What did you Miss!!  January 13 2020

Chairperson:   Julie Sweet
O'Canada led by Brian Smith       Opening Prayer led by Cate Savage
Visiting Rotarians:   Roger Sevigny - Rotary club St. Pierre en Miquelon,  Brian & Donna Smith - Dartmouth Rotary.
Guests:  Michel Frizandier - guest of Bill Denyar,  Ben Fleckenstein - guest of Shelley Fleckenstein  and our inbound Exchange Student from Belgium  Constance Vendenburge.   Andrea Van Zoost - guest of Heather Tupper.  Catherine Metzger-Silver our Guest Speaker today!!
Chair Julie introduced and Welcomed all of our Guests.
Happy $$$
Julie for the meeting of all the Exchange Students in PEI over the weekend providing an opportunity to mingle, share ideas and have an orientation for next year's outbound students.  The weather did not co-operate but they had fun and took it all in stride!!
Carl  (sad $$) shared an update on Doug Morrison who is now in Valley Hospital and not doing so well after suffering a stroke.  Club members signed a get-well card and sent him our warmest wishes and regards!!
Guest Speaker - Catherine Metzger-Silver - Women of Excellence Awards   (in conjunction with AV Chamber)
Women of Excellence is an event that recognizes women in the Annapolis Valley who pursue excellence in their respective fields and in the community. In their pursuit of excellence, they are improving the lives of others through their leadership, volunteerism, entrepreneurial spirit and mentorship.

Friday, June 5, 2020-Atlantic Theatre Festival Building, Acadia University

Celebratory Cocktail Hour -  Awards Show with Exciting Entertainment - Nominations Open January 31, 2020
at www.annapolisvalleychamber.ca
2020 Women of Excellence Awards Categories -Business Woman of Excellence

This award is open to women who are entrepreneurs or work in tenured positions who have not only achieved personally in their organization but have raised the bar in business within, and/or outside, their organization. The selected Woman of Excellence will have demonstrated her positive attitude and commitment to developing, mentoring and promoting others, either men or women, in their roles in business. She will have demonstrated leadership skills, adaptability and will have had notable impact on the business in which she works. She may have influenced culture and championed change to support gender diversity and gender equality.

Mentor Excellence
This award is open to any woman at any level of their organization. The selected Woman of Excellence will be someone who has inspired, enabled or supported others, either men or women, inside or outside of their business/organization in a significant way. Their influence will have had a notable impact on those whom they have supported personally, professionally or in their business or community.

Community Leader for Betterment

This award recognizes an exceptional woman involved in a registered charity, not-for-profit, community group, or who is acting on her own, who is dedicated to social change and improving the Annapolis Valley community. Nominees have garnered extraordinary support from the community by being champions for philanthropy and volunteerism.

Pioneer of Excellence

This award is for the entrepreneur who is a true trendsetter. She may be a new entrepreneur or may have a mature business. She has recognized a new market, product, service, technological advancement or opportunity and led the way. She has demonstrated outstanding leadership within her company and her market and she has set standards for originality, quality and successful management.

Home-Based Business Excellence

This award recognizes a woman operating a home-based business including but not limited to independently run franchise businesses, home-based services, and home-based merchandise production and sales. She consistently shows excellence and quality in service, merchandising, and product. The recipient of this award may have developed a broad network of clients, may have shared the success with other members of the community and have had a positive economic impact on the Annapolis Valley.

Young Woman of Excellence - new in 2020

This award is open to young with a bright future ahead of her! She is at least 16 years old as of January 1, 2020 and no older than 21 years as of January 1, 2021. She is a well-rounded young woman with diverse interests who is currently making her community, school or organization a more interesting and enriching place through her engagement. The selected Young Woman of Excellence may have involvement in clubs, sports, a school, university or college setting, as well as the larger community. She influences and inspires others through her leadership, creativity, and attitude.

Excellence in Collaboration – new in 2020

This award is open to a team of at least two women who are entrepreneurs or work together in structured or unstructured collaborative partnerships. These partnerships may include women working together as business partners, committees or jointly to plan events or conduct activities that have a economic and social impact.

Honorary Woman of Excellence Award – new in 2020

The Honorary Woman of Excellence Award is a unique recognition opportunity honouring the incredible contribution of a local woman who has resided in the Annapolis Valley (between Windsor and Annapolis Royal) for at least 10 years and currently resides here. This award is solely nominated by the Annapolis Valley Community and will not be set before a panel of judges but will be determined by the Annapolis Valley Chamber Board of Directors in partnership with the Women of Excellence Committee Members. The Honorary Woman of Excellence develops future leaders, mentors peers, helps shape our community, and gives back in ways that impact all who know her and are touched by her efforts. The nominee should have a track record of long-term achievements, community involvement and professional growth. The recipient of this award will be a woman who is known for her positive influence and competent abilities.
For more information, contact the Annapolis Valley Chamber of Commerce.
Shelly Phillips thanked Catherine for sharing all this information and for the great idea and effort to make this recognition possible.
Committee  Updates:
Social - Cut-off for registration to attend Dinner and Centre Stage on January 18th is  THIS WEDNESDAY!!  Register thru Club Runner or contact Phyllis direct!!                            Next event is planned for end of February - "Wine Survive'r"
International Committee Elva gave us a brief update on projects in Brazil - recycle Facility now completed,  supporting a project in Labrador to supply Mobile Dialysis Equipment, and next year support of a South Africa Project.
Membership - Pierre reminded us of new Rotarian Induction next week for Stephen McBrine!!
Valley Faces - Rod shared that all existing VF clients will receive email to renew contract for this year at existing rates if received by January 31st.-  Rotarians will receive notice when their clients are contacted!!!
Chase the Ace,  ticket drawn by Roger.....................and It's a Roll-over!!!
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Some Kentville History

 Kentville was a desirable-villaging place for the Mi'kmaq due to the great run of salmon. Another place within today's town limits vital to the Mi'kmaq was the smelting grounds along the stream that runs under east Main Street and empties into the Cornwallis River.
The smelts came in immense quantities, just at the spring time, when other food was hardly available!!
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What did you Miss!!

 Chairperson:  President Phil Warren
O'Canada led by Pierre                                        Opening Prayer led by Greg Trefry                    
Visiting Rotarians:  Roger Sevigny - St Pierre et Miquelon Rotary club
Guests:  Our inbound exchange students Constance and Keira.
Happy $$$
Phil for the completion of the Salvation Army Kettle Campaign - Total collected $115,000 - this was great considering that kettle shifts were cut to 4 per day vs 5 in previous years which relates to 15% less hours on the kettles.   BIG THANK YOU  to the club for covering 4 full days!
Bill for receiving word that our fellow Rotarian's that were on a Friendship Exchange this past September from Australia are presently doing okay.  Certainly our thoughts are with all of them during this tragic event!!
Today was Club Strategic Plan review and update by President Phil.
Club Vision Statement:
Phil took us through the Five Priorities that were set to achieve the Club's Vision and reported on all the goals listed under each.  We had successes in year one with establishing an Interact club, supporting a youth literacy program, supporting a mental health project, including youth in Adventures in Citizenship & Understanding, hosting 2 inbound and sponsoring 2 outbound Exchange Students, and helping in community projects to improve the lives of vulnerable persons.
We increased our membership, developed member activities - community hands-on and social and initiated alternate membership options. The board of directors was restructured, we improved communications to our members, and we partnered and supported global grant international projects.
Phil also shared some information about a new Food Program that requires support at KCA - more details will be available soon and will probably be included in the presentations for community support later this month.   Climate change was also brought forward by Heather Tupper for the club to consider as one of our key priorities
Phil reminded everyone that suggestions, ideas, any feedback is welcomed prior to our business meeting on January 27th!!
Committee Reports: 
Phyllis reminded us about next SOCIAL EVENT - register for January 18th Dinner & Centre Stage Theatre!!!  Also "Wine Survivor" is planned for February!!
Pierre shared that the membership committee has met and will be "front & center" during the next year as part of the Strategic Plan and looking forward to member support!!
No Chase the Ace today - Draw for 2 bottles of wine............winner is Roger Sevigny!!!
  Happy New Year 2020!!!
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Family Christmas Party

Posted by Katie MacArthur
On Monday, December 9th our club enjoyed our Family Christmas Party! With about 140 attendees we had a great turnout of Rotarians, their families and lots of invited guests! The evening began with a delicious turkey dinner buffet and friendly conversation with families and guests. Then we had the pleasure of some Christmas carols led by Gerry and Kelly with lots of kids (and the young at heart) singing and dancing along.
Finally the big event, Santa Claus came to town! All of the kids attending got a chance to talk to Santa and get a gift. What a great way to spend an evening with friends!
A reminder of the upcoming events this month:
Dec 16 - Christmas Cocktail Party – sign up here: https://portal.clubrunner.ca/383/Event/christmas-cocktail-party-2  by tonight at midnight so that the organizers can have the right numbers.
Dec. 23 - 2018/2019 Rotary Year Annual Meeting – 12:30pm at Paddy’s.
Dec 30 - No regular meeting - lunchtime social at Paddy's
Remember that at both the Christmas Cocktail Party and the Dec. 23rd year end meeting there will be bags for gifts for Constance and Kiera, and an envelope for the staff at Paddy’s to thank them for their year of great service.
Thanks in advance and enjoy your Holiday season!
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Salvation Army Christmas Kettle

Posted by Katie MacArthur
Sign up for a time to help out with the Christmas Kettle, look how happy everyone in these pictures are to be doing thir shifts!! Check the ClubRunner event for times that still need to be filled.
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What Did You Miss - Dec. 2, 2019

Posted by Katie MacArthur
What Did You Miss!
Chairperson: Garth Gordon  
O’Canada led by Pierre Hoebers
Blessing led by Doug Hill
Guests: Heather McNally (guest speaker), Jill Davies (speaker), Howard Williams (speaker), Stephen McBrine (potential new member), Andrea VanZoost (club guest)
Happy $$$:
Rod: Used his happy $ to remind everyone to sign up for the Salvation Army Christmas Kettle. We need to get to at least one person for each shift and to make it more social two per shift.
Rhea: Rhea had a happy $5, she let us know that her family is doing great, her new foster son is doing some school part time. Rhea also let us know about a conference she went to – “Bridging the Gap” on diversity in the workforce, etc. through VANSDA and Robert Ffrench. She would challenge us to consider our diversity in the club and maybe invite Robert to speak. Lastly, Rhea has been enjoying her job at Bluenose Transit.
President’s Report:
Phil started by welcoming our guests and then had a few things to report to the club this week. He let us know that her clarified after the presentation from KCA on the auction, that the request to the club was to sponsor the event – meaning to lend our name and get the liquor license, we would not necessarily need to assist with auction items, etc. A motion will be before the board soon and he will let us know the decision.
The Board of Directors will have a few things coming forward in January – terms of reference for committees, dues planning committee report, considering club t-shirts to wear while we’re out in the community, Heather Tupper will be presenting climate change considerations to the board, considering supporting a residence in Halifax where families of cancer patients can stay while in Halifax for treatment as most of those that would use the residence are rural Nova Scotians, and finally they will be considering “warming huts” for Kentville (more information to come).
K-Rock approached the President’s Council to match funds for their fundraiser (with Santa’s Little Helpers in Canning) for Christmas Hampers, they agreed to consider matching funds up to a certain amount (in Kentville’s case $1000).
Finally Phil reminded us a few upcoming dates: December 9th is the Family Christmas Party, sign up ASAP so that numbers can be confirmed with the caterer, December 16th is the Christmas cocktail party (adults only - just for members and partners), and lastly, December 23rd is the club’s AGM, Rick sent out an email with the information on that day.
Guest Speaker: Heather McNally, Acadia Lifelong Learning Program
Heather began by explaining that the ALL Program really believes that lifelong learning is important for mental and physical health. The Program is a partnership with Acadia University that started in 2000, and now has over 300 members. There is no age restriction for membership (as it is lifelong learning), and the cost is $25/year and is open to an interested person.
The benefits of membership in the ALL Program is reduced course fees for ALL courses, notification of both ALL and Acadia events, the ability to audit Acadia credit courses and access to the Acadia University Library. Members live all over Kings County area, not just Wolfville!
ALL events include lunchtime lectures “Lunch & Learns”, short courses (4, 6, 8 weeks, etc.), discussion groups, and access to the Acadia Library.
The short courses can include things you learn (art, music, photography, etc.) and things you learn about (astronomy, etc.). Lunch & Learns are based around many different topics and a good way to be introduced to the ALL Program. Auditing Acadia credit courses has become a very popular part of the program, most of the courses are available to audit based on numbers and necessity for pre-requisites. The best way to learn about all of the offerings of the ALL Program is to go to www.all.acadiau.ca.
Katie then thanked Heather for her presentation.
Committee Reports
Phyllis presented Rod with a Paul Harris pin, congratulations Rod!
Phyllis also reminded the club that there is a Social/Ways and Means meeting Wednesday at noon – downstairs.
Chase the Ace: Jeff won the Chase the Ace draw, but Oh Darn, it’s a Roll Over!!
Pierre then led us in the 4 Way Test!
See you on December 9th for the Christmas Party!  
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What did you Miss!!  November 25, 2019

Posted by pierre hoebers
Chairperson:  President Phil
O'Canada led by Sue and Prayer led by Peter Clarke
Guests:   Donna Conrad, Carmen and Caleb Boate  with " Stockings were Hung" campaign.  Krista Parrish - VP KCA School promoting a trip for students to PEI.    Andrea Van Zoost - guest of Pierre and Heather Tupper.   Our Exchange student from Italy  Kiera
President Phil introduced and welcomed all our guests!
Happy $$$
Wally reported the rider team for the Portal fundraiser contributed $2770.00 and the total amount raised was $15,000!!
Rick Graham shared that our Rotary Display at the Heritage Museum has to be removed this week.  Anyone still interested in seeing it can contact Rick.
Sue shared that her Son visited from Ottawa this past weekend and helped her shop for a new car, decision not quite made yet!
Katie shared wonderful news that her and Mark  are expecting  a baby.......But wait it's even better.....they are having TWINS!! 
                                   Congratulations Katie and Mark!!!
Deborah Conner reminding us of the "Festival of Lights Cake and Dessert Auction"   DECEMBER 12 - HOSPITAL CAFETERIA Between  10am - 4pm!!
Shelley Fleckenstein gave us an update on Mike Mills,  the cards he has received has made a huge impact and if you have not done so please write him a card.  so far he has received over 80 and he keeps rereading them as well!!
Stockings are Hung - Caleb spoke on behalf of the group and students that are involved make Christmas a little brighter for children!   Last year they delivered 533 stockings and hoping this year to do 600.   Any business is welcome to participate by having a Christmas Drop-off box available at their location.  DO YOU WANT A BOX - OUR CONTACT IS DONNA CONRAD AT REMAX!!
PEI Tour for students at KCA - Krista shared with us the potential for a fundraiser planned for February that would include silent and live auction items and dance.
Parents would work on the committee with hopefully support of Rotarians.  There was no set goal for funds to be raised except that the cost per student would be $400.00.   FURTHER DISCUSSION at next weeks meeting!!
Finance - Kelly shared an update on our fiscal budget in a concise manner showing all expenditures and income.  Kelly reviewed all categories/committees and final 2018/19 numbers will be presented at our AGM Dec. 23rd.  It was well done and easy to follow and understand.
Polio/Foundation - Greg took the opportunity to share a video that was done quite a few years ago but it still sent the same message as what is happening today in country's with outbreaks of Polio....... and the importance of contributions to the Rotary Foundation that keeps this effort alive to eradicate Polio.  Rotary goes into remote areas with the support of the United Nations WHO (World Health Organization).    It was a good reminder for us that we are almost there in the fight against Polio!!
Chase the Ace,   ticket held by Pierre............................and It's a Roll-over!!!
Reminders:     Family Christmas  Dec. 9th    &   Christmas Cocktails  Dec. 16th 
                           YOU MUST REGISTER FOR BOTH PLEASE
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Salvation Army 2019

Posted by pierre hoebers
It's that time of year again, take your turn on the 
       Salvation Army Kettle campaign
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What did you Miss!!  November 18, 2019

Posted by pierre hoebers
Chairperson:  Rod McMahon
O'Canada led by Sue  and opening prayer by Rod who asked all to take a moment of silent prayer to reflect on those who you wish to remember and what you are thankful for!
Vistiting Rotarians:  Stella Roy, District Foundation Chair - Halifax Harbourside.
Guests:  Stephen McBrine, guest of Rick Graham
Happy $$:
Rod for spending time with Ireland, his Daughter!!
Rick Graham shared that we received "Thank you" from Camp Brigadoon for our financial support.  Also received a note in the mail that probably put our VF Directory rating at 9.5, it said "this is one amazing Piece of Work".    He reminded all members that the VF package including thank you letter, copies of the VF, and new contract for 2020 are available for delivery to your personal contacts, please distribute them as quickly as possible and ask them to sign next years contract!!!
Rick on behalf of the VF Committee presented the Club, to Kelly Ells our treasurer, a cheque for the first payment in the amount of $20,000!!
Sue commented that the 4 Club Joint meeting for the Rotary Clubs of the Valley Foundation was a great idea and thanked the organizers!
Pierre for our friend and past club member Brian Smith, asking on his behalf to support Movember Mustache campaign, you can donate for Brian online - google Movember Brian T. Smith and you will find his account.   Pierre also shared that he has the follow-up fundraiser Historical Calendars on Port Williams, this year featuring Cooperage (building barrels) business.  See Pierre if you are interested in purchasing - great Christmas stocking stuffer!!!
Heather Lohr shared that our exchange students are getting together this weekend in Moncton.  
John Lohr wanted us to know that he is actively looking for volunteers to help  with the "Relay for Life" that happens in June 2020.   Are you able to help - please contact John!!
President Phil reminded us about the following:
December 9th - Kentville Fire Hall -  Family Christmas Party
December 16th - Club annual Christmas Cocktail party - Center Stage 530pm, bring guest, invite potential new members!!
Phil also thanked the club for the great attendance at the joint club meeting and that all the proposal were good!!
Guest Speaker -  Stella Roy - District Foundation Chair.   Rod introduced Stella as he had the privilege of joining her on an Polio Inoculation trip through Rotary about 2 years ago.
Stella gave a very passionate talk about the foundation, why we should continue to support it, she shared details on our givings and that we are in good hands because Elva is so knowledgeable about the grant process.  Stella shared that it is important to remember that whatever amount we as a club or individually give that we also get to spend it.  It comes back to us after 3 years! Our district receives 50% from all the donations through the district designated fund.
The worlds charity Navigator has given the Rotary Foundation the top ranking for the past 12 years!!   Environmental issues are now also included in all the areas of focus.  The Polio fund has had a small set-back with a break out of approximately 80-100 cases in Pakistan.  This was due to the cancellation of the immunization process which now has been reinstated with a new government.
Stella also presented Kentville Rotary with banner recognizing our Foundation support - ranking  No. 2 in the District on average per person givings!!
Chase the Ace....ticket holder was Sue and.......................It's a Roll-over!!
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2020 Farm Trends

On the Farm in Canada young people are coming back with the introduction of a variety of Ag Careers!
Plant breeders and chefs are creating "Badger Flame" mild sweet beets, Primero Red mild heat Habaneros, and Blue fenugreek - tastes buttery, smells like maple syrup.
Soon high schools will teach kids how to operate Ag drones!
Soon Apps will connect local grocery buyers with local food production to order fresh products!
....and Edible bar codes on produce can identify it's source farm and row from which picked!!
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Rural/Urban Agriculture Tour

Story submitted by Karen Corey and pictures by Kim Monette.
A group of Rotarians and guests enjoyed an informative agriculture tour on a crisp fall day this past Saturday during our clubs annual rural urban tour. 
The tour started at the construction site at Wilmar Farms in Sheffield Mills.  John and Peter Swetnam, sons of the late Bill Swetnam a long time Kentville Rotarian, are constructing two new state of the art chicken barns.  John walked us through the plans and construction site sharing information on the European technology and efficiencies being incorporated in their construction.  We all had our their eyes opened to both the planning that went into the barns, as well as the technology to provide optimal growing conditions for their chickens.  We were invited back to see the barns when they are operational.  Everyone agreed that was a great idea.
Next, we stopped at VanMeerken Farms in Lakeville where Stephen and Michael VanMeekeren shared the story of their father Frank running a mixed farm and how over the years, VanMeekeren Farms has evolved to specialize in growing and packing apples.  Stephen and Michael told us about club varieties.  They grow the Pazazz apple, a descendant of the Honeycrisp which is unique in Nova Scotia to growers at VanMeekeren Farms.  Stephen then led us on a tour of the controlled atmosphere storages, the packing facility, explaining the technology behind the computerized sorting and grading lines.  Again, the group was impressed by the level of technology and innovation on the farm.
Our last stop was a delicious soup and sandwich supper prepared by the Lakeville Women’s Institute. Adeline Blatt walked us through the menu – a lovely variety of soups and sandwiches and delicious desserts.  If you want the best ever lemon dessert recipe ask Leah White, she has the recipe for Lemon Bliss.  
I think everyone would agree, we learned a lot on both tours.  The amount of technology and innovation that goes into producing exceptional product on both Wilmar Acres and VanMeekeren Farms was impressive and we know from previous tours, not limited to their farms.  We’re very fortunate for our agriculture industry in the Valley and for the innovative, passionate farmers that lead that  industry.
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Remembrance Day pierre hoebers 2019-11-05 04:00:00Z 0

What did you Miss!!   November 4, 2019

Posted by pierre hoebers on Nov 04, 2019
Chairperson:     Al Mutch     
O'Canada led by Sue
Visiting Rotarians:  Margie Brown and PDG Greg Coldwell  both from New Minas Sunrise Rotary Club.
Guests:  David Tracy, Peter Hope, Dave and Lynda Davies guests of Al Mutch.   Stephen McBrine guest of Rick Graham and our Exchange Students Constance and Kiera.     Our guest Speaker today - Brian Handley!!
Happy $$$:
Garth for all veterans who served our country especially one our own club members who served through the entire second world war Nat James!!
PDG Greg to remind us that November is Foundation Month for Rotary. Greg shared a story about a new member that joined the Glascow Rotary club because of the the work he saw Rotary doing in South Africa. He is originally from Ghana, South Africa.
Elva provided an up date on the International project in Northern Mexico.  Club members have expressed interest and she will be speaking to the contact later this week.  Anyone interested please let Elva know!!!
Sue for great visit in Holland along with Joop and during their visit they connected with our outbound student in Germany, who is doing well and having a good time.
Wally shared that founder of Camp Brigadoon was recognized with "the order of Nova Scotia" this past week!!
Phil for his visit to NC to see his children and grandchildren and a reminder that the Salvation Kettle program will start one week after Remembrance Day.   Details to follow!!
Shelley Fleckenstein for attending a ladies retreat at Camp Brigadoon this past weekend,  a chance to personally experience the facility. Rotary has been an ongoing supporter of this unique facility.
Presidents report - 
Phil welcomed all our guests and had several important date reminders for us:  Nov. 13th Joint meeting of the Valley Clubs regarding the foundation requests.   Dec. 9th Kentville club  Family Christmas Party.   Dec. 16th,  530pm at Centre Stage our Club members and guests Christmas Cocktail Party.
Guest speaker - Brian Handley - 
Remembering and sharing the story of one Canadian hero Commodore Leonard Birchall

Leonard Birchall was born in St. Catharines, Ontario on July 6, 1915, and graduated from St. Catharines Collegiate. Always interested in flying, he worked at various jobs to pay for flying lessons.   

Following service with the Royal Canadian Corps of Signals, Birchall enrolled as a cadet at the Royal Military College of Canada in Kingston, Ontario in 1933. Upon his graduation in 1937, he was commissioned in the RCAF and then trained as a pilot.

With the outbreak of WWII, Flying Officer Birchall flew convoy and anti-submarine patrols from Nova Scotia with No. 5 Squadron; the squadron was equipped with the Supermarine Stranraer.

Birchall joined No. 413 Squadron in early 1942. At this time it was based in the Shetland Islands and flew patrols over the North Sea. After the Japanese successes in southeast Asia, the squadron was sent to Ceylon to provide a reconnaissance force.


Two days after his arrival, on April 4, 1942, Squadron Leader Birchall was flying a PBY Catalina flying boat that was patrolling the ocean to the south of Ceylon. Nine hours into the mission, as the plane was about to return to base, ships were spotted on the horizon. A closer look showed a large Japanese fleet, including five aircraft carriers, heading for Ceylon, which at that time was the base for the Royal Navy’s Eastern Fleet. Birchall’s crew was able to send out a radio message, but the Catalina was soon shot down by six A6M2 Zero fighters from the carrier Hiryu. The raid went ahead in spite of Birchall’s signal, but the warning put the defenders on alert and allowed the harbour to be partially cleared before the attack.

Three of his crewmen were killed in this action and others, including Birchall himself, spent the rest of the war as POWs. For many captured servicemen, a Japanese camp meant death. As the senior Allied officer in four successive Japanese prisoner of war camps, Birchall led the resistance that helped reduce the Allied death rate from an average of 30% to less than 2%. During his time in POW camps, Birchall repeatedly stood up to the Japanese, demanding fair treatment of prisoners, in accordance with the Geneva Convention. In his first camp, Birchall hit a Japanese soldier who was forcing a wounded Australian POW to work; this resulted in a severe beating for Birchall, along with solitary confinement.


In 1944, he encountered a situation in which sick men were being forced to work on the docks; he ordered them to stop working until the sick were excused. Birchall was beaten and sent to a special discipline camp where he was beaten once more. He saved many ill soldiers by taking their beatings.

In the immediate years at war’s end, Birchall served on the Canadian attaché staff in Washington, DC, then was a member of the Canadian NATO delegation in Paris. Later, he commanded a fighter base and was commandant of the Royal Military College of Canada from 1963 until his retirement in 1967. He served later as honorary colonel of 400 Tactical Helicopter and Training Squadron and 413 Squadron in Air Reserve.

Birchall died in Kingston, Ontario at the age of 89.

Garth thanked our speaker for very articulate, detailed, captivating story of one Canadian Veteran.  Garth commented that he had not experienced such a well delivered talk for quite some time and we truly all agreed.  Thank you Brian!!


Chase the Ace!!   lucky ticket held by Stephen McBrine..............But It's a Roll-over!!


Reminder:  no meeting on Nov. 11th  - Joint club meeting on Nov. 13th.!!!!!


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Roger and Suzanne Honored

Posted by Katie MacArthur
Congratulations to Roger and Suzanne Sevigny who were recognized in the NS Legislature for their impact on the community, as foster parents for over 50 years!  Below is a link to a short video on Roger and Suzanne’s role as foster parents. The video is on twitter, but you shouldn't need an account to view it!
Roger and Suzanne Honored Katie MacArthur 2019-10-29 03:00:00Z 0

What Did You Miss - October 28, 2019

Posted by Katie MacArthur
What Did You Miss! – October 28, 2019
Chairperson: Heather Lohr
O’Canada led by Heather Lohr
Blessing led by Elva Heyge
Guests: Stephen McBrine (Rick), “Visiting Rotarian” Roger Sevigny
Happy $$$:
Elva: brought up two possible options for international service trips that members could participate in. One was Homes of Hope in Mexico, building houses and the other was working on a recycling facility upgrade. If either of those trips sounds interesting to you, let Elva know.
Constance: had many “thank yous” for the club for their support and then asked that if anyone had a waffle iron that she could borrow for a project it would be much appreciated.
Greg: is interested in going to Mexico to build homes, and encouraged other members to go too!
Al: wanted to remind everyone of the Remembrance Day program for next week (November 4th) with Brian Handley, Greenwood Military Aviation Museum President and retired Colonel and C.O. of 14 Wing Greenwood. Al really hopes for a good turnout!
Kelly: was happy to let everyone know that on November 2nd and 3rd that the Stage Prophets had been invited to the Spatz Theatre to perform three shows of The Fiddler on the Roof. If anyone missed seeing the show in Wolfville, and are in Halifax next weekend they are invited to come and see the show!
Heather: had two happy dollars, one for Roger and Suzanne Sevigny who were recognized in the NS Legislature for all that they had done for foster care, and one happy dollar for the Village of Port Williams who recently won a spirit award for their community.
See the news above to a link to a short video on the impact Roger and Suzanne have had.
Rick Ramsay’s Classification Talk
Rick’s Classification Talk was so good we wanted to hear it again!
Rick talked to us about his history and about the roles Public Administration. He also explained how Public Administration Relates to Rotary.
Rick explained that Public Administration is administrating institutions like hospitals, local government, etc. Rick’s experience has been in corporate finance and accounting manufacturing plants in Truro and Kentville, then in local government for Kings County for 23 years and finally as a business owner – management consulting for 20 years.
Rick explained that there are many roles for a public administrator. They would work on financial management, HR management, policy development, IT, research capacity, general management, and service delivery.
Public Administration relates to Rotary as they have many of the same goals: humanitarian causes, harmony within communities, service to the public, building community leaders, providing clean water, and building community economy.
Rick Graham thanked Rick for sharing his Classification Talk and said we should invite him back monthly and each time we’d get even more out of it!
Roger suggested that after hearing from Rick on the role of a public administrator we should have a presentation from Peter and Cate on what the relationship is like from the political side!
Reminders: Heather reminded the club of a few things: the Remembrance Day program that will be next week and that there will be no Rotary meeting on November 11th because of the Remembrance Day holiday. She also reminded the club that on November 13th was the combined club meeting at Ken-Wo, an invite was sent out on ClubRunner.
Committee Reports:
Randall asked the club if everyone had received the Valley Faces of Business at their businesses (as he is in charge of that distribution). It seemed that everyone did receive them at their workplaces. Randall also mentioned that he’d heard great ads on K-Rock from Peter Muttart on Indigenous Peoples in the area. Everyone should listen for them.
Jeff explained to the club that the PWD Christmas Dinner is on December 9th at the Kentville Fire Hall, all Kentville Rotary members are encouraged to attend and celebrate!
Heather talked about how she and Leah had recently made a presentation to 25 of the students from NKEC about the outgoing international exchange program. She was very complimentary of the Interact Club and believed that there would be lots of applicants to the program because of the participation in Interact.
Song: Doug and Pierre (with consultation from their table) decided to lead the club in singing “It’s a Long Way to Tipperary”. It was a lovely song, but it was new to some of us! ;)
There was no Chase the Ace today as Gerry was away, but Sue should back next week to take over while he’s away!
Pierre then led us in the Four Way Test.
Have a great week!
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What did You Miss - October 21

Posted by Katie MacArthur
What Did You Miss! – October 21, 2019
Chairperson: Phil Warren
O’Canada led by Kelly Ells
Blessing led by Peter Clarke
Guests: Stephen McBrine (Rick), Khayriye & Rami Khatib (Leah)
Happy $$$:
Leah: is happy that the Khatib’s were at this week’s meeting and that two weeks ago the kids got their Canadian citizenship! Hooray!
Craig: is happy that Peter Clarke got International Egg Person of the Year from the  International Egg Commission in Copenhagen, Denmark.
Ellen: had a happy dollar for a terrific trip to Ireland where she was really impressed by the heart and gusto that the rugby players sang their national anthem, she challenges the club to do the same!
Phil did some catch-up on birthdays through the summer and fall by listing the numerous people who had their birthdays over the months. We also sang Happy Birthday for Nat (whose birthday is October 21st) and Jeff (whose birthday is October 23rd). Phil had delicious carrot cake for everyone to celebrate all of the birthdays!
Valley Faces Report:
Karen and Rick reported the exciting news about Valley Faces – the books were distributed and this year was a record sales year for the Valley Faces of Business! The gross total was approximately $145,000 (as there are still more funds to come in), and the approximate net profit was $75,000. Rick presented a cheque to a very excited Kelly! We celebrated the success of the club and the fundraiser with a champagne toast!
Paul Harris: Phyllis presented Doug Hill with his 8th Paul Harris pin! Congratulations Doug!
Business Meeting:
Phil talked about a few points that had come from the recent Board of Directors meeting.
  • The board wanted to recognize Hope Chickoski, so decided to make her an honorary member.
  • The board requests that the club consider contributing individually to the Go Fund Me campaign for Ian Morrison. You can find more information and donate here: https://ca.gofundme.com/f/lets039-help-bring-ian-home
  • The Kings County Foundation asked that the club consider funding the audit for the Foundation (both the Kentville and Mud Creek Club would contribute 50%). The board agreed to do this, as 100% of the donations to the Foundation are meant to be distributed.
  • Everyone should have received their copy of the Rotarian with Louisa’s story on “How to Make Your Club Irresistible”. One of the suggestions was to do exit interviews, and in many cases those exit interviews show that one thing that people may not have appreciated were some of the rituals including saying Grace. The board is going to look at it and come back to the club with recommendations and plans.
We then went over the strategic plan and reported where we were on many of the goals in year one, and Phil suggested that directors look at year two for planning purposes. Phil also suggested that we need to take a look at our Vision statement at our next business meeting and make sure it says what we want it to! Finally, Phil let the club know that we would be putting out a call for proposals for funding, as NKEC didn’t need to use the $30,000 we were going to support them with. We’ll hear more on this soon.
John told everyone that there will be a Rural Urban social on October 26th at Wilmar Farms (new building) & VanMeekeren’s (apple processing line) and dinner will be at the Lakeville Community Center. The cost is $12. An invite has been sent out through Clubrunner.
Polio Day Fundraiser Basket:
Elva won the draw for the basket and we raised $255 (which turns into $1500 with the matching contributions).
Kelly then led us in God Save the Queen.
Have a great week!
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Rick Ramsay's Classification Talk

Posted by Katie MacArthur
Rotary Meet Up – Rick Ramsay’s Classification Talk
At our Rotary evening meet-up on October 16th, Rick talked to us about his history and about the roles Public Administration. He also explained how Public Administration Relates to Rotary.
Rick explained that Public Administration is administrating institutions like hospitals, local government, etc. Rick’s experience has been in corporate finance and accounting manufacturing plants in Truro and Kentville, then in local government for Kings County for 23 years and finally as a business owner – management consulting for 20 years.
Rick explained that there are many roles for a public administrator. They would work on financial management, HR management, policy development, IT, research capacity, general management, and service delivery. Public Administration relates to Rotary as they have many of the same goals: humanitarian causes, harmony within communities, service to the public, building community leaders, providing clean water, and building community economy.
Thank you Rick for sharing your history and knowledge!
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Ride for Refuge

Posted by Katie MacArthur
Congratulations to the team "Rotary Riders" who biked in the Ride for Refuge and rasied (their team alone!) $3,000 to support The Portal. Thanks Greg, Phil, Roger, Wally and John for all of your effort!
Ride for Refuge Katie MacArthur 2019-10-08 03:00:00Z 0

What Did You Miss - October 7th

Posted by Katie MacArthur
Chairperson: Doug Hill
O’Canada led by Sue Ueffing
Blessing led by Marian Cameron
Guests: Michel Faizandier (Phyllis & Wally), Fred Ueffing (Sue & Joe), Myles Sweet (Julie), Stephen McBrine (Heather Henniger) & Constance and Cliaira (our exchange students).
Visiting Rotarians: Roger (St. Pierre & Miquelon), Heather Hennigar & Holy Thompson (New Minas)
Happy $$$:
Doug: put in his dollar for a nice card from Mary Walsh - that he had for a few weeks ;)
Wally: gave a happy $5 for the great day he had at Ride for Refuge with his team the “Rotary Riders” (himself, Phil, John, Roger and Greg). Their team raised $3,000, and the total raised was approximately 18 or 19 thousand. There were 13 teams, 74 participants and 38 volunteers who made it an exceptional day!
Sue: had happy dollars for going away for three weeks soon, and for her nephew Fred visiting for a week.
Al: for Jade (one of the wonderful Paddy’s staff) who was an outgoing Rotary exchange student in 2015.
Randy: gave his happy dollars for a great meeting last week… the great times with our Australian friends and the wonderful staff at Paddy’s.
President’s Report:
Phil echoed Randy’s comments about the wonderful friendship exchange and a special thank you to Sue and Joe for hosting the potluck. Phil also welcomed our guests and visiting rotarians and reminded the club of a few dates:
October 30th – International Student Dinner
October 12th – Harvest Marathon (they need volunteers if you can help)
October 24th – World Polio Day –  Click here
 to watch the video!
November 13th – Foundation meeting at Ken – Wo – presentations for funding and 5:30pm for 6pm dinner.
Guest Speaker: Heather Hennigar – Area Governor
Heather presented the club with District Governor Louisa’s video on making change in Rotary Clubs all over our District – continuing the flamingo metaphor she presented to our club during her visit. In this video we met the area governors and all of our district resources, valuable resources for our club and members.
After the video, the club was reminded of Convention in May (the last weekend), in Sydney.
Craig asked if any clubs are using Google Analytics for their websites, and explained how useful analytics can be for understanding our audience.
Randy asked if the presentation is available online, which it is and also that Phil has a lot of the information and Heather is available as a resource too.
Phil then thanked Heather and Holly for their presentation.
Committee Reports
Karen told everyone that there will be a Rural Urban social on October 26th at Wilmar Farms & VanMeekeren’s and dinner will be at the Lakeville Community Center. The cost is $15. An invite will be sent out through Clubrunner.
Bill reminded the club that there will no meeting this Monday because of Thanksgiving, but there is going to be a Rotary meet up dinner on October 16th where Rick Ramsay will give his Classification Talk.
Thanksgiving Basket:
Peter won the draw for the beautiful veggie basket from Vermeulen Farms! (Everyone was jealous!)
Sue then led us in God Save the Queen.
See you on the 16th!
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What  did you Miss!!  September 30, 2019

Posted by pierre hoebers
Wow!!  What a turn-out today!!  (last count 55+)
Chairperson:  President Phil Warren  
O'Canada led by Sue  and Thanksgiving led by Rev. Randy
Visiting Rotarians:  Members of the Australia Friendship Exchange - Bruce Walker and Ann Kimberley, Sue and Jeff Paini, John and Beryl Strang, Andrew Treadwell and Jan Macdonald, Andrew and Kathryn Lelliott.  Lunenburg Rotarians - Kevin Crouse, Donald Gray and Bob Rutherford.   Russ Sanche - Mud Creek Rotary,  and Roger Sevigny - St.Pierre en Micquelon Rotary.
Guests:  Jayme Butt (Camp Brigadoon) guest of Wally Jarvis,  Gale Gordon guest of Garth Gordon, Anja - last years exchange student guest of Leah and Constance and Chiara this years Exchange Students.  Chloe Teller guest of Russ, and Suzanne Sevigny guest of Roger.
Happy $$$
Sue & Joe for their son Jost and daughter in law Susan joining the Halifax Rotary Club.
Rod for Paddy's Staff for all their extra efforts in preparing and  serving today (without appropriate notice from the club) for all our extra Guests -  THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!
Ann Kimberley  
Thank you on behalf of all the Friendship Group to our host families - Trefry, Jarvis, Denyar, McMahon and Heyge.  Also our drivers/tour guides - Roger, Wally, Rod and Pierre.  For the Potluck and hosts Joe and Sue on Saturday evening!!
Anja on behalf of the exchange students to Jeff and Trish for their trip the Brier Island for Whale watching.  They did get in the water with a Zodiac only to return as we had "white knuckle" riders as the waves were to high and no whales!!!
Special guest presentation today was by the visiting Rotarians from Australia, each couple presented and shared some facts and information on their clubs, projects, location and family including photographs.  
The Rotary club Banner Exchange representing 5 clubs from Australia.
Garth thanked our guests but not without referring to and making a joke about their Kangaroos, it was funny!!
"Homeless No More" program - Russ provided the Club with an update on the programs - what is happening and the next steps and where help is needed.
PWD committee - Jeff shared information on existing clients, what we have done, how we have helped individuals in our community.  Jeff provided specific details on two of these scenarios!!
Camp Brigadoon - Jayme shared with us a brief history, what the camps do for children that have the opportunity to attend, and what the most recent donation funded at the camp. 
This was a combined 50/50 contribution by Shelley Fleckenstein and the Kentville Rotary Club.
Chase the Ace -  ticket holder Peter Clarke.................................but It's a Roll-over!!!!
Public Service Announcement - Federal Election Oct.21st - Kings/Hants still has lots of positions to fill on voting day - Can you help?? or know someone who can?? See ELECTIONS.CA
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Australia Friendship Exchange

Posted by pierre hoebers
We had a wonderful visit with our Rotary visitors
from Australia  -  Sept. 27-30, 2019
   Around the Campfire at the Denyars
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Exchange Students - Transportation

Posted by pierre hoebers
If you can help, please sign-up on Club Runner
Exchange Students - Transportation pierre hoebers 2019-09-24 03:00:00Z 0

What did you Miss!!  September 23, 2019

Posted by pierre hoebers
Chairperson:   Chris Maynard  
O'Canada led by Sue,  Thanksgiving prayer led by Rev. Randy
Guests:  Anja - what a surprise to see her again, last year's exchange student is back for a 3 week visit -Welcome Anja.  Also our existing exchange students Constance and Ciaria!!
Happy $$$
Roger for Owen, he had more surgery but the good news is that he is getting better and getting stronger!! 
Kim for her daughter's wonderful/beautiful wedding that was held at the Ueffing's and also attending the Shelburn Sea Festival which was a great event.
Kelly is happy to have at her table all three exchange students!!
Leah shared an update on our Interact club - 31 students have expressed an interest to join this year.  Leah attended the Rotary Exchange orientation at camp Tidnish, (near Amherst) there were 19 students from our district.
Anja shared that she is glad to be back home with us for a visit!!
Jeff and Trish were totally surprised as Anja just casually  walked in around the corner of their back yard last night!!  Jeff also drew everyone's attention to the announcement on the table of the official opening of the Play park at Glooscap School this Friday at 130pm, all are welcome but he will be there for sure.
Sue for visit to the most beautiful grand-daughters in Ottawa, also with Joop they are going to visit Rotary Halifax North-west for the induction of their son as a Rotarian.
Time for a sing-a-long, no song books on the table but Sue led us in "You are my Sunshine" figuring most of us would know the words!..... and we did!
Presidents Report:       
Phil shared the following:   1) Club committees need to discuss and think about "Confidentiality" and how it pertains to what we do, who we serve in various capacities, and what we make public vs keep private.  2)  Meeting of the 4 clubs is scheduled for November 12th, evening meeting at Ken-Wo Golf Club where we will have proposals for the foundation funds.
3) Please make your calendars for November 2nd, Rotary Middleton "Fall in to Winter" Fundraiser.   More details to follow in an email.
Guest Speaker - James Rumble - Immigrant Services Association of NS  (ISANS)
James shared what ISANS does, who they are, what they provide to employers and how they help immigrant employees and families.   It is all about DIVERSIFYING YOUR WORKFORCE and making Nova Scotia stronger in the workforce.
Garth thanked our speaker and noted that it was a very comprehensive and thorough presentation!!
Chase the Ace,  ticket held by Leah.................................but it's a Roll-over!!
Meet our visiting Rotarians from Australia - Potluck at the Ueffings Saturday 5pm!!!
RSVP through Club Runner PLEASE!!
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What did you Miss!!  September 16, 2019

Posted by pierre hoebers
Chairperson:    Carl Kent    
O'Canada led by Sue       Thanksgiving Prayer led by Bryon
Guests:   Jake Rideout - guest of Jeff,   Joel Stoddart, our guest speaker today and our inbound exchange students Constance and Ciara
Happy $$$:
Carl for successful laser eye surgery last week - he can see again!!!
Bill for completing the new deck at the Khatibs and thanks for all who helped!!
Jeff for delivery of scooter to one of our clients, he was so happy that he got on and drove away!!!  Also circulated a THANK YOU card from a Mom of an Autistic boy who is now enrolled at Landmark East.  She could not thank us enough and what this has meant to him and the family.
Sue for celebration of Elva's 75th Birthday this past weekend and visit of Leah's friends, Bride & Groom who stopped by to have some wedding pictures taken at the Ueffings gardens.
Bryon for shelter available at the Canning Fire Hall for folks who needed help, a warm place or a shower during the Hurricane.  Partly made possible by the support of our club to the building of the new Fire Hall in Canning.
Heather Lohr for all who attended the welcome potluck for the Exchange Students last Thursday!!
Presidents Report:         
Phil reminded everyone about the run/walk for raising awareness and funds for Chrysalis House at Miners Marsh September 29th!   Also a huge THANK YOU to John and Heather Lohr for hosting the potluck last week!!
Song time and Sue led us in "Side by Side"  good tie-in with our guest speaker today!!
Guest Speaker - Joel Stoddart - Business counsellor, Acadia Centre of Entrepreneurship - Todays topic  "REDEFINING RETIREMENT"                               
Joel shared some history on how this new program was developed, the research and how it works.  Anyone interested is welcome, there is no cost and the program consists of 5 workshops (each 3 hours) all with a different focus and are held once every two weeks.
Rick Ramsay thanked our speaker for a very timely topic and many of us in the room could relate to the information that was shared.    THANKS JOEL!!
Chase the Ace.........ticket holder was Julie..............and  It's a Roll-over!!!!!

