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Good roll-up on Saturday at the Project Shed

"Many hands make light work" is the old saying... Well, last Saturday, Wheelchair Trust chief Larry Murray's call to help moving timber and other gear, destined for the X-Ray Unit in Vanuatu, was answered by a good number of members. Some came early, so by 9:30 am, the job was done and we all settled in for a bacon, sausage, egg and onion brunch, cooked by 'Onion King' Angus Miller with his usual competence. Picture, from left: at rear: Karen Holland, Paul Seymour, Darrell Brown, Mitch Brown. Front: Ray Higgs, Geoff Croad, President Charles Thomasson, John Chirio, Andy Bell. Also helping were Col Laurenson, Franz Huber and Immediate Past President Mario Fairlie [did you know that he buys his shoes to match the colour of his car? See picture right, taken by your Editor just in time before he closed the door...☺]
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If you throw enough spaghetti against a wall...

In his inaugural District Governor’s newsletter last month, DG Andy Rajapakse announced a “crazy big goal” to grow District Membership to 1,400. According to our District Website, we’ve had 1,208 members at the end of June. So, the goal is an increase of 192 members, or 16%, or about 4 members per club on average. But if we used the End of May total of 1,297 members, we’d only require 103 new members, or just 8%, or 2 members per club. Actually, hadn’t we lost any of the 200 members who left over the last 12 months… well, we’d be there already!
“So, where are you going with this??” I hear you ask, “it’s normal to have a steep reduction in membership at the end of the Rotary year!” Normal? Sure, some of the 200 we lost may have left because they moved away. Some were called “to higher service”. But, the bulk of them decided that Rotary simply wasn’t “their thing”, not worth their time, effort and expense.

In business, losing a major account rings alarm bells. And unless they went bust, sold out or died, most likely it’s because they found your opposition more attractive. Your responsibility really. So what do you do? You go out to look for
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John Paul Langbroek presents at Surfers Sunrise

Last Wednesday, our local State Parliamentarian for Surfers Paradise John-Paul Langbroek presented at our club. “JP”, as he is affectionately known to the locals (and with an electoral margin of over 20%, he is obviously very popular), gave a brief yet informative talk about his work of representing the people of his electorate. He particularly talked about his work as Shadow Minister for the Olympic and Paralympic Games 2032 Candidature, as Shadow Minister Sport and Racing (that suits me well, quipped Chairman Doug Lipp, who is a well known identity in the Horse Racing game… ☺).  But most people would not be aware: He is an Honorary Rotarian (with the Rotary Club of Gold Coast). “I’m proud to be a Rotary Member” John-Paul iterated, “particularly now that the attendance rules have been relaxed, I’m able to participate”.

Recently, JP indeed was active in one of our club’s project, the ‘Sleeping Sanctuary’ (POD), where he met with Immediate Past President Mario Fairlie, Councillor Darren Taylor and others to address the important problem of homelessness on the Gold Coast. “This is not an easy problem to address”, he elaborated, “some people do not wish to be in permanent accommodation”. Of course, it’s not just
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This Saturday 8th August: Big job at the Shed

Project Shed Chief Larry Murray needs helpers this Saturday morning: Starting at 08:30 am (or earlier if you like), we need as many able bodied helpers as possible at the shed, so if any Rotarians know people like this perhaps they could encourage them to come. We will be shifting the lumber from the workshop to the 40’ container. Some of the larger planks weigh as much as 50 Kg, necessitating a 2 man/woman lift; well within the capacity of the average fit Australian. Once again this may involve our trusty Rotarians seeking the help of younger family members. This may necessitate the passage of some gratuities in the form of bribes or suitable inducements.
Should the members feel able to avail themselves for this task we recommend the following precautions should be followed to minimise the possibility of personal injury and/ or embarrassment.
  1. Please bring heavy duty gloves to avoid splinters, before putting on the gloves make sure nasal passages and other orifices are clear of debris, as excavations will not be possible whilst gloved up and in mid lift.
  2. Please wear suitable clothing, no bell bottom trousers high heeled shoes jewellery or loose clothing (flamboyant scarfs, flashy silk handkerchiefs or cummerbunds ) anyone with cross dressing tendencies will be restricted to making the tea.
  3. Suitable footwear is essential. Carpet slippers are a no go, the shed has a pair of heavy steel toed boots available, it may be necessary to share these, those with foot issues should in fairness to fellow Rotarians avoid exposing others to any contagious foot or feet conditions.
  4. Do not partner with a person stronger than yourself.
  5. Have about your person any pertinent medical details together with information on next of kin and details of any money bequeathed to the shed. ☺
  6. Please do not expect any financial reward, like most good things you do, it is best to be discrete, in the hope of a reward in the afterlife, if there is one (for those over 60 this is a good time to hedge your bets)
The work should only take 2 or 3 hours and will include light refreshments and interesting conversation.

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Chris Thurtell gets special pin created by the YE Students

by PDG Darrell Brown - Current District 9640 Youth Program Chair)
When I first proposed Chris Thurtell  for membership to our club he indicated that he was interested in helping Youth. That became an understatement this year! Not only did he help Youth in our club but he took on the Chair of the Youth Exchange Program for the District 4 years ago. This year tested his skills
Over the time of his tenure he transformed the Youth Exchange Program with his caring attitude & dedication. Chris retired from the District Chair position last December and when his intended replacement was unable to fill his shoes, I was asked to take over the role until the end of the Rotary year. Thank goodness for Chris’s sense of responsibility. When I rang Chris for a briefing he said that he would stay in the role as it would take too long & be too difficult to become acquainted with the role for such a short time. Then COVID-19 struck. YEP became a minefield of problems dealing with countries closing down programs, arranging a safe environment for students & the logistical nightmare of getting students home. 
Chris deserves a medal and he got one. He was awarded his first Paul Harris Fellow at the District Changeover  a week ago in recognition for what he has achieved & the tumultuous time he has been through. The unfortunate aspect of all of this is that Chris has resigned from Rotary. I understand his feelings. His role was such an intense commitment to the Youth of our District that he needs a break from Rotary. He is exhausted. He hasn’t ruled out the possibility of returning to the fold in a year’s time but he needs to concentrate on his own family, his new job & to regain equilibrium. 
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$28,000 added to Malaria Vaccine Project fund

Many many moons ago (June 2017 to be exact), Dr Danielle Stanisic - see picture left - presented at our club on a major project at the local campus of Griffith University, aimed a developing a vaccine to eradicate Malaria. Over the past 12 months, this was also the 'District Governor's Partner' project; Shauna Bolton raised $18,965. In addition to that, it was suggested that people who were entitled to a refund of pre-payments for the cancelled District Conference donate it instead. This raised another $9,065, making the total over $28,000 for the year
PDG Graham Jones, who is the chairman of the Malaria Vaccine Project, expressed his delight in a recent letter to (now) Past DG Harry & Shauna Bolton. The project, which also attracted a grant of $500,000 from the Federal Government, is now in its 'Phase 1 - clinical trials in a non-endemic country' - yes! Australia.  Read more about it on their website.
By the way: Did you know that Dr Stanisic was sponsored by Rotary to attend the National Youth Science Forum, to which our recent guest Briana Dorrough (see bulletin of 29/07/20) also aspires to. Yes, Rotary sponsoring Youth works!
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Ray Krebs, NBNCo: Getting the best out of your NBN

Ray Krebs’ official title is ‘Community Ambassador’. [Yes, it is, but nowhere near as much as what Microsoft calls a product specialist who is employed to spread their word: they are called ‘Evangelist’…☺ Ed.] Ray joined us via Zoom from Brisbane.  He started off by giving us a brief introduction: NBNCo is a wholesaler, meaning they only do business with Phone and Internet Providers.  It is owned by the Federal Government.  Ultimately, the National Broadband Network will replace most of the existing landline based phone as well as internet services. 

Ray outlined the various ways to connect (fixed line, WiFi, Mobile Internet - e.g. a “dongle”).  Did you know that in Australia the average household consumes about 258 GB of data per month? Viewing habits have changed – real time video streaming directly to your Smart TV now dominates as the No 1 data consumption. And it doesn’t look like it’s going to slow down anytime soon: between 2012 and 2019 consumption has increased by 820%! Anything else you can connect? Yes, you can have Smart Power Points, Smart Light Globes, Smart Fridges, Security Cameras, Watering Systems, temperature controlled toilet seats which also will
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The 10,000th Wheelchair loaded for despatch

On Saturday morning we loaded the 10,000th 'ROUGH TERRAIN' WHEELCHAIR despatched to various developing countries. It is destined for Honiara, Solomon Islands. Picture (by Angela Thomasson) shows some of our regular volunteers at our Project Shed, with Des La Rance (holding up the box), who has been the driving force behind the program since the mid nineties and our logistics guru Col Laurenson (in Hi-Vis Vest in front) "holding it up". Expect more "official" celebrations following later in the year! More photos in Photo Album section on the right.
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Qld Correctional Services Wheelchair Video 

How often do you hear something truly positive coming from a prison? Most of you would be aware of the long standing relationship we have with Palen Creek Correctional Centre, where inmates have been engaged in manufacturing wheelchairs from discarded bicycles for quite a number of years.  So far, they have made over 2000 of them. Recently, Queensland Correctional Services posted a brief video online of this program. Click here to view it.
By the way: this most precious wheelchair (picture right) was painted by one of their inmates. No, it's not for sale! ☺
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Testing the new BBQ at the Project Shed

OK, so besides the wheelchairs work they have the PODs as well as the X-Ray unit for Vanuatu projects running, so there certainly isn't a case for "nothing to do".  But our brand new Bar-be-que needs to be tested before it is going to be used for many major events coming up in the next few months! From left: Bryan Tuesley, President Charles Thomasson, Ian Mayberry, Terry Donovan, Larry Murray. (Photo by Al Sirovs)
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This Wednesday 15th July: Changeover at Edgewater

This coming Wednesday 15th July we have our Changeover Breakfast, at Edgewater Dining on the Isle of Capri. If you have not already booked, do it now - click on this link. The annual Changeover Report is on the website - see right hand side; of course there will also be some hard copies there on Wednesday morning.  
And it won't just be any old Rotary breakfast: we will be joined by some high calibre dignitaries - check this: District Governor Andy Rajapakse and the newly elected Councillor for Division 10, Darren Taylor. And lots of our partners have already booked too!
All details are on the booking site. See you Wednesday morning! Don't forget to book - bookings close Monday night. Remember: opens at 07:15 for 07:30 start.
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President Charles Thomasson: My vision for 2020-21

In "normal" times, the statement "we'll have more of the same we had in the last year" would not be the most inspiring articulation of a leader's vision. Unless one knows that the year just gone, under Immediate Past President Mario Fairlie, has been not "just good", it was "real good"! At our first 'formal' meeting for the new Rotary year, incoming President Charles Thomasson outlined his overall aims.  There isn't much purpose me listing them here; much easier if you download his PowerPoint (see Download Section on the right), where all his individual goals are outlined.
But the major segments certainly bear mentioning specifically: 
  • Rotary in Australia will this year celebrate its 100th Anniversary.  This in itself is a major milestone, but we are going to combine this with
  • Delivery of our 10,000th Wheelchair: in August 1997 we delivered the first 10 wheelchairs to Fiji, which was filmed and broadcast on Channel Nine's 'A Current Affair'. Our aim is to get Ray Martin, who was that program's host at the time, to participate in a special event to celebrate this major achievement.
  • The 'Sleeping Sanctuary' (PODs) is a definite goer. The aim is to involve all the clubs in Cluster 7
  • The X-Ray Unit for Vanuatu, a joint project with the Rotary Clubs of Broadbeach and Gold Coast which commenced in the previous year, is destined to be delivered and installed in June 2021
  • Youth programs (RYDA, RYTS, RYPEN etc), including the 'Lutzy Award' will continue, and so will other programs such as the Excellence in Workmanship Award
  • Some old, some new ideas in relation to fundraising, membership retention and development will be employed
So, download the PowerPoint and look at the details. Be assured, there won't be any boredom for our members, certainly no such thing as "I don't have anything to do!". In other words: Be involved!
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RI Honolulu Convention: hardly anyone was there... ☺

Last Saturday week (20th June), the Rotary International Convention opened in Honolulu. Except that hardly anyone was there… You see, just like our District Conference, dozens of AFL and Rugby matches and ordinary club meetings, also this event could not be held physically. Modern technology allows the life streaming of the conference and this was the first ever where anyone could attend – free of charge! However, not everyone has the time (or inclination) to spend the better part of a week sitting at their computer, particularly if one of the most attractive components of any conference is missing: the coffee breaks, the lunches and dinners which allow you to network with fellow Rotarians from all over.
Enter ‘Post Conference Streaming’.  The whole lot is up on Youtube. You can watch the whole lot, or just selective segments.  Even better: not meaning to be derogatory, but you can fast forward or skip what I (in streamed business seminars) used to call ‘Corporate Gumph’…  Even better: if a speaker speaks (in your view) too slowly, you can run the video at 1.5 speed or even double speed. How good is that!
Click here to access the opening session on Saturday 20th June.  Whatever you do, don’t fast forward past the contribution of the Australian Pop Opera Quartet ‘Aria’, dedicating a Rotary version of the popular song The Prayer (think of Andrea Bocelli with Céline Dion) starting at 0:59:00.  Now, just in case it sounds somewhat weird: you probably need to set playing speed back to 'Normal'... ☺
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Pimpama Fix-ed College designs wheelchair improvements

Surfers Sunrise Rotary's Projects are going beyond the international community: Fix-ed College, a project of the Pimpama State Secondary College, is cooperating with our Wheelchairs Project to design improvements.  Teachers Stephen Robinson and Dwayne Scicluna run it to inculcate their students in both design and physical work.  Well worth your while to jump to their website to learn more about it.  Here are a couple of photos (by Stephen Robinson): a draft design, a student is using a acetylene torch to cut it out. 
Plenty more photos in the Photo Album on the right!
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Support Neil Thurlow's ride for MS

He is pedalling like mad - he is almost there! Just another 100 Km to go, and he'll make it easily. And it also looks like he is getting some support, including a few from our club.  So, don't hesitate to pull out your Credit Card and pledge a few dollars to his very worthwhile target to support Multiple Scleroris.
Our indefatigable printer extraordinaire, Neil Thurlow, is cycling 400 Km in lieu of the usual 'Brissie to the Bay' event, which due to COVID had to be cancelled. This is a fundraiser in support of MS (Multiple Sclerosis).  Click here to go directly to his website, or click on the image, or download the full brochure from the Download Section on the right.
Neil will organise something similar to raise funds for our various Rotary projects.  Stay tuned!
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Broadbeach Rotarians help with X-Ray Unit for Vanuatu

On Saturday, we had 4 Rotarians from the Rotary Club of Broadbeach at the Project Shed, busily painting trusses destined for Vanuatu. Picture (by Al Sirovs) shows Harold Bush and Neil Jones, with Broadbeach President Dr Graham Sivyer and Uwe Seifert out of the picture...! Thank you, fellows!  For those of you who have come in late: The X-Ray Unit for Pentecost Island, Vanuatu is a joint project between the Rotary Clubs of Broadbeach and Surfers Sunrise. Pre-manufacturing has commenced recently at our Project Shed in Arundel.
Broadbeach Rotarians help with X-Ray Unit for Vanuatu Franz Huber 2020-06-13 14:00:00Z 0

Peter Morgan: Man behind the Badge

Some of our members simply keep under the radar… I wanted to find a picture of Peter on the web – there isn’t anything! How good is it then to get a bit of a deeper insight into the life of one of our Charter Members. Some of us would have known that he currently holds the position of Corporate Solicitor at Suncorp, the largest listed company in Queensland. Some would know that he is a family man through and through. But did we know of his extensive community service, outside of Rotary, with the Catholic Church’s Finance Board, or with the Life Education organisation?
His law career goes back to the early 1980’s, when he was a partner at Rapp Hickey & Morgan on Short Street in Southport. Peter elaborated on multiple projects: One of his major clients, Ron McMaster, was one of the largest Hi-Rise developers on the Gold Coast. A large number of houses in a target area would be bought up (sometimes at outrageous prices, such as a $200,000 house on the land where Bayview Harbour was to be built, for $600,000. Concurrently, public road closures resulted in crown land being converted to freehold. Apartments in the proposed development were sold off the plan, sometimes as far as two years ahead of the completion of construction. 10% deposit would secure a title; the obvious idea was to “flick it on”. Peter recalled one development where there were units that were re-sold as much as 8 times before completion! Profits of as much as $100,000 were realised. And that was before the Capital Gains Tax was introduced. Then, once the building was completed, settlement for all units was to be on the same day! Not just a massive project, also a massive legal job!
On to ‘Family’… He married Helen in their mid twenties and by 1986 there had two boys and a girl, all under the age of 3… Peter recalled with nostalgia when back in those days, the Sergeant would fine him with monotonous regularity for being ‘last in the door’.  Well, having to help organising breakfast and getting the kids to school would explain that!  Our Club Member/Trophy-Maker Barry Manteit (remember him?) even got him a special trophy ‘Just on Time’… Forward to 2010: the two sons married. Another 10 years on and there are 9 grandchildren! “So when they visit, the house is converted into a child care centre”.
Obviously, Peter enjoyed a high level of respect and trust in his church. In the mid eighties he was invited to join the Surfers Paradise Catholic Church’s Finance Board. Its task is to guide the parish priest and make decision on a wide range of finance aspects, including the decision on what to do if a Church – come Community Centre, such as the one in Surfers Paradise was, is to be renovated or whether a new church complex is to be built. Such was the case when by 1986 the new Catholic Church and primary school was built on 10 Hectares on Fairways Drive, opposite the Golf Course. Contrast this with the Broadbeach/Mermaid Beach Church, sitting on one acre on Hedges Avenue: where a 400 m2 block on the other side of the street sells for about $5 Million, do you sell and build somewhere else or stay? Big deliberations, big decisions, an awful lot of footwork.
Finally to Life Education: Peter’s involvement started in 1985. It was started in 1979 by Ted Noffs (of Safe Injection Rooms fame) started the movement. The principle is simple: Prevention is better than cure. Ted convinced two of Peter’s legal clients, Ron McMaster and Brian Ray to establish a Life Education Centre on the Gold Coast, based on the successful model employed in Sydney. A ‘Peppercorn Lease’ was established on Council Land. At the time, in 1986, in excess of $1 Million of work was performed Pro-bono.  Peter joined the Management Committee on establishment in 1987 and 5 years ago was appointed its Chairman. The organisation, which employs some 50 staff,  teaches Nutrition and the importance of healthy activity, Cyber Safety, respectful relationships and advises on legal and illegal drugs, including tobacco and alcohol. A staggering number of some 200,000 children are visited by Life Education every year.  Funding used to come from the Queensland Government – until Labor came to power, when “the tap was initially turned off”. (Luckily, it has been re-instated in recent years.) Fortunately, a benefactor bequeathed $1.2 Million, which was used to establish a ‘Regular Giving’ scheme. Today, they have some 6,300 donors who regularly contribute.
There was of course much more in Peter’s presentation than can be written up in the limited space of a club bulletin. Hearing his outline emphasises the fact that one of Rotary’s overriding concept is Vocational Excellence and Leadership. There is no doubt that Peter has, in his 33 years of membership, indeed lived up to that premise.
Photo above: Peter showed us ‘Healthy Harold’, the 2nd most recognised mascot after Ronald McDonald.
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Guess what's on on 4th July? Guess who is...

It was going to happen in April, but COVID came in-between. Angus Miller is again organising a "Guess who is coming to Dinner?" event. This is a great social evening with an air of mystery as neither the guests nor hosts know who is attending, respectively who will host. Gus advises that he has the volunteer hosts already set up, but would like a "reserve host", just in case we get more people participating than we expect. Regardless of whether you are hosting or not, he will need final numbers of attendees so we can make sure that we have enough hosts. Note: it is an 'impromptu, minimal fuss' affair: if you are hosting and you are an accomplished chef and want to show it off: by all means, slave over a hot stove and cook a five course dinner! At the other end of the scale, simply have a bar-be-que or some take-away pizza.  Or anything in-between!  The principal purpose is to have a great night!
For those who have not attended one of these dinners before: Firstly, you will all gather at a particular address (will remain secret until we get closer to the event) for a drink & nibble. The hosts' addresses for the evening will then be allocated, who will then make their way to that address for the dinner. Each host will have nominated the number of guests they would like, but they will not know who will come to dinner, nor will the guests know who else will be at that given address. The food is provided by the hosts, for which the guests will contribute $15 per person and provide their own drinks [and perhaps have a spare bottle for the hosts too..! Ed] .  The menu is entirely at the whim of the host, anything from caviar to take-away Chinese.
Angus needs to know who will be participating by this Wednesday 24th June. Please register your interest directly with him via email, advising how many people will participate and whether you can be a "Reserve Host".
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Presentation of Certificates of Appreciation

Last Saturday morning, President Mario Fairlie presented a number of Certificates of Appreciation to people who were instrumental in providing their goods and services to the Project Shed.  Here are some:
Neil Aitkenhead, Premier Timber & Trusses: (above left) Neil's company not only provided the material for the Trusses for our Vanuatu project at no charge, they also manufactured them at their factory in Arundel and delivered them at no charge!  Thank you!
John Dodozy, Molectra Technologies: (above right) All the bicycles we collect to make wheelchairs with come with tyres, which we cannot use, nor can we dispose of them at the tip. John's company has a patented technology to recycle the tyres. He has by now collected several hundreds of them!  Thank you!
Brian Ross, Diesel Services Queensland: (below left)Brian's company recently provided a big truck at no charge to deliver a 40' container to our Project Shed. It will be used to ship the X-Ray Unit for Vanuatu. Thank you!
(below right) Mario also provided two certificates to recognise the services of Graeme and Jed Stanyer, who are instrumental in collecting the 'Containers for Cash' at Geoff Croad's residential complex.  Regrettably, the gentlemen were unable to be present on Saturday morning, so Mario presented them this Monday morning.
Other certificates awaiting to be presented are for AB Crane Hire and Sinclair Containers. 
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So why is there a Rotary LGBT Fellowship?

The discussion revolved around the current monthly theme of International Rotary Fellowships. “Isn’t Rotary supposed to be non-political??” The discussion among the group of young Rotarians started to become, even for young Rotarians, uncommonly heated. “Why is there a LGBT Fellowship?”
“Why not?” retorted a former Peace Fellow . “Rotary means business; it is totally non-political, non-denominational and, since about 1987, certainly non-sexist!”
So how come there is a fellowship for Singles but not for Marrieds? Or for that matter Doll Lovers, or Birdwatchers?” “Maaate!!” his colleagues yelled out, “we are not talking about that kind of dolls and birds!” [Yes, quite right, Henrietta, there is no need say anything!]
One of the stouter members joined in: “Ah, I’m more into the epicurean stuff, like Wine, Whyskey, Rum, Beer, Gourmet Cooking, even Bathhouses. I like antique cars, and I like hitching up the caravan to my 4 x 4 truck, then travel into the blue yonder and in the evenings study my rare books. I listen to Jazz, actually any music. And I’m probably the only male in hundreds of miles who makes quilts. My wife is much more into Italian and Latin Culture. And in this context she joined the Magna Graecia fellowship. “The Magna what?” several shouted out. “Well, it is based in Southern Italy, but you can join. Just look it up.”
“Ah, ever since I swapped my caravan for a big fat Recreational Vehicle, I’ve given up the caravan. The total quality of my Winnebago is just superb” said a Doctor. I can hook our bicycles on the back, tie my canoe and surf board on the top and I even can play Table Tennis on a fold out table. When I’m out in the sticks, I can join the meeting of my e-Club and thus maintain my Social Network. Evenings we study European Philosophy, Ethics and Cultural Heritage. We have close contact with an Honorary Consul whom we met on a Cruise and with whom we recently did a Home Exchange. Naturally, being Swiss, he is far more into Railways, Hiking, Curling and Shooting sports. He is a Past District Governor, intimate with Rotary heritage and global history, and he has a massive collection of Rotary Stamps and Rotary Pins. Of course, he goes to all the conventions. I joined him at one of his club meetings. Did you know that former Swiss Tennis great Martina Hingis is a Paul Harris Fellow and is closely involved with Polio Plus?
“Well, I’m more into the fitness stuff” said a Military Veteran, who now is in Law Enforcement. I like Scuba Diving, Fishing, Rowing, blue water Yachting, Skiing, riding my Motorcycle. I’m a Scout Leader, I run Marathons and Triathlons and I play Cricket. I listen to Heavy Metal and if ever I have a quiet moment, I study Russian culture.”
“Too hard for me!” retorted a Lawyer, and his fellow professionals, a prominent Editor and Publisher and an Educator, joined in. “As principals of our firms, we are constantly looking for better Corporate Social Responsibility, Strategic Planning, Social Networks, the Environment, Public Health and… Golf. And if I need solitude, I fly my Cessna...”
“Geez… isn’t there any group I can join where it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg?” I whimpered. “Most definitely!” came the answer. “There is Amateur Radio, Chess, Draughts, Photography, Esperanto or Genealogy. Even very general subjects as the Internet. But don’t be fooled: the group is very active in around 100 countries! And if you are into Eastern board games: Go.  Or you might want to become a Magician and if you need calming down, play Bowls or do some Yoga.”  So, with almost 90 different Rotary Fellowships worldwide, there truly is something for everyone!  Just click on the links!
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New Wheelchair Fundraising Poster

The print design magicians at Neil Thurlow's Accent Print & Copy have again created a new poster, designed to raise funds for our Wheelchairs Project!  It is in our Download Section on the right.  Thank you, great design!
New Wheelchair Fundraising Poster Franz Huber 2020-06-02 14:00:00Z 0

Project Shed reorganisation on full steam

Well, just have a look at this! If you knew what the shed looked like before, you'd hardly recognise it! Won't be long before we are ready for full production mode again.
Further to that, here is a brief outline from President Elect Charles Thomasson, referring to the recent meeting of the Wheelchair Trust's Board:
The Trustees of the Wheelchair Trust and President Mario met last Thursday. Did you know that the Surfers Sunrise Wheelchair Project is on target to ship our 10,000 Wheelchair in the 100th Year of Rotary in Australia? A wonderful achievement by all those involved. As such, the main focus of the meeting was to discuss the distribution of our current stock of over 400 manufactured wheelchairs and how to work with other Rotary Clubs to best get them to those most in need - we look forward to updating the Club soon. We also look forward to Wheelchairs being manufactured from ‘The Shed’ for many years to come.
Project Shed reorganisation on full steam Franz Huber 2020-05-30 14:00:00Z 0

