There’s been some Chief Alex Park activity lately.  As we know Tom, with Tim in tow, is heading up the Club portion of this community project.  A brief scoping meeting was called by Dana, on behalf of Jim, at the Park a couple days ago.  The Mugo pines will be removed this fall. The trees and bushes intermingled with the Mugos will be saved.  Some light pruning is also planned for this year.  Next year we may have a how to prune fireside class.  Greg Terry (mentioned below) will be our instructor.

     Dana also reports that she and Jim plan to meet next month for a discussion and  to set out a preliminary plan. One of the key items to determine is the purpose of the park, so projects can be prioritized into appropriate phases.  Meanwhile, the following information will be researched:

      •    Estimates for pine removal

       •    Underground water lines: Kenny Anderson (long time Chamber member/volunteer and has worked with Chief Alex in various manners) provided information some information and said he’s had heavy equipment on the park lawn and no problems; however, there is concernthat aging of the lines might make them more vulnerable. Dan is looking for actual layout plans to show where/how the lines are run.

    •    Dana has reached out to Gregg Terry, retired professor from UAA – his area is landscape design. Hoping to get him onboard to help develop a starting design plan for the park.  

    •    Had an email from Dennis Johnson, also a long time Chamber member, past president, and park devotee. He’s out of town but says he’ll stop by when he gets back (no date given). Jim wanted to have his input as well.

     She also met with Chris Wood, the president of the Garden Club. She’s ready to get involved and is working on some grant ideas. She asked if we had considered a Military Blue Star Memorial – funds can be solicited  from service organizations (Elks and VFW) to pay for these. She’s in touch with DOT officials and they are supportive. Installing one would also provide opportunity for a military appreciation ceremony, which would be great given our community of military personnel. 

More information to follow on this project.