May 6th, 2019 celebration included the Club's 95th anniversary, Past President and years of service recognition, new INTERAC club at NKEC and presentations to New Paul Harris Fellows. 
Thanks to Leah for being our MC for the evening. 
Here are a few pictures of the festivities.  Also thanks to Karen Corey for putting together a power point picture presentation showing The Rotary Club members providing service to our Community, local and international.

The evenings program commenced with some updates from the Community Service, International Service and PWD committee.  All shared stories with details on projects that the Club achieved this past year and for the good in the greater community, an opportunity for our guests to hear what we do with our fundraising dollars.   Larry and Jeff spoke about PWD,  Shelly for the Community Service and Elva for International Service.
Leah introduced our audience to the New Interac Club and the 3 Presidents (sharing responsibility) this year! Each one came forward to talk about their plans, what projects they did and their future goals.  The Club has generated a lot of interest at the High School.
Phyllis spoke briefly about the "True Rotarian Award", sharing information on this recognition and what defines a true Rotarian.  Our club to date has honoured 8 members, they are:  Elva Heyge, Karen Corey, Greg Trefry, Roger Sevigny, Cate Savage, Garth Gordon, Doug Hill, Larry Stillwell, and Kate Seaman.
Phyllis made special mention and thank you to our club members Joop and Sue Ueffing being members of the A,Klumph Society.
Doug had the pleasure of recognizing all the past presidents in attendance tonight and there were quite a number present!!  Doug also talked about long term members, the 25+ group and singled out everyone in that category with of course a very special mention to Nat James - 54 years!  (standing ovation).    Our existing club member that was recognized as joining this elete group is Chris Maynard.
DG Rob Christie presented Club President Rod with a special certificate to recognize The Rotary Club of Kentville on 95 years of service.
Paul Harris Fellow presentations:   
Roger Sevigny led this portion of the program.  Roger "set the stage" by sharing thoughts about PH fellow recognition and the reasons why we share this honour.  All monies donated support the Rotary Foundation and all the good work Rotary does throughout the world.  Giving and supporting "really makes a difference" to somebody - somewhere - every day - every year.
The reason for recognition are different in every case, personal to the clubs who bestow the honour, but always for exceptional "Service above Self"  in the local or worldwide community
This year we recongnized the following:
Introduction by Elva Heyge for recepient - George and Nancy Henry
Introduction by Karen Corey for recepient - Karen North
Introduction by Pierre Hoebers for recepient - Bill Denyar
A special THANK YOU  to our District Governor Rob Christie for joining us this evening!  Thanks to the organizing committee (Phyllis, Doug and Roger) under the new event name and format, it was well done!!  Again our thanks to Leah for being her usual entertaining, stick to the program and flexible Master of Ceremonies!!