Angie Bell - MP for Moncrieff

Great to have our local Member for Moncrieff, Angie Bell joining us on Wednesday morning for our regular On-Line club meeting.
Interestingly, Angie was a Rotary Exchange Student to Denmark in 1986. “This will tell you how old I am” she quipped [we know that anyway; your Bio is plastered all over the Federal Parliament’s website! ☺ Ed].  “Rotary Exchange changed my life” Angie enthused, “even though I haven’t been able to get a lot of use out of my Danish skills”. Angie outlined the importance of foreign aid.  Bangladesh (where in the past we have sent some wheelchairs to) has some 900,000 Rohingya refugees who walked across the border from Myanmar.  The Australian Government sponsored ‘Safe the Children’. “Amazing what can be done with quite a small amount of money” Angie said, “I think we are talking about approximately $160 Million for this humanitarian crisis. To put it into perspective: this is only about 1.7 Km of Light Rail… ” [☺ Ed.] She mentioned that another reason why we spend that money is that that region is quite important to Australia’s national security (Angie is on the Defence and Veteran Affairs Backbench Committee and also has defence history in her family).
In relation to Covid-19: In the early stages, Angie put together a ‘Community Cabinet’, consisting of leaders of various community and multi-cultural groups on the central Gold Coast. Among others, District Governor Elect Andy Rajapakse is one of the members. Angie emphasised how very important it is that everyone is downloading the Covid Safe App to our smartphones. Angie outlined in detail why it is important. In essence: should somebody become infected, other people who might have been in contact with that person can be traced.
There is little doubt as to where Angie stands when it comes to getting the Gold Coast’s economy back on its feet: she forcefully called for the Queensland border to be re-opened. Alas, so far all the meetings she and her fellow “movers and shakers” on the Gold Coast have had with the representatives of the Queensland State Government seem to have fallen on deaf ears.
Naturally, there would be so much else to elaborate on and to discuss. It is quite uncommon in our club that a speaker is allowed to substantially go over the allotted time, but with Angie we simply lost track of time! You can find out lots more on her website – simply click on the Help menu.  Angie’s presentation has been recorded on Zoom. A link was sent out to all members – if you require a link, please email the Webmaster. To sum it up: I’m sure I speak for all members when I state that we all much enjoyed her refreshingly open and uncomplicated manner of keeping us up to date on what happens in Canberra and how she is fighting for the betterment of the Gold Coast.  By the way: Did you know that for quite some time, she was a professional Musician? Next time, we much hope that circumstances will allow us to insist that she brings her Saxophone along!
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Working bee at the Project Shed

Last week, we had working bees on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday at the Project Shed.  The main purpose is to re-organise the shed to have more working space. This will be achieved by moving the shelving to the outer walls and relocate the finished wheelchairs into the 40' container which was recently delivered.  Thank you to all members and volunteers who participated: Larry Murray, Angus Miller, Franz Huber, John Hall, Geoff Croad, Al Sirovs, Des La Rance, Bryan Tuesley, John Chirio, Darrell Brown, Laurie Roberts, Andy Bell, Paul Seymour and Charter President Bill Moir. Good to see you still active in Surfers Sunrise, Bill! More photos in the Photo Album on the right.
(Photo by Al Sirovs - maintaining Social Distance: everyone would if the other guy wields an angle grinder...! ☺)
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Containers for Change: New Account

In view of the Wheelchair Trust Deed's fairly strict limitations (money donated can only be spent on materials for wheelchairs and nothing else, not even for the shipment to their destination), we have registered an alternative account for Containers for Change.  If you deposit your empties directly, and wish to donate the proceeds to the Surfers Sunrise Rotary Club - General Account, please use this account code: 
(The account for the Wheelchair Trust is also still active: use C10199443 instead).
So, keep your soft drink bottles, stubby bottles, aluminium cans, milk cartons etc.  As a general rule, most drink containers between 150ml and 3L can be returned for a refund under Queensland's container deposit scheme. Containers should be empty, unbroken, lid-free and display a 10-cent refund marking on the label. Something like the image (right), but many others are simply marked as suitable for recycling. Note: they must NOT be crushed. See image above what is and what is not accepted. For details of what can / cannot be returned for cash, and where the locations are, click on this link
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Roof Trusses for Vanuatu project arrive

Last week, Paul from Premier Timber & Trusses rolled up at the Project Shed with a load of trusses, destined for the X-Ray Unit at Pentecost Island, Vanuatu. Important to mention: the company not only donated the timber but also delivered it free of charge. Thank you!
Photo (by Geoff Croad) shows how things are done in modern times, with their lifting crane built onto the truck. How good is modern technology!
Roof Trusses for Vanuatu project arrive Franz Huber 2020-05-20 14:00:00Z 0

Maggie Twyford: Volunteering with Misión México

Some young people, to get a “challenging overseas trip”, go for a week to Bali. The more adventurous ones go to London. Our Guest Speaker Maggie Twyford, after 4 ½ years as a Junior Officer in the Australian Navy, decided she needed something a bit more outside the square. So she volunteered with Misión México, in Tapachula (population ~320,500), a border town close to Guatemala. The mission was founded in 2000 by Pam and Alan Skuse, a couple from the Sunshine Coast. Designed not to be an institution but a family home, Misión México caters for about 30 – 40 children and young adults on a permanent basis. Most of the children are orphaned or, in Maggie’s eloquently understated expression, “can’t be adopted”. The organisation includes a Community Outreach program, Education Scholarships, Life Skill Training, Work Training, English and swimming lessons. Plus ‘Misión Surf’ – yes, a surfing school. Their funding is entirely based on donations, which go directly to the organisation.

Just why would one choose Misión México? “They encourage long term volunteering and they are inexpensive compared to others (3000 Pesos, or about A$300) over 5 months, which includes accommodation and meals” Maggie explained. Further, the organisation doesn’t participate in the problematic industry of “Voluntourism”. Voluntourism? A modern term for ‘normalising’ access
Maggie Twyford: Volunteering with Misión México Franz Huber 2020-05-14 14:00:00Z 0

Additional 40' container arrives at the Project Shed

Last Monday, at the Project Shed an additional 40 foot container from Sinclair Containers was installed, for the principal purpose of temporary storage of goods while the shed is re-organised (see last week's bulletin). A special big Thank You! to AB Crane Hire, who provided one of their humongous mobile cranes at no charge to lift the container off the truck and place it in position, and Diesel Services Queensland, who transported it free of charge. Very much appreciated!
Additional 40' container arrives at the Project Shed Franz Huber 2020-05-13 14:00:00Z 0

So, whom would you consider to be the greatest?

On the weekend, the passing away of Little Richard made the news on just about all channels. ("Little Who??" I hear the younger ones among you yell out…) Well, let me tell you: he was one of the greatest! OK, I might be betraying my age now, but just to put you straight:  I don’t just listen to 50’s Rock ‘n’ Roll, I was a fan of Pink Floyd long before the Dark Side of the Moon!  Groan. Yup, another one from the Boomer period... Oh, well, still betraying my age then, I guess…  OK then, so whom do you think is the greatest entertainer of the last 100 years?  I would imagine your responses to be highly predictable and relative to your age:  Satchmo, Bing Crosby, Sinatra. JOK, Kamal, Barnsie, Farnham, Olivia, Kylie, Acca Dacca. Delta. Justin Bieber. SAINt Jhn …  
What the heck has all this got to do with Rotary?  Well, let me stretch your brain: excluding our founder Paul Harris and Arch Klump (the founder of The Rotary Foundation), whom would you consider the greatest Rotarian of the last 100 years?   ---??--- Having a blank?  But surely, in an organisation that covers over 200 countries and exceeds 1.2 million members, there must be somebody who pops up, who stands several heads taller than the rest?  Come on, quick!  We are an organisation that can organise the immunization of over 1 billion children and is within a whisker of reaching its target of eradicating Polio world wide. Surely we must have some all-time icons that are household names for everyone on the planet? 
Yes, of course there would be.  Hundreds and thousands of them. It’s just that they are not there for their own glory.  There is no big media, no Spin department, no Grammy or Aria Awards.  Is it relevant of whether a Rotarian is a fan of Opera, old crooners, Metallica, Muse or Funk?   Not at all.  But, to paraphrase Past Rotary International President Sir Clem Renouf: if you are a Rotarian, you have an organisation behind you that gives you, an ordinary person, the opportunity to do more with your life than you ever dreamed possible.
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IMHO U R ovreacting

Posted by Franz Huber
So u thnk todays youth has gone too far? Or is it bcs u dont want to undrstd it? SWYP? OMG not anotr boomer whng about 2days youth? Got news: AFAIK txt is new nrml. In 2days fast wrld, KISS!
OK, so we oldies have scratched our heads trying to decipher TXT abbreviations. (For those of you who are struggling with the above: IMHO = In My Humble Opinion, bcs = because, SWYP = So what’s your problem? OMG = Oh my god, AFAIK = As far as I know.  KISS has been used for decades. 
Of greater concern is the emerging bad habit of leaving out punctuation (and not just by young people!). The most popularly quoted case in point is ‘A woman without her man is nothing’. With punctuation: ‘A woman: without her, man is nothing.’ [Yes, Henrietta, you did tell me. Ad nauseam...] Or, as Shakespeare may have written:
‘Good Lementio, who calls at the gate?
‘My lord, a woman without; her man is nothing.
‘Bid her enter then, and show her man to the livery.
But I digress… May is Youth Service Month. Throughout the world, Rotary clubs expend serious time, money and effort on Youth projects. Seeing that modern youth seems to mostly ignore convention on many fronts, are our hard raised funds really well spent?
OK, let me go back a little, say 20 years. Young people (and those young at heart) embraced email with gusto. But there were still an awful lot of people who refused to participate in this novel method of communication and continued… faxing. Yes, they did!
Let’s go back another score years (well, almost): I recall, in 1983, being given a demonstration of that newfangled device, the facsimile machine. The salesman carefully placed the heavy $3,500 device (in 1984 dollars!) on a desk, laboriously connected it to a phone line, phoned his Sydney office to make sure they were ready to receive. He faxed one of our letterheads and 10 minutes later they faxed it back with a few added scribbles on it. My boss (then in his mid sixties) said: “No way! Who would spend that sort of money when you can buy a stamp and stick it in an envelope??”
Go back another generation. I studied for my Diploma of Commerce in Switzerland in the mid sixties. One of the “must master” items was correct formal business correspondence. Letters would start with “Sehr geehrter Herr [name]” (translated: Most honoured Mister [name]); this applied even if the addressee was anything but honourable. We young turks all rebelled about this ridiculously formal method of addressing but those were the rules. Today? Most emails start off with nothing but the first name, or, if you really want to be formal, Hi Jack, Hello John, Dear Mary…)
SWUP? Language and methods continually evolve, particularly as we move from the written to the spoken word - as in listening to podcasts or talking into our Smartphone “OK Google, what time is our Zoom meeting today?”
But what has changed very little over the decades, indeed over centuries, millennia, is leadership. Leadership can be learned. Leadership can be coached.  Rotary’s Youth programs are just as important today as they have always been. The current COVID crisis has stopped (for the moment) MUNA, RYLA, RYPEN and a dozen other acronyms. But -pandemics permitting- next year’s National Youth Science Forum in 2021 is almost certainly going to happen, so will other Youth events. According to the ABS, our target demographic (aged 14 – 24), make up 14% of our population. That’s 3 ½ Million people. Without resorting to platitudes, it is our responsibility to help the generation following us to maximize their leadership potential. Yeah – u rely dont get how awesome an opp u provide to young ppl and u shud all b very proud of ur work!
Franz Huber
Rotary Club of Surfers Sunrise Inc
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Last Wednesday: PDG Ross Smith - Frank Lloyd Wright Architecture

Whenever we visit a famous city, we admire the cathedrals, the opera theatres, the museums, the palaces, and often not just the buildings from decades or centuries past. We might even exclaim 'How the heck did they build that??' But are we ever considering who was the Architect, whose brain and imagination conceived the design and then translated it into reality? 
PDG Ross Smith, whose "real" career spans roughly 50 years of teaching and, as principal, managing High Schools, lists Architecture as one of his special interests. Ross' On-Line presentation last Wednesday revealed a deep love of this artistic profession. He picked one of the world's most famous Architects, Frank Lloyd Wright, as his subject. To give you an idea how famous: The UNESCO World Heritage last year added 7 buildings to its list. All of them were designed by him. "Architecture equals Form and Function, in our living and working lives" he is quoted as saying. 'Form' can be associated with 'Memorial', 'Function' as in 'Factory'.  Ross recalled his assessment of the High School building, when he commenced work as Principal; it was anything but functional!
Over the next 20 minutes, Ross introduced us to a number of Wright's extraordinary designs. Of the commercial buildings, the most outstanding one would be the Guggenheim Museum On New York's 5th Avenue. It is not just round, it is a spiral, wider at the top than at the bottom! (see photo right of Ross on the inside) Click here for a 'walk-through'. And, keep in mind, this was designed and built a long time before Computer Aided Design (CAD); all done by slide rule and log tables.  His private residence designs would be topped by 'Fallingwater', originally designed as... a holiday retreat! It is - literally - built over a waterfall. No garage, but 6 car ports...
In total, Wright designed over 500 buildings. Some designs are just a little bit unusual. For example, a grand piano was built into a wall where on the other side it hangs out above a hallway.  Some buildings, such as the Hollihock House on Sunset Boulevard, on the one hand were outrageously expensive to build, yet have never been lived in!
Well, what can I say! This came from left field. I knew that Ross was a highly accomplished and respected High School Principal. But also very well read in Architecture? The depth, the knowledge of our fellow Rotarians never cease to amaze me.
Last Wednesday: PDG Ross Smith - Frank Lloyd Wright Architecture Franz Huber 2020-04-30 14:00:00Z 0

Containers for Cash: are you in it?

Posted by Franz Huber
Some time ago, our "Minister for Everything" Geoff Croad has advised that he set up an account with 'Containers for Cash', which has so far has raised well over $1,100 for our Project Shed (Surfers Sunrise Wheelchairs Trust). Particularly now, when we cannot have fundraising events such as a Bunnings sausage sizzle, this would greatly help. So, why not collect the empties for us as well?
Our ID / Registration Code is C10199443
So, keep your soft drink bottles, stubby bottles, aluminium cans, milk cartons etc.  As a general rule, most drink containers between 150ml and 3L can be returned for a refund under your state’s container deposit scheme. Containers should be empty, unbroken, lid-free and display a 10-cent refund marking on the label. Something like this, but many others are simply marked as suitable for recycling. Note: they must NOT be crushed. See image above what is and what is not accepted. [No Henrietta, your wine bottles are not, but you still can recycle them in the yellow council bins...]  How do you go about it? Very straight forward: click on this link which will show you where you can drop your containers off, using the above Registration Code. That is also where you can pick up their orange coloured Envirobank bags, suitable for 50 containers. When you drop off your bag, simply use the above Registration Code. Make a note of it now.  You have started setting all those containers aside, haven't you?
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Be Someone for Someone Campaign

At last week's meeting, Past President Jo Winwood (now a member of RC of Byron Bay), brought one of her organisation's major projects to our attention.  Appropriately named '1000 notes of friendship', the project aims to reduce loneliness, particularly for people who are in retirement and nursing homes. Write (best hand write) a note, a postcard or a letter to a 'mystery person' and post it (yes, by old fashioned snail mail) to Jo.  This is to safeguard privacy. Below is Jo's summary. There is also a PDF in our Download Section (on the right) and their website, click here. This will also be discussed in more details in the upcoming meeting this coming Wednesday.

Help 1,000 of our most vulnerable seniors by making them feel less alone with a simple note of well wishes / friendship.

Be Someone for Someone is Aged Care provider, Feros Care’s initiative to tackle loneliness– and never has there been a greater need for our help. Right now, millions of vulnerable seniors in Australia are in self-isolation, with no visitors and no chance of leaving their home.  We know that loneliness leads to anxiety, depression, chronic disease and worse. We want them  to know that they matter, and we are thinking of them. 

What you can do

Write a letter/note or card - leave the name section blank ( the part where you normally write "Dear" and Jo will personalise them for you.

Post the note to 

1,000 Notes of Friendship Campaign
PO Box 585
Byron Bay
NSW 2481  

The team at Be Someone For Someone will take care of the rest

PS: Include your address if you would like to encourage a response.

Now, is that a project worth supporting or not?

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Snippets of last week's meeting 150420

Our first On-Line meeting with a Guest Speaker! ☺(see separate article). President Mario Fairlie welcomed all members. We also had some visitors: Joanne Winwood (our Past President, now member of RC of Byron Bay), Pat Fleming (RC of Ashmore, Steve Garfein (RC of Poulsbo, WA, USA), ), as well as three colleagues of Dr Trent Lipp, Dr David Walker, Dr Sanjay Dhupelia, Dr Sean Lowry.  And last, but not least: our "disappeared" fellow Surfers Sunrise member Fred Hamblen, who joined us all the way from Fort Lauderdale, FL, USA. Good to hear you are still around, Fred! You are officially fined $100 for going AWOL - just deposit into our regular club bank account! ☺
On conclusion of our Guest Speaker, Dr Trent Lipp's presentation , President Mario invited Jo Winwood to talk about one of her projects of combating loneliness and isolation. This started well before COVID and Jo described it as 'a growing epidemic'.  Do you know that it is estimated that 1 in 4 adults suffer loneliness? This then has massive consequences in both mental and physical health.  Please see separate article in this bulletin on Jo's Project, which she has asked our club to become involved with. Overall, her project goes much further, but specifically, where Jo would like us to be involved in is for us to write to those people. She named it 'A Thousand Notes of Friendship' - click on this link to go to their website. There is also a PDF on our Download Section - see right side. (Note: this coming Wednesday's meeting, 22/04/2020, is dedicated to discuss this, among other topics). Jo also elaborated on her other project relating to 'Community Friendly Benches'. President Mario indicated that our club is very happy to be involved in this. One aspect of such a project is 'Sustainablity', e.g. that the facility is not only properly maintained, but that it is not ending up as a canvas for graffity or even an overnight sleeping bench. Wheelchair Trust Chairman Larry Murray confirmed that the volunteers are indeed able to build them, however, that finance needs to come from external sources. Jo confirmed that funding would be coming from her sources (Government as well as philanthropists).
Doug Lipp re-enforced Dr Trent Lipp's message that COVID vigilance is all important: Despite meticulously following precautions, one of his friends caught it, most likely from a neighbor who is an airline stewart. So, don't lower your defences!
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National Youth Science Forum: looking for candidates

As we won’t be able to participate in RYLA & RYPEN this year, NYSF is a possible alternative at this stage. We need a student going into year 12 next year to participate. At this Monday's meeting, this was approved by our Board; we do have approximately $1800 that we would have expended with (then now cancelled) RYLA & RYPEN camps. This would cover more than half the cost of NYSF (with the parent contributing the other half) if we gained a successful student.
For full details, (District Website) click on this link - for the NYSF website click here:
Please contact Youth Services Director Darrell Brown directly if you know of a suitable candidate.
National Youth Science Forum: looking for candidates Franz Huber 2020-04-09 14:00:00Z 0
Rotary volunteers make full face masks for health workers Franz Huber 2020-04-06 14:00:00Z 0

Weekly fee, so we can meet the club's obligations

The COVID-19 situation has stopped any fund raising activities. Therefore, as mentioned in President Mario's message, a fee of $10.00 per week per member ($130.00 per quarter) is levied to ensure our club can meet its obligations.  $5.00 of this goes towards the compulsory contributions to Rotary International, the District and for the Rotary Down Under magazine. We are also committed to contribute $100.00 per member per annum to The Rotary Foundation. The other $5.00 goes towards us purchasing Christmas presents for the underprivileged children, which we donate via St John's Crisis Centre.
To lighten the workload of our Treasurer, please do a direct deposit of $130.00 for this quarter (April - June 2020), directly into the club's bank account:
Rotary Club of Surfers Sunrise Inc
BSB: 484-799
A/c:  047306431
Please ensure you put your name into the reference field.
Thank you.
Weekly fee, so we can meet the club's obligations Franz Huber 2020-04-05 14:00:00Z 0

Project Shed definitely remains closed for now

There seems to be some ambiguity, so let us make this totally clear: we much regret it, but the Project Shed needs to remain closed until the Government lifts the restrictions.  We'll of course keep you all posted.  Also, please feel free to contact us by phone or email if we can provide you with assistance, or if you simply would like to have a good ol' chinwag! ☺
Project Shed definitely remains closed for now Franz Huber 2020-04-04 14:00:00Z 0

Our inaugural On-Line meeting keeps us in touch

OK, it was 1st April, but this was not an April Fools joke; this was very real [can a virtual meeting can be described as real??]. At 07:30 this morning, some 18 members logged on and, while not quite as good as meeting in person at the Surf Club (my suggestion to my better half to put on a buffet of bacon, eggs, sausages and baked beanz fell on deaf ears...), certainly much better than not meeting at all!  Some 18 members logged on - that much for the mistaken view that elderly gentlemen would be severely challenged by technology! The only one who seemed to have some issues was one of the "young 'uns", Simon Brook, whose Audio was all garbled up... ☺ We had apologies from Ray Higgs and Karen Holland, both already on building sites at 07:00.  Some key points:
President Mario Fairlie welcomed all. He briefly elaborated on the Vanuatu X-Ray building: 
  • A big thank you to Geoff Croad for arranging the donation of trusses by Premier Timbers & Trusses. So, if you need timber, please get in touch with them.
  • Ben Illes has been very active in organising building materials, most of which he reckons we can obtain by donations or at real 'mates rates'
  • The project is, however, on hold until the Covid-19 situation has abated and we are back to normal.  We also need to consider the time of the year when it will be implemented on site, due to seasonal weather and temperature.
Treasurer Doug Lipp presented the account balances of the General and Wheelchairs accounts. He also confirmed that a firm assessment has been done in relation to insurance cover at the Project Shed, both for the buildings as well as its contents.
Youth Services Director Darrell Brown advised that, in essence, all Youth Programs in the district had been suspended indefinitely, including the upcoming RYLA camp (we had a candidate lined up for it).  Spare a thought for our beleaguered District Chairman for International Youth Exchange, Chris Thurtell: Not only do our currently residing Overseas students want to come back early, the Japanese students who are with us at present (including our Ayana) don't want to return for the time being! 
On a much more pleasant note: District Treasurer Mark Twyford advised that he has become a Grandfather! Baby Charlotte May Rix and mum are all well.  Congratulations!  (Picture left)
Keeping up the club's finances: In "normal" times, we have a contribution of $10.00 per person, per meeting, plus any fines etc. Since, due to the general lock-down and social distancing rules, we are unable to conduct any fundraising events, not even the Bunnings Sausage Sizzles.  Yet, we still have our obligations, including our obligation to contribute $100 per annum / per member to The Rotary Foundation. Therefore, it was decided that for each member, for each week's  meeting, a contribution of $15.00 will be raised.  This is made up of $10.00 being the usual meeting fee, plus $5.00 to contribute to a monster raffle, to be drawn at a time to be advised.  President Mario indicated that he, for one, will donate a major prize towards this (do I feel a bottle of Grange Hermitage coming up??)  You can pay directly into the club's bank account - look out for an email  in your Inbox. 
The meeting concluded at 08:05 am due to the 40 minute limit for the free of charge Zoom subscription. We have now subscribed to the Pro version, which provides for unlimited time of up to 24 hours per meeting.
Our inaugural On-Line meeting keeps us in touch Franz Huber 2020-03-31 14:00:00Z 0

Donated Trusses for Vanuatu ready to go

The COVID-19 crisis is not going to last forever.  And when normal life resumes, the trusses for the X-Ray Unit to be built on Pentecost Island, Vanuatu are ready.  Last Thursday, Neil Aitkenhead of Premier Timber & Trusses advised that it's all ready to go!  OK, so they will need to remain in storage for a while, but that doesn't diminish the superb generosity of donating the timber for our project.  Thank you!  Picture shows Michael, one of the staff who assembled them.
Donated Trusses for Vanuatu ready to go Franz Huber 2020-03-25 14:00:00Z 0

This Wednesday: our first On-Line meeting!

Last week, we had a test meeting using Zoom with a few of our board members. It went quite well, and another training meeting will have been held on Monday night.  This coming Wednesday, 1st April at 07:30 am, we will run our inaugural On-Line meeting - no April Fools Joke!  Since this bulletin goes out to some 200-odd addresses (and for the first meeting we don't really want 200 people to join), a link and instructions on how to connect will be sent out to our members individually, under separate cover. Please advise if you have not received it.
So, what could one possibly do On-Line? Well, almost everything, except you can't shake hands, pat each other on the back (literally, but you can do so figuratively) and you'll have to prepare your own breakfast. President Mario will address the meeting, the Directors can report, even the Sergeant can have a session (we'll trust you to hold on to your fine until we have our first meeting!) - a record will be kept... And once we are comfortable with it, there is no reason why we can't have a  guest speaker.  With Zoom, the speaker's screen can be shared, and thus any PowerPoint presentation or 'White Board' can be displayed.  Let's work on this together and make it happen.  Please call Franz if you require assistance.
Well, another 'First' for Surfers Sunrise Rotary!
So, come on! It's not difficult. Join us!
This Wednesday: our first On-Line meeting! Franz Huber 2020-03-22 14:00:00Z 0

Last Sunday the Gold Coast Ramble was on

Last Sunday, the Gold Coast Ramble probably was one of the last "physical" events of the Rotary calendar for a while.  "Our" teams of Rosie Rocco (Action Heros - see photo left with Rosie's daughter Trinity and Lucas van den Elsen) and Ashleigh Symes (Surfers Stingrays - photo right, with Steven Symes, Richelle Roe, Jason Levy, Maddison Levy) came a very respectable 4th and 6th respectively.  As Rosie reports: "We started off at a 70point disadvantage for not hitting our fundraising goal. Clawed our way up from 7th starting out to 4th in the end." I suspect that the same applied for Ashleigh's team.  Great pity really, both supported a very deserving organisation - Rosie ran for the Australian Anti Ice Campaign and Ashleigh for the Orange Sky Laundry (they support the homeless people with a mobile laundry).
Last Sunday the Gold Coast Ramble was on Franz Huber 2020-03-21 14:00:00Z 0

A load of discarded bicycles - mothballed...

It might be a while before these are going to be used... Picked up a load of discarded bicycles from the Surfers Royale last Friday. Since all activities at the Project Shed have been suspended to protect our members and volunteers from COVID-19, they'll remain mothballed for the foreseeable time!  But when it starts again, rest assured there will be sufficient materials for our volunteers for a couple of weeks or so.
A load of discarded bicycles - mothballed... Franz Huber 2020-03-20 14:00:00Z 0

Confirmed: Gold Coast Ramble is still on!

