The Persons with Dissability Committee (PWD) is empowered to provide assistance to people with a wide variety of disabilities to enable them to have a fuller more rewarding lifestyle.  our assistance is available where family and community resources are unable to meet the professionally identified need.


The PWD Committee budget is approximately $25,000.00 is spent to assist children in the kentville and kings County area each year.  Where possible and economic the money is spent utilizing businesses and profesionals in the area.  Because of constraints in our funding, this budget is restricted to assisting individuals 19 years of age and younger.  We are grateful to the Chipman Estate for funding it provvides through the Rotary Club of Kentville.  We have assisted many young people in the home, school and workplace.  We assist children who require specialized equipment in schools, which the School Board does not supply.  We assist children who require specialized medical and mobility equipment.  Following recommendations of professionals, we work to improve the lifestyle of autistic children and their families.  Each December we invite those we have assisted and their families to a Christmas Party and dinner as guests of the Committee.


With an annul budget of up to $14,000.00 supplied by the Rotary Club of Kentville the PWD Committee enriches the lives of adults by providing sooters and other devices to increase the mobility of individuals in cases where they are not available from government services.  We also work with those services to assist in many areas, which are beyond the agencies' budget or mandate.  We thank Michelin Canada for their assistance in teh purchase of scooters.


We assist organizations in purchasing equipment to provide employment opportunities or lifestyle improvement to challenged individuals.  we support programs which answer special needs such as those operated by Camp Odonato, Alexander Society, the Acadia Smile Program, The Flower Cart and Peopleworx.  This year we helped provide commercial ovens for Foower Cart sheltered workshop project.  We help provide Landmark East School bursary for a local child with learing dissabilities.  The Committee provides organizes transport for young people to and from Camp Tignish, a summer camp for children and young people with disabilities.  Our latest effort is assisting the newly established Kings County Project Lifeline get underway by helping to provide radio tracking devices for autistic children and seniors suffering from dementia.  This program is closely associated with Kings County Search asn Rescue.  Such support to organizations  is limited to specifically identifiable material needs or specific programs.