:
    DR. PAUL KEEFER (Executive Director of Pacific Charter Institute) announced the exciting opportunity offered by the Rotary Youth Exchange. The Rotary Youth Exchange is offering a virtual 8-week session lasting from June to August that gives children the opportunity to learn about different cultures and civilizations. It welcomes all youth between the ages of 15 - 17 to apply! You can apply by contacting your local Rotary Club. Though it is a virtual experience this session, they hope to be returning to an in-person youth exchange within the next year!   
    PRESIDENT KEVIN SMITH-FAGAN reminded us that June 8th will be the first back-in-person meeting taking place at our homesite, the Greek Orthodox Church. To add to the excitement, there will be a wine reception prior to the meeting chaired by KEVIN WILLIAMS (Chief Sponsorship Manager of KVIE). KEVIN WILLIAMS also added that they are looking for sponsors and to contact him if you would like to contribute.
    Rotary Good News:
    JOHN SWENTOWSKY (Owner of Swentowsky Photography) shared with us the accomplishments of his son, Dr. Kyle Swentowsky, who received his PhD from the University of Georgia. Kyle Swentowsky will be allocating his knowledge by researching corn, more specifically, how corn can be grown as a perennial plant. In other words, how corn can be grown for multiple years without replanting. Kyle Swentowsky now works in New York after going to school for approximately 25 years. In honor of his son, JOHN SWENTOWSKY donated 10 dollars for each year his son was in school, equating to the Golden Egg donation of $250.
    PAUL KEEFER donated at the Pirate Level ($100) in celebration of his son who declared his intent of enrollment at the prominent University of San Diego (USD).
    NANCY TEICHERT gave a Golden Egg donation ($250) to commemorate the promising recovery of her sister, who recently underwent a major heart surgery.
    DR. BARBARA ARNOLD (Ophthalmologist at Barbara J. Arnold MD Inc. ) gave a Crooked Mile donation ($1000) in memory of her art mentor Gregory Kondos. Gregory heavily influenced the way DR. ARNOLD interprets landscapes and he was also a former member of the Navy, having served during World War 2.
    THERESA WHEELER (Owner of Prevail Public Affairs) has a husband who recently finished his 80th chemotherapy treatment and has been pronounced cancer free! She made a Golden Egg donation of $250 in his honor.
    STEVE HUFFMAN provided a Pirate donation ($100) in honor of his grandson who is serving in the U.S. Army.
    BECK CAHILL made a Pirate donation ($100) in consideration of his nephew who is enrolled in the Navy.
    RICK DAVIS donated a Golden Egg ($250) in recognition of both his son, Michael, and for our guest speaker.
    NORM MARSHALL donated a Golden Egg ($250) in honor of the members of the armed service as well as our two guest speakers.
    Armed Forces Day :
    PRESIDENT KEVIN SMITH FAGAN turned the gavel over to BOB DALY (Financial Advisor at the Financial Network Wealth Advisors).  Bob shared a few quick video clips that included: #1 West Point Band video rendition of revelry; #2 A short video of Army tank drills and formations; #3 A Navy video of ships and various water crafts as well as a few “Top Gun” shots, including landing on an Air Craft Carrier; #4 A Marine Corps video recapping troops moving through land, air, and sea; #5 An Air Force video displaying our country’s strength in aviation; #6 A Space Force video displaying the expansiveness of our military; #7 A Coast Guard video sharing daily influences on our world’s waterways. These video clips culminated with the Pledge of Allegiance.
    We were then granted with an educational segment on the history of Armed Forces Day and a short recap of Sacramento Rotarians who participated in the Armed Forces. Included in that information were their service records, awards, accomplishments, service dates, and service countries. Many of the bios included photos in full regalia, photos in active duty, and photos of the everyday life of our soldiers.
    Guest Speakers:
    We were granted with the pleasure of having two guest speakers, MICHEAL DAVIS (U.S. Army) and PARKER MARSHALL (U.S. Navy).