Just received confirmation from the chief organiser, David Baguley: the Gold Coast Ramble this coming Sunday is still on.  They have modified it that, in essence, competitors and spectators won't be any more exposed to COVID-19 than if they simply went for a stroll.  There are no check point volunteers.  Therefore, would it be fair if I asked you to join me and support the two teams associated with our club? All donations go to major charities
One of our new corporate members, Ashleigh Symes (picture left) heads a corporate team from Wilsons Advisory
Last year's winner, headed by our former member Rosie Rocco (picture right)

Regrettably, this year Simon Brook is not competing at the Ramble; he is fielding a team at the Maximum Adventure Race on the Sunshine Coast which happens on the same weekend.
Confirmed: Gold Coast Ramble is still on! Franz Huber 2020-03-17 14:00:00Z 0

All club meetings and events suspended

As reported in last week's bulletin, the club's board has decided to suspend all club activities, including the activities at the Project Shed, for 28 days due to COVID-19.  This decision very shortly afterwards was affirmed by a directive from Rotary International. This is the resolution:
Motion to suspend Club activities because of the COVID-19 virus pandemic 
Resolved that: 
Effective immediately the Club suspend for a period of 28 days all activities including but not limited to: 
a. the Project Shed; 
b. formal Club meetings; 
c. the Excellence in Workmanship Awards ceremony; 
d. the Gold Coast Ramble 2020. 

Explanatory Note 
Because of the uncertainty surrounding the spread of the COVID-19 virus, government recommendations regarding social isolation to assist in limiting its spread and the fact many of the Club’s members and Shed volunteers fall within the cohort of those most at risk in the event of infection, the Board believes that in discharge of the duty of care owed to members and volunteers that Club activities should be suspended for 28 days.
All club meetings and events suspended Franz Huber 2020-03-15 14:00:00Z 0

Covid-19 pandemic forces cancellation of District Conference

District Governor Harry Bolton and his committee have advised that this year's District Conference in Tenterfield had to be cancelled.  In his message to all members, DG Harry explained the principal reasons for making this difficult decision. Here are the most important ones:
  • Tenterfield is a reasonably small town with a population of less than 4000 people, with a high % of people in the High-risk category (70 years plus)
  • The town is only equipped with an 18-bed hospital with minimal services and facilities
  • The Tenterfield Rotary Club have 3 members who are integral staff members (nursing staff) of these facilities
  • Rotary is an advocate for disease control and eradication and must take the high moral ground on this issue
  • Most importantly – Tenterfield may be able to contain or deal with this virus if it doesn’t hit us hard, in other words - moves through the community slowly. By introducing the possibility of accelerating the spread of this virus throughout our community would have a disastrous effect on the community
  • Finally, and most importantly, I have a duty of care to my fellow Rotarians (many who are in the high-risk category) attending this conference and to the community of Tenterfield.  
The committee is currently working on organising to refund monies pre-paid to registrants.  As an alternative, a donation to Shauna Bolton's "DG Partner's Project", the Malaria Vaccination Project of Griffith University, of which Rotary is a major partner. Stay tuned!
Covid-19 pandemic forces cancellation of District Conference Franz Huber 2020-03-15 14:00:00Z 0

Bookings for the Excellence of Workmanship Awards close Sunday

Vocational Services chief Richard Smith is again organizing the annual Excellence in Workmanship Awards.  Social dinner night of course, so make sure your partners know about it too, and all friends and guests are welcome. Eight candidates have been selected and thus nominations are now closed.
Where?            Quality Inn (Lone Star Tavern), 
             97 Markeri St, Mermaid Waters QLD 4218
When?             Wednesday 18th March 2020,
                        06:00 pm for 6:30 start
Cost:                $35.00 per person.
Please book and pre-pay online. Bookings will close on Sunday 15th March, we need to provide exact numbers to the venue on Monday morning. Click on this link:
Bookings for the Excellence of Workmanship Awards close Sunday Franz Huber 2020-03-07 14:00:00Z 0

Our Associate Members: meet Terry Donovan

Often, one meets people, one walks past, says “G’day!”, perhaps have a brief yarn about… the weather. One doesn’t realise that the man with the generous smile before you has lived almost 30 years longer than originally expected. Come again?? Yes, Terry Donovan was just 50 years old, some 29 years ago, when he was the recipient of a heart transplant. No wonder, when asked what he is passionate about, he names that as the highlight of his life.  
In his working life, Terry was a Sales Engineer, traveling to mining sites. He lives in Carrara with his wife Nook (yes, correct spelling!). These days, besides contributing to our efforts at the Project Shed (he is a master at restoring bicycles that can be resold), his ‘Theme of Life’ is simply to be happy: being with his wife, the family and grandchildren (grandson Nathan was named after his heart donor), playing golf, listening to Country and Western music, reading (Lee Childs is one of his favorite authors) and admiring visual art, such as his granddaughter Abbie’s paintings…  And, only sometimes, indulging in his biggest vice: eating the “wrong” food.
So, at 79 years of age, does he still have stuff on his bucket list? “Yes!”, Terry replied, “Getting the OBE!” Getting the Order of the British Empire? “No, getting over bloody eighthy…!”
(Photo and interview by Al Sirovs)
Our Associate Members: meet Terry Donovan Franz Huber 2020-03-07 14:00:00Z 0

Be part of the Gold Coast Ramble!

In two weeks, on 22nd March 2020 the 3rd Gold Coast Ramble will be on.  This year it will start from Macintosh Island Park.  Organiser David Baguley (Rotary Club of Gold Coast) is looking for more teams, as well as volunteers to help on the day. There are some fabulous prizes on offer!
  • 2 exclusive nights at Spicers Hidden Peak Cabins, valued at $2,000
  • $1,500 sponsorship package on the Gold Coast's own 94.1 FM
  • One month's family membership of KDV Sport, valued at $800.00
  • Hop-on Brewery Tours, Distillery Tasting Tour, Professional Photography, Lunch at Southport Yacht Club, just to name a few.  See Download files on the right for a full list!
But you need to compete to have a chance at winning those!
Participants can choose to support any of 7 charities: Australian Anti Ice Campaign, Baby Give Back, Bravehearts, The Butterfly Foundation, Orange Sky Laundry, The Prostate Foundation of Australia and the Salvation Army.  Full details, and to register, please visit the website:
(Photo: last year's winners, Rosie Rocco and her team)
Be part of the Gold Coast Ramble! Franz Huber 2020-03-06 14:00:00Z 0

District Conference starts in 3 weeks

This year's event is going to be a real country affair!  Here is another one of the speakers, Jo Taranto. Jo is one half of the dynamic grassroots campaigners behind ‘5 for Ryde’, a community initiative to fight a war on single use plastic in Sydney. She’s also Director of social enterprise start-up ‘Good for the Hood’ who’s mission is to inspire communities around the country to fight their own war on waste.  Waste crusaders. Connectors. Community Experts. We are a social enterprise that’s all about projects that help people and planet. We are not afraid to get dirty to make communities great. Please fill out this survey for Jo prior to District Conference.
Go to the Conference Website and check out what's happening.  There you find the program, a brief summary of all the Keynote Speakers, and of course you can register.  But of course, one of the big attractions of attending a conference is always the deep feeling of Rotary Fellowship. Being in the country, formalities will be kept to a minimum. You have an opportunity to meet, eat and drink with other Rotarians and their partners from other places in the District, you'll meet overseas people, Exchange Students. But I know, you are all quite shy...  Not to worry! So far, our club has 9 people registered, so if worse comes to worse, you can always talk to one of us... ☺ 
District Conference starts in 3 weeks Franz Huber 2020-03-06 14:00:00Z 0

Ayana Sadaka, our YE Student from Japan

OK, so just visualize this for a moment: You are sent off to a country where the language has not even an infinitesimal similarity to the language you have been brought up with, the language of your parents, your school, your TV shows. To top it off, the letters of your new country’s alphabet have zero similarity. Compared to the magnificent calligraphies of Kanji or Hiragana, the letters of your new country would appear to be somewhat unsophisticated. So, are you starting to get sweaty palms yet? No? OK, now picture yourself being stood in front of a bunch of (generally very) adult people and told to give a talk in your new country's language... 
I never cease to be amazed at the relative ease our Youth Exchange students, particularly from Japan, manage to learn our language and alphabet in a few short months.  Today, Ayana gave us a brief insight into her family (we will hopefully meet them when they come over at the end of this month). Ayana comes from Gifu, in the Prefecture of the same name on Honshu island, population about 400,000.  She likes Taylor Swift and One Direction, and her plans for the future is to become an Immigration Inspector. 
“I love Australia!” she exclaimed… well, there is an excellent opportunity coming up in a couple of months, when she will participate in the traditional ‘Safari’ that comes up for international Youth Exchange Students in May.
Ayana Sadaka, our YE Student from Japan Franz Huber 2020-03-03 14:00:00Z 0

RYDA is on again

Geoff Croad is again looking for people who would like to assist with "herding" the students who attend the various RYDA (Rotary Youth Driver Awareness) events.  These are the dates on which they will be held:
18th June - All Saints Anglican College
21st July - Australian Industry Trade College
29th July - Elanora SHS
25th August - Australian Industry Trade College
15th September - AB Paterson College
13th & 16th October - Pimpama State Secondary College

Please communicate with Geoff directly to advise which days you are available.  For those of you who have never experienced it:  The job is dead easy - just guide your group of students to the classroom where the next lesson will be presented, then signal the instructor as it gets close to the end of their allotted time.  By the way: the lessons are very interesting. It wouldn't do any harm to pay attention yourself, even if you have been driving for well over 50 years as I have! Of course, you'll also meet some interesting people, such as a Highway Patrol Police officer, and you are provided with a nice morning tea with cakes and a generous lunch.
RYDA is on again Franz Huber 2020-03-02 14:00:00Z 0

This Wednesday: Our YE Student Ayana Sakaka

Ayana has now been with us for quite a few months, and most of our members have met the quiet young lady from Japan, some of us had the pleasure of seeing her wearing the traditional Japanese costume at our Christmas party (no, she won't be wearing it this time; she's got to go to school immediately after the meeting!).  And if you have been out at our Project Shed, you would have had a good chance to meet her there helping with the packing of wheelchairs!
See you Wednesday morning. Grab your breakfast downstairs from the bistro and take it upstairs for some fellowship before the meeting starts at 07:30 am.
This Wednesday: Our YE Student Ayana Sakaka Franz Huber 2020-02-29 14:00:00Z 0

Gold Coast Ramble: support our teams!

We have two teams with close connections to our club competing at the Gold Coast Ramble on 22nd March:
One of our new corporate members, Ashleigh Symes (picture left) heads a corporate team from Wilsons Advisory
Last year's winner, headed by our former member Rosie Rocco (picture right)

Regrettably, this year Simon Brook is not competing at the Ramble; he is fielding a team at the Maximum Adventure Race on the Sunshine Coast which happens on the same weekend.
Gold Coast Ramble: support our teams! Franz Huber 2020-02-27 14:00:00Z 0

Last Wednesday: Paul Smith, "Have a go!"

Well, I’ve met people would claim that life dealt them a lemon right from the start: being born into a family of 9 kids, being raised on a pig farm, would entitle them to special treatment…  On the other hand, people such as our newest Corporate Member Paul Smith, have had the slogan “Have a go!” inculcated into their DNA from an early age.  In his teenage years, his father convinced him to save his money and - - buy a pig. “Well, I sold it for $250.00 and that paid for my first car, a Holden…!”  Thus was born an Entrepreneur.
“But when I was a young bloke, all I wanted to do was play Golf”, Paul declared. “We lived near a Golf Course in Queanbeyan (Canberra), and I got my handicap down from 27 to 9.” He completed a Golf Pro Apprenticeship for 3 years, then played in every major tournament in Australia.  Quite an achievement, considering that there were some 1,500 applicants and only 140 players can make it.

But professional golfing didn’t “keep body and soul together”, he said. His father decided to go into the Funeral Director business. He learned the trade in somebody
Last Wednesday: Paul Smith, "Have a go!" Franz Huber 2020-02-19 14:00:00Z 0

February is Peace & Conflict Prevention Month

This year, District 9640 had two applications for endorsement for Rotary Peace Fellow Scholarships: 1 from Pakistan; 1 from Nigeria. There were no local applicants. One application, from a Pakistani lady, was endorsed by the District Governor and was forwarded to Rotary International. She had also applied two years ago, when she was granted an ‘alternative’ position (read: put on a waiting list) and ultimately she would have been successful. Regrettably, she was unable to take it up since she had just given birth to her daughter.
Do you know someone that may qualify for a Rotary Peace Fellowship Scholarship? These scholarships are a valuable learning activity for a young adult up to study in overseas universities in that very subject. Basically, all expenses are paid for. Click on this link: Rotary World Peace Fellowships, or contact me if you know of a potential prospect.   
Ray Higgs,
Chair, Peace & Conflict Resolutions Committee
Rotary District 9640
February is Peace & Conflict Prevention Month Ray Higgs 2020-02-07 14:00:00Z 0

Sleeping Sanctuary displayed in Maleny

So I am at our Project Shed on Saturday morning, having a quiet coffee with the volunteers (including multiple pieces of purportedly totally calorie-free cake, urged on me with determined persuasion by Al Sirovs... ☺), when a gentleman whom I'd never met before stands up and starts a speech... He introduced himself as Alan Wilson (that's him on the right, but he was dressed a bit more casual...), Past President of the Rotary Club of Maleny on the Sunshine Coast Hinterland. Turned out that his club borrowed our Sleeping Sanctuary to display it on Australia Day and to demonstrate to their local community that Rotary is not just about having breakfast or dinner and sizzling sausages!  They displayed our prototype of the Sleeping Sanctuary on Australia Day!  Bewdy, Alan!
Sleeping Sanctuary displayed in Maleny Franz Huber 2020-01-31 14:00:00Z 0

Lovely Chinese New Year dinner

Excellent social event at last Wednesday's Chinese New Year dinner. Great food, great atmosphere, great fellowship!  Thank you Charles Thomasson for organising that!  We had 28 people there, including former member PP Peter Baruch and Tom, a Youth Exchange Student from France, currently hosted by Karen Holland and her husband Peter Zollig (foreground of picture left).
Lovely Chinese New Year dinner Franz Huber 2020-01-29 14:00:00Z 0

New Wheelchairs Flyer - see Downloads

Our super generous printer, Neil Thurlow and his very talented design artists at Accent Print & Copy have created a new flyer for our wheelchairs project.  He has also provided some 2000 printed copies, which will be sent out by Apple Marketing to their mailing list of previous donors.  It is uploaded to our Download Section (see right side), where you can download it and send it on to anyone whom you consider could be interested.
Thank you, Neil and your team!
New Wheelchairs Flyer - see Downloads Franz Huber 2020-01-27 14:00:00Z 0

Jeff Egan is District Governor Nominee for 2021-22

District has confirmed the appointment of Jeff Egan of the Rotary Club of Mt Warning AM as District Governor Nominee 2021-22.  Picture on right shows Jeff with his partner, Anne Egan, who was District Governor for 2015-16. Anne sadly passed away in November 2017, succumbing to a serious illness.
Jeff Egan is District Governor Nominee for 2021-22 Franz Huber 2020-01-27 14:00:00Z 0

RI President Elect Holger Knaack releases Theme 20-21

At this week's Rotary International Assembly, RI President Elect Holger Knaack released his Presidential Theme for 2020-21. Knaack, a member of the Rotary Club of Herzogtum Lauenburg-Mölln, Germany, revealed the 2020-21 presidential theme, Rotary Opens Opportunities, to incoming district governors at the Rotary International Assembly in San Diego, California, USA, on 20 January.
"Rotary isn’t just a club for people to join, but rather “an invitation to endless opportunities,” said Knaack, who becomes President on 1 July. He emphasized that Rotary creates pathways for members to improve their lives and the lives of those they help through service projects. “We believe that our acts of service, big and small, create opportunities for people who need our help,” Knaack said. He added that Rotary creates leadership opportunities and gives members the chance to travel the world to put their service ideas into action and make lifelong connections. “Everything we do opens another opportunity for someone, somewhere,” he said.
Read more about it: click here.
RI President Elect Holger Knaack releases Theme 20-21 Franz Huber 2020-01-24 14:00:00Z 0

Wayne Leathem: Medical Repurposing Network

Did you know that hospitals' medical equipment automatically gets shunted out as "unserviceable" after 10 years, regardless of whether it is still functional or not? And we wonder why our health budget keeps blowing out...
Enter the Medical Repurposing Network (MRN). Last Wednesday, we welcomed Wayne and Janet Leathem to speak about their organization. Wayne, a member of the Currumbin-Coolangatta-Tweed Rotary Club, outlined their three guiding principles: Repurposing - Sustainability - Responsiblity. So, when medical or educational equipment becomes redundant, ask yourself...
Repurposing: "Are there others who could benefit from it?"
Sustainablity: "Should I throw this away? What else can I do?"
Responsibility: "Does this really need to go into landfill? Am I polluting the environment?"
It all started off when Wayne participated in the Tour de Timor, a cycling event in the vicinity of Dili, East Timor. There, he was made aware of a severe shortage of hospital beds.  And once a Rotarian gets started... This was followed by 4 Ultrasound machines to the Philippines, 60 beds to a Children's Hospital in a remote region of Fiji...  But, one of the big aspects is the cost of shipping: it costs approximately $700 - 900 to ship an Ultrasound unit. Compare that to a new, Chinese manufactured, laptop based unit which costs around $2,500. 
Whilst in our country Tuberculosis is these days quite uncommon, in PNG, with >300 cases per 100,000 population, this is still a major issue. One of MRN's new project is the supply of Digital TB X-Ray screening system to remote regional areas of Papua New Guinea. The project's patron is the PNG High Commissioner to Australia, Mr Sakias Tameo, and the Enga Province Health Authority is on board. They have seed funding of $7,500 and are looking for 5 Rotary partners to donate US$5,000 each. Link -
But shouldn't we also look after our own? Yes! For outback remote Australian clinics, MRN is looking to supply 10 new Chinese made portable Ultrasounds, valued at $3000 each. These remote outback clinics are serviced by the Royal Flying Doctor service (RFDS) and not all aircraft carry Ultrasounds. While this may not change the outcome for some patients, being better informed and able to diagnose quickly and accurately will save delays and unnecessary trips to Alice Springs or Darwin.  Just one remote retrieval by RFDS and returning would equal the cost of one Portable Ultrasound. Click here for more And even in the very recent bushfire emergency saw MRN in action: via the RAAF, equipment was dropped into Mallacoota, which was totally cut off...
Wayne's PowerPoint Show has been uploaded to our website - see Download Section on the right, which also contains contact details.
Wayne Leathem: Medical Repurposing Network Franz Huber 2020-01-22 14:00:00Z 0

This week's Guest Speaker: Wayne Leathem

This Wednesday 22nd January, our Guest Speaker is Wayne Leathem from the Medical Repurposing Network
Medical Repurposing Network is a registered Australian charity that provides medical  equipment and supplies to recipients in needy communities, both within Australia and overseas, by repurposing or recycling medical equipment that is still in good working order. It supplements this activity by purchasing medical equipment where necessary. For the past ten years, MRN has worked closely with Rotary Australia and overseas to source and fulfill medical needs.  In view of our upcoming major project of the X-Ray Unit for Vanuatu, this will be of major interest for us!
This week's Guest Speaker: Wayne Leathem Franz Huber 2020-01-19 14:00:00Z 0

Lucy Thorburn returns to Oz

OK, so there is little resemblance between our Youth Exchange Student who spent the last 12 months in Minnesota, USA and Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz. And the (Fire) Tornadoes happened over here not over there.  By now, Lucy would have returned to our shores. President Mario's message (see Bulletin of 22nd January) outlines an email from the Youth Exchange Director of Lucy's host club, Lynn Keilor, sent to Chris Thurtell, Chair of our district's Youth Exchange Committee.
We hear so often people making derogatory comments about "today's youth". Well, this sums up my view about the vast majority of "today's youth". Obviously, Lucy fulfilled her role as our ambassador for the Gold Coast and Australia in general with distinction and to our full expectations.  Thank you, Lucy, and welcome back! We look forward to greeting you at one of our club meetings in the near future to hear all about your experiences!
Lucy will speak at our club on 5th February - not to be missed!
(Photo by Lucy, when she experienced some of the not so hot climates of Minnesota...)
Lucy Thorburn returns to Oz Franz Huber 2020-01-15 14:00:00Z 0

Guilty as charged, your honour!

OK, first the good news: I’ve just read of the appointment of Dr Jesse Harman (picture left, with DGE Andy Rajapakse) of the Rotary Club of Wendouree, near Ballarat VIC, as “our” Zone Director to the Rotary International Board. [Yes, Henrietta, I just found out that DGE Andy had published this on his Facebook Page ages ago, but you insisted I that I tidy up the garage.] And yes, I now know she is not just a pretty face: Jesse holds a Doctor’s Degree (in Social Entrepreneurship, so don’t ask her about your ingrown toenail! 😊) and is Pro Vice Chancellor of Federation University Australia. And I’ve just learned that she was introduced to Rotary as a RYLA participant in 1987, and that she is a Past District Governor and Past just about every other high office that can be attained in Rotary.
So why do I sound a bit grumpy?  After all, Jesse will make a refreshing addition to a Rotary International Board overwhelmingly male (18 to 2 in the current board, actually), and it wouldn’t even surprise me if she ended up to be the first female RI President sometimes down the track. Again, why do I feel grumpy? Well, if I was to know of a person of her qualifications, of her calibre and high profile in society, I would not even have considered asking her to join my club. “Holding down her job, with a family and three kids, she wouldn’t have time to scratch herself!” would have been my excuse. Anyway, she certainly wouldn’t want to join a Breakfast Club…  Yes, your Honour, guilty as charged.
So, this being the period of the year when our New Year’s Resolutions start to conveniently fade into distant memory, perhaps now is the time to firmly commit to just the one: By the end of 2020, I will have witnessed the induction of a new member into my Rotary Club who was introduced by me. Doesn’t make a difference whether male or female though, but yes, a high profile lady like Dr Jesse would be great! So now, start thinking about whom you could contact, then… Just Do It!
Guilty as charged, your honour! Franz Huber 2020-01-11 14:00:00Z 0

So you need a list of Resolutions you can keep?

Posted by Franz Huber
So you need a list of New Year's Resolutions you can actually keep? No diets, no abstinence, no hard exercise, no mental strain, no time consuming study... This is compliments of a Sydney Rotarian, Evan Burrell.
So you need a list of Resolutions you can keep? Franz Huber 2020-01-02 14:00:00Z 0

A few more photos from Lucy Thorburn in the USA

Our Youth Exchange Student Lucy Thorburn, on her last month of Exchange in Minnesota, sent us some more pictures, one on the right with her host family making Christmas cookies. Head over to the Photo Album Section on the right - they are in her folder.
Hey all the snow has started to fall heavy and the temperatures keep dropping -23 Celsius. My family and I are ready for Christmas, I’ll be making a big pavlova, which my familly is really exited for! 
I wish you all an amazing, safe Christmas and a happy New Years!! I’ll see you all soon in person. 
Regards Lucy
A few more photos from Lucy Thorburn in the USA Franz Huber 2019-12-24 14:00:00Z 0

Wonderful Christmas Dinner at the Surf Club

Last Wednesday, the Surfers Sunrise Rotarians, their partners and guests enjoyed a beautiful Christmas Dinner hosted by the Surfers Paradise Surf Life Saving Club. Lots of partners and friends, including our "Honorary Queenslander" Ross Augustine (RC of Frankston Sunrise) with his wife Coryn and granddaughter Alissa Lott (last year's Exchange Student to the USA). President Elect Charles Thomasson and his partner Angela brought their two daughters along (first time in decades we had children at our Christmas do!),  David Orchid represented the Surf Club, accompanied by Jan Lutz, and Bryan Tuesley represented the volunteers from our Project Shed. With well over 50 people present, it was a truly social event, thus only very brief formalities: President Mario Fairlie, still a bit pale (he had only been discharged from hospital two days before), wished us all Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
But, without doubt, our current incoming Exchange Student from Japan, Ayana Sadaka (picture left) stole the show, wearing traditional Japanese dress, a Kimono! Doesn't she look breathtaking? 
On the following Saturday, some of our members joined our volunteers at the
Wonderful Christmas Dinner at the Surf Club Franz Huber 2019-12-23 14:00:00Z 0

Last Saturday's Sausage Sizzle at Bunnings the biggest ever!

