The Breakfast Meeting was happy to have a visiting Rotarian from Arkansas join us for some fellowship and good food at our club assembly meeting. Welcome, Gary Jacobs. Come back any time!
Rotarian Guest Michele McLain 2018-07-26 08:00:00Z 0
It was such a pleasure having part of the Munson family attend our morning meeting to inform and entertain us with their new endeavor of raising lambs as their 4H project. It takes a group effort and a lot of dedication to bring those lambs to  "fair-worthy quality." Sam and Gloria, aided by mom Julia gave us all the important details of this educational and inspirational project. It is obviously a labor of love for this family. We wish them all the best as they bring Cupid and Shredder to the AK fair this August. If anyone would like to get involved as a buyer or "investor" the paperwork is available on the website.
4H Speakers Michele McLain 2018-07-07 08:00:00Z 0

 This year's Rotary theme is  

  "Be the Inspiration."  

At some point, we all were inspired to make a commitment to Rotary, and that inspiration was different for each of us.  Some joined the club as a way to network and to increase their bottom line.  Others were inspired when they learned about the thousands of service projects Rotarians are responsible for each year and wanted to be a part of that organization.  Still others were just looking to make new friends.  No matter what initially brought us to Rotary, we are now all Rotarians and have the opportunity to inspire others.   

Inspiration is defined as "the action or power of moving the intellect or emotions."  So, how do we as Rotarians "move" the intellect or emotions of others?  It's simple; we do things that inspire us.  Find that project or cause that is important to you and bring that energy and drive to the rest of the club.  At first it may be a challenge to get others onboard (some of us are creatures of habit), but it only takes a few inspired people to get something started.  And once it's started, others will want to be part of it (if you’re lucky, someone will be inspired enough to volunteer to be in charge next year).  When our friends and neighbors see Rotary out in the community and learn about these projects, some of them will become inspired to find something to support that is special to them. 

As this year's club president, I look forward to working with each of you so that our club can “Be the Inspiration.”

Tim McLain
President, Eagle River Area Rotary
Welcome to the 2018-19 Rotary year Tim McLain 2018-07-05 08:00:00Z 0
Robert Amundson was inducted on 5 July as our newest member.  Robert is a financial advisor for Edward Jones and works out of the Chugiak office.  Even before becoming an official member, he has been active in the club and is already raising the bar.  He was voted “Best Dressed” at our work party to assemble the picnic tables for Chief Alex Park.  Welcome, Robert, and thank you for bringing your son along to help celebrate. It's never to early to start on the road to Rotary.
Welcome Robert A Michele McLain 2018-07-05 08:00:00Z 0
Be the Inspiration Tim McLain 2018-07-05 08:00:00Z 0
Posted on Oct 24, 2017
At the Fall Festival on October 28th at Lions Park in Eagle River all the little ghosts and ghouls were dressed up and did battle to the undeath in another crazy fun Nerf Battle. There was also be pie eating contests, live music, prizes, trunk or treat,  and all sorts of great activities that seemed to bring the community together. Rotary was proud to be a part of this great day in Eagle River. Huge thanks to all of the many folks who made this possible!
Mission Accomplished: Nerf Battle Royale 2.0 2017-10-24 08:00:00Z 0
Posted on Oct 24, 2017
At the Fall Festival on October 28th at Lions Park in Eagle River all the little ghosts and ghouls will be dressed up and ready to battle to the undeath in another crazy fun Nerf Battle. There will also be pie eating contests, live music, prizes, trunk or treat,  and all sorts of great activities to bring the community together. Rotary is just a helping hand in this huge fall festival undertaking. Don't be scared to come out and join us from 1pm - 8pm.
Are You Ready for Battle Royale 2.0? 2017-10-24 08:00:00Z 0

     The Foundation Dinner and Auction will be held November 4th at the Valley Cinemas. Eric, our Foundation Chair, with help from Ruth and Doug are part of the Foundation team with Rotarians from Palmer, Susitna, Wasilla Noon and Wasilla Sunrise. Great items have been gathered for the Silent and Live Auction so there should be something for all tastes and budgets to help raise funds for the Foundation. Expect an entertaining evening of food, fellowship and Thor. Tickets are $50/single, $80/couple, $20/Interact. See you at the movies!

Foundation Dinner 2017-10-24 08:00:00Z 0

     There’s been some Chief Alex Park activity lately.  As we know Tom, with Tim in tow, is heading up the Club portion of this community project.  A brief scoping meeting was called by Dana, on behalf of Jim, at the Park a couple days ago.  The Mugo pines will be removed this fall. The trees and bushes intermingled with the Mugos will be saved.  Some light pruning is also planned for this year.  Next year we may have a how to prune fireside class.  Greg Terry (mentioned below) will be our instructor.

     Dana also reports that she and Jim plan to meet next month for a discussion and  to set out a preliminary plan. One of the key items to determine is the purpose of the park, so projects can be prioritized into appropriate phases.  Meanwhile, the following information will be researched:

      •    Estimates for pine removal

       •    Underground water lines: Kenny Anderson (long time Chamber member/volunteer and has worked with Chief Alex in various manners) provided information some information and said he’s had heavy equipment on the park lawn and no problems; however, there is concernthat aging of the lines might make them more vulnerable. Dan is looking for actual layout plans to show where/how the lines are run.

    •    Dana has reached out to Gregg Terry, retired professor from UAA – his area is landscape design. Hoping to get him onboard to help develop a starting design plan for the park.  

    •    Had an email from Dennis Johnson, also a long time Chamber member, past president, and park devotee. He’s out of town but says he’ll stop by when he gets back (no date given). Jim wanted to have his input as well.

     She also met with Chris Wood, the president of the Garden Club. She’s ready to get involved and is working on some grant ideas. She asked if we had considered a Military Blue Star Memorial – funds can be solicited  from service organizations (Elks and VFW) to pay for these. She’s in touch with DOT officials and they are supportive. Installing one would also provide opportunity for a military appreciation ceremony, which would be great given our community of military personnel. 

More information to follow on this project.