    MICHEAL DAVIS recapped a few of his Army assignments including one as an Army recruiter out of College Station, Texas. Michael shared a few stories of the young men and women whom he recruited. He led us through how he had to pre-qualify candidates with exams, background checks, and interviews, sharing the story of one specific young man who wanted to be a Green Beret. The young man originally wanted to be in the Special Forces but after not being selected several times, he expressed interest in infantry and air borne options. The young man’s decision to stay in the military led to a true success story after accomplishing much in his military life. That same man is set to retire soon.
    NORM MARSHALL introduced his son, Parker. PARKER MARSHALL thanked Rotarians for their service, recapped his own Naval advancement and touched on his deployments.  He is an enlisted Seal, with specialization as a medic and a sniper. SEAL stands for Sea-Air-Land.  PARKER gave a few definitions of acronyms of programs and his advancement. He informed us that BUD stands for Basic Underwater Demolition school. BUD training includes: Gauntlet phase 1 (including Hell week) in 6-to-7-man boat crews going through rigorous training. The 2nd Phase was intense swimming and survival.  The 3rd phase was learning tactics to shoot, move, and communicate. It takes approximately 6 months to finish SEAL school.  Upon completion, SEALS receive tridents at graduation. PARKER was selected to Seal Team 1.  He recounted his next phase of training which typically lasts 2 years.  The 2 years of training is followed by a 6-month deployment.  Throughout BUD’s phases and deployment, PARKER recounted the difficulty of his training and physical exams.
    Closing Comments:
    With the images of Sacramento Valley Military Cemetery in Dixon, CA displayed, our meeting was concluded as PRESIDENT KEVIN signed off with an inspired thank you. He asked us to remember the bravery, selflessness, and sacrifice of our service members. Kevin thanked our 2 speakers and the committee that helped put together Tuesday’s program which included DAVE MCKIE, BOB DALY, RICK DAVIS, PAST PRESIDENT TIM PINKNEY (Luxe Aviation, LLC), NORM MARSHALL, and STEVE HUFFMAN.
    ALLISON CAGLEY reported that we will not be meeting on Tuesday, June 1st, and as a reminder, our next meeting will be in-person on June 8th. We can’t wait to see everyone’s faces!
    A final video tribute our Armed Service members concluded the meeting.
    CLICK HERE to watch the entire recording of the Rotary meeting from Tuesday, May 25th, 2021
    Armed Forces Day Jim Culleton 2021-05-28 07:00:00Z 0

    Substance Abuse Rates Soar During the COVID-19 Pandemic

    Posted by Danielle McGarrity on May 14, 2021
    Rotary Meeting: May 11, 2021
    President KEVIN SMITH-FAGAN (Executive Director of Fairytale Town) called us to order with the promise of a surprise announcement to come, after which, DENNIS SMITH (V.P./Asset Manager-Office & Property Director of Tsakopoulos Management Company) did the honors of leading us in the Pledge of Allegiance.
    Thought for the Day
    DANIELLE MCGARRITY was over the moon in reaction to our region’s incredible demonstration of generosity at last Thursday’s Big Day of Giving, which shattered giving records for the 2nd year in a row! Collectively, our community generated over $13 million for local nonprofits. After the Big Day of Giving, DANIELLE had one overarching word in her mind: Generosity.
    Generosity is defined as being kind and understanding; willing to give others things of value. It is often defined as an act of selflessness; however, studies show that generosity is actually in our own best interest as well, providing a host of health benefits. Living generously is exemplified by giving others the benefit of the doubt, suspending judgment, and maintaining an open heart, something this group knows plenty about! DANIELLE sincerely thanked all Rotarians for embodying generosity in the way we interact with the world.
    Meeting Sponsor
    TED WHITE (President of Sacramento Delta Property Management), embraced generosity by donating his time to SHARNA BRAUCKS (President and CEO of YMCA of Superior California). SHARNA shared the Y’s main areas of focus: Youth Development, Healthy Living, and Social Responsibility, and reminded us that while some people associate YMCA strictly with serving youth, they have programs and offerings for all ages (and presently are offering memberships with no joining fee). She also noted that the Sacramento fitness center and indoor pool are now open!