Posted by Franz Huber on Dec 16, 2019
Well, picture this: They were queuing up... Already by quarter to 12, we had run out of sausages and needed to arrange for Geoff Croad to rush out to get another Esky full, together with more of -- well, just about EVERYTHING.  Paul 'Springbok' Seymour ended up playing traffic cop, directing people to "pay ova' haa, then move ova' thaa to pick up yoa' saozage.." [he is ideally suited for this too. Ed.devil
As President Mario notes in his message, this was the biggest ever. And what was, from the organizational point of view, also very nice: including our YE student Ayana and her host Silvia Fairlie (see picture, front row), we had some 20 people all up helping. And they were needed too!  Special thanks to 'Minister for Everything' Geoff Croad who made arrangements with Bunnings and organized this all, and of course all the helpers (too many to list; you know who you are.)
Last Saturday's Sausage Sizzle at Bunnings the biggest ever! Franz Huber 2019-12-15 14:00:00Z 0

Looking for RYLA Candidates (19 - 29 years old)

Posted by Franz Huber on Dec 12, 2019
At the last board meeting, approval was given to sponsor two RYLA (Rotary Youth Leadership Award) Candidates for the upcoming seminar 14 - 19th April 2020. Our club will sponsor $550.00 of the total cost of $650.00 per person to attend this superb training camp.
What is RYLA? It is a premier youth leadership development program for people aged 19-28. During a week long camp designed to promote proactivity, personal and professional development through a range of inspirational speakers, team building exercises and leadership training. The development of communication and presentation skills, problem solving, conflict resolution, self-confidence and self-esteem are key objectives of this program. RYLA is one of those “once-in-a-lifetime” experiences which truly has a lasting impact on your life. The high intensity seminar is filled to the brim with Australia’s leading inspirational and motivational guest speakers, who give up their time purely based on the benefits they see every year for those attending. 
RYLA helps young people, the future leaders of the Australia to realise their full potential and ignites their passion for life. Whether you have a sister or brother, a son or daughter, a niece, nephew, cousin, friend, colleague or even an acquaintance within the age bracket, who you think may benefit from a week of personal discovery, professional development in an uplifting and infectiously positive environment, I urge you to send them along. It will be the greatest gift you could give.  Need more information?  Click here.
Do you know anyone who is a suitable candidate?  Contact Youth Services Director PDG Darrell Brown
Looking for RYLA Candidates (19 - 29 years old) Franz Huber 2019-12-11 14:00:00Z 0

Big Youth Exchange meeting last weekend

Posted by Franz Huber on Dec 09, 2019
Last Weekend, "our" District Youth Exchange (YE) Chairman Chris Thurtell and YE Treasurer Gerald East organized a meeting for the inbound and outbound YE Students of District 9640.  Photo shows (what is, judging by the number of badges on their blazers, assumed to be) the current inbound group. Our club's Ayana Sadaka front row, centre.
Big Youth Exchange meeting last weekend Franz Huber 2019-12-08 14:00:00Z 0

John Chirio is President Elect for 2021-22

Posted by Franz Huber on Dec 07, 2019
At last week's Annual General Meeting, the members unanimously elected John Chirio to be President Elect Nominee 2021-22, an appointment which John graciously accepted. Thus, again, our club is assured of a solid, steady leadership in the coming years.  Congratulations, John!
For a list of all the elected club officers 2020-21, please refer to the club bulletin, or login to our website and access the AGM minutes in the protected section, under 'Documents'.
John Chirio is President Elect for 2021-22 Franz Huber 2019-12-06 14:00:00Z 0

60 wheelchairs to DIK, 3 hospital beds for Vanuatu

Posted by Franz Huber on Dec 05, 2019
Last Thursday, Bren Milson and Shamus Davies (top) from the Burleigh Heads Rotary Club brought us 3 hospital beds, destined for our Vanuatu X-Ray unit to go to Pentecost Island and in turn picked up 60 Rough Terrain Wheelchairs to go up to Donations in Kind (a Rotary Australia World Community Service project) for distribution to various destinations in Oceania: East Timor, Solomons just to name a couple. That is how Rotary works, we work together to produce a result. That is why Rotarians are 'People of Action'. We DO, we don't just talk about it!
Photo, from top left, clockwise: Bren Milson, Shamus Davis, Des La Rance, Larry Murray.
Update from District RAWCS Chair Richard Crandon: "From this consignment, 6 wheelchairs have already been dispatched to go to the Ronton Hospital at Kiritimati (Christmas Island)." [No Henrietta! Not that Christmas Island! With the Millions of dollars the government is spending on that Christmas Island, they can well afford to buy their own wheelchairs! Kiritimati is on Kiribati, just about half way between here and Mexico. ☺ Ed.]
60 wheelchairs to DIK, 3 hospital beds for Vanuatu Franz Huber 2019-12-04 14:00:00Z 0

Surfers Sunrise awarded Rotary Citation

Posted by Franz Huber on Dec 02, 2019
Alright, sometimes the mills of such a large organisation like Rotary can mill a bit slowly...  Nevertheless, it's worth crowing from the rooftops: At the recent leadership meeting, "our" District Treasurer Mark Twyford and District Finance Chair Doug Lipp were handed a certificate to confirm that Surfers Sunrise was recognized with the 2018-19 Presidential Citation by (then) Rotary International President Barry Rassin. Give yourself a pat on the back, and particularly congratulations to Immediate Past President Jo Winwood! Come and see us again sometimes, Jo, it's only a bit over an hour's drive from Byron Bay!
Surfers Sunrise awarded Rotary Citation Franz Huber 2019-12-01 14:00:00Z 0

The Project Shed needs some more bikes

Posted by Franz Huber on Nov 24, 2019
Wheelchair Trust Chairman Larry Murray asks me to post a request for more bicycles to be donated to the shed. Yes, I know, we had to knock them back only a few months ago.  Meanwhile, we have properly tidied up the area. Numerous skippy bins of unsuitable bikes and bike parts were sent to Sims Metal for recycling, the tyres went to Molectra for recycling, some bikes were restored in preparation for the next 'Big Bike Sale' and those frames that are suitable to be used for wheelchairs have been stripped off.
So, could you please spread the message: We need some more bikes! They can be dropped of at our Project Shed any Saturday morning, 07:30 am till 11:30 am.  Drop us a message.
The Project Shed needs some more bikes Franz Huber 2019-11-23 14:00:00Z 0

Meet our Youth Exchange Student from Japan

Posted by Franz Huber on Nov 17, 2019
Ayana Sadaka has now been on the Gold Coast for quite some months, but still not all of our members have had the opportunity to meet this charming young lady!  Here is a brief outline, written by her recently, and there is a Photo Album which you can have a look at - see right hand side. [Editor's Note: I did NOT edit her report.  I challenge any of you to undertake Japanese studies and be as competent in just a few months as Ayana is in English! Well done, Ayana! ☺]
Hello everyone.
My name is Ayana Sadaka. I’m living in Gold Coast as an exchange student. My hobbies are listening to music, karaoke, playing and watching sports. I especially like basketball but since I came to Australia, I’ve also came to like netball. We are family of four. My mother, my father, my younger brother and I. And when I was in Japan, I was living in Gifu Prefecture. Since I came to Australia, I’ve experienced so many new thing, but I still have a lot of things that I want to do while I’m studying abroad. There are so many things that I want to do, but I especially want to play the Didjeridu, a traditional Australian instrument. I want to work at an international airport and be an immigration inspector in the future. To do so, I have to go to university that has a faculty of low and I need English skills. So, I’m studying hard now. I’ll do my best to achieve my goal. To be honest, I want to be in Australia when I am twenty-five years old. Because I was taken in by the charm of this country. I think there is no other country that has really beautiful nature and understands other cultures and multinationals. I wish I could be a citizen of this country in the future. Even If I can’t do that, I would like to come back to Australia. Thank you for supporting me. I’m a really lucky person who has been able to study in such a wonderful country. I’ll do my best for one year in response to your support. 
I especially like English songs, and my favorite artists are Taylor Swift, Carly Rae Jepsen and One Direction. I also like classic music, and I like Gymnopédie composed by Erik Satie. When I do Karaoke, I often sing the song of Japanese singer “miwa” and “Miku Hatsune”. I have to go to university that can learn about law because I need to know to be an immigration inspector. Sorry I made a lots of mistakes.
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Greetings from Lucy Thorburn in Minnesota!

Posted by Franz Huber on Nov 16, 2019
Our Youth Exchange Student in Minnesota, USA, has touched base again with the "Mother Ship"... Lots of new photos on her Photo Album Page on the right hand side as well. This photo she is with Ian and Juliet Riseley, "our" Australian Rotary International President 2017-18.  
Hey everyone it’s me Lucy, sorry about the lack of updates lately it’s been busy over here. The snow has started to fall again coming into winter, temps of -16 already. I’m back at school after Summer break and living with my 3rd and last host family. They are amazing people and I’m enjoying being part of their family. I’ve been to a couple of cabins in this last month and on a lot of hikes! It was really beautiful to see a real Fall for the first time with all the leaves changing. I also got to experience my first real Halloween with the pumpkin carving, costumes and Trick or Treat. 
But the most exciting thing that’s happened lately was meeting Ian Riseley former president of Rotary International, whom I met this morning! It was great, I got to listen to his awesome presentation on Rotary International and I chatted to him and his wife Juliet after the presentation. They are really great people, it was great to talk to some fellow Australians it only made me miss Australia that much more! 
I hope all is well with everyone back home and that everyone's friends and families are safe from the bush fires! 
Regards Lucy.
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The Sleeping Sanctuary was on A Current Affair!

Posted by Franz Huber on Nov 11, 2019
OK, so they didn't display our website address - great pity! But you can watch it online: Click here.
Last Thursday, Associate Member Bryan Tuesley, Cr Dawn Crichlow, Kathleen Vlasic from Rosies and your Editor met with a reporting team from Channel Nine's 'A Current Affair' at Rosie's in Southport. There were interviews with all and our 'Sleeping Sanctuary' was filmed from all possible angles... and it is expected to be broadcast on Monday night - 7:00 pm.  Some of you members and fans of Surfers Sunrise would recall that, back in 1997, 'A Current Affair' accompanied us to deliver the first 10 Wheelchairs to Fiji. Will this become the next huge project of the Surfers Sunrise Wheelchair Trust?  Click on the yellow button to take you to a highly secure 'GoFundMe' page. Your donation will go to our Wheelchair Trust, an Australian registered charity.  Remember, all labour and administration is done by volunteers - we have no overheads!
A few days before that, Councillor Dawn Crichlow and Kathleen Vlasic visited our Project Shed last Saturday, accompanied by a reporting team from the Gold Coast Bulletin. And here it is published in last Monday's (11/11/19) edition!  Photo shows the two ladies, with Laurie Roberts (left) who built the prototype, and Des La Rance (right), who designed it. Looking forward to getting more traction on this great project, as is reported by Cr Crichlow in this reportage. For full text, please head to the Download Page on the right.  Click here to go directly to our Wheelchair Trust GoFundMe page!
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This week's guest speaker: Manuela Boyle

Posted by Franz Huber on Nov 04, 2019

Manuela Boyle is a cancer therapy specialist. The topic of her talk is a simple and illustrative on what integrative cancer care therapies are available in Australia.

She describes her role as "to identify the underlying causes that may be responsible for your disease. I use evidence based and unique natural medicine based interventions that are non-toxic. I design lifestyle changes and individualized diets. These qualified interventions are drawn from thorough review of hundreds of published peer-reviewed research papers.

If required, I work cooperatively with your medical oncologists/radiation oncologists/oncology surgeons/urologist/ haematologist and your GP. I also collaborate with other health care practitioners such as acupuncturists, psychologists, osteopaths, massage therapists, naturopaths and nutritionists. At all times, drugs/herbs/nutrients interactions are carefully analyzed."

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Last weekend we hosted the RFE Team 

Posted by Franz Huber on Nov 04, 2019
What a weekend!  Last Friday, Surfers Sunrise welcomed the Rotary Friendship Exchange team from Seattle and British Columbia. After we took them up to Skypoint at the top of Q1,  Geoff & Carol Croad hosted a typical Aussie Bar-be-que at their resort, with the capable assistance of Angus 'Onion King' Miller in the role of chief bar-be-quer.
On Saturday, we first showcased our Project Shed (see picture), where Des La Rance gave them a good run-down on how the project evolved some 23 years ago, going all the way through to the total of well over 9,000 wheelchairs shipped since, plus numerous school buildings and the House of Hope in Apia, Samoa (see the Story of the Surfers Sunrise Wheelchair Trust in the Download Section on the right, or click on this link). A hearty Thank You! to Lee Smith and Pam Peterson, who donated $100.00 to the Wheelchairs Trust.  Then, we moved up to the Springbrook National Park for lunch.  And - after hardly any rain for the past two or three months, guess what! It rained. Well, a Rainforest is not really a Rainforest without rain, isn't it?
Sunday saw the entire group at the Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary. They gave us a very healthy discount on the normal ticket price! Thank you Chris Thurtell, for activating some of your special connection there to get a nice area of their Cafe set aside, just for us.  Naturally, our guests from North America just adored the Koalas, the Kangaroos, the Bird Show, the Sheep Shearing, the huge size Aviaries...  In the evening, President Mario invited us to a dinner at one of the restaurants in Surfers. 
The RFE team has now moved on to their next hosts in Warwick. After that they'll be in Lismore for a few days, then come back to the Gold Coast.  There is another chance to meet them: the Broadbeach Rotary Club will host them at their club meeting on Tuesday 12th November, at the Lone Star Tavern in Mermaid Beach.  Are you joining us? (Note, we need to advise numbers!)
A huge Thank You! goes to the hosts: Geoff & Carol Croad, Karen Holland & Peter Zollig, Richard & Sue Smith, Chris & Marie Thurtell, to my darling wife Catherine, President Mario Fairlie and all the helpers and participants for the sterling effort to make our guests comfortable.  We have had nothing but very positive feedback; equally, on our side we enjoyed their company immensely.
A Photo Album will shortly be set up in our Download Section. If you have any photos that we can publish, please let me have them!
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Welcome to our newest Corporate Members: Bank of Qld

Posted by Franz Huber on Oct 27, 2019
Last Wednesday, President Mario Fairlie had the great pleasure of inducting our latest Corporate Member, the Bank of Queensland - Southport Branch, nominated by President Elect Charles Thomasson [for those of you who are not aware of the general structure of the BOQ: in essence, every branch is a franchise, which is privately owned. Ed.]  Mario inducted Branch Manager Tara Werder and Lending Specialist Megan Davidson (see photo - Tara on the left).  Tara, whose career in banking goes back several years, including a 2 year stint as a branch manager in New Zealand, took on the BOQ Southport Branch Manager's position just over 12 months ago. Megan has been with the Bank of Queensland for some 21 years and has been lending to the Southport community for 7 years. They both expressed their team's great appreciation for being nominated.  Welcome to Surfers Sunrise! We are all very much looking forward to meeting you frequently at our meetings and activities.
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Last week's Guest Speaker: Craig Thompson

Posted by Franz Huber on Oct 26, 2019
OK, with Bathurst just behind us and the Gold Coast 600 in full swing, we all have heard of the V8 Supercars. But what about Aussie Racing Cars?  Well, if you just give them a quick glance, they might appear to be just a smaller version. They might look like a Toyota Aurion, or a Ford Falcon or a Commodore. Alternatively, any classic shape such as the Holden EG, or a Ute. But actually, in physical size, they are only roughly half the size of a 'normal' car.  Under the skin is a purpose built tubular space frame chassis, with an internal roll cage. All up, the car weighs just 450 Kg all up, which provides an amazing power to weight ratio. Sure, but how big is the engine? Well, it is actually "borrowed" from a motorcycle. The standard engine is either 1.2  or 1.3 litre.  Come again? Yes, just 1.3 litre. And on the Bathurst straight they have been clocked at a staggering 230 Km/Hr, and they claim to do 0 - 100 Km/Hr in 4.9 seconds...
Craig Thompson, who in his business life runs a Hertz Rental Car franchise with some 2,200 vehicles, claims he got involved in Aussie Cars almost by accident. Some 5 years ago, having a bit of a chinwag, one of his mates mentioned that he was going to buy a new Aussie Racing Car and Craig casually mentioned "yes, sure, I'll have one too!" Then a few weeks later, he got a phone call to tell him that the car is now ready for pick up...  "You really need to take it seriously" Craig mentioned, "it needs lots of work, so you don't come last in every race..."  In the beginning though, the aim is to simply finish a race "without making a mistake".  What mistake? Well, rolling it and landing on the roof.  Multiple times...
So, what sort of financial commitment does one need to come up with to participate? "Not expensive" Craig mentioned laconically, "about $30,000 to enter a car for the year, about $60,000 to fund its upkeep for the whole year" he said. And, one would guess, you first need to actually buy a car - "from $65,000", according to their website.  The sport is certainly high tension all the way. The famous saying in Car Racing circles applies: There is no such thing as a comfortable lead".  Wanna have a ride? Click here to go for a round at the Gold Coast 600!
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A huge RYDA class last week

Posted by Franz Huber
Last Friday, your Editor was joined by Geoff Croad, Gerald East, Darrell Brown, Norm Coventry (RC of Ashmore) and a volunteer, Sue Geelan to assist with "crowd control" of one of the largest classes ever attended the RYDA (Rotary Youth Driver Awareness) event at the Southport Community Centre.  All the students were from Marymount College in Burleigh Heads, and came in by bus.  And - hey! - if anyone ever again whinges about "today's youth" and their lack of decent behavior, I'll refer them to Marymount College! What a pleasure to have such a switched on, polite group of young people.
The day involves six separate sessions that are facilitated by a Highway Patrol Officer, a Driving School Instructor, a road accident victim who has been wheelchair bound for 24 years, and others employed by Road Safety Education Limited, and of course Rotary. Well over 500,000 students have now been through this very worthwhile course. Students, who are in the 16 - 17 year age group and most with their L Pates leave at the end of the day with much to think about, and a workbook to take home. Their attendance will hopefully lower their risks as both a driver and a passenger....Rotary In Action.
Photo: Debriefing at the end of the day.
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This coming Wednesday 23rd October: Craig Thompson

Posted by Franz Huber on Oct 19, 2019
Our resident Car Racing guru, Ian Mayberry has organised another major Super Car personality to present at our club: Craig Thompson runs some 7 cars in the Aussie Racing Cars series!  And as your Editor just found out today, Craig is also a regular philanthropist, having donated numerous self propelling, electric wheelchairs.  Join us this Wednesday for breakfast at the Surfers Paradise Surf Life Saving Club!
Craig started in Aussie Racing Cars in 2014 along with one of his business partners Michaeal Rinkin who was a motor dealer in the Hunter Region. He is a Hertz Licensee of more that 20 years standing and one of around 20 in Australia. He lives in Western Sydney and in recent years has set up Western Sydney Motorsport, which fields 7 cars in the 2019 Aussie Racing Car Series, now in its 20th year. The team is having a very successful year. Craig drives #72, his brother Grant also drives for the team and Justin Ruggier in car #8 is, in reality, one of the two drivers who can win the 2019 series.
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Truckload of Wheelchairs from Palen Creek Correctional Centre

Posted by Franz Huber on Oct 19, 2019
Now, just in case you thought that this is a one-off: no, this would have to be the umpteenth time we have received a load of completed wheelchairs from Palen Creek Correctional Centre. Our Wheelchairs Trust have been involved with them for years. They have a program which involves not only the production of wheelchairs, but in the process involves the inmates in learning maintenance skills.  Photo right: this piece of indiginous art wheelchair, which we strictly use for display purposes only, has been painted by one of their inmates.
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Check - Check - all electricals are compliant

Posted by Franz Huber on Oct 12, 2019
In order to comply with Workplace Health & Safety regulations, our power tools and electrical equipment have to be regularly tested by a qualified and licensed Electrician. Last Saturday, Adam Kirkwood, of APK Electrical, came up all the way from Tugun to the Project Shed to do the testing, all pro bono!  Thank you Adam, we much appreciate your generous donation of your time!
No harm to give Adam a bit of a plug: APK Electrical specializes in Commercial installations - click here to go to his website. (Photo by Larry Murray)
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This week: Polio Plus collection 9 - 11th October

Posted by Franz Huber on Oct 04, 2019
It's on this week: our annual Polio Plus collection at the Runaway Bay Shopping Centre.  We have three days, from Wednesday 9th to Friday 11th October inclusive, at our usual spot at the Runaway Bay Shopping Centre.  Gerald East maintains the Roster, so make sure you lodge your preferred time slot(s) with him. We urgently need to fill time slots on Wednesday, Thursday and particularly Friday.
For those of you who are young enough to be unfamiliar with Polio Plus: The Polio virus is spread person to person, typically through contaminated water. It can attack the nervous system, and in some instances, lead to paralysis. Although there is no cure, there is a safe and effective vaccine – one which Rotary and our partners use to immunize over 2.5 billion children worldwide.  Rotary started a campaign to eradicate Polio in 1985. Since then, the incidence of Polio worldwide has been reduced by 99.9% - yes, it is virtually unknown in most regions in the world. Rotary has invested more than US$ 1.9 Billion (AU$ 2.8 Billion) and countless unpaid volunteer hours to raise these enormous funds. More than 2.2 Billion children in 122 countries have been protected. But until such time as there are no further incidences reported, we need to continue the effort! Rotary is committed to raise some US$ 50 Million per annum, and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has committed to match Rotary's efforts with two dollars for every dollar Rotary raises.  More information: click on this link
And, by the way: if you meet an Anti-Vaxxer, you have my permission to give him/her a good piece of my mind!  Ed.
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Interested to visit Pennsylvania and Arizona?

Posted by Franz Huber on Oct 04, 2019
After Catherine and I participated in the recent Rotary Friendship Exchange (RFE) team to Seattle and British Columbia (BTW, we are hosting their reciprocal team in three weeks' time!), I can wholeheartedly recommend the concept!
District Chair for RFE, Wendy Scarlett has been approached by two districts in the USA and is looking for expressions of interest in exchanges with Pennsylvania and Arizona, leaving in September and October 2020 respectively. Just one of the many places of interest: the Martin Guitar factory and museum (Johnny Cash played one of them)... Contact Wendy directly by email - click on this link.
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Will you join us for the Melbourne Cup Luncheon?

Posted by Franz Huber on Sep 30, 2019
Our "Joint Chiefs of Social Events" Ray and Graeme, have organized for our members to experience that ultimate horse race that 'stops the nation', the Melbourne Cup.  We'll be at the Sensa Nome Restaurant in Main Beach.  No outrageous prices, just order off the menu, and it's bring your own wine too (they are also fully licensed if you prefer).  But bookings need to be firm, so a "booking fee" of $5.00 per person applies for your seats (yes, regrettably in the past it happened that some people booked but didn't turn up - somewhat embarrassing for the organizers! The booking fee will be pooled to pay for the nibbles on arrival. There is a limit of 20 people, so first come first served.  Ray Higgs and Graeme Isaacson will take your booking (and your booking fee).  Even if you're not a race follower, the atmosphere and conviviality enjoyed at our social functions will enlighten and brighten your day, not to mention the sights and scenes happening around Main Beach. 
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Meet our Youth Exchange Student from Japan

Posted by Franz Huber on Sep 30, 2019
For those of you who weren't there last Friday at the joint meeting with Broadwater Southport [or were there but didn't notice her; she didn't really make a lot of noise... ☺ Ed.]:  Meet Ayana Sadaka, our Youth Exchange Student from Japan.  Ayana is currently hosted by the parents of an outgoing student who at present is in Japan. She is enrolled at Robina High School. Her first report card is nothing to be sneezed at either: 'Excellent' in Japanese language (which can be expected of course), and very pleasing marks in most other subjects, including in English, with 'Excellent' or 'Very Good' in the 'Effort' column of all subjects! Howzat! 
We are looking forward to Ayana coming along soon to one of our Surfers Sunrise meetings.
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Join us for the Melbourne Cup Luncheon!

Posted by Franz Huber on Sep 30, 2019
Our "Joint Chiefs of Social Events" Ray and Graeme, have organized for our members to experience that ultimate horse race that 'stops the nation', the Melbourne Cup.  We'll be at the Sensa Nome Restaurant in Main Beach.  No outrageous prices, just order off the menu, and it's bring your own wine too (they are also fully licensed if you prefer).  But in all fairness to them, a booking fee of $5.00 per person applies for them to hold the table(s) free. There is a limit of 20 people, so first come first served.  Ray Higgs and Graeme Isaacson will take your booking (and your booking fee).  Even if you're not a race follower, the atmosphere and conviviality enjoyed at our social functions will enlighten and brighten your day, not to mention the sights and scenes happening around Main Beach. 
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Snippets of last week's meeting 270919

Posted by Franz Huber on Sep 27, 2019
Last week we had another joint meeting with the Broadwater Southport club, held at the Southport Yacht Club. Andy Bell helped at the door. We had apologies from Ray Higgs, Larry Murray, Gerald East, Mario Fairlie, Richard Smith and Neil Thurlow.  Good to see Karen Holland safely back from Switzerland, and one of our freshly baked Corporate members, Todd Cole from Wilsons Advisory joined us.  District Youth Exchange Chairman Chris Thurtell brought our new YE Student Ayana Sadaka (see separate article) along as well - looking forward to greeting Ayana again at one of "our" meetings soon!
In view of this really being a Broadwater Southport meeting, there wasn't much Surfers Sunrise business discussed.  Your editor invited all to participate in the upcoming Welcome Bar-be-que for the incoming Rotary Friendship Exchange team on Friday 1st November, and Charles Thomasson elaborated further on the Surfers Sunrise Golf Day on 25th November (see separate article).
We had an excellent Guest Speaker too: OK, with a headline "Speed Date an Architect", if presented by somebody of the calibre of Pia Willemsen (picture left), the Principal of Willemsen Architecture, many of the gentlemen present found it catchy all by itself... [no Henrietta, this it not a sexist comment, this is a compliment! ☺ Ed.] Pia presented on the upcoming Gold Coast Open House event coming up in October. Various private, corporate and public venues of particular architectural attraction and merit will be open for viewing by the public. Some are quite obvious, such as the newly opened Kurrawa Surf Club, to well known heritage buildings such as the Gold Coast Light Horse Museum in Mudgeeraba. But hey! Did you know that there is a Railway Tunnel in the Ernest Junction region of Ashmore? It is a remnant of the former South Coast Rail Line, which closed in 1964. 140 metres long, it is a walk way, but also is used for...  a Concert Hall...   There is far too much going on to list on this report, but you'll find it well worth your time to visit their website: In total, you'll find well over 50 properties which can be visited, many of them only at specific times, by appointment.
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Surfers Sunrise Golf Day - Monday 25th November

Posted by Franz Huber on Sep 24, 2019
It's happening! On Monday, 25th November, we'll host a Golf Day at the Surfers Paradise Golf Club. It will be a 'Shotgun Start' at 12:30 pm (registration from 11:30 am). Several options:
  • Corporate Hole Sponsor (includes 4 players, signage and advertising)
  • 4-player Team
  • Single individual player
Chief organizer Charles Thomasson is looking both for players as well as helpers. If you and/or your friends, associates, customers, suppliers want to play: Bookings have now opened - click on this link
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The annual Movie night this Wednesday!

Posted by Franz Huber on Sep 23, 2019
It's on: this Wednesday 25th September, 6:00 for 6:30 pm, HOTA (Gold Coast Arts Centre), Bundall
This is our annual fundraiser for Polio Plus as well as a great social evening - note: all the Rotary Clubs on the Gold Coast are participating in this!  This year's movie is 'Ride like a Girl', the story of Michelle Payne, the first ever female rider to win the Melbourne Cup!  See attached flyer for more details.
The price is $20.00 per person, of which $10.00 goes towards the Polio Plus collection. Foundation Director Gerald East will organize the tickets. Please do pre-pay them by Direct Deposit to our club's General Account (we really don't want to collect cash on the night). Its only on for one night, so tickets are limited - first come first served. Banking details as follows:
Rotary Club of Surfers Sunrise Inc
BSB: 484-799,  Account No: 047306431
Don't forget to put your name into the Reference section! Everyone is most welcome, partners, friends, volunteers...
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Last week's speaker: Chris Thurtell - European YE Conference

Posted by Franz Huber on Sep 15, 2019
Last Wednesday 11th September, "our" District Chairman in charge of Youth Exchange, Chris Thurtell, reported on his recent attendance at the Europe, Eastern Mediterranean & Africa Youth Exchange Conference (EEMA), which he attended in Valencia, Spain. "The theme of the conference was “Look to the future with Youth Exchange” and that theme was evident with the subject topic sessions throughout the weekend, although in practice the subject matter was not telling us things we did not already know. We all know how good the program is but what we need are innovative strategies to cope with our rapidly changing world and the rapidly changing face of those we send on exchange. Challenges we face here in Australia are universal and not specific to one country" Chris advised. He elaborated on a number of very important segments, just to name a few:
  • ROTEX (yes, what is ROTEX? - Check it out!)
  • Technology and its impact and dangers
  • The Z Generation
  • Expanding Youth Exchange beyond the 'traditional' countries, for example, bring in students from the African regions outside South Africa?
  • The Flag Game (a highly disturbing development, a "worldwide secret of exchange students, dangerous and damaging, not only to students but to those around them")
and many others. A copy of the full presentation is ready for you to download - see Download Section on the right.
Our club has been very active in international Youth Exchange - it is important that you keep yourself up to date.
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Our very first Corporate Membership!