Chief Alex Park Project 2017-10-24 08:00:00Z 0
Posted on Oct 02, 2017
     In recognition of his 40 years of service above self, the Eagle River Area Rotary Club is pleased to present a plaque and pin to Ray Holmsen and make him an Honorary Rotarian. Thank you, Ray, for all that you have done over the years, and for the wisdom and experience you will continue to share with us. See you at breakfast!
Honorary Rotarian Ray Holmsen Michele McLain 2017-10-02 08:00:00Z 0
Posted on Oct 02, 2017
     Economic and Community Development is one of Rotary’s Areas of Focus.  Rotary supports investments in people to create measurable and enduring economic improvement in their lives and communities.  This includes:
-Building the capacity of entrepreneurs, community leaders, local organizations, and community networks to support economic development in impoverished communities.
-Developing opportunities for productive work.
-Reducing poverty in underserved communities.
-Supporting studies for career-minded professionals related to economic and community development.
Our KIVA project supports, in part, this Area of Focus by funding creative people’s projects in faraway places through micro loans. If you want to know more about this fascinating opportunity, check out
October is Economic and Community Development Month Michele McLain 2017-10-02 08:00:00Z 0
Monthly Speakers and Events List Don Poulton 2017-06-12 08:00:00Z 0
Posted by Susie Gorski on Mar 18, 2016
Spring Adventures
Eagle River Area Rotary
Let’s keep our kids in school! Our club works with 8th graders at Gruening and Mirror Lake Middle Schools annually on this topic by using fun interactive and games that teach the importance of staying in school. The time commitment is very doable since each program is taught in two 50 minute class periods on consecutive days. We do this in teams of two so you are not by yourself!
Tuesday, April 26 and Wednesday, April 27 our Club will be at Mirror Lake Middle School. The following are class times.
Tuesday April 26, Choices Part 1
8:55 – 9:45
9:50 – 10:40
11:20 – 12:10     (section a)
11:20-12:10        (section b)
1:55 – 2:45          (section a)
1:55 – 2:45          (section b)