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Welcome Exchange Students

Posted by pierre hoebers
It was a beautiful evening overlooking the Bay of  Fundy Shore as many Rotary Members and guests participated in a Potluck Dinner to welcome our 2 Exchange Students.
Left - Constance Vandenberge - Belgium and Right Chiara Galizia - Italy
Thanks you very much to John and Heather Lohr for hosting us at their home!!
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What did you Miss!!  September 9, 2019

Posted by pierre hoebers
As Always the Set-up Crew was hard at work prior to our Meeting!!
Chairperson:   Phyllis Jarvis
O'Canada led by Sue     Thanksgiving prayer led by John Lohr
Visiting Rotarians:   Darrell Youden - New Minas Sunrise Rotary
Guests:   Haileigh Fletcher and Steve Broome - guest of Kate Seaman,  Nancy Kidston - guest of Heather Lohr and Chiera Galiza our inbound Exchange Student from Italy.
Happy $$$:
Sue Ueffing for all of us making it through the Hurricane with no major accidents or deaths...very thankful!!
John Lohr same as Sue and thanking all the NS Power crews and other community staff for the dedication and hard work!!
Phyllis - Thank heaven for Generators!!!
Ellen for the use of the Lohrs accommodation even with the power outages!!
Rick presented a special Rotary theme pin for this year to Pierre - supposedly there was some grumbling that the District does not supply these anymore.   This pin was inscribed with position of "Joint Secretary"    Hmmm  - this could be interpreted several ways??  but Pierre was very appreciative!!
Craig shared that he was the driver of a tour bus that included a Rotary District Governor from Australia - it was a pleasure talking this fellow Rotarian.
Presidents Report - 
Phil shared his generator issue, his did not work - received help from his neighbour - living at Murphy Lake he will probably be one of the last to get power restored and on the way home he will pick a generator from Chris Maynard - It's all good!!
President Phil welcomed all our special guests and asked Heather to come forward to officially introduce Chiera Galiza, incoming Exchange student from Italy.    Valley Faces total sales to date at our new record of $143,000+.   Please mark your calendars for Sept. 21st, special walk for Chrysalis House.
Secretary - Rick provided an update on the funds given for the NKEC project.  The Federal Government came through with a grant and thus our commitment is not required.  Club funds have been returned and stay tuned for further information on process to redirect our monies to another project.
Guest Speakers -  Kate Seaman    
provided an introduction on today's topic along with our speakers Steve Broome and Darrell Youden.
The presentation is about research and a  proposal to build a future Multiplex Sports/Community Complex.  Steve shared the history and research, that the group has looked at many other facilities in different locations in Nova Scotia, PEI and even Finland.  The key is to find the right location which would accommodate a Multi Municipality Setting.  Facilities the exist presently are for the most part constructed many years ago, need upgrading or are too small.  
Darrell shared thoughts on how they wish to look for advocacy groups to share the planning and make it happen.  Support is crucial along with cooperation between villages, towns and even the county.
We had some great feed-back and questions from the club and discussion.  Shelly Phillips thanked our speakers for bringing researched information to our club, a controversial topic but a worthwhile project for sure.
Chase the Ace -  ticket drawn by Nat.................and YES - WE HAVE A WINNER!!!  Congratualtions Nat!!!!
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Wednesday Sept. 4/19 Meet-Up!!

Posted by pierre hoebers
 Our first post long-weekend  Meet-up Social  was attended by 22 Rotarians and our new Exchange Student from Belgium -Constance!
As promised the get together was without formal agenda, we had social time pre and during our meal and followed by a  Classification Talk by Katie MacArthur.
Katie  shared that ever since she can remember she wanted to be a veterinarian and then hearing about Doctors without Borders she wanted to be a Doctor.   Then a psychologist for kids and families. The common link was helping people and it was her last year of university taking a “Community Psychology” course that really determined her direction.
KatieTalked about community psych and related issues like social determinants of heath, social justice, diversity, individual wellness, health promotion and disease prevention, community collaboration, and sense of community/belonging. It still took her a long time to get there. 
Katie also worked as a server at a hotel out west, she traveled Europe for a couple of years, but coming home for Christmas one year she realized this is where she wanted to be.  She worked at the Advertiser/Register and also gained experience working at the Hospital Foundation which led her to the current employment at the EDGE.
Her title is Job Success Coordinator  -  she delivers a program for18-26 year olds on income assistance and they go through an 8 week program of pre-employment and employment readiness. Program different from “school” and provide help with navigating life and feeling a part of a community.   Katie likes what she is doing which includes getting young people sustainable work, advocating for the young with employers, --  we could tell as she was very passionate when she spoke to us today!!!  THANKS KATIE!!
There was time for lots of questions - Bill thanked Katie and as promised we finished at 7PM.
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What Did You Miss - August 26, 2019

Posted by Katie MacArthur
What Did You Miss! – August 26
Chairperson: Phil Warren
O’Canada led by Sue Ueffing
Prayer led by Rod McMahon
Guests:  “Visiting” Rotarian Roger Sevigny, Hailey Fletcher (Kate Seaman)
Happy $$$:
Kim: is happy that her daughter’s wedding is this coming Saturday and is at Sue and Joe’s place! She’s also happy that Family 1st is doing well and is busy with four new staff! Needless to say, Kim is happy to be BUSY!
Bill: is happy that Oakdene Day (this past Sunday the 25th) went so well, with lots of Rotarians and family there helping. There were 400 hotdogs and only one package of 24 left at the end of the day! Bill also wanted to recognize Jason from Jason’s Independent for donating a lot of the food.
Heather: is happy that her son returned from travelling around Europe for that summer, and that our first exchange student arrived that day (Constance from Belgium).
Sue: put in a sad dollar, that Cam Hancock, previous Rotary member passed away from a stroke recently.
Leah: is happy to be back at the club after her retirement! ;)
Roger: is happy to bring greetings from St. Pierre!
Video: Phil presented the club with a video sent to him, and all of the rotary presidents, by Rotary International. It is a preview of a documentary about the RI involvement in the eradication of polio.
Rotary Business Meeting:
The main business of the meeting was looking into committee obligations. A few committees had been eliminated or amalgamated (ie. Charter Night added into the duties of the social committee). There are some committees that are short members and we need more clarification on whether everyone is engaged and wants to be part of the committees they’re currently serving on. There were lists of the committees and their members on each table (along with the new board org. chart) and the club members looked at what they were already a part of and either scratched their name out or added themselves onto new committees.
Phil then reported on the Board meeting from last week that we will have more information soon on: the club project at NKEC, terms of reference for non-Rotarians on committees, and dues.
The Board also decided that they would take a look at sponsoring a new Syrian family if there is interest from the club and if someone would present the project to the Board.
Finally, Phil told the club that Shelly presented to the Board that she would contribute $3,000 to Brigadoon for their medical supply room if the Club would contribute the other $7,000 (the remainder that we had left for our special project after supporting NKEC). The board agreed so we will contribute $10,000 to their project.
Committee Reports:
Heather reminded the club members that the exchange students will need rides to Club meetings (one from Horton and one from Central Kings).
Leah talked to the club about the youth protection guide - meaning our club needs to put policy in place for protecting both the youth that our club is in contact with (ie. Exchange students or interact club members) and the volunteers that work with them. If you are wanting to be involved with youth (ie. Driving, helping with interact meetings, etc.) you need to have a criminal record/vulnerable sector (two sides of the same form) check done.
Bill reported that the programs are in place into October, and our first Rotary evening meet-up is on Wednesday, September 4th at 5:30pm.
Kelly spoke to the club about the budget for committees – it has been decreased from last year, as it needed to be reallocated because of incoming exchange students.
Chase the Ace:
Ellen won the draw for Chase the Ace but… TOO BAD, didn’t pick the ACE, so it’s a ROLL-OVER!
Sue then led us in God Save the Queen.
See you next week!
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Oakdene Day 

On Sunday, August 25th we had a very successful Oakdene Day! We served almost 400 hotdogs, water and juice! the weather was beautiful and we had a great time doing it!
Oakdene Day Katie MacArthur 2019-08-27 03:00:00Z 0
Kentville Multicultural Fair Katie MacArthur 2019-08-20 03:00:00Z 0

What Did You Miss - Aug. 19

Posted by Katie MacArthur
What Did You Miss! – Aug. 19
Chairperson: Bill Denyar
O’Canada led by Sue Ueffing
Prayer led by Randy Crozsman
Guests: Interact club members!
Happy $$$:
Cate: is happy that Felix Therioult (her old neighbor) found a new home that he is proud of and also has a place to store and plug in the new scooter that the club is helping him get. Felix is happy that Cate drinks a lot of wine! ;)
Sue: is happy that Joe had his second cataract surgery and is doing well!
President’s Report: Phil welcomed the Interacters and reminded the club of Oakdene Days – the date is SUNDAY, AUGUST 25TH from 11am-1pm (10am-2pm for setup and take down). He also reminded the club that during next week’s business meeting we will discuss committee and chairpersons for them. Note that your commitments are listed at the bottom of this newsletter. Finally, Phil reported that Larry Stillwell will be taking a medical leave from the club and his committees.
Guest Speaker: Zach Best - Executive Director, Kentville Business Community.
Zach began by explaining that the intent of the Kentville Business Community is to support, promote and grow business in Kentville. They work to do this through a multitude of channels including: Communication (website, social media, networking and mailing list), Advocacy & Representation (ie. Center square gazebo electrical update and events like the motorcycle rally), Engagement (Contests and giveaways like Festival of Flowers, Holly Jolly Decorating Contest, Winter Wonderland and Spring into Kentville), and Major Events (the Multicultural Festival and Devour the film food festival).
The KBC also have programs to help make Kentville a better looking town. These include the façade program, (the KBC’s most popular program) and the Mural Program which so far includes murals on DM Reid’s and Maritime Express. The façade program boasts 35 projects completed and over $500,000 invested into downtown Kentville.
Then Zach talked about the new KBC strategic plan for the future. They have defined some new priorities including creating a comprehensive communication plan, creating a supportive and welcoming environment, and developing a Kentville business registry. They also struck a “special projects committee” who are mandated to come up with new projects to increase community and economic development.
Next Zach briefly discussed the development in the past few years – ten new businesses opened this year and 25+ opened in the past three years making Kentville an energetic and booming town.
There were a few questions and comments from Rotarians. There were many kudos from members on how Kentville feels alive and energetic in comparison to the past. Club members also asked about how KBC planned to attract business to Kentville (their new communication plan is key), whether there is a full list of businesses on the website (there is!), a comment about the “Tidy Town” program in Ireland and the need for more retail shops in Kentville and that we need more cooperation across the county and not competition and to leverage partnerships with other organizations.
Cate then thanked Zach for his presentation and the club made a donation to the RI Foundation as a thank you.
Bill let everyone know about the Rotary meetups that will be starting Wednesday, September 4th, at 5:30pm - yours truly (Katie) will be giving a classification talk!
Kelly told the club about the committee that had been created to consider changes in dues, if any club member had ideas around dues to contact her.
Heather mentioned that next week there are two incoming exchange students (Gerry let everyone know that transportation from the airport is worked out at this point). If anyone has fun activities they are doing over the first few months of the students’ time here consider inviting them along to feel included in the community. Also that on September 12th there will be a potluck supper at the Fleckenstein’s house for all of the incoming and outgoing exchange students and their families (plus all of the club member are invited), so stay tuned for more information on that!
Chase the Ace:
Cate won the draw for Chase the Ace but… awwwww… she got the 7 of clubs, so it’s a ROLL-OVER!
Sue then led us in God Save the Queen.
See you next week!
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Thanks Phyllis and Wally

Posted by Katie MacArthur
Thanks Phyllis and Wally for opening their cottage for a potluck supper on the long weekend! About 20 Rotarians took advantage of the invite and everyone had a wonderful time, good food, great view, and excellent hospitality.
Thanks Phyllis and Wally Katie MacArthur 2019-08-13 03:00:00Z 0

What Did you Miss - Aug. 12

Posted by Katie MacArthur
What Did You Miss! – Aug. 12
Chairperson: Ellen Crowley
O’Canada led by Sue Ueffing
Prayer led by Greg Trefry
Guests: Matthew Connolly (John Lohr), Grace Brushett (Deborah Conner)
Happy $$$:
Bill: is happy for a great work party at the Khatib’s with its ups (tearing off the old deck) and its downs (may be a problem with the water line), but it was a lot of fun and a delicious lunch!
Craig: is sad that the road race he regularly participates in has been cancelled this year due to lack of registration.
Rick: is happy that he got to give away his younger daughter at her recent wedding! He was very happy that everything went well and the reception was at the Old Orchard Inn and they did a great job!
Pierre: is happy that it’s his first official day of retirement “vacation”. Pierre wanted to thank Phyllis and Wally for hosting the get together at their cottage over the long weekend. Finally, he was happy to be off to visit his kids and grandkids out West.
Sue: is happy to thank Wally and Phyllis for hosting folks at their cottage… and help out Pierre with his Happy Dollar debt! ;)
Ellen: is happy because she had a lot of fun in Kelowna and Santa Fe.
President’s Report
Phil thanked Wally and Phyllis, welcomed the guests and guest speaker, and let the club know that everyone should try to have their dues all payed before the end of August so that we can have it all wrapped up. He also explained that Valley Faces is doing well but that we should continue to wrap up the project.
Phil also reminded the club that Oakdene Days was rescheduled to August 24th from 11-1pm. We’ll need volunteers and Phil and Bill will be coordinating this year. Lastly, Phil said that over the next little bit he’ll be focused on cleaning up everyone’s committee commitments, finding new chairs for some of the committees and making sure members are on the committees they want to be on.
Guest Speaker: Andrew Bagley, Skylit Solar
Initially Andrew spoke about the impact the climate change is going to have on the next generation, and how this is a real issue especially for this younger generation.
He went on to explain his business, Skylit Solar, who provide solar solutions to both residential and commercial customers. They provide financing to make renewable energy affordable. Skylit does grid tied solar electric systems either with battery bank backup or without. (This is where the panel solar panels feed into an electricity inverter which then feeds the electricity back into the grid).
Andrew then explained how costs have changed over and the costs for solar solutions and batteries were both down considerably. The addition of batteries to the system means that in a power outage you would still be able to run lights, appliances, etc. The pickup of the battery bank is so quick during a power outage that you don’t even have to reset your VCR - thanks Rod for that relevant example! ;)
Andrew went on to explain the Solar Homes rebate (through Efficiency NS) and the Solar Scotia Energy CEDIF (they are raising money through individuals financing solar projects as an investment). His company has grown from three when they began in October of 2016 to 16 (plus two part time) this year.
Finally, Andrew answered some questions from Rotarians including the payback time of a typical project (approximately 12 years), his opinion on Tesla’s solar shingles and solar wall (look nice but aren’t cost effective, solar wall NS Power is testing), and the winter performance and maintenance (in winter the performance declines 75%, but the maintenance is easy as snow usually melts of quickly and there is no installation issues on steel roofs). Andrew then answered the question of the cost of an average solar project by saying it would be approximately $25,000 to $30,000 before the rebates.
Pierre then thanked Andrew for his presentation and spoke about how happy he is with his own solar system.
Chase the Ace:
Pierre won the draw for Chase the Ace but too bad! It’s a ROLL-OVER! (Don’t feel bad, Pierre got a cool $13 instead!)
Sue then led us in God Save the Queen
See you next week!
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What did you Miss!!  July 29, 2019

Posted by pierre hoebers
Chairperson:   President - Phil Warren - Club Business Meeting
O'Canada led by Sue - Opening Prayer led by Peter Clarke
Visiting Rotarians:  Rob Porter - Rotary Mud Creek, Wolfville
Guests:  Amy Schofield, guest of Rick Graham
Happy $$$:
Rick with Valley Faces update - we have reached $123,000 level - Please check your list of outstanding contracts, try to obtain signed contract ASAP!!   There is still time to include NEW POTENTIAL ADVERTISERS!!
Julie for her son on an exchange student trip in Japan, he reported back with exciting events that are happening and he will be back soon.
Sue for surprise of son's visit and those great granddaughters this Weekend!!  and for quick dental repair work done this morning!!!
Shelley Fleckenstein shared information on "That time of the Month" campaign for girls in South Africa.  For $20 we can make a difference to one young girl that provides Reusable, Washable Sanitary pad that is good for  4 to 5 years.  This request came through our visiting Rotarian Guests last week from South Africa - Shelley collected $360.00 today.  THANKS!!!
The Rotary Clubs of Kings County Charitable Foundation (RCKCCF)  -  Rob Porter and Elva Heyge
This is an update - Elva provided a brief update on the history of the Foundation.  The objective of the foundation is to help through a grant process qualified organizations in the local community that support seniors, relief of poverty, programs for the physical and mentally challenged, literacy, advancement of education and the arts.
The existing disbursement committee that acts on behalf of the Rotary Clubs consists of Elva Heyge (chair), Rob Porter and John Smith (Mudcreek Rotary) and Rod McMahon (Kentville Rotary).
Rob reviewed the disbursement process and changes that have been adopted this year.  Minimum request is $10k and need to be submitted by September 15th.  All applicants must have a registered Charitable Status.  The Rotary clubs will set a date for presentations followed by secret ballot by the Rotary members.   More details and application forms are available through the Rotary clubs and any board member.
Program Committee - P.E. Bill Denyar
Bill shared that there has been discussions at the committee and board level to host an evening "What's Up" event/social/meeting every week when the Monday meeting is cancelled due to a long weekend.  This could happen on a Wednesday at 530pm and be finished by 7pm.  It provides an opportunity for members who cannot make the regular lunch meeting to keep in touch and have social time and stay connected.   FELLOWSHIP IS ONE OF THE "KEY" CONSIDERATIONS WHEN PERSONS JOIN ROTARY!!          Stay-tuned more details to follow!
Bill also shared with the club an ask from the Khatib Family for interest in supporting the immigration of Khayriye's mother, brother and sister.  The board felt it should be shared with our members to see if any persons (probably a minimum of 3) would be interested in leading this effort.  It could become a Rotary supported project once we have all our facts and information.  Anyone interested should contact Bill Denyar.
.....and for the Khatib's Bill is arranging a work party to help make some renovations and install a much needed second bathroom in their home.    If you can help mark your calendar for AUGUST 10TH - Bill will be sending a separate email on this for volunteers to sign-up!!!    Needed about 6-8 persons with some basic tools!!!
PWD Committee:  Jeff shared the presentation made to Glooscap School for their "Outdoor Classroom" which will consist of many learning stations. Kids will get to obtain knowledge of the outdoors and help in the planting of trees as well. This park will be open to the entire community.
Social Committee:  Sue shared that the "Lobster Doo" for next year is already confirmed for June 30th and will include participation and support of 4 Kings County Rotary clubs.  Mark it on your calendar NOW!    Plans are well underway for Social activities for the rest of the Rotary year and details will be shared shortly.
August  5th  at  Phyllis and Wally's Cottage - Potluck get-together - 430PM!!  Bring your lawn chairs as well!
September 12th at Shelley and Martins home (Wolfville)  WELCOME BBQ (530PM) - POTLUCK - FOR OUR incoming EXCHANGE STUDENTS -  Chiara from Italy and Constance from Belgium
CHASE THE ACE - ticket holder, Doug Hill................and It's a Roll-over!!!
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A thought!!! pierre hoebers 2019-07-25 03:00:00Z 0

What did you Miss!!  July 22, 2019

Posted by pierre hoebers
Chairperson:  Elva Heyge
O'Canada led by Sue     Opening prayer led by Roger
Visiting Rotarians:  Roger Sevigny -  St Pierre en Miquelon,  Paul Iannacione - Niles Rotary, Fremont, California
Guests:   Marion Spence & John Hink - guest of Elva visiting from Durban South Africa - Guest Speakers today
Happy $$$
Rick - VF Co-chair - update that we have reached $ 120,000 in sales.  Also the Rotary Display is up at the Kentville historical society located in the old Via Rail Station.   
Ellen for a great weekend in Annapolis Royal with the Band Festival Workshops - this is part of the "Music for Life Program"
Roger for the La Fete National celebration in St Pierre en Miquelon.  The local Rotary Club had to change their long time tradition of serving alcoholic punch to non alcoholic - it was quite an adjustment for them but at the last minute they made the change and this year's batch earned more supporting dollars then ever before!!
Phyllis a thank you to all who attended the garden party to raise funds for the Kings County Rotary Foundation - Mud Creek presented a cheque in the amount of $50,000 along with numerous other donations. 
Sue echoed the remarks of Phyllis and added that it was an absolutely perfect weather day!!!!
Guest Speakers -  Marion and John  brought us up to date on the Global Grant project supported by our Club.
Marion started with a Video Clip that provided them with the motivation and inspiration to provide help that will make a difference.  Past projects included Water Wells, Mission Hospital in Zulu territory, "Road to Health" where all children get the proper vaccinations, Toilets for proper sanitation and health, and now with this project which is "Early childhood Education".
Right now overall there is a lack of education for planning, having meetings, training and accountability.  We are dealing with 3rd world country conditions and the Global Grant will go a long way in educating the women and literacy for pre-school children.
Wally thanked our speakers for sharing the details of the project and the opportunity for meeting both of them as the "on the ground" stewards of this project in South Africa.
Chase the Ace..............ticket holder  Craig,  and.........................................It's a Roll-over!!
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Youth Exchange - Heather Lohr pierre hoebers 2019-07-22 03:00:00Z 0
Presidents Report - Phil Warren pierre hoebers 2019-07-17 03:00:00Z 0

What did you Miss!!  July 15, 2019

Posted by pierre hoebers
Chairperson:   Jessica Clahane
O'Canada led by Sue -  Opening prayer led by Shelly Phillips
Visiting Rotarians and Guests:  Jennifer Tufts, our guest speaker today
Happy $$$:
Rick for reaching sales of $115,000 in Valley Faces.   Also the Kentville Historical Society has provided us space to "showcase" Rotary in their facility until their closing the End of October.   
Ellen for a great visit out west to visit children and grandchildren and happy her contract with the Department of Health is completed.
Wally for the "Ride for Refuge" taking place October 5th, he is looking for team members (3 hands went up already) and you can ride, walk, run etc in support of the Portal located in Kentville.
Cate for finding out that one of her favorite wines (Merta - Portugal) can be ordered by the case from NSLC and have home delivery.  No more trips to Halifax just for that!!
Sue for having this great weather which means she can ride her motorbike to meetings - like today!
Phyllis for the Foundation Garden Party happening this Thursday 5-7pm at the Ueffings
illnesses:  Cate gave us an update on Sue McDougall (Hayes) - she is feeling well with some ongoing test to be done
Guest Speaker -  Jennifer Tufts - CEO Valley Regional Enterprise Network (REN)

The Valley Regional Enterprise Network’s mission is to lead and enable regional economic growth and prosperity. Serving the Annapolis Valley region as a whole, we are uniquely positioned to objectively addresses the economic and business development needs of the region as a whole without being confined to municipal boundaries.

We are the “boots on the ground,” helping to link the private sector and public organizations around common objectives for regional economic progress.

Jennifer shared with us the Goals, Programs and Results of the REN.  During the past several years they assisted 98 businesses of which 31 were start-ups.  The "Connector Program" provides new immigrants, students, or anyone searching for work with existing businesses - Partners in the program are NSCC, Acadia University and Nova Scotia Works.  There has also a connection with the Valley Manufacturing sector that focuses on Labour, Energy and Marketing. 
Chase the Ace - winning ticket held by Joe, But..............................It's a Roll Over!!
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What did you Miss!!  July 8, 2019

Posted by pierre hoebers
NOTE:  Spokesperson formatting change, all updated committee reports listed below regular meeting recap.  Scroll down to the bottom!!
Chairperson:   Karen Corey
O'Canada led by Sue and Opening prayer led by Larry
Visiting Rotarians:   Roger Sevigny - St Pierre et Miquelon
Happy $$$:
Sue for celebrating 46th wedding anniversary with Joop!
Katie shared that her wedding date is only 12 days away and she is VERY HAPPY!!  That makes it July 20th!!!  Congratulations Katie from all of us!!!
Roger for his first official visit to our club from another club - you're always welcome Roger!!
Heather shared that her family met up with Simon which was one of the Clubs past Exchange Students - many years ago!!
Presidents report(s) -    Past President Rod had the pleasure of introducing this years board with their official directors pins including President Phil.
Guest Speaker -  Bryon Crossman -  Our newest member/classification talk
Bryon shared that he is not that comfortable talking in front of a crowd, but for a man who "shot from the hip" he delivered a wonderful recap of his up to now life's venture.  Born and Raised and living in Canning all his life except for 4 years in Halifax. When he was younger he enjoyed and participated in many sports.  He worked on farms for long time which he really enjoyed.
He moved in to the Insurance Brokerage profession which he eventually owned and then sold.  From there he worked  for Planters Equipment selling John Deer commercial equipment.    Life was good and then one rainy day he was driving and hydro-planed, was T-boned by a truck.  Bryon was in critical condition, the next 3 years he worked through extensive rehabilitation and since then Bryon has adjusted to living with the long term affects.  Bryon is very grateful for the professional care her received from the individuals in our medical community!!
Bryon went back into the work force and presently owns a number of Transit Buss Shelters across the Valley.  This helped the county defray the costs while he provides opportunities to advertisers.  He is also able to give back to the Community by placing Ads at no charge to support local charities ( worth approximately $40,000 per year) and this includes Rotary as well. 
Bryon started a Bee Keeping business as a hobby which has turned into a larger operation then he anticipated, enjoys it thoroughly but it became too much and just recently sold to an interested party in PEI.   Now he plays in the Bee keeping industry by helping other Bee Keeping operations.
Bryon has been with Rotary for one year, he likes what we do, he really enjoys our monthly Baking Night for the school, in fact soooooo much that he is chairing this committee for the upcoming year.  Bryon likes to give back and he says "we" now!!!
Thank you Bryon for sharing and we are glad to have you on the Rotary Team!!
Public Relations:  Kelly acknowledged and thanked Bryon for the Bus shelter Ads featuring Rotary.  A picture of one of the bus shelters made it into the District Newsletter.
NKEC BAKING:  Marian on behalf of the club extended  sincere THANKS to Karen for being the lead on this program for the past 5 years.   At the same time welcomed and thanked Bryon for taking over as the Chair!
EVENT REMINDERS -  July 18th  Kings County Foundation garden party at the Ueffings
                                        July 19th   Hospital Foundation -  Dining with Doctors
Chase the Ace - ticket holder Katie, but......................It's a Roll-over
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Youth Services - Director - Leah White pierre hoebers 2019-07-09 03:00:00Z 0
Board of Directors report - President - Phil Warren pierre hoebers 2019-07-08 03:00:00Z 0
PWD Committee Update - Co-Chairs - Larry Stillwell & Jeff Kelly pierre hoebers 2019-07-08 03:00:00Z 0

What did you Miss!!   June 24, 2019

Posted by pierre hoebers
Chairperson:   President Rod
O'Canada led by Sue      Thanksgiving led by Roger
Visiting Rotarians:   Mud Creek Rotary - ADG Rob Porter
Guests:  Grace Brusheh (Co-op student for VRHF) - guest of Deborah Connor,  Tara Sutherland and Oakley - guests of Leah
Happy $$$:
Rod for his visit to Calgary and spending time with Ireland who is really enjoying her school.  Visit to Calgary South Club where he met fellow Rotarians  involved with the Calgary Foundation which was the fore-runner to the establishment of the Kings County Foundation.  Also for Oliver's graduation and the loan of that exotic Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud from the Tuppers!!
Sue for wonderful Lobster-Doo event and big thanks for all the volunteers who made it happen!!
Leah for her prospective new Rotary Member and connecting with Tara through their kids schooling
Craig for his upcoming car rally sporting a great T-shirt for the event......this will be his last one!!!  (Really Craig!!)
Bill - more of a help me $$$ - has anyone seen Bill's change purse, he uses it for his business.
Carl extending greetings from a past Kentville Rotarian Bob lancaster - he was club secretary for 5 years
Rob to announce that he is stepping-down as ADG, he has done it for 7 years and he always enjoyed visiting and being involved with our club.   Thanks Rob, The club has benefited and appreciated your support  
Elva for her  extensive trip through Europe attending the International Conference,  friendship exchange to Estonia and Finland, and Rotary visit to Poland.   I am sure we will hear more details at a future meeting.
Rotary clubs of Kings County Foundation - Phylis asked all to the mark their calendars for JULY 18th for a Garden Party at the Ueffings - invitations will be sent out shortly!!
At this point Rod officially ended his term as President and asked Phil our President Elect to come forward and continue the balance of the meeting.
Phil started his presentation with a Story from a visit to the Wilmington NC Club where his son is a member. Phil's message today was primarily to high-lite some of the key points previously mentioned in the Strategic Plan and to have our members think about them again and provide feed-back.  Feedback to him directly or through a board member or committee chair.
Phil asked us the THINK about the following:
   Our vision Statement:   The Rotary Club of Kentville, rich in tradition and experience, fosters enthusiasm and commitment through participation, service, fellowship and fun.
   On Committees - a specific committee for RI foundation?    Committee for Social Media?   Members wishing to change from one and go to another committee - let us know.    Interested in Chairing a Committee?
     We need Social Media postings weekly on a regular basis??
     Charter Night - new this year!!    Do we need to separate Presidents recognition, Paul Harris Fellows presentations, and the Lobster Doo?
     New Members - where, who, retaining and costs -  Are we flexible enough - Rule of 85 - ???
     100th Anniversary -  Should we be planning now - separate committee?
      Strategic Plan is an ongoing flexible document that requires input and ideas from our members!!!
The rotary theme for the upcoming year is   " Rotary Connects the World"
Deborah Conner - provided a handout and update on the Valley Regional Hospital Foundation as they are a corporate member.  It included financial information and details on the next fund raiser Dining with Doctors on July 19th.
Chase the Ace - winning ticket - Craig......................but it's a Roll-over!
REMINDERS:     No Meeting next Monday
                             Oakdene Park - Saturday June 29th -  10AM  come and help BBQ, serve hot dogs and drinks to our families and children in our community.  FUN FUN FUN
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HAPPY CANADA DAY !!! 2019-06-25 03:00:00Z 0
ROTARY 2019 -2020 pierre hoebers 2019-06-21 03:00:00Z 0

Lobster Doo - June 19, 2019

Posted by pierre hoebers
    Our Rotary Year wind-up celebrated with Lobster and Steak and thanking our President Rod McMahon!!
Excellent crowd this year with support and attendance from the New Minas Sunrise Club, past club members, and guests of Rotarians.
            Cutting of the Rotary Cake by President Rod
Our emcee for the evening was Sue Ueffing, and well done as always!!  THANKS SUE!!
Rod thanked the Rotary Club members for all their support this past year, we did many projects through our various committees including the new INTERACT CLUB, THANK YOU to Ways & Means committee who plan and prepared this event along with all our other socials during the year.
As tradition dictates Sue sung us a song regaling Presidents Rod's year, followed by a Standing Ovation as tribute and thank you to Rod!!!
Of course there are always some  left over and these were quickly "snapped" up through the terrific Auctoneer talent of Peter Muttart as displayed by his lovely assistant Martha!!  
Thanks again to our event organizers and servers, our BBQ team of Ross and Greg and especially HENNIGAR'S FAMILY FARM for providing the barn venue!!
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PWD Committee update

Posted by Larry Stillwell
Kentville Police Bicycle Training:
The Rotary Club Kentville supports our community in many areas. Recently we received a request from the Kentville Police who are combining with the Town in holding a bicycle rodeo for 200 kids (all grade 3-5) at Kings County Academy.  The Police Chief was looking for assistance with securing helmets for at risk kids who don't have a helmet or the ability to purchase one. From a children’s safety perspective this would also support children’s safety at the skate park. Through Community Services we were able to support the initiative to the sum of $ 800.00 and the Rotary Logo will be prominently displayed on all forms of community & parent communication. In fact, our logo will also be on the course completion certificate. The event is taking place on June 19th.
Recently I had the pleasure of delivering the Cheque to the Kentville Police Department and was asked to pose for a picture with the Deputy Chief, and it is not a mug shot due to a transgression of any type. 

PWD Committee update Larry Stillwell 2019-06-19 03:00:00Z 0

What did you Miss!!  June 17, 2019

Posted by pierre hoebers
Chairperson:  Peter Clarke
O'Canada led by Pierre  Thanksgiving Prayer led by Shelley Fleckenstein
Guests:  Oakley - guest of Leah,  and Rev.Dr. Jeffrey Hosick - (Guest Speaker) and guest of Bill Denyar
Happy $$$
Sue for wonderful experience at the Rotary International Conference,  post conference stay in Holland and looking out her window this morning to spot a Rose Breasted Gros Beak.  She shared a picture of it at our table!!
Shelley for the honour of being nominated in the category "Pioneer"  in  "Women of Excellence Awards"
Guest Speaker - "Why do I keep getting those haunting flashbacks"       Rev/Dr Jerry Hosick
Jerry serves First Responders, the unsung heroes who give their all to serve others, their work begins when bad things happen!! He is dedicated to helping first responders find a clear path for long career, so you can retire on your own terms at your own time.
Jeffrey does not stop here - he does this for anyone who has experienced trauma (and sometime in our life everyone does), those associated with first responders, life's family issues, personal past experiences etc.
Today Jeffrey shared with us about the three types of flashbacks, why they happen and how to resolve them using "the Way Out" technique.  Jeffrey shared stories and examples, he captured our attention as he spoke about issues that we could all relate to!!
Carl Kent thanked Jeffrey for his engaging and passionate presentation!!  
Chase the Ace - Shelley drew the winning ticket - but It's a Roll - Over!! 
REMINDERS:      Oakdene Park  JUNE 29TH -  930AM - WE NEED YOUR HELP!!                                         We still need one more BBQ PLEASE  - CONTACT LEAH OR KATE SEAMAN
NEXT MTG - JUNE 24TH - PE Phil Warren - Our next Rotary Year!!
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What did you Miss!!  June 10, 2019

Posted by pierre hoebers
Chairperson:   Jeff Kelly
O'Canada led by Bill  and Thanksgiving led by Greg Trefry
Guests:  Katherine Myers (guest speaker today) and her Mom Angela Myers guests of Bill Denyar,  Paige Meisner - outgoing Exchange Student, guest of Heather Lohr,  Owen Kidston - outgoing Exchange Student, guest of Heather Lohr.
Happy $$$
Jessica to recognize club Rotarians Kim Monette and Shelley Fleckenstein who both have been nominated in a category for "The Women in Excellence Awards"  through the Valley Chamber Commerce.
Rick wanted to share that all receivables for VF have been collected.  We have reached the $100,000 mark in Sales to date with $40,000 to go to meet our 2029 Target - Now is the time to do your final follow ups on all the renewals!!!
Kate Seaman for our guest speaker Katherine who attends NKEC and was our representative on the Citizenship Program in Ottawa.   Also reminder for OAKDENE PARK on JUNE 29TH - NEED VOLUNTEERS - and WE STILL NEED ONE MORE BBQ!!!
Jeff for involvement in Senior overnight Grad event, although tiring it was fun!!
Paige & Owen thanked the club for their upcoming out-bound exchange,  Paige is going to Holland and Owen to Germany.
****   We are still looking for inbound host families - contact Trevor if you can help  ****
President's Report:  Rod mentioned Windsor Rotary for their upcoming event at Camp Mockingee - you will receive separate email for details.   Receive Thank You letter from George and Nancy Henry at Centre Stage regarding the PHF recognition, and we had a full page write-up with pictures in the Harvester in case you missed it.
President elect:  Phil shared a few updates for next year's budget,  Dues will increase by $10.00 per person to cover RI and District dues,  electronic payments cost the club an extra 3%,  and Ways  & Means budget has been lowered by $1000.00.  Further updates and review of the Strategic Plan at the June 24th Meeting.
Illnesses:  Cate gave us an update on Sue, doing well - she is staying positive - waiting for final results.   Sincere Condolences from the Club to Shelly Phillips & Family in the loss of her Dad.
Guest Speaker:  Katherine Myers - Adventure in Citizenship Program to Ottawa
Katherine provided us with a day to day reflection on her experiences, social activities, guest speakers, host families, various landmark visits, and all ending with the involvement of a Citizenship Ceremony of new Canadians!  Library Archives was home base for the participants,  the various speaker made the biggest impact.  they met with Bob Watts on the reconciliation committee and attended a first nations Pow-Wow.   Sat in the House of Commons and had a tour of the Parliament and opportunity to speak to representative in the page program and with the speaker of the house.  Visited the War Museum and spoke directly to Veterans.
Katherine was grateful for the whole experience, she made new friends for life, the most emotional event was attending the New Canadians Citizenship Ceremony...........and since her return she has joined the INTERACT CLUB at high school.
Larry Stillwell thanked Katherine for her professional presentation,  how well she did in speaking and delivery which was obvious through the response by our members.     THANK YOU Katherine!!
Special Father's Day Gift basket today - won by Cate Savage - congratulations!
NKEC Baking Night - past Tuesday was the last until new school year in September - our Bakers were,  Karen, Julie, Bryon, Marian, Heather T,  Pierre, V Principal Greg, and Sarah from the INTERACT.   Larry and his sister June stopped by to make sure we had enough volunteers and we did.   THANKS EVERYONE who participated this year......SPECIAL THANK YOU TO KAREN COREY who has been the captain of this project since inception 5 years ago!!!      and we are grateful the Bryon will take over in September!
REMINDERS:   Lobster Doo -  Wednesday June 19th
                                   Next Week - guest speaker -  Jeffrey Hosick, psychotherapist, Fire Department chaplin - topic - flashbacks.
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Wine and Dash

Posted on Jun 03, 2019
Brigadoon’s 5th Annual Wine & Dash will be held on June 23rd, 2019 starting at Benjamin Bridge and
finishing at Lightfoot & Wolfville. Walk or run a 5k or 10k route through the beautiful Gaspereau Valley and
sample some of this province’s finest wines.
Your participation will empower the lives of children in our community
by providing them with the transformative experience of Brigadoon’s camp programs.