Posted by Franz Huber on Sep 14, 2019
At last Wednesday's meeting (11th September), Past District Governor Darrell Brown inducted our first Corporate Membership team: Wilsons Advisory Gold Coast got the guernsey.  Charles presented his fellow team members Todd Cole, Ashleigh Symes and Matthew Clayworth. (Photo - from left, Charles Thomasson on right). A hearty welcome to you all, and congratulations! We much look forward to greeting you at our upcoming breakfasts and functions. 
How do Corporate Memberships work?  In essence: All members are from the one company. At least one of the members is a "full" member (in this case, Charles Thomasson). The other members of the team can participate in any of the club's functions, but do not have voting rights and cannot stand for office.
Our very first Corporate Membership! Franz Huber 2019-09-13 14:00:00Z 0

Andrea Simmons – Australian Anti Ice Campaign (AAIC)

Posted by Franz Huber on Aug 30, 2019
Picture this: a young, vivacious, successful woman, with a successful business, a loving family. Andrea Simmons outlined in vivid detail how she was partaking in a bit of a knees-up at a swank hotel in town. Lots of good company, banter, laughter. Somebody suggests to her “take a puff of this, it isn’t going to hurt you…” and – literally – her world of success and love goes up in the proverbial puff of smoke.  A rapid descent into addiction, psychosis and other major health issues, her wealth destroyed. “I spent as much as $500 a day” she explained, “and I didn’t know any way I could get out”.
That is just one case. Do you know that every day, on average some 27 young people become addicted to “Ice” (Crystal Methamphetamines)? Do you know the method on how to make Ice is in plain sight on the Internet?” Only some 2% come out at the other side; if successful, the withdrawal period is an excruciating 18 months. The Australian market is totally flooded with the stuff: wastewater sampling tests show an increase of as much as 480% in the six years to 2016 and it has gone worse since then. Do you know that kids as young as 12 years old are given “free samples” and then, when they inevitably become addicted, are offered a “franchise distribution”? Do you know that availability is easy? Andrea outlined an instance where, when visiting the Gold Coast, she obtained a “pipe” with great ease, just asking for it.
We hear and read daily in the news and media of cases where people crazed by Ice addiction cause serious damage to property, go berserk in hospital emergency wards.  It has a massive effect across the board, from Mental Health to Police, Accident & Emergency to Hospital Services, with outrageous costs to the nation at large.  Statistics prove that 1 in 3 kids who go into child protection comes from drug addicted parents. The long term effects are much similar to Parkinson’s Disease, but this one is preventable.
The Australian Ice Campaign is a Not For Profit organization, providing education at the very grass roots level, by distributing education kits to schools, providing workshops at schools and clubs and, at the other end, provides support for victims to help them to get off.  A major, national fundraising event in multiple locations, ‘Walk Against Ice’ is held on Sunday week, 15th September. On the Gold Coast, it starts at 10 am at the Nikiforides Family Park in Broadbeach. Click here to book.
Photo (from left): Harold Bush (Rotary Club of Broadbeach), Leeanne Butcher, Andrea Simmons, Adrian Crowe.
Andrea Simmons – Australian Anti Ice Campaign (AAIC)  Franz Huber 2019-08-29 14:00:00Z 0

Rotary - Micro to Macro

Posted by Franz Huber on Aug 30, 2019
There’s a video on Youtube which in 75 seconds depicts the extremely large (as in the Universe) all the way to the extremely minute (as in sub-atomic). Have you ever thought of Rotary in a similar way? Come on, think about it: on the one hand, we have the extremely small (yes, YOU, rattling the Polio Plus bucket, running a mental health forum or removing graffiti), just one of about 1.2 million world wide. At the other end, you have the very large as, for example, The Rotary Foundation and within it, the Polio Plus campaign. At the Micro end, hundreds of millions of dollars collected via small “rattling the bucket” collections (visualize the granny giving her toddler granddaughter a coin to put into the Polio Plus bucket you are holding) through to giants of industry and commerce such as the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, who, according to an article in Forbes Magazine in May 2019, have contributed some $US 3.7 Billion in total towards the eradication of Polio.
Whooaa Franz! Where are you going with this? Well, let me give you two examples of personal “Micro to Macro” experiences on the one day: Last Saturday, the day started off with a working bee at our club’s Project Shed. We loaded a 40’ container with over 200 wheelchairs, some 60 school desks and chairs, walkers etc, destined for PNG (ask Tanya and Mark Twyford how to stack so many in such a small place!).  At an even more micro level, the wheelchairs had been lovingly put together by our volunteers, who stripped old bicycles, cut plywood, spray painted. At the other end, they’ll be handled by the local Rotary Club “over there”.
The second example is less complex, yet qualifies equally for “Micro to Macro”: I got a call from a personal friend of mine whose disabled brother had passed away. He had an almost new wheelchair, two walkers, a perfectly good laser printer and other paraphernalia. He knew that “Rotary can find a good home for that stuff”. Yes, but our club doesn’t handle “western” style wheelchairs, but the Burleigh Heads club does, via Donations in Kind in Brisbane. One phone call, a quick trip to deliver the goods, and I could assure my friend that the goods will end up in a good place, without any “baksheesh” being collected by a corrupt official.  How good is it to be part of a “ready made” organisation like that? How good is it to be a member of Rotary?
Rotary - Micro to Macro Franz Huber 2019-08-29 14:00:00Z 0

10 years ago we launched RYDA

Posted by Franz Huber on Aug 26, 2019
"Geez, this has been going for a while...! " I thought when my trusty computer reminded me that this Wednesday, together with another 2 members of our club, I am committed to assist in "herding" young students at the RYDA (Rotary Youth Driver Awareness) event at the Southport Community Centre.  So, I started digging through my old bulletin records and - lo and behold! - it started almost exactly 10 years ago.  Here is an extract from (then) President Darrell Brown's (yep, that's him on the right!) message in the bulletin of 16th September 2009:
The RYDA project is off with a bang! We have 4 schools committed to a week of training from 23rd to 27th November (Schoolies Week). Committed clubs are Mermaid, Broadbeach, Southport, Robina, Parkwood, Surfers & Gold Coast Central. There will be a lot of work to be done, distributed amongst the clubs with me being Committee Chair, Margaret Grummitt - School Bookings Coordinator, Michael Cullen - Presenters Coordinator, Graham Jones - Rotary Volunteers Coordinator, Ken Gosney & Lisa Lock - Fund Raising / Sponsorship / Media Coordinator, me - Secretary, Bob Harrison - Treasurer, Ian Mayberry - Day Manager, Graham Jones, Ken Gosney...
Since then, thousands of kids have undergone this one day instruction course on Road Safety, specifically designed for the 17 year old age group.  I'd dare to say it made a difference, probably saved numerous lifes. Proud to be associated with this great program. Give yourself a pat on the back, fellows!
Main photo above: some of the initial RYDA helpers in action 10 years ago (from left): Peter Baruch, Ray Higgs, Geoff Croad, Geoff McCoombe, Angus Miller, Ken Gosney.
10 years ago we launched RYDA Franz Huber 2019-08-25 14:00:00Z 0

Container loaded to the rim

Posted by Franz Huber on Aug 24, 2019
Last Saturday we had a huge working bee at the Project Shed. While our regular Associate Members followed their "regular" jobs, our principal task was to load a container destined for Papua New Guinea with wheelchairs, school desks and chairs.  We had very good numbers responding to the call and by 10:45 am the container was not only loaded to the rim, but we also assisted in dismantling some bicycles to separate the aluminium from the rest, pack up the old tyres for collection etc.  All in all, a very productive morning.  Good to see one of our newest members, Karen Holland, as well as our regular visitor Ann O'Connor participating very much hands on, and a big Thank You goes to Tanya Twyford, who, together with Mark, stacked wheelchairs, inside school desks, inside tables all morning! According to our Logistics Guru Col Laurenson, these are the numbers: 206 wheelchairs, 3 Wheelie Walkers, 59 School Chairs, 7 School Tables, 53 School Desks and 1 Teacher's Desk.  All into just the one 40' container! A huge Thank You! to all the people who helped: in addition to the people already mentioned, the following members rolled up their sleeves (in no particular order): Adrian Crowe, Geoff Croad, Al Sirovs (good to see you back, Al!), Mark Twyford, Larry Murray, President Mario Fairlie, Darrel Brown, Angus Miller, Andy Bell, Charles Thomasson, Doug Lipp and yours trulyPhoto (from left): Adrian Crowe, Andy Bell, Ann O'Connor, Mario Fairlie, Angus Miller.  More photos in the Photo Album - see right side)
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3 new members inducted into Surfers Sunrise

Posted by Franz Huber on Aug 17, 2019
At last Wednesday's meeting, three new members were inducted into the Rotary Club of Surfers Sunrise: Karen Holland, whose vocation is 'Technical Services' (but she has just completed a law degree!), Ben Illes, who is in construction, and Doug Garvie, one of Southport's leading commercial leasing agents.
Congratulations and welcome to the club!
Photo (from left) Karen Holland, Ben Illes, President Mario Fairlie and Doug Garvie.
3 new members inducted into Surfers Sunrise Franz Huber 2019-08-16 14:00:00Z 0

People of Action alright!

Posted by Franz Huber on Aug 17, 2019
Last week, two of our members participated in the launch of our new Rotary "People of Action" Public Image Campaign, designed to expand our brand awareness and attract bicycle enthusiasts to Rotary, in Burleigh Heads. The Bicycle team members represent 4 of the largest Rotary clubs on the Gold Coast. People of Action alright!! [I'm getting tired just looking at those racing bikes! Ed.]
Photo (by DGE Andy Rajapakse) from left: Past District Governor Ross Smith of Burleigh Heads, Rowan Johnstone President of Gold Coast, Wayne Kirby President of Hope Island, and "our" District Treasurer Mark Twyford and Neil Thurlow of Surfers Sunrise.
People of Action alright! Franz Huber 2019-08-16 14:00:00Z 0

Councillor Dawn Crichlow on ABC Radio talks about our PODs

Posted by Franz Huber on Aug 12, 2019
This Monday morning (12/08/19), City Councillor Dawn Crichlow OAM was interviewed on ABC Radio 91.7 on the deplorable situation of the homeless people on the Gold Coast.  During that interview, she referred to the Rotary Surfers Sunrise 'POD', which Des La Rance and the volunteers at the Project Shed are building - refer to previous bulletins and articles on our website. It is well worth your while to listen to it: click here to access the broadcast (turn on your sound). The interview starts at Minute 4.18. 
Councillor Dawn Crichlow on ABC Radio talks about our PODs Franz Huber 2019-08-11 14:00:00Z 0

Rotary's Best Kept Secrets: RFE

Posted by Franz Huber on Aug 10, 2019
So, you want to travel overseas, yes?
And you are happy to stay in "affordable" accommodation (read: 3-star or worse hotels) and want to work out the hard way what is and what is not worth seeing? And you won't grumble about paying around $2,500 per couple for Travel Insurance, in case you'll need an ambulance when you're "over there" and your health fund - not to mention Medicare - won't cover you? Do I hear an emphatic "Nooo!!"?
So, here is the golden alternative - only available to Rotarians and their partners: Rotary Friendship Exchange (RFE). Best if I give you a couple of details from my recent experience: I responded to an invite sent to all members by RFE Distric Chair, PDG Wendy Scarlett, to participate in an Exchange to Seattle and British Columbia. Against all expectations, my better half and I were accepted. After a couple of meetings and some online meetings, a team of 10 gathered at an agreed hotel in Seattle.  From then on, for the next two weeks, we were treated like royalty - hosted by 5 different Rotary Clubs and accommodated in private homes at all locations. The local Rotarians drove us to some of the 'secret' places of beauty
Rotary's Best Kept Secrets: RFE  Franz Huber 2019-08-09 14:00:00Z 0

Neil Thurlow rode in the MS Brissie to Bay 

Posted by Franz Huber on Aug 04, 2019
... the man is indefatigable...  Here is a picture of our club's Director for Public Relations, Neil Thurlow, in his brand new T-shirt, presented to him after cycling for a solid 100 Km in the MS Brissie to Bay event [I get tired just thinking about it! Ed.] . Neil raised some $1,320 sponsorship for the Multiple Sclerosis Foundation.
'On ya, Neil! What a trooper!
[This actually happened a few weeks ago in June, but somehow, it slipped through your Editor's (electronic) fingers.  Simply can't trust those computers... ☺]
Neil Thurlow rode in the MS Brissie to Bay  Franz Huber 2019-08-03 14:00:00Z 0

Greetings from Lucy Thorburn in Minnesota

Posted by Franz Huber on Jul 26, 2019
Our Youth Exchange Student in Minnesota, Lucy Thorburn, has sent us some photos from her "Safari" tour in the USA. See Photo Album on the right. There are also some more in her Photo Album (see on right hand side). Here is her message:
Summer is in full swing here is Minneapolis. Our days are getting up to 33 degrees and very humid. About two weeks ago now I got back from my rotary East Coast trip. I left Minneapolis on June15th and drove
with 46 other rotary exchange students from both Minnesota and Wisconsin to the East Coast of America. We drove through 22 states and stop at 12 different city from St. Louis Illinois to New York City,
the trip was about 2 weeks long. By far this this trip has be the best part of my year so far. Some of the things we did ranged from River Rapiding in the Smoky Mountains, Line Dancing in Nashville, Touring a
Navy ship in Norfolk Virginia and visiting the city that never sleeps (and it’s true New York never sleeps). Now I’m back home enjoying the summer days with my friends on the lakes or hammocking in the

Hope all it well with everyone back home and that your not to cold too!
Regards, Lucy.
Greetings from Lucy Thorburn in Minnesota Franz Huber 2019-07-25 14:00:00Z 0

After crawling for 35 years...

Posted by Franz Huber on Jul 26, 2019
With almost 9000 Surfers Sunrise wheelchairs dispatched into all continents of the globe (except Antarctica), one could be forgiven for being a bit blasé... But a recent email including photo and video sent to us by Christopher Shadbolt of TTN Ministries (somewhere in Africa - sorry, will try to find out more info) brings the message home again with a thump.  The email subject was 'After crawling for 35 years'.  It depicts Regina, a young woman, now 39 years old, who is lame in her legs.  This is Chris' response to my query about her condition:
Hello Franz

I wish I could elaborate more on the condition but that reality of it is she has grown up and spent her  entire life in the village so actual details are non existent. At best it’s an educated guess.

This what we know: she is 39, the surviving twin just after her twin died she became lame (her family believe it is curse); my guess is polio that is what killed her (but that) is a guess.

But what I do know is she has never had the opportunity to have wheel chair, she moves by crawling- But beyond the disability it is clear she carries the pain of shame and has low self esteem and even lower self worth.

We thank Rotary and the team, the wheel chairs are so often a start to a different life.

For us we are in the process of see what funds we can raise for Regina and we are looking to purchasing a hand powered sewing machine (we have collection of materials etc and lady willing to travel to the village to train her) plus solar panel and battery with 12 volt clippers.

In short give her the capacity to generate funds by doing hair cuts (mainly for children) and sewing.

In His Grip
Christopher Shadbolt
Des La Rance also received a 'Thank you' message from the Rotary e-Club of South Africa One (see photo on right), thanking us for  our donation of 120 wheelchairs. There is little doubt that in addition to Regina mentioned in the story above, there are another 119 equally deserving disabled  people whose life will have substantially improved as a result of the work of our volunteers and Associate Members who are "slaving along" every Saturday at the Project Shed.
After crawling for 35 years... Franz Huber 2019-07-25 14:00:00Z 0

DG Harry Bolton & Shauna visit Surfers Sunrise

Posted by Franz Huber on Jul 22, 2019
At last Wednesday's combined meeting with Broadbeach and Gold Coast, we were honoured by District Governor Harry Bolton and his charming wife Shauna visiting Surfers Sunrise, coming all the way from Tenterfield. Rather than me trying to detail Harry's message, which really is applicable to all clubs, why not go to the District Website and read Harry's inaugural and excellently edited DG Newsletter 'High Country Calling'? By the way: You should also have received in your Inbox if you are a registered member or have subscribed. In that edition, Harry also outlines his principal goals for the District. Read it! You'll be pleased to know that one of the goals we have already fulfilled: Shauna Bolton made the Malaria Vaccine Project at Griffith University her "DG's Partner" project.  Our club has made a donation of $1,000 - see photo of Shauna together with President Mario Fairlie. (Photo by Charles Thomasson).
DG Harry Bolton & Shauna visit Surfers Sunrise Franz Huber 2019-07-21 14:00:00Z 0

Gold Coast Passport Club Charter

Posted by Franz Huber
Hard on the heels of the new Varsity Lakes Club, chartered in September last year, another new club with a difference will be chartered next month: The Gold Coast Passport Rotary Club. "Passport"?  Well, your Editor is not entirely sure either what this entails, but looking at their website, it would appear that their members are all below the age of 45, and their meetings will be "Wine and Cheese" style.  The Charter night will be on Friday 16th August 2019, starting at 6:00 pm.  More details to follow.
[I wonder: will the wine and cheese be served on a small airline style tray...? ☺☺  Ed.]
Gold Coast Passport Club Charter Franz Huber 2019-07-15 14:00:00Z 0

"Late" Award presentations

Posted by Franz Huber on Jul 14, 2019
Last Saturday, President Mario Fairlie and Immediate Past President Jo Winwood presented three "late" awards to members who were unable to be present at our recent Changeover Luncheon in June.  Photos shown: 
From top left:
  • Larry Murray: Rotarian of the Year
  • Neil Thurlow: Quiet Achiever
  • Mitch Brown: Paul Harris Fellowship.
Congratulations to all, well deserved!
"Late" Award presentations Franz Huber 2019-07-13 14:00:00Z 0

Des La Rance awarded with Life Membership

Posted by Franz Huber on Jul 14, 2019
At last Saturday's meeting at the Project Shed, President Mario Fairlie and Immediate Past President Jo Winwood presented our Chief Designer, inventor and untiring worker, Des La Rance OAM, with a Life Membership.  Des of course is best known not only for his design and driving to fruition of our 'Wheelchairs from Bicycles' program (it started back in 1995) and various designs and completion of cyclone proof houses, schools in Phuket and Mataa'fa Village on Samoa, as well as the now famous 'House of Hope' in Apia, Samoa.
Congratulations, Des!
Photo above: President Mario, Des La Rance, Jo Winwood
Des La Rance awarded with Life Membership Franz Huber 2019-07-13 14:00:00Z 0

This week: Major Multi Club Project meeting

Posted by Franz Huber on Jul 14, 2019
This coming Wednesday 17th July we'll have the combined meeting with the Broadbeach Club, as previously advised.
When Mario Fairlie attended the President Elect Training Seminar (PETS), he met with the Presidents Elect of the Broadbeach and Gold Coast Rotary ClubsDr Graham Sivyer and Rowan Johnstone respectively.  Dr Graham indicated that he had identified a major need for a X-Ray Unit to be established in a hospital on the Espiritu Santo Island, in the Samna Province of Vanuatu. The hospital doesn't have one at all; travel to the nearest one that does have one takes over 5 hours. It needs more than just a X-Ray Unit: they don't have electrical power off the grid, so it needs to be solar / battery powered...
We all know that "there are no flies" on Des La Rance, our Chief Designer and Mover & Shaker at the Project Shed. He set to work and here is the preliminary draft.  To an extent, it is based on the very successful design of the Samoa Schools we have installed, with solar panels and batteries.  Next step is to obtain a District Grant as well as a Global Grant.  For the Global Grant, Mario will liaison with his friend who introduced him to Rotary, PDG Fred Hansen in Norway.
Jump over to the Photo Album Section on the right for more images of Des' design. 
This week: Major Multi Club Project meeting Franz Huber 2019-07-13 14:00:00Z 0

Our next major Project Shed item: a 'Pod'

Posted by Franz Huber on Jul 08, 2019
A what?? A Pod? Isn't that something to do with flowers? [No, Henrietta, nothing to do with pot plants. Nor with pot... ☺] Or with something that is detachable from an aircraft? 
No, it is a Mini-Accommodation on wheels for the homeless.  Our indefatigable President Mario Fairlie has had discussion with the equally indefatigable local City Councillor Dawn Crichlow about this potential new project which Surfers Sunrise might become involved with at our the Shed.  A picture tells a thousand words they say - so check out the attached image of the front page of a recent Gold Coast Bulletin article (you can expand it so you can actually read it - just press Ctrl + ). The estimated cost is $500 plus the bicycle to pull it.  And yes, Dawn will take it to the council.
At last Wednesday's meeting, Des La Rance gave us a good run down on how this will happen. See President Mario's message above.
Our next major Project Shed item: a 'Pod' Franz Huber 2019-07-07 14:00:00Z 0

Changeover 2019: The Awards

Posted by Franz Huber on Jun 27, 2019
A bit over a week ago, our club held its annual Changeover Luncheon, presided over by (now Past) President Jo Winwood and (now) President Mario Fairlie. The Changeover Report (there is a copy in the Download Section on the right for you, in case you didn’t get the specially bound first edition at the luncheon) outlines the various reports that were given, so I’ll refrain from rehashing it all. 
But on that occasion, we also had the presentation of the club's major annual awards to their well deserving recipients:
Rotarian of the Year:  Larry Murray. No doubt recognized by his peers for the sterling job he did taking on the role of running the Project Shed, organizing the Big Bike Sale, and keeping it all going.  Even though Larry is at pains to emphasize “I’m not the one in charge!” Yeah, right…
Quiet Achiever: Neil Thurlow. We mightn’t see him all that often at meetings, but be assured that Neil’s work behind the scenes, with his company Accent Print and Copy doing all the printing for our club as well as for a lot of the District, at no charge.
Doug Waller Trophy (also known as the ‘Just do it’ award: Angus Miller. Angus is of course also known as 'The Onion King', then man in charge of organizing not just the onions, but all the food and drinks and paraphernalia when we have a fundraising barbeque. The club owes you a big THANK YOU!
Fellowship Cup: Andy Bell. Well, what can I say? Mr Fellowship impersonated!
Changeover 2019: The Awards Franz Huber 2019-06-26 14:00:00Z 0

Paul Harris Fellowship Award for Tanya Twyford

Posted by Franz Huber on Jun 27, 2019
It is always one of the big moments in Rotary, when a Paul Harris Fellowship (PHF) is presented.  For those of you who are not yet familiar with this important recognition: For over 100 years now, Rotary International has run its own, highly recognized Charity, The Rotary Foundation (TRF). TRF is recognized not just within Rotary, but also by independent "valuers": Charity Navigator, the most recognized of these, has given TRF it's coveted (and very difficult to achieve) 4-star rating for over a decade in a row.  In a nutshell, it means that your hard earned money is not chewed up in Director's fees, "Administration Charges" (quotation marks deliberate), but ends up where it counts, be that the End Polio Now campaign, be that building clean water wells or sponsoring a Peace & Conflict Resolution student.  Click on the links above to find out more about TRF. 
But back to what a Paul Harris Fellowship is all about: Individuals can donate $US 1,000 to the foundation to receive a PHF, or to nominate another person  But so can any organization and to this effect, in addition to the awards shown in the story above, our club has selected an outstanding individual to be recognized: Tanya Twyford. While Tanya is not a member of our club (yet??), to no doubt her untiring work with the Wesley Mission makes her a highly deserving recipient. 
In recognition of their service to the club, Larry Murray, Andy Bell and Mitch Brown were also presented with a Paul Harris Fellowship Award. Congratulations to all!
Paul Harris Fellowship Award for Tanya Twyford Franz Huber 2019-06-26 14:00:00Z 0

Remember Jodie Chilby?

Posted by Franz Huber on Jun 15, 2019
Remember Jordy Chilby, the Design Student from
Woollongong who came all the way up to the Gold Coast to investigate how we make wheelchairs, using materials from discarded bicycles? (See Bulletin 6th February 2019)?  Well, she has finished it and - whaddya know?? - ended up on WIN News Illawarra! Ultimately, her wheelchair will end up in Tanzania...  Full story on our Facebook Page. How good is that!  Well done, Jordy!
Remember Jodie Chilby? Franz Huber 2019-06-14 14:00:00Z 0

Security System installed at the Project Shed

Posted by Franz Huber on Jun 08, 2019
Over the last weekend, our new security system was installed at our Project Shed. President Elect Mario Fairlie advises that Peter and Karen of PTS Security (the company has taken care of  Mario's home security for some 15 years) worked all day to get it professionally installed. Sensors which are located indoors, outdoors as well as on the Roller Doors (see picture right), are connected to a control panel and are ultimately monitored 24/7.
Security System installed at the Project Shed Franz Huber 2019-06-07 14:00:00Z 0

Surfers Sunrise Wheelchair Trust comes 'of age'

Posted by Franz Huber on Jun 08, 2019
Did you know that the Surfers Sunrise Wheelchair Trust was formally brought into existence exactly 21 years ago? Here is an extract from the last club bulletin of 1997/1998:
Our Club registers its own Charity Company
At last Wednesday’s Board Meeting, the formal go ahead was given to setup our own Charity Organization.  This was also necessary to ensure that the people donating to the Wheel Chair Project receive full Tax Deductibility, and that the materials purchased can be bought Salestax Exempt. [Yes, that was before GST! And yes, I still had hair then... ☺ Ed.] Jonathon Withers and Peter Presser have worked tirelessly to get this on the rails prior to 30 June.  The structure of the company will be that the members of Surfers Sunrise will always have total control of the Charity Company:  Its office bearers will always consist of both the current and past Presidents, plus another three directors as well as the Secretary and Treasurer are to be elected/confirmed annually to their positions by the club members.  The initial board of the Charity Company will be as follows:
President:                    Des La Rance
Vice President:            Phil Parry (Club President 1998/99)
Directors:                    Franz Huber (Immediate Past Club President)
                                    John Appleton
Secretary:                   Johathon Withers
Treasurer:                   Bob Harrison
The Wheelchair Trust has truly come of age! 21 years later: going stronger than ever!
Surfers Sunrise Wheelchair Trust comes 'of age' Franz Huber 2019-06-07 14:00:00Z 0

Visualize... Imagine a picture...