Wednesday April 26, Choices Part II
8:55 – 9:45
9:50 – 10:40
11:20 – 12:10     (section a)
11:20-12:10        (section b)
1:55 – 2:45          (section a)
1:55 – 2:45          (section b)
Linda Landers is our coordinator and will be returning from her time in the sun on April 14th. She needs all of us! If you are interested in doing the training and being a part of this excellent program, you can email Linda at for more information.  For those that are trained, please let her know the classes you can do.
District Conference
Our District Governor, Brad Gamble, is completing his year and we want to have a great attendance at District Conference. The dates are May 12, 13, 14 & 15.   The cost for the event is $300 and includes your meals. Rooms are $135 per night and here are the details!
Rotary District 5010 Assembly & Convention is at the Talkeetna Alaskan Lodge. The tentative schedule is as follows: Thursday, May 12: District Training Assembly 10 am - 5 pm for folks who want to learn more about the inner workings of Rotary.  The conference runs from Friday, May 13 (11am opening ceremonies) to Sunday, May 15 ending at 11am. Speakers include Dr. Steven Nakana 2007 Rotary World Peace Fellow, Alex Saldana Project Amigo, and Julia Phelps Rotary International Director
Registration Fees include meals, plenary sessions, and banquet:
  • Rotarian registration  $300
  • Guest registration  $200
  • Rotaract registration $100
  • District Assembly $50
  • Add-ons:
  • President-elect breakfast $35
  • Presidents breakfast $35
  • Past presidents breakfast $35
  • Additional banquet tickets $75
To register, go to
Student Recognition Lunches
It is our honor and privilege to recognize student achievements in April at both of our high schools and at our middle schools. Students are presented with certificates recognizing their accomplishments and they get a pizza lunch (co-sponsored by Pizza Man) ~ what’s not to like!  As of noon on Thursday, March 17th,  there are still some open slots!
April 25                Eagle River High School                 10:45-11:05        Martha & Felix
April 26                Chugiak High School                       10:22 – 11:05     Brad & Pat
April 27                Gruening Middle School                 10:55 – 12:10     Lori & Meg
April 28                Mirror Lake Middle School            10:45 – 12:10     Your name here!
In Memory Wesley Groves (1930-2016)
On March 7, 2016, we lost a Charter member of the Eagle River Area Rotary Club, Wes Groves. Wes and his family came to Alaska in 1976 to work construction of residential housing for oil workers in Prudhoe Bay.  He settled in Eagle River where he managed Valley Home Center for some years. After the oil bust in 1986, Wes went into the drywall supply and stocking business and started the WesGro Paint & Drywall Supply. His company stocked many of the Anchorage and Valley homes built since 1986. Wes eventually sold his business to Spenard Builders and then retired in 2012. His family notes that he was a tireless worker, an industrious entrepreneur, an honorable business owner and a man of compassion and integrity. Wes remained an active member with our Rotary Club until his passing and he will be missed.
Spring Adventures Susie Gorski 2016-03-18 08:00:00Z 0
Posted by Susie Gorski on Jan 29, 2016
Eagle River Area Rotary Winter Musings….
Lots of fun planning and action going on in
the next couple of months … Be up to date!
New Member Fireside
On February 16th our Rotary Club will host a Fireside at Odd Man Rush Brewing. Each and every member should invite one to three non-Rotarians to enjoy an evening of appetizers and libations. The planning is underway and if sufficient sponsorships come in, non-Rotarians may get a free drink ticket. This can be a fun evening of visiting and sharing our adventures and philanthropic work with the larger community. Time will be 6-8pm.  Right now the committee is Linda Landers, Ariel Talen-Keller, Tonya Gamble, and Eric Bushnell.  Rotarians who have stepped forward to date to help underwrite this event are Felix Montero, Linda Landers, Brad Gamble, Jim Palmer, Susie & Jim Gorski.
Junior RYLA
Junior RYLA planning is in full swing. The dates are either April 23 or April 30th and will require at least 20 club members for the day. The location is at the HJ McDonald Center beginning at 8:00 am with sessions running 9-noon and 1-3pm. The program is patterned after Rotary Youth Leadership Awards for high school students but will focus activities appropriate for junior high school age. It will be heavily publicized in both Gruening and Mirror Lake Middle school with a maximum attendance of 80 students. We do need to have background checks done on all volunteers and the information on how to do that will be coming soon.  Emma Gamble and Felix Montero are co-chairs and the Interact Club will be strategically involved. Tee shirt design mock up is below. Stay tuned for more information.
Excellence In Education Dinner
Eagle River Area Rotary joins with the Chugiak-Eagle River Foundation and the Chugiak-Eagle River Chamber to celebrate our public educators in our hometown.  This year’s date is March 30th, Wednesday beginning at 5:30pm. There will be a buffet dinner at Bear Mountain Grill and the cost is $21 per person (includes your gratuity and soft drink… there is also a no host bar available.)  Each of our twelve public schools recognizes a teacher or a staff member who is truly going over and above to make a difference in students’ lives.  Take time and help celebrate … call the Chamber at 694-4702 to make reservations so that the restaurant has an accurate headcount.
Special Moments
At Thursday, January 28th Rotary noon meeting, we had wonderful chance to enjoy of our exchange student, Ella Kupianinan, from Finland.  She loves art and has recently attended a gathering of all Anchorage Rotary Exchange students as well as outbound students.
Linda Landers and her crew of Rotarians will be doing the Choices Program at Gruening Middle School on February on February 9 and 10. This is a nationally acclaimed program done with all 8th grade public school students in Chugiak-Eagle River. The program is designed with roll playing, games and thoughtful exercises to help students realize that their choices have consequences and they must be mindful about completing their education. We can always use more folks to help deliver this critical message. We do this in pairs and it takes minimal time – one period class on two consecutive days.