Not interested in the “dash” part of this event? Try our NEW guided tour option provided by Magic
Winery Bus! 
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What Did You Miss June 3, 2019

Posted by Katie MacArthur on Jun 03, 2019
What Did You Miss! – June 3rd
Chairperson: Randall Bishop
O’Canada led by Pierre Hoebers
Prayer led by Randall Bishop (we all sang “Johnny Appleseed”)
Guests: Haley Fletcher (Kate Seaman), Barry Braun (Guest speaker)
Valley Faces Business:
Rick and Karen presented a $15,000 cheque to Kelly – more of the proceeds for this year!! So far we have raised $97,083 with $47,000 left to go to reach our goal. Please everyone follow up on your contacts to get their commitments. They also presented some new opportunities in a list on each table for Rotarians to check through to see if they know any of the organizations to contact. Then they drew prizes for those that have finished their Valley Faces list – Marian won for finishing her list and then Pierre and Bill each got a prize for bringing in new business.
Happy $$$:
Kate: is happy for being able to introduce Haley Fletcher, a recent Dalhousie grad, on her first day at Nathanson, Seaman, Watts. Her grandfather was a Wolfville Rotary member and she thinks was a past district governor.
Kate also mentioned that Oakdene Days is Saturday, June 29th – all hands on deck for the BBQ!!
Kelly: for Heather Tupper organizing the parade float, year after year…until this year when she was unable to, and thanks to John Lohr for stepping up to manage getting the float ready and into the parade. Lastly, Kelly was happy to participate in the upcoming Legally Blond musical, and for leaving for Europe on Monday!
John: for Rick, Rick, Randy and Axel for helping the float in the Apple Blossom parade. Also, thanks to Greg for storing the float for many years!
Phyllis: for having the chance to meet up with Anya in Vienna (who has applied to med school for next year and is studying hard)
Karen: was happy that the next baking night at NEKEC was next Tuesday and that Bryon Crossman has volunteered to take over baking night for next year!
Wally: was happy for two Brigadoon events: the Wine and Dash (see above!) and the Strawberry social at Brigadoon on July 9th.
Phyllis presented Garth with a Paul Harris fellow pin, and Larry announced that he had recently spent the afternoon at Kentville Police Service where he presented them with a cheque because the Club was sponsoring children’s bicycle helmets!
No Secretary or President’s Report!
Illness Updates: Cate filled the club in on Sue Hayes’ (MacDougall) fight with thyroid cancer. She has had multiple surgeries to remove her thyroid and lymph nodes. Cate asked that the club keep Sue in their prayers.
Guest Speaker: Barry Braun
Barry presented to the club about the Happy Communities Project. The project’s goal is to see communities take care of each other and support each other. The way they see achieving this is through doing projects together which creates social connectedness and belonging. Barry talked about how lots of towns are trying to do this but often overlook those living alone or are out of sight or marginalized.
With the Happy Communities Project volunteers are organized into action groups to take on projects where they can meet, connect and come together (In Windsor/West Hants the group includes 700 volunteers). These projects include community gardens, makers, farm market, breakfasts, welcome newcomers, picnic, parades, corn boils, and they’re working on a community helper project.
The project began in Windsor/West Hants and since the project began they’ve seen many new people move in, new businesses started in the town and leadership change within the community. They’ve also been working on a project in India on a community social connectedness project.
Barry then asked the ultimate question… Is Kentville next??  The project is finishing the process of developing a toolkit to use for other communities. Barry keeps hearing about Kentville as an ideal community to try the project. He’s just looking for a community champion to volunteer for 8-10 hours/week to develop a leadership team and get the project moving in Kentville. He also talked about how the project is looking to set up their infrastructure to scale (working with Loblaws and Nova Scotia Community Foundation, to help with issuing receipts for donations.)
He is also interested in exploring the Rotary international as a partnership. Then a few Rotarians asked questions to Barry including:
  • Would the “champion” actually only have ten hour of work a week? (Barry explained that would be minimum and that the parson would have to build a whole team around them to help)
  • If a “champion” comes forward does the Happy Communities Project provide training? (Yes, they’re finishing the toolkit and there is a 6 month coaching process.)
  • What happened with the Makers project? (The project had two strong personalities who had conflict, and the project management process wasn’t followed well.)
  • Is the Town of Windsor involved? (Yes, the Rec. Director sits on the leadership team, but as a citizen so they are not officially linked).
  • How do you leverage what other organizations are already doing? (For Happy Community Project, citizens do the projects, not organizations, but they can collaborate.)
Garth then thanked Barry for his presentation and the club made a donation to the RI Foundation as a thank you.
Committee Reports
Leah let everyone know that there is going to be an Interact Fundraiser – a car wash at the Canning Fire Station – and she assured the Interacters that all the wealthy Rotarians would show up! :) Date TBA.
Pierre shared that the Port Williams Baptist church had sponsored a refugee family and they are losing their housing. He asked that if anyone had a line on home that might be suitable (he’s pretty sure they have four children) to let him know.
Phyllis shared that there will be a Social/Ways and Means Committee meeting on Tuesday (June 4th) to finalize some details about the Lobster Doo!
Kim shared that the schools have been notified of the scholarships last night (NEKEC and CK and New Minas club is doing Horton).
Chase the Ace:
Larry won the draw for Chase the Ace but… awwwww… he had NO LUCK, so it’s a ROLL-OVER!
Randall then led us in God Save the Queen (thinking of those members at the Rotary International conference!)
See you next week!
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What did you Miss!!  May 27 -2019

Posted by pierre hoebers
Chairperson(s):  for VOTE on Community projects.   Rod and Rick
O'Canada led by Sue and Thanksgiving prayer let by Heather Lohr
Happy $$$!!
Sue for her and Joop's visit to St. Johns for the opening of their son's new Pub!!
Heather for an enjoyable drive with John thru NB and into the states and reminder about the club's incoming exchange students, always an worthwhile experience!!
Karen shared that her sister presently travelling in Italy was able to visit with one of our Club's past exchange students
Community Project Presentations:
Camp Brigadoon - presenter Jayme Butt
Jayme provided us with a short history on the camp since it's opening in 2011.  The camp facilitates 14 different areas of illness for the children that attend and the age range is 7 -18yrs.  Some of these kids have never met any other kids due to their illness. Parent feedback is always awesome and crucial.  It cost $1300 per week per child for any of their programs.  Presently their are no government dollars supporting this facility.   The ask from Brigadoon is for $20,000 for new dining room tables and $10,000 for upgrades to the staffing facilities.
Kentville Historical Society - presenter Eric Deal
Eric shared that the Via Rail Station opened officially on May 17th as the future home, to share artifacts, stories, pictures, of the history in Kentville and surrounding area.  Sports, Apple Blossom Festivals, the DAR (Dominion Atlantic Railway) are just a few of the past events that will be on display.  Funds are required to complete a restoration of a green space along side the museum that connects with the Harvest Moon Trail within the Town of Kentville which makes it accessible to all in the Community.  The ask from the Society is for $36,300.
NKEC - presenter Rick Fox:
Rick shared that Rotary has been involved in previous projects for which he sincerely thanked Rotary.  Rick Provided an update on how this project get started and who was involved in the planning, it also has the support of the Village of Canning and when completed will be available to the entire Community.   It is a Multi Physical Activity Park, wheel chair accessible, exercise and fitness features all on a ground base rubber flooring.  It will include Agility and Free play sectors as well.  The ask is  $28,000.
All presentations allowed for questions and feedback, Rick thanked all our presenters and then it was on to the vote.
The first vote count did not show a clear majority thus the lowest ranking project was dropped and on the second vote NKEC came through as the project of choice!!!   Congratulations to NKEC!!
Social Committee:   TAKE NOTE  June 19th will be our lobster Do.  This year it will be a joint venture with Rotary New Minas.  Watch for registration through Club Runner     
Brigadoon’s 5th Annual Wine & Dash will be held on June 23rd, 2019 starting at Benjamin Bridge and
finishing at Lightfoot & Wolfville. Walk or run a 5k or 10k route through the beautiful Gaspereau Valley and
sample some of this province’s finest wines.
Your participation will empower the lives of children in our community
by providing them with the transformative experience of Brigadoon’s camp programs.

Not interested in the “dash” part of this event? Try our NEW guided tour option provided by Magic
Winery Bus! You will enjoy a guided tour through the Gaspereau Valley on the Magic Winery Bus’ “Tidal
Bay Express”. You will travel as a group to each of the four wineries on the route starting at Benjamin Bridge,
finishing at Lightfoot & Wolfville, and visiting Gaspereau Vineyards and Domaine de Grand Pre Vineyards along
the route. At each winery, you will enjoy tastings and the opportunity to explore the vineyard before the Tidal Bay
Express transports you to the next incredible destination.

Don’t forget to celebrate our 5th anniversary in STYLE! We’ll be celebrating our 5th year of Wine & Dash in
style with an 80’s theme! Dust off your neon leg warmers, bike shorts, and head bands to compete for the BEST
costume of the event, among many other costume prizes!         www.wineanddash.ca
Chase the Ace - ticket holder was Shelley Fleckenstein..............and It's a Rollover!!
NEXT WEEK's Meeting -  June 3 - Barry Braun, Western Zone Health Planning Team - Four Year Strategy
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Interact Club at NKEC 

Welcome to all our students as part of the new Interact Club, some are pictured here that attended the Charter Night event held recently at Ken-Wo Golf Club.
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What Did You Miss May 13, 2019

Posted by Katie MacArthur
Chairperson:  Kelly Ells
O'Canada led by Sue and Prayer of Thanks by Randy
Guests:  Barry Walker from Efficiency NS and Amelia Warren who has the dual role of Phil's daughter and Barry's Efficiency NS colleague.
Happy $$$:
Sue had a happy $10 for three things:
- Getting to go to St. Johns, Newfoundland to go to the grand opening of the bar her son is opening.
- For having a good district convention where two members of our club were recognized for their contribution to the district, Garth Gordon and Elva Heyge - thanks Garth and Elva!
- That Doug Logan wrote a novel "A Matter of Thyme" about a retired RCMP officer with PTSD, the money raised from the sales of the book goes to the Rotary E-Club.
Doug - has a happy dollar to give best wishes to the club from past President Carl Larson. Doug contacted him about Charter night and found out that he had recently been in hospital but was recovering. 
Presidents Report:
Rod shared a short President's report: A big thank you for Charter Night, a wonderful 95 years of membership (and a reminder that in five years we'll be having a centennial!)
Secretary's Report:
Rick shared an overview of the great district conference; great speakers (ED of Roots for Youth, a woman studying epidemiology at MUN, President of the Goose Bay club) and interesting topics (change, international projects, what rotary does and can do, planning and strategy).
Then Bill talked about Louisa's Puppy puppet project - where each of the 46 clubs was given a puppy of Louisa's puppet and encouraged to name and personalize the puppy and take photos of it with each of the projects that the club takes on. A fun way to get the word out about all of the wonderful projects that rotary helps with.
Finally, Sue added that the youth program at the district conference was really robust, with lots of youth participating.
Special Guest Speaker:
Barry Walker from Efficiency Nova Scotia
First Barry opened with some interesting details about Efficiency NS. They are a third party administrator of energy efficiency. They are independent but work closely with Nova Scotia Power and the NS Government. Efficiency NS is led by a board of directors and regulated by the UARB. They get the bulk of their funding since 2015 by selling efficiency back to the utility.
Currently Nova Scotia gets 50-60% of their energy from fossil fuels, 20% from renewables, 15% from efficiency and 5% from other (usually purchasing energy from the grid)
Then Barry spoke about why to choose energy efficiency including the economic benefits (like it being the lowest cost option, improving businesses productivity, investing in the local economy and building the NS energy efficiency industry) and the serious benefit it has on the environment. 
Next Barry shared the programs that Efficiency NS runs including: Small Business Energy Solutions, Business Energy Rebates, Mercury Collection Solar Homes, New Home Construction advice, Home Energy Assessments, Home Warming (for low income families), Appliance Retirement, Instant Savings (in store rebates on small items), Green Heat & Residential Direct Installation of Energy Efficient Products (shower heads, power bars, etc.) That's a lot of programs!
Barry then answered some questions from Rrotarians on payback, fire barriers and insurance for spray foam insulation, and whether you needed pre-approval for new windows and doors. Finally, Pierre talked about building his new home, the solar and insulation, and what a great help that Efficiency NS was to them.
Kelly spoke about Heather Tupper's work on the Apple Blossom float in the past and that she is going to be away this year and so we need a point person for getting the float organized. John Lohr volunteered (Yay!) to take on the job of getting the float organized and ready to go!
Rotarians announced upcoming committee meetings and Sue let everyone know that there is no Stage Prophets show this year but she encourages everyone to go as it's sure to be a great show. Also, that the lobster dinner this year was moved to Wednesday, June 19th and that New Minas rotary was invited to come along and party with us!
There was no Chase the Ace this week, but a draw for a wonderful basket, and the last three digits were 735.......... Pierre won, lucky guy!
Finally, we sang the 4 Way Test.
Happy (belated) Mother's Day to all the Rotary Moms! 
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Charter Night Dinner

May 6th, 2019 celebration included the Club's 95th anniversary, Past President and years of service recognition, new INTERAC club at NKEC and presentations to New Paul Harris Fellows. 
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What did you Miss!!

Chairperson:   President Rod
O'Canada led by Sue,   Prayer of thanks by Shelley Fleckenstein - along with our normal gratitude today she asked to keep our fellow Rotarian Phil Warren and family in our hearts and prayers with the sudden death of his wife Liz. 
Visiting Rotarians:  PDG Greg Coldwell from Rotary Club of New Minas Sunrise 
Happy $$$$
Roger for Owen's successful operation at the IWK in Halifax this past week, he will be in hospital for another 7days. I the interim he is Mom & Dad at home!!
Sue for wonderful visit with the kids in Ottawa - no flooding issues in their area.  Also for travels to St. John's in the middle of May for the official opening of their sons new "Geek Club" pub!
Pierre on behalf of our past club member Bill Travis, an invitation for all the stop by on May  11th,  St.James Anglican Church in Kentville between  2pm-5pm - in celebration of Bill and Annette's 50th Wedding Anniversary.
Shelley for trip to Rothe, sons rugby game and to find in-room magazine with a full page ad for Kentville. (Circulated around the room)
Presidents Report:  Rod shared VF committee attended the NSCC Students wrap-up this past Wednesday.  Students provided feedback on their visits and what they learned, both good and bad.   We also have a Co-op Student helping on the administration for VF.   Update on Sheldon - his recovery is coming along, after surgery he developed Pnuemonia but he is doing better.
Secretary's Report:  Rick received thank you letters from the Anti-bullying group, the school band, and Brigadoon. All being cicrulated.
Guest Speaker -  Heather Lohr  shared important and timely information on Dealing with Grief!
Having gone through the process themselves (Heather and John) of loosing a son we were grateful of what Heather shared.   
What to do:   Be in the present for those who are mourning - do not avoid  seeing them because you do not know what to say!   Hugs are okay!!   Bring some food is always good, better if containers etc do not have to be returned.
Acknowledge they are suffering and offer something you can do for them ie) do the laundry, cut the lawn etc..
Share memories you have had!!  Encourage them to keep busy, take them out and do things together!!
What not to do:  Do not say "how are you doing"  or "how are you really doing".   Do not ask what you can do because that puts the responsibility on the mourner - here is where you offer to do something specific for them.  Don't say I know how you "feel" - because everyone's personel loss is DIFFERENT!!   Do not minimize their loss by saying things like "you still have your children"  or "I can't believe this happened to you". 
" Rejoice with them that mourn"
THANK YOU Heather for your reflective presentation - muchly appreciated by all!
Chase the Ave:   ticket holder was Rick Ramsay.................but It's a Roll-over
       Please note:   REGISTER NOW FOR THE "Charter Night" event May 6th - No meeting that day!!
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NSCC Students

Posted by pierre hoebers
NSCC  students (with the leadership of Di Best) participate and receive thanks from the Kentville Rotary Club as they once again go out and gain hands-on exeprience in Selling.  As part of their Sales/Adminstration Program students visit and contact renewable and new advertisers for Valley Faces of Business.   Total sales for their efforts was $21,000THANK YOU!!
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Happy Easter!!

                Enjoy your Chocolate!!
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What did you Miss!!  April 15, 2019

Posted by pierre hoebers
Chairperson:  Bill Denyar
O'Canada led by Sue and Prayer of Thanks by Cate Savage
Guests:  Oakley with his Mom - Leah.
Happy $$$:
Chris for spending time with his grandson, he is quite a hockey player and in the playoffs he scored the winning goal!!
Craig shared his story of getting stopped by RCMP on stretch of road from 101 (by The Big Stop) coasting down that hill, you know - like we all do, to the traffic lights.   He was asked if he knew that the speed limit was not 100Km????   I think he got away with it!!
Sue & Joop for hosting two exchange students (from the New Minas Club), one from Italy and one from Nigeria - who prepared and cooked some of their local food dishes to raise money for Shelter Box.    Sue and Joop's son surprised them with the news that he bought a Bar in St.John's, called the "The Geek Bar"  (google it - looks like fun place to play games)
Presidents Report:
Rod shared that the Club has a full membership in Annapolis Valley Chamber of Commerce and any member of the club can take advantage of their programs.  Rod has taken several of the courses and found them to be very professional and well done.  Most recently he did one on communications - very helpful!  Go online to see what is available for your interest!! 
Reminders that there is no meeting this coming Monday, the club contributed $500 to the Literacy Mile Run and we received a Thank you letter from the Hospital Foundation for all support and involvement.  From the Presidents council meeting it was decided that there will be 4 International Projects next year, some including special sports like the Harvest Marathon.
Guest Speaker(s):   Today 3 members of our club will talk about Charitable Donnations within Rotary.
Greg Trefry -  Rotary International Foundation. Greg didn't let us down by wearing his "signature jacket"
Greg shared his Polio Immunization experience only to set the stage how important and what difference it makes when you personnally have a chance to see the Rotary Foundation dollars at work.   Everyone should know that giving to the Foundation makes a difference to someone in the world and changes lives.   The RI Foudation has a board of trustees and in 2016 was recognized as one of the leading Charitable Foundations - World Wide.  (based on financial stewardship and cost administration effeciency)
Donor recognition comes in many levels :
Sustaining members - some one that gives $100us every year.
PH Fellows (the most common)  contribution of  $1000us as one time payment or over any time period.
Multiple PH Fellows which is 2 + and their are quite a few members within our Club  ..................and TODAY we are pleased to recognize Elva Heyge with her 8th!!!   
PH society member - $1000us every year.
Bequests - $10,000 and up with 10 seperate levels of recongnition. 
Arch Klumph Society - these are the Foundations top contributors ($250,000 plus)  with special recognition.
Phyllis Jarvis - Rotary Clubs of Kings County Foundation:
Phyllis provided a hand-out on the foundation including a list of monies donated to past projects.   Our foundation continues to grow through personal donations and contributions from the Rotary club of Wolfville Mud Creek.  The two key projects supported this year are Homeless No More (Youth) and North East Kings Centre multi Actvivity Park.  Since the first disbursement in 2009 the foundation has provided $298,500 to service projects in our local communities.  Board members consist of Rotarians from each club.   Ways to donate include - donation in memory of a loved one, Bequests throught a will, codicil to your will leaving a bequest to the foundation from Life Insurance, RRSP's, Annuities and pensions.      Phyllis is available at anytime should you have a question!!
Chris Maynard - Rotary of Kentville Charitable Trust
Chris explained this a project fund account ie) specific one time projects.  Anyone can make a donation ie) Rotary members, friends of the club, single donation as per will etc.  This account if federally regulated and any dollars spent can only be given to Registered Charitable Organization.   Rotary club can also issue Charitable Receipts from this account.
Chase the Ave.........Jessica had the ticket.........But -  It's a ROLL- OVER!!
           Please note - there is no meeting on Easter Monday!!
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Joy Calkin

Posted by Katie MacArthur
If you didn't get a chance to read the Chronicle Herald article about Joy Calkin passed around at the April 8th meeting, check it out here:
Joy is the daughter of past rotary president Garth Calkin ('56-'57). Garth Gordon shared a story with me (Katie) that Garth Calkin remembered the first day his father did not come home from work at lunch... it was because he was attending his first rotary meeting in 1924. 
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What Did You Miss!!

Posted by Katie MacArthur
What Did You Miss! – April 1st – Happy April Fools Day!
Chairperson: Leah White
O’Canada led by Sue Ueffing & Randall Bishop
Thanksgiving Prayer led by: Rick Ramsay
Guests: Susan DeMont (Russ Sanche), Oakley White (Leah White), Sarah Parsons – Interact club member (Leah White), Liam Keats – interact club member (Leah White), Adam Davis – interact club member (Leah White).
Below is a picture of President Rod and Leah – Chair, Youth Committee along with 3 members of the NEW Interac Club from NKEC.  We look forward to working with the students and seeing them at our meetings.
Visiting Rotarians: Russ Sanche
Happy $$$:
Rod: for having a great trip to Toronto for Ireland’s March break.
Heather: for having our two inbound international students for next – two young ladies, one from Italy and one from Belgium. Trevor Archibald is coordinating the host families and will begin that work soon.
Kelly: for having the Interact club members joining the meeting and for being in the Chicago musical at West Kings (she thinks there are still a few tickets available if you need something to do this week).
Kate: for being back at the club meetings after taking Monday afternoons off for January, February and March. She’s also happy for Catherine Meyers representing us in Ottawa for the Adventures in Citizenship.
Ellen: for having her daughter and grandchild home for two weeks (they’re leaving Tuesday)… she’s exhausted but happy! She’s also happy to welcome the Interact students to the club meeting.
Sue: for having a new washer and dryer and also for having the opportunity to go shopping for some new clothes with Phyllis.
Shelley: for having the Interact students at the meeting and for having a fun outing to Ross Creek Center for the Arts to see Two Planks and a Phantom with Heather and John Lohr.
Pierre: for having the students from NEKEC at the meeting and for having Katie join him as co-editor for the Spokesperson, going from a team of one to a team of two. (Thanks Pierre!)
Pierre also passed around a list of the bulletin subscriber list and asked that if anyone could identify them and either scratch off the names if they would no longer be interested in receiving the Spokesperson of put a checkmark if they are still interested.
Guest Speakers: Russ Sanche and Susan DeMont – Homeless No More Update
Russ shared with us the original Homeless No More process of Awareness, Gathering Input, and putting together a solid strategy. Russ then showed the roadmap that the Homeless No More team created in partnership with Cari Patterson from the Inspiring Communities Project. It shows both the difficult factors that may cause a youth to become homeless and the supports in place to get them through (including host homes).
Susan then shared the process of educating the public and dealing with concerns about host homes including those related to both the stigma of youth and the stigma of homelessness. She then spoke about the process of becoming a host home, which is fairly simple but thorough. It includes steps like an application, records checks, seeing the home, and matching with an appropriate youth. Shelley asked two questions: (What is the common length of stay in a host home and is there a buffer between the host home and the youth’s family). Russ explained that it’s hard to say an average length of stay, it could be three months to three years, and they are also looking for some short term host homes. He also explained that they’ve mitigated the need for a tough buffer between the youth’s family and the host home because there’s no blame towards the youth’s family and the youth has come to them.
Russ finally spoke to the year two goals of creating a community hub, creating a prevention strategy, a host home strategy, and a community resource guide for youth.
Greg thanked Russ for sharing the Homeless No More update and said he appreciated all of the colouring that the team had done for the roadmap while he was away! ;)
District Board meeting Update:
Garth updated everyone on the news from the district board meeting last Thursday which included:
  • That the district was there to support the clubs.
  • Restated articles of Incorporation.
  • By law amendments and a new committee to support the Board on Rules and Procedures.
  • New financial services position description and fee of $500/month.
  • Don Sword’s report on audited financial statements (2017-2018), potential redistricting and district insurance review.
  • Approved 2019-20 Strategic Plan.
Illness Report: Rod shared that Sheldon Matthews had emergency gall bladder surgery and the club will send a card from the rotary family.
President’s Report:
Rod shared that the VF committee is presently re-assigning advertising contracts for our club members.  Contracts signed to date total over $62,000!!
He also had a few reminders – everyone who is interested should sign up ASAP for the progressive dinner, we have our Charter Night on May 6th at Ken-Wo Golf club which is open to partners and those that might be interested in rotary. Rod then shared that there is a strong NSCC Rotaract Club (and many others at universities and colleges across the country) for the Interact members to look forward to participate in Rotaract when they are in college or university. He also talked about what a great experience the Hospital Foundation’s dinner was and how happy he was to see so many Rotarians there… at least a couple at each table. Finally Rod reminded the club that Phil and Kelly would be doing budget requests soon for all of the committees, so be prepared!
Chase the Ace:
Deborah won the draw for Chase the Ace but the Ace alluded her, so it’s a ROLL-OVER!
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Spokesperson Editors

Posted by pierre hoebers
Kentville club now has two official Editors for the weekly "Spokesperson" Bulletin!  Welcome Katie MacArthur to the  team.
 We would gladly welcome a third member to assure complete coverage of all our meetings and events.
As per Strategic Plan this format was deemed the most important and effective communication to our members!  Specifically if you miss a meeting or two, need to be reminded of future club events and guest speakers, and updates from your Committees. NOTE: We urge Committee chairs to share updates and successes in Community service projects and events with us, and if you have pictures - even better!!
At the Bottom of each Spokesperson you should see your Committee involvement and other related commitments. Let us know if they are not correct.  Thank you!!
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What Did You Miss!

Posted by Katie MacArthur
Chairperson: Leah White
O Canada led by Sue
Thanksgiving Prayer led 
What Did You Miss! Katie MacArthur 2019-03-26 03:00:00Z 0
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Disconnect to Reconnect!!

 When is the last time you went a week - or even a day - without plugging into your phone, computer, or tablet?
Contstant scrolling and swiping has been linked to everything from anxiety to sleep problems and loneliness and how can we escape.
       Ditch digital distractions and go analogue for your next holiday/vacation!!
Escape and Imagine yourself in this peaceful Valley Setting as painted by Cyril F Smith - early 70's
Disconnect to Reconnect!! pierre 2019-03-20 03:00:00Z 0

What did you Miss!! March 18, 2019

Chairperson:  Al Mutch
O'Canada led by Kelly Ells 
Prayer by Fred Falconer
Guests:  guests this week are Erik Deal, chair Kentville Historical Society, along with Lynn Pulsifer, member of the Kentville Historical Society, and David Duke, Professor of History, Acadia University. As well as Rick Ramsay, who will be inducted as the newest member of our club.
Happy $$$:
Al - happy to have Rick Ramsay back, and look forward to Rick being inducted at this meeting.
Elva - happy to be back from South Africa. Had an amazing trip. The icing on the cake was being able to the visit the project site that our Club has been supporting, and meeting the team, and seeing first-hand the progress being made. We hope Elva will be able to share her trip at a future meeting.
Kimberley - exciting weekend wedding dress shopping with her daughter, and wedding party.
Report from Jessica, who wearing one of her other hats as the current president at the Annapolis Valley Chamber of Commerce. Jessica  give us a brief introduction to the Chamber's "Women of Excellence" awards program. It is an event that will recognize women in the Annapolis Valley who pursue excellence in their respective fields and in the community.
This is new to the Chamber. It was the brainchild of Catherine Metzger-Silver. Catherine approached the Chamber after coming up with the idea to put a committee in place and get it off the ground.
There are five different nominating categories. For more info, please go to the Chamber of Commerce website. The event will be held on June 14th at Acadia University. Tickets will go on sale in early May.  There are still some sponsorship spots available for anyone interested.
Induction - Pierre lead the induction for our newest Kentville Rotarian, Rick Ramsey. Both Rick, and his sponsor, Peter Muttart, were called up. Peter read Rick's bio, and welcomed Rick back, as Pierre dealt with the formalities.
As mentioned, Rick was previously a member of our club, some years back, and in fact is a past president. Welcome back Rick!
Presidents Report:  President Rod followed up on Jessica's Women of Excellence talk, and commented on how the club has been blessed with many Women of Excellence throughout its years.
The Club has received an invitation for two guests to attend their annual dinner to recognize and celebrate Kings County Volunteers. An email will go out to see if anyone is interested in attending this event.
Rod shared with us some information on the Dolly Parton Imginary Library. The Mud Creek club, partnered with the Wolfville Food Bank have gotten on board for this unique opportunity. Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library of Canada is a free book gifting organization devoted to inspiring a love of reading in the hearts of children everywhere. Each month, enrolled children receive a high quality, age appropriate book in the mail, free of charge. Children receive books from birth to age five. Rod is hoping someone from this club would be interested in spearheading this for us.
Breathless and Befuddled Dinner for VRH Foundation is coming up this Saturday, March 23rd. You have till Wednesday to sign up on Clubrunner. Roger is looking for help moving tables & chairs before and after the event. And Cate is looking for any auction items you would like to donate.
Progressive dinner is coming up on Saturday, April 6th. Please sign up on Clubrunner.
District convention is coming up on May 10th - 11th in Pictou. Please sign up.
Kentville Farmers Market is looking for the Club to partner up with one of their upcoming events assisting with safe drives home. More info to follow on this.
Annual Literacy Mile through VCLA is coming up … stay tuned for further details.
Next Board meeting on Wednesday at 4pm at Whites'.
Illness to report -
Fred Walsh - by Wally - nothing new to report on Fred. Remaining stable.
Doug Morrison - by Peter - still recovering. Mobility is quite limited along with memory. Always in good spirits and loves to have company. They are now living back in town indefinitely as cottage life is becoming too difficult. Doug keeps a good sense of spirit even with everything he has gone through over the last year. Doug was made an "honorary" member to the club this year. We hope to see him at a future meeting.
Guest speaker - Bill Denyar introduced our guest speakers, Erik Deal, chair Kentville Historical Society, and David Duke, Professor of History, Acadia University.
Erik spoke to us first on the founding of the Kentville Historical Society, which took place two years ago. This group was establish to help preserve the history of Kentville before more was lost. They felt a physical facility was need to house and display this history and artifacts. The Old Kentville VIA station was chosen and will open its doors on May 18th, 2019. Their goal is to build membership, develop programs, make donations possible, and expand through various projects. One in particular that will be starting in May are their cemetery tours. These will be promoted in May and June. This is an excellent way to see history, hear the stories behind these prominent Kentville citizens of the past.
The group also hopes to "restart" the clock on the VIA station. This is the original clock that was on the old Post Office, and today, is one of the oldest artifacts in the town. The Society has partnered with the Kings County Museum as well as KCA, KBA and NSCC on various projects.   
David Duke next spoke on his involvement with the Society. His idea for this project came to him from something former Acadia President, Ray Ivany, once mentioned. Mr. Ivany mentioned that one issue that he noticed with Acadia was that the facility took the community around it for granted. He felt that a connection needed to be made, to engage in service, and it inspire David to find an opportunity for him to make a difference in the larger community around him. He felt there was a teaching opportunity for him to develop this in his classroom, and have students learn about oral history by talking to people, and learning about their past contributions. The students would be able to conduct interviews, develop and ask the questions, giving them a relationship by working with people, conducting research, and putting their report into a written and digital format. Fifteen seniors were chosen to participate. These people had lived and were involved with the town as far back as the 1930s. These findings will all be stored and displayed on the Kentville Historical Society site.
Four story boards in partnership with the Kings County Museum are being developed that will emphasize the environmental history of Kentville. Similar to the boards that are display at Miners Marsh. Hoping through visual structures, more tourists will be drawn into town to see these items, as well, through the Graveyard tours.
Garth Gordon thanked the speakers.
Committee reports - Phyllis has Paul Harris applications for anyone that would like to recommend someone for a Paul Harris award. All applications must be in by March 24th.    
Chase the Ace -  Pot is over $400.00. Marian held the winning ticket but..............
.....................................It's a Roll-over!! Marian took home $11.50.
 " THANK YOU"  Marian Cameron-Sampson - for being our Scribe today!!!
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Hospital Foundation Fundraiser

   Don't Miss out - Come and Join Us
 Lots of Fun, Good Food, and a Great Cause!!
            March 23,  2019
Hospital Foundation Fundraiser pierre hoebers 2019-03-15 03:00:00Z 0

What did you Miss!!   Rural/Urban Dinner

Chairperson:   John Lohr - John welcomed all our guests, invited Bill Denyar to lead us in O'Canada which was followed by prayer of thanksgiving for the bounty we enjoy in the Valley and the friendship we share. 
Our guests were many - friends, family and business associates from our Agriculture Community
Phil Warren - President Elect spoke on behalf of President Rod to say thank you for your support in our annual fundraiser Valley Faces of Business. Together we make the difference to individuals in all our communities.
Guest Speaker:  Mr Josh Oulton - Nueffield Canada - Agricultural Scholarships
Introduction:  Josh born in Windsor NS worked along side his grandfather on his beef and layer farm. Josh attended NSAC and worked in the dairy before transitioning to horticulture.   In 2004 Josh purchased 14 acre mixed vegetable farm in Lower Canard. Today he is farming with his partner, Patricia Bishop, and a 40 member farm team.   They have 3 children aged 17,13 and 12.
Presently  farming 300 acres consisting of vegetables, fruit, malting barley, pastured livestock, plus flax for long line linen. The farm has a 400 member CSA (community share agriculture) selling products to local farmers markets and grocery stores. Josh was President of Horticulture Nova Scotia and is active in the organic farming community.
Josh shared his story being part of the Nueffield Canada Agricultural Scholar group and toured several places in Europe and Africa.  This opportunity led to learning, exploring, understanding agriculture in various countries.  Oportunities to share and discuss farming methods.   Josh presented personal life-time experiences from his trip that were of interest and fascinating!!
Steve Healey THANKED Josh for a wonderful recap of his travels  connected to agriculture and being part of the Scholarship Team.
Kentville Historical Society - Society Chair Erik Deal & David Duke, Professor of History, Acadia University.
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What did you Miss!!  March 4, 2019

  You missed NOTHING!!.............. because It was a SNOW DAY!!
If my recollection is correct this is the first time we cancelled the Rotary Meeting due to snow since I joined the club in 2011!  Perhaps some other members who have been around longer might want to share the last date they remember a Snow Day??
We will try to reschedule today speaker's  Catherine Metzger-Silver  "Women of Execllence'
         IMPORTANT REMINDERS -  please note and take ACTION!!
      MARCH 12TH - Rural/Uran Dinner -  Total registered 40  (19 Club Members)   For those who have not done so -please register NOW for us to have final catering numbers.    Online through CLUB RUNNER!!
     MARCH 23RD -    
      If you have purchased or have tickets on hold for our "Fundraiser"  PLEASE make sure you also REGISTER ON CLUB RUNNER!!   This is our official ticketing and management system - thank you!
At our Next Meetings:
Mar 18 - Kentville Historical Society
Mar 25 - Club Business Meeting
Apr 1 - Homeless No More Update 
         Only 3 weeks till Spring!
  Final reminder - no luncheon meeting Monday but Rural/Urban dinner Tuesday
**** Anyone interested in helping with the WEEKLY SPOKESPERSON?   Let me know - Thanks/Pierre ****
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What did you Miss!!  February 25, 2019

Chairperson:  President Rod
O'Canada led by Kelly and Prayer led by Martha
Guests:  Oakley - guest of Leah and guest for the last time Katie McArthur who is joining Rotary today.
Happy $$$
Kim,  for a great Cruise vacation that had it's interesting highlights and challenges:  Accident at Dock upon departure where boarding was only available through one entry-way,  Ships engines broke down - as a result ship's power was only  11knots, this meant missing some ports of call.  At one port the ship hit a pier at docking and caused two piers to collapse.  Due to all these issues the next cruise is free!!   NOT a bad deal considering they had nice warm weather throughout their getaway.
Shelley Fleckenstein text us a Happy Dollar for her Mom's 89th BD today.
Rick shared that the Archive Committee have found extra copies of the 75th Annivesary  books and they are available to anyone who wants one.  This is a reminder that we are headed to our 100th Anniversay in 1924 -  Not that far away!!!.............AND EVEN BETTER NEWS - we have retrieved the original framed Charter Certificate dated - April 24th, 1924.  We  will keep that on display at all our future meetings.
Carl for excellent snow conditions and snowmobiling in NB, great trails and he covered over 600kms!!
Presidents Report:  President Rod reminded us of NKEC Baking night March 5th - register on Club Runner - 6 Volunteers needed.  Also Rural Urban Dinner on March 12th (no lunch mtg this week)  Guest Speaker is Josh Oulton -  Register Club Runner.  
Good News - No illnesses to report!!
Club Financial updates:   Kelly shared a concise review, which was on slides and made it easy to see and read!  All items on the buget were compared to actual expenses to date with the appropriate comments.
March 23rd  Fundraiser
           Cate reminded everyone that the CLUB COMMITTED TO SELLING 100 TICKETS - PLEASE invite your family, friends, business associates to come and join us for a WONDERFUL EVENT OF FUN, GREAT FOOD, and MUSIC.   contact ROD & PHIL for your tickets.
                                    If you MISS IT - You'll be SORRY!!         
New Member Induction:    Always one of the best things to happen at a Rotary Meeting.  Presiding over the induction was Committee Chair Leah.
Today we are re-inducting (if that is a word)  Katie McArthur.  Previously Katie was included in the corporate membership with the Hospital Foundation.  Leah shared the following Bio on Katie:

Katie was born and raised in the Annapolis Valley and after completing high school at Horton, like many recent high school grads, she decided that Nova Scotia was too small for her so she took off for University at Trent, in Peterborough, ON, After finishing here BA, she went to work in Alberta and then finally landed in London, England for two years. It was living and travelling abroad that made her realize how much she loved Nova Scotia and the Annapolis Valley and so she returned to make it her home.
After positions in advertising and fundraising (with the wonderful Valley Regional Hospital Foundation) she also found a home working in social services with EDGE a community based program helping youth find meaningful employment. Katie lives with her fiancé Mark, a middle school teacher (who is obviously more patient than her), her stepson Ben, who loves soccer and video games she doesn’t understand, and their golden retriever Brixie who helps her keeps the boys in line.
 President Rod and Leah with son Oakley presenting certificate and official WELCOME to Katie!!
Valley Faces of Business - Launch for 2019/20 DirectoryDeborah - Committee Chair started the program sharing a few stats from this past year.  One specifically about our renewals to date!  This year the committee decided to offer an incentive on existing contracts.  If contracts for 2019 were signed and received by January 31st we would honour the 2018 rates.   We received 45 contracts valued at approximately $42,000.
Rod - Program Coordinator shared that operations behind the scenes were different this year, adjustments were made, new things learned but most important the delivery and quality of the Directory was excellent!!
Pierre - Friday past we met with NSCC - Administration/Sales students as we do each year to share information on Rotary and sepcifically on Valley Faces.  Di Best - instructor and Rotary member (New Minas Club) leads this class and our joint efforts has made it a Win - Win scenario.   We also met one-on-one with the students to review our directory, sales, contracts and answer any questions.  It is a wonderful opportunity to see this partnership working in the business community. Rotary providing Vocational Service!!  Their sales have been impressive with appproximately $50,000 over the past 3 years.   On behalf of Rotary we presented the "Make Way Program" at NSCC with a cheque for $1000.00.
Kim shared that Club Members will be contacted by Heather Tupper and her-self with a specific list of advertisers, this will include your renewals and potiential new sales.  
Karen shared that over the next few weeks we will have some fun in the sales process, some prizes, and set and reach our goals for 2019!!
Rick - Valley Faces financial update:   Rick reviewed the fiscal 2017 financial results comparing to fiscal 2018, noting significant growth in revenue, profitability and margin % growth. He also gave an update on 2019 results noting declines in revenue and profitability, largely a result of Windsor club departure and yet partially offset by growth from Middleton club and NSCC. However  it is apparent that we need new advertisers and urge the Club to focus on that for 2020.
Chase the Ace - ticket holder was Rod but it's.................a Roll-over!!
IMPORTANT REMINDERS ARE:     Register for March 12th Rural Urban
                                                             Purchase you tickets NOW for
                                                             Breathless & Befuddled
                                                             There is NO MEETING on March 11th
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What did you Miss!!

Chairperson:  Roger Sevigny
O'Canada led by Sue       Words of Thanksgiving by Rev Randy Crozsman
Visiting Rotarians:  Brian and Donna Smith, former club members now residing in Dartmouth.   Louisa Horne - DG Elect, also our Guest Speaker
Guests:  Katie McArthur - guest of Leah
Our Chair today made opening statements that St. Valentine does not really exist..Ooooh, and went on the give us some explanation how the date to share affection and love started in England.   From time to time but not too often the Editor of this weekly bulletin must set straight those that lead us astray whether due to ignorance or on purpose.  Thus this is the real story! 
Saint Valentine, officially Saint Valentine of Rome, was a widely recognized 3rd-century Roman saint commemorated on February 14 and since the High Middle Ages is associated with a tradition of courtly love. Saint Valentine of Rome was a priest in Rome who ministered to Christians, who were persecuted there.  
Born: 226 AD, Terni, Italy ..... Died: February 14, 269 AD, Rome, Italy
Happy $$$:
Sue for upcoming holiday to Aruba - leaving this Friday (with Joop) for warm warm sunshine!!
Wow - what a lack-luster day for happy $$, we have never ever only had one happy $ person - must be the winter blues!!
Special Happy $$$  from Wally and with Editors apology for omitting this one in last week's Bulletin. Invite to Pancake Breakfast event on February 17th - 9am to 12 noon.  Adults $12, Youth 6-18 $8, and under 5 - free....Come and enjoy outdoor activities as well!!
Presidents Report:
Rod shared the news that Leah has officially launched the new INTERAC CLUB at NKEC - Great news!!!!    Rod attended the new Program called EDGE, just launched, which will support youth and young adults in our community.   We are sure that one of our future guest speakers will share more information on this subject.    Reminder that tickets are available for BREATHLES AND BEFUDDLED - March 23rd.   Contact Phil or Rod for your tickets!!
Rotary Training this weekend February 16th!!!  Rod also displayed the new blank CHEQUE now available for any committee to use for presentation and social media. 
Guest Speaker - Louisa Horne DG Elect and speaking to us on Rotary Membership
Louisa's presentation reviewed statistics that have been gathered through RI and our District.  It had stats on international growth, district growth and club growth or lack there of and the reasons why and what should we be doing better.  Here in an abbreviated version are some of the things Louisa shared with us:   * Did you see the Rotarian Magazine first issue (July 2018) with President Barry Rassin on the cover - What is different about the Flamingo's in the picture??    *  Try new stuff at your clubs  *  Membership worldwide is now highest in Asia at 33%  *  Generally we now have smaller clubs  *  New members wish to join to make a difference in their local community  *  Local projects along with Social Interation are most engaging  *  Largest Struggles are time commitment and cost  *  Surveys included open ended questions  *  Members with 5 years or less of service were highest precentage that left   *      See slides below 
Phyllis presented two Paul Harris Fellows recognitions today for their personal contributions to the RI Roundation.   They are Shelley Fleckenstein and Doug Hill - Congratulations!!   (Apology to Shelley from the photo guy - we need to get a new one)
NO Chase the Ace today, instead a special Valentines Gift Basket - won by Phyllis!!!
SOCIAL UPDATE:  March 23rd - Breathless and Befuddled!!      Rural/Urban Dinner - details soon!!   May 6th Presidents and Paul Harris Fellow dinner!!  April 6th Progressive dinner
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What did you Miss!!  February 4, 2019

Chairperson:  Phil Warren
O'Canada led by Sue      Prayer led by Carl Kent
No Visiting Rotarians today
Guests:   Oakley - guest of Leah and our Guest Speaker Amanda Grinter
Happy $$$
Joop for his visit to Holland and having time to spend with his brothers and sisters.  Joop shared that in Holland homeowners have a monthly road tax of approximately $180.00 and not to mention that gasoline is double the litre price and cars cost anywhere from 100 to 150 per cent more then in Canada.  
Heather Lohr shared that through their church there is another Refugee Sponsored Family arriving towards the end of February and if anyone knows of housing available please let Heather know. 
Larry for being eliminated early in the wine draw because now he does not have to worry about drinking them!!
Sue one happy $ that Joop is back - someone noted she contributed more happy dollars when he was leaving???
Shelley Fleckenstein shared on their road trip back to Martin's home town Saint John NB and how much fun it was to attend their Son's Hockey Games!!
President's Report:  Rod thanked everyone who arranged and attended our great social evening this past Saturday,  fancy appetizers, delicious deserts, lots of good wine and socializing. 
There are sponsorship opportunities for any of our Rotary corporate businesses at the Foundation Gala set for March 23rd.  Tickets are now available for sale to family and friends - $75.00 per person or $125.00 per couple.
Illnesses - Rick reported that Randy was in hospital last week,  had surgery for ulcers in the throat area, successful and is now at home resting.   We are also glad to report that Gary Condon is 100% after his event at the Saturday Social, they kept him over-night doing many tests and found nothing.  Gary was at the meeting today!!!
Guest Speaker - Amanda Grinter,  Program Co-ordinator - ReachABILLITY Association
Amanda shared with us that reachAbility provides supportive and accessible programs that build capacity for inclusion. We are dedicated to equalizing the playing field for people facing barriers. It’s about dignity. Plain and simple.  One program offered is called "ODE" Opening the door for Everyone.
There are 6 areas of focus:  1 Built environment - 2 Education - 3 Employment - 4 Goods and Services (includes PWD) - 5 Information and Communication - 6 Transportation
Nova Scotia has a grant program available for business, non for profit organizations that wish to make changes. Monies allocated are as follows:  Builds $50,000,  comminication & Assistive devices $30,000 and Transportation $ 40,000.  
Training is available through a program called WIPSI.  SEE THE ReachABILITY Website for more details and information.
Amanda provided us with a very good, informative, concise presentation which brought forth many questions from our members, definitely a topic that was of interest.   
Larry orginally made contact with Amanda at a health board meeting and THANKED her on behalf of the club with a donation to the Rotary Foundation.
Social Commitee:
  30 plus members attended appetiizers, desert and wine event this past Saturday. Honours for best Appetizer went to Suzanne Sevigny and best desert to Heather Lohr.  The wine draw was shared by Rick and Suzanne.  Voting on the best home made wines went to Roger and Chris.  Congratulations Everyone!!
District Report:   Garth shared updates on the following: 
District Leadership team is working well and hard, be sure to attend your local LEADERSHIP TRAINING days.  Ongoing discussion always on the Strategic Plan and how it best serves our Clubs.  We have 2 exceptional trainers in the district, Louisa Horn (who is also DGE) and Doug Logan  (presently residing in Ontario, previously in Maritimes).   District Structure is under review, Insurance coverage and updates, Michael Craig looking after Youth Services is annoucing new policy.   Membership is focusing on Diversity for our clubs and financially the district has improved their processes and is in good shape!!   There will be a Million Dollar event in Moncton this year - more details to follow.
Leadership Training scheduled for February 13th - contact Holly at New Minas
Progressive dinner planned for April 6, 2019
PHF - Paul Harris Fellow nominations are now being accepted -  Dinner scheduled for May 6th - more details to follow!!
Chase the Ace -       
 ticket held by Gary Condon...........and  It' a ROLLOVER!!!!
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What did you Miss!!