Posted by Franz Huber on May 24, 2019
OK, close you eyes… take a deep breath and regulate your heartbeat. Why? I’m about to ask you to deeply visualize. Visualize a bunch of close to 20 Surfers Sunrise Rotarians, Associate Members and their partners putting their shoulders to the wheel and their noses to the grinding stone at the Small Business Expo, where we were invited to assist and raise some badly needed funds. They were there the day before on Wednesday for “bump-in”. They were there on Thursday to man the Car Park to collect Gold Coin parking fees (as well as the equivalent in electronic form). They manned our display stand for the day, kindly provided to us by the Small Business Expo organizer, Paula Brand. And they were again there in force at the “bump-out” stage, removing and stacking up the tables, chairs and partitions.
The effort raised over $3,000, nearly double that of last year. Organizer Paula Brand (picture right) was so happy with our services that she increased the $500.00 fee for bump-in/out to $800.00 – just like that! Next year we’ll be moving the Sports & Leisure Centre next door, so it’s going to be bigger again!
So what is all that visualizing about? Simple: in the absence of your editor (he is still slightly damaged goods, albeit steadily improving), every one else was simply too busy to take photos..! ☺
A big Thank You! to all the participants and to Paula Brand and her team for inviting us!
Visualize... Imagine a picture... Franz Huber 2019-05-23 14:00:00Z 0

Surfers Sunrise joins Islamic Society for an Iftar

Posted by Franz Huber on May 22, 2019
Iftar?? In a nutshell: the Islamic Society of the Gold Coast has invited the members of our club to participate in a meal, celebrating 'breaking fast', at the location of the Gold Coast Mosque in Arundel. Here is an extract of their invitation:
"In this sacred month of Ramadan, we would like to take an opportunity to invite you and your team to have an Iftar (breaking fast) and dinner at the Islamic Society of Gold Coast....   ... In order to spread the spirit of goodwill and happiness, we look forward to your participation, we hope you will take part in the event to make it a great success."
But - but - but...  Isn't Rotary supposed to be non-denominational? Yes, indeed! But that doesn't mean that Rotarians are not permitted to practice their religion, or for that matter - as in this instance - communicate with members of other religions. Quite the opposite: The fourth Object Rotary is "The advancement of international understanding, goodwill, and peace through a world fellowship of business and professional persons united in the ideal of service." (click here for the full text of the Objects of Rotary). The Islamic Society has in the past been instrumental of getting container loads of our wheelchairs into the war torn areas of Syria, Afghanistan etc. Yes, this is exactly what International Understanding is all about.
A fair number of our members and their partners attended (see picture, by Mark Twyford).  To no doubt, it is events of this nature which provide the means to break down barriers.  A sincere 'Thank you!' goes to the Islamic Society for the invitation.  
Surfers Sunrise joins Islamic Society for an Iftar Franz Huber 2019-05-21 14:00:00Z 0

Excellent Fellowship BBQ at the Twyfords on Saturday

Posted by Franz Huber on May 20, 2019
Last Saturday night, Mark & Tanya Twyford hosted a Surfers Sunrise bar-be-que at their home.  The deal was quite straight forward: Mark & Tanya did the "hunting and gathering" (read: we'll provide the meat) and the guest were expected to bring not just their own drinks, but to also provide a nice bottle of red for the hosts to enjoy on a quiet evening on another night. Very generous arrangement! ☺ Mark reports that the event was most enjoyable. 
No rest for the wicked though: as incoming District Treasurer, Mark was off at the crack of dawn to travel to Warwick to attend the first District Training Assembly!  A big Thank You! to Mark & Tanya for putting this on!  
Picture on left (by Mark Twyford): Mark, Sue Smith and President Jo enjoying the open fire in the court yard.  Ah, the old open fire just makes such a difference to the ambience!  More pictures on our Photo Album (see right side)
Excellent Fellowship BBQ at the Twyfords on Saturday Franz Huber 2019-05-19 14:00:00Z 0

Changeover Luncheon: Sunday 23rd June

Posted by Franz Huber on May 18, 2019
Set your diary (and your partner's) for this year's Changeover Luncheon:
President Jo Winwood and Elect Mario Fairlie invite all members, Associate members and their partners and friends to join them for our traditionally classy event.  This year it will be held at
Links Hope Island
Hope Island Road
Hope Island  4212
Price $30.00 per head for an elegant two course lunch.
Superb venue, easy parking.
Bookings have now closed. Please contact Graham Isaacson if you require assistance.
Changeover Luncheon: Sunday 23rd June Franz Huber 2019-05-17 14:00:00Z 0

Greetings from our YE Student in the USA

Posted by Franz Huber on May 08, 2019
Update from Lucy:
"This month I haven't been doing much", Lucy Thorburn, our Youth Exchange Student in Minnesota, USA reports...  Besides attending school of course, just playing Badminton and building snowmen in April...  Here are a couple of pictures:  Left: Lucy (right) with some of her Badminton Team.  Below: Snow in April - possibly not an unusual occurrence in Minnesota!  Additional photos have been uploaded to the Photo Album Section on the right.
Greetings from our YE Student in the USA Franz Huber 2019-05-07 14:00:00Z 0

People of Action alright! Defibrillator training

Posted by Franz Huber on May 04, 2019
Rotarians are people of action alright!

Kerry Packer started it all, when in 1990 he financed the purchase of Defbrillators for all the NSW Ambulances, following his life being saved by just such a device. Recently, our club bought a Defibrillator which is now installed at our Project Shed. But how to use it? What do you actually do if somebody collapses in a heap and stops breathing, stops responding?
So, last Saturday, some 15 members and Associates underwent First Aid and Defibrillator training, provided by Cardiacsafethe supplier of the device.  We learned not only the principles of First Aid, but also how to deploy the Defibrillator. Let's hope we'll never need to use it, but as the frequently quoted saying goes: Hope is not a strategy!

By the way, did you know that the chances of surviving a cardiac arrest rises from 9% to approximately 75% if a Defibrillator is deployed within minutes?  And, by the way, cardiac arrests don't just happen to senior people.  It could just as easily happen to a competitor in a school footy game (or his dad getting over excited on the sidelines... ☺). 
Perhaps it's time for all of use to have a bit of a refresher on First Aid? The Australian Resuscitation Council has lots of information, guide lines and flow charts to assist.  jump to their website which has lots and lots of very practical and easy to follow stuff on the subject: And don't forget, the owner of Cardiacsafe, Tristan Hardwick, will speak at our club on 15th May.
People of Action alright! Defibrillator training Franz Huber 2019-05-03 14:00:00Z 0

Last Wednesday: Charles Thomasson on Election Finances

Posted by Franz Huber on May 03, 2019
It's quite bewildering trying to determine how the policies of the various political parties will affect one's own situation. If Franking Credits were removed, how will this affect the stock market and in particular that little nest egg you have squirreled away over the past several decades of working 12 hour days? What about the removal of Negative Gearing? What about the halving of the Capital Gains Tax discount? And most importantly: Whom can you trust??
One of the seldom mentioned benefits of belonging to a Rotary Club is that quite often there is an expert in a particular subject right among the members! Not only is he or she there, but you can be reasonably certain that trust is not misplaced. So, last Wednesday our very own Charles Thomasson, who is a partner at Wilson's Advisory, gave us a good run down on the major items one has to consider.  Keeping strictly within the boundaries (Rotary is NOT involved in politics), Charles addressed the major aspects. As he is, by law, compelled to do, Charles also made it quite plain that anything he says is general advice, not specific to anyone's personal situation: Here is the official wording:
Charles gave the example of how a portfolio of an investor with a ‘Balanced’ Risk Profile could look. A risk profile is an assessment of an investor’s tolerance to investment risk. It is a key aspect of portfolio construction and is critical to determining appropriate asset allocation, recommended investments and target returns. The Wilsons Risk Profile is attached. The advice contained in this document is general advice. It has been prepared without taking account of any person’s objectives, financial situation or needs.
So, how will the stock market react?  "Who knows?" was Charles' response, "but it is unlikely to make a big difference, simply because the policies of all parties have been out there for months beforehand, and generally the eventualities are already calculated in."  Of course, there was lots and lots of other questions answered. Questions kept coming, all where competently answered.  What? Sorry, you should have been there yourself!  But, once the dust has settled, Charles promised to come back and give us an assessment of what will likely be happening once we know who will (or attempt to run) our wonderful country for the next three years. Stay tuned!
On the Download Section (right hand side), you will find Wilson's Risk Profile summary.  Of course, you can contact Charles directly:
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Larry & Des demonstrate at the Blokes Lounge

Posted by Franz Huber on Apr 26, 2019
Blokes Lounge? Yeah, I've never heard of them before either...  ☺ According to their website, this organization "offers a friendly and welcoming environment where blokes from all walks of life can get together…".  Yup, there's no mention of blokettes, or Sheila's... 
Last week, Larry Murray and Des La Rance visited one of their meetings and not only demonstrated our wheelchairs project, but made them assemble one, which they successfully accomplished in 12 minutes flat! Larry, I'm sure with a tear in his eye, lamented that our club was short of finances and a quick passing of the hat raised a very creditable $333.70.  There is no evidence who donated the 70 cents! Thank you to all the blokes!
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The Small Business Expo just two weeks away

Posted by Franz Huber on Apr 24, 2019
Just two weeks to go till the Gold Coast Business Expo on 23rd May. Surfers Sunrise Rotary will have a stand as well, where visitors can learn all about Rotary and in particular about Surfers Sunrise.  We'll be collecting business cards with the aim to obtain contact details of people who might fit the required personality of a Rotarian.
And, hey, check out this flyer - download the full file from the Download Section on the right: they have some great speakers! Talking about powerful females...!  And this is just one part from noon to 1:30 pm!
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Last week: Tahlia Fenech & Jacqui Wark on RYLA

Posted by Franz Huber on Apr 18, 2019
What a refreshing experience last Wednesday to hear Tahlia Fenech and Jacqui Wark speak about the Rotary Youth Leadership Award (RYLA)! Tahlia, who works with the PCYC's Project Booyah! was sponsored by our club to attend RYLA last February. Jacqui is one of the leaders and organizers. As the name would suggest, the week long event is designed to promote personal and professional development, goal setting and communication through a range of inspirational speakers, team building exercises and leadership training. In our District, it is held every year in late January or early February.
The girls started the presentation off with a video, showing the awardees enjoying every minute by participating in activities as straight forward as sliding down a slippery water slide to team activity of constructing a raft and then “racing” it across the pond. You can catch a bit of that video on the RYLA website. Obviously, everyone is having a ball! Your editor remarked that, from the video, it would appear that it is simply a giant holiday camp?  “Far from it!” both the girls exclaimed, “I have repeatedly been taken way out of my comfort zone” Tahlia outlined. "One of the most beneficial items was to learn how to believe in myself" she said.
There are numerous activities which not only stretch the brain, but the various Keynote and motivational speakers really help the awardees to set goals and learn how to achieve these goals. 
RYLA, now a program run in numerous Rotary Districts throughout Australia and internationally, is truly home grown: it was originally started in Queensland, as far back as 1959.
Photo (from left): Our club's Chair of Youth Service, Tania Laird, Jacqui Wark and Tahlia Fenech. 
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Simon Brook & Jodie McClintock have a baby!

Posted by Franz Huber on Apr 15, 2019
This has not happened at Surfers Sunrise in decades: Simon Brook & Jodie McClintock are proud parents! Simon reports that this Monday morning at 07:05 am, Jodie gave birth to Lewis Lee, a healthy baby boy, 7 lb 13. Mum and Bub are doing well, and dad is slowly coming off the high of his life... smiley.
Our hearty congratulations to you both! 
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The Rotary Foundation - maximum effect

Posted by Franz Huber on Apr 07, 2019
You may be considering supporting a worthwhile charity?  And often, you just wonder how much of your hard earned money actually ends up at the "end user", rather than being gobbled up by Administration and Director's Fees? With some 55,000 Charities in Australia alone, whom can you trust?  Some, even the major ones, have outrageous overheads.  So it is comforting to know that, with less than 3% going in Administration Expenses,  The Rotary Foundation has again scored the coveted 4-Star rating by Charity Navigator, for the 11th time in a row!  If you would like to donate, and at the same time ensure that your donation is fully tax deductible, and is allocated against our Rotary Club you can do so directly from our District 9640 Website! If you allocate your donation to the Annual Fund, it means that part of your donation ultimately will come back to our District in the form of a District or Global Grant! Click here - it is plain and simple!
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The Defibrillator is installed!

Posted by Franz Huber on Apr 06, 2019
We have purchased a defibrillator for our hard working volunteers at the Project Shed! It was installed this week, and Des La Rance sorted out the mounting in a conspicious place. Professional training day on Saturday 4th May, 08:00 am. We have purchased a defibrillator for our hard working volunteers at the Project Shed! It was installed this week - - professional training day on Saturday 4th May - so would you kindly refrain from having a heart attack till then! 😊😊o would you kindly refrain from having a heart attack till then!  smiley wink
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Lucy Thorburn takes the plunge - at freezing temp!

Posted by Franz Huber on Apr 06, 2019
First feedback from our Youth Exchange Student in Minnesota, USA.  Never mind freezing temperatures - Lucy Thorburn takes the plunge into freezing water anyway - all for a good cause! Click here for video on our Facebook Page!

Good morning this is Lucy Thorburn, I wanted to send you a like update on my exchange so far it’s been a crazy two months already. So it start with the first week of me being here in Minnesota we had the Polar vortex temperatures of -38 degrees celsius, that week school was cancelled four days in a row due to the crazy cold temps! We’ve also had lots of snow this winter so I’ve been skiing, snowboarding, sledding, ice skating and snowball fights with friends. I’ve already met some really awesome people, my rotary club here is very impressed with everything you guys do with your wheelchair program, they started a program two years back in India to help girls get an education, right now they are funding around nine all girls schools and have help thunderous of girls in the last two years!

A couple of my friends and I participated in The Polar Plunge which was a fundraiser for Special Olympic (it’s pretty much jumping into frozen lake water temps below 0, craziness I know!) We ended up raising $1,900 as a team, I’ll leave some pictures and videos down below.

I’m also playing badminton at school for my after school spring sports with a couple of friends. My friend Lucy and I are playing doubles ( and yes everyone has a little laugh that we are both named Lucy). We made the varsity which is the best team to be on so we are really happy about that! 

Photo on left: Menolly (host sister), Lucy Thorburn, Kelly (host mum), Brennan (host brother( and Bryce (host dad).  More photos in Photo Album - see right side.
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Last week's Guest Speaker: Des La Rance

Posted by Franz Huber on Apr 04, 2019
He is the inventor, designer and moving force behind our major International project, the wheelchairs, the schools and the orphanages our club has delivered into all continents bar Antarctica! It's now some 24 years ago since Des visited Fiji, where he witnessed crippled and disabled children literally dragging themselves through the dirt, and decided that something needed to be done about it. Two years later, the project was brought to the attention of Ray Martin, at the time the host of 'A Current Affair', who promptly agreed to send a reporter and film crew, and accompany us to deliver the first 10 wheelchairs to Fiji (see my report on our website, under the Wheelchairs Tab).
The original wheelchairs not only recycled part of the frame, but also the wheels.  As their tyres would go flat, this turned out to be not the optimal way, so new wheels and BMX style tyres with solid inner tubes have been deployed since. Since then, almost 9,000 wheelchairs have been manufactured from old bicycles, plywood and other components, at a cost of just $100.00 each.  The most recent batch of 280, loaded into a 40 foot container, is destined for Bangladesh.
For many people, an achievement of this magnitude would do nicely, thank you.  Not Des: visiting Vanuatu, he saw a family living under a bit of corrugated sheeting. "Something needed to be done about that" - the typical decision.  Des designed a low cost house, which not only was easily built, flat packed for shipment in a container, but was also designed to be cyclone proof (and verified to be, by our Charter President and Civil Engineer Bill Moir). From this design emanated a design for a school to accommodate children who were orphaned in the Tsunami that devastated Indonesia and Thailand on Boxing Day of 2004.  Just a few years later, in 2007, a tsunami hit Samoa.  Our club, using a similar design, manufactured, supplied and installed a Primary School in the Matafaa Village on the south coast of Samoa. This was followed by a massive project, in concert with the Samoa Victims Support Group, to supply and erect an orphanage in Apia, followed by delivering a second classroom in 2016.
So where to from here? No rest for the wicked, as they say: President Elect Mario Fairlie has had discussions with other Rotary Clubs in the Surfers Paradise cluster to supply a Radiology Unit to a hospital in Vanuatu. "They have the hospital, but no X-Ray Unit" Des explained. "No flies on him", as the common Australian colloquialism says: Des' design is ready. It is similar to the last Samoa school, based on a 40 foot container, which ultimately becomes a major structural component of the building, with 50 mm Refrigeration Panels, wooden frames, cyclone proof... 
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The weekend that was the District Conference

Posted by Franz Huber on Apr 01, 2019
What an event! Starting on Friday and going through till Sunday midday, the Lismore Conference was - in simple terms: hugely successful. I'm still buzzing, almost suffering from 'Sensory Overload'. Some people claim that a Rotary District Conference is... soooo booooring.  Got news for you! Visualize the start of Friday night's dinner. A priest is called up to the rostrum to say grace. The MC warns him that he has no more than five minutes.... FIVE minutes??? For saying grace?  Groan, here we go, it's going to be a long night...  Well, take this from a guy who is not the most religious person you've ever met: in all the 3 score and ten years of my life, I've NEVER enjoyed the saying of grace as much! Glenn Samuel (formerly from Mudgeeraba Rotary Club and is now a minister in Lismore) presented grace in the format of a humorous poem. What's the...?  Sorry, you should have been there yourself!  But if you'd like a copy: let me know.
I've written an article in the most recent issue of the District Governor's newsletter.  Click on this link to access it
Ah, almost forgot: Surfers Sunrise won the Best Club Communications Award (picture right) angel.  And did I mention that the Rotary International President's Representative's (RIPR) - he's from Texas - speech was presented by singing it in Country Song style, complete with guitar? RIPPER alright!
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Last week's Guest Speakers: The Blenders

Posted by Franz Huber on Mar 25, 2019
Originally, when the group formed in 1988, they were called 'The Banana Blenders'...  Introduced by David Bonifant (Rotary Club of Broadbeach), four members of the famous A Capella choir joined us: Barry Mallett, life member (over 20 years), Roy Tomkinson - life member (since foundation in 1988),  Tony Egan and Rusty Lush, a former member of Surfers Sunrise. Roy started the show with a Video when they appeared on 'Australia's Got Talent' - click here to view it.  Even Karl Sandilands loved it! Roy followed up with a history of The Blenders over the past 30-odd years.  Today, the group has around 50 - 60 members. You can find a lot of information on their website - click here.

A Barbershop Quartett must strictly follow the rules of the Australian Association of Barbershop Harmony Convention.  Bit the choir progressed - to one of its pinnacles of achievement, appearing at the Closing Ceremony of the Commonwealth Games 2018.  "Every year, the songs get more complicated, but on the other hand, the learning materials also have become so much better, due to them being IT based", Roy advised.  And it's not just voice, tonal and vowel matching.  These days Choreography much comes into it too!

Barry Mallett followed up with a very interesting metaphor, comparing Barbershop style singing to Rugby... What?? Come again?  Yes, Barry called it "Rugby without the contact"... Further, learning songs is good for the brain - not to be underestimated, as - as one gets older - anything that improves brain power is good for you! "Singing Barbershop Harmony sort of makes your bones vibrate," Barry said, "it's similar to guided meditation, or [censured]..." [sorry, you should have been there... Ed.]  Reams of questions resulted in us literally running out of time.  What a pity!  An actual performance of one of their quartets would have put the cherry on the cake!
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Thank you from John Hall

Posted by Franz Huber
We received a lovely note from John Hall who recently sacrificed his Goldi Silver Locks for a good cause to support research into Leukemia (see last week's bulletin).  Since it is on a dark blue background, which makes it a bit hard to read from a photo, even in a large format. So, here is the text: 
Surfers Sunrise Rotary - To President Joanne
I would like to express my sincere gratitude for the generous donation you gave me with my recent sponsorship for the Greatest Shave.  Your donation helped me to reach my goal.
The reason this charity is so close is because my wife recently passed away due to cancer and we have had a few friends who passed with the same
By fundraising for the World's Greatest Shave, I have helped give families facing cancer the emotional and practical support they need and fund vital research to help more people survive. 
Kind regards
(signed) John Hall.
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Massive injection of funds into our District projects

Posted by Franz Huber on Mar 24, 2019
PDG Graham Jones outlined the fantastic achievement of the huge project our District supports at Griffith University: The development of a Malaria Vaccine.  Our Rotary District so far has raised over $500,000.  The program has now proceeded to the human trials stage.  And, to give the project a serious push up, here comes our local member for McPherson and Federal Minister for Industry, Science and Technology, Karen Andrews, with the news that the Federal Government is topping this up with a further $500,000!
But wait, there's more!  Graham also advised that the program originally started by the Rotary club of Maclean (and now taken over by the District) into Human Brain Research has been given a major boost via a Global Grant by The Rotary Foundation of $90,000.  This will permit a second scholarship at the University of Queensland, specifically supporting the study of Parkinson's Disease. A fund has been setup within the Rotary Australia World Community Service (RAWCS), which enjoys Deductible Gift Recipient (e.g. Tax Deductability) status. It is named The Rotary Australia Benevolent Society, or short RABS.  Graham is looking to our club to chair the group in our District.
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Best kept Secret: Botanical Gardens

Posted by Franz Huber on Mar 17, 2019
Last Wednesday, Ray Higgs and I visited the Gold Coast Regional Botanical Gardens to participate in one of their guided walks 'Indigenous Use of Bush Foods and Flora'.  So what?? I hear you ask, what's that got to do with Rotary? Well, one could say Ray and I were practicing good ol' fellowship (remember: this is one of Rotary's major objectives!), but most of you would not even be aware - or have forgotten - that a number of the Gold Coast based Rotary Clubs had a hand in the establishment of the Botanical Gardens. In the early years of the 21st Century, Past Rotary International Treasurer Brian Knowles instigated concerted efforts for local Rotary Clubs to be involved, and a number of planting days were organized. Over the last 15 - 20 years, those small tubers have grown into quite decent trees and shrubs!  Rotary is very much there too, with a Rotary Education Pavilion.
Back to the guided walks: honestly, despite your Editor's genuine interest in the Australian Bush, I had no idea these walks existed. And there are more, several times every week! Butterfly Walks, Native Bee Walks... Click on this link to get directly to the Friends of the Gardens own website..  And, either before and/or afterwards, have a nice cuppa at the Friends of the Gardens Centre.  And, as I couldn't, try to resist the urge to buy a jar of one of their special jams...
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This coming Wednesday 20th March: The Blenders

Posted by Franz Huber on Mar 16, 2019

A meeting with a difference: pure entertainment! The world famous Barbershop A Capella group 'The Blenders' will join us! Can't miss that!

And to make it even more interesting: PDG Graham Jones will drop in to bring us up to date on the Malaria Vaccine Project our district is partnering with Griffith Uni.

Choose from the club's Buffet or from their extensive breakfast menu, or just have a cuppa.  Note: order in the bistro downstairs, then take your meal to the upstairs restaurant and enjoy the fellowship!

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Surfers Sunrise to participate in Small Business Expo

Posted by Franz Huber on Mar 11, 2019
At last week's meeting, Paula Brand, the head of the Gold Coast Small Business Expo, gave us a brief presentation on the project.  As we were last year, we have again been invited to run a Fundraiser by setting up the day before and, on the day, run the Car Parking and, at the end of the day, take the tables and partitions down.  The Expo will run on 23rd  May 2019, so put that date, as well as the 22nd May into your diary now!
But this year, we have also been invited to run a booth ourselves! What a terrific opportunity for membership promotion!
You can find more information on the event on their website: (don't be confused by the registration page popping up in your face - just close it to see the website itself.)
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The Lismore District Conference starts this week!

Posted by Franz Huber
The conference starts this Friday, 29th March! Your Editor and his better half will go down on Friday for the three days and so are - at this point in time - 4 couples from our club attending. Registrations close this coming Sunday 24th March!
Why attend a District Conference?
  • Well, to start, it's fun: you meet lots of interesting people (the most interesting Rotarians DO attend the conference - not meaning to be bragging about myself of course)
  • You will hear Keynote Speakers for which you normally would pay hundreds of dollars to attend
  • The dinners are always superb fellowship events. The Saturday Night dinner is always very vibrant; this year they have a top notch Jazz & Swing band. Yes, we dance!
  • You learn a couple of things about Rotary which you may not have known before
Registration for Rotarians and their partners is free of charge, however, in fairness, a fee applies to partake in the events which serve food.  Click on this link to go to the Registration Page.  Note: Registrations close this Sunday, 24th March.
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23rd March 2019: Guess who is coming to Dinner?

Posted by Gus Miller on Mar 11, 2019
Saturday week, 23rd March.  Please register your interest with Gus Miller.
This is a great social evening with an air of mystery as neither the guests nor hosts know who is attending, respectively who will host. Gus needs about 4 volunteer hosts, but regardless of whether you are hosting or not, he will need final numbers of attendees so we can make sure that we have enough hosts. Note: it is an 'impromptu, minimal fuss' affair: if you are hosting and you are an accomplished chef and want to show it off: slave over a hot stove and cook a three course dinner! At the other end of the scale, simply organize some take-away pizza.  Or anything in-between!  The principal purpose is to have a great night!
For those who have not attended one of these dinners before: Firstly, you will all gather at a particular address for a drink & nibble. The hosts' address for the evening will then be drawn up, who will then make their way to that address for the dinner. Each host will have nominated the number of guests they would like, but they will not know who will come to dinner, nor will the guests know who else will be at that given address. The food is provided by the hosts, for which the guests will contribute $15 per head and provide their own drinks [and perhaps have a glass to spare for the host too..! Ed] .  The menu is entirely at the whim of the host, anything from caviar to pizza.
Gus needs to know who will be participating by the next meeting on the 20th March. Please register your interest directly with Gus Miller 0418 886 422 or email
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Visitors from Wisconsin, USA at the Project Shed

Posted by Franz Huber on Mar 02, 2019
Last Saturday morning, we had the pleasure to welcome a Rotary Friendship Exchange team from District 6250 Wisconsin, USA to our Project Shed.  The team is currently on the last segment of their two week tour of our District 9640, which officially ends on 04th March.  Photo above shows the team at the Project Shed, with their hosts from the Rotary Club of Gold Coast, Parkwood and Runaway Bay. 
'Rotary Friendship Exchange'?? It's just one of the many marvelous facets of Rotary.  How does it work?  Well, in essence, a team from one District is hosted by another District, and then, a few months later, vice-versa.  [Your Editor and his better half will participate in a team going to the very north of the USA (Seattle) and British Columbia in June/July, and in turn we'll host their team in early November.] The team members pay their own individual costs (flights, restaurants, tours etc), but are accommodated by their host clubs.  Interested? A team will visit Brazil in 2020. Click here for more details.
Update: Just a day later, we have received feedback from one of the members of the group, Tom Kaminski, reaching out to his contacts, both in Australia as well as in the US, who may be able to assist on obtaining materials at special prices and getting the wheelchairs to their ultimate destination.  Yes, that is the worldwide network of Rotary! 
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Excellence in Workmanship Awards: great event!

Posted by Franz Huber on Feb 22, 2019
Last Wednesday evening, we had dinner at the Quality Hotel (Lone Star Tavern) in place of our usual breakfast meeting. The event was to present an Excellence in Workmanship Award to six well deserving people.   The following awards were presented - from left in photo above:
Chad Elger, Duty Manager at Club Helensvale and Luke Wade, Head Greenkeeper at Club Helensvale with sponsor: Gerald East
Sponsor Mark Twyford with Kate Hooper, Manager of Gold Coast Pistol Club 
Shane Beacall, Operations Manager at Mission Australia with sponsor Tanya Twyford
Bonnie Graham, Service Manager at Frizelle's Southport, sponsor Col Laurenson and Chris Tompkins, Manager of Aus-Tech Electrical Services
More photos in the Photo Album Section on the right.  All photos by Charles Thomasson.
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Want to support the flood victims in Townsville?