Foundation Giving Update
This year’s goal for our Club giving to the International Rotary Foundation is $8200. To date we have collected $6500 and we have five months to go.  If you have not had a chance to donate, please take a moment to do so. We are hoping for   100 percent participation again this year.  
Student Recognition Program
Once again, Mary Ann Paul and her Rotarian crew celebrated Students of Achievements at Gruening, Mirror Lake and Eagle River High School.  Take a glance down this fantastic list of students celebrated by their teachers and our Rotary Club and note the wide array of achievements. Pizza lunch was enjoyed by all!
Gruening Middle School
Adrian Robles-Overall Academic Improvement
Alexis Timm-Outstanding Student
Carissa Kensinger-Excellent ROV Construction Effort
Charlie Benson-Great Citizen
Dustin Janes-Academic Effort
Emily Walsh-Outstanding Student
Ezrah Echon-Academic Improvement in Math
Gabriel Wisdom-Dedicated Student
Haley Stockwell-Most Improved in Social Studies
Hannah King-Outstanding Effort in Math
Haven Blair-Dedicated Student
Jake Mark Larigo-Hard Work and Consistent Effort in Core Subjects
Javier Vicente Rodriguez-Most Improved Katmai Language Arts
Jayden Zeiler-Most Improved in Katmai Language Arts
Jeremiah Slaven-Most Improved in Social Studies
Kiara Sherman-Outstanding Effort in Social Studies
Lenora Howell-Improved Participation
Lucius Rains-Great Citizen
Margaret Patterson-Excellence in Assisting Others in the ROV Project
Mason Robertson - Most Improved in Language Arts
Matthew Keller-Outstanding Student
Micah Webb-Excellent Achievement and Effort in All Core Subjects
Reece Jones-Leadership and Improvement in All Core Subjects
Rylan Young-Excellent ROV Leadership
Rylee MacDonald-Most Improved in Social Studies
Saydie Wegner-Improved Effort and Determination in All Core Subjects
Tara Sturley-Dedicated Student
Torrance Paulino-Most Improved in Social Studies
Trenten Britt-Improved Effort in Language Arts
Wyatt Goodenbery-Most Improved In-class Effort in All Core Subjects
Mirror Lake Middle School
Abigail Carothers-Her Awesomeness!
Abigail Klein-Being Helpful, Cheerful, Hardworking & Responsible
Aidan Duran-Excellence in Language Arts
Alan Bristow-Keeping Up W/ Homework & Being a Great Role Model
Alan Bristow-Most Improved in Hard Work & Dedication!
Aspen Davis-Hard work & Helping New Students
Blake Washek-Great Effort & Progress in Math
Dawson Packer-Helpfulness & Hard Work
Denali Crum-Academic Excellence & Outstanding Behavior
Denali Crum-Helping Others & Being Kind
Derek Lentz-Being Studious & Cooperative
Donovan Lodzins-Being a Bright Light of Self-Control and Consistent Effort.  Gabriel Parsons-Positive Effort & Attitude
Hailey Hansen-Amazing Effort in Math Class-Thank You!
Isabella Olmos-Hard Work, Kindness & Willingness to Help Others
Jaemarc Lumba-Outstanding Effort & Academic Performance
Justice Victory-Striving to Do Her Best & Always Smiling
Kaden Wasson-Great student w/ Great Attitude & Participating More
Kaleb Keller-Outstanding Academic Effort
Kalia Vue-Being a Great Office Aide
Kameka Tillman-Creativity & Helping Others
Melody Musick-Hard work & Effort
Michael Washington-Perseverance in Mastering Piano Music
Morgan Inman-Excellence in Science
Nancy Lee-Highly Motivated & Always Ready to Learn!
Nicole Newman-Excellence in Work Ethics
Noah Faso-Formoso-Reliable Excellence & Genuine Curiosity
Sarah von Luhrte-Being Kindhearted, Helpful & Very Creative
Spencer Allen-Excellence in Academics & Behavior
Spencer Allen-His Kindness
Tasuki Vang-Always Working Hard & Being Nice & Pleasant
Zoee Beiergrohslein-Always Happy, Prepared, Paying Attention & Smiling
Eagle River High School
Aiden Burton-Improved Math Grade Through Effort and Engagement
Brandon D Hill-Improved Academic Performance and Engagement
Catherine Mack-Hard work and Effort in Biology
Chandler Annis-Courting Self-Control for Academic Gain
Chelsea Scott-Dedication to Grade Improvement
Conall Gelston-Improved Academic Engagement
Dominic Wilkins-Improved Effort and Focus Helped Improve Grades
Ellie Tirado-Strong Finish on Work
Emily Berard-Strong Determination and Effort Resulted in Improved Grades
Eric Case-Using Constructive Criticism to Find His Best Self
Gabe Spinner-Greatly Improved Effort and Engagement
Jacob Schwartz-Increased Effort, Organization and Academic Performance
Jhakai Mejias-Demonstrating Respect Integrity, Community, and Excellence in Science
Jordan Porter-Doing More Than Even He Thinks He Can
Joseph Mercado-Improved Effort in Math
Josh Carlson-Turned Apathy into Solid Work and Now Has Limitless Potential
Joshawa Petering-Greatly Increased Grades and Embraced Learning Experiences
Joshua Spath-Increased Participation and Work Turned In
Kailah Jones-Demonstrating Respect, Integrity, Community and Excellence in Science
Kailah Jones-Impressive Dedication to Math Work
Lauryn Mulkey-Improved Academic Performance and Engagement
Matthew Ames-Improved Attendance and Hard Work
Michael Caywood-Improved Math Grade Through Effort and Engagement
Noelani DeLeon-Persevered Challenging Subjects and Growth as a Learner
Patrick Walker-Great Attitude and Improved Motivation Respect and Humor
Samuel Meaders-Demonstrating Respect, Integrity, Community and Excellence in Science
Sarah Carpenter-Tenacious Effort and Dedication to Academics
Sven Dix-Hard Work Leading to Improved Grade
Thomas Bolin-Improved Focus Resulted in Improved Academic Performance
Thomas Pesch-Hard Work and Participation in Class
Thorstein Wilhelm-Improved Engineering and Drawing Skills
Jonathon Cornett-Determination to Improve Grade in Biology
Ethan Ellis-Improved Effort and Classroom Contribution
Mati Minton-For Excellent Effort and Exemplary Attitude
Nyara Guardo-For Excellent Effort and Exemplary Attitude
Ka' ohinani Olaivar-Wong-For Excellent Effort and Exemplary Attitude
Denver Hoffman-Dilligent and Disciplined
Heather Streets-Found Success Through Steady Work
Sierra Beckman-Persistent Positive Attitude
Alicia Brown-Bright and Quick Thinking
Sophia McAllister-Patient and Hard Working
Anthony Wilson-Increased Academic Focus and Piano Extraordinaire
Tia Slouffman-Increased Academic Focus and Communication
Winter Events & Musings Susie Gorski 2016-01-29 09:00:00Z 0
Posted by Susie Gorski on Oct 22, 2015
Eagle River Area Rotary Happenings
Friday, December 4th 2015 @ 6 P.M.
Join Eagle River Rotary at the Winter Wonderland Walk & Tree Lighting