Chairperson:   Susan Ueffing
O'Canada led by Pierre      Prayer led by Rick
Visiting Rotarians:   Rob Porter - Rotary Mud Creek, Wolfville
Guests:  Rick Ramsay (Past President of our Club) - guest of Peter Muttart,   Katie McArthur and Oakley White - guests of Leah White,  Michelle Bohaychuk and Jamie-Lyn Butt (representing Camp Brigadoon) - guests of Wally and Phyllis Jarvis.  Ross Monette - guest of Kimberley Monette our Guest Speaker today.
Happy $$$
Kim for an exciting weekend with the engagement of her 2nd daughter - now two weddings to plan and also the other daughter moved into their new home!!   Exciting and Busy!!!
Wally for guests Michelle and Jamie from the Camp Brigadoon!
Gerry Davis brought to our attention the NEW CD RELEASE which features many local performers doing Valley Songs all written by local composer Norm Sarrett.   It is very good and a worthwhile purchase.
Susan for peace and quiet during Joop's visit to Holland.
Cate shared with us details regarding the Hospital foundation fundraiser scheduled for March 23rd!! 
Kentville Rotarians will be volunteers for this FUN Event, during and for set-up and clean-up.  We are also involved in Ticket Sales - INVITE YOUR FRIENDS and FAMILY to join us!!    There will also be a dance - music by Mark Riley Band!  SAVE THE DATE -  MARCH 23RD at WOLFVILLE FARMERS MARKET.
President's Report:  Rod shared or reminded us of the following:
                       We received a THANK YOU letter from Shelter Box
                       You can now REGISTER FOR NEXT "MUFFIN MADNESS" BAKING NIGHT - February 12th
                       Leadership Training available on February 16th, lunch is on us, REGISTER through Holly or contact Rod
                       Valley Faces has now received 53 RENEWALS prior to January 31st promotion!!
                       Any MEMBERSHIP questions/referrals?  - You can talk to Ellen, Heather Tupper or Pierre
Guest Speaker:   Kimberley Monette - Classification Talk - Joined Rotary April, 2000
When Bill Denyar called me last week (December 2017) to see if I was available to do a classification talk - I thought that’s really great timing. This is Family 1st Medical’s final month of celebrating our 30th year in business * in 2017  - and since I joined Rotary in the year 2000 - it has been MANY years since I did a classification talk.
My Father went into business with Greg in 1989 and in 1992 I joined the company that was then - known as Lifeline Oxygen Systems Limited.  I knew during high school I wanted to use my “gift to gab” and my curiosity about the world - so I applied and graduated from the NSCC Radio and Television Arts Program.  I had work experience opportunities at Halifax Cable and local radio stations.
I had the opportunity to take courses in investigating writing, ad design, photography and newspaper layout. In those days I starting writing weekly stories on a typewriter and I thought I was living the dream because this model had a correction ribbon.  
I can still remember when we were issued our first computer with spell check!!! Yay!!  It was a Kaypro computer with green type. It was a very large “boat anchor” designed computer. But it was a computer!!!!
Work life was never the same once we starting using a computer to compose our stories – back space and delete became my best friend.  No more correction tape!!!
We were expected to product 7 to 11 stories weekly with photos and this task became much easier with a computer. 
I have never had a nice quiet office job!!!
Hmmm:  Reporter (chasing fire trucks), 
Researcher - on the road 4 hours every day to get to and from work, 
Commission sales – pressure pressure pressure  
Wedding photographer - PRESSSURE – have you seen those bridezilla shows!!!
Let me tell you the minute I joined Family 1st we never looked back. I never had a “muffy” coffee break … she left for her Mat leave just when we started to get traction and things started to expand quickly.
One thing that I am particular proud of is my developed of our current  distribution networks with 40 plus pharmacy’s throughout Nova Scotia who dispense our Oxygen tanks in an effort to serve our clients better than our National counterparts. 
As we celebrate our 30th year in business this year (in 2017) we have also regained the home oxygen patient load numbers that we had lost in 2011.  It has taken 6 long years of steady recovery but we are finally back to a solid business platform.
I think that Family 1st is successful because it’s a family run business and the staff we hire are outstanding.  I manage Family 1st using the same Rotary principal.. Is it fair to all concerned?  
It can be hard to be in the health care field when many people need products they can’t afford or many client you grow fond of pass away - but helping our clients navigate through the system and their care is something all our staff take pride in.
In closing – it’s recommended - that you say in your classification talk why you choose your vocation.  
For me I don’t think I chose it – it kinda chose me. It has enabled me to take all my skill and applying them to something I love to do.  
With Kim's permission we "cut and pasted" excerpts from her talk.  Thanks Kim it was great to hear all about your family and business career!!
IMPORTANT REMINDERS:   THIS SATURDAY FEB 2ND - WINE/APPETIZERS/DESERTS at MARTHA'S HOME, if not already done register online or send email to Sue Ueffing.   Also contribute to WINE PRIZE, one store bought bottle and $20.00 to support ways & means.  
Join Leah for INTERAC CLUB MEETING at NKEC 1135am Feb. 7th - Members interested in supporting this worthwhile youth program are invited to attend.
Chase the Ace - ticket holder was Larry but..............It' a Roll-over!!!!!

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NKEC Baking update

Update submitted by Larry Stillwell!
As Rotarians we are always presented with opportunities to help others. Our Kentville Club is no different from those around the Globe. As a relative new member I felt there was a lack of introduction to the various contributions being made to the local area, it seemed to be a learning experience from one Club meeting to another. So today I thought I would write a note about one of the projects which I have enjoyed participating in, and it is the Breakfast Baking Program for a local school.  

Initially I thought the need for this program was for a specific School in a particular geographic area, however as I time goes by and I readjust to the Valley Area, from whence I was born, educated and matured. However, as my tenure at the club, as well as the time spent reconnecting to this area growing , I have learned a lot about the Valley and some issues with which many are dealing.

The Valley Area has a population of 81,200 people (2016 Census) and have the prevalence of lowest income in the total province. Recent studies by the Public Health Services also show that throughout the valley area one-third of primary students and two thirds of secondary students go to school without a nutritious breakfast. In fact, the issue exists Nationally and there is a movement to establish a National School Food Program not unlike many other countries and where all students would have access to affordable or free healthy snacks or meals while they are at school. This would be beneficial to all families and would reduce the burden on families living with food insecurities.
In the near future, you will learn that there will be many local initiatives throughout which are focused on addressing this issue and some could be green schools where produce will be grown, and they connect ecological innovation with education, equity and community engagement.

Thus in this area of Kings County the Rotary Club of Kentville is providing the school baking service, and is assisting in addressing the requirements with which many communities are presently struggling. You should recognize that you can also bring your significant other, neighbours’, relatives and or friends.
The program is basically held on the first Tuesday of every month while the schools are in session and the total compliment of positions is eight.  The next event will be on the evening of February 5th. Unfortunately having enough participants seems to be difficult. Please consider signing up when the next email notification is issued. 
The picture shows the wonderful team from January 8th, 2019.
NKEC Baking update larry 2019-01-16 04:00:00Z 0

What did you Miss!! 

Chairperson:   Elva heyge
O'Canada led by Sue Ueffing   Prayer led by Randy Crozsman
Visiting Rotarians:  Brian Smith - Dartmouth Club,  Frieda Burger - New Minas Sunrise
Guests:   Paula Loewen, guest of Wally Jarvis,   Carol Robar, guest of Rod McMahon and Dr.Bob Bortolussi - our guest speaker today!
Happy $$$
Brian Smith for a wonderful Xmas visit with children and grandchildren in Ontario,  working on a new consolidation venture in PEI and having just attended a Ukulele Conference in Truro! 
Kelly for all the condolences and wishes from Rotarians with the passing of her Mom!
Larry for the oportunity to provide used eye glasses to those in need -  anyone wishing to donate Eye Glasses bring them to Larry and he will make sure they go to the right place!!
Shelley Fleckenstein pleased to report the Martin's surgery on his sinusses is healing well!
Presidents Report:
Rod reminded everyone to sign-up for the annual general meeting on Monday January 21st.  As part of his report he asked Cate Savage to share information on the upcoming Hospital Foundation Fundraiser.  It's going to be a real fun event and Rotary has been invited to participated  and help -  perhaps we can organize a small committee to assist wherever we are needed.    PLEASE LET CATE KNOW IF YOU ARE WILLING TO HELP!!  The Foundation and Kentville Rotary Club have always had a great working relationship!!
Freida from the New Minas Club shared up to date information for the Rotary International Conference in Hamburg this year, and if anyone requires more information she will be pleased to assist.    
Randy Crozsman provided us with an update on the gratuity collected for our excellent servers and kitchen staff that look after us all year.  Rotarians generousity brought us to over $500.00 which Randy has delivered to Rosie's  staff.   Thanks everyone!!
Guest Speaker - Dr Bob Bortolussi - Micro-research projects
Dr Bortolussi is Professer Emeritus in Pediatrics at Dalhousie University. He is editor in chief of the journal "Clinical and Investigative Medicine"  and a co-founder of "Microresearch" a community focused on research training initiatives.
Dr Bob started 2week workshops in this area in Kenya. Maximum amount of dollars available per project is $1500.00. The workshops created amazing enthusiasm with the local health care professionals, in fact so much that there was no infrastructure to maintain the effort.  Thus training the local people on how to do the research was successful along with providing sustainable community health with local involvement.   Dr Bob mentioned that he already saw the Rotary Wheel when he was on the ground in Kenya and knew Rotary support was already at work.
Medical professionals in Nova Scotia or the rest of Canada are welcome to apply for participation in these workshops. A few picturs shown here will provide additional insight and information on the very very crucial program.
Larry thanked our speaker and presented Dr Bob with a Thank you that includes a donation on his behalf to the Rotary Foundation.
Committee Reminders: 
 Thursday Jan. 17th  PWD mtg 8AM at the Library
 Thursday Jan. 17th VF of Business mtg.  8AM at KRock - Boardroom
 Social reminder - Family Games night at the Ueffings  Sunday Jan. 20th 7PM
 bring your games and a snack
 Chase the Ace -  Ticket drawn by Julie Sweet.....but -  It's a Roll-Over
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What did you Miss!!  January 7, 2019

Chairperson:  Julie Sweet
O'Canada led by Sue  
Prayer by Cate Savage
Guests:  Russ Sanche, Community Development Director of the Valley Refuge Association and Susan Demont, Host Home Program Coordinator. They will both be assisting Greg Trefry as guest speakers.
Happy $$$:
Sue - had a lovely Xmas in Ottawa with son, daughter-in-law, and the two most wonderful grandchildren in the world!
Roger - is back from his nice, long vacation in Florida. He too stop in Ottawa over the holidays and met three of his "newest" great grandchildren while there.
Jeff - Santana is back on the CK hockey team after her absence from the team while away on her Rotary exchange trip. She had a 4 goal game and 2 assists against Avonview on the weekend, and will be on the All-Star team in two weeks time. Very exciting.
Heather - gave us an update on the exchange program. Very excited to report that we have two outbound students, Owen Kidston out of NKEC, and Paige Meisner from CK. Stay tuned for more info on this.
Julie - happy to report that her son is recuperating well from a recent operation.
Cate - happy to celebrate her Mom's 85th birthday on the weekend with family & friends in the city.
Presidents Report by PE Phil Warren as Rod is in Mexico:  Phil wished everyone a Happy New Year! Wanted to remind us of the Club's Annual meeting to take place at Riverside Court on January 21st. Sit down meal for 5:30pm, meeting to begin at 6:30pm. As well, looking for reports from all committee chairs for this meeting, as well as from the nominating committee.
Phil also mention the passing of David McKeage, the founder of the Brigadoon Village. David battled cancer four times in his life, and died on Sunday, January 6th, after complications from his most recent cancer treatment. He was 49 years of age, and is survived by his wife Krista, and three year old son Bennett. He leaves behind this incredible legacy, Brigadoon Village. We will be forever grateful for everything he has done to make this world a better place.   
Secretary's Report by Rick Graham: Reviewed correspondence from Operation Eyesight thanking us for our generous donation in past year of $3003.90. This was monies collected under our Fred W Happy dollars for 2017/18.
The club also received a Xmas greeting from Marie Ecabert (exchange student 17/18), and a thank you note form Uncommon Common Art for our support to them over the past year.
Rick also mentioned the passing of Rotarian Kelly Ells' Mom, Madame McAdoo. Our thoughts and prayers are with you Kelly during this difficult time.
Illness to report - none
Guest speaker - Greg Trefry representing Rotary Clubs of Kings County Charitable Foundation, spoke to us on their undertaking of the "Homeless No More" program. The main reason this project was taken on by the RCKCCF, was back during the DOT democracy, it was realized that the other projects that were being voted on, could have been supported by the Project fund or the Club fund, whereby this one would not have been, so the RCKCCF felt that it was a project that they would like to support.
In 2017, 119 youth in the Annapolis Valley were connected with the Portal and identified as homeless or at rick for homelessness. 50% were couch-surfing. The Portal Youth Outreach Association works in partnership with other youth serving organizations to see that all youth have a safe, supportive, and nurturing home. Their task or mission is to reduce the number of youth experiencing homelessness in the Kings County. Through their Host Program, they seek to find this safe place for youth ages 16-18. They are looking for people that can provide a home where youth can experience love and a sense of belonging as they overcome their obstacles.
Russ echoed Greg's comments, and introduced Susan Demont, who is the Host Home Coordinator. Susan is very excited about her role, and works as a support person to the host homes. This relationship is key in order to have the host home be successful. To date, there is over a dozen host homes in Kings County, but always looking for more.
Together the Portal works together with mental health professionals, Family & Children Services, the Educational system and other contacts to help with their youth. They become a stronger team when everyone works together.
Committee reports-
Soc. committee - by Sue - Games night at the Ueffings for Sunday, January 20th, 7pm. Everyone welcome. Brings something to share to nibble on, your favorite game if you would like. An email will go out shortly.
Youth committee - by Kate - Adventures in Citizenship - if you know anyone between the ages of 16 - 18 years, that would love to travel to Ottawa for four days to learn more about our Canadian capital, please contact Carrie Rand (guidance counsellor at NKEC). This will take place starting on April 27th, 2019. Great opportunity.
Soc. committee - by Sue - wine survivor - open to everyone. To enter the draw you will need to bring a bottle of wine and $20.00. This will be collected until mid-Feb when a draw will be done at our annual Wine & Appetizers evening (date to be announced soon). More details to follow.
Chase the Ace -  Pot is $356.95. Karen held the winning ticket but...............It's a Roll-over!! Karen got to take home $11.50.
Big THANKS to our Scribe today!!!   Marian Cameron-Sampson
              Happy New Year!!!   
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Open the Door to 2019 pierre 2019-01-09 04:00:00Z 0
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Family Christmas Party - Dec10, 2018 Larry Stillwell 2018-12-18 04:00:00Z 0
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Muffin Madness

Muffin Madness write-up by Larry Stillwell
The Kentville Rotary Club supports many activities in the Annapolis Valley Region and this is another short story about one specific project. The Club supports a breakfast program in a local high school. It occurs one evening a month, involving a team of Rotarians spending an evening preparing and baking both Power Bars and Muffins which will be supplied to the school breakfast program for the following month. I have named the nights in which I host the program Muffin Madness. Participants for these events are volunteers from the club, their significant other, a relative or friend. The Lead Rotarian is responsible for mustering the crew.

Recently, we held the program for the month of December and the beginning of January I was to take my turn as the Program Leader. Unfortunately, there was a death in our family and I volunteered to assist in the airport transportation for those relatives flying home from various Canadian locations.  I had a full complement of participants and the return airport trip for the day would fit in my daily schedule.

Shortly before I left for the airport, I received emails from Club Members who needed to withdraw their participation for the night due to conflicts occurring in their lives. Thus, my trip to the airport and back had me wondering how I could manage the task I was facing. I sought assistance from my sister and when I arrived at the school, I was overjoyed to discover I would have a full complement with people coming forward and they included the present Rotary Club President Rod McMahon, two previous presidents, Shelly Phillips, Phyllis Jarvis, Rotarians Ellen Crowley, Byron Crossman, Vivian Kent, the wife of Rotarian Carl Kent, School Vice Principal Greg Fox plus my sister and I.

Since the Muffins and Power Bars were required for December and part of January our objective was greater than the usual quantity, However the team rose to the challenge, organized into work groups and executed like a well-oiled machine. The end result being that we prepared and baked over 16 dozen muffins and 94 power bars.

Were the baked products good? Greg conducted some quality control and advised that the granola bars and muffins were a big hit among students who benefit from the program. Kevin Veinot, the school principal also sent us an email thanking us for the program. Our club should be proud of the program and the benefit it brings to our community. The photos show us working and a few lighter moments. Working with a dedicated group of volunteers and contributing to the community is a wonderful feeling.
Muffin Madness Larry Stillwell 2018-12-10 04:00:00Z 0

What did you Miss !!  December 3, 2018

Posted by pierre hoebers
Chairperson:   Greg Trefry
O'Canada led by Sue      Prayer by Bryon
Guests:   Ryan Rafuse - guest of Cate Savage,  our guest speaker Tony Wright
Happy $$$$
Garth for our guest speaker and the information he will share about TIDAL GENERATING POWER.  Garth shared that a Rotary Friendship exchange brought and engineer over from New Zealand he was quite interested in this project.
Shelley sharing that she cannot attend our Xmas Cocktai party but dressed the part today to make up for it because Martin will be having an operation on that day.
Sue for just being Happy!
Randy shared that at his church on the South Shore he displayed a banner showing the Jewish Candle (celebrating Hanukkah) and the parishoners were very happy to learn about their celebrations that coincide with the Christian Advent Season of Christmas.
Trevor was pleased to share that Andrew is accepted at UPEI in the pre-veterinary program
                        Phil needs our HELP to Fill the Kettles!!
Time for Song today:   Sue led us in "Deck the Halls"  appropriate and we prepare for the Christmas Holiday Season!!
Presidents Report:  Rod shared that our AGM is scheduled for January,  reminder that early booking savings for the International Conference in Hamburg end this week,  and that our Landmark East Fundraiser last Friday (even with the last minute date change) was very successful, no exact amount yet on the funds raised but somewhere around $57,000!!!
It is also important to note that the NSCC students went over and beyond to change their plans to prepare and serve that wonderful meal.  Nicole Robinson and her team did an AWESOME - AWESOME job making it all happen!!!
PWD Committee - next meeting on Thursday Dec. 13th - contact Larry for more details 
Guest Speaker - Mr Tony Wright - Fundy Ocean Research Centre for Energy (FORCE)
Tidal energy is still a research event, Nova Scotia needs Tidal Energy and it can Work!!  Marine renewable research is a World Wide project with many countries.  It is known as "in-stream tidal" and other sources being flowing rivers and coastal waves.  It is certainly going to make a difference and addresses climate change.  The research and visitor centre is located approximately 10km south of Parsboro, NS. Their research also includes students enrolled with NSCC.
Here are some slides providing information that Tony discussed and shared with us.
Peter Clark thanked our speaker and that it was a privilege to hear about this on-going project, we were impressed that over 30,000 visitors have gone through the facility near Parsboro.
Youth Exchange:  Randall gave us an update that there are 6 qualfied students available for our exchange program to be shared by the Wolfville, New Minas and Kentville clubs.  We now need to make commitments for HOST FAMILIES and hopefully our club will step forward and make this a possibility for two students!!   Please contact Randall directly if you are interested. 
International Committee meets on Friday December 14, 12 noon at Gates Insurance
Family Christmas dinner next week December 10th, evening event....NO LUNCH MEETING THAT DAY.
REMEMBER to sign up for the Christmas Cocktail Party for December 17th on-line with CLUB RUNNER
Chase the Ace -  Wally held the winning ticket but...............It's a Roll-over!!
     Remember - no luncheon meetings now until December 31st -  when we meet for social time!!
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What did you Miss!!  November 26th, 2018

Club Business Meeting:
Rotary Club of Kentville, NS
Chaired by President Rod
Guests:  Greg Coldwell and Oakley White
Happy Dollars
Kimberley – Their daughter Jessica is engaged, with the wedding planned for fall 2020.  Jessica and her finance have just purchased their first home in Sackville.
Shelley – She and Martin attended the Hospice Fundraiser Friday night.  It was a wonderful event.
Kelly reported she had a great run with Mama Mia.  Ben Lohr was in the play.
Leah was just happy.
John Lohr also commented that their son Ben performed in Mama Mia.  John was at a Fidelis House Appreciation for Volunteers event.  Fidelis House provides comfortable and affordable accommodation for both patients taking treatment and family members of patients at Valley Regional.  John commented this is an amazing resource in our community.   Fidelis House had received $5,000 in seed money from the Kentville Club in the past.
Rod was happy that the need for a deep freeze for the Khatibs had been found while chatting over lunch with Rotarians at his table.
President Rod began the meeting going over the update to the Strategic Plan which can be found on Clubrunner.
One of the goals was to complete a significant community project to improve opportunity for vulnerable persons which led to suggestions and discussion of the members present.
Some of the potential projects to support brought up were:
  • Portal Youth
  • Campaign for Kids
  • Elder Abuse – which was expanded as the elderly are vulnerable in many ways
  • Chrysalis House build
  • Flowercart Project
  • Brigadoon is launching another campaign
  • Landmark East
Rod advised there is $35,000 in the club project fund available for a project.  If any Rotarian has a project that meets the goal, please share that with the board.
A reminder the Kentville Club volunteer schedule for the Salvation Army Kettle campaign is December 6, 7 and 8.  You can sign up on clubrunner.
Upcoming Meeting Schedule:
Please sign up for any special meetings on clubrunner
December 3 – Paddy’s
December 10 –Famiy Christmas Children’s Party (PWD) at the Kentville Fire Hall
December 17 – Christmas Cocktail Party 5:30 at Centre Stage Theatre
December 24 – no meeting
December 31 – Lunch social meeting at Paddy’s
Continuing the business meeting, Rod reported the budget is in good shape.
The Rotary Clubs of Kings County Charitable Foundation meeting is December 7 where a decision will be made on the projects supported as presented by the Rotary Clubs of Kentville and Mud Creek.
Currently speakers are thanked with a donation made to the Rotary Foundation in their name.  There was discussion around the process to ensure the speakers receive the recognition when the donation is made by the Club.  Elva confirmed there is a place on the donation form to note speaker’s names.
There was discussion around PR and social media. 
  • Julie Sweet offered to help out with social media posts.
  • Please ensure your committee is reporting any updates to Kelly so she can promote them to the public
  • Craig commented no matter what we’ve done it’s not over until it’s reported and Rod suggested we should be proud of all that the Rotary Club of Kentville does and make sure we share that information
Kimberley reported on the scholarship committee – there are 2 students from NKEC and CK that will receive scholarships this year as well as 2 college students.
Heather Lohr reported the interviews for the student exchange are taking place Sunday.  The Kentville Club is working in conjunction with New Minas and Mud Creek.  They are looking at 2 students potentially.
Kate reported a NKEC student will be attending the Rotary Adventures n Citizenship program and spending 4 days in Ottawa with 220 other students from across Canada.
Leah reported that the process to establish an Interact Club is going well.  Carrie Rand is a teacher at NKEC who is helping with the process.  There is a pizza party planned for December 5 to introduce the concept of an Interact Club to students.
There is also an Adventures in Understanding initiative at Glooscap School.
Thanks to Karen Corey for being the Scribe today!!
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Rotary Landmark East Gala November 30, 2018

Posted by Garth Gordon
President Rob McMahon participates with other local Rotary Club representatives and Landmark East’s Henry Hicks at a cheque presentation during the Rotary Landmark East Gala.
This is RC Kentville’s President Rob McMahon participating with other local Rotary Club representatives and Landmark East’s Henry Hicks at a cheque presentation during the Rotary Landmark East Gala.  Rob Porter presented RC Wolfville-Mud Creek’s cheque completing its pledge of $250,000 much earlier than pledged.  Henry Hicks then spoke in appreciation of both this donation and the ongoing work and substantial contributions of Rotary Clubs and Rotarians in support of Landmark East.  Two Landmark East students spoke to the audience earlier in the program demonstrating first hand the results of Landmark East’s ability to lift up students with learning challenges.  RC New Minas – Sunrise organized the event with support from the other local clubs.
Rotary Landmark East Gala November 30, 2018 Garth Gordon 2018-12-03 04:00:00Z 0

What did you Miss!!  November 19, 2018

Chairperson:  Cate Savage
O'Canada led by Sue     Prayer led by Rev. Randy Crozsman
Visiting Rotarians:  Margie with the Rotary club of New Minas Sunrise
Guests:  Brenda Crozsman guest of Randy
Happy $$$
Kelly Ells for the change in seasons and the wonderful (not sure how many agree) winter snowy weather!!
Julie Sweet for her sons football season almost over and no serious injuries, it has been a great year with new team records!!
Shelley Fleckenstein for her son's 17th Birthday today, she remembers it very well leaving the hospital with him in a car-safe baby seat!!
Salvation Army Kettle update:  Phil circulated and shared the following:
The kettle program needs individual volunteers this year in addition to our regular Rotary Shifts - PLEASE, PLEASE CONTACT PHIL if you can SPARE EXTRA HOURS to help this year!!
Presidents Report:  Rod referred everyone to the Grant Training Email and encourages us to take the Tutorial via Web-Link
Rotary PWD Family Christmas party is at the Kentville Fire Hall this year - Dec 10th
Attendance/Speaker Committee requires some additional support for meeting room set-up for every Monday Meeting, please let Bill Denyar know if you can assist.
Illness update: Chris had a visit from John and Jacqueline Connolly over the weekend, drove down from Halifax, John has some mobility issues because of his knees but they are quite happy in their new condo on College Street.
Guest Speakers:   Estonia/Finland Friendship Exchange -  Susan and Joe Ueffing
Susan & Joe took us through a day by day itinerary on their visit sharing many interesting facts, stories, pictures that included museums, historical buildings, musical events and a host of local customs and social activities all the while being hosted by local Rotarians.  Sue opened their presentation by reviewing some of the advantages of participating in a Friendship Exchange.
Some general facts:  Finland - 5.5 million people, approximately the same size as Nova Scotia, Eur is 1.50 Cad, no tipping anywhere, ardent skiers, eastern border is Russia, everywhere spotless and clean, lots of music with great variety.   Estonia - 1.3 million people, has over 2000 islands most of them unhabitable, under USSR rule since the end of the war deal in 1945 - they had no choice, finally liberated as an independent country in 1991,  you might recall the human chain linked arm to arm for over 625 km that stood their ground to achieve liberation,  Talin is the capitol city of 395,000 people,  also a destination for the Finish on weekend where thousands travel the ferries each day.
Craig thanked Sue and Joe for their presentation, interesting and wonderful details about their visit and the country's history!!
Chase the Ace:    ticket drawn belonged to Brenda (one of our guests today)  but..........It' a Roll-0ver
Todays meeting ended with the "Four way Test of Rotary"
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What did you Miss!!  November 12, 2018

Chairperson:  Al Mutch
O'Canada led by Sue  Prayer by Rev Randy Crozsman
Guests:  Gerry Falconer - guest of Fred Falconer,  Dave and Lynde Davies - guests of Al Mutch and Garry Randall CD - guest of Al Mutch and our Guest Speaker today!
Our Chair welcomed and introduced all our guests
Happy $$$
Larry for our absent Rotarian Bill as he is doing repairs at his home as he speaks. Also his dog has taken a liking to Bill which is a very good thing and I guess he follows Bill around wherever he goes.
Karen we were at Andy’s nephew’s wedding Saturday.   Hans married Lily.  Lily is Bob and Audrey Lanceshire’s granddaughter.  Bob was a member of our club for quite a few years and was secretary as well.   They are both doing well.  Audrey has had health issues, but was in fine form dancing up a storm (with some help).  It was so nice to see them both doing so well. 
Joe shared some comments about the war and the Cemmetery's in Holland, several of these close to where he lived and over 1600 Canadian Soldiers are buried here many aged 17 - 30 years.
Peter Muttart also shared some thoughts and story about the soldiers from Nova Scotia. This year for the 100th anniversary a soldier by the name of Don Chase from Port Williams was specifically remembered as the last surviving soldier from WW1 that just recently died.
Craig shared interesting information that the serving Prime Minister during the War, Robert Borden, was a Master Mason in the Town of Kentville.
Garth shared he was happy because Brookfield (near Truro) honoured its vets – including Gail’s mother (RCAF) and one uncle (Army) - by creating banners with photo, conflict served in and branch of service and affixing them to utility poles in the Village.  Gail, our son Peter and I went there on Remembrance Day to view the banners in remembrance of Gail’s Mom.
As Joop Ueffing referred to his visiting the Commonwealth War Cemetery in Holten, Netherlands, I wish to note that Brookfield missed a poster for Gail’s other uncle, a soldier, who was killed in eastern Holland during in the last few days of WW II.  That uncle is buried in the Holten Cemetery.
Sue for wonderful evening with their nephew and family, started cooking around 4pm and did so with various things until midnight, it was all very good.  We should also remember all civillians at this time of year who were in support of all our soldiers!!
Al Mutch shared a few thoughts on rememberance day and also a funny story that happened during the wartime.
Presidents Report:  Rod was pleased to announce that all tickets for the Landmark East School Fundraiser are SOLD OUT!  Valley Faces package are almost all delivered to our advertisers and he thanked everyone for getting them done quickly.
Guest Speaker - Garry Randall CD - West Nova Scotia Regiment
Garry took us through a very detailed and very interesting sequence of events of how this regiment liberated the Town of Citta'Di Castel di Sangro in Italy.   Garry explained the details of the Battle along with photographs on where and how the events happened.
The town of Di Castel Di Sangro and Kentville have since become Twinned Cities.  Exchange of visitors including town Mayor has taken place and there will be more visits.
Garth thanked our speaker for showing us the connections that we have today and those of our local heroes who liberated this Italian Town.
Al ended our special Rememberance Day meeting and asked all the stand in a moment of silence to Rememember!!
Chase the Ace -  Peter Muttart had the winning ticket but only after Rod had exchanged same with him prior to the draw as he might have more luck!!    Nope - It's another Roll-over.
What did you Miss!! November 12, 2018 pierre hoebers 2018-11-13 04:00:00Z 0

What did you Miss!!  November 5, 2018

Chairperson:  John Lohr
O'Canada led by Sue and Prayer by Wally
Visiting Rotarians:  Brian Smith, first official visit as a member of the Dartmouth Rotary Club
Guests:   Caroline Whitby our Guest Speaker today.
Happy $$$
John for the great experience and oppotrunity that Heather and he had of hosting Rotary Exchange Students!
Wally - wanted us to know that today in history is known at "Guy Fawkes Day"  mostly  celebrated in Great Britain and remembered by having BONFIRES to celebrate the day!!
Sue for the excellent Rotary dinner and Center Stage Show last Saturday,  it was a wonderful live theatre presentation and all who went agreed!!!
Randall added to John's comment on the exchange program and how great it is. He shared a story about the student from Venezuela who would not walk even 1/2 KM because in her home country no one walks anywhere!!!  Randall also commented about our turning back the clocks - Isn't it time we got rid of that?  There seemed to be a silent concenses on that!!!
Martha for being in volved with the Remembrance Day Ceremony at Port Williams this past Sunday, this week is the 100th anniversary of the end of World War 1 and a Port Williams resident was the last survivor to die from that war. 
Brian sharing greetings, he and Donna just returned from visit to Ontario visiting the children and grand children plus some family.  Getting settled in the new Condo and on the way to Middleton today for some town meetings.
Presidents Report:   Rod shared an update on the VF of Business - Kits have been prepared for each advertiser and we would greatly appreciate if each Rotarian would deliver these in PERSON say THANK YOU!!   The kit contains, thank you letter from our committee chair,  contract if completed signed by Jan 31st at existing rates, invoice for this years Ad and extra copies of the directory.      November 29th Lankmark East Fundraiser - a few tickets available!!
Guest Speaker:    Caroline shared with us the range of assistance and services available through her involvement in NASMM for Seniors.  All of us will at one time or another require housing and lifestyle changes, everyone's needs are different and some time there is no family available to provide that help.
Peter Clarke thanked Caroline for all this relevant information that most of us were not aware of!!
Committee updates:
Phil Warren for Christmas Kettles - Phil will be the Salvation Army Kettle Co-ordinator this year, not just for the club but for the Kentville/New Minas and surrounding area.   Be ready Rotarians to throw in some Extra support this Christmas Season!!
PWD  Family Christmas dinner will be on December 10th - Kentville Fire Hall
Club Christmas event scheduled for December 17th - Centre Stage Theatre.
Chase the Ace - Randall held the ticket but,  It's a Roll-over!!
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World Polio Day KRME 2018-10-24 03:00:00Z 0

What did you Miss!!  October 22, 2018

Chairperson:  Ellen Stoddart
O'Canada led by Sue  Prayer by Rev. Randy Crozsman
Guests:  Joan Feltham and Oakley - guests of Leah,  Caroline Archibald - guest of Trevor and Andrew Archibald our Outbound Student last year to Belgium as our Guest Speaker!
Happy $$$:
Sue for Joe's homecoming today and a concert she attended in Wolfville, the Singer was Catrina Bishop and if you have a chance to see her - make sure you Go!!
Kim for their trip to China, although they saw a lot in a very short time it was a great trip and very exciting experience!!
Oakley for his Nana's visit!!
Presidents Report by PE Phil  Warren as Rod is in Toronto:  Phil shared that the new Board and Committee Structure has been approved. Next week's business meeting will include the "Dot Matrix" vote for support of specific community projects.  Report from Brigadoon Camp that this past summer this facility served 700 children - the largest of its kind in Canada!!    Fundraiser Nov. 29th just a few tickets available!!
Secretary's Report subsituted by Pierre for VF update: 
 Copies of this year's directory now available,  delivery through flyer services should happen this week.  Randall has taking care of all the business deliveries through the Post Office.  The committee is assembling a special package for each advertiser which will include extra copies, thank you letter from committee chair, copy of contract for 2019 with special offer if signed and returned by January 31st at 2018 advertisng rates!!    NOTE:  We would request that every Rotarian deliver these packages in person, the committee can offer assistance to those who have multiple deliveries. 
Guest Speaker:  Andrew Archibald - Outbound Exchange Student 2017/2018.   Bill Introduced Andrew whose is presently doing his grade 12 at Horton High. 
  Andrew shared with us his experiences and what he learned and made recommendations from his experience for future exchange students.  He admitted that some things were tough, especially learning the french language and especially in Belgium as you have a combination of French, Dutch and German.   He shared that he said the wrong things a few times but they were all good sports about it and laughed!! 
   Andrew shared information about his host families, relationships build with the other exchange students as well as the siblings of his 3 host families. 
It was obvious that Andrew had quite an interesting and exciting year as well as great opportunities to travel within Europe.    Andrews presentation was well prepared, professionally delivered, fun to listen too and had humour!!!
After his presentation members could taste one of the unique foods - "Apple & Pear Stroop" on a cracker with cheese.  One of the many different foods he would have tried during his exchange.   Mmmmm - it was good!!!
Leah thanked Andrew on behalf of the club and commented that it was a very good presentation with useful information!!
Chase the Ace - ticket drawn was Al's - Greg came forward to draw the ticket but.....................................It's a Roll-over!!!
PS - A comment from the Editor, if you ever see any spelling errors, just remember this:
Aoccdrnig to a rscheearch at an Elingsh uinervtisy, it deosn't mttaer in waht oredr the ltteers in a wrod are, the olny iprmoetnt tihng is taht frist and lsat ltteer is at the rghit pclae. The rset can be a toatl mses and you can sitll raed it wouthit porbelm. Tihs is bcuseae we do not raed ervey lteter by itslef but the wrod as a wlohe, and taht is the tutrh!!
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PWD Committee at Work

                                                                          Date: October 15, 2018
Subject: Persons With Disabilities (PWD) Committee -  Submitted by Larry Stillwell
There are many committees and functions in the Kentville Rotary Club, but for me the PWD Committee and the team of wonderful Rotarians is a pleasure with whom I have to opportunity to work.  The things that the committee have to deal with can be very heart wrenching but once the issue is addressed it makes you feel great.
Recently we had an unusual request. A gentleman with limited resources and disabilities asked for assistance to pay for the setup of a large garage type tent as his present being four years old needed replacing.
The request was discussed and instead of funding the setting up of the new tent the PWD Committee members volunteered their time on a Friday afternoon with completion the following Sunday. To my surprise we also had a contingent of members from the Mudd Creek Club and it was a great activity on Friday, that is until the rain came. The dedicated team spent the last 90 minutes of their day setting up the tent frame in teaming rain.
We elected to depart and return on Sunday and this was in a large part to the weather forecast. The job on Sunday was completed and the client was overjoyed and thankful to the team from the two clubs. The photos capture most all participants and they all deserve a big thank you. A special thanks to Kate Trevors our photographer and supplier of coffee, Tim Bits and humour.
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What did you Miss!!  October 15, 2018

Chairperson:  Kate Seaman
O'Canada led by Sue     Opening Prayer by Rev. Randy
Visiting Rotarians:  Thomas Kirchoff from Iserlohn, Germany, also guest of Shelley Fleckenstein
Guests: Dale and Melissa Kavanagh guests of Shelley Fleckenstein, Colonel (Ret'd) J. Ron Stonier, CD our guest speaker
Happy $$$:
Garth:  for District Training this past weekend for AG's and there was a good response to the District Survey, received 181!!
Ellen: for a wonderful stay and visit in Quebec City, saw all the children and grand-children and they surprised them when  Ellen and Jim got married  (big applause here from all club members -  Congratulations Irene and Jim!!)
Bill:  on behalf of the Khatib family for the Sunday afternoon dinner hosted by Jyab and Khayriye, thank you to those who were able to visit.   Khayriye is so Thankful for all the Rotary members have done and considers all of us Family!!  Jyab's brother is arriving this week with his family of five.
Rick: for the immediate response to request for sofa and dryer - another reasons why Rotarians get it done!!
Kelly: for her mom celebrating 94yrs and the appreciation of all the vibrant Fall Colours in the Valley!!
Thomas Kirchoff: bringing greetings from his Rotary club in Germany, he is glad to be visiting the Annapolis Valley and President Rod presented Thomas with a Club Banner.
Sue: for finally having her kitchen all done!  for Farmers Golf international tournament in Holland, the team placed 16 out of 24 and personally placed 3rd from the bottom in the individual ranking.  The golf course was longer and harder then what they play here in NS.
Jeff:  for committee's participation over the weekned in a "hands-on" project"   (see seperate story for details)
Presidents Report:  Rod shared - 
Dues from a few people are outstanding
Carl's brother passed away after a battle with cancer at age 80, he lived in Musquodobit Harbour
Leah's daughter Lavinia broke her arm and got a cast, feels great and just wants rainbows drawn on her cast.
Dinner at Khatib's to celebrate buying their home was great, lots of food and about a dozen rotarians and family.
Board meeting Wednesday October 17th at Whites board Room 4 - 6
Valley faces will be in flyers next week
Guest Speaker:  Colonel (Ret'd) J. Ron Stonier, CD - retired school administrater and educator.  Graduate of St.FX and Acadia Universities.  Ron was commanding officer of the West Nova Scotia Regiment from 1986 to 90. Last post was Assitant Chief of Staff at Land Force Atlantic Area HQ until retirement in 2007 after 41 years in the Canadian Army Reserve.
Ron provided us with a comprehensive overview and detailed stories on the Regiments invasion of Italy.  This was the largest invasion ever prior to "D" day.   The Regiment landed in Sicily on July 9th and the Italians surrenderd on Sept 8th, spending a total of 56 days in Italy.
Garth thanked Colonel Stonier for his detailed review of  what happened through those 56 days in Italy. It was also interesting to hear how this regiment received 34 Battle Hounours.
Chase the Ace:   ticket drawn by Randy, but.........................It's a Roll-over!!
     One more REMINDER about our Fundraiser on Nov. 29th,  just a few tickets left for purchase - please contact Shelly Phillips or Phil Warren.   
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What did you Miss!  Oct 1st, 2018