Posted by Franz Huber
Whenever those horrendous weather or fire events happen, numerous appeals are being launched, by major organizations all the way down to the very small.  And frequently, one wonders where your hard earned money donation will actually end up. I recall having read reports of millions of dollars that still sat in somebody's bank account two and three years later, for example in relation to the Victorian bush fires a few years ago.  Well, this one you can be assured of will find its target: RAWCS (Rotary Australia World Community Service) has launched a national projectThey are working together with the Rotary Club of Townsville South West (District 9550) 
Project Number 75-2018-19: North Queensland Flood Relief Appeal
Description: A Relief Project to accept donations for those affected by the 2019 North Queensland Floods.
Sponsored by: RAWCS National
On-line donations can be made through the following link: The appeal has Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) registration and has been listed as a Charitable Fund so we can accept tax deductible donations from individuals or organisations.
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This Wednesday: Vocational Excellence Awards

Posted by Franz Huber on Feb 16, 2019
This coming Wednesday 20th February 2019, we'll again hold an event to recognize Vocational Excellence Awards night. (Note, there will be no breakfast meeting.) This is one of the premier social events on our club's calendar (and one of the very few evening events).  Have you booked yet? Naturally, come along with your partner, family, friends.  Why not invite a potential Rotarian to come along? 
It will be held at
Quality Hotel (formerly Lone Star Tavern)
Cnr Markeri & Sunshine Blvd
Mermaid Waters, QLD, 4218
(plenty of parking right outside the door)
Time: 6:00 pm for 6:30 start
Cost is $35.00 per person, for a sumptuous 2-course meal (NOT tough roast etc - read the full article for the menu).  Cash Bar will be open.  The venue is very popular with Rotary functions; your Editor has attended several there and I have always been impressed with the quality of the meals and their service. 
Please pre-book no later than Sunday 17th February 2019,  and pre-pay: click on this link. Why not just do it right now? You can pay by Credit Card!  Click on 'Read more' for full menu.

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Project Shed fitted with new Roller Doors

Posted by Franz Huber on Feb 16, 2019
OK, this might not be the sexiest picture ever on our club bulletin and website... [look, I was going to have Larry Murray in it, but he wasn't there. So here is a photo for you... ☺ Ed.] Still, it's worth mentioning that the club has, purchased two new massive Rollerdoors for our Project Shed at a cost of over $8,000.  This comes hot on the heels of the purchase of a Defibrillator, to ensure that, should ever an emergency occur whilst our volunteers are working there, we are equipped. It should also be mentioned that no donated money to the Wheelchair Trust has been used for this, it was financed by the club. Funds raised from donations are used solely for the purchase of materials related to the wheelchairs.
Do you know a sign writer who would do us a good deal? We'd like it made very clear what Rotary is doing at our Project Shed! Contact Larry Murray with your details.
Project Shed fitted with new Roller Doors Franz Huber 2019-02-15 14:00:00Z 0

YE Student Alissa Lott presents: Minnesota!

Posted by Franz Huber on Feb 07, 2019
At this week's Rotary meeting, Alissa Lott, our recently returned Youth Exchange Student from the US, presented us with a brief outline of her experiences in Minnesota and her various travels within the USA. Always great to see how much those young people have benefited from being "exposed" to a different culture (and to below freezing temperatures☺) for a year. Picture shows Alissa with her grandparents Coryn and Ross Augustine. Well done, Alissa!
YE Student Alissa Lott presents: Minnesota! Franz Huber 2019-02-06 14:00:00Z 0

Lucy Thorburn arrived safely in the USA

Posted by Chris Thurtell on Jan 21, 2019
As you are aware our exchange student Lucy Thorburn left on Saturday morning for her much anticipated 12 months as an exchange student to the Minneapolis region, USA. Whilst her flight left at 11.55am, this photo was taken around 9am at Brisbane international. In addition to the usual customs and immigration procedures you have to allow a further 75 minutes when going to the USA for additional security screening. Her flight time to LA was 14 hours followed by a 3 hour layover then another 4 hours to St Pauls International Airport. I can report she has arrived and was warmly welcomed by her host family and host Rotary club. Sincere thanks to my fellow club members for helping Lucy on the way.  (Photo by Chris Thurtell)
Lucy Thorburn arrived safely in the USA Chris Thurtell 2019-01-20 14:00:00Z 0
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This coming Wednesday: Kay Chiswell, Commonwealth Games Multi Faith Centre

Posted by Franz Huber
Kay Chiswell, together with Lakshmi Narasimhan, was in charge of the Multi Faith Centre at last year's Commonwealth Games. So, how do you cater for the requirements of the multitude of religions that are followed by the athletes and officials from the various countries of the (former) British Empire and keep them from tearing into each other?  Well, you'll just have to wait till Wednesday!
This coming Wednesday: Kay Chiswell, Commonwealth Games Multi Faith Centre Franz Huber 2019-01-05 14:00:00Z 0

A car load of gifts for disadvantaged children

Posted by Franz Huber
Just before Christmas, Ian Mayberry again undertook the annual pilgrimage to St John's with a car load of presents for disadvantaged children. As in "who knows" how many years in the past, Ian has collected the gold coin contributions from the "after breakfast hangers-on" and has purchased a load of gifts to augment those that were donated by various members. And to no doubt, it would have provided a big lot of joy and happiness! Good work, Ian!
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Morning Tea in memory of Bob Harrison

Posted by Franz Huber on Dec 16, 2018
Last Saturday, Gloria Harrison and her family joined us at the Project Shed to share a meal with the members and volunteers of Surfers Sunrise.  As reported previously, Bob had been a Charter Member of our club, commencing in 1987.  See full details in the Download Section and the Photo Album on the right. Following President Jo Winwood's announcement that the club will make a donation of $500.00 in memory of Bob to The Rotary Foundation's Polio Plus fund (which will be tripled by the pledge of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to donate $2.00 for every $1.00 from Rotary), your Editor was privileged to say a few words on behalf of the members and volunteers. A number of people asked me about the poem I finished off with (by that great master, 'Anon'), which I feel suits Bob to a tee.  So here it is:
Miss me – but let me go  (Anon)
When I come to the end of the road
And the sun has set for me
I want no rites in a gloom filled room
Why cry for a soul let free?
Miss me a little – but no too long
And not with your head bowed low
Remember the love that we once shared
Miss me – but let me go.
For this journey that we all must take
And each must go alone
It’s all part of the Master’s plan
A step on the road to home.

When you are lonely and sick of heart
Go the the friends we know
And busy your sorrows on doing good deeds
Miss me – but let me go.
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36 Wheelchairs from Gladstone

Posted by Franz Huber on Dec 15, 2018
Some of you may not be aware that our wheelchairs are assembled in a number of different locations.  A number of Men's Sheds and Rotary Clubs along the Eastern Seaboard, even the Palin Creek Correctional Centre is involved.  The picture above shows a load of 36 wheelchairs sent by Gladstone Rotary Club, which Des La Rance picked up from Toll Roadfreight, which provides free transport. [No Henrietta, he was not overloaded, just looks that way... ☺] In turn, we sent another 24 sets of components up for them to continue working.
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Memorial Morning Tea for Bob Harrison this Saturday 15/12/18

Posted by Franz Huber on Dec 13, 2018
As was previously announced, our Charter Member Bob Harrison passed away on Friday 16th November. The family opted to have a private, immediate family only funeral. A memorial celebration of his life relating to Rotary will be held at the Project Shed this coming Saturday 15th December - Gloria, as well as their sons John and Andy will come to the Project Shed at 10:00 am with a load of food.  Gloria is looking forward to meeting you all.
Bob joined Surfers Sunrise at its Charter in February 1987, with the Classification ‘Land Surveying’. How would we all remember Bob? My description, and that of just about everyone I spoke to, came up with “the proverbial quiet achiever”, “Mr Reliable” and honorifics of similarly highly complimentary and very much deserved type.
So we knew that Bob was the Club’s Treasurer for over 20 years. We knew that he was the Wheelchair Trust’s Treasurer since its inception in 1997, when the first batch of 10 wheelchairs was delivered to crippled children in Fiji. We knew that Bob would unfailingly roll up on Saturday morning at the Project Shed to work hands-on. We knew that Bob was the hardest man for the Sergeant to fine....   Bob's contribution to Rotary and to the community is too extensive to fit onto the Home Page. I have written a full article about Bob; please download it from the Download Pages on the right.  Ed.]
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Mario Fairlie presented with PHF + 5 Sapphires

Posted by Franz Huber on Dec 13, 2018
At last Wednesday's meeting, President Jo Winwood had the very special pleasure of presenting a Paul Harris Fellowship pin with 5 Sapphires to Mario Fairlie. Congratulations!
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Inaugural Bike Sale a roaring success!

Posted by Franz Huber on Dec 09, 2018

The inaugural Annual Bike Sale on Saturday was a roaring success, with about 3/4 of bikes sold! 5 weeks of preparation by our volunteers and members of Surfers Sunrise to get the bikes in shape, tidy up the shed and its surrounds was all very worthwhile. In total, just a little below $4,000 was raised, including some $320.00 in direct donations to the Wheelchair Trust.

Picture above shows Abigail, the proud new owner of the Cervélo Super Racing Bike, with (from left) PDG Darrell Brown, Andy Bell, Abigail's partner Ben, Chief organizer Larry Murray, Paul Seymour.

Picture on right: visitors Kaye & Ray Drowley happily handing over the funds to finance two wheelchairs to Des La Rance, who is not only the man who came up with the original design back in the mid 90's, but is a tireless worker at the Project Shed.  Thank you, Kaye & Ray and to all the others who donated, to the people who bought the bikes and to all the volunteers and members who helped to make the day such a success!

See more photos in the Photo Album section on the right.

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This Saturday, 8th December: Big Bike Sale

Posted by Franz Huber on Dec 03, 2018
This coming Saturday, 8th December, we'll have the inaugural Annual Rotary Bicycle Sale at the Project Shed. By now, our volunteers have restored dozens of bikes to their former glory, simply far too good to be scrapped for just their frames to make wheelchairs. They were either donated, or were given to us by the Police - unclaimed property. For example: this Cervélo Racing Bike, light enough to lift with one finger (see picture right). Yes, new, they sell for $8,000. Read that again: Eight grand! They are ready to be sold at very attractive prices to the public, just in time for Christmas. But wait, there will be more! Music, Sausage Sizzle, Tours of the Shed...  
We'll need lots of manpower [no, Henrietta, 'manpower' does not exclude women! ☺].  Contact Chief Organizer Larry Murray
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Last Wednesday's Guest Speaker: Warren Humphries OAM

Posted by Franz Huber on Nov 29, 2018
Warren's interest in Men's Sheds goes back to the time when he worked in London as a Maintenance Supervisor for some 3 hospitals, where he was also involved in Adult Education at a former technical college; in effect a Men's Shed.  In Australia, his initial efforts started about 2005 when he got in touch with the Australian Men's Shed Association as well as (then) Councillor Margaret Grummitt. While he originally was promised the former Clean Away garage shed, this didn't come together. Ultimately, our Wheelchairs Project obtained the Storage Shed in the same location.  However, a few years later, Margaret Grummitt was able to source a shed out at Labrador.  Warren's submission, together with the Benevolent Society, resulted in the foundation of the first Men's Shed on the Gold Coast. The Council assisted with funds to bring it up to an acceptable standard. It was formally opened in August 2010.  Recently, the Labrador shed had building extensions, doubling it in size, and membership is now in excess of 150.
In 2013, Warren assisted the Rotary Club of Coomera River to advise them in establishing a Men's Shed at Oxenford. It started in January 2014 with 38 paid up members. It now has in excess of 70 members and 14 female associate members. This was followed by consulting the Beenleigh Rotary Club in 2016.
So, without doubt, Warren is this region's expert in Men's Sheds!  But what do they actually do? Well, you name it: fix bikes, lawnmowers, make cubby houses. You'll see young men working alongside older men, learning new skills. And vice-versa, the old fellows might just learn a couple of things from the young 'uns... You'll see teabags and coffee cups and an area where men can sit and talk. You will probably also see an area where men can learn how to cook, or how to use a computer. But what is really special? Well, most men in our culture don't talk about feelings and emotions, and that goes for men of all age groups and from all walks of life. That also means they usually don't ask for help. At the Men's Shed, there is no pressure.  
These days, Men's Sheds have popped up in New Zealand, the UK, Ireland, Europe, the USA and many other countries. Rotary Clubs around the world are involved.  Which brings Warren to the question: "Would Surfers Sunrise consider incorporating a Men's Shed in our Wheelchair Shed?" No doubt, a lot of discussion would be required. Since our Wheelchairs operates under a Trust, the legals alone would present some substantial hurdles to be overcome. But the idea has lots of merits: more (associate) members, the shed could be open 6 days a week, less likelyhood of losing the building lease due to under utilization, being just a few.
For more information about the Australian Men's Sheds Organization, click here, for Men's Shed Labrador, click here.
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Col Laurenson and DIK win another major national award

Posted by Franz Huber
Never mind that, for the better part of 6 months, Donations in Kind (DIK) had a serious warehousing problem; that wouldn't stop those hardworking volunteers to sort, recycle, pack and ship tons of goods to various countries in the developing regions. (By the way: in case you missed it, they have found new accommodation!) Nor would it stop them collecting major awards: after receiving  last year's recognition by the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport (CILTA) (see District Newsletter December 2017 - click here), they have this year been recognized by receiving the highly coveted ASCLA (Australian Supply Chain & Logistics) award for Environmental Excellence.
Photo on left shows Northern Region DIK Chief Col Laurenson, flanked by regular volunteers Royce and Lynn AllanCongratulations all!  Well done!
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Remember Lyssia Demeulenaere?

Posted by Franz Huber
Lyssia was our incoming Youth Exchange Student from Belgium in 2013/14.  She recently celebrated her birthday, and our YE District Treasurer Gerald East sent her a message of good wishes.  Here is her reply, from Bolivia, of all places!
I'm currently doing an internship in Bolivia and seeing how I cope with everything here, on my own, it really gives me the opportunity to see all I learnt during my time in Australia. It is a lot different of course. Here, I'm part of an organisation that works on food security and launched an organic garden in the city. My time here is divided between time in the office where I do research on urban agriculture and fieldwork in the garden. I'm really enjoying it all! 
I hope everything is going fine at the Rotary Club. I follow a bit of your adventures on facebook. Please pass on my salutations to everyone.
As Gerald mentioned, when he read it, "Bolivia" conjured up memories of Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid...  [Yes, you are betraying your age, Gerald! Yes, it was in 1969! ☺ Ed.]
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Hello from our YE Student Alissa from the US

Posted by Franz Huber on Nov 11, 2018
Hello Surfers Sunrise,
I’ve been keeping busy on exchange as my time is almost over here in the States!  In the middle of October it was MEA. This is a 3 day break we have from school when the teachers do workshops, from Wednesday to Friday. Since it is a long break, a lot of people use it to go travelling. My host family took me to Missouri! We went to Hannibal, the town that Mark Twain is from which was really interesting. We got to tour the caves that inspired the caves from the Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn books as well as tour Mark Twains childhood home. It was all super fascinating to learn about. After that, we went to St. Louis where one of my host brothers is in college. We went to Oktoberfest, and I did an escape room with my family which was the first time I’d done that. It was really fun. 
A couple of weeks ago we had a Rotary Fall Weekend with all the exchange students in the district which was so much fun! We carved pumpkins, went hiking, and had a costume party at night at the restaurant next to our hotel. I haven’t done anything too major after that, but last weekend I went rollerblading with my friend Maddy and this week is our school play and I am going to a concert with some friends from school.
It’s starting to get cold and people are getting ready for Thanksgiving, which will be really fun to experience for the first time! Here are some photos from everything I’ve been up to recently.
Alissa Lott.
[See more photos on our Photo Album on the right. Ed.]
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Last Saturday - first stage of bike prep

Posted by Franz Huber on Nov 11, 2018
Last Saturday we had 'Bike Prep #1': Good turnout on our first working bee in preparation to the Big Bike Sale (note: now scheduled for 8th December not 1st - we need more time to prepare the dozens of bikes ready for sale!) Photo (by Al Sirovs), from left: Mark Twyford, Peter Morgan, Charles Thomasson, Larry Murray, Ray Higgs, Geoff Croad, Franz Huber, Mitch Brown. Also there working, but not in photo: Andy and Robbie Bell (and there may have been others, your Ed had to leave at 10 am to meet another commitment).  Of course, the volunteers including Daryl Sanderson and Des La Rance were there too, as they always are!
Last Saturday - first stage of bike prep Franz Huber 2018-11-10 14:00:00Z 0

A pre-view of your burial

Posted by Franz Huber on Oct 26, 2018
Visualize: you are standing (yes, standing, not lying) in your coffin, but it has a glass top and you are looking up. You are not six feet below, you are about 15 feet down. You have never seen any of mourners assembled around the grave - as a matter of fact, the "priest" is just a little bit mad. And they are not playing Pachelbel's Canon (as you gave strict instructions in your will); all is accompanied by a cacophony of thunder and lightning, heavy metal music, more lightning... you are quite positive the ground is moving (and I'm still not sure whether it did or not - it certainly vibrated).  And when it was finally over, they the grave digger starts to shovel the dirt down over the top of you. But you are still alive...
Hmmm... not sure how many of our members who visited a "behind the scenes" tour of Dracula's last Wednesday felt like having a shot of brandy after the opening introduction - purely for medicinal purposes of course, just to ensure the heart is still going! Executive Producer Richard Macionis guided us through the venue, explaining the various aspects of how the show is created and staged. We visited the wardrobe department, where the chief seamstress Robyn is ready to design outfits which require a special wild imagination! And to top it off: Dracula's gave us a generous bunch of tickets for us to raffle or auction off for fundraising purposes.
Thank you, President Jo and 'First Bloke' Tony for arranging this - a Rotary meeting with a difference, indeed! 
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Polio Plus collection raises almost $1,000

Posted by Gerald East on Oct 22, 2018
This year's collection for Polio Plus was once again conducted at Runaway Bay Shopping Centre, an ideal venue due to its demographic of mainly older people, who are the givers to this type of collection. In the past we used to do Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Then to suit the working members of our Club who claimed they were unable to assist on any of those days, we changed to Thursday, Friday and Saturday.  Last year we had no working members come on the Saturday, this year we had one (Simon Brook). As the Saturday has a lot of younger visitors who no nothing of Polio nor Rotary, and we therefore take less money, I would suggest that from next year we revert to the Wednesday, Thursday Friday format.....I believe it is still important to have a personal presence with this, as you have face to face contact with people. This year we had a woman who is a school teacher  who is going to try and get her school involved in R.Y.D.A. after talking to her about it.  Another woman with ties to the medical profession had an anaesthetic machine to donate for overseas use, we put her in touch with Col Laurenson and that is proceeding. So there is more to it than just collecting, we have to be out there in person.

This year we conducted 24 two hour shifts covered by Mark Twyford, Mitch Brown, Col Laurenson, Fred Hamblen Angus Miller, Andy Bell, Larry Murray, Simon Brook, John Chirio who did one shift each, Mario Fairlie, Ray Higgs, Darrell Brown (2 each) Geoff Croad (3) Gerald East (6). We collected $351 Thursday, $396 Friday, $220 Saturday a total of $967-00 if you add to that the amount that the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation add to it with their two for one offer, it comes to $2901-00 or $60-43 per man hour which is pretty good in my book.

I would also like to thank Geoff Croad for his assistance with filling the gaps in the roster and for picking up and returning the equipment we use each time. Also, this collection enables the members some one on one fellowship time with each other. Thank you all for your help.
Polio Plus collection raises almost $1,000 Gerald East 2018-10-21 14:00:00Z 0

Surfers Sunrise wins Rotary International Presidential Citation

Posted by Franz Huber on Oct 20, 2018
At last Wednesday's meeting, Immediate Past District Governor Darrell Brown presented Past President 2017-18 Andy Bell with a Presidential Citation, issued by (then) Rotary International President Ian Riseley.  Andy accepted on behalf of the members of our club. The citation is issued to clubs that have achieved at least four major goals.  Our club "scored" for the following (and possibly other areas):
Sponsor or have club members actively involved in a Polio Plus event
Partner with The Rotary Foundation by sponsoring at least one project funded by a global grant or a district grant. 
Carry out at least one project focused on the environment
Attain a minimum contribution of $100 US per capita to The Rotary Foundation
Photo above (by Charles Thomasson): PDG Darrell presents Andy Bell with the certificate.
Surfers Sunrise wins Rotary International Presidential Citation Franz Huber 2018-10-19 14:00:00Z 0

Donations in Kind has found a new home

Posted by Franz Huber
At last Wednesday's meeting, Col Laurensen (Chief of Donations in Kind - Northern Region), announced that - finally - they have found a new warehouse, even if it is for the moment not completely finalized.  A few months ago, their previous one in Durack became unavailable; the lease could not be extended anymore.
According to DIK's September newsletter (copy in the Download Section on the right - there is also some interesting stuff in there!), "We have received an offer of the above premises in Kingston from the Queensland Department of Housing and Public Works as an interim ‘home’ for Donations in Kind and we have responded suggesting the terms & conditions we would prefer. We look forward to their favourable consideration of these terms and conditions."  Col has now confirmed that the lease has been signed, at a very attractive rate.  And yes, Col needed to "forcefully lobby the State Government for over 9 months...".  So, it won't be long before DIK can again accept goods for shipping to developing countries, such as hospital beds, computers, school uniforms, wheelchairs, just to name a few.
Well done, and congratulations, Col & Team! 
Donations in Kind has found a new home Franz Huber 2018-10-05 14:00:00Z 0

Des La Rance OAM is recognized with Honorary Membership

Posted by Franz Huber on Sep 30, 2018
Last Saturday morning, President Jo Winwood presented the original designer of our signature Wheelchairs project, Des La Rance, with an Honorary Membership of the Surfers Sunrise Rotary Club. Des has been a member of our club since 1992. He shot to prominence when, in August 1997, his design to manufacture wheelchairs for disabled children in developing countries bore fruit: accompanied by a crew from the TV show 'A Current Affair', the first 10 Wheelchairs were delivered to children in Fiji (see article in the Download Section on the right - 'First 10 Wheelchairs to Fiji'). Meanwhile, well over 8,500 wheelchairs have been delivered to all continents on earth. In addition, Des is responsible for the design and supervision of construction of a number of schools in Thailand and Samoa, the massive House of Hope project in Apia, Samoa and its follow up project to add another classroom, just to name a few. As the saying goes, the rest is history. No! This is not just history. This is a lasting legacy. Only a couple of weeks ago, The Australian newspaper carried a story depicting a boy in war torn Syria sitting on a Surfers Sunrise wheelchair, delivered about 10 years ago (see bulletin of 5th September 2018). 
Our sincere thanks go to Des, Daryl Sanderson OAM and their team of volunteers (too numerous to mention individually) at our Project Shed.  And we mustn't forget Bob Harrison, currently recovering from surgery, who has been the Wheelchair Trust's Treasurer since its inception over 30 years ago. Last year's Rotary International theme was 'Making a Difference'. Did it? Does it? There is no doubt! This year's theme is 'Be the Inspiration'. Are those guys out at the shed living up to this? The word 'Absolutely' is often badly misused in a hyperbolic manner. But certainly not in this case!
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Geoff Croad discovers Europe's western most Rotary Sign

Posted by Franz Huber
Always great to receive the modern equivalent of a postcard! Here is a pic of Geoff Croad posing next to (continental) Europe's western-most Rotary sign. No, Paul Harris wasn't buried there - looks like it was put up in memory of the 75th anniversary of Rotary by the Rotary Club of Sintra, near Lisbon, Portugal, in 1980. Geoff, did you find the equivalent of the 100th anniversary in 2005?
Geoff Croad discovers Europe's western most Rotary Sign Franz Huber 2018-09-14 14:00:00Z 0

Well worth reading in the latest RDU magazine

Posted by Franz Huber on Sep 14, 2018
OK, ADMIT IT: you are not reading the RDU Magazine cover to cover, are you. If you are anything like the typical Rotarian, e.g. up to your ears in work, or really trying to get on top of that bucket list you set yourself upon retirement and on top of that have the responsibility and demands of a young family, demanding hobbies or a bunch of grand kids, you don’t have much time to read magazines. So I thought I’d bring an unusually well written, interesting article to your attention. It is in the latest issue of the RDU Magazine (it should be in your mailbox now): See page 8 – The Ideas Factory, written by the Immediate Past President of the Rotary Club of Brisbane, Daniel Vankov.  You can also view it online:
Or, if you want to have quick link to the strategic plan yourself, click here to download the PDF directly from the Brisbane Rotary Club's website link to the PDF.
Well worth reading in the latest RDU magazine Franz Huber 2018-09-13 14:00:00Z 0

Gold Coast Ramble 2019 will go ahead!