Eagle River's Town Square Park


December's Luncheon Speakers
December 3rd  Morning– Warren Foster, FAA
December 3rd Noon – Debbie Debbie Rinckey - Online Marketing
December 10th Noon –
December 17th Noon – Club Assembly and Annual Election of Officers
December 24th – Christmas Eve, no Meeting scheduled
December 31th – New Year's Eve, no Meeting scheduled
Welcome to our newest Rotarian
Sophia Buehler joined our Rotary Club on Thursday, October 15th . Sophia is the Branch Manager at Eagle River Carrs Denali Alaskan Federal Credit Union. With a growing family of three boys ages, 7, 2 and 1 she commutes daily from Wasilla. We are excited to have her on board and to be a part of our caring community.
Rotary Students of Achievement
Who doesn’t like a pizza lunch! Thanks to Mary Ann Paul and her crew of Rotary members, many students were celebrated at the end of Fall Quarter.  Take a moment and reflect potential impact this program has on our students.Special thank you to Ray Holmsen who prepared all the certificates and fo all the volunteers who took time out of their day to attend the lunches. 
Fall Happenings Susie Gorski 2015-10-22 08:00:00Z 0
Posted by Susie Gorski on Sep 22, 2015
Eagle River Area Rotary members are embarking on a number of fall youth programs designed to support a variety of age groups.  Members of the organization are committed to hands on programs that make a difference in supporting the lives of our future leaders.
One of the most important programs that Rotarians have brought to the Anchorage School District is “Choices.” This nation-wide program is all about helping our youth stay in school and successfully finish high school with a plan after graduation.  Students experience interactive decision-making workshops that empower young teens to achieve academic success in pursuit of their career and life aspirations. In two hour-long sessions, our business and community Rotarians take students through real-world exercises on academic self-discipline, time and money management, and goal setting. Members will be in both Gruening and Mirror Lake during the month of October and again in the Spring to conduct the workshops.  
During the Winter Wonderland Tree Lighting and community gathering at Town Square on December 4th, Rotarians be present to collect canned goods and cash donates for the Eagle River Food Pantry, help with school choirs, and man the Santa brigade with his real reindeer as he visits with all of the children. This is fun filled community evening done jointly with other service clubs and sponsored by the Chugiak-Eagle River Chamber.
Academic values are important for every child’s future. At the end of each quarter, Rotarians provide pizza lunches to our middle and high school students honoring their achievements for the quarter. Students are selected by their faculty, presented with certificates of achievement and a hosted lunch. This long- standing program is designed for all types of students to create an atmosphere of support and encouragement.
Four high school scholarships in the amount of $1500 each are awarded each spring to high school students from our local community. There are two types of scholarships available: academic and vocational.  Students admitted to a four-year degree program leading to a Bachelor of Arts or Science or equivalent and students enrolled or admitted to a program of study leading to a skill or trade.  Scholarship application deadline is March 15th of each year and applications can be obtained at or searching for Eagle River Area Rotary in your browser.
Rotary Youth Leadership Academy (RYLA) is a joint annual project done by local Rotary clubs that bring high school students together to work on elements of leadership. This program originated with Rotary International and has been adopted by many districts around the world.  Over a weekend of fun and bonding, topics covered include ethics of positive leadership, qualities of a “servant leader”, importance of effective communication and leadership, conflict management and problem solving, building self-esteem and confidence, elements of community and global citizenship.
New this year is the creation of a Junior RYLA program for middle school students. This one day leadership academy will be designed to challenge students at a young age to learn about what leadership means and how they can make a difference. Eagle River Area Rotary will work with other local service organizations to implement the event next spring.
Eagle River Area Rotary also sponsors the high school Interact Club. Interact is a club for young people ages 12-18 who want to join together to tackle the issues in their community that they care most about. Through Interact, students carry out hands-on service projects, make international connections, and have fun.
Finally, every year Eagle River Area joins with Rotary Clubs world-wide to host a youth in the Rotary Youth Exchange Program. This year, our student, Ella Kupianinen is from Finland and attends Chugiak High School where she is actively participating in academics and playing flag football. Each quarter she joins a new family and will experience new Alaskan adventures.  
Rotary is open to anyone committed to the core values of the organization of “service above self.” Eagle River Area Rotary has two meetings a week to accommodate busy schedules. The morning group meets at Bear Mountain Grill at 7am on Thursdays and the noon group meets at Piccolino’s also on Thursday. For more information on joining, contact Linda Landers, Membership Chair at 907-694-9098, or Eric Bushnell, President at 907-360-7471 or any the many Rotarian members in town.
It's All About The Future Susie Gorski 2015-09-23 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Susie on Nov 18, 2014
Rotary provides support for
Shelter Box International Aid
Eagle River Area Rotary and Interact Club (Rotarian service organization for ages 12-18)  have each donated $1,000 each for two Shelterboxes. ShelterBox provides emergency shelter and vital supplies to support communities around the world overwhelmed by disaster and humanitarian crisis. ShelterBox aid is tailored to a disaster but typically includes a disaster relief tent for a family, thermal blankets and groundsheets, water storage and purification equipment, solar lamps, cooking utensils, a basic tool kit, mosquito nets and children’s activity pack. When ShelterBoxes are delivered, the standard box weighs 120 lbs. and has approximate dimensions of 33" x 24" x 22". They are sealed and banded for transit and security. Since ShelterBox was founded, they have responded to over 240 disasters and humanitarian crises in more than 90 different countries and provided emergency aid for well over one million people.
Shelter Box 2014 Susie 2014-11-19 00:00:00Z 0
Winter Wonderland on December 5th
For the past nine years, our Rotary Club has partnered with the CER Chamber and ER/C Parks & Recreation to jointly host the community tree lighting at Rotary Park in Town Center. This year’s date is December 5th and volunteer support is needed for the following:
  • Reindeer Handlers – Be strong and able to keep sharp antlers out of little kids eyes
  • Torch Bearers – To lead the Processional of Santa and his reindeer
  • Crowd / Snow Fence Volunteers – To help unroll snow fencing in front of the processional to create a physical barrier separating the crowds from the deer antlers.
  • Canned Food Collection Table – Man the table and collect cash donations and canned for the ER Food Pantry
The Elementary School Choirs have been invited to sing and free horse drawn sleigh rides are available from 6 until 8:30pm. Santa and Reindeer will process in at 7pm.  A number of businesses will hand  out warm drinks and goodies and the senior center will provide soup – all at no cost. This is truly a night of fun and charity as we welcome in the holiday season.  Following the chilly outdoor extravaganza, the Gambles will host a fire side at their house. So mark your calendars for December 5th and let us know how you might help make this another successful event!