Chairperson:  Carl Kent
O'Canada led by Sue   Prayer by Roger
Visiting Rotarians:  Hugh Fairn - Wolfville Rotary and guest of Nat James,   DG Rob Christie and Irene Szabla, and Heather Hennigar - New Minas Sunrise.
Guests:  Sheila Nickerson guest of Elva,  Oakley White guest of Leah  - A FUTURE ROTARIAN!
Happy  $$$:
Garth welcome to DG Rob and Irene on their official club visit and for the opportunity to have worked with Rob on the district team for the past 2 years.
Rick announced that Brian Smith has officially transferred to the Dartmouth Club and we will miss him!!   Also a call out to anyone who can help with a framily where the father has a very serious quad injury,  there are four children,  renos needed at the home, some furniture requests specifically a small 2 seater love seat or dryer if anyone has access to one.   Please get in touch with Rick  and /or the PWD committee.
Kelly is involved with another musical and this time with King's Edge-Hill School. The students are putting on the musical "Mama Mia"  the dates are November 22-24, 2018.  Kelly says it will be a very good one!!!
Roger also a welcome to Rob and Irene ( and apologized that there is no wine nor red berrets at this meal??)  also Roger and family are off to Florida this week and will be back in January.
Elva starting a wonderful 3 week trip to France with her sister Shiela tomorrow!
Sue along with Joe and Heather and Doug Hennigar are off to Holland for a world classic Farmers Golf tournament!!
As we are a singing club and in honour of  DG Rob's visit Sue led us in the "Valley song"  and everyone was in good voice today!!
Presidents Report:  Rod shared that the friday tour of Vermuelin Farms and Rands Lands were impressive, especially the High Tech!!   Wine tasting at Blomiden was good and they have a wonderful facility and  Breanna's Cafe catered to some of the food.
Rod had the opportunity to show DG Rob some of the local Club community projects such as Oakdene Park, The Library, Miners Marsh, swimming pool etc.   Please remember to complete the district survey circulated by email,   Also reminder to obtain your tickets and pay for your tickets for the Landmark School Fund raiser scheduled for November 29th!!
no illnesses to report however, Sue was playing at the senior home where Fred Walsh resides and he was in good spirits and recognized her.
Special presentation by the District Governor -  "The True Rotarian" recognition.
Rod read a short bio on the club rotarian to receive this recognition trying not to make it too obvious who he was talking about and he was doing a great job for the most part!!    Well deserved for his quiet work behind the scenes on all the support he lends to the Kentville Club, involved very much in the PWD committee and one of our newest members -  Larry Stillwell
Congratulations Larry from all of us!!
President Rod and DG Rob exchanged banners
Guest Speaker:   DG Rob Christie was introduced by Heather Hennigar ADG elect.
Rob shared with us the message of RI President about "being the Inspiration"  and that as Rotarians we do good for people we will never see.  This is true whether we have a community or world wide service project.  RI wants Rotary clubs to change the way we do things, do them differently and we can be the Inspiration!!
President Barry wants us to reach our own potential. It all starts with us as individuals. We are the ones with the passion, the ideas and the energy to make a difference in this world of ours! I ask each one of you…what do you see as your potential? Are you reaching it or can you do more?
Rob shared with us " As I reflected on how to merge President Barry’s ideas into my thoughts of what I would like to see accomplished over the year ahead, I came up with the acronym SHAPE. Here is a description of what I see encompassed in that word:"

S – Strengthen our clubs and Strategic planning
H – Humanitarian service
A –Awareness of Indigenous peoples
P – Public image
E – Environmental stewardship
Rob left a message of inspiration for all of us, President Rod thanked Rob for his visit here today, his words and that we will make a donation to the Rotary Foundation on his behalf.  
Thanks-giving basket draw today in lieu of Chase the Ace and the winner is Rod!!!
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What did you Miss!!  Sept.24, 2018

Chairperson:  President Rod
O'Canada led by Sue       Prayer led by Shelley
Happy $$$:
Leah announced that she resigned from the health board due to other commitments, she is just too busy which includes Rotary Youth Director as per the new Stratigic Plan.  Leah will be reaching out for help in various committees under this portfolio.  (See New Director Chart under documents in club runner and hopefully within this report).
Sue for visit to Ottawa and time with the grandaughter- their son lives only 1.5 km away from the tornado distruction and did cause a delay in her plane take-off time.
Kelly for a wonderful visit by her niece who she remembers as a 5yr old now all grown up!
Irene for a sort of sad dollar that summer is over and hoping that FAll will last long into winter.
Craig has returned from his Target Race in Newfoundland, his team raced very well and was in the lead until the second last day when unfortunately they dropped/blew a piston in the engine and that was the end of that.  Craig also shared a hand-out that is distributed to onlookers and interested youth that has car statistics, drivers photos and shows the charities that benifit from the race, ie) MS Canada and The Red Door Family shelter.
President Report:  Rod reported that there is lots of sharing of ideas/projects/fundraisers and general discussion and cooperation from the Valley Rotary clubs when they meet at Presidents Council.   VF of B should be ready for final proofing this week.
PWD Committee:  Jeff brought us up to date (co-chair Larry has a cold) reminding us that the funds derived from the Chipman Estate are directly only to Children needs in the community.  Total committee budget presently at $12,000, committee works jointly with Mud Creek Rotary.  Jeff read a letter sent by a client that recently received an air purifyer and she called it a priceless gift and was so thankful for our support!    Other request were sending children to summer camps, support of one student at Landmark East School, and providing scooters in conjunction with other service clubs.
Community Service:  Shelly represented by Rod to advise that the Kings Charitable Foundation is looking for proposals from anyone who wants to make a request for funds.  If you know of anyone, or through your family and friends, let them know and obtain the APPLICATION FORM from Rod.
Fundraising General:  Phil and Shelly are holding the tickets for the November Landmark East event!
      Please note:   It is important to REQUEST your TICKETS NOW!!  Please let Phil or Shelly know if you wish to purchase TICKETS by SEPTEMBER 30TH!!!    
                           Also any Auction items are welcome!
Administration/Program:  Bill Denyar shared that the committee works well for all meetings regarding set-up etc.  Although not manditory the club keeps records on attendance for use by the board and membership committee.  Meetings until year end Dec/18 are pretty much planned with just a couple of vacancies for speakers.   If you have seen or heard about a speaker that would be of interest to the club please let the Program committee know, thanks!
Ways/Means Committee:  Phylis shared that there will be some changes to Presidents/PHF dinner this year, remember November 3rd is Centre Stage event and December 17th is our Christmas Cocktail party at Centre Stage.
Board Structure Changes:   Phil reported back to the club as part of the strategic plan on reviewing the existing board structure and related responsibilities .   See charts,  (if charts not readable they are also posted on club runner under documents)
1 the charts are in draft form and the Board is looking for feedback from the Club,
2 the proposed changes would come into effect on July 1 2019,
3 the organizational review of the Board structure is in response to a goal in the strategic plan,
4 our goal is to realign the Board as necessary to support our strategic goals,ie youth and membership,
5 were feasible would like to reduce the size of the Board and the number of committee's,
6 the change proposes that the Board is reduced from 10 to 8 members,
7 it is proposed that some committees be eliminated and their function assumed by other committees ie Ways and Means function is assumed by Social Committee.
The Board is looking for further feedback and a presentation/discussion will in the very near future
Social Media - Craig shared that our overall multi-media presence is generally ignored by the club.  If we don't get input from members, committees, executives and event organizers we cannot spread the news about the club, to each other, to the public or District and RI.  Though most anyone can spread the news, specifically, there are members in the club to help or do it for them if time or other challenges interfere.  We have the tools and systems, it just takes participation which is everyone's responsibility. 
Craig also reminded us that we have a photo record of all past presidents which is unique since 1924.  Perhaps a budget should be set aside for professional photo fees of a past president each year to keep this unique record up to date and have a consistent format. 
Reminder that the next board meeting and our Monday meeting will include visit by DG Robert Christie
Chase the ACE -  ticket drawn by Rod and.................It's a Roll-over!!!!
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In Canada Eh!!

  The Worlds smallest Desert?  It's in Carcross, Yukon, all 642 acres of it. Located just 6 degrees south of the Arctic Circle it is more likely to be crossed by a bear than a camel
  Manitoba - We think of it as a landlock province, well not really, it has over 400 miles of coastline although be it on Hudsons Bay it could qualify as a Maritime Province.  How about Lake Winnipeg, 10th largest fresh water lake in the world - 9,465 square miles.
  Vegreville Alberta has the World's largest Easter Egg - 31 feet in height
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What did you Miss!  September 17, 2018

Chairperson:  Shelly Phillips
O'Canada led by Pierre (well, sort off!!!???)   Prayer led by Cate Savage
Visiting Rotarians:  Heather Henigar - New Minas Sunrise,  Axel Nafthal - New Minas Sunrise and Doug MacMillan - Halifax Rotary and our Guest Speaker 
Guests:  Suzanne guest of Roger,  Khireya and her son Rami guests of the club.
Happy $$$
Wally shared that finally he and his family have been able to convince his Mom  (98yrs young) to move into an  assisted home care Manor.  She lives in Newfoundland and there is good immediate family support to visit and look after her.
Phil shared that his son Devon living in Bloomington, NC, not too far from the water did move out to higher ground with his family in their travel trailer.  A good thing because unfortunately their house has at least 5ft of water already and could go as high as 12ft.  Our thoughts are with them and all the folks in North and South Carolina.
Khayriye wanted to say Thank You on behalf of the whole family for all the help from the Rotary Club,  real good news is that they have purchased the home they have been renting.   Khayriye wishes to invite all of us to a dinner at their place and date will be advised shortly.
Chris for watching his 10 year old grandaughter play soccer with the Hantsport Hornets,  she scored all 4 goals in the final match and was named  MVP!!   
Shelley Fleckenstein for a wonderful adventure in Ireland with two of her girlfriends.
Update on Elva - those at the club meeting today heard Elva had fainted, good news it that she is okay, it was due to a change in medication and she was on her way to the airport when she sent me an update.
Presidents Report:  Rod shared Birthdays and Anniversaries and reminders for register for the farm and wine tours, mentor program previously emailed is open to everyone and your family and friends,  Valley Harvest Marathon needs volunteers for October 6th,  New Minas Rotary Aboriginal Sunrise Service is scheduled for Sept 26th a founders Park in Kentville - EVERYONE WELCOME!
Guest Speaker - "Kangaroo Care"   Doug MacMillan - Pediatric Professor Emeritus
Doug shared that this project falls under one of the 6 pillars of Rotary - Womens Health.  Training to help babies breath in underdeveloped areas in Africa of for that matter anywhere in the world is crucial.  Up to now many babies are left for dead when they are really not, up to now locals just did not understand this!!  Rotary needs to be involved in training efforts!
At the Rotary International Conference there was an Action Group booth showcasing that cooperation exist on these projects and that Rotary has done training to set up hospital Kangaroo units for training nursing staff.  The Umbarra Uganda project has been supported by the Kentville club.  It is a 2 year program with matching funds and equipment needs.  The object is to make this a sustainable project.  
At the Rotary International Conference there was an Action Group booth showcasing that cooperation exist on these projects and that Rotary has done training to set up hospital Kangaroo units for training nursing staff.  The Umbarra Uganda project has been supported by the Kentville club.  It is a 2 year program with matching funds and equipment needs.  The object is to make this a sustainable project.
Roger thanked our speaker for this effective yet simple project that trains people and makes it happen!!
Don't forget about........................
.......................................................................................Contact Phil or Shelly for your tickets  NOW PLEASE!!
Chase the Ace -  Peter Muttart drew the ticekt, but............It's a Roll-over!! 
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What did you Miss!  September 10, 2018

Please NOTE the REGISTRATION for the RURAL/URBAN SOCIAL Sept. 28th!!
Chairperson:  Peter Muttart
O'Canada led by Sue     Prayer led by Pierre
Guests:  Ross Monette - guest of Kimberley, Jeff Skaling our guest speaker today
Happy Dollars:
Kimberley for Ross and it's his BD today and also celebrating their 33rd Anniversary with a trip to China
Brian Smith for completing his job in Middleton, shared with us the passing of George Fairn longtime Rotarian in Middleton and father to Micheal Fairn who is President of the Middleton Club, also he and Donna are settling in at their new condo in Dartmouth!
Craig for test drive to become part of the "Point to Point" team helping folks with mobility issues in the Valley,  Leaving Thursday for the "Target" race held in Newfoundland and his son Andrew is coming back from a 6 year stay in Korea!
Sue for an excellent experience on the "Friendship Exchange" to Finland and Estonia,  she got to drive her motor bike to the meeting today,  going to Ottawa for a week to drive granddaughter to and from school and especially for the completion date on the new kitchen by October 15th!!!
Leah to quell rumors on the tear-down of the bowling alley and that the replacement will be a new medical centre with ownership that includes her and Greg.  Also for her daughter now going to school!!
Guest Speaker - Jeff Skaling - Deputy Fire Chief for the Canning Fire Department.
Jeff shared with us today the 10 year drive to make the new Fire Hall/Multi-purpose complex happen for the Village of Canning. A long time project for sure with a committee of dedicated volunteers that worked hard since day one in 2006.  The total budget for the project was 3.5 million and it took a lot of fundraising to reach that goal.
The replacement was definitely needed, it is located on a 14 acre piece of land that previously occupied a School.  The new facility includes Fire Hall, Community Space, district commissioniar offices, Gym,  Ultra modern kitchen, commercial grade to meet standards (made possible by Kentville Rotary Club funds).
Brian Smith officially thanked our speaker noting that he contacted Jeff just a few days ago for information regarding the new proposed Fire Hall in Middleton only to find out that Jeff was our speaker today!!   Brian went on to comment that it is amazing the committment that exist by volunteer fire members in rural communities and we sincerely THANK THEM ALL!!
Phil Warren reminded us on the upcoming Fund-raiser for Landmark East School, see information below:
There are limited tickets available -  Please see Phil or Shelly Phillips to secure your tickets for this event!!
Phil also reminded us that Auction Items are sincerely appreciated, through business or personal donations!!  Thank You!!
International Committee meets this Friday at Gates Insurance, 12Noon, joint meeting of Rotary Clubs!!
Chase the Ace,  ticket drawn by Peter Muttart, and..................Nope -  It's another Roll-over!!
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What did you Miss!!  August 27, 2018

Chair:            President -  Rod McMahon
Visiting Rotarian:                  PDG - Greg Coldwell
Happy Dollars:
Rod McMahon reported big changes in his household this year with 4 kids going off to university and other schools which leaves only one child left at home.  Looking forward to an interesting year.
Kelly Ells had a fantastic summer with a couple of highlights being the sale of her mother-in-laws house and a long weekend in Miramichi.  Her new role as Rotary Treasurer is shaping up and she is looking forward to the coming year.
Leah White has appreciated her home province of Newfoundland more lately with several recent trips home.  She is also experiencing some trepidation with her oldest child starting school this year.
Rick shared with club the exciting news that his daughter is engaged to be married.
Bill Denyar had one particularly great week in a wonderful summer when his son and grandkids came down from TO for a week.
Phyllis Jarvis also had a fantastic summer at the cottage and in Newfoundland
Randall Bishop ,in keeping with the theme of family, brought the club up to date on kids – Alexandra is going to France; Elizabeth buying a house; Alistair expecting a second child and Randall & Sandy going out to Thompson, Manitoba to visit Victoria.  All three of the girls were Rotary Exchange Students – Alexandra to France, Elizabeth to Brazil and Victoria to Ecuador.
Jeff Kelly's family celebrated his 22 year old daughter's birthday at Black Rock Beach. It was a great location for the occasion.
Elva Heyge attended a International Services Conference in Chicago this month and was very impressed with the beauty of the city. There is a possible Friendship Exchange with clubs from Chicago in the works.  Elva heads to Montreal for a Zone Conference in September and is off to France on holiday in October
Note:  Greg Coldwell wanted the club members to know that Elva was the only IS Rotary rep in Canada invited to the Chicago conference.
President's Report
  • VFB winding up.  September 4th meeting at the hospital with Debra to deal with remaining issues e.g. editorials
  • Kelly Ells is taking over from Jessica as Treasurer
  • committees are coming together.  If you want to check your commitments in terms of committees, click the “committee” bar at the bottom of Spokesperson
  • the Newcomer committee is also winding down as our commitment ends
International Services
  • Elva reported that the Rotary Clubs of Mud Creek and New Minas will be joining the International Services committee of the Rotary Club of Kentville this year
  • first meeting will be on Friday, September 14th.  Location will be decided at a later date
  • as per the Strategic Plan, IS will be focusing on one particular country this year and that will be Uganda.  The Global Grant projects that have been decided upon are a neonatal “Kangaroo Care” program and Micro Research projects.  There will be a speaker coming later in the fall to talk about these projects.
  • IS is also looking at supporting a teach training program for nursery schools in South Africa and a water project in Thailand
Greg Coldwell
  • mentioned a fundraiser underway with  with District 7810.  Should have results in 2019.
  • Greg reported that there have been only 12 to 14 cases of polio reported worldwide this year. Those cases were in Afghanistan.  We edge closer to eradication.
  • on November 29th the Rotary Clubs of Kentville, New Minas and Wolfville will host a dinner and auction at NSCC to raise money for Landmark East.  The money raised will be used to increase the school's enrolment.  $300,000 has been raised so far – the goal is $400,000
PWD (Jeff Kelly)
  • Jeff reported a good year for PWD with monies being spent on such things as scooters and medical aid equipment
  • money was also awarded to the Kaliedoscope organization in New Minas for a recreation and leisure program at the Louis Millett Centre for adults and youth at risk.  The money was used to buy gym equipment
  • a rep from the Mud Creek Rotary club joined PWD this year with the club contributing $10,000.  New Minas Sunrise may also come aboard this coming year
  • the Christmas party in December is scheduled for the 10th back at the Kentville Fire Hall. 
Communications (Kelly Ells)
  • float had good use this season, once again
  • Kelly has focused on updating Clubrunner
  • would like to hear from committees re their mandate and upcoming projects/activities
  • Valley PR is considering purchasing a portable sign but needs a place to store it first.  Please let Kelly know if you know of such a place
  • Kelly also asked for feedback/ideas from committees for communications and Valley PR for newpaper articles, PSAs etc
Mentoring program
            Rod mentioned a Mentoring Plus program being introduced by Gordon Michael from the College of Continuing Ed at Dalhousie University.  The program pairs seniors with youth to help engage seniors and enable youth to learn from the wisdom and advice of the seniors .  Gordon Michael would like Rotarys help finding suitable seniors.  More about this in coming months.
Social Committee (Phyllis Jarvis)
  • Farm Tour and supper at 3 pm on Friday, September 28th in Sheffield Mills.  Bring a guest.
  • Rotary Christmas and Cocktail party at Centre Stage on December 17
  • there will be a Thanksgiving Basket draw on October 1st.  Basket will be provided by Vermeulen Farms
Chase the Ace -  Wally had the ticket - he left early,  Carl offered to draw the card....................and It's a Roll-over!!
A big  " Thank You" to Heather Tupper as Scribe for the Spokesperson this week!!
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What did you Miss!  August 20, 2018

Chairperson:  Jeff Kelly
O'Canada led by Pierre  Prayer led by Ellen Stoddard
No Visiting Rotarians nor Guests today
Happy $$$
Gerry Davis shared a thank you letter from a recepient who received a Scooter through our PWD committee.  It has changed his life completely now there are no mobility issues - he was very very thankful!!
Roger for his one week visit with the Rotary Club in St.Pierre et Miquelon.
Doug shared some details on his recent visit to long time Rotarian Fred Walsh
for our newer members when we share Happy Dollars and they go the the Fred W account these funds go the Operation Eyesight - when Fred was an active member he was involved in a serious Eye injury and lost his sight in one eye.  Fred always remained very positive and  thankful and thus started the donations to this worthy organization which as a club we are grateful to continue.  On this visit when Doug showed Fred a card with a Rotary Sticker there was some recognition and Fred asked -  Where do you eat now!!   
Shelly Fleckenstein for upcoming trip with the girls to Ireland and leaving a bit early today as their son is going for his drivers test!
Kate was happy to give us an update on Gary, after seeing the doctors last week he is doing really well and positive news that none of the cancer has spread into the lymph nodes.  All our best wishes to Gary!!
Jeff for Santana who has now been back from her student exchange for about 2 months, she spent a lot of the summer at camp and  they are now receiving a debrief of her time away.  It was a life changing experience for her!!
Presidents Report:  Rod reported that Valley Faces sales have topped $123,000 and now moving into the production stage, Editorial content is needed now from our committees for this years edition!!   Reminder of the Landmark East Fund-raiser in November - only 25 tickets left - please contact Phil for tickets and we also need donations for silent auction items!!
Doug Morrison wants to attend some of our meetings so give Doug a call and make arrangement to pick him up - it would be greatly appreciated!!  (Home 902 679 4013)
There are some preliminary plans underway for a Christmas Sing Song event for our community - Ellen Stoddard is the lead on this - if you are interested in helping have a chat with Ellen!!
Secretary's Report:  Rick circulated correspondance received from NKEC, thank you card written by vice principal Ian Campbell and we received a Certificate of Appreciation from Shelter Box International!
Guest Speaker -  Jason Cyr - Department of Lands and Forrestry - Nova Scotia
Jason provided us with some updates on wild-life that frequent our Kentville area and most recently about the Black Bear sightings in some of our residential neighbourhoods.   Some facts about the Bears:   It's all about the STOMACH and their diet, their favourite food would be Wild Blue Berries!!  Hey - just like us!!
Bears will become a nuisance when they find Green Bins (keep them clean and freeze your food scraps until colleciton day), BBQ's and Bird Feeders.
Relocation of Bears has been tried - but it does not work!!  Fruit and Bee-hives are favourite attactions, growers and Bee keepers need to provide conditions that prevent access.  The province has no stats on the bear population.
Jason also shared a few facts about our Coyote population - Coyotes are larger here because they migrated through Ontario/Quebec and crossbred with wild wolves.  Litter size is usually 5 or 6 pups and although they eat meat they also consume a lot of vegetation and prefer Beech Nuts and Grasses.  It would be very rare for a Coyote to go after cats or a small dog, usually this means they are desperate for food.  Typical territory for Cyote is about 50 square km. and they loose their fear of humans very easily and posses a lot of the same instincts as domestic dogs.    
We had lots of interesting questions about our bears and other critters but ran out of time to carry on this very informative presentation.     Greg Trefry thanked Jason for sharing the facts!!
Chase the Ace - ticket drawn by Garth....................but It's a ROLL-OVER!!
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What did you Miss!   August 13, 2018

Chairperson:  Heather Lohr
O'Canada:  Sue Ueffing    Prayer:  Bill Denyar
Visiting Rotarians:  Fred Lawlor - Mississauga West, Ontario,  Jo-Anne Bell - Kemptville, Ontario,  Tom Herman  - Mud Creek, Wolfville.
Guests:  Mac Eaton guest of Fred Lawlor,  Steven Bell guest of Jo-Anne Bell, and Devon Warren guest of Phil Warren.
Happy $$$
Sue for having her Bike back from repairs and her new Guitar and Case so she can take them when travelling on the Bike!
Larry for another School re-union in Middleton and Brain Smith sends his regards to all at the Club.
Jeff for Anya's departure home - after getting to the airport and having said several good-bye's and arriving back home only to get a phone call that her 1230AM flight was cancelled due to bad weather in Toronto.  AC sent Anya home to Kentville by taxi, finally getting flight rebooked by 330am and then off the airport again on Tuesday for her flight via St. John's with 6 hour lay-over onto London Heathrow with 2 hour connection and arriving back home in Vienna very very tired.    Anya sent a text the next day that she got her drivers license and all is well,  Whew!!!!!!
Heather Lohr for their son playing Rugby at Acadia in the Canada Nationals this week
Shelley Fleckenstein brings us greetings from Hope and Richard as she was talking with their daughter Carma, Hope is in a wheelchair, she misses her friends at Rotary very much and we are all welcome to come and visit!!
Presidents/Secretary's Report:  President Rod provided us with reminders on the following:
     Board Meeting reminder this Wednesday - meeting in Boardroom at NSCC
Valley Faces update:   Total sales $118,000,  approxmately 8 - 10 contracts outstanding, still time to submit any NEW CONTRACTS!!
Guest Speaker:  Fred Lawlor -  www.RotaryHip.com
Fred shared with us the background information and why Rotary should be involved with the Indigenous Peoples in Canada - what can we do now!!   
It is important for us the understand the past - but not dwell on it.  Rotary Clubs need to connect with their local Indigenous communities.  HIP is creating awareness of the culture, issues and history of Indigenous People in Canada  It's about Education, it's about the productivity challenge. How are we preparing first Nations to play a vital role in Canada's future economic growth and our competitiveness?
President Rod thanked Fred for visiting our club and telling us about this valuable program and the opportunity to participate.  The Kentville club has already reached out on several occasions to the Glooscap Community and are sending one of their students to Ottawa for the Rotary Citizenship Program.
PWD Committee Meeting this Thursday 8AM at Shannex!!
Chase the ACE -  winning ticket - Gary Condon,  Wally drew from the deck as Gary had to leave early - Sorry Gary, It's a Roll-over!!
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FAREWELL - Anya and Marie

Farewell to our two wonderful Exhange Students!!
It has been quite the year for them and we thoroughly enjoyed hosting, having them participate in our Rotary events, sending them off to District events including the District Conference and all our social activities and their willingness to always help!!
They were great Ambassadors for their respective Rotary Clubs as well as ours - Thank You Ladies!!
Also a big THANK YOU to Martha for hosting our farewell, we had a great mix of young and older folks that stopped by to say their Goodbyes, Hugs and shed a few tears!   
Great to see Andrew Archibald our returning outbound student from Belgium who will tell us more about his experiences sometime this Fall.
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What did you Miss!!  July 30, 2018

Chairperson:  Craig MacMullen
O'Canada led by Sue and Opening Prayer by Greg Trefry
Guests:  Ross Monette guest of Kimberley
Happy Dollars:
Craig shared with us a letter received from "Rotary Ralph"  about the "Dark & Stormy" evening and it read as follows:
From Rotary Ralph: I don't understand why anyone would think of trying one of the prescription medicine that you frequently hear advertised on TV.  Especially, after listening to the laundry list of warnings of possible side effects.  With this in mind, I comment here in my best advertising jargon on my experience with a particular snake oil, encountered at the Fleckenstein’s Rotary Event last Friday evening in Hall’s Harbour. I will refer to it as Dr Martin’s Dark & Stormy.
• Do you have feelings of inadequacy?
• Do you suffer from shyness?
• Do you sometimes wish you were more assertive?
• Do you sometimes feel stressed?
If you answered yes to any of these questions, ask your doctor or pharmacist about Dr Martin’s Dark & Stormy!
Take it from me Dark & Stormy is the safe, natural way to feel better and more confident. It can help ease you out of your shyness and let you tell the world that you're ready and willing to do just about anything.
You will notice the benefits of Dark & Stormy almost immediately and, with a regiment of regular doses, you'll overcome obstacles that prevent you from living the life you want.
Shyness and awkwardness will be a thing of the past. You will discover talents you never knew you had.

Dark & Stormy may not be right for everyone. Women who are pregnant or nursing should not use it but women who wouldn't mind nursing or becoming pregnant are encouraged to try it.

Side Effects May Include:
 Dizziness, nausea, vomiting, loss of motor control, loss of clothing, loss of money, incarceration, delusions of grandeur, table dancing, headache, dehydration, dry mouth,
and a desire to sing Karaoke or play Truth Or Dare or Naked Twister, all night long

• The consumption of Mr Martin’s Dark & Stormy may make you think you are whispering when you are not.
• The consumption of Dark & Stormy may cause you to tell your friends over and over again that you love them.
• The consumption of Dark & Stormy may cause you to think you can sing.
• The consumption of Dr Martin’s Dark & Stormy may create the illusion that you are tougher, smarter, faster and better looking than most people.
•  Chardonnay, Scotch, Vodka or Whiskey and of course Beer may be substituted for Dark & Stormy, with similar results! 

Please feel free to share this important Medical information!  Thank you to Shelly& Martin for their generosity and hospitality.  Fun was had by all.
Kim Monette shared how her Dad saved a man from drowning - he saw someone struggling with a tipped canoe through his telescope and at first he thought it would take too long for him to get the boat in the water etc so he tried to alert others to help and he could tell this fellow was struggling to stay afloat.   That did not happen and so he managed to get his boat in, upon arrival he provided a Life Jacket but the man was too big and there was no way he could get him in the boat.  Finally he managed to get a rope around him and ended up towing him back to shore behind the boat.  He was in pretty rough shape but survived.  So many were grateful for what he had done that they had a plaque inscribed with "Saint Bob" Thank U for the rescue!!    To really enjoy this story you should have been there to hear Kim tell it!!! 
Sue Also for a good night at "Dark & Stormy"
Craig announced that probably his last time but once again in the "Targett" car race in Newfoundland this Fall.
Presidents Report:  Just a few reminders:  Our exchange students Anya and Marie will be returning from USA tour August 1st, Send-off party for the ladies on August 2nd and Martha's and we believe flight home scheduled for August 6th.   Rod recapped all Club BD and Anniversary's for couples and Rotary.   As it turns out it was Pierre's BD TODAY (70yrs young) so he begrudginly wore the BD Hat and that took care of our singing today. 
Who's idea was that anyway!!!!
Stand-in Guest Speaker today was also Pierre and without too much preparation did an overview of the RI Conference and shared details on discussion at some of the Break-out Sessions.  This information will be more formally shared with the Youth and Membership Committees.  Some of this information was shared by Pierre in a seperate Spokesperson sent out last week!
This will take place at NSCC for 530pm and is a joint venture with Kentville, Mud Creek and New Minas Rotary Clubs. 
Committee Reports:
Scholarship has received several "Thank you" letters which we will share in future Spokesperson
VF of Bussiness Rod advised we are at $110,000 and another $10,000 approximately as unsigned contracts to date.
Chase the ACE - ticket drawn by Wally and.....................What the heck, he drew the ACE!!!  CONGRATULATIONS WALLY!! 
   ***  Enjoy the Long-Weekend Everyone!! ***
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What did you Miss!!  July 23,  2018

Chairperson:   Doug Hill
O'Canada led by Sue  Prayer led by Roger
No Visiting Rotarian's today
Guests:  Heather Hudson and Alex Tancock - guests of Nat James
Happy $$$
Bill  for upcoming wedding for his son Chad, family arriving all this week for the event this weekend!
Heather Lohr for the successful fundraiser this past weekend "Dining with Doctors"  and personal thanks to Deborah for such an excellent event!
Karen for the "Dining with Doctors" event as well.   And there was one other item, Sorry Karen the Scribe missed it!!!
Sue also for the wonderful "Dining with Doctors" event and for seeing the Rotary club Halifax Harbour-side take part in the Pride Parade this past saturday.
Shelley Fleckenstein for the "Dining with Doctors" event and visits of Martin's 4 children.
Roger for "Dining with Doctors" event and more specifically for having the highest bid on a pendant which will make a marvelous anniversary gift for Suzanne.
Leah has received text messages from Anya  (Exchange Student), they are having a great time on the USA tour and presently at the Grand Canyon!    Leah wanted us to know that she "Dines with a Doctor" every night!!!
Presidents Report:  Rod shared that projects for International and Youth Services will be shared between 3 clubs - Mud Creek, New Minas and Kentville.  This will provide more opportunities and greater impact and more membership involvement.   Valley Faces - there is still time to submit contract and arrange for Photo-Shoots!!
No Illnesses to report however, Doug Morrison would love to see more Rotarian's stop by for a visit, He is at the cottage!
Guest Speaker:     Elva Hyge, PDG and Chair of our International Service Committee.
Elva started her presentation with a review of the type of past International projects by the Club:
                    1. Direct Partner projects within another country like Brazil with Mobile Classroom and School Bus
                    2. Cameroon (through Pete Smith) delivery of Medical equipment and supplies
                    3. Financial partner with other clubs like Guatumala City
                    4. Water Sanitation projects in Schools and the teaching of Business Skills in Schools.
Update from RI Strategy is a focus on -  Relationship building, Collaboration, Partnerships and Enhanced Project Quality!! 
The District will focus on 3 or 4 Countries
Club focus in alignment with the Strategic Plan will be:   Single country "Uganda" with a Partner,  Natal care unit reconfiguration necessary within the Hospital, and Micro projects at $3,000 each for local medical research as well as the Shelter Box Program when needed. 
Karen thanked Elva on behalf of the club for the International Project update and also for her vast knowledge on international service that she brings to our Club!!
There was time for a Sing-along and Sue led us all with "this land is your land"  
Chase the Ace -  Sue had the winning ticket But......................NO ACE!   Perhaps better luck next week.
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Rotary Concerts in the Park pierre hoebers 2018-07-17 03:00:00Z 0

Rotary Int. Conference - Toronto

Sharing some photos from the Rotary International World Conference, Toronto June 24 - 27, 2018.   Members attending from the Kentville Club were  Joe and Sue Ueffing, Elva Heyge, Pierre Hoebers, Phyllis and Wally Jarvis, Rod McMahon, Heather Lohr, Garth and Gail Gordon , Roger and Suzanne Sevigny, Sheldon and Wanda  Matthews.
   RI President Barry Rassin addressing attendees in a Break-out Session!
   The choices of Breakouts were many and something for everyone. 
Some of the breakouts that were attended: "Future membership models" - Engaging New Generations in Rotary" and "Engaging young professionals".   A few topics that were discussed:  Clubs need to talk about Change and about being up-to-date and RealisticFlexible in meeting times and attendance, go out and make connections with the New Generations, lower costs and increase Value.
Membership - Don't step out-side the box, Throw it Away!!    Two planned meetings per month is acceptable, be creative with all your meetings, Embrace change and be Positive about it, consult and chat with new generations before you bring them into the Club - find out what they are passionate about,  61% of Millennials want to lead!! 
Every morning the General Sessions (held at the Air Canada Centre) had interesting speakers and showcased many of the Rotary Sustainable Development Goals!  On Wednesday a surprise visit by PM Justin Trudeau!
 Here is Roger taking one more thing off his "bucket list" and having a birds eye view over Toronto, we're all glad it is him and not us!!
   Toronto is a big city and so are the Wood-Peckers
 There were plenty of areas  to meet, to socialize, and to watch the FIFA World Soccer games.
     Youth were well represented at the Conference
 For those who attended previous International Conferences there was meeting old friends, renewing previous friendships and making new ones!!  It was also an opportunity to meet  and see other Rotarian's from our District.
Well done TORONTO - next year it is HAMBURG, GERMANY!!
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RI Conference pierre hoebers 2018-06-21 03:00:00Z 0

What did you Miss!!  June 18, 2018

Chairperson:  Gerry Davis
O'Canada led by Sue
Grace/Thanksgiving led by Wally
Visiting Rotarians:  Barry Leslie - Wolfville Mud Creek Club
Guests:  Santanna Refuse our returning Exchange Student from Brazil and Guest Speaker today.   Kirk Rafuse, Trish Rafuse guests of Jeff.   Heather White guest of Rod (standing in for Leah who is sick), Caroline Archibald guest of Trevor, and Gary Caven guest of Cate Savage.
Happy Dollars:  
Barry from Mud Creek inviting us to the special event June 26th,  7-9PM to recognize and say thank you to the Kikima Grannies, all are welcome but they would like to know who is attending!!
Kate Seaman - First for Trevor lending her a loonie for Happy $$$ and a reminder that this Saturday is Oakdene Park Day. This year not the usual clean-up etc just hosting the BBQ and Hot Dogs for all the families visiting the Park and Celebrating with the Town the new Playground Area.  Volunteers needed to supply the BBQs and cook the wieners,  Special request for help will be going out by email!!
Santanna Happy to be back and thankful for the opportunity to travel to Brazil from the Rotary Club
Sue for the topless ride for Joe and her to Pictou except it turned colder and the roof had to go up!  Attending the hand-over by the District Governors!
Cate Savage just to support the other Kate on the Oakdene Park celebration for this Saturday on behalf of the Town.
Trevor for being at the meeting today and that Andrew (presently in Belgium) will be home in 2 weeks!
Special Paul Harris Fellow  recognition for our Club Member Brian Smith. 
As most of us know Brian has been a very very busy Rotarian during the past year. He volunteered for the Clubs Secretary's position and was the lead for the Club's all important Strategic Plan.  All this in conjunction with being on the  VF Committee as Secretary and serving on the International committee.  Brian has also committed his expertise it seems at a lot of regular meetings as Tech Support as well as being very familiar and sharing information on our Club Runner Program
Brian is acting CEO in Middleton and has recently sold his home and he and Donna are moving to Dartmouth where they take position of their new Condo in the middle of July.  Soooo you can see why we have not seen much of Brian at our recent meetings however, Roger Sevigny, ADG caught up with Brian last week at a Middleton Rotary Meeting and had the pleasure of presenting Brian with his well deserved recognition on behalf of the Kentville Rotary Club!  
  Congratulations Brian from all of us for your "SERVICE ABOVE SELF"
Presidents Report:  Shelly welcomed all our guest and especially Santanna our returning Outbound Exchange Student.  Reminder to participate in Oakdene Days this Saturday as Kate has mentioned.  Save the Date November 29th for the special event with Landmark East School, 6PM, cost $50.00 per person.  More details to follow!!
Guest Speaker -  Sanatanna Rafuse - provided us with a recap of her year long visit in Brazil and shared some of her many experiences during the past year.  She spoke about her fellow exchange students and the lasting friendships she has made, the wonderful hospitality she received from all of her host families, favorite foods, favorite sites she visited, attending school, awesome beaches and too many more experiences that would take a few hours to talk about.  Here are some of her pictures from the presentation.
Santanna's jacket was loaded with memorabilia and here she was explaining a few of them!
Below Santanna presenting to the local Club in Brazil and telling them all about Canada and presenting our President Shelly with the Banner.
President Shelly thanked Santanna for her enthusiastic presentation and for being such a great Ambassador for Rotary and specifically our club!!
Lobster/Steak Do!!!   Sue reached out for one more reminder that the date is July 5th @ Hennigars Farm Market,  Be sure to respond on club runner to REPLY or DECLINE.  Volunteers needed to help with set-up and clean-up, please contact Sue Ueffing or Phil Warren if you can help.
Chase the Ace - winning ticket was Ellen Stoddart - but ----- It's a Roll-over!!
MEETING REMINDERS:  Club Business Meeting May 25 -  No Meeting on July long-weekend!!
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What did you Miss June 11, 2018

Chairperson:  Peter Clark
O'Canada led by Sue
Grace by Roger
Visiting Rotarians:  None
Guests:  Chad Warren guest of Phil Warren,  Logan Morse, Ruvimbo Chipazi and Sam Doucette all guests of Deborah Conner.
Happy $$$:
Sue for the first ride of the season on the Spider Bike!!
Leah for Uncle & Aunt visit for the weekend, and we had a great time touring around and singing a few Newfie tunes!
Cate Savage (A Happy & Sad $)  Proposal from Gary with engagement ring but Gary has been diagnosed with some health issues - we wish them both all the best and that Gary will have a successful recovery!!
Jeff for Santanna's return from Brazil but now the house is messy again!!!
Pierre for the home stretch on Sales for VF - try to get those contracts in by June 30th!!
Martha the excitement at her house by visiting Exchange Students - this past week all 11 of them!!!
Guest Speakers today:    Logan Morse, Ruvimbo Chipazi and Sam doucette

Youth Leadership Council (YLC) 


These are up and coming leaders in areas of community development, media, communications, medicine, social media, law, accounting, politics, or non-profit leadership.

Young people ages 16 – 25, willing to share bright, energetic ideas and activities to promote Valley Regional Hospital Foundation.

YLC members will serve Valley Regional Hospital Foundation by bringing social media skills, insights into engaging other younger leaders, and activities which positively impact the mission, vision and core goals of the Foundation.

Benefits: YLC provides invaluable opportunities to bring burgeoning leadership skills into the broader community, innovate where impact can be seen locally, develop respected relationships, network with mentors and community leaders, learn about Board service, and develop a level of comfort to allow youth to serve as full-fledged Board members in any community organization in the future.


