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Two meetings! Every Thursday the “Morning Meeting” gathers at 7 am at the Bear Mountain Grill and the “Noon Meeting” gathers weekly at 12 pm at Piccolino’s.
Bear Mountain Grill / Piccolino's
12300 Old Glenn / 12801 Old Glenn
Eagle River, AK  99577
United States
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Our first annual Bunco Fireside is Mission Accomplished! There was a lot of good-natured competition and laughter as we rattled and rolled our way through three games of the infamous dice game known as Bunco. In the end, Linda won a prize for most Wins, Tom won Most Buncos, Yaro took a prize for the Last Bunco of the Night (which explains the attractive accessories he is wearing), and Tim was the Biggest Loser but went home with excellent prizes, as well, including a Youth Exchange pin that Yaro presented to him. A huge thank you to the Gambles for hosting: it was a fun night full of great food and fellowship. In fact, Yaro enjoyed it so much, he intends to share the game with his friends back in the Netherlands, but he is going to have to provide his own sombrero and necklace...Tonya's not giving up those family heirlooms.
     We appreciate Scout Executive Cliff Crismore taking the time to speak at the morning meeting about the enormous changes and challenges that the Boy Scouts are facing. It was very informative.
     At the lunch meeting, Special Agent Sandi Klein provided an interesting and educational presentation about her work on the FBI's Anti-Terrorism Task Force and the Evidence Response Team.
     There is an impressive lineup of upcoming speakers so please be sure to invite family, friends and potential members to come out to hear them.  See top left of webpage for the most up-to-date details.
Quintin Perham treated us to a presentation of his adventures in Italy as a Rotary Exchange Student at both the morning and lunch meeting.
MOLTO BENE, Quintin!
Rotary does so many amazing things but we need to get the word out. Every one of our members know someone who is looking for a way to make a difference. Let's get the word out! Don't let that light remain under the bushel basket. Invite a friend or acquaintance to a meeting. We need more hands on deck.

 This year's Rotary theme is  

  "Be the Inspiration."  

At some point, we all were inspired to make a commitment to Rotary, and that inspiration was different for each of us.  Some joined the club as a way to network and to increase their bottom line.  Others were inspired when they learned about the thousands of service projects Rotarians are responsible for each year and wanted to be a part of that organization.  Still others were just looking to make new friends.  No matter what initially brought us to Rotary, we are now all Rotarians and have the opportunity to inspire others.   

Inspiration is defined as "the action or power of moving the intellect or emotions."  So, how do we as Rotarians "move" the intellect or emotions of others?  It's simple; we do things that inspire us.  Find that project or cause that is important to you and bring that energy and drive to the rest of the club.  At first it may be a challenge to get others onboard (some of us are creatures of habit), but it only takes a few inspired people to get something started.  And once it's started, others will want to be part of it (if you’re lucky, someone will be inspired enough to volunteer to be in charge next year).  When our friends and neighbors see Rotary out in the community and learn about these projects, some of them will become inspired to find something to support that is special to them. 

As this year's club president, I look forward to working with each of you so that our club can “Be the Inspiration.”

Tim McLain
President, Eagle River Area Rotary
Aaron Leggett, Curator of Alaska History & Culture
Aug 23, 2018 12:00 PM
History of the Dena'ina People
Eagle River Fire Station 11 FIELD TRIP
Aug 30, 2018 12:00 PM
Station Tour & Whitewater Rescue Expertise
Mike Harrington, Fish & Wildlife Tech
Sep 06, 2018 12:00 PM
District Governor Diane Fejes
Nov 01, 2018 7:00 AM
District Governor Diane Fejes
Nov 01, 2018 12:00 PM
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To provide business, professional, and local leaders opportunities to serve others in ways that benefit our community and to promote high ethical standards, fellowship and goodwill in our community and worldwide.