Community Tree Lighting Susie 2014-10-31 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Susie Gorski
Plans continue apace on the service project for the Eagle River Boys & Girls Club....
Here are additional photos of famous Eagle River Area Rotarians hard at work on improvements to the Eagle River Boys & Girls Club!
Stay Tuned for the next work party -- join in the camaraderie and make a difference!
More Adventures supporting Eagle River Boys & Girls Club Susie Gorski 2014-09-24 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Susie Gorski on Sep 03, 2014
~~~Members & Friends~~~
News and happenings in and around our Eagle River Area Rotary Club.
My House:
Last month we heard from the Chair and Founder of My House - The Homeless agency serving teens in the Mat-Su Borough. Under the able direction of Michelle Overstreet, the agency has created a safe haven drop in and job training center for all in need who call the Mat-Su Valley home.
From their Facebook Site.... "My House is a drop-in center with employment assistance, access to healthcare, mediation, clothing, food, showers and laundry, age 14-24 homeless youth with limited services available for children under 16. The  Mission is to empower homeless youth by providing opportunities to access basic needs and employment skills to become confident and productive individuals.
"My House, while a non-profit, operates several for-profit ventures that offer employment and training you youth age 16-24, with preference given to homeless youth, and the goal of offering financial support back to the organization to support operating costs and services. Youth are taught not just job skills but are expected to set and work toward goals and learn how to accept help to remove barriers, and identify challenges personally that keep them from being successful.
"The Gathering Grounds Café is open to the public from 6am-4pm, and trains baristas as well as bakers and sous chefs. The Café also offers a supper program for homeless youth from 3-4pm, hosted by community members who enjoy a meal with the youth. Gathering Grounds Cafe use local and Alaskan made products whenever possible: Havemeister Dairy milk, Alaska Chip Company potato chips, Alaska Roastery coffee products, Summit Spice and Tea company tea, and a local supplier for Coke products.

"Behind the Café is a drop in center for homeless youth, with food, clothing, showers and laundry opportunities. Employment services are available on site through Nine Star, a partner provider who also helps with high school completion and GED programs. Another partner business offers car detailing, and employs additional youth. In summer months we also operate a Garden business, selling hanging flower baskets, potted flowers and vegetables to the public. Coming soon is a Steampunk themed thrift store specializing in teen clothing and employing and training more youth. Our case management services include a large referral network for off-site opportunities, Covenant House services for shelter, and caring and efficient staff in house who can assist with a variety of solutions for homeless youth. Our services include opportunities to recover identification, get a drivers license and obtain transportation to job interviews, counseling or evaluation, and legal appointments. "
Visit their website at:
Or call 907-373-4357 for more information.....
UNCORKED! Get your tickets -- this will sell about again!
A Benefit for My House
The noon Wasilla and Palmer Rotary Club are hosting their annual gala "Uncorked" on October 11th from 6-9pm. This is a wine and food pairing event where 50 percent of the proceeds benefit "My House".
Specialty Imports and K&L Distributors are providing the libations for the evening and The Grape Tape is providing the tapas. Tickets are $65. Raffle tickets are $10... First prize is 100 bottles of wine and second prize is 100 bottles of beer! Location is the Menard Center in Wasilla. Tickets can be purchased at either Wasilla or Palmer noon Rotary club meetings or call Joni Gerharz 907-354-3382.
Anyone who might want to attend, please let me know. We are going to try to get tickets (
We've Got By-Laws
(but no crab legs)
The necessary evil of any organization is the by-laws and you have fellow Rotarians who are slaving away with Chardonnay to update ours! Come join this effort at their second meeting at Pizza Man at 6:00 pm on Tuesday, September 9th. We meet no more than one hour in order to maintain the highest standards of decorum. In all seriousness, this is an effort organizations should undergo every three years to be sure that the organization functions in compliance with by-laws. Some by-laws are outdated and need to disappear and others (such as our morning meeting maestros) need to be officially welcomed and formally integrated.
Morning Meeting - Great Speaker!

Dr. George McCann, CEO for Life Alaska Donor Services, is the guest speaker at the morning meeting on September 11th. Life Alaska is responsible for the organ and tissue donation registry in the State of Alaska and serves as the recovery agency. It is a fascinating story and you will want to sign up on the dotted line if you are not already registered organ and tissue donor. Breakfast meetings of our club are at Bear Mountain Grill every Thursday at 7:00am.
Most Improved Student Lunches & Choices
MaryAnn Paul is almost done scheduling lunches and will be looking for volunteers to help staff this event. Stay tuned for signup sheets coming your way soon.  Linda Landers is also working with both Mirror Lake and Gruening Middle School for dates that will work for Choices. Stay tuned for these dates and for opportunities to become a trained facilitator.
Eagle River Area Rotary Upcoming Happenings & Activites 9.4.14 Susie Gorski 2014-09-04 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Susie on Aug 24, 2014
The Boys and Girls Club service project got underway this past Saturday, August 23 rd,  and a lot was completed. With many hands on deck, members jumped in with lots of paint giving a fresh look to the Club. Closets got cleaned and Rotarians re-constructed the boxes that cover the baseboard heat.  It was a busy day and a good day of fellowship and helping our local youth programs.  There are more upcoming opportunities to work on this project as well as many skills that will be needed.
Stay tuned for more announcements!
Martha Reinbold on the ladder cleaning the storage unit                          MaryAnn Paul down below applying fresh paint!
Another fresh coat of paint and a beautiful day!
Boys & Girls Club Service Project Update! Susie 2014-08-25 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Bobby Jefts on May 31, 2013

Thanks to everyone for helping out with the June 1st Eagle River Nature Center Clean-Up.


Thanks to everyone for helping out with the June 1 Eagle River Nature Center Clean-Up!
Eagle River Nature Center Clean-Up Bobby Jefts 2013-06-01 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Bobby Jefts on Apr 01, 2013




Here are Vicki Jefts and Caty Justis preparing a recent dinner at Fisher House on JBER.  The theme was baked potato bar, and the meal was greatly appreciated by Fisher House guests.  Thanks very much to club members who contributed to this meal!

Host-a-Meal at Fisher House on JBER Bobby Jefts 2013-04-02 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Bobby Jefts on Feb 17, 2013


The Eagle River Area Rotary Club was well represented at the recent District 5010 Planning and Leaders meeting. Pictured are President Elect Debbie Rinckey, Club President Bobby Jefts, Youth Exchange Coordinator Don Black, District Governor Nominee Brad Gamble, and President Elect Jack Amon from the Anchorage Downtown Club.



District 5010 Planning and Leaders Meeting Bobby Jefts 2013-02-17 18:49:40Z 0
Posted by Bobby Jefts on Jan 31, 2013
We recently inducted our newest club member, Woody Waldroup.  Welcome to our wonderful club, Woody!  Woody's sponsor is Ruth Armstrong.  Pictured are Doug Maxfield (for Ruth who was out of state), Woody Waldroup, and Club President Bobby Jefts.  We are honored and glad to have you be a part of the Eagle River Area Rotary Club, Woody!