All three presented the Foundation Program, shared some of their personal thoughts on their involvement. The opportunity to get to know people from various other professions and community groups was a great reward for all of them.  They provided details on the fundraisers for the foundation and how these made a huge difference for future patients at the hospital.
Deborah shared Bio's on all three youth which noted their involvement in the community, their education and their skill sets and talent.  It was impressive!! 
No Illnesses to report this week.
The Fathers Day Gift Basket was won by Craig Macmullen - Congratulations!
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What did you Miss!  June 4, 2018

Chairperson:  Chris Maynard
O'Canada led by Sue Ueffing
Thanksgiving prayer by Kelly Ells
Visiting Rotarians: Russ Sanche from Wolfville Mud Creek Rotary club
Guests: Tara Steadman and TL Buchberger guests of Julie Sweet,  Anya - inbound exchange student and Sarah Hayes our guest speaker from Kingsport
Rotary Moment:  New to our club but something we might continue as a result of feedback at the district conference.  Roger volunteered to do our first one in the form of a quiz - and participation was good and even boisterous!! 
All kinds of questions about Rotary history and many involved things that happened in Canada.  For example did you know that after the next International conference in Toronto that Toronto is tied in second place for the number of times it has hosted!!   Did you also know that "Friendship House" was conceived back in 1924 for Toronto and RI has had it ever since!! 
Happy Dollars:
Wally - Great to see Russ visiting us and that he has  joined Rotary
Sue -  for her recent picture taken with PM Justin Trudeau!!!
Martha - for surprise visit by family including a dinner.  Not to out-do Sue but for having picture taking with Andrew Shearer.  Also with Marie staying at her place and with Anya they have invited some of the district exchange student to come and visit.  Any Rotarian's who would like to show some to the Students to local sights are welcome!!
Ellen - for the new concept of "Puppies & Yoga'" - It works really well!  and while we are on the political leaders theme - she did kiss Chretien when he was the PM!!
Julie Sweet - for having two guests join her today and Sarah Hayes as our guest speaker today!
Larry - had 5 happy dollars let's see if we can remember them all:  one for Jeff, I think two for being at Aldershot official opening of the new school playground, one for his new shed now completed but his dog thinks it is the new Dog House and will not let Larry have access and yes #5 we have forgotten!!   Sorry Larry!!
Jeff - also for the new playground and for Santana's home coming on June 7th.  We look forward to hearing all about her trip and one year stay in Brazil at June 18th Meeting!!
Phyllis - for the article in the Chronicle Herald  that our club supported the special project known as "Homeless no More"
Presidents Report:  Shelly noted that Oakdene Days Clean Up has been moved to June 23rd  11am-1pm!  June 17th official District Governor Change-over will take place in Pictou.   Shelly also reviewed all Club  Members birthdays and wedding plus Rotary Anniversaries!
Guest Speaker - Sarah Hayes - Kingsport Community Association.
Sarah provided us with information on the new one week camps in the Summer for children at risk between the ages of 10-12. Based on the research done by Acadia Professor Frank there is definitely a need in our communities.  48 youth will be selected to participate. The one week camp will include nutritious food and how to prepare it, physical activities, art based programs, time for reflection and grounding.  Longspell Farms will be one of the two farms involved providing a tour and picking of their own food.
The program will also include a motivated enthusiastic 13 yr old hockey player who makes her own crafts to support her hockey career,  two Mi'kmaq leaders and local artists.  Any art work designed by the participants will stay within the community on display.
Our rotary club was very supportive of what Sarah and the community are planning and we reached out how we could help.
Garth thanked Sarah for her presentation and for such a well though-out comprehensive program for youth.   And it fits right in with our Strategic Plan!!
NOTE;  Our Year End Lobster  event will be on July 5th, same place - Hennigars Farm - look for registration on Club Runner!
Chase the Ace - ticket drawn by Wally, but..................................................It's a roll over!!
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   President Shelly and Randy Crozsman as Rotary Founder " Paul Harris" on the Rotary Float
APPLE BLOSSOM PARADE pierre hoebers 2018-06-04 03:00:00Z 0

Interesting Stuff

  * We're greener with - breathing rooms filled with plants to clean the air and clear our minds,
  * Plants as art - plants in pots and staghorn ferns in driftwood hung like paintings!
  * Wallpaper Possibilities -  Impregnated with scratch-and-sniff fragrances,   lighting up when you touch it,  made with naturally shed peacock feathers!!
  * Trends that are showing -  we have seen a rise in "minimalism" , tiny furniture and clever storage spaces!!  
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What did you Miss!  May28, 2018

Chairperson:  Bill Denyar
O'Canada led by Sue Ueffing
Grace/Thanksgiving by Rev Randy Crozsman
Visiting Rotarians:  PDG Greg Coldwell, Frieda Burger from New Minas Sunrise Rotary Club, Cindy Titus from the E Club Atlantic Halifax Harbourside, Adrian Brewer from Vectis Sunrise Club in Newport, Isle of Wight UK and our Exchange Student Anja!
Guests:   Roz Speed and Connie Webster - our guest speakers.
Happy $$$:
Heather - Hats off to Kelly Ells and Randall Bishop for their performance in the Big Brass Swing Band they performed in at KIngs Edgehill Cadet ball on Friday May 25th, they inspired so many youth to get up and dance!
Phil pleased to share that they have a new Grandson known as Alexander Micheal!
Leah reporting back from her first District Conference, all was good - more details later but shared her experience with husband Greg that when they were in the pub, Greg disappeared for awhile and them upon return saw him sitting at the bar - she went over and to her surprise he was talking to "Great Big "C"  (you know - the famous Newfoundland Band!!)
Frieda Buger from New Minas Sunrise Rotary Club sharing up to date information on the new and improved "Duckless " Race scheduled for July 1st and selling a few tickets to our members as well.  Be sure to contact any Rotary Member of the New Minas Sunrise Club for your tickets.
Ellen Stoddart  Happy to be home and at Rotary after two weeks on the road to Cape Breton and New Brunswick for consulting work.  Second dollar.  Awesome weekend in Halifax at MSVU for a Concert Band Workshop weekend.  There were 160 participants from all over the Atlantic provinces with two guest conductors.  This is part of the Music for Life program.  We had representatives of 36 bands participating. 
Garth also attended District Conference in St.John's and eluded that we were well represented by members from our club. Garth also shared a story from his past in relation to our visiting Rotarian today from the Isle of Wight.
Roger Area DG attended District Conference, didn't think he would have a chance to make and throw snowballs at the end of May - but he did!!    Roger also shared story that leading his workshop his cell phone rang and he had mentioned to the Rotaracters that this should never happen!!!!   It was Suzanne reminding him to "TURN OFF" his cell phone prior to his presentation - Too Late!!!
President Shelly and Isle of Wight Rotarian Adrian Brewer exchange Club Banners.
Sue for a terrific canal cruise vacation in Europe and a reminder that Club Members can still register for the Rotary International conference in Toronto June 23-27, 2018 - Yes, that's right this year - next month!!
Wally also for attending the District Conference and for an extremely good speaker who originated from Pakistan, now in Canada, who spoke about discrimination and racism that he experienced.  He used RAP which stands for Rhyme and Poetry!
Rod President Elect reported back from the conference that he is enthused and energized for the upcoming Rotary Year and that the Kentville Rotary Club is well respected because of our members who have had District level positions and those that are presently involved in a District capacity.  There was a good program at the conference for Rotaract and Interact!!
President Report:  Shelly Phillips extends a Big THANK YOU  to Heather Tupper for organizing the Rotary Float at the Apple Blossom Parade which hosted Shelly as our President and Randy Crozsman dressed as the founder of Rotary Paul Harris!
Guest Speakers -  Connie Webster and Roz Speed from "In-roads"
Connie spoke first and shared her story in the battle to over come  a "Brain Injury" caused by a drunk driver rear end collision 9 years ago.  Connie was quick to point out that the Medical system let her down and many others who suffer as well.  Brain injury is known in communities across Canada as the "Hidden Disability"
Connie rehabilitation is ongoing and in  hearing and sounds as well, she can look at a person and not remember who they are but turn away and recognize their voice and then make the connection.  It's not our eyes that see but the message the eyes sent to the Brain that does not get recognized.  The In-roads program tries to communicate to the communities at large about Brain injuries so that we can all come to understand more about the struggles and complications.  
Nerons which the brain needs to fix problems cannot be produced if the person struggles, is depressed, has no social interactions, has no positive attitude.  This makes it extremely important to have family, friends, medical workers involved in the daily lives.
Test have shown that brain injured persons with 2 days per week interaction vs those who receive daily support do not recover as well.  Stimulation and interaction are key!!
NKEC Baking - next Tuesday June 5th,  Please contact Karen Corey if you can assist - 630 to 830pm
Chase the Ace - ticket drawn by John Lohr................. But It's a Roll-over!!
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What did you Miss!   May 14, 2018

Chairperson:   Martha MacQuarrie
O'Canada led by Brian Smith and Grace by Randy Crozsman
Our meeting held at the Kentville Fire Hall to check-out the Facilities along with access for persons with mobility issues and catered lunch by Paddy's.
Special guest today Michael Craig - district Youth Service Chair.
Happy Dollars:
Brian for sale of home, has temporarily moved to the cottage which is close for his work in Middleton and upcoming trip to visit the Grand-children in Ontario.
Kelly for a wonderful 5000km. road trip with her husband and attending graduation of her niece.
Leah for the car load of exchange student doing a shopping trip for the Prom - what fun they had!!
Martha for being here at the Fire-hall and all the good memories and connections!
President's Report:  thanks to all who supported the May 12th Jay Malone comedy night next one in the Fall,  Special thanks again the the organizing committee for the Presidents Dinner last week and Ken-Wo.   The Club has confirmed a student from NKEC for the Adventures in Understanding in Ottawa.   Deborah, Rod and Shelly visited with the Windsor Club and presented the Cheque for Valley Faces support of the 2017 edition.
Secretary's Report:  Rick reminded the Board of their next meeting
Guest Speaker - Michael Craig was introduced by Roger Sevigny.  
Michael is with the Rotary club of Halifax Harbourside and his career was with Bell Aliant where he managed residential marketing, contact centre operations and served as Director of Corporate Planning and Performance.  He retired in 2017 and in that year Michael updated the strategy for District 7820 Youth Services as he became Youth Service Chair for the District.  Today Michael came to talk to us about INTERACT.
Interact clubs provide students with Leadership skills in service. The club is responsible for Guiding, Mentoring and Supporting.  RI has much resource material online.  Policies are set by RI and the District.  There is a comprehensive youth protection plan and each INTERACT club requires a Rotary adviser and Faculty adviser.  The sponsoring Rotary club also requires a Club Youth Protection Officer and training is done by the district.
RI has 6 areas of service that the students can support and this is good for reference and setting goals ie) shelter box.  The INTERACT CLUB will provide students  with SERVICE - FRIENDSHIP - FUN.
Roger thanked Michael for his presentation, there was much to learn about and a great start to move forward on our goal of establishing an INTERACT CLUB.
Camp Brigadoon - request for volunteers - Tour for Kids is a two day cycling event held on July 28th & 29th put on by Coast to Coast Against cancer campaign and all funds raised will go towards Camp Brigadoon Village in-city and in-hospital programs , our Atlantic Teen Oncology Retreat and Family Oncology Retreat.  The need for volunteers is great - you can go to Tour for kids online or Google Camp Brigadoon if you can help!!
Chase the Ace - ticket drawn by Roger - no Ace - so It's a Roll-over
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NSCC  Sales Class

Here are some photos from our visit by the Valley Faces Committee with the graduation class who participated in this year's VF sales blitz.  Diane Best (instructor) presented all students with a special certificate and recognized top sellers. It was a team effort by all the students and we thank them very much for their enthusiasm as they learn about the sales process.
A special THANK YOU to Diane for providing Rotary this special connection in mentoring through vocational service.
 Deborah Conner, VF Chair and Jason Clarke Principal presented the certificates.
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Past President & Paul Harris Dinner

Annual Past-President Appreciation & Paul Harris Fellow Induction Dinner
A tradition for many years the 2018 dinner was held at the Ken-Wo Golf Club and our Emcee for the evening was a repeat performance by our delightful, charming and ever enthusiastic Club Rotarian Leah White.
O'Canada led by Pierre and a prayer of Thanksgiving shared by the Rev. Dr. Randy Crozsman
The program started with a warm welcome to special guests and Rotarians by President Shelly Phillips
Our meal prepared by Ken-Wo Chef and team consisted of salad, Pork Tenderloin for the main course and lemon pie with coffee and tea for desert.  Our compliments as the entire meal was masterfully prepared with flavours that appealed to discriminating taste buds. Well done indeed!!
Randy Crozsman  shared some words about the Past Club Presidents and we recognized those that were in attendance.  A complete list of Past Presidents can be found on Clubrunner under club documents. We also added a 25 plus year member  Doug Hill! Of course there was a special mention that our longest reigning member is Nat James at 62 years.  Wow!!
Phyllis Jarvis shared information on the  special recognition of  the "True Rotarian" 
Phyllis elaborated on the definition of "True Rotarian"   
"A True Rotarian. Someone who is a person whose activities are a result of his personal goodwill and a sense that the world will be a better place as a result of his /her quiet work and effort in Rotary.
A person who conducts him/herself following the 4 Way Test, who is humble, does not flatter wealth, or boast of their own possessions or achievements. This Rotarian speaks with frankness yet always with sincerity and sympathy. Deeds follow words, and this Rotarian thinks of the rights and feelings of others and is a person with whom honour sacred.
The “True Rotarian” is the foundation of Rotary: always there, contributing to the current Rotary activity and by any Rotarian’s measure, is the lifeblood of Rotary."
Doug Hill shared with us the definition of "Service Above Self" recipient:
Tonight we have been, and will be, talking about Kentville Rotary history and Rotary awards. It was felt that the conversation would not be complete unless and until it included Rotary’s Service Above Self Award and its connection to the Rotary Club of Kentville. Before going further, I hasten to interject that we will not be presenting a Service Above Self award this evening. Such presentations take place only very infrequently; more on that in a moment.
The Service Above Self award is named after Rotary International’s original motto that dates back to the first Rotary convention in 1910. The purpose of the award is to recognize those individual Rotarians who have demonstrated exemplary humanitarian service, in any form and at any level, with emphasis on personal volunteer efforts and active involvement in helping others through Rotary. It is Rotary International’s highest honour for individual Rotarians. RI strictly adheres to a maximum of 150 recipients world-wide per Rotary year, and there can only be one recipient in a District in any given year.
Given those numbers and the fact that there are over 550 Rotary districts in the world, it becomes apparent why local-area presentations are rare and very special occurrences.In fact, in the long history of our district, District 7820, only seven Rotarians have ever received the Service Above Self, and two of the seven have been, or still are, affiliated with the Rotary Club of Kentville. In 2005-06, PDG Pete Smith – then a member of the Rotary Club of Port Hawkesbury but formerly a member of this club) – received the award in recognition of his long-standing commitment to Rotary as well as his ongoing humanitarian work about which he spoke to the club just a few weeks ago.
In 2014,  then-Immediate Past District Governor Greg Coldwell presented a Service Above Self Award to the most recent recipient in District 7820, our own Roger Sevigny. This award recognized Roger’s many years of service in support of Rotary in both this district and District 7790, as well as the ongoing dedication of Roger and his wife Suzanne in helping some of society’s most vulnerable members as they provide foster care for children with special needs. Many of you will recall that Suzanne was presented with a Paul Harris Fellowship by this club several years ago in recognition of her role in their work. Roger and Suzanne, please stand and be recognized by this gathering tonight.
Roger is wearing his Service Above Self pin this evening, so if any of you happen to be talking to him after the conclusion of the program, take note of the pin. For most of us in this room, it is the closest we will ever come to one.
Roger Sevigny introduced the "Paul Harris Fellow " recognition.
Roger provided a short history based on Rotary founder Paul Harris and remarked that this is the main reason we are here this evening recognizing individuals in our community and in the club that have gone above and beyond in the name of Rotary and "Service above Self"   Each recipient had an introduction followed by PHF presentation by President Shelly.
Pierre Hoebers introduced Rick Penney - PHF recipient with special mention and certificates for Teena Penney and Allen Walsh.
Karen Corey introduced Julie and Jeff Skaling - PHF receipients
Jessica Clahane introduced Miriam Cameron-Sampson - PHF recipient
Rod McMahon introduced Pierre Hoebers - PHF recipient
Roger Sevigny introduced Doug Hill - PHF recipient
very Special Thank you to our committee for looking after all the details for the evening, to Ken-Wo Golf club for hosting us and once again the Chef and staff for the delicious dinner and last but not least all our special guests!
President Shelly shared closing remarks and thanked the committee for there efforts on another successful Past President's Dinner, congratulated our PHF recipients and thanked all members and their guests for sharing this evening with us.
Evening ended with "God Save the Queen" 
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What did you Miss!  April 30, 2018

Chairperson:  Wally Jarvis
O'Canada led by Pierre
Grace by Jeff
Guests:  Exchange students Anya and Marie
Happy $$$:
Roger lamented about the lack of participation in the singing of O'Canada - probably because the "key" we started in was a little high!!    What do you expect from a tenor!
Kate Seaman briefed us that parents of student picked to go to Ottawa have changed their mind however, follow up through some frantic calls led us to another successful candidate as replacement.
Pierre shared that he received a wake up call courtesy of Joe Euffing this morning at 445AM. Not getting to the phone on  time the voice mail said " Hi, it's Joe - just sitting back relaxing on the cruise enjoying a beer as we cruise through Austria"  Looks like Joe does not know his time zones very well!!!
Larry for the opportunity for him and Leah to represent the Club at the Kings County Volunteer Appreciation dinner.
Guest Speaker:  Virginia McIntyre - Dealing with Chronic Pain.  Leah introduced our guest speaker as she is the Team Lead for the Chronic Pain department at the WKM Health Centre in Berwick.  Virginia has dealt with much chronic pain and is a volunteer facilitator which allows her to share her story and train others in managing chronic pain
First picture shows fellow Rotarian's all pitching in to solve some technical issues!!.................and they got it to work!
Leah explained that there is a big difference between Acute and Chronic Pain - Acute is needed pain and allows for healing, Chronic is pain from 3 to 6 months and beyond and causes for Chronic Pain are not always clear and made worse by Anxiety, Insomnia, anger, stress and thus more pain.
Virginia shared that persons dealing with Chronic Pain are " Alone"  and Isolated from Family, peers and usually in distress and scared!!   Virginia was lucky that she managed to decrease her pain by 50% and learned to Self Manage her pain and accept the NEW NORMAL!
89% who suffer with Chronic Pain do not share with others.
Kate Seaman thanked our speaker and especially for her courage to share her story with us
Presidents Report:  Shelly shared this months Birthdays and Marriage and Rotary Anniversaries.  Reminder of Past Presidents Dinner May 7th  (no regular meeting that day), Brigadoon request for volunteers, Oakdene Clean-up us June 9th. anyone still wishing to attend District Conference there are some registrations available that other clubs are not using.
Shelly advised that our long time Rotarian and friend Roxanne has to step down as full time member however, she will stay involved as a supporter in "Friends of Rotary"    We hope to see you soon Roxanne!!
Secretary's Report:  Rick shared that anyone still wishing to attend District Conference there are some registrations available that other clubs are not using. 
Our meeting on May 14th at the Kentville Fire Hall will require attendance confirmation - look for registration on Club Runner!!
President Heather of the New Minas Sunrise Rotary Club invites us to attend special breakfast May 9th - tribute to David White - you need to let them know!!  Meeting is at Ken Wo Golf club
Rotary Float:  Heather Tupper is looking for 2 volunteers - a young person representing youth and an elderly person to represent our founder of Rotary who will be dressed the part.  Apple Blossom Parade.  Please contact Heather Direct.
PWD Committee Report:  Carl shared the following:
Budget for committee is split between Adult unrestricted funds $19,500 and Children restricted funds of $26,000.
Expenditures this year:   Camp Tignish camper fees,  Christmas dinner for the community, help to autistic children that attend special schools, young mother with baby formula, tuition for Kings County student at Landmark East School, Aldershot School playground for the challenged children, assisted in purchase of wheelchair accessible van, taxi's for low income lady to get to medical appointments, scooter for adult, drug costs, groceries and gas for persons with medical emergencies.
There was no "Chase the Ace"  this week.
FLEXIBILITY - "To improve is to change - to be perfect is to change often"  Winston churchill
One more reminder - no luncheon meeting next Monday and May 14th meeting at Kentville Fire Hall
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What did Miss!!  April 23, 2018

Chairperson:  President Shelly
O'Canada led by Sue Ueffing
Grace by Peter Muttart
Visiting Rotarians - PDG Pete Smith and Sandy - Sydney Rotary Club
Guests:  Barry and Nancy Maxner guest of PDG Pete Smith,  Anya Vavrikova and Marie Ecabert our Exchange Students.
Happy $$$
PDG Pete Smith for his visit to our club today and having the opportunity to provide us with an update from his last visit to Camaroon.
Kimberley Monette glad to be back, feeling much better after a lengthy battle with virus/cold/throat infection. Kim also shared with us that her Dad is now recovering well from his heart troubles and new pace-maker.  A week in Cuba took all the aches and pain away.
John Lohr shared update on John and Jaqueline Connolly - they are nicely settled in at Shannex in halifax and would certainly welcome any visitors if you are in the area.   Best regards from the Connolly's to our club.
Marie & Anya - thanked all Rotarians that attended their evening event on Sunday and for donations towards Shelter Box and their upcoming trip to the USA.  Greatly appreciated!!     Also special thanks to the Ueffings for hosting the event!!
Heather Lohr for attending cousins wedding in the midst or all  their busyness with John's campaign.
Kate Seaman provided us with an update on the donation to the "Homeless no more" campaign from the foundation, Greg Tefry will be part of the committee along with Rachel Beddingfield from the town of Kentville.   Kate also commented on the wonderful waterfall and fascinating light fixtures at the Ueffings new renovation!!
Sue for seeing new buds on the trees on her way in this morning,  for the Students dinner last night and looking forward to their European River Cruise on Tuesday.
Surprise guest Speaker PDG Pete Smith presented a shortened update on Cameroon before our President started the Business part of our meeting.
Pete shared that this project is his Passion and his 10th trip which has included 24 projects on behalf on our District. Support of these projects breaks down as follows:   Rotary club 60% - District  10% - Corporate 20% and Friends/Individuals 10%.  Examples of past projects include School Books distributed to 31 schools, containers full of medical and agricultural equipment as well as a school bus and tractor.  The village has 35,000 people and each trip Pete also makes sure he does Polio Vaccinations.
We are grateful for Pete's work and this update from Cameroon.
Presidents Report:
Shelly once again thanked Rotarians that were involved with the Jay Malone evening and that the next one in May 12th.  Brian has resigned as secretary due to move to Metro and Rick Graham has agreed to serve as secretary which was so moved and approved at the last board meeting.  Corporate Membership guidelines were circulated to members at meeting and will be emailed as well.
Larry and Leah will represent the Club at the Kings County Volunteer event on April 28th.  Evangeline Middle School will receive the Malone comedy funding for their Mental Health Day.  
Valley Faces of Business: Deborah shared that we are at $48,645 - a third of the way to our goal of  $150,000.  To date we also have 11 contracts that are not renewing - reminder to please follow up with your existing accounts.  
We need everyone to find ONE NEW CONTRACT - please give some thought to the services your use this week, check if they are on our list (as circulated) and if not drop off a VF sale kit for them to review.  TIME TO SPRING INTO ACTION!!
Shelley Fleckenstein offered to be the voice for our VF of Business Radio Ads!!
Community Service:  Kate shared (on behalf of Sheldon) information on the Literacy Association and the upcoming Kings Tec Leadership course on Wednesday May 16th which is free.   Club will provide $500 toward the Valley Harvest Marathon!  
International Committee:  Elva shared with us the following update:
  • Focusing on program for 2018-19
  • Greater concentration on one area of the world
  • Participation in Global Grant lead by RC Calgary South and RC Mbarara in Uganda. Topic- Improving care for newborn, preterm babies, at the Regional hospital in Mbarara, Uganda. This involves reconfiguration of hospital nursery & training for nurses in the intervention called Kangaroo Care.
  • Support of four micro-research projects in the health care area, working with the same Rotary Club as above, as well as the Mbarara University of Science & Technology and the Mbarara regional hospital.
  • I  will attend the WASRAG (Water and Sanitation Rotary Action Group ) workshop on June 22nd in Toronto, to look for other project possibilities.
Club Admin. & Social:  Phil reported on the following:
1.  the archives committee will be meeting and starting to review the information and memorabilia .The intent is to look through the material and start to sort through the info that the club should keep. The town has offered Doug MacDonald's old office as a location .More information to follow.
2.  the Social committee highlighted the upcoming President's dinner on May 7 ,reported that more information will be sent out on the Theater night latter in May; and our year end lobster event will be held on July 5
Youth Committee: Gerry Davis reported that or inbound exchange students are off to PEI for the annual District youth exchange
weekend.   Both Andrew in Belgium and Suntanna in Brazil are doing great as we had feedback from both sets of parents.  Also a reminder that we will not be having an outbound student for the next Rotary year. 
Camp Brigadoon - request for volunteers - Tour for Kids is a two day cycling event held on July 28th & 29th put on by Coast to Coast Against cancer campaign and all funds raised will go towards Camp Brigadoon Village in-city and in-hospital programs , our Atlantic Teen Oncology Retreat and Family Oncology Retreat.  The need for volunteers is great - you can go to Tour for kids online or Google Camp Brigadoon if you can help!!
Chase the Ace draw:  ticket holder was Roger Sevigny - No Ace so It's a Roll Over!!
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What did you Miss!  April 16, 2018

Chairperson:  Karen Corey
O'Canada led by Sue
Grace led by Sue - we sang "Johnny Appleseed"
Guests:  Colby Clarke - guest of Bill Denyar and our Guest Speaker Stephen Dempsey.
Happy $$$:
Leah for up-coming dinner (Sunday APRIL 22ND AT the Ueffings) prepared by our Exchange Students - PLEASE REGISTER ONLINE or EMAIL LEAH DIRECTLY.  Cost is $25.00 per person going towards Shelter Box and helping to fund the July trip to USA.   Some extra potluck dishes would be appreciated.  If you cannot attend please consider to make a donation for our students fundraiser.  THANKS!!
Rod for the second successful Comedy evening at the Cornwallis Ballroom - Next event will be May 12th and again we will be looking for some volunteers.   Our income from this past event was $1140.00 - great return on very little work on our part!!  Thanks to those who helped  out last Saturday!!  Remember all funds raised will assist Youth at Risk!!
Sue for the renovation work on her kitchen and just to let Joe know that the International Dinner will be at their place April 22nd!!
Gerry Davis for seeing Dorothy Miller and extended greetings from Dorothy to everyone at the Club.
Larry for Yoga but somewhere or somehow he ended up in Hospital because of it!
No President's or Secretary's reports today - both were committed to other meetings.
Guest Speaker:  Formally introduced by Bill Denyar, we welcome Mr Stephen Dempsey with OERA which is the Offshore Energy Research Association.
This was a very informative and educational presentation by Stephen which provided a general overall view of what is happening with choices of producing energy in Nova Scotia.  Here are some of the points that Stephen shared with us:
Why Tidal?  It's predictable and requires no back-up generation. 
Potential to generate 65,000 MW of power.
We could become a Global Leader in this research.
Challenges include the right technology for the equipment - and there are choices!
Much more research is needed for environmental impact.
When will it be available is the most important question.
Plans already exist to ship the energy out of province and country.  ie) underwater cable to NE USA.
There many good questions for Stephen and Rick Graham thanked our Speaker.
Committee Reports:
Board Meeting this Thursday April 19th and Shelly's office  4PM
Past President Dinner -  May 7th - 6PM at Ken Wo Golf club - Spouses/Partners and friends Welcome - Please register on Club Runner!!
Valley Faces of Business -  Reminder to please follow up on your existing contracts and encourage advertisers to return the signed contract for this year as soon as possible so the we can begin scheduling the Photo Shoots!!!
Chase the Ace - winning ticket drawn by Rod - But it's a ROLL-OVER
ATTENTION COMMITTEE CHAIRS - Any news or updates from your committee to the club can be included in the weekly Spokesperson - forward information to Pierre's email.
Not too late to register for either the District Conference in St.Johns or the International Conference in Toronto - all details can be found on the District and International Rotary Web sites.
Meeting April 23 - club business meeting
Meeting April 30 - Virginia McIntyre - talking about Chronic Pain
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Weird News

   * Oyster vending machine installed in French Seaside Resort
  * Court rejects Romanian man's claim that he is alive
  * Grumpy cat wins $700,00 in federal case over identity
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Rural/Urban Dinner

  March 27th - Port Williams Community Hall
  Our Emcee for the evening was Jake Eelman  
Opening remarks and official Welcome by our President Shelly Phillips
  Our guest Speaker, Lyle Loewen, President with Eden Valley Poultry
Lyle shared an interesting story about his family's move from Manitoba to Nova Scotia and what has happened at Eden Valley Poultry during the past several years.  There is no doubt that Lyle's passion in this field has provided the leadership that has made Eden Valley what it is today.  Besides the leadership, the forward thinking and motivation of their staff has played an important role in their success which Lyle says will continue.  It has been a good news story for innovation and creating new jobs in the Annapolis Valley.    
Larry Stillwell Co chair of the PWD Committee introduced Sharon McInnis who spoke a few minutes about her struggle to obtain proper transportation and how the Rotary Club was able to provide financial support along with her family's support to obtain the appropriate vehicle. This an example of service to the Community by raising funds through the Valley Faces Directory of which the rural Agriculture Sector is a substantial contributorThank You!!
Rural/Urban Dinner pierre hoebers 2018-04-09 03:00:00Z 0

What did you Miss!!  April 9, 2018

Chairperson:  Kelly Ells  
O'Canada led by Sue Ueffing
Grace by Bill Denyar
Visiting Rotarians:   Rob Porter, ADG - Rotary Club of Wolfville -Mud Creek.   Greg White - Rotary Club of New Minas - Sunrise.
Guests:  Gary Caven - guest of Deborah Connor,  Anja and Marie our Exchange Students,  our Guest Speaker today Chief of Police, Julia Cecchetto.
Happy $$:
Greg White for the recent presentations at local schools for junior High School students talking about Risk Items for Youth in the community.  Special guest speaker for this event was Mitch Dorge of the Band Crash Test Dummies.  The Schools involved we grade 8's from KCA and 8-12 from NKEC, grade 8's from EMS and grades 8-12 from Avonview.
Deborah happy to announce that Gary Craven is the new Team Member with the Hospital Foundation.
Sue for the upcoming visit of her beautiful grand daughters
Katie for the new promotion with Kings Honda for the Foundation that for every test drive of a new Honda Civic they will donate $20.00   GO OUT THERE AND TEST DRIVE A HONDA!!!
Larry for his Sheppard dog that had much anxiety when he picked him up from the SPCA. He has now calmed down, is much more receptive to other humans - you had a lot of patience and love for the dog Larry!!!
Cate Savage for having the Chief of Police as our guest speaker today and for Gary joining the Hospital Foundation Team.
Presidents report:   Shelly shared her experiences about the presentations at the Schools as mentioned above by Greg White and the dramatic impact it had on the students.  Shelly also shared a few words about the tragedy of the Bus Crash in Saskatchewan and how it affects so many parents that have kids involved in sports.   This was followed by Birthdays and Anniversaries of club members.
Secretary's Report:  Brian provided us with an update on his personal changes which will include a move to Dartmouth, he has just accepted a temporary CAO position for 3 days a week in Middleton and while he is there he will use the cottage as his residence.   Although not ratified by the Board he was pleased to announce that Rick Graham has agreed to step up as club Secretary.  THANK YOU VERY MUCH RICK!!
GUEST SPEAKER - Chief of Police for Kentville - Julia Cecchetto
Julia shared that her career in policing has been 20yrs to date, all in Halifax and her husband although retired from the police force is also still involved in Halifax.  They have 2 adult daughters, Julia likes horses, has two along with 3 dogs and a cat!
Julia has been in Kentville just about 6 months, she is still learning about Kentville seeing where to take the Police force. Presently there are some staffing issues and she is responsible for the Budget.  Kentville has 16 officers including two Sargeants with responsibilities.  She has put the police back into the schools, Julia feels that they need to be involved with the community to work with people at risk. 
Julia has to divide her time between administration and policing, some things have been cut out of the budget and a big challenge is that policies always need to change and be updated.  Julia hopes to start a bike patrol as Kentville has the road and pathway system for it,  at risk youth and seniors are a priority and more training for her officers.
Julia would also like to do a 5 year survey - done annually, have additional staffing and the new by-laws for smoking cannabis will also be a challenge. 
Elva thanked our guest speaker.
Committee Reports:
Community Service:
VCLA appreciates any support our members can offer, including people-power at our event, individual pledge collection for our walk, donations of items for our silent auction (new or gently used), cash donations of any size, non-perishable food for our 'grab-and-go pantry', or school supply items that can be used by our learners. We also welcome people to attend our event and purchase silent auction items, 50/50 draw tickets, hot dogs, etc.  Event takes place on May 5th, 2018
VCLA - Valley Community Learning Association
Valley Faces of Business Directory - The sales campaign is on!!   Pierre shared print-outs today with members of their contracted Ads -  Renewals have been sent with a copy to the Rotarian.  If you have not received a cc of your clients email contact Rod@valleyfaces.ca    Now is the time to make the follow-up calls to make sure they received VF new contract.  All existing clients need to be contacted by the end of April
We are also asking each member to contact 2 new potential advertisers, let Rod and/or Pierre know who you are contacting.   
It's easy, here are some ideas - your Doctor, your Dentist, your car repair shop, a family member that owns a business, talk to your friends, someone who has done repairs in your home this past year, a store where you shop, etc etc.   The potential of new clients is unlimited through who you know!!     THANKS EVERYONE FOR YOUR HELP!!   
Past Presidents dinner and PH Fellows recognition - Mark the date - May 7th at Ken Wo Golf Club  6PM - watch for registration on Club Runner.
A 50/50 draw today, back to Chase the Ace next week - Winner Shelly - gift of Chocolate and more chocolate etc.
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What did you Miss!!  March 19, 2018

Chairperson:   Shelly Phillips
O'Canada led by Sue Ueffing
Thanks giving prayer by Rev. Randy Crozsman
Guests:  Chris Perkins - guest of Rod
Happy Dollars:  
Rod - for his trip to Las Vegas which was business and a little recreation.  Rod asked Shelly to come forward, there was a surprise in the box and VOILA  Shelly got to wear the Birthday Hat - it is her Birthday - Today!!
Sue - for a wonderful trip with Joe to Florida!!
Elva - for Club's donation from members of $4M plus a District Grant for Kitchen equipment in the Canning Fire Hall
Gerry Davis - for his first meeting back since Knee Surgery - quite an experience - not always good but Gerry is glad to be back and now making good progress with the rehab.    We're glad you are back Gerry!!
Shelley Fleckenstein - for a wonderful trip to Mont Tremblant (skiing we presume??) during School Break.
Leah - for the arrival of Anja as guest exchange student,  her kids follow her around everywhere and think she is the greatest!  Leah is very appreciative of the opportunity to host and share this experience.
Jeff - shared that he just found out that he and Shelly (the President) are cousins through marriage. A wonderful surprise!!
Strategic Plan Update -   Pierre took a few minutes to recap the process of the Strategic Plan - where we started in December with a Member Survey,  we met for two club assembly's , plus two meetings with the Board, and we received numerous comments from the members.  Resulting today in the final draft with 5  priorities!
       Priority One:            To support youth locally and internationally to achieve success in their lives.
       Priority Two:           To provide more opportunities for vulnerable persons in the community.
       Priority Three:         To increase the engagement of all Members in Club activities.
       Priority Four:           To modernize the Club structure, membership, project management and fundraising.
       Priority Five:            To engage Members in international service projects, in collaboration with other        organizations, other Clubs, the District and Rotary International.
Brian followed up and  talked about the Goals for each of the key priorities.  Some goals have been assigned, some are very specific, and others need to be further defined by the board and shared with committees. The goals also need to be placed in the appropriate year of the 3 year plan.
Complete Strategic Plan is available by download on Club Runner Website - front page.
Valley Faces update and launch -  Deborah - chair for VF Committee - shared with the club the back office changes in the operations of our fund-raiser and that we have committed to a 3 years contract as approved by the VF committee and the Board.  Deborah thanked the committee for their hard work and expertise in this new venture.  Deborah asked President Shelly to come forward and presented the club with an initial payment of $46,000 from the VF Fundraiser.
Deborah asked Rod to update the Club on VF.   Rod shared how the new set-up had come about and specifically because he chaired the project last year was able to see the potential for growth and incorporate a more efficient back office process. Rod introduced Chris Perkins who will be the person responsible for the Rotary Club of Kentville contract.
Rod shared that all Sales Kits are ready to go, NSCC students are selling as we speak and have to date re-committed over $10,000 of Sales,  renewal emails with copies to Club members will be going out shortly and more details on streamlined follow-up and new sales leads will follow.  WATCH FOR YOUR EMAILS and THIS IS YOUR OPPORTUNITY TO RE-CONNECT WITH YOUR CLIENTS!!
Club Members will remain as a PRIMARY CONTACT for renewals  and in the SELLING OF NEW CONTRACTS - Our goal this year $150,000!
Communications Committee:  Kelly wanted to clarify that each club committee is responsible to send/share information with Communications Committee that can be used to promote Rotary in newspaper print and promotion within the Valley.
Baking this past Tuesday at NKEC -  here is the team of Larry Stillwell and his sister Debbie, Phyllis Jarvis and Sandy Smith (wife of past DG Pete Smith) and our newest member Bryon Crossman who teamed up with Pierre (who took the picture).
As always we baked and baked and had fun -  see the final result of well over 200 muffins and granola bars for the Breakfast Program.
Membership Committee reminds and encourages all club members to seek out potential new members, increase our club diversity and invite someone to lunch - one of the priorities in our Strategic Plan!
Chase the Ace -  we have a WINNER!!!! - Phil Warren - CONGRATULATIONS!
REMINDERS -  Rotary training Sat. Feb 24th if you wish to attend please check with Elva or Roger
                           No regular meeting on Feb 26th, instead we meet Feb 27th for Rural/Urban Dinner
                           No regular meeting on Apr 2nd - Easter Monday
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What did you Miss!!  March 12, 2018

Chairperson:   Wally Jarvis
O'Canada led by Pierre
Grace by Brian
No guests or visiting Rotarians today.
Happy Dollars:
Roger for excellent visit and training session in St Pierre et Miquelon and if you have not registered for our session on March 24th - do so!!  - it is well worth it!!
Heather Tupper for wonderful trip and visit to Equador (Quito) for her daughters wedding and meeting the in-laws.  Just as exciting was her opportunity to visit the Galapagos Islands!!
Pierre for our next Baking Evening - March 20th at NKEC - recruiting members to participate in this fun and worthy event. PLEASE CONTACT LARRY STILLWELL IF YOU CAN HELP.
Phyllis - first time in 13 years since they lived on the mountain that they did not make it home last Friday due to our Snow Storm.   So thankful she has a sister living in town!
Club Members are very familiar with the Happy Dollars each meeting, and the donations to Fred W.  These donations are matched by the Club, and sent to Operation Eyesight (www.operationeyesight.com).  Their Spring 2018 Newsletter indicates that 2018 marks 55 years of service for the organization, and Operation Eyesight has been recognized by the Financial post as one of the top 23 Canadian charities in 2017. And yes it's true, Fred W. bears a certain resemblance to our long time friend and Member, Fred Walsh, one of our local champions for Operation Eyesight. 
Sing-along led by Brian and Pierre and all joined in for  "Out to the Ball Game"
Presidents Report:   Shelly reminded all one more time about sign-ups for Centre-stage March 17th,  RI Training sessions March 24th and Rural Urban night March 27th.   Shelly thanked all club members that helped with the Comedy Night, she was impressed with the crowd, the organization of the event and Jay Malone was funny.  All funds raised going towards Mental Health project for Youth.
Secretary's Report:  Brian shared the following:
March 7 Rotary Board Bullet Points:
  • Contacted AV First Nations to find student to take part in Adventures in Understanding in Peterborough, Ontario this summer.
  • There will be no Exchange Student program in 2018-19, due in part to difficulty recruiting an outbound candidate in time.
  • Possible Refugee project partnership with a Hantsport Group, contact is our new Member Ellen Stoddard.
  • Volunteers, licenses and other arrangements in place for the March 10 Jay Malone fund-raiser at the Cornwallis Inn for youth mental health support – Rotary to determine how to distribute money obtained through the event.
  • Agreed to help Camp Brigadoon recruit some Rotary volunteers to assist with July 28/29 Tour for Kids (more information about volunteers needed on Tour for Kids website).
  • Donating $1,000 to AV Music Festival, and $200 to support Valley athlete going to Commonwealth Games – both joint projects through the Rotary Presidents Council.
  • Contacting Kentville Recreation about possible 2018-19 District Grant Project for Oakdene Park.
  • Approved a recommendation from Valley Faces Committee to enter into a 3 year contract with Maximum Music DJ Services and Rod McMahon to support the VFB fund-raising activities.
  • Identified a potential date conflict, referred to Social Committee: Lobster Doo and Toronto RI Conference.
  • Board revised the first Draft Strategic Plan Report, for Club overview at March 19 Business Meeting. 
New Member Induction:   Today the club welcomed Bryon Crossman as the newest member in Rotary International!
Leah - Director of Membership  -  shared Bryon's Bio, led the induction and asked President Shelly to come forward and pin Bryon and to present the official Rotary Certificate. 
Guest Speakers:   George Moody and Bobby Best  The Kings Mutual Century Centre - Berwick
George gave us an overview on how the centre was funded.  It is presently operating in the black and there is no debt.  Right from the beginning  (year 2000) the objective was to not start the project until all the monies were committed, and they stuck to it!   Support for the project came from all levels of government and local contributions totalling $4 million including this Rotary Club. 
The entire centre is operated by volunteers and they have a terrific commitment from the community. Presently there is an ice rink, community room and walking track, future upgrades include enough space for 4 curling rinks and a fitness center.
Bill Denyar thanked our guests for sharing their story and making the centre such great addition to the Community, both for Berwick and surrounding area.
Committee Reports:     Valley Faces 2018 - Sales Launch - next meeting, March 19th,  BE THERE!
How about this...Everyone experiences "Microsleep"  It occurs when your are straining to stay awake at a meeting or on a long trip. Your eyes may be open, but all outside stimuli will go unnoticed for anywhere from one second to a few minutes!
Chase the Ace - ticket drawn by Phil but again - It's a Rollover!!
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Announcement of 2018-19 Rotary International Theme 2018-03-09 04:00:00Z 0

What did you Miss!!  March 5, 2018

Chairperson:  Randall Bishop
O'Canada led by Pierre
Grace "Johnny Apppleseed" led by Randall
Guests:  Bryon Crossman - guest of Martha,   Our Exchange Students  Marie and Anya.
Happy Dollars:
Leah for exchange student Anya moving in and a big THANK YOU to Rod for the use of his 7 pax van.
Sue for Joe is away one week in Florida and she will follow for the 2nd week.
Anya for her move-in with the White Family!!
Marie expressed THANKS to Gary Condon for giving her a drive to Halifax.
Jeff provided an update on our outbound Exchange Student Santanna (in Brazil) - she is keeping very busy, just attended a local wedding and she is also doing online courses to keep up with her grade 11 studies.
Kate Seaman for a great but busy weekend at Bedford Classic (sports) with the family and a special THANK YOU  to Karen for driving one of the Khatib girls.
Sue led the club in singing of "Red River Valley" - we had great participation, you folks sounded Great!!
Presidents Report;   Shelly shared members birth days along with club and wedding anniversary's for the month of March.  Reminders to register for Rotary Training - March 24th and for the Jay Malone comedy evening March 10th - 8-10PM.
Secretary's Report:  Brian provided update that the "almost final" draft for the Strategic Plan will be presented and discussed at the Wednesday Board Meeting.   Brian also circulated a letter of THANK YOU received from the Salvation Army for our support.
Guest Speaker:  Mr. Scott Quinn - Environmental Engineer/Director of Public Works - Kings County
Scott was introduced by Brian Smith who shared some of Scott's back ground in this area along with personal Bio.
Scott provided us with an overview of the Sanitation/Sewer infrastructure and process in the county.  Scott explained the co-operation between the public sector and private business working together to maintain this facility and share costs.
The facilities are definitely up-to-date and we are well positioned for the future to handle additional services.  It was a very informative presentation followed by a great Q & A session.  There were lots of questions and all received satisfactory reply and/or explanation by Scott.    We thank Scott for taking the time to share this information with us.
Committee Reports:
Rural evening with dinner - March 27th - sign-up on Club Runner (no meeting March 26th)
Social evening - Centre Stage - March 16th - Register Early along with guests on Club Runner (not with dinner this year)
PWD - Jeff is pleased to announce the Larry Stillwell has volunteered to Co-chair on this committee.
Chase the Ace -  ticket drawn by Wally Jarvis - No Ace........so it's another Roll-over!!
......And get this!   My neighbour knocked on my door at 230AM. Can you believe that...230AM? Lucky for him I was up practicing my Bagpipe.
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Rotary's People of Action Campaign

The People of Action campaign is the new Rotary public image campaign. It is designed to build understanding of Rotary by answering:
• What is Rotary?
• Who are Rotarians?
• What impact do Rotarians make in my community and around the world?
• How is Rotary different from other organizations?
Through a variety of creative materials, the campaign shows Rotary club members as people of action.  We know that Rotarians share a unique perspective and a passion for taking action to improve their communities and the world. Where others see despair, Rotarians see hope. Where others see problems, we see solutions. Where some might see challenges, we see opportunities. This is our chance to show others how Rotary club members see what’s possible in their communities and to highlight what we can achieve when we join together to bring those ideas to life.
Rotary's People of Action Campaign 2018-03-04 04:00:00Z 0

What did you Miss!!  February 26, 2018

Posted by pierre hoebers
Chairperson:  Randy Crozsman
O'Canada led by Sue Ueffing
Blessing given by Ellen Stoddard
Guests:   George Henry our guest speaker today!    Our Exchange students  Marie and Anja.
Happy Dollars:
Kate Seaman for the Khatib family and that we require one more driver for Waed this weekend Sunday Morning to Mt St. Vincent University - Please contact kate if you can help.
Leah also for the Khatib family as she went to visit Khayriye and little baby boy is doing great and has a terrific smile!!
Carl for the ample snow he has found in Northern New Brunswick as compared to nothing we have here - a man has to take his winter toys to where the snow is!!!
Sue - first an apology for using the old words in the Anthem but more important we might see a great food event catered by our Exchange Students - it's in the planning stage.
Sue led us in some singing today and all joined in on "You are my Sunshine"  just to acknowledge the wonderful warm winter we have had to date!
Presidents Report: 
Shelly shared a few reminders about  Rotary Leadership Training on March 24th - specifically for all new board members however, anyone from the club can attend and is urged to do so.   You must Register!!
The Jay Mahone Comedy Night scheduled for March 10 and we require some Club Volunteers to help - please contact Rod or Shelly.   Shelly also mentioned that there is an opportunity for the Valley Clubs to sponsor and volunteer with the Valley -wide Marathon Project.  More details to follow.
Secretary's Report:  Brian shared the following: 
Thank you to all who have provided feedback to date on the Strategic Plan, very helpful!!    See the article/editorial from the newspaper on Valley Faces working together with the NSCC Finance students on the Sales campaign.  Mark your calendars for July 27-28 at Camp Brigadoon.   Brian also announced that their house has sold,  next will be a move back to the city and anyone who would like to take-over as Club Secretary please let him know.   
Illnesses update:  Bill shared that Doug Morrison has moved back home with ongoing day-care.  Rod shared that Gerry is recuperating very well from his knee operation and only the stairs is keeping him away from our meetings.
Guest Speaker:   George Henry - Chairman of the Board at CentreStage Theatre
George provided us with a wonderful talk, funny at times with personal anecdotes - after all he is in the Theatre Business!!  It was all about the history of CentreStage and relaying it through our Spokesperson is not even close to hearing it first hand from George - but here it is in print.