    Club Announcements
    PRESIDENT KEVIN SMITH FAGAN shared the surprise announcement and momentous news that our Club will be returning to in-person meetings beginning June 8, at the Greek Annunciation Church. Our first in-person meeting since February 2020 will be complete with a catered lunch. All that you need for entry is proof of vaccination or a negative COVID test. Make sure to keep an eye out in your email for the ClubRunner sign up form to reserve your spot or contact MEGAN WYGANT (CLARA Claire Raley Studios for the Performing Arts).
    We are also seeking sponsors!
    BOBBY REED (CEO at Capitol Tech Solutions) updated us on fundraising for the Old Sacramento Waterfront sign which will welcome fellows to the city! After the Young Professionals’ (YP) Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day fundraisers, the YPs have raised $21,000 toward their $25,000 goal! The project is expected to begin construction in August. BOBBY showed some of the action shots from this weekend’s Mother’s Day Flower Farm Extravaganza, which featured portraits by JOHN SWENTOWSKY (Owner at Swentowsky Photography), live music by the Rotary Rockers, a tour of the urban flower farm, and a live tutorial by JAMIE FURLONG (Securitized Real Estate Specialist at Bangerter Financial Services) about creating boutonnieres.
    The Rotary Rockers, Mother’s Day 2021 at The Urban Farm
    CALLEE SETZER (Sales at Setzer Forest Products) gave us one last chance to be a part of Golf 4 Kids coming up on May 21. While we only have until May 14 to reserve tee times, anyone can come by on the day of the tournament to enjoy some lunch from Nash & Proper.
    William Land Park Golf Course
    NANCY SMITH-FAGAN (Philanthropy Manager, International Bird Rescue) welcomed our Speaker of the Day, DR. JAMES POLO, who is the Medical Director of Behavioral Health for Regence Blue Shield and an expert in Child Adolescent Psychiatry.
    COVID’s Impact on Substance Use
    DR. JAMES POLO explained why the COVID-19 pandemic is such a unique disaster – it is ongoing, ever-changing, and global. Typically, after a natural disaster, we can surge resources to an affected area but the globality of the pandemic renders us without that option. When affected by disasters, humans often progress from shock and uncertainty, to feeling a loss of control and sense of disillusionment, and eventually achieving recovery and reconstruction (as a nation, we have only recently entered this stage.)
    Some of the byproducts of the pandemic unfortunately coincide with the top three stressors that contribute to substance abuse:
    1. Relationship stress
    2. Work problems
    3. Financial challenges
    The healthiest ways to cope with these stressors are sleep, exercise, consuming well-rounded meals and plenty of water, and communicating/connecting with other people.
    Alcohol is a depressant, which does not necessarily mean that it causes feelings of depression (though it can), but that it acts as a depressant for our Central Nervous System. It is also a mood intensifier, so it amplifies the mood you are in preceding your consumption. In high enough quantities it becomes lethal, and it is addictive for everyone.
    Excessive alcohol consumption costs the U.S. $250 billion each year. Statistics show that 85% of adults use alcohol, and 23% binge on occasion. Binge drinking is defined as 4-5 drinks per day. Legally, people are considered impaired after 2 drinks and drunk after 3, though that differs depending on body mass. It takes our bodies one hour to metabolize every drink we consume, and despite popular belief, there is no way to speed up this process. Even people who believe they are “moderate” drinkers can suffer effects to their heart, brain, and liver after many years of regular alcohol use.
    Since the arrival of COVID-19, alcohol consumption rates have jumped and many people who had been sober and in recovery have relapsed. DR. POLO shared some self-assessment questions we can all ask ourselves about our alcohol use. DR. POLO reminded us that alcohol use is okay if you are a social or moderate drinker, but use beyond that is a reason for concern. If you do exceed this range, you should consider consulting with your primary care physician.
    Next week there will be no Zoom meeting. Ournext meeting will be June 25th, in which we will have the opportunity to honor our veterans for Armed Forces Day.
    CLICK HERE to watch the full recording of the Speaker of the Day Dr. JAMES POLO at last week’s Rotary meeting.
    Substance Abuse Rates Soar During the COVID-19 Pandemic  Danielle McGarrity 2021-05-14 07:00:00Z