Welcome to Our Newest Club Member! Bobby Jefts 2013-01-31 23:41:04Z 0
Posted by Bobby Jefts on Jan 31, 2013

 We now have a new location for our Satellite Club meetings.  The Satellite Club meets at Bear Mountain Grill Thursday morning at 7:00am.  Please feel free to join us!  Here is  a picture from our first meeting at our new location on January 31.





New Location for Our Satellite Club Meetings Bobby Jefts 2013-01-31 23:13:08Z 0
Members of the Eagle River Area Rotary Club at a Luncheon at Pizza Man Bobby Jefts 2012-12-22 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Bobby Jefts on Oct 27, 2012
October is Vocational Service Month for Rotary International.  At the October club assembly, The Eagle River Area Rotary Club awarded its Vocational Service Award to McKenna Brothers Paving and Carlile Transportation.  The completion of the Let's All Play! playground project, the first all inclusive playground in the state of Alaska, would not have been possible without the generous donation of these two local businesses.  Pictured are J.R. and Allen from McKenna Brothers Paving, Peggy Spittler from Carlile Transportation, and Past President Tonya Gamble.  Thanks very much to McKenna Brothers Paving and to Carlile Transportation!
Vocational Service Award Presented at the October Club Assembly Bobby Jefts 2012-10-28 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Bobby Jefts on Sep 06, 2012

 We have a roadside clean-up scheduled for Saturday, September 15th.  Meet at the Bear Mountain Grill at 9:00am for breakfast or at the Key Bank/UAA parking lot at 10:00am.


I hope to see you there! 

Roadside Clean-up Scheduled for Saturday, September 15 Bobby Jefts 2012-09-07 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Tonya Gamble on Jul 01, 2012

On Saturday June 30, we finished the playground!  We had over 40 people help spread wood chips and we were done in about 3 hours.  Below is a picture of some of the workers on Saturday.   We had Rotarians and their families, Interacters, and Focus employees and families.  What a great turnout! 

Please join us on July 13 at 10:30am for the official ribbon cutting ceremony. 

Let's All Play in Eagle River Playground Project Tonya Gamble 2012-07-02 00:00:00Z 0
Posted on Mar 26, 2012

Fireside: April 26th, Garcia's.  From 5:30 on.

First ever Eagle River Interact Club Chartering.  April 30th.  Place TBD. 7PM. 


SAVE THE DATES 2012-03-27 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Tonya Gamble on Sep 08, 2011
Nominations are now being accepted for the 2011-2012 Eagle River Area Vocational Service Award.  If you know someone who in their vocation lives by the Rotary 4-Way Test, whether a Rotarian or not, nominate them.  The deadline for nominations is October 6 and the award will be given out on October 27.  Just print out the nomination form which is listed in the Download section of this page (on the lower right side), fill it out and submit it by October 6.
2011-2012 Vocational Service Award Tonya Gamble 2011-09-09 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Peter Mulcahy on May 17, 2011
Our Club meeting this week was held as a Joint Meeting with the Chamber of Commerce. There was a good turn out from both groups. A huge thanks to those Rotarians that attended. Everyone looked great with their duck necklaces and, of course, Meg wore his orange hat and leather poncho. We made an impression. We presented a report on our Project Amigo trip. Thanks to Tonya for putting the presentation together and to Brad and Tonya for the AV support. There was good feedback and the presentation sparked some interest in the club. There are at least four potential members, we just need to follow up and invite them to our next meeting.
Joint Eagle River Area Rotary and Chugiak, Eagle River Chamber of Commerce meeting Peter Mulcahy 2011-05-18 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Tonya Gamble on Apr 06, 2011
Help Support our International Service Project to bring literacy to children in remote Mexican Villages.
Project Amigo Tonya Gamble 2011-04-06 09:47:52Z 0
Posted by Tonya Gamble on Apr 06, 2011
Here is the latest info on our 2011 international service project - if you have signed up for Project Amigo make sure you read this through completely.
Project Amigo Update - May 2 Tonya Gamble 2011-04-06 09:47:21Z 0
Posted by Peter Mulcahy on Apr 01, 2011
We finished up this quarter with a Club Assembly.  Typically, the agenda for those meetings have been fairly loose, well, this time, I think the key items on the list were Awards, Laughs, Announcements, more Laughs.
Club Meeting, March 31st 2011 Peter Mulcahy 2011-04-02 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Peter Mulcahy on Apr 01, 2011

 Our Club, a long time strong supporter of Vocational Service, has finally inaugurated a Vocational Service Award to be given to the organization or individual in our community who best exemplifies the Rotarian principles within their vocation or in developing vocational opportunities for others.  We presented the First Award at our Club Meeting, Thursday, March 31st, 2011.

Vocational Service Award Peter Mulcahy 2011-04-02 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Peter Mulcahy on Mar 28, 2011
On Thursday, March 1st, 2011, the first recipient of the Eagle River Area Rotary Club's Vocational Serive Award will e announced. Please join us for lunch at Johanns Restaurant in Eagle River at noon to attend the presentation.
Vocational Service Award Peter Mulcahy 2011-03-29 00:00:00Z 0
Club meeting: March 24: Project Amigo Peter Mulcahy 2011-03-26 00:00:00Z 0
We're Now on FaceBook! Steven Hackley 2011-03-07 00:00:00Z 0
Eagle River's Ambassador to New Zealand Steven Hackley 2010-03-07 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Bobby Jefts

Our club was recently recognized by the Chugiak/Eagle River Chamber of Commerce.  At a recent noon lunch meeting of the Chamber, your humble club President accepted a check for $2,000 from the distinguished Chamber President (and current Eagle River Rotarian and past club President) Pete Mulcahy.  We were recognized for our work in the Let's All Play! playground project and for Past President Tonya Gamble's participation in the Slippery Salmon Olympics during the Bear Paw Festival last summer.  Thanks very much, Chugiak/Eagle River Chamber of Commerce!

Club Recognized by the Chugiak Eagle River Chamber of Commerce Bobby Jefts 0
Posted by Bobby Jefts
District Governor Peggy Pollen was the featured program speaker at our club meeting on August 30.  Peggy had the honor of inducting our newest club member John Nelson.  Peggy also inducted Brad and Tonya Gamble into the Foundation Bequest Society.  State Senator Bettye Davis was also in attendance.




District Governor Peggy Pollen Bobby Jefts 0
New Board for the 2012-2013 Year Tonya Gamble 0
Let's All Play in Eagle River Tonya Gamble 0
Eagle River's First Interact Club! 0
We've had yet another induction!
Jim Gorski is our newest member.
He is a regular attendee at the evening sessions. 
Here is the picture of the induction.  It looks like Jim is in prayer.  Don't worry, Jim, we're not that bad.  

New Members 0
Our Club continues it's unprecedented growth.
Here's a picture of our latest inductee, Vicki Jefts along with President Tonya.
I apologize, but since I wasn't at this meeting, I don't know who that guy is.
 Is that our President Elect, Vicki's sponsor or her husband.  Maybe all of the above.
Welcome Vicki 0
Our support helped make the Eagle River Elementary Read Across America a big success.
Just check out these kids:

And how about these little ones:

I like the Cat in the Hat hats in this one:

This one reminds me of when I was young, well, at least the sitting in the hall part.


Read Across America 0
Another Paul Harris 0
I don't know about you, but it looks to me like they had a lot of fun.
Outbounds, Inbounds, Rebounds coming together to form friendships without boundaries (ouch).