The idea of having a quality, year-round community theatre was the dream of Allen Hume, Susan Munro, Jerry Morine, Chloris Morine, Gertrude Bishop, Arlo Moen, and Diana Bishop. From 1984 to 1998 this group, along with many, many volunteers produced and presented a total of 112 plays, all but the first six of them at the Theatre in Centre Square, Kentville. When they decided to take a break, they turned the company over to another talented and enthusiastic group of individuals who, along with several others and countless volunteers, have worked tirelessly to provide the Valley with a first-rate community theatre. It was under the direction of this new group that many of the changes that have come about since 1998 have occurred. 


Since its inception, CentreStage has provided the Valley with not only good theatre but also with an outlet for the creative talents of it citizens. As a result, the theatre has garnered a large and dedicated following among the members of the theatre-going public. This has in turn inspired and energized those charged with the task of “running” the theatre to greater efforts to improve upon this wonderful gift. It was for this reason that those in a leadership role applied for and were granted status as a Society as defined under the Societies Act of Nova Scotia. By doing so, the Theatre looked to expanding the involvement of the theatre-going public in the actual running of the theatre. It also gave the theatre the opportunity to add an educational element to its mandate; consequently, workshop for adults and children have become part of the fabric of the theatre. 

Times have not always been easy for CentreStage. Running a community theatre strictly on what is taken in at the box office and on donations from generous private citizens is no easy task. There were times when month to month existence was all that could be managed—but manage they did. Times are somewhat better today, but our continued existence still depends upon ticket sales, advertisement, membership fees, and donations by generous patrons. The recent move from the Centre Square location in Kentville to the River Street location in Kentville was not accomplished without incurring great expense. Thankfully, “sweat equity” helped to keep the cost from soaring to unmanageable levels and the donations from the Town of Kentville, the Kentville Rotary Club, the Government of Nova Scotia, numerous patrons, and generous repayable loans from some Board members have allowed us to meet our obligations thus far. Those who have visited the new site have been favorably impressed and feel that the move has added greatly to the theatre-going experience. To aid in our fund-raising efforts, the Society applied for and was granted status as a not-for-profit organization by the Government of Canada. This, of course, allows us to issue tax receipts for any donations given to the theatre that meet the Revenue Canada guidelines. 

CentreStage now produces eight different plays a year, each of them running for six consecutive weekends on Friday and Saturday evenings.  During the run of each show, provision has been made for several matinee performances . The plays are a mix of comedies, mystery thrillers, musicals and warm­hearted dramas. When one play is in production, the one following it is in rehearsal. The Society also offers theatre camps for children which usually results in a production that is presented to the general public. 

While some regular cast members have professional experience in theatre, television, and film, their involvement with CentreStage is strictly on a volunteer basis and is done for the love of theatre. There are no paid employees, which makes it truly amazing that CentreStage Theatre is now in its 35th year of existence and has produced as of April 2018, 291 plays/musicals, involving a total of over 350 different actors/ actresses/ singers/ technicians in the Valley. 

Committee Reports:

Social - CentreStage event planned for March 16th - sign-up  available shortly through Club Runner.   Past Presidents and PH Fellow dinner on May 7th - please note both these dates on your calendar!!

PWD - Larry shared a story on a client that lost her mobility and needed a new Van. The committee was able to commit $4M and leveraged with some other donations plus fund raising by her family secured the new transportation. Although if it would have been a "ford" {Larry said} it would have been that much better but regardless they were very happy to assist!

Chase the Ace - ticket held by Heather Lohr - no Ace -  It's another Roll-over with 21 cards left in the deck!





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What did you Miss!!  February 12, 2018

Posted by pierre hoebers
Chairperson:  Phyllis Jarvis
O'Canada led by Sue Ueffing
Grace by Craig MacMullen
Guests:  Jean Luc - Bryon Crossman guests of Martha.   Anya and Marie our Exchange Students
Guest Speaker:   Marie - Our Exchange Student from Switzerland
Happy $$$:
Roger - a happy and sad dollar that their young foster son has been adopted by a very caring family
Sue for upcoming visit with the Grandchildren in Ontario
Martha reported on the success of the PC annual meeting in Halifax and that John and Heather certainly made a good impression!  As well as for Jean-Luc joining us for lunch today.
Sue led us in the singing of  "This land is your land"
Presidents Report:    Shelly reminded us of the Rotary Training Sessions and to register for the District Conference.  Shelly is attending a special meeting on Thursday at the Old O' that will include the plans and look for the New Valley Hospice - anyone interested in attending is welcome but  you need to contact Shelly to be on the registered list.   
Shelly also shared that the club has agreed participate with the comedy series featuring Jay Malone and that all funds through a free will offering will be given to Rotary for programs in support of Youth Mental Health.   Also there is an immediate need for SOCKS and UNDERWEAR  for students at KCA - if you can help at all please let Shelly know. 
Secretary's Report:  Brian distributed to each table a recap of the Club's Priorities as discussed with the Board and this will be up for discussion at our Club Assembly on Feb. 20th at 500pm.   When priorities are decided we will move into setting GOALS for each of the priorities for the next 1 to 3 years.
Illnesses update:  Rod reported that Gerry is back at home after his knee surgery and recovering.  Bill reported that he saw Doug Morrison at the Boat Show on Saturday - he was out on a day pass and looking pretty good!!
Guest Speaker - Marie - Exchange Student from Switzerland!!
Marie shared with us many interesting facts from her home country including lots of pictures of Family, Friends and all that wonderful Swiss scenery - 8 million people in Switzerland and it is smaller then Nova Scotia!   Of course there is excellent skiing and we heard that she is an expert skier and tackles all the difficult runs.  Of course Switzerland is known for Fondues, Cheese and Chocolat!!    
We all noticed how Marie's English has improved since her arrival.....She did an excellent job!!
Heather Lohr thanked Marie for wonderful presentation.
Refugee Status:  Leah briefed the Club on the on going refugee programs. As the lead contact for our club Leah receives updates on a regular basis on individuals or families still wanting to apply.  The Khatib family is now well established and can function independently thanks to all our support.  Leah is moving over to the Youth portfolio within our club.
Leah with the support of the board wishes to put the call out to any Club members that may wish to continue with this important project.  The club does not necessarily have to sponsor another family, there are many singles on the list which would be much easier to process and less costly.  Many of them already have command of the English language as well as an education or profession.    Please contact Leah or any member of the board if you wish more information.
Chase the Ace suspended this meeting in favour of a VALENTINES GIFT BASKET - and the winner is Sue Ueffing!!
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First Rotary Board Meeting at Library  

Wednesday, February 7th was a special day for the Kentville Branch of the Annapolis Valley Regional Library.  The picture shows Librarian Julie Johnson with our Rotary Club Board, for our first meeting in the Community Room, sponsored by our Club and the Rotary Clubs of Kings County Foundation.  Julie welcomed us as the first organization to hold a meeting that went "after hours", now that the locks and other features are complete to separate the space during the evening hours..
In addition to regular business, this was a Strategic Planning Session for the Board, and the video projection gear worked very well.  It seems the acoustics still have some features of the former choir space, but the overall community room is just great for a small meeting - such an great addition to the community, thanks to Rotary and its partners on the project. If you want to book the room for a group meeting, contact Gillian Yorke in Kentville Recreation.
First Rotary Board Meeting at Library 2018-02-08 04:00:00Z 0

What did you Miss!!   February 5, 2018

Posted by pierre hoebers
Chairperson:  Roger Sevigny
O'Canada led by Sue
Prayer of thanksgiving by Pierre
Guests:  Joel Veres - guest of John Lohr,  Bill Travis - guest of Chris and Garth, Bryon - guest of Martha.
Happy $$$:
Sue for a wonderful totally relaxing vacation ever on Saba Island - Caribbean
Garth for excellent District Meeting and thanks for Brian for his submission
Karen for excellent response to NKEC baking evening on Feb. 13th,  for Club support on the wine draw and Phyllis was the big winner - party at the Jarvis's I guess!!
Chris shared the winners for the Social last Saturday and they are:   Best Appetizer - Leah
                                                                                                                          Best Desert - Heather Lohr
                                                                                                                          Best home made wine - Roger Sevigny
There was lots of good food and wine - over 30 club members participated in the fun evening event at Martha's place - thanks Martha for opening up your home to us!!
Kate Seaman sharing with us the the Khatib Family has been with us 2 years now!!
Phyllis expressed her thanks to winning and to all who contributed to the wine draw
Larry for his visit to Middleton last week and his go at trying out for the Olympics with his figure skating  turns & moves on the slippery ice not the mention the perfect "crash" landing!
Special presentation of donation to the Aldershot School for support of the new playground equipment. To accept the cheque and say a few words were Crystal Turner-Tracy, Principal at the School and Janice Carter-Sanford of the Finance/Grant committee for the project.
Presidents Report:  Shelly reminder us on District Rotary training on March 24th, register for the District Conference in St.John's and Thanked the committees that are posting their meeting notes on Club Runner.
Secretary Report:  Brian shared the following:    thank you letter from Maisie Campbell where we provided a contribution of funds through youth - see picture and story in this Spokesperson.  February club assembly notes  and updates will (if not already) sent by email - mark you calendars for next Assembly on February 20th at 530PM.
Illnesses:  Leah provided an update on Doug, his rehabilitation is getting better and he has a positive attitude.  Gerry Davis has had knee surgery so will be away for a bit.  Get Well soon both of you!!!
Guest Speaker - our own  Larry Stillwell talking about the Community Health Boards.
  • Community Health Boards (CHBs) are a dedicated group of volunteers working together under a legislated mandate to improve the health of our communities. 
  • CHBs are made up of everyday citizens of all ages and walks of life who volunteer to serve as the eyes, ears and voice of their communities.
We share information and feedback with Nova Scotia Health Authority (NSHA) about local perspectives and identify factors that influence health, find ways to make communities healthier, and participate in the allocation of grants to promote better health.
Larry also shared with us the results of the most recent survey and feedback from the community.
Carl Kent thanked Larry for his review and update on what the regional boards are doing.
Youth Committee -  Kate Seaman shared that we have picked a student from NKEC to participate in this year's trip to Ottawa. Kate read to the members the daily agenda and it was most impressive on what they get to experience during their 6 day stay including participation in the official Citizenship Ceremony.
Chase the Ace - ticket drawn by Bryon - but..........No Ace - it's another roll-over!!
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Thanks from Youth Committee Travel Grant Recipient

Posted on Feb 05, 2018
February 4, 2018
I am writing to say thank you for your contribution towards my trip to Switzerland.
It gave me the opportunity to challenge myself in ways I didn't think were possible. I made some amazing friends that I'm still in contact with. I got to adventure in a breathtakingly beautiful country Imay have never had the opportunity to visit otherwise.
These two weeks were some of the best of my life, & you made it possible for me!!
Thank you so much!!
Maisie Campbell
Thanks from Youth Committee Travel Grant Recipient Brian Smith 2018-02-05 04:00:00Z 0

What did you Miss!!  January 29, 2018

Posted by pierre hoebers
Chairperson:   Kelly Ells
O'Canada: led by Brian Smith
Grace: by Phyllis Jarvis
Guests: Ellen Stoddard guest of Leah,  Bryon Crossman guest of Martha, Brenda Crozsman guest of Randy  and Exchange Student Anja 
Guest Speaker:  Heather Lohr
Happy $$ -  Chris Mynard shared a sad and happy dollar with a story on how quick someone's life can change. His daughter was driving just the other side of exit 12 on highway 101 when she had to swerve to miss a transport truck, her and two other cars ended up in the ditch but luckily everyone was okay - just badly shaking up - it could have been a lot worse if it was not for their quick response.
Bill Denyar brought us up-to-date information on his visit with Doug Morrison - he is doing much better and would welcome any visits from club members. He is still in the hospital in Kentville.
President's Report:  Shelly shared lots of club members Birthdays and Wedding and Rotary Anniversaries!!  Rotary Foundation money was distributed as $50,000 to the Portal and $7,000 to the Skate Park.
Secretary's Report: Next board meeting is Wednesday Feb. 7th at 4PMValley Faces meeting on Feb. 7th at 8AM at Carl Kent's office.   Brian also shared an update on the Strategic Plan, we had great feedback and discussion at the Club Assembly. Next phase will be to finalize Club Vision Statement and Key Priorites which will take us to the next club assembly scheduled for February 20th - 530pm at Paddys   NOTE - there is no Monday meeting February 19th!!
Valley Faces cheque delivered to Middleton by Larry - here's the proof as he makes the draw for this week's Toonie winner.  Thanks Larry!!
New Member Induction:   Membership chair Leah White introduced Ellen Stoddard and shared with us Ellen's Bio.  President Shelly and Secretary Brian presented Ellen with her Rotary pin and membership certificate. It's always a GREAT DAY when we welcome a new member in the world of ROTARY -  Welcome Ellen!!
Guest Speaker - Heather Lohr, club member who returned last Fall from her walk on the Camino de Santiago in Spain. 
Heather shared with us that they walked for 6 days with just a back-pack and never knowing where they would end up sleeping for the night.  All the the accommodation is bunk-bed style sharing with others.  Heather shared that is was relaxing and wonderful to know that each day all you had to do was wake-up and walk. "You did not have any of the other responsibilities that you do everyday when at home - it was great!"
Heather shared what she had in her back-pack, footwear for the walk, some of the food experiences and that the wine was good! Above are some of the slides that Heather shared with us.
Chase the Ace - winning ticket by Chris Maynard..........................but it's a roll-over!!
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What did you miss  on Jan.15, 2018

Posted by Larry Stillwell
Chair:  Rick Graham
Meeting Called to Order.
O'Canada:    Brian Smith
Grace: Randy Crozman
Brian Crossman - Martha MacQuarrie
Jason Clark - Club
Anya Vavrikova - Club
Marie Ecobert - Club

Happy Dollars:
Doug Hill - For Leah and the wonderful presentation she did in Berwick
Pierre Hoebers - For Ian Campbell from NKEC for the Thank You Calendars
Craig MacMullen - Named Master of the local Masonic Lodge
Leah- For the help of the members of the Membership Committee
Illnesses:   An update on Doug Morrison - Doug remains a patient of VRH. He is slowly recovering but has a long way to go. He will remain in the hospital for a while as is mobility is very limited. Following a release he will still require Rehab. 
Guest Speaker:
Jason Clark, CPA, CA
Principal, Kingstec Campus

Nova Scotia Community College
Jason presented a great overview of the NSCC System and in particular Kings Tech. The campus is presently involved in a fundraising mode. 
The mission statement from NSCC is: 
Building Nova Scotia's economy and quality of life through education and innovation.
These facilities are established and operated as sources of Continuing Education and Applied Learning. With applied learning you develop processes and also participate in their implementation.
  • 40% of the student population have some form of post secondary education
  • 92% of the graduating students find employment in the field of choice 
Kingstec Campus was updated 12 years ago and has multiple programs in four schools of education: 
- School of Access
-School of Business
-School of Human Services
-School of Trades and Technology
-25 programs 
-840 full time students and over 1000 total students
Continuing Education:
- Safety Training
-Computer skills
-Credit Courses
-General Interest Courses
Custom Learning:
-Industry Specific Training and Programs
-Upskilling of Employees
-New Hire Training for Industry
Make Way Campaign:
In October 2014 NSCC launched a fund raising project called Make Way Campaign. Thus far they have raised  $ 25 M which exceeds the original goal of $ 10 M. They have received considerable funding from the following associations:
- Ron Joyce Foundation
- Sobeys Foundation
-Irving Foundation
Classification Talk:
Phil Warren presented us with a classification talk. Phil is originally from London Ontario and received his MSW in Hamilton Ont. Phil however married a young lady from Antigonish area and similar to other gentlemen who have lovely brides from Nova Scotia, when they let's move home, you move home! Phil worked for Social Services and over the years he enjoyed the many changes in policy that changes in government tend to  bring.  One of Phil's greatest successes was the development and implementation of a Strategic Plan which resulted in Management Structure and transition into the community.
Chase the Ace:  I had the winning ticket and drew the 3 of clubs. Maybe next time.
What did you miss on Jan.15, 2018 Larry Stillwell 2018-01-17 04:00:00Z 0

Strategic Planning

               Vision Statement
The Rotary Club of Kentville, rich in
tradition and experience, will foster
enthusiasm and commitment through
participation, fellowship,fun and service.
 Club Assembly Feb. 20th  530pm
Strategic Planning pierre hoebers 2018-01-13 04:00:00Z 0

What did you miss on January 8, 2018

Posted by Larry Stillwell on Jan 10, 2018
Chair: Garth Gordon                 
Greeter: Rick Graham
O'Canada: The dynamic duo of Pierre Hoebers & Brian Smith
Grace:  Garth Gordon
Introduction of Visiting Rotarians                         
  • Peter Smith   North Sydney Club
Introduction of Guests:
  • Marie  Ecobert       Exchange Student
  • Anya Vavrikova     Exchange Student
  • Sandy Smith           Peter Smith
  • Ellen Stoddard       Rick Graham
Secretary's Report: Brian Smith
  • Reminder of the Board Meeting & Development of the Strategic Plan
  • Valley Faces of Business Meeting - January 17th
President's Report:
  • Reminder of NEKEC Baking on Tuesday
  • District Conference on May 22nd
  • Bill Denyar
  • Karen Corey
  • Jason Sharpe
Rotary Anniversaries:
  • John Lohr
  • Trevor Archibald
  • Roxanne Brown
Wedding Anniversary:
  • Pierre and Corrie Hoebers 
  • Doug Morrison is recovering from a brain aneurysm.
Happy Dollars:
  • John Lohr  - Running for the Leadership of the PC Party 
                               - Farmer John's Herbs has purchased Omega Crunch
                               - Marie has completed her term with the Lohrs and has relocated to Martha MacQuarrie's
                               - Anya has relocated to Trevor Archibald's
  • Martha MacQuarrie - Happy to have Marie staying with her
                                                 - Recommends everyone check out johnlohr.ca
  • Karen Corey - Happy that Andy has a new grandaughter
Guest Speaker:     Peter Smith - Rotary's Impact in Cameroon             
Former: French Cameroon, British Cameroon, Federal Republic of Cameroon, United Republic of Cameroon
Etymology: in the 15th century, Portuguese explorers named the area near the mouth of the Wouri River the Rio dos Camaroes (River of Prawns) after the abundant shrimp in the water; over time the designation became Cameroon in English; this is the only instance where a country is named after a crustacean
French Cameroon became independent in 1960 as the Republic of Cameroon. The following year the southern portion of neighboring British Cameroon voted to merge with the new country to form the Federal Republic of Cameroon. In 1972, a new constitution replaced the federation with a unitary state, the United Republic of Cameroon. The country has generally enjoyed stability, which has enabled the development of agriculture, roads, and railways, as well as a petroleum industry. Despite slow movement toward democratic reform, political power remains firmly in the hands of President Paul BIYA.
Cameroon’s market-based, diversified economy features oil and gas, timber, aluminum, agriculture, mining and the service sector. Oil remains Cameroon’s main export commodity, and despite falling global oil prices, still accounts for nearly 40% of exports. Cameroon’s economy suffers from factors that often impact underdeveloped countries, such as stagnant per capita income, a relatively inequitable distribution of income, a top-heavy civil service, endemic corruption, continuing inefficiencies of a large parastatal system in key sectors, and a generally unfavorable climate for business enterprise.
Since 1990, the government has embarked on various IMF and World Bank programs designed to spur business investment, increase efficiency in agriculture, improve trade, and recapitalize the nation's banks. The IMF continues to press for economic reforms, including increased budget transparency, privatization, and poverty reduction programs. The Government of Cameroon provides subsidies for electricity, food, and fuel that have strained the federal budget and diverted funds from education, healthcare, and infrastructure projects, as low oil prices have led to lower revenues.
Cameroon devotes significant resources to several large infrastructure projects currently under construction, including a deep seaport in Kribi and the Lom Pangar Hydropower Project. Cameroon’s energy sector continues to diversify, recently opening a natural gas-powered electricity generating plant. Cameroon continues to seek foreign investment to improve its inadequate infrastructure, create jobs, and improve its economic footprint, but its unfavorable business environment remains a significant deterrent to foreign investment.
Peter will be making his 3rd trip to Cameroon in March of this year. The area that he travels to is 40 kilometers South of Bermenda. The area is served by a network of clay roads and is ruled by a King who has 17 wives and 34 children. Peter's first trip was in 2000 and he was accompanied by Barry Howie, Greg Trefry and Joe Ueffing.  The trip was an introduction to Immunization for Polio.
     The area in Cameroon has one nurse for every 15000 people. Since 2003 there have 25 projects for bettering the area  with 10% being funded from the Rotary Foundation and 70% from the Rotary Clubs in the district. Every cent that is raised for the projects goes to the project, with the average projects cost being $12,000. 
        Rotary foundation projects are low cost with dramatically high impact.
The District Projects go to:                                                                                                                             
  1. various hospitals
  2. Buses which in three years have traveled 300000 kilometers
  3. Latrines for schools with wash stations
  4. All projects are recognized locally with a plaque.
Each trip to Cameroon includes a Polio Clinic, there are also School Book Projects with the schools being made of clay by locals most being 3 room school houses.  There was on hospital in Cameroon that had been in action with no equipment for 6 years. As previously stated the Roads are clay packed and particularly dusty. The project equipment and medical supplies are packed and shipped in containers from here at a cost of $2300 and they are left for local use. Equipment shipped has included sewing machines, X-ray machine which was taken apart and reassembled on site.  
Chase the Ace:      Kate Savage held the winning ticket, but lost the draw.
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What did you Miss!!   December 18, 2017

Posted by pierre hoebers
Chairperson - Randy
O' Canada - lead by Susan
Grace - by Pierre
Guests - Ross Monette - guest of Kimberley
We had NKEC calendars on the tables for anyone to take. It is a "thank you" calendar for our support last year for the lift we assistance in providing in the NKEC van. Every month of the calendar featured a pic
of students on one of their various trips which they used the van for.
Happy dollars
Brian Smith - had a couple of cards for Rotarians to sign. One was a Happy Holidays for Fred Walsh, and the other was a get well card for Doug Morrison. Brian & Donna had a nice visit with John & Jacqueline Connelly. They are now residing in Park Lane (assisted living), and are really enjoying their new spot.   
Susan - Tired from a busy weekend. They had lots of Rotary friends visit this weekend, 17 guests on Saturday, and 15 on Sunday. On top of this she received a last minute phone call from her son and family from Ottawa telling her that they were coming for a "surprise visit" for the weekend. Great times were had by all.
Sue also mentioned that Doug Morrison is recovering in hospital after a brain aneurysm. He had surgery to remove a clot. He is still in ICU. No visitors yet, but please email or mail your best wishes to Doug & his family.
Randy - Randy talked about how he is so happy to have the Sanctuary of the new Kentville Library be such an important part of this amazing new facility. So pleased to see this incredible treasure continue to be part of this new existence. The spirit lives on.
President report - Shelly presented Tina and Dawn with their Xmas envelope with a big thank you from all for all the amazing things they do for us every Rotary Monday.
Secretary's report -
Brian reminded us that the next meeting will be Monday, January 8th. Peter Smith will be our guest speaker.
Brian went on CB and explained how to retrieve the minutes that he posted last week under "club documents". If you need any assistance, he is your guy.
We received a Christmas card from Operation Eyesight thanking us for our support over the years.
Committee reports -
Youth committee - Craig wanted to mention an idea involving a "sailing program" at Aylesford Lake.
We could approach other Rotary Clubs to come and participate. It could potentially be a means of making some extra dollars. Would need a huge commitment from our club if we choose to entertain this idea.
Guest speaker - Kimberley Monette was suppose to be our guest speaker today. She had her Mother to a Dr appointment that ran way over the appointed time. Stay tuned in the New Year to hear Kim's classification talk.
In Kim's absence, Randy kept the meeting flowing as best as one could. To fill in some time he had each Rotarian at the meeting, indicate what keeps them motivated as a member, what makes Rotary "tick" for them.
Chase the Ace - the lucky ticket belonged to Shelley Fleckenstein - but no Ace - soooo it's a Roll Over!!
There are 26 cards remaining.
We closed with the recital of the Four Way Test.
President Shelly presented our Exchange Students with their Xmas Stockings Monday evening at the Christmas Party!
THANK YOU to Marian Cameron for being our Scribe today!!
Happy Holidays.      
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The beauty of Winter

The beauty of Winter Pierre Hoebers 2017-12-12 04:00:00Z 0

 Kentville Rotary Family Community Christmas

        ...........and fun was had by all!!
            Ho Ho Ho !!!                     
                             Ho Ho Ho !!!
                             Ho Ho Ho !!!
Kentville Rotary Family Community Christmas Pierre Hoebers 2017-12-11 04:00:00Z 0

What did you Miss!!  November 20, 2017

Posted by Pierre Hoebers
Chairperson:  Sheldon Matthews
O'Canada led by Sue Ueffing
Prayer of Thanksgiving by Randy Crozsman
Visiting Rotarians:  Greg White - New Minas Sunrise Club
Guests:  Rachel Beddingfield and Mark Phillips for the Town of Kentville,  Russ Sanche from The Portal and Marie Ecabert -Exchange Student.
Happy Dollars:
Sue  for going the visit her grandchildren
Bill for great social event this past Saturday with club members for dinner and show at Centre Stage
Jeff for update on Suntanna, she just moved in with her second Host Family in Bahia, Brazil and expect a further update in about a month.
Brian for Movember and the support he has received from our Club Members
Phyllis for Hospice Dinner her and Wally attended last Saturday and for a week vacation in the D.R.
Kelly for playing with the supporting musicians in the Xmas Shows in Windsor
Sheldon shared that he and Shelly attended a special function at the new Library and that all club members are invited to the official opening ceremony this Saturday and 10AM. 
Don't forget to sign-up for Salvation Army Kettles,  PWD Family Xmas party on December 4th and next weeks meeting will be at Applewoods Restaurant.
Guest Speakers:
Today the Community Service Committee invited ambassadors from three community projects. They were asked to share background/details/timeline and monies needed for their specific project.
Greg Trefry provided an explanation of the process at the foundation for service projects. 
The presenters were as follows:
* Kentville Skate Park (which could include Rotary branding)  request $150,000  Mark Phillips Town of Kentville
* Homeless No More Strategy (the Portal)  request $127,000   Russ Sanche  
* Oakdene Park Playground request $30,000  Rachal Beddingfield Town of Kentville
These funds will be allocated and requested through the Rotary Clubs of Kings County charitable Foundation.
NOTE:  If you were not at todays meeting TO VOTE - PLEASE RESPOND to email sent out by Secretary Brian Smith to register your vote via email. 
Thank you to all three representatives for their informative and updated presentations - All worthy projects and tremendous support for our community.
Chase the Ace ticket drawn by Wally - but No Ace - It's a roll-over!!
REMINDER next week's meeting at Applewoods Restaurant - across from Irving's Big Stop!
What did you Miss!! November 20, 2017 Pierre Hoebers 2017-11-20 04:00:00Z 0

What did you miss November 6, 2017

Posted by Larry Stillwell
What did you miss November 6, 2017
Chair:              Al Mutch
O’Canada:      Doug Hill
 Grace:            Doug Hill
Guests:           Ellen Stoddard – Leah White
                        Kaharia Khatib – Leah White
                        Brian Crossman – Martha MacQuarrie
                        Justine MacDonald – Guest Speaker
                        Marie – Exchange Student
                        Anya – Exchange Student
                        Tony Stephenson (former Member)
 Visiting Rotarians:    Greg White – New Minas Sunrise
Happy Dollars:          
Brian Smith – Movember and is growing a mustache celebrating surviving prostrate Cancer.
Kimberley Monette - was very pleased with her company receiving an award for the Valley’s Outstanding Business.
Larry Stillwell – pleased for having enjoyed a Coldbrook Lions Club Murder Mystery Diner on Saturday and the Buffy St. Marie concert Sunday evening at Acadia.
Heather Lohr – Happy to reach the Freedom 55 level. She is celebrating by taking Anya and and Marie to Halifax to shop.
Jake Eelman happy that is starting his dream of starting his own Vineyard
Sue Ueffing happy that she had a great trip to Holland.
Presidents Report:
 Shelly welcomed our guests, reminded people about the reception on the 11th at Elva’s, a reminder of the Club dinner theatre on the 22nd, the annual General Meeting on Dec. 11th.  We had a show of hands for those planning on attending the meeting on the 13th and expressed best wishes and Happy Birthdays to Carl, Walley, Shelley, Roxanne,Phil, Chris, Rod and Fred Walsh.
We were please to welcome Tony back following a bout with cancer and sorry to hear about Phyllis recent loss of her mother.
Guest Speaker:  Justine MacDonald who hails from Alberta and is a wonderful Photographer working at Kingstec. Justine has had two opportunities to visit Vimy Ridge and shared her experience from the most recent trip to France and the impact on Canadian history.
The Canadian National Vimy Memorial is a war memorial site in France dedicated to the memory of Canadian Expeditionary Force members killed during the First World War. It also serves as the place of commemoration for Canadian soldiers of the First World War killed or presumed dead in France who have no known grave. The monument is the centrepiece of a 100-hectare (250-acre) preserved battlefield park that encompasses a portion of the ground over which the Canadian Corps made their assault during the initial Battle of Vimy Ridge offensive of the Battle of Arras.
The Battle of Vimy Ridge was the first occasion on which all four divisions of the Canadian Expeditionary Force participated in a battle as a cohesive formation, and it became a Canadian national symbol of achievement and sacrifice. This battle is Canada’s most celebrated military victory - an often mythologized symbol of the birth of Canadian national pride and awareness.
Vimy Ridge is an unusually prominent, nine-kilometre-long escarpment rising amid the open countryside north of the town of Arras. To the north and east of the ridge are the Douai plain and the important coal mining city of Lens – in 1917 both were occupied by Germany. To the west and south were the British lines and unoccupied France. German forces had been entrenched on the heights of the ridge since nearly the beginning of the war in 1914, despite several attempts to dislodge them. More than 100,000 French soldiers had been killed and wounded in previous efforts to recapture the ridge.  
France ceded to Canada perpetual use of a portion of land on Vimy Ridge on the understanding that Canada use the land to establish a battlefield park and memorial. Wartime tunnels, trenches, craters, and unexploded munitions still honeycomb the grounds of the site, which remains largely closed off for reasons of public safety. Along with preserved trench lines, several other memorials and cemeteries are contained within the park.
Although the battle is not generally considered Canada's greatest military achievement, the image of national unity and achievement imbued the battle with considerable national significance for Canada. According to Pierce, "the historical reality of the battle has been reworked and reinterpreted in a conscious attempt to give purpose and meaning to an event that came to symbolize Canada's coming of age as a nation." The idea that Canada's identity and nationhood were born out of the battle is an opinion that is widely held in military and general histories of Canada. The battle was the largest territorial advance of any Allied Force to that point in the war – but it would mean little to the outcome of the conflict. More than 10,500 Canadians were killed and wounded in the assault. Today an iconic white memorial atop of the ridge honours the 11285 Canadians killed in France throughout the war who have no known graves. The trip to France included wearing red jackets and throughout Justines’s trip the people encountered were extremely hospitable and welcomed Canadians openly.  They obviously were Canadian and even encountered some friendly Australians who discussed the Memorial as well as the poem In Flanders Field by John McCrae.
Walley Jarvis thanked Justine on behalf of the Club for the informative presentation.
Closing: We joined together in a Moment of Silence in Memory of those who have served to protect us and those that have paid the supreme sacrifice for all Canadians.
What did you miss November 6, 2017 Larry Stillwell 2017-11-06 04:00:00Z 0

What did you Miss!!  October 30, 2017

Posted by Pierre Hoebers
Chairperson - Pierre Hoebers
O' Canada - lead by Brian Smith
Grace - by Cate Savage
Guests -
Our guest speaker - Sarah MacDonald
Our exchange students - Marie & Anja
Richard Chickoski, guest of Hope Chickoski
John Lindsay, guest of Kim Monette
Gary Caven, guest of Cate Savage
Lavina & Oakley White - guests of Leah White
Happy dollars
Garth Gordon - Attended the Rotary Leadership Training last weekend. Thought it was a marvelous program. Encouraged others to consider it in future. Very educational. Also mentioned that he District director's minutes are now posted on the District website for all to view. Other great resources found there a well.
John Lohr - Excited about his office re-location. Better visibility, and Martha has a much better working space. He is at 341 Main Street Kentville, beside the new Maritime Travel location.
Heather Lohr - Was in Holland visiting Sue & Joe. Had a great trip. Also, was asked to host Gordon Pinsent & his daughter while they were in the Valley for DEVOUR (Film & Food Festival).
Leah White - Happy to be here with her two amazing kids. This is Oakley first official meeting where he actually gets to have his own seat and have lunch off the menu.
Shelley Fleckenstein - Participated in some of the DEVOUR activities over the weekend. Great festival. And is excited about HALLOWEEN.
Brian Smith - Our strategic plan is now on the website for all to view. We will talk more in-depth on it in November.
Julie Sweet - Was away for three weeks to Hawaii and Australia. Had an amazing trip. Conference in Brisbane that was really great as well. Highlight - swimming with the sea turtles in Hawaii.
President & Secretary's report - given by Rod McMahon. Shelley sent her regrets from PEI due to family commitments. Rod was happy to have us at Applewood's for one of three meetings to be held here.
Illness - Hope Chickoski wanted to let us know of the passing of Phyllis Jarvis's Mom who had been ill for some time. Even though this is a difficult time for Phyllis and her family, her Mom had a great, long life, and lived at Riverside right up until her passing. Our thoughts and prayers are with Phyllis and her family at this time.
Guest speaker - Brian Smith introduced our guest speaker, Sarah MacDonald. Sarah MacDonald works with the Kings County branch of the Canadian Mental Health Association, and she is involved with programs that support employment and food security here in the Valley. 
Sarah talked to us about her SOUP and Community Garden Programs. She is very passionate about her work and the people she assists. Its all about providing healthy, local, and safe food. Sharing our "unappreciated produce" and distributing it to people and areas of need. Statistics show that we only eat 5% of our of vegetable produce that we grow. Garden beds under this program were first started at NSCC Kentville, and now they can be found in various locations in the valley. For example, there are now 13 beds found in the Berwick area (Berwick school, Spicer Park, Mill Street Community garden) whereby the produce is grown in the beds to help feed people that would not have an opportunity to consume these products. Kingston is another area at the Kingston Outreach Gardens where garden beds and a greenhouse will be coming there in the Fall.
Another element of her work is the SOUP program, which stands for Sharing Our Unappreciative Produce.
Louis Millett Centre in New Minas is one of the four kitchens in this program. These four kitchens serve 140 meals per week.
Many local organizations have lent a helping hand such as, Henny Penny's in New Minas for produce & storage, to TAP Roots farm, to Lone Pine Farm for storage, just to name a few.
They have a new partnership with FEED NS, FOUND (Gathering & Sharing Forgotten Food), to GLEAN (foods from the fields).
The MacDonald Museum in Middleton has a new Kale & Broccoli project in their amazing greenhouse there.
Great programs, great community service.
Pierre thanked Sarah for her informative talk and for her compassion in her work in helping so many people.
Committee reports -
VF - Randall - wanted to thank everyone who answered his email on the distribution feedback. And for those who helped with the distribution. It was a great "cost saving" effort. Well done !
Program committee - we are back at Rosie's next week where Al Mutch will lead us in a Remembrance Day program.
Chase the Ace - lucky ticket belonged to Elva - but no Ace - soooo it's a Roll Over!!
Thank you to our Scribe for this meeting - Mariam Cameron
What did you Miss!! October 30, 2017 Pierre Hoebers 2017-11-01 03:00:00Z 0

What did you Miss!!

