Posted by John McIntyre on May 10, 2018
Written By: John McIntyre
President John Lemmon (Knox, Lemmon & Anapolsky, LLP) called the meeting to order at 12:15pm, to the strains of Johnnie B. Goode, following on the musical heels of Mike Bullington’s (Northwestern Mutual Financial Network) piano intonations. President John acknowledged Mike, today’s greeters, Liz McClatchy (Safety Center Incorporated) and Kathy Herrfeldt (Home Care Assistance) and thanked Past President Diane Mizell and Dr. Don Brown for sponsoring the wine reception.
Thought for the Day:
Jim Mattesich (Greenberg Traurig, LLP) shared as his thought a short-but-meaningful essay on “Service Above Self” that was submitted by a high school Rotary scholarship recipient.
Introduction of Guests:
Following the Pledge of Allegiance, Sergeant-At-Arms Callee Setzer (Setzer Forest Products) introduced several guests for today’s meeting:
  • Capt. Martin Ross of the Salvation Army, guest of the club
  • Starr Hurley of the Sacramento Zoo, guest of Sue Schoening
  • Tony Coz of the Salvation Army, guest of the club
  • Eddie Cervantes of the Salvation Army, guest of the club
  • Lela Meinke of Opal Training Group, guest of Kelley Moran
  • Jason Russell of the Sacramento Zoo, guest of Sue Schoening
  • Christina Wynn, County Assessor, guest of Past President Wes Yee
  • Kellie Dockendorf of Home Aid Sacramento, guest of Tanya Kravchuk
Additionally, we had a bevy of prospective and incoming Rotarians:
  • Kerry Wood of Sacramento Region Community Foundation, sponsored by President Elect Diane Woodruff and Kevin Smith-Fagan
  • Brian Turner of the Law Offices of Brian Turner, sponsored by Past President Peter Dannenfelser
  • Justin Schroer of UC Davis Health System, sponsored by Margo Fowkes
  • Mark Luhdorff of Anpac Bio, sponsored by Heidi Hershenhouse
  • Shawn Sanford of Feastech Data Corp., sponsored by Bob Miller
Visiting Rotarians included:
  • Steven Walker of the Arden-Arcade Club
  • Patrick Furlong of the Fig Garden Club (Fresno)
President John introduced those who joined him at the Head Table:
  • Chair of the Day, Sue Schoening (Kennaday Leavitt PC)
  • Guest speaker, Sacramento Zoo Director & CEO Jason Jacobs
  • Invocator, Jim Mattesich
  • Sam Reep of Kingsley Art Club
  • Ellen Torgerson of Kingsley Art Club
Meeting Sponsor:
President John introduced Sam Reep and Ellen Torgerson, of the Kingsley Art Club, who presented thanks to the sponsorship of today’s meeting by Sylvia Fitzgerald of Art Appraisals & Estate Services. Sam and Ellen shared information about the Kingsley Art Club’s promotion of knowledge, appreciation and teaching of the arts, including their very popular lecture series and Art Club Evaluation Day at the Crocker Art Museum. To learn more, contact them at 916-808-7000.
Club announcements:
  • President John Lemmon reflected on the upcoming Armed Forces Day, recognizing that, over its 104 year history, Rotarians in our Club have made tremendous sacrifices by their personal service, and through the service of their families, in the armed forces of the United States. President John shared a story of “Vince”, a young Sacramentan who in 1943 became a B-17 pilot who served in England, from where he flew 25 bombing missions over Germany, as part of the 8th Air Force. Fewer than 25% of these aviators made it home, as every run required passing each way through brutal German flak guns, enemy fighters, and myriad ways to face annihilation. In January of 1944, Vince completed his 25 missions and, in May of that year, he came home on leave.  At the request of his father, a prominent member of our Club, Vince spoke to the May 18, 1944 meeting of our Club.  President John showed us a clipping from the Pulse of that date describing Vince’s talk and then acknowledged that “Vince” was his own father, John V. Lemmon, who served in the 8th Air Force, but then became a long-serving member of the Rotary Club of Sacramento.  He noted that many others in our Club before and since have demonstrated their commitment to Service Above Self by serving in the armed forces, and he encouraged everyone to attend next week’s Armed Forces Day meeting, at which we will celebrate the service and sacrifice of all of our members and their families.
  • Past President Thom Gilbert echoed President John’s comments and noted that RCOS has 73 members who are veterans. He hoped all of these would attend and that all of us would be there to celebrate them. He encouraged us also to bring along friends and other veterans to attend.
  • President Elect Diane Woodruff announced that District Rotary Day at the River Cats would be June 5th.
  • Heidi Hershenhouse (Land IQ, LLC) and her Service Above Self Committee showed photos of Sacramento Police Captain Daniel Hahn receiving the Club’s Service Above Self Award, in thanks for his role in going above and beyond in supporting individuals in need, as well as his pivotal role in calming the community during recent civic turmoil.
  • President John also reported the sad news that Dean Jacobs, a member of our Club since May of 1975, passed away last week.  The Office will stay alert for news of any memorial service plans and will keep us posted.
Building Together:
  • Past Emperor (and dentist) Wes Yee recognized County Assessor Christina Wynn and encouraged Sacramentans to consider her for service as County Assessor in the upcoming elections.
  • Leo McFarland (Volunteers of America) honored President John’s father Vince, whom Leo knew and respected, with a $100 contribution to John’s next Eddie Mulligan.
  • Dr. Winston Eddy honored the life of his 90-year-old aunt who just passed away, saying she was wise, acculturated, and loved her manhattans – not a bad trio, that…
Speaker Introduction:
Sue Schoening referenced the memory of former RCOS member and Zoo director Mary Healy and went on to note how fortunate we are to have Jason Jacobs as the new director and CEO of the Sacramento Zoo. She recalled several of his more notable successes, including work starting as a volunteer in his teens at the zoo in Miami, then employed in Los Angeles, where he provided Hollywood with zoological expertise (for the ‘rebooted’ Planet of the Apes series, Zootopia, and others), then to Tucson, from which we plucked him after only a short tenure.
Jason Jacobs took to the mic and introduced his sidekick Monty the Ball Python, who writhed meaningfully throughout Jason’s presentation. Jason noted that evolution is the shifting of gene patterns that result in change and that this is now true of today’s zoos. Zoos were formerly consumers of wildlife, but now must be producers of wildlife.
The Sacramento Zoo will shortly celebrate its 91st anniversary. It is a mission-driven organization accredited by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA), that began as a municipal organization, but became a public nonprofit when it faced the potential of losing its accreditation due to lack of city funds to support its operation. It has grown and improved since those days, with beautiful grounds, and annually hosts more than 500,000 visitors/year, 100,000 of whom are children who arrive with school groups.  Jason hopes to continue growing the zoo and expanding its attractions so the zoo can soon draw 1,000,000 visitors annually.
One quarter of entry fees is directed into conservation – funds that may be expended for local conservation (Jason gave the example of pond turtles), or more broadly.
Jason shared that the zoo would soon introduce additional animals – meerkats and okapis (Google ‘em!). Both of these are certain to become fan favorites!
Lastly, Jason brought out Ruby, a burrowing owl – a beautiful, small owl that is native to our area (North and South America) and not endangered.  He noted that burrowing owls like flat land and their habitat is disappearing, as developers also tend to like flat land.
Next Meeting;
Callee Setzer reminded all that we would all meet again at the Greek Orthodox Church next Tuesday to cele4brate Armed Forces Day.
President John gaveled the meeting closed at 1:30pm.

As always, a mighty thanks to John Swentowsky (Swentowsky Photography) for photos of the meeting.