Native Dancing (or Village People YMCA?)

2011-2012 Inbound Class
Sarah & the Rebounds
Luke Dunlap receiving his country assignment (in style!)
Lynn at her country assignment

Whitney's country assignment
Youth Exchange Winter Orientation 0

Being a Paul Harris Fellow is a distinctive honor amongst Rotarians.

It is a demonstration of one's commitment to the things Rotarians Think Say and Do.

It is a personal sacrifice made in support of the Rotary Foundation and the great works accomplished through it.

It is indeed a noteworthy milestone.

Our Club is very fortunate to have a good number of members who have achieved this honor.

Please show your appreciation to our newest members:

Bobby Jefts, Merry Braham, & Martin Eldred
(I don't think this is Martin's first award, but I don't remember which level it is)

Debbie Rinckey, Seth Kelley, & Linda Landers
 (shown with our Foundation Chair: Ruth Armstrong & President Tonya)

Susie Gorski 

Paul Harris 0

It's beginning to get difficult to keep track of all of our new members and remembering who is the newest member.

Regardless, please welcome Ken McCarty to our Club.

As I recall, Ken is a "transfer," who already knows about Rotary and lives our motto and 4 Way Test.

Now, he just needs to get to know our club and us as individuals, so please introduce yourself to Ken and help him in the transition to the new club.

Welcome Ken McCarty 0
From President Tonya & the Board, wishing you all the best the season can bring. 0
Posted by Peter Mulcahy
We had a very interesting meeting this week as the Anchorage Youth Court staged a mock sentencing for us.  We had 4 teens: 2 Judges, a Defense Attorney, and a Prosecutor.  The defendant, or "thief"  was our very own President Tonya starring in her oscar award nominated role as Chris Smith.  She ended up with a tough sentence for shoplifting a video game: 17 hours of community service, attend a class on the cost of shoplifting, and write a 500 word essay.  Ouch.  I remember when I, no wait, better not go there.  
Merry, Dan, & Paula were all there which should mean our Board will be voting on 3 more new members.  Add in Linda and Paul, that's 5 in one month!  With Victoria and Debbie, the quality of the new members this year has been great.  Let's make sure we make them all feel welcome and keep having fun and interesting meetings.  
July 21st Meeting: Anchorage Youth Court Peter Mulcahy 0
Posted by Peter Mulcahy
Better known as our Club's Presidential Upgrade, we had a great time celebrating the previous year, recognizing some great accomplishments and getting the new Leadership Team off to a great start.IMG_0048
Installation Dinner Peter Mulcahy 0
Posted by Peter Mulcahy
 Even though we're homeless, we're off to a great start with a fine temporary home and inducting a new member.
Off to a Great Start Peter Mulcahy 0
Club Assembly, Aug 26th Peter Mulcahy 0
August 19th Luncheon Peter Mulcahy 0
Posted by Peter Mulcahy
Our new Inbound, Distinguished Guests, Awards, a Birthday, and an interesting Speaker.
August 12th Meeting Peter Mulcahy 0
June 10 Meeting Tonya Gamble 0
Posted by Tonya Gamble
WWII veteran Clovis Roberts gave an interesting talk about life during the war and we had a party for Katja since this was her last meeting.
June 3 Meeting Tonya Gamble 0
Posted by Tonya Gamble
One of our own, Frank Baker, was our guest speaker today and he showed us some great photos of our backyard playground.
May 27 Meeting Recap Tonya Gamble 0
May 20 Meeting Update Tonya Gamble 0
Posted by Tonya Gamble
Great presentation given by Curtis McQueen, CEO of our local native corporation, Eklutna.
May 6 Meeting Tonya Gamble 0
Club Activities Peter Mulcahy 0
Posted by Tonya Gamble
Find out about all the projects we have going on right now, if you need a makeup there are lots of upcoming opportunities.
April 29 Meeting Tonya Gamble 0
Posted by Peter Mulcahy
A true Eagle River Tradition. Buy a raffle ticket to sponsor a Duck. Then come to the Eagle River Bear Paw Festival Main Stage Area on Sunday to join in the excitement as these plastic waterfall daredevils race down the treacherous cascade of the purpose built sluice. Then cheer as Miss Bear Paw and her Court chose the winning Ducks. Lots of prizes and all the money goes to help our Eagle River Area Rotarians with their many projects.
IDIDADUCK Peter Mulcahy 0
April 22 Meeting Tonya Gamble 0
April 8 Meeting Tonya Gamble 0
March 18 Meeting Tonya Gamble 0
Posted by Tonya Gamble
We learned how to publish our memoirs today, thanks to Ray's classification talk...
March 11 Meeting Tonya Gamble 0
March 4 Meeting Tonya Gamble 0
Posted by Tonya Gamble
Peace Corps volunteer, Sami Oeser, spoke to us about how our club's donation was spent in Botswana at the orphanage in which she worked. We also inducted our newest member, Dr Mark Michaud (pictured with his sponsor, Ray Holmsen)
February 25 Meeting Tonya Gamble 0
An Hypnotic Meeting: Feb 11 Steven Hackley 0
February 18 Meeting Tonya Gamble 0
February 4th Meeting Tonya Gamble 0
Posted by Tonya Gamble
Bonnie Quill and Debbie Rinckey from the Glenn Highway National Scenic Byway were our guest speakers today
November 12 Meeting Tonya Gamble 0
November 6 Meeting Tonya Gamble 0
Posted by Tonya Gamble
Great presentation by Pete Risse the Director of the Chugiak-Eagle River UAA Campus
October 15 Meeting Tonya Gamble 0
October 8 Meeting Tonya Gamble 0
Membership Orientation Peter Mulcahy 0
Posted by Tonya Gamble
Details about the weekends activities: Oktoberfest Fireside and Road Clean-up. Read about "Dutch" with the APD K-9 Unit who was one of our guest speakers today
October 1 Meeting Tonya Gamble 0
September 24 Meeting Tonya Gamble 0
Posted by Tonya Gamble
We had a great turnout for District Governor Bill Hopper's visit today.  Here he is inducting our newest member Steve Parker into the club
Sept 10 Meeting Tonya Gamble 0
Posted by Steven Hackley
Kate has written us about her first month in Denmark.  You can view the photos she sent in the Photos section.

Subject: First month in Denmark!
Hello everyone! Can you believe it?! I've already been in Denmark for a month! Everything has gone by so fast, but I'm having an amazing time! I had a very long and tiring trip here, I flew from Anchorage to Seattle, Seattle to Frankfurt (Germany), Frankfurt to Billund (Denmark), and then I drove from Billund to Odense. I completely love my host family, I have a host mom, two older host brothers and one younger host brother.
Letter from Kate Frederic Steven Hackley 0
September 3 Meeting Update Tonya Gamble 0
August 27 Meeting Update Tonya Gamble 0
August 20 Meeting Tonya Gamble 0
August 13 Meeting Tonya Gamble 0
August 6 Meeting Tonya Gamble 0
Posted by Tonya Gamble

Read this if you like tequila and might be interested in going to Mexico in 2011

July 30 Meeting Tonya Gamble 0
Posted by Steven Hackley
Rotary Club of Eagle River area presents a check for $1,000 to the Armed Services YMCA.  This and the Armed Services presentation were the highlights of the July 23 Meeting
AS YMCA Donation & July 23 Mtng Steven Hackley 0
July 16 Meeting Tonya Gamble 0
July 2 Meeting Update Tonya Gamble 0
Posted by Steven Hackley
Our most recent exchange student, Gracjan Korczynski, from Poland with his going-home gift from the club: An Alaska Aces jersey. Gracjan arrived in Alaska in August 2008 after a 20-hour flight from Poland.
Gracjan Korczynski Heads Home Steven Hackley 0
June 25 Meeting Update Tonya Gamble 0
June 18 Meeting Update Tonya Gamble 0
Eagle River Nature Center Clean-Up Day Steven Hackley 0
June 11 Meeting Update Tonya Gamble 0
Posted by Steven Hackley
Erik Tomsen, Chugiak High School graduate and current West Point Military Academy senior, has been awarded an Ambassadorial Scholarship for graduate level studies by Rotary International District 5010.
Erik Tomsen awarded Rotary Scholarship Steven Hackley 0
Posted by Steven Hackley
For those of you accessing this site using:,

we have great news.

We now have our own new, easier and more elegant web address:

Try it and enjoy!
New Website Address Steven Hackley 0