Posted by Pierre Hoebers
Club visit by the District Governor  Don and Pat Sword
Chairperson:   President Shelly Phillips
O'Canada led by Pierre Hoebers
Grace by John Lohr
Visiting Rotarians:  Tony Cabral - Rotary Mud Creek, ADG Rob Porter - Rotary Mud Creek, Jim Chambers - Rotary Wolfville, PDG Greg Coldwell - Rotary New Minas Sunrise.
Guests:  Paul Thielen - guest of Pierre Hoebers,  Tia Andrews and Laura Seamore - guests of Joe Ueffing, Ellen Stoddart - guest of Cate Savage
Happy Dollars:  Phyllis for Wally that he is visiting with his Son and Grand-son. Khayriye for being part of our Rotary family and being here today with her new born son.
Presidents Report:  Official welcome by Shelly to our DG Don Sword and his wife Pat, all our visiting Rotarians and Guests!  Reminder of RYLA training on October 28th in Truro - specially recommended for new Rotarians and financial support is available from the Club.   Shelly shared Birthdays, Wedding anniversaries and Club anniversaries.
Secretaries Report:  Rod filling in for Secretary - we are looking for a new club secretary, INTERESTED? - please touch base with Rod or Shelly.  Rod reviewed future activities and club programs - NKEC Breakfast baking program will start again on October 24th - 630pm - 830pm,  Salvation Army Kettles needs coordinator for our club, Social event Nov. 18th at Centre Stage, PWD Xmas party set for Dec. 4th,  club AGM Dec. 11th, and special club Xmas Cocktail pary Dec. 18th.
Club is also in discussion for a joint Fundraiser with New Minas Sunrise in support of Landmark East School, Valley Faces of Business should be distributed this week.
Guest Speaker:  DG Don Sword was able introduced by our ADG Rob Porter.
Don brought greetings from International President Ian Risley, the theme for this year is "Making a Difference".  RI President Risley was recently present in PEI with the celebration of the 100th Anniversary of the Rotary club of Charlottetown.  DG Don presented president Shelly with official International Rotary banner for 2017/2018.
True Rotarian recognition - Kate Seaman was presented with this special award for her dedication, support, and living the four way test in everything she does for Rotary and our club. Kate has given many years of service and noteworthy most recently was her leadership role and involvement of the sponsoring of our refugee family.   Well deserved Kate and THANK YOU for all you do in Service above Self.
DG Don Sword presenting Kate with her special recognition certificate.
Don continued with several district updates:  PETS & SETS training has been replace with RLT - Rotary Leadership Training. Although originally designated for incoming Presidents and secretary's it now is available to any Rotary member who is involved in a leadership position - ie) committee chair, on club board etc.  There is also a new strategy for Youth.  Don also shared that the Rotary International Foundation was recognized as the best World Wide charity.  Did you know that 92% of all funds go directly to help the worthwhile projects.
The districts strong leadership team has adopted the 3 CCC's - they stand for Consistency, Collaboration and Continuity and Don's focus this year can be summed up with "PIPE" which stands for focus on Public Image, Peace, and Environment.
Don also shared RI President Risley request that every club take on the commitment to plant a tree for every member during his year 2017-2018.  Finally Don reminded all of us that the District Conference will be in Newfoundland and the International Conference in Toronto in June 2018.
Chase the Ace Draw - Shelly had the lucky ticket but.....................It's a ROLL OVER!!!!
What did you Miss!! Pierre Hoebers 2017-10-16 03:00:00Z 0

Spokesperson Oct. 02,2017

Posted by Larry Stillwell
Chairperson:   Rod McMahon
O'Canada:      Bill Denyar
Guests:          Kelly Fifield           Guest of Carl Kent
                      Deborah Conner    Corporate Member Valley Health Foundation
Grace:            Rod McMahon
Happy Dollars:       Heather Lohr -  returned from her trip to Spain where she had been trekking across the country and joined the Canadian Company of Pilgrims. She departed for home from Barcelona where people were assembling for a referendum vote for separation from Spain.
 Craig MacMullen - had an operation on his face which was healing very quickly. He spoke of his participation in the Targa car rally competition followed by a trip to Salt Springs to attend a wedding.
Brian Smith - Advised Pierre was absent as he had just moved into his new home. Brian also commented on the 20th Anniversary of the Middleton Sports Wall of Fame held in the MacDonald Museum and where Larry Stillwell as inducted with his companions for Volleyball and representation of Nova Scotia at the first Canada Winter Games. 
Kate Seaman - Spoke of the Harvest Festival which was celebrating 15 years and thanked Bill Denyar for assisting with driving Waed Khatib to basketball.
Guest Speaker:        Garth Gordon who provided us with a  great deal of insight on his early career as a Helicopter Pilot in the Armed Forces.
     Garth donned his favourite hat and provided us with a pictorial tour of some of his ventures into the Canadian                                                 North and remote areas of Canada.  His second visual aid Garth used was a Mason Jar which he carried on all of                                               his flights especially the long ones.  He said it was used to gauge how much water was in the fuel when they                                                   refueled at remote locations, some member chuckled as they believed it was intended for a different purpose. The third visual aid was the Bun wrench which was used to open the 45 gallon fuel drums that they access when be stationed in remote locations.  Garth photo collage detailed shots of many locations in Canada including the Codry Valley in NFLD., the Mill Village Forest Fire in August 1965, Western Brook Pond NFLD., now known as Gros Morne National Park.  After leaving the Navy Garth flew for Fly By Night Services  and continued the exploration of Canada including Naskepi River and Seal Lake Labrador where is participated in a Geophysical Survey. Other locations of interest included Penticton BC, in 1073 Axel Heiberg Island, Ellesmere Island and sable island in 1966.  During his career as a pilot he flew many different helicopters  including the Bell 47, Bell 206 Jet Ranger as well as the big navy units.  There was one photo that caused a stir at my table and the photo showed Garth picking Apple-Berries which was a new term for us however Wally was next to me and he stated that another name for these berries was CloudBerries.
Closing:        4 Way Test
Spokesperson Oct. 02,2017 Larry Stillwell 2017-10-03 03:00:00Z 0
Happy Thanksgiving !! Pierre Hoebers 2017-10-03 03:00:00Z 0

What did you Miss!!  Sept. 18, 2017

Posted by Pierre Hoebers
Chairperson:  Shelly Phillips - President
O'Canada led by Sue Ueffing
Grace by Brian Smith
Guests Rotarians:  Holly Thompson - New Minas Sunrise - Also our Guest Speaker today.
Other Guests:  Exchange students - Marie Ecabert and Anja Varikova
Happy $$$
Sue Ueffing -  for the visit of the Friendship Exchange Rotarians from Estonia and Finland and Joe left home for another week!!
Elva -  also for the Friendship visitors and the opportunity to home host!  Thank you's to Larry and Pierre for pitching in to drive!
Phyllis - Again for the visiting rotarians. Phyllis and Wally also hosted a gentleman from Estonia and they learned so much about this small but dynamic country.
Martha - thrilled to receive some flowers!!  (sorry the editor didn't catch who from??)
Committee/Directors reports:
Rod - update on VF, sales have now terminated, we should reach somewhere between $132,000 & $133,000 gross sales!!  Now it's to production time with Rick Penney for final layout and editorial.  THANKS EVERYONE!!
Leah - Membership - update shared by Shelly -  planning for a new membership drive sometime this Fall
Sue & Martha - Gave an entertaining update of our planned social activities for the upcoming year - something planned for each month and something that will appeal to all, including family fun!  Look for updated announcements through Club Runner and Spokesperson with all the details.
Phil - Administration - updates provided that all is well with weekly meeting set-up, Brian reported on future weekly programs
and suggestions for guest speakers are always welcome.
Jeff - PWD committee has had several asks lately and will be reviewing same at their next meeting and share results with the club.  Just recently they helped one family with much needed Baby Formula.
Guest Speaker:  Holly Thompson - YOUTH PROTECTION
Holly provided us with a recap on the importance of this program, an update on what the District is doing and Holly responded to many questions from our Club members.  
Who needs Criminal Record checks??   They are manditory for Youth Exchange Officers (District level) - club Youth Counselors - Host Family Members 18yrs and over - Overnight Chaperones.
It is recommended that we use the BACK CHECK PROGRAM online - you initiate this process by contacting Michael Craig at the district at Rotaryd7820-youth@outlook.com    Approved applications are valid for 25 months.
You can contact Michael Craig at District or Holly Thompson at New Minas Sunrise or Rea O'leary in our club for any further questions or explanations on this program.
Thanks Holly very much for reviewing this procedures for us!!
On behalf of the Kentville Rotary Club and the Conference Team (which included many of our club members) and especially from Brian Smith and Pierre Hoebers as CO-Chairs for the Conference along with our PDG Elva Heyge we wanted to say an extra special THANK YOU to Holly for her role at the Conference.
Holly was our Conference Co-ordinator and her expertise in spread-sheet organization to details was one of the primary factors that let the rest of the team perform in their responsibilities and making sure arrangements were correct.  Holly had spread sheet numbers for each and every delegate, guest speakers, youth attendees, special meal requests, transfer and airport pick up and drop off, Home Hospitality, off-sight functions, name badges, every individual meal for the hotel etc etc.   I believe you get the picture!!
Thanks again Holly for playing such an important part in our Conference Team!!
Chase the Ace Draw - Phyllis pulled the lucky ticket................but  It's a Roll Over!!
What did you Miss!! Sept. 18, 2017 Pierre Hoebers 2017-09-18 03:00:00Z 0

What did you miss!! August 28, 2017

Posted by Larry Stillwell
Chair:              Randy Crossman
Greeter:           Rick Graham
O’ Canada
Grace By:        Brian Smith
Introduction of Visiting Rotarians and Guests:
  • Ben Lohr
  • MacKenzie Crossman
  • Cole Crossman
  • Irelande McMahon
Exchange Students:
  • Maurice Ecabert
  • Anja Vavrikova
President Report:
 Welcome to the exchange students and guests. Reminder of the upcoming get together at McMahons as well that there would be no meeting on September 4th.
Valley Faces of Business:       Rod McMahon , the target was $130000 sales and the actual came in at $129,200. They now move to the publishing phase.
The Meeting was designated a Happy Dollar Meeting:
Leah – The Multicultural Fair was excellent and there were representations from Dutch, Indian and Syrian families and on display was art from First Nations as well as Caricatures of Maud Lewis art. It was recommended that Rotary have a booth next year.  Leah was also pleased that she had the opportunity to host her sister’s wedding.
Gerry MacIsaac - announced that she would be retiring and will be replaced on the board by Deborah Connar.
Heather Lohr – Returned from a tour of UK and had a great time (as a Beetle Fan) visiting all the known haunts in London and Liverpool. Heather was excited to experience the numerous Irish pubs. Son Ben spent 6 weeks at a band camp and enjoyed it immensely.
Roger – The little girl under his family’s care was adopted.  The boy’s adoption will be a little later. He also commented on the welcoming of exchange students at the airport.
Randy – The little girl that Roger mentioned was adopted by Beth, Randy’s daughter.
Jeff Kelly – Welcomed Anya and told of the various challenges incurred with the weather and flight delays. He was elated that Anya volunteered to cooked and its was good and in addition she came bearing gifts. Daughter Santanna was in El Salvador as part of her orientation.
Anya presented the president with a banner from her local rotary Club from Bratislava.
Rod McMahon -  Happy for his daughter Irelanda who attended choir champ, audition for and was accepted by the Senior Choir.
Rea O’Leary – Reached out and was looking for transportation for the ensuing week.
Rick Graham – Pleased that his wife’s surgery went well. He further indicated he had some house guests and they had a great time causing house destruction.
Bill Denyar – Happy that the Toronto FC was having a great year. He went to the pub woth Dawn and saw Finley McRae. Finley’s son plays for Ottawa. Over the years via Facebook Bill has got reacquainted with long lost extended family. Bill and cousin Jeff visited the family homestead.
Cate Savage – Happy with the Multicultural Festival, official opening of the new splash pad and the reopening of Chester Avenue.
Kate Seaman – provided an update on the Khatib family. All e kids want to play basketball. Kate provides an insight into the family’s introduction to living here through a story about Mohammod and some dogs.
Larry Stillwell – Appreciates the member of the club and thanks them for being so welcoming. Also enjoyed the visit of the Taproot Farm and thanked Kate for forwarding the photo of the large hog.
Brian Smith – Takes off his gloves and challenges Sue regarding the trophy for the most beautiful grandkids. Brian also went on a ‘Gentlemen’s Cruise’ with Randy and ended up in Chester. Brian has a niece in Austin TX. And her husband is a rescue chopper pilot.
Peter Muttart – shared a story of being in Galveston Tx.  He also advises that the secret of the south shore is out now and it is very popular with tourists now. Peter got an email from someone looking for Elmer Muttart (whose name is on the memorial at Acadia). There is a town in Holland that wants to erect a memorial for Elmer.
Sue Ueffing – had a wedding at her house last weekend and had a great trip to PEI.
  • Doug Morrison- mentioned having a painting of Caters Beach, Mariann and cottages.
Chase the Ace:            pot $414,  Sue held the lucky ticket and drew the 5 of hearts.
What did you miss!! August 28, 2017 Larry Stillwell 2017-09-11 03:00:00Z 0

What did you miss on August 21, 2017

Chairperson:   Bill Denyar
O'Canada:  Led by Doug Morrison
Grace:   Led by Shelly Fleckenstein
Happy Dollars:
                      Shelly Fleckenstein is happy to have Claire with her at the meeting. Shelly is also happy and excited to announce the expansion of CBI/Kings Physiotherapy to Berwick. Also, there is a conference in PEI on Sept. 30/Oct.1 and Shelly has taken the opportunity to book a house for accommodation with room for multiple Rotarians at a cost of $110 a night.
                      Gerry Davis was announced that he attended a funeral of a long time client of the PWD committee. He was pleased that Rotary and the work we did with Arnold Justason and the help and support we provided him were mentioned multiple times in the funeral service, the obituary etc. The family put out an "ask" requesting that donations be made to Rotary in Arnold's name. 
                      Doug Morrison was happy for a family party to celebrate the birthday of his sister and how they scored a huge, albeit a tough lobster from Sobeys as part of the celebration meal.
                      Jeff Kelly was happy to update us on Santanna's arrival in Brazil and mentioned that Anja Varikova would be arriving the next night.
                      Phyllis Veinot was happy to announce that the September issue of the Rotarian magazine featured a photo of the PDG Pete Smith and Rotarian Rea O'Leary's son Cameron doing a polio immunization in Cameroon.
President's Report:
                       President Shelley read that birthday and anniversary list.
There is a Youth Exchange welcoming potluck party at Rod McMahon's house on August 30 and it will be a multi-club event. 
Thanks For Jake Eelman and his family for hosting us at his house after the Taproot Farms tour and thanks to John Lohr fro arranging the tour.
Reminder that there is a board meeting on Wednesday at 4:30 at Shannex.
Classification Talk - Julie Sweet 
Julie is horse crazy and is being involved with horses has taught her lots of life lessons. She started riding at the age of 8 years. Julie graduated high school at 16 and graduated college at 17 years. Her husband is a dairy farmer. Julie has been involved at a Masters Level teaching horse riding and has been an active 4H participant.
Julie recently decided to sell her horses and move on to teaching riding. She is working in a new business in network marketing and is looking to do an Equine Experience low income people. She is hoping to set up this Equine Experience as a non-profit venture.
Bill Denyar thanked our guest for her talk.
Committee Reports:
Valley Faces is at $128,000. There are still a few days left to sign contracts but the time has come to begin the editorial process.
Youth Committee, Craig McMullen reports that there are a lot of 'asks' coming in to the committee and he is wondering if there should be a more formalized application process. It was determined that creating an application based off the current one used by our PWD Committee would be a first good step.
PWD, Jeff Kelly mentioned that there are a few big 'asks' in the works and details will follow.
Illness Report: 
Doug Hill visited Fred Walsh and although Fred did not recognize him he did recognize his grandson who was visiting for Fred's Birthday. 
Chase the Ace:
Gerry Davis won the draw and pulled the 10 of diamonds. The pot is presently $396.
Meeting closed with God Save the Queen. 
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Grande Pre Celebration

Posted by Pierre Hoebers
    Grand Pre was the site of a Great Celebration this past Weekend
Grande Pre Celebration Pierre Hoebers 2017-08-16 03:00:00Z 0

What did you Miss!!  August 14th, 2017

Posted by Pierre Hoebers
Visit and Tour of TAP ROOT FARM with Potluck supper at the home of Jake & Melanie Eelman
Patricia Bishop was our host (owner of Tap Root along with Josh Oulton), Patricia spoke to us about the type of farming, the mixture of crops and the animals at the farm.  The farm is totally Organic and one of the newest ventures is to grow flax and produce linen and clothing. This past week Tap Root had their second annual Flax harvest party with 50 people from the community taking part.  The goal is to build the capacity and infrastructure to grow fibre, spin yarn and produce textiles.
Both young and old learned many things about this type of farming, the farm employs 40 people and is very active in the agriculture community.  There was ample time for questions and then we drove 600 meters down the road for our supper.
We were glad that District Governor Don Sword and his wife Patricia were able to join us
Above candid shots at Tap Root and
                           Below a peaceful setting for supper at Jake's and Melanie's !!
  August 21st  regular luncheon meeting 1215PM.....if you are still holidaying - Safe Travels!!
What did you Miss!! August 14th, 2017 Pierre Hoebers 2017-08-15 03:00:00Z 0

What did you Miss!!  July 24, 2017

Posted by Pierre Hoebers
Chairperson:  Bill Denyar
O'Canada led by Brian Smith and Grace by Lawrence MacIsaac
Guests:  Trish Rafuse guest of Jeff Kelly and Santanna Rafuse our Outbound Exchange Student to Brazil - Russ Haynes our Guest Speaker.
Special Guest - Peter Miller on behalf of Mildred (his mom) shared with the club a Thank You note written by her expressing gratitude for all the kindness and words of comfort received by the family from fellow Rotary members.  She expressed how meaningful Rotary was to Carl for all the years he was able to serve.
Happy Dollars:
Gary Condon shared that Pat is recovering well from her hip surgery - Best Wishes to Pat for a speedy recovery from all Rotarians!
Sue for upcoming visit of her beautiful grand daughter
Santanna shared that her travel plans are set and she is off to Brazil on August 16th - have a safe trip Santanna and the club looks forward to your reports and news of all your exciting experiences!
Heather Lohr along with John just returned from a Commomwealth Conference in Winnipeg where there was lots of opportunity to interact and share information and stories with representatives from all the provinces and territories in Canada. 
Presidents Report:
Shelly reminded all club members of our two upcoming events, Friday evening at Shelley Fleckenstein's Halls Harbour social at 5PM and mark your calendars for August 14th Tap Root Farm tour followed by Potluck Dinner at Jake and Melanie Eelman's home - right next door!   Watch for Club Runner registration!!
Shelly also mentioned that the New Minas Club recently held a special "Bring a Guest" to breakfast meeting - perhaps something our club might consider as well for perspective new members.  Shelly also reviewed all of this months Birthdays and Anniversaries both marriage and Rotary membership.
Secretaries Report: Lawrence shared that donations in memory of Carl Miller topped $1000.00 towards the foundation. Next Board Meeting this Wednesday!!
Guest Speaker - Ross Haynes - AIMS
AIMS is a Canadian, federally incorporated, non-profit, non-partisan organization with charitable status from the Canada Revenue Agency in Canada and 501 (c) 3 status from the Internal Revenue Service in the United States. Documentation of our charitable status in both countries is available on request.
We are financed by contributions from individuals, corporations, foundations and other organizations, as well as by the sales of our publications. Contributions from those who support our goals are welcome.
Institute Programs
AIMS is a distinctive Atlantic Canadian voice on public policy regionally, nationally and internationally. We set the benchmark on public policy by drawing together the freshest most forward looking thinking available from some of the world’s foremost experts and applying that thinking to the challenges we face.
Our work aims at making sure we all have sound retirement prospects, good quality education for our children, and access to high quality and sustainable health care.  We help people to understand what governments do well and what they do badly, how to make taxes fair and comprehensible, and how to build our economy so that opportunities are maximized for everyone.
The AIMS team—with long experience in business, government, universities and the media—doesn’t merely produce research. We make a difference by linking ideas with today’s public policy challenges and making sure that business leaders, the media, policy makers and ordinary citizens have the knowledge and the understanding necessary to ensure that government action will contribute to a safer, stronger, freer and more prosperous region and country.
We believe that ideas have consequences, but just having the best ideas isn’t enough. Good ideas must be effectively communicated if they are to make a difference. And that is what AIMS does: we help our brightest people define the very best policy ideas available, and then we make sure that those ideas are told to the people who can use them to make things better for all of us.
AIMS promotes practical research on important economic and social policy issues. Over the past fifteen years, AIMS has initiated and supported research in such areas as healthcare, education, equalization, unemployment insurance, urban affairs and local government, fisheries and aquaculture, public finances, social welfare, energy, and the impact of Canada-US relations and free trade on the region.

The AIMS Annual Report Card on Atlantic Canadian High Schools has had a significant impact on public education in the region. It is now viewed by parents and students as a tool to improve school performance. The education bureaucracy has for the most part given up its battle to keep school by school information private – and is willing to release information to improve student results.
Return to the home page, www.AIMS.ca
Greg Trefry thanked our guest speaker.
Chase the Ace ticket drawn by Trish Rafuse - but the Ace was not picked - so  It's a roll-over!!
MUSICAL NOTE - I see that our own "Gerry Davis" is featured and is playing at Waterfront Park Canada sponsored by the town of Wolfville and Deep Roots Festival on July 27th 630pm - in Wolfville!!   
Enjoy summer - there is lots to do out there!!
What did you Miss!! July 24, 2017 Pierre Hoebers 2017-07-25 03:00:00Z 0

What did you Miss!!  July 17, 2014

Posted by Pierre Hoebers
Chairperson:  Brian Smith
O'Canada led by Pierre and Grace by Bill Denyar
Guests:  Visiting Rotarians -  Rob Porter ADG from Mud Creek Rotary and Paul Gates from New Minas Sunrise.
Guest Speakers:  Classification Talks by new members Jake Eelman and Larry Stillwell
Happy Dollars:
Garth relaying message from PDG Pete Smith that the Tractor has arrived in Cameroon
Shelley Fleckenstein announcing opportunity for get-together and social time at her cottage in Halls Harbour, July 28th, meet at 5pm, refreshments provided for rum and punch, please bring along some munchies//snacks etc. and you can also do a GHOST WALK with Gerome at 730pm.  You need to pre-register for the Ghost Walk!!      Address is 4161, highway 359.  FURTHER DETAILS PLEASE CONTACT SHELLEY.
Sue Ueffing for relinquishing her President duties to the new Pres Shelly Phillips!
Leah, provided us with an update on the new Baby Boy, both Mom and baby are doing well and so is the rest of the Khatib family!
Craig entering car rally again in September, this time all expenses paid for his entry and each year this Car Rally raises funds for the MS Society!!
Martha through a stroke of good luck is able to attend "80's Festival  Rewind" at a castle in Scotland as her brother had tickets and some one had to cancel and she is the lucky recipient!!
Kate Seaman shared that Mohamed started soccer and was all excited scoring his first goal!!  Gerry MacIsaac is looking after soccer transportation for Doah but from time to time will need Rotarians to help out when she is not available - please try to help wherever possible.
Rob Porter, ADG thanked our club for the excellent support and involvement for the District 7820 Conference.
Guest Speakers:   Jake Eelman - Jake shared with us his journey from Holland to Canada and his family's background in being connected to the land.  His Dad had a dairy herd.  Jake graduated from Dalhousie, completed several advanced degrees and was very fortunate to work in the Privy Council Office in Ottawa. He started in 2004 and was privileged to work with many senior Government officials and cabinet ministers including the Prime Minister at that time Jean Chretien.
Agriculture was in his blood and he always wanted to get "back to the land" so to speak and Jake had an opportunity to get involved with Agriculture Canada and in 2012 moved to Nova Scotia (and Melanie, Jake's wife wanted to come back to the Maritimes) with employment at AAFC Research Centres.
Jake's responsibilities are in support of the Director General for Atlantic Canada and BC so he gets to travel around somewhat as well.  His primary task is to build partnerships for research in science for Agriculture, almost a 1/4 billion dollar budget. The research centers across Canada support a great number of summer and agriculture students.
Jake just recently moved and decided to relocate to country living in Port Williams where as a hobby he will do some Grape growing.
Guest Speaker:  Larry Stillwell -  Larry took the stage next and did a comparison to Jake's early days and the many similarities they had in their walk through life and careers.  Not in the same occupations but places and opportunities.  As Larry worked for Ford he did happened to mention that when GM and Chrysler received bailout support from the Federal Government while Ford did not!!
Larry shared with us his responsibilities at Ford and how one thing led to another and another and then another.  His position as Director of Sales - Commercial - included all those remote locations across Canada that serviced the first response units for Fire Trucks, ambulance etc.  It meant quality audits on modified vehicles including training and education at the dealerships and all the infrastructure that comes with it.  When you think about it - quite a large territory!!
Larry provided some comic relief during his presentation when he explained in detail an event that transpired during his initiation phase at the Ford office in Halifax. While on his way down a hallway one of the senior managers called out and asked him to have a seat and then proceeded to chat about his enjoyment at his new job. The manager then asked him specifically how a certain gentleman was spending his summer. Larry countered by indicating that he did not recognize the gentleman's name at which point the manager said "you worked at BIO did you not" ? Larry responded by stating that in fact he did work at BIO at which point the manager jumped up and exclaimed "My gawd they hired the wrong man", exited the office and stormed up to the Administrators office. In Larry's words he was left sitting with a feeling of disbelief going through his mind.
We are very grateful to have Jake and Larry as Rotary members and thank you both for sharing a little about your history and talents!!
Presidents Report: Shelly Phillips reminded us of the Farm Tour on August 14th starting at Tap Root @ 5:30 and followed by dinner at Jakes @ 6:30.  More details to follow!!
Chase the Ace : Sheldon had the lucky ticket however he frowned when he drew the 10 of Spades.
Meeting closed with recital of the 4 Way Test.
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What did you Miss!!  Lobster Do - Candid

Posted by Pierre Hoebers
  The Lobster was Good but I think the Steak was even better!!  Maybe!
  The Farmer Golf Winners look pretty Happy!
.......and then there was  Happy Canada Day Cake for everyone!!
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Welcome 2017/18 Kentville Rotary Club President Shelly

Posted on Jul 10, 2017

2017/18 Kentville Rotary Club President, Shelly Phillips

For the Rotary year 2017/18, our new club and duly elected, President Shelly Phillips (left).  She has received the official welcome and gavel hand off, along with her President's Pin and well wishes from our now, Past President Susan Ueffing (right).
Our new ROTARY YEAR has officially begun.


2017/18 Incoming Board of Directors

Pictured Left to right, Phil Warren; Kate Seaman; Lawrence MacIssac; Rod McMahon; Jessica Clahane and Shelly Phillips.  Not in photo: Heather Lohr; Susan Ueffing; Leah White; Sheldon Matthews; and Douglas Hill.  Greater details of their positions are noted on the club's website home page.
The club welcomed all the incoming board with a round of applause showing great appreciation both for the new board members and those that have taken on these important tasks again this year.  Without a doubt, another positive year in the making.  Cheers to all.
Welcome 2017/18 Kentville Rotary Club President Shelly Craig MacMullen 2017-07-10 03:00:00Z 0

Delightful End to a Complex Rotary Year


Lobster, Steak, Canada 150, and end of Rotary Year Celebrations:


President Susan publicly thanks the attending 2016/2017 Board of Directors that have served the club so well.


A fine crowd of Rotarians celebrating the end of the 2016/17 Rotary year and the Canada 150 Birthday Celebrations, all with a fine feed of Lobster (and a few with steaks superbly bbq'd by Phil).


John & Heather say you can't take yourself too seriously when you are serving some of the Atlantic's "best grub" near Canada Day celebrations.


Lobster impersonator Roger (above) so moved and Canada Joe (below) seconded it..


Delightful End to a Complex Rotary Year Craig MacMullen 2017-07-04 03:00:00Z 0

What did you Miss!!  June 19, 2017

Posted by Pierre Hoebers
Chairperson:  Bill Denyar
O’Canada led by Sue Ueffing, Grace by Lawrence MacIsaac
No guests today
Happy Dollars:
Jeff for washer toss game with Rotary decal made by the folks at Flower Cart. Four were purchased by our club for use at Oakdene Park. Extra sets available for anyone who wants them at $40.00 each.
Bob for excellent dinner and party at the harbour house which a group of them purchased at “Jean & Jewels”.  The Maple Syrup company owned by his sister-in- law received recognition for best Exporter of the Year in Nova Scotia and they have a n offer to purchase on their home.
Sue Ueffing for upcoming visit of the beautiful grand-daughters.
Kim for participating in Campaign for Kids where they convinced her Dad to play golf and he hit some awesome shots where he got soooo close to winning the big prize!!   He surprised them all.
Martha reported that they had a successful Landmark East School golf tournament and they surpassed the fund raising goal by 30%!!
Secretary’s report:  Lawrence asked all committee chairs to please submit their year end reports prior to Thursday’s Board Meeting.  We also received card of condolences from the Middleton Club for Carl Miller.
President’s report:
There is a special pre-registration fee for next years Rotary International Conference in Toronto. Spice of the week went to Past President Sheldon and President Elect Shelly Phillips for all of their support and Heather Lohr for her ongoing contribution to the Club.
Valley Faces Update:   Rod reminded everyone again on the importance to connect with all your renewals to get contract signed within the next week.  New members should try to obtain one new contract for this year’s edition and assistance from the committee is available.
Guest Speaker – our own Elva Heyge DG just returned from Atlanta.
Elva shared with us that she attended the two pre-conference sessions one on Water and Sanitation which was very well presented. It included Ron Denham who just 2 weeks ago spoke at our district conference.  The second was on Peace and one of the guest speakers was Dr. Bernice King, daughter of Martin Luther King.  She delivered a powerful message and related to the divisions that currently exist within the USA as well as world wide. She shared that at a conference they actually had attendance of the KKK organization, that had to be a first!
Second speaker was Dr. Amina Mohammed, Deputy Secretary United Nations, a very good orator and spoke about the great joy of Independence for her home country of Nigeria.
43,000 delegates at Atlanta and following Elva’s update we watched an address by RI incoming President Ian Riseley from the Atlanta Conference. He spoke about the top priorities for Rotary and the Rotary clubs:  The need for a greater diversity in clubs which would automatically strengthen our clubs.  Public Image and Awareness which will happen when we increase Humanitarian Service.  Having sustainable projects in everything we do.
The Challenge from the RI President is for every Rotarian in every club to plant a tree this Rotary year.
Club Reminders:   Oakdene Park Clean up this Satruday – meet at 9AM
                           Register for the Lobster Do on club runner or email Phyllis
                           Help needed for Set-up on Wednesday evening at 630pm
Chase the Ace, ticket winner Elva but unable to pick the ACE – It’s a roll-over!
What did you Miss!! June 19, 2017 Pierre Hoebers 2017-06-20 03:00:00Z 0

Remembering Carl Miller


Carl K. Miller



Carl Keith Miller – 90, of Kentville, Nova Scotia, died on Friday, June 2, 2017 in the Valley Regional Hospital, Kentville. Born in Lunenburg, he was the eldest son of the late George and Clara (Slauenwhite) Miller. He was predeceased by a sister, Peggy Forest, Montreal and is survived by a brother, Gordon, Bridgewater.

Following graduation from Lunenburg Academy, he obtained his BEA Diploma in Primary Accounting at Maritime Business College, Halifax, where he was invited to teach but joined the firm of H.R. Doane and Company (Grant Thornton) in 1946 and obtained his Chartered Accountant Degree in 1951. He was admitted to partnership in H.R. Doane and Company in 1955. After serving the firm at Halifax, Truro, Sydney and Newfoundland he was transferred to Kentville in 1957, where he chose to spend his entire career as manager of the Kentville office.

He assisted in setting up the accounting program at Acadia University in 1958 and lectured in accounting at Acadia for six years. Carl was an active member of the Canadian Tax Foundation. He was awarded his FCA in 1987.

Carl was a member of the United Church of St. Paul and St. Stephen, where he served as an elder and on various committees. Upon retirement he volunteered for five years as Chairman of the Financial Support Committee for the Maritime Conference of the United Church

He was a member of the Rotary Club of Kentville for 61 years, where he served as President and on various committees. He was awarded a Paul Harris Fellowship and was recognized as the second longest serving member of the club having joined in 1956.

He was a member of Kentville Masonic Lodge AF and AM No. 58, the Scottish Rite and the Philae Temple Shriners. He was a member of the Glooscap Curling Club, KenWo Golf Club and the Maritime Senior Golf Association, where he was proud to have made a hole in one on his last trip to Digby Pines at the age of 83.

Carl celebrated his marriage of 60 years to the former Mildred Haverstock of Hammonds Plains and is survived by three sons, their wives and seven grandchildren, Terry (Nancy Bauckman), Michael and Megan, Port Williams; Robert (Lisa Brechin), Madison and Nicholas, Kentville; Peter (Margaret MacDonald), Eve, Anna and Reid, Wolfville.

Upon retirement he and Mildred travelled, enjoying many cruises and land tours to various places. The family cottage at Aylesford Lake was the scene of many gatherings. They never missed their week or two at Dalvay, PEI for many years.

Carl served Rotary well and will be missed by all his fellow Rotarians.


Remembering Carl Miller Pierre Hoebers 2017-06-15 03:00:00Z 0

What did you miss! June 12, 2017

Posted by Larry Stillwell
Chairperson:  Carl Kent
O’Canada led by Brian Smith
Grace led by Josh
Visiting Rotarians:  Paula Acetco, Dr. Tom Herman – Wolfville Mud-creek and Greg Coldwell – New Minas Sunrise
Other Guests: Carol Robar – guest of Craig MacMullen,  Bernadine Gerrits – guest of Martha, Chris Wood – guest of Shelley Fleckenstein, Elie Hammam, Rama Yousef and Khayriye – guests of our club.
Guest speaker(s)  Henry Hicks and Paula Acetco
Happy Dollars:  
Kate Seaman for scheduled clean up day of June 29th for Oakdene Park.
Leah for generous collection of funds for the Khatib’s new arrival.
Josh - Happy and Sad Dollar for their transfer to London, Ontario – very excited about their move and the new responsibilities with youth at the Salvation Army.  Sad to leave Rotary and all the friends they made so quickly through Rotary.   Replacement for Josh has been a Rotarian in Ontario.   Best Wishes Josh with your family move and the challenges of the new responsibilities from all at the Kentville Club!!
Special Presentation:
Greg MacMullen introduced and thanked Rana Youssef for her interpreting skills during the driving lessons for Khayriye and Jebb.   Translating normal conversations is one thing but imagine translating rules of the road while you are learning to drive – it’s something completely different and our designated Driver Training Company (Carol Robar) agreed that it was unique and challenging and they were glad that Rana was available.   Craig presented Rana with a special plaque from the club in recognition of their dedication and assistance.
Guest Speaker: Henry Hicks – Landmark East School
Henry provided the club with a little history on the school, it’s successes and challenges.  Rotary clubs have been very generous is support of student tuitions making a difference for students with learning disabilities and their specific challenges.
Presently the school has an enrollment of 72 students of which 30 are international.  There is not doubt that the school “Really saves lives of these kids”  Teacher to student ratio 1 to 5.  Along with preparing students for university or college the school encourages students with trades as an example restaurant and hospitality courses.
The existing campaign for a new building that will help an additional 50 students will encompass gym and kitchen facilities and enhances the existing “Spark” program (daily physical activity)
For Rotary the ask is to consider a 5 year pledge perhaps for $25,000 per year in support of the the latest campaign. 
Cate Savage thanked our guests!
Lobster Do!!  June 29th -  Rotary year-end wrap-up and social at Hennigars Farm -  BE SURE TO REGISTER ON CLUB RUNNER!!
Chase the Ace ticket was held by our guest speaker Henry Hicks, no ACE was drawn so it’s a ROLL OVER!!
What did you miss! June 12, 2017 Larry Stillwell 2017-06-14 03:00:00Z 0

What did you Miss!!  June 5, 2017

Posted by Pierre Hoebers
Chairperson:  Jeff Kelly
O'Canada led by Sue Ueffing
Guests:  Russ Sanche, Charissa Sanche and Cynthia Sanche guests of Wally Jarvis -  Rosalind MacMullen guest of Craig MacMullen - Linda Trefry guest of Greg Trefry - Kharyriye guest of the Club - Steven Jarvis guest of Wally Jarvis - Chris Wood guest of Shelly Fleckenstein.
Guest Speaker(s) Stephanie Jones, Sheila Grover and Tim Duguay  (guests of Brian Smith)
Happy Dollars:
too numerous to list -  Many accolades regarding the District Conference which can only be attributed to the
A few additional happy dollars from John Lohr for his successful re-election and the support of his team - Martha who was under the impression that the conference delegates were there to celebrate her Birthday and - Leah providing us an update on our lovely Khatib family and a new arrival......soon!
Two very special Paul Harris Fellow presentations!
Wally introduced Russ Sanche who runs Portal Youth in Kentville. A drop-in centre for teens and offers anyone over the age of 18 a place to stay. Many teens in the Annapolis Valley have been able to turn their lives around with the guidance and help of this dedicated individual.
The Kentville Rotary club knows and has seen the good work that Russ has done in our community - thanks Russ and we applaud your efforts for all our youth.
Greg Trefry introduced Club Rotarian Craig MacMullen who has supported an array of club functions and service projects over the past years, one being Club Runner.
Introducing and getting support of this excellent club management system wasn't easy, but Craig steadily and relentlessly kept pushing for all the members to understand and accept it and he finally did it, and now we are thankfull for it.  Always the Photographer for Club events and just last week for the District Conference, he has written many interesting articles for sharing on our website and in the Spokesperson.
Craig has taken many of our Exchange Students on nature trips and most recently spend a lot of time with the Khatib Family for driving lessons.  Thanks Craig and congratulations!  
Guest Speakers:  Stephanie Jones, Sheila Grover, and Tim Duguay -  HOKKI STOOL!
The Hokki Stool forces its user to sit actively, thereby reducing the amount of time they are in a sedentary state. Unfortunately, although increased sedentary behaviour is related to poor physiological and psychological health out comes, sedentary activities, in which a person is sitting in a low-calorie burning state (e.g. screen time, sitting in a regular chair at school or work) are prevalent among Canadian children.  Research has estimate the children and youth occupy, on average, 62% of their walking hours/day in a sedentary state. Moreover, the poor health outcomes associated with sedentary behaviour are independent of physical activity.
the Hokki Stool also has been known to serve as an outlet for excess energy/movement, whether that energy is because of a person's age or psychological factors. Us of the Hokki Stool thus helps to displace excess energy to appropriate action, as opposed to disrupting the child's (or adults) current activity, school work or fellow students.
Presently the stools are used in Port Williams Elementary and Gloosecap Elementary Schools. Each stool costs $125.00 and are available in several colours and sizes and of high quality construction.
John Lohr thanked our speakers for bringing this important tool for learning to our attention.
Chase the Ace ticket draw won by Khayriye but she did not pick the ACE, so it's a ROLL OVER!!
Please note:   June 29th our "Lobster Do"   Please register through Club Runner
What did you Miss!! June 5, 2017 Pierre Hoebers 2017-06-06 03:00:00Z 0

What did you Miss!!  May 29, 2017

Posted by Pierre Hoebers
Chairperson:  Kate Seaman
O'Canada led by Sue Ueffing and Grace by Rev. Lawrence MacIsaac
Guests:  Rotarian Robert Lockhart from Saint John NB,  Katie MacArthur guest of Gerry MacIsaac,  Lavenia white guest of Leah White.
Guest Speaker:  Rachel Bedingfield
Happy Dollars:
Garth for the District and their organization and planning - doing some many things right through a committed Team!
Randall shared experiences and some funny anecdotes on this past weekends Apple Blossom Festival and specifically one about our Mayor Sandra snow -  It was all good!!
Linda Craik - Happy and Sad as she is moving to Dartmouth - Linda expressed that the club has made her feel so welcome right from the first day, she specifically thanked Rod and Doug for their support.  Linda is transferring and will join the Dartmouth Rotary Club and expects to visit us regular when she visits her clients here in the Valley.
Jake for his upcoming move with the family this weekend and sorry he to back-out of the Conference commitment.
Roger for the announcement of his daughters wedding - and the best part! it will be in Jamaica!
Lawrence that his house sold!!!
Rod for getting back from campaigning and work with the conference to focus on VF of Business for the month of June
President Sue reported on the final vote results which were in favour 2/3 majority to have a 5% administration fee on specific fund raising projects.  Also reminder that silent auction items for the conference from any individuals are still accepted and welcome which raise funds for the District Youth Program.   Spice of the week went to Jake Eelman and Rick Graham.
...and as always Sue asked - Did you invite anyone to Rotary this Week, Did you talk to anyone about Rotary this week and are you wearing a ROTARY PIN!
GUEST SPEAKER - Rachel Bedingfield - Town of Kentville Recreation Department.
Rachel is always a welcome guest at our club as she provides us with a yearly update on programs and projects in the Town.
The skate park is a go with funding received from both the town and the county. Have you seen the Library lately??  if not, go have a look and the official opening will be at the end of July.  The COMMUNITY ROOM - thanks to support from the Kentville Rotary club will serve the community well.  Oakdene Park festivities in planning stage and we will receive details soon for our annual clean-up in the park.  Tennis courts are being re-surfaced.  There will be Kentville Camp programs now inclusive up to age 15 years.  New are the workshops about telling stories including photography and displaying same.   Also new is Recreation Buddy's which will provide support to those who usually do not have an experience to play and have fun in the parks and programs.  And of course there will be extra celebrations for CANADA 150 YEARS!!
Sheldon thanked Rachel for detailed presentation!
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Presidents Dinner at KenWo on May 8 Brian Smith 2017-05-11 03:00:00Z 0

What did you Miss!!  May 2, 2017

Posted by Pierre Hoebers
Chairperson:  Cate Savage
O’Canada led by Brian Smith,  Grace by Randy Crozsman
Guests:  Michelle Morrow – guest of Shelley Fleckenstein, Ross Monette – guest of Kim Monette and Gary Caven – guest of Cate Savage.
Visiting Rotarians: Greg White  – New Minas Rotary club
Happy Dollars:
Kim for a wonderful Vacation,  Brain Smith for the arrival of a beautiful Grand-daughter and the picture In the paper for the NSCC Students with the Rotary clubs supporting VF of Business.   John Lohr for the election call and hoping the represent Kings count again.  Shelley for her guest Michelle Morrow.  Jerry for his time in Saint John over the weekend for the East Coast Music festival – the talent and music was awesome and so much fun!  Leah for Jeb (our sponsored family)  cooking on his new BBQ local Syrian dishes that were all delicious.  Wally for the start of the elections campaign and request for additional driver for the Conference.  Elva for he visit to Newfoundland, St. John’s – North West and their Rotary fundraiser.  Sue for Joe’s departure to Holland and for the Shiretown Singers last concert (after 25 years) next week Wednesday, Thursday and Friday at the Centreville Baptist Church. 
Secretaries Report:  Lawrence reminded all club members that if not already done please register your vote on the motion for next years dues.  You may also call Lawrence direct to place your vote.
Presidents Report:  President Sue welcomed all our guest and visiting Rotarians.  Birthdays and Anniversary’s of club members were shared and Kate Savage received special mention as he BD is today!
Shelley fleckenstein is taking over for Roxanne on the Family of Rotary during her leave of absence. Thanks Shelley!!
Reminder that next weeks meeting is in the evening – Past Presidents and PH Fellow dinner at Ken Wo Golf Club.
District Conference registration is now due, please see the emails that were circulated today.  For first time attendees there is financial support available from the club – please see Sue Ueffing!!
President Sue’s Spice of the week goes to Kim Monette and one of our newest members Larry Stillwell!!
Rod reminded all that the VF of Business existing contracts will receive a reminder to re-new.  It is also every club member’s responsibility to follow-up with your existing contracts and solicit NEW Business!
 Guest Speakers – Kentville Farmer’s Market – Catherine Coles and Donna Holmes
Established in May 2007 by the Town of Kentville, the market became an independent Society in 2011 and continues to have a wonderful working agreement with the Town.
It is a Midweek Market for Vendors as there are already many weekend Markets. In the summer months there are approximately 20-25 vendors at Kentville Centre Square.    Good News is that the market will be moving into the Calkin Building as a permanent location.
The majority of customers at the market today are Seniors and staff from all the local business in town.
Purchase Locally and the money stays local
Promotes Farming in our community
Promotes Health and Education
You get to talk to your local Farmer
Opportunity for Social Activities
Helps small Business Grow
Lawrence MacIsaac thanked our guest Speakers and He shops there all the time!!
NKEC baking night set for May 9th,  Please contact Karen Corey if you can help!!
Chase the Ace Draw – Shelley Fleckenstein – but no Ace, so it’s a Roll-over.
Please note:  No regular meeting next Monday – Evening dinner at Ken WO for Past Presidents and PH Fellow.
What did you Miss!! May 2, 2017 Pierre Hoebers 2017-05-02 03:00:00Z 0

What did you Miss!!  April 24, 2017

Posted by Pierre Hoebers
Chairperson:     Sue Ueffing
Visiting Rotarian: Greg White, New Minas Sunrise Club
Guests: Shauna White guest of Leah, Khayriye Khatib guest of the club
Happy $
Leah – for celebrating her 35th birthday and for planning her sister’s wedding

Josh – recognizing the 100th anniversary of the Salvation Army when it delivered disaster relieve in the wake of the Halifax explosion. Josh’s great, great grandparents were first on site with the Salvation Army after the explosion.

Peter – his granddaughters won numerous medals in dance competitions; during his visit to Monte Carlo, there was a Rotary meeting in his hotel. Peter met the president and presented a banner. Their club was celebrating 80 years of Rotary.

Lawrence – happy to be back; he and Sandy are celebrating 43 years of marriage soon and their daughter is getting married the end of June.

Brian – Annapolis Music Festival performance has Rotary on their banner; Shiretown singers are performing their last concert this spring. Tickets are now on sale.

Wally & Phyllis – visited their first grandson; thankful for several Rotarians stepping in when they couldn’t pick up the Khatib children; asked members to sign up for the Past Presidents dinner and circulated a list.
Secretary’s report: Lawrence
A local business person (David White @ David’s Eyeware Ltd.) is collecting and delivering used eyewear to Zambia. Eyeglasses can be dropped off at his business on Webster Street. If any Rotarians want to donate to support his trip expenses, please contact David.
Board minutes are now posted on Club Runner. Lawrence is looking for minutes from Annual General Meeting last year. Please contact him if you took the minutes.
If you have received requests for support for community projects, please forward to Community Services as soon as possible.
Roxanne Brown has requested a nine month leave of absence – board approved
Sue Hayes is planning to join the Windsor club so the board has forwarded a letter introducing her to their club and confirming her membership status.
President’s report: Sue
Sue recognized club birthdays, anniversaries and club anniversaries in April. 
Club anniversaries – Kim (14), Greg T. (28), Wally (2/second time), Roger (34), Garry (53), Kate S (7)
Spice of the Week – Julie Sweet and Lawrence MacIsaac
Sue closed her report with a question: Have you spoken about Rotary or invited anyone to a meeting? Be proud, wear your pin!
Budget presentation: Jessica