Posted by Franz Huber on Sep 08, 2018
At the recent 'Debrief' committee meeting of the Gold Coast Ramble 2018, held in early August, the unanimous decision was made to continue this event next year. It can only get bigger and better! 
Our Chief Organizer David Baguley (Rotary Club of Gold Coast) has put together a comprehensive outline of "what worked" and "what could be improved".  If you would like details, please advise me - I'll email you a copy.  Interestingly, despite the number of teams being down substantially on last year, the amount of funds (almost $7,000) was the same as last year.  There is no doubt that we are "smiling in the dark" - we have primarily a marketing problem; not enough people know we exist.  For example, a press release, which was issued two weeks before the event, was published by The Sun newspaper after the event...! Further, next year we won't have any major distractions, such as the Commonwealth Games and the District Conference. to have Rotarians overloaded with volunteer work.  All in all, it was a superb day for all participants and organizers alike!
Do you want to be on next year's organizing committee? Why not? This will become a major fundraising event in the future if we manage to get momentum going.
Gold Coast Ramble 2019 will go ahead! Franz Huber 2018-09-07 14:00:00Z 0

Gold Coast Business Expo this week

Posted by Franz Huber on Sep 05, 2018
Is your name on the list? PDG Darrell Brown has made arrangements with the organizers to allow us to participate in the Gold Coast Business Expo and raise considerable funds.  What is expected of us:-
  • Thursday, 6th September, 2:00 - 5:00 pm, 5:00 pm to approx 8:00 pm: Set up 200 tables & 450 chairs. We will need 6 people minimum, but the more people we have, the easier and quicker it will be.
  • Friday, 7th September, 07:00 am to approx 3:30 pm: Park duty. Collect a gold coin in a bucket and direct exhibitors and visitors to their relevant area. Initially just 1 person, then probably two people from 9:00 am onwards to say 3:30 pm.
  • Friday, 7th September, 4:00 pm to approx 7:00 pm: Dismantle tables & chairs to stack in southern foyer for collection in two separate areas from two separate suppliers. Again, we will need 6 people minimum
Please put these dates into your diary. A Roster sign-on sheet will be circulated shortly. 
Gold Coast Business Expo this week Franz Huber 2018-09-04 14:00:00Z 0

Vocational Exchange Philippines March 2019

Posted by Franz Huber on Sep 04, 2018
This is a wonderful opportunity to participate in a Vocational Exchange (formerly GSE) to the Philippines in March/April next year! Download the poster from the Download Section on the right - it contains all the details.
Nominations for Team Leader have officially closed, but if you are interested, Simon Brook might still be able to sneak you in. Nominations for team members remain open till 1st October 2018.
Vocational Exchange Philippines March 2019 Franz Huber 2018-09-03 14:00:00Z 0

Last week's Club Assembly

Posted by Franz Huber on Sep 03, 2018
Regrettably, your Editor was "herding grandkids" in Melbourne and thus unable to be present.  Based on feedback from President Joanne, this is a summary:
2018 Vision:
  • More involvement  from more people - everyone gets a chance to be involved
  • Improve - modernise image of the club
  • Get the word out in the community
  • Make Surfers Sunrise a place people want to join and belong - you'd be proud to invite your friends
  • Choose our service projects- 1 local and one international
  • Smaller board - more working parties
  • Design and implement a Club fundraiser we can run again and again
  • Set and achieve some goals - Rotary's and ours too.
Just a minute was allocated to outline the principal Goal Areas of Rotary, and two minutes to discuss the Rotary Citations for 2018-19 (you can download it, see Download Section on the right).  Updates from the Treasury, Club Admin, Club PR, Club Membership, The Rotary Foundation, Service Projects got a generous 5 minutes each... (in case you are new to this: Surfers Sunrise's Committee Meetings and Club Assemblies are always snappy and to the point!)
Then, Jo introduced the "your turn" segment.  Here is from her notes to the Editor:
"We did two little exercises also, 
  1. Everyone had to write on a post it note one word that summed up our club for them. The words were: fellowship, friendly, mateship, unique, fun, conservative, performers, family, comraderieco-operative, friendly, disorganised. Fellowship came up 5 times
  2. We had 3 pieces of butchers paper with the headings Stop, Start and Carry on and members could move between the three and put anything they wanted on the relevant one. The results were:-
    • STOP - Banner, Sergeant's session, Flags, Queen, lectern, logo lady
    • START - Marco Polo sessions, easter bonnet parade, posh pooch parade service dogs, coat of arms update banners
    • CARRY ON - Sergeants session, youth projects, speakers program, fellowship events
  3. We have agreed to lose the paraphernalia and also to look to change the banner to a new more contemporary image which reflects our Club better. Simon is going to design a coat of arms and work with Rosie on a pull up banner for us to use at meetings. Ray is going to be the Liaison officer with the Surf Club, but more about getting involved in their events and vice versa and is also going the Ramble debrief. 
  4. We have decided a new format for the meetings where we say fellowship etc as you please but the meeting starts at 7.30am with the Speaker coming on first.
All in all it was extremely useful and a good session in which everyone was very supportive. Best Club Assembly ever was used a couple of times so I was one very relieved President. Gus is organising 'Guess who's coming to dinner' for the end of October I think.
Last week's Club Assembly Franz Huber 2018-09-02 14:00:00Z 0

Surfers Sunrise Wheelchairs make the national press

Posted by Franz Huber on Sep 02, 2018
In this Weekend Australian newspaper (01/02 October 2018), in an article on the horrendous conditions in Syrian refugee camps. No, they didn't modify the wheel camber to simulate racing car wheels - more like that it has had good use over the past 10 years or so, but now could do with some tender loving care.
Surfers Sunrise Wheelchairs make the national press Franz Huber 2018-09-01 14:00:00Z 0

Surfers Sunrise members at RYDA

Posted by Gerald East on Sep 01, 2018
Mario Fairlie, Angus Miller and Gerald East attended the RYDA attended the RYDA. (Rotary Youth Driver Awareness) program day at the Southport Community Centre, assisting the expert instructors. We had two schools participating, Elanora State High School and Gold Coast Christian College, in total 99 students divided into three groups of 33, one group each. For those members who haven't been involved, the day commences at 8-45 am with the set up and concludes around 2-15 pm after tidy up. (Equivalent to six Rotary Meetings). The day involves six separate sessions that are facilitated by a Highway Patrol Officer, a Driving School Instructor, a road accident victim who has been wheelchair bound for 24 years, and others employed by Road Safety Education Limited. and of course Rotary. 500,000 students have now been through this very worthwhile course. Students, who are in the 16 - 17 year age group and most with their L Pates leave at the end of the day with much to think about, and a workbook to take home. Their attendance will hopefully lower their risks as both a driver and a passenger....Rotary In Action.
Surfers Sunrise members at RYDA Gerald East 2018-08-31 14:00:00Z 0

Last week's Guest Speaker: Tony Unicomb, Booyah Project

Posted by Doug Lipp on Aug 25, 2018
Senior Sgt Tony Unicomb and Youth Support Officer Sam Collins from the Queensland Police Service and Project Booyah, conducted by the Nerang PCYC.  What's in a name? Simple: Booyah is a word used for Triumph and Excitement.
Tony and Sam run a 17 week program for disadvantaged boys.  The main problem is that they are from areas where they are subjected to extreme cases of Domestic Violence.  The main problem is the lack of trust and their self esteem needs to be restored. The boys come with aggressive attitudes.  Various schools send worse affected lads to the program and there is also a web site that advises boys whom to contact.  The classes are run out of PCYC clubs at Nerang and Ormeau with the head office at Logan Home.  The boys attend for 5 to 6 hours a day but are then taken home.  Some of them don't wont to go home so they couch surf at some ones place.  They are taught life skills and their main message is that change  will only happen  if they really want to change.
Does it work? Most definitely! They were both very happy to report that on the last program 10 boys attended and 6 left with jobs and the other four returned to school.  Want to support the cause? Click here.

Photo, by Charles Thomasson: Youth Support Officer Sam Collins (left), President Jo Winwood, Senior Sgt Tony Unicomb
Last week's Guest Speaker: Tony Unicomb, Booyah Project Doug Lipp 2018-08-24 14:00:00Z 0

Last Wednesday's Guest Speaker: Julius Czerny

Posted by Franz Huber
It wouldn't be easy to outline a near death experience, a sort of coming back from the other side, without being overly intensive, perhaps even a bit morose.  To do it with a lot of humour and banter, yet to make you seriously think about it, is the métier of a professional speaker. "You only live once" so the saying goes, but "it might not be necessarily so" would sum up Julius' experience with death. Last year, in 2017, he "celebrated 7 years of life": 7 years ago, he suffered a cardiac arrest. Unconscious, not breathing, no pulse.  He later on researched it: on that day, there were 31 cardiac arrests. The average survival rate is 1.4%. Not hot, hey. So what saved him? Primarily the First Aid skills of his fellow Surf Life Savers who organized the chest compressions, alternating with mouth-to-mouth and ultimately getting the Defillibrator into action. Plus somebody calling the Ambulance...  Now, you might think that Julius probably was unfit, a bit overweight, had been a smoker...  Wrong on all counts! At the time, he was a champion Life Saver. Besides the fast action of his mates and the Defillibrator which eventually was found, what saved him was the very fact that he was quite fit.  This begs the question: "How would you survive a cardiac arrest??"  Do you have a 'team' around you who know what to do?
Julius decided he needed to do more. He wrote a book about it ('Dead One Day - Laughing The Next').  But the message needs to go to the kids, so it gets impregnated into their minds from an early age. He designed an award winning board game to achieve just that and he named it Super Lifesaver. Click on the link for more info.  If you would like a copy for your kids or grand kids, contact the Webmaster - Surfers Sunrise will place a bulk order shortly.
Photo above, by Charles Thomasson: Julius Czerny (right) with Franz Huber and President Jo Winwood.
Last Wednesday's Guest Speaker: Julius Czerny Franz Huber 2018-08-14 14:00:00Z 0

Donations in Kind: 74 x 20' Containers in 12 months

Posted by Franz Huber
Most people would not even be aware that Donations in Kind (DIK) exists.  Yet, this organization, a division of Rotary World Community Service (RAWCS) is doing so much "paddling beneath the surface", it is simply astounding.  Just have a gander at these statistics for the Northern Region of DIK, provided by our member Col Laurenson, who is in charge of that region: "In the period from July 2017 to July 2018 we have loaded the equivalent of 74 x 20 foot containers (TEU) with an estimated value of $5.25 million. Plus, a 1 x LCL ('Less than a Container Load') shipment. Separately to this we loaded 3 x 40', 2 x 20' containers of our own equipment for storage, ie  8 x TEUs.  This was necessary because our lease on the premises at Durack could not be renewed and no suitable premises could be found. Of these we shipped That's a total of 74 TEUs! That’s over 2,575 cubic meters which never went to land fill." 
But more importantly: Would this have made a huge difference to the people at those destinations? You bet.  Goods ranged from clothing (including pallet loads of school uniforms) to hospital beds, scanners, baby cribs, books, school desks and chairs, crutches, computer equipment, just to name a few.  And - give yourself a pat on the back, fellows and volunteers who work at our Project Shed: tons of our wheelchairs!
(Picture above: Students in Kimbe, PNG at their newly installed desks. right: Book sorting at the former DIK warehouse. Photos by Ted Horsbrough)
Donations in Kind: 74 x 20' Containers in 12 months Franz Huber 2018-08-12 14:00:00Z 0

Daryl Sanderson at Assisi Catholic College Fete

Posted by Franz Huber on Aug 13, 2018
He rarely stops, doesn't he! Our Wheelchair Trust Chairman Daryl Sanderson, together with the capable assistance of Des La Rance ran a display stand at last Saturday's School Fete of the Assisi Catholic College.  He even raised some donations!  Interestingly, the Principal of the College, Mr Michael Laidler initially commented to Daryl that, when a Principal in Burleigh Heads, he attended a presentation of some organization which made wheelchairs there.  In Burleigh Heads?? Turned out that, once he met Des La Rance, he realized that it was indeed the same guy he had in mind...! ☺  (Photo by Daryl's daughter Dannye McFaul, who is, by the way, the President of the College's Parents and Friends Association.  Talking about Apples not falling far from the trunk...)
Daryl Sanderson at Assisi Catholic College Fete Franz Huber 2018-08-12 14:00:00Z 0

Qantas Airways donates another 10,000 blankets

Posted by Franz Huber on Aug 06, 2018
In addition to the hive of activity we had at the Project Shed last Saturday week (see last week's bulletin), Wesley Mission has also been hyper-active with Qantas blankets that PDG Darrell Brown organised: 1,000 were collected by the team from the STARH Project (Supporting Those at Risk of Homelessness) and distributed at the recent Homeless Connect day held at Carrara Stadium. Photo above: Tanya & Bonita from Wesley Mission (pictured left), were in charge of another project there at the same time: Pets...!  Picture right: pallets of blankets ready for distribution at Carrara Stadium. (Photos by Mark Twyford)
Qantas Airways donates another 10,000 blankets Franz Huber 2018-08-05 14:00:00Z 0

The winners of the 2nd Gold Coast Ramble: Monster Mayhem!

Posted by Franz Huber on Aug 06, 2018
Last Sunday's Gold Coast Ramble, organized by the Rotary Clubs of Gold Coast, Surfers Sunrise and Griffith Uni, was a superb fun event! Surfers Sunrise fielded two teams, 'Monster Mayhem' (headed by Rosie Rocco) and 'Yo Ho Ho and a Bottle of Ramble' (headed by Simon Brook - see photos in the photo album). Monster Madness won the event - by just one point! The point score from questions and activities were identical, but Rosie's team raised $712.50 (in favour of Gold Coast Homeless Youth), which added 71 points to their score. Second placed 'Niopotamus' fundraising score was $705.00 - just one point less.  The day was as glorious as can be - the Gold Coast at its best. A total of 20 teams competed, raising a total of almost $6,400, designated to charities of the teams' choice.
A special Thank You must go to chief organizer David Baguley and his team from the Gold Coast and Surfers Sunrise Rotary Clubs, as well as to the Surfers Paradise Alliance people who provided massive assistance with setting up marquees, providing tables and chairs etc.  Looking forward to next year's event!
Photo above: the winning Monster Madness team, from left: Mohammed Meer, his charming wife Yasmin Omar-Meer and daughter Zara Meer, Rosie Rocco, Trinity McIntyre.  More photos (by Karin Kolenko, RC of Hope Island) and Harry Ellis (RC of Gold Coast) in the Photo Album section on the right.
The winners of the 2nd Gold Coast Ramble: Monster Mayhem! Franz Huber 2018-08-05 14:00:00Z 0

Rotary's Tax Deductible Farmers Relief Fund

Posted by Franz Huber on Aug 04, 2018
Talking about Rotary - People of Action... Following my post on the weekend, featuring an article published in the Weekend Australian newspaper, Rotary Australia World Community Service (RAWCS) has setup a Farmer's Relief Fund which has Deductible Gift Recipient status. This makes any donations over $2.00 fully tax deductible. Named the Rotary Australia Relief Fund, it is managed and supervised by RAWCS. Being a Rotary fund, it also means that 100% of donations go to farmers; Rotary deducts no fees. The National Farmers Federation, Channel 9 and Rotary in Australia will work together to raise much needed funds. 
Click on the image above or click on to this link  or go to our District access more details and to donate.  
Rotary's Tax Deductible Farmers Relief Fund Franz Huber 2018-08-03 14:00:00Z 0

Last week’s speaker: Doug Lipp – Horse Racing, King of Sports

Posted by Franz Huber on Aug 03, 2018
Is the excitement of Horse Racing a good counter weight to the minutiae of scanning your clients’ books to ensure they are not caught up in the net of the ATO? Our member Doug Lipp, by profession the principal of a well established Public Accountant, was first hooked on horse racing way back in 1959, when he saw Blueden win the Toowoomba Cup. It paid a staggering 20:1…  Blueden became one of the most successful horse of its era, winning 14 races in a row – keep in mind that in those days, there were much fewer races than are today, so winning 14 in a row was, well, extraordinary.  50 years later, in 2009 Doug’s cousin Rex Lipp won the same race.
Doug and his charming wife Suzie have been very active in horse racing (as owners, not as jockeys or trainers… J).  Still, Doug admits that on occasion he has no aversion to placing a bet, but “You need to look at is as ‘entertainment’.  My limit is $50.00, so it won’t break the bank” is his advice.
Horse Racing can be a quite expensive sport to participate.  The cost to own a horse is approximately $70.00 per day when it is in training. “Some people have 10 horses and have never won a race…!”  The advice he got when he started in this game: Put yourself in the best company, put your horse in the worst company”. In other words: put your horse in the lowest racing class possible which thus gives it the highest chance of winning.  And the prize money is nothing to be sneezed at: Just jump on to Queensland Racing’s website and you can get statistics as well as video replays of any race going back for years. So, for example, one of the recent races (Moreton Cup) in which  ‘In His Stride’ (Sue Lipp is a part owner) ran, the 1st prize was $175,000, and even 6th won $5,250 – but, in this instance, he came just 9th. There is of course an entire science on how to select a horse – there isn’t sufficient space to elaborate on this. Interesting though is that, whilst having a sire or dame that has reached the pinnacle of horse royalty does not guarantee success for their offspring.
Last week’s speaker: Doug Lipp – Horse Racing, King of Sports  Franz Huber 2018-08-02 14:00:00Z 0

DG Partner Carol Brown answers 33 Questions

Posted by Franz Huber on Jul 30, 2018
Here is the second instalment of the series: District Governor Terry Browns wife Carol answers the 33 Questions.  See Download section on the right!
DG Partner Carol Brown answers 33 Questions Franz Huber 2018-07-29 14:00:00Z 0

Daryl needs some helpers to unload 10,000 blankets

Posted by Franz Huber on Jul 29, 2018
This coming Saturday, 4th August at 08:00 am, Wheelchairs Trust Chairman Daryl Sanderson needs some bodies on the ground at the Project Shed to help unloading a truck load of  10,000 blankets, donated by Qantas Airlines, for Donations in Kind (DIK). Originally organized by PDG Darrell Brown (in addition to the truckload we secured for distribution to various Rotary Clubs in the District), the blankets need to be transferred and loaded into a container for storage until they can either be shipped or moved to premises which DIK may obtain to replace those they had in Durack. Can you assist? Please be at the Shed by 08:00 am. Many hands make light work - it should all be over in less than a couple of hours.
Daryl needs some helpers to unload 10,000 blankets Franz Huber 2018-07-28 14:00:00Z 0

Last week's Guest Speaker: DG Terry Brown

Posted by Franz Huber on Jul 27, 2018
I recall, way back in the early sixties, a newspaper cartoon depicting J F Kennedy sitting at his desk in the oval office, his brother Bobby standing next to him, and a secretary poking her head through the door, saying "there's someone out here who claims his name is Kennedy and he doesn't have a position in the Government yet..."   No, it is pure coincidence that two successive District Governors share the same surname! Ed.
Last Wednesday, our club was honoured by the visit of DG Terry Brown and his charming wife Carol.  Terry gave us a brief background about himself: Born in Bingara in North Western NSW, he may well be the only DG who started his professional life in Shearing! "Good money in those days..." he dryly remarked [I think it's still good money today! Ed.] But for the most part of his working life, he and Carol ran a business in Lismore, specializing in Irrigation. About 8 years ago, they sold the business to their nephew - it would appear that he took it from one strength to the next!
Terry explained the concept behind RI President Barry Rassin's theme logo for 2018/19, 'Be the inspiration': the wave depicts Barry's home of the Bahamas, the orange and red beams coming in from the right depict the sunbeams, signifying the diversity of Rotary.

Naturally, Terry's major goals are closely aligned with Rotary International's goals. One of the principal aims it to pay close attention to Membership Development. One of the methods is the formation of Satellite Clubs. Just recently, the (former)
Last week's Guest Speaker: DG Terry Brown Franz Huber 2018-07-26 14:00:00Z 0

This Wednesday: Doug Lipp on 'Horse Racing - King of Sports'

Posted by Franz Huber on Jul 26, 2018
This coming Wednesday, 1st of August, we'll again meet at the Surfers Paradise Surf Life Saving Club - upstairs (same location as last week).
The 1st of August is considered the birthday of all horses. (It is also Swiss National Day, but that's another story!). Our very own Doug Lipp, himself an owner of race horses, will give us a presentation on this most glorified sport. We'll access a couple of very special races online, where Doug will explain what makes it so exciting! Note: The Rotary Club of Surfers Sunrise will not accept responsibility for anyone who, in consequence of this presentation, has placed a bet on horses and lost... ;-) Price of $20.00 includes sumptuous buffet breakfast.
This Wednesday: Doug Lipp on 'Horse Racing - King of Sports' Franz Huber 2018-07-25 14:00:00Z 0

DG Terry Brown answers the 33 Questions

Posted by Franz Huber on Jul 22, 2018
See Download Section on the right - District Governor Terry Brown has answered the 33 Questions!  Note: this is meant to be lighthearted...  That means neither the DG nor your Editor will enter into any correspondence... ☺
Next week: DG's "better half" Carol Brown's answers.
DG Terry Brown answers the 33 Questions Franz Huber 2018-07-21 14:00:00Z 0

Peace Scholars meeting

Posted by Franz Huber on Jul 20, 2018
On the 18th July 2018 we had a very special, Multi-Club dinner meeting: Four Rotary Peace & Conflict Resolution Scholars came down from the University of Queensland to give us a presentation about what that particular facet in the Rotary diamond is all about. OK, so you may have felt a bit crowded - partly your Editor (and Club Admin Chair) must take the blame: we almost doubled the number of attendees from about 40 to 80 within the last two days!  Talking about leaving the booking to the last minute!
But it was a Super Meeting: with some 10 Rotary Clubs from the Gold Coast participating. Michelle Helman from the USA gave the principal address, with Mohamed Sheik Yussuf from Kenya, Miku Lagarde from the Philippines and Isabella Beron from Columbia giving a brief outline of their experiences and visions for the future. In the words of one of the speakers, Isabella Beron from Columbia (which has been in a state of conflict for some 56 years): "Before coming to Australia, I have never lived anywhere where there is no conflict". Worldwide, some 1000 scholars have undergone serious training at various University Campuses throughout the world in Peace & Conflict Resolution. Will it make a difference? You bet it will, more than politician's grandstanding.

Photo above (from left): Mohamed Sheikh Yussuf (Kenya), Mikaela Francine (Miku) D. Lagarde (Philippines), Michelle Helman (USA), Isabella Sinisterra Beron (Colombia). See more details about the presenters on the Download section (on the right) - Rotary-Peace-Fellowship-Dinner-18-July-2018.pdf
Peace Scholars meeting Franz Huber 2018-07-19 14:00:00Z 0

Breakfast this Wednesday 25th July: at the Surfers Paradise Surf Club

Posted by Franz Huber on Jul 20, 2018
For breakfast this coming Wednesday 25th July we'll meet again at the Surfers Paradise Surf Club on the Esplanade, Surfers Paradise, where we recently had the Lutzy Award presentation. Meeting assembly at 07:00 am for 07:15 start.  Again a special occasion: our newly baked District Governor Terry Brown and his partner Carol will visit, to outline to us their vision for the coming 12 months.  Please join us to give them a hearty Surfers Sunrise welcome! 
Parking:  regrettably, the free parking has not come through (yet), so street parking or Early Bird at the Paradise Centre, off Hanlan Street.
Regarding the meal: we have noted your comments in relation to the food from a couple of weeks ago.  So, this time we'll have an 'All you can eat' buffet breakfast, much more sumptuous too: eggs poached, eggs scrambled, baked beans, bacon, potato gems, sausages, pancakes, toasts, cereals, fresh fruit and house made yoghurt.
See you there!
Breakfast this Wednesday 25th July: at the Surfers Paradise Surf Club Franz Huber 2018-07-19 14:00:00Z 0

Some more pictures from Alissa Lott, USA

Posted by Franz Huber on Jul 14, 2018
Alissa's granddad, Ross Augustine, forwarded Alissa's report from Minnesota, USA.  Just like we have the Safari here in Australia, in the USA they obviously have something similar, touring the country and even all the way up to the Niagara Falls!  They don't make big reports anymore - a picture tells a thousand words, so with six new pictures, this is equivalent to about 4 pages A4...☺ See Photo Album on the right. Ed.
Hello Rotary!
In my exchange district we just said goodbye to most of the current exchange students as their exchange was a July to July. Because of this, we had the big Rotary trip as an end of year thing although it was in the middle for me! This trip was amazing. It was great to spend time in some of the most incredible places in the United States with friends, both old ones and ones we became close to on the trip. We had so many new and fun experiences, here are some photos! As always, thank you so much for being my sponsor District I am having an amazing time on my exchange!
Some more pictures from Alissa Lott, USA Franz Huber 2018-07-13 14:00:00Z 0

Presentation of the 'Lutzy Award' 2018

Posted by Franz Huber on Jul 12, 2018
At last Wednesday's meeting, Sebastian Robinson (14) of the Surfers Paradise Surf Life Saving Club was presented with the annual "Lutzy" Award. No, it is not some plain certificate or plaque - it is a fully fledged rescue/paddle board!

The award, in honour of our Charter Member Keith Lutz who sadly passed away some five years ago, is determined in conjunction with the Surfers Paradise Surf Life Saving Club. Ray Higgs and Chris Thurtell from Surfers Sunrise Rotary team up with David Orchid and a selection committee from the SLSC. It is awarded not necessarily to the top surfer, but to a young, community minded person who is dedicated to mentoring and supporting other members of the club.
The photo above (by Charles Thomasson) shows the justifiably proud winner with (from left) Myles Giess, whose company Logan Steel Pty Ltd sponsored the paddle board, Andy Bell (Vice President of the Surfers Sunrise Rotary Club Inc), Trevor Hendy AM, Sebastian Robinson and Jan Lutz.
Presentation of the 'Lutzy Award' 2018 Franz Huber 2018-07-11 14:00:00Z 0

Last week's speaker: Jim Blackburn - Hydrogen Power

Posted by Franz Huber on Jul 09, 2018
Hydrogen Power? Doesn't that relate to bombs? Well, yes (as a matter of fact, they are roughly 1000 times more powerful than the "plain vanilla" atomic bomb), but that is not what Jim presented on. Hydrogen power has been used for quite some time: rocket propelation, the Space Stations are powered by Hydrogen.  Actually, the first Hydrogen powered fuel cell was invented in 1838. And the stuff is not exactly rare: Hydrogen is the most common element in the universe.
Jim, whose professional background is all things electrical and related to it, gave us a thorough insight into what undoubtedly will become the engine of the near future. In essence, the efficiency of a Hydrogen Fuel Cell is around 70% - compare this with an efficiency factor of about 20% of a Diesel engine - and many manufacturers have already fully developed Hydrogen Engines.  At the forefront is a US based truck manufacturer, Nikola Motor Company (named after Nikola Tesla, who in 1888 patented the AC induction motor, no connection to Elon Musk's Tesla Motors). In the passenger vehicle market, many brands, including Hyundai, Lexus, Mercedes, Toyota, Nissan have already Hydrogen powered vehicles on the market or will have them available within a couple of years.
So, how does it work?  Sorry, whilst - so Jim Blackburn - "it is not overly complex", it is just a bit too complex to outline in a Rotary Club bulletin... See Jim's Power Point presentation in the Download Section on the right, where you find not only his principal points of discussion but also plenty of diagrams.
In Australia, CSIRO is into it in a big way: they have invented a membrane which converts Ammonia to Hydrogen.  Why would you do that? Because Ammonia is much more stable to store and is not highly combustible. Newcastle University is very advanced on Concentrated Solar Thermal (CST) energy, just to name a couple.  Very much worth your while to read up on it a bit more. Start with downloading the Power Point!
Last week's speaker: Jim Blackburn - Hydrogen Power Franz Huber 2018-07-08 14:00:00Z 0

Gold Coast Ramble: can you help?

Posted by Franz Huber
The 2nd Gold Coast Ramble is on in just a bit over 3 weeks!  Can you assist, participate, promote?
As last year, this year's event will be in conjunction with the Rotary Clubs of Gold Coast, Griffith University and Surfers Sunrise.  It is one of our major fundraising events for the year, so we need your help!. The event is only a bit over 2 weeks away - SUNDAY 5 AUGUST - starting earlier at 9am and finished by 1pm.  Details on website:
How can you help?
  • Encourage clients, suppliers, staff, family and friends to enter a team/s - we have a template to send out invitations - please reply to the Editor or send a message via the Facebook link below.
  • Share the Facebook event with your Facebook friends -
  • We need more volunteers! If you can assist to help on the day, please email David Baguley (see address below) - we need to man 40 checkpoints from 08:30 to 12:30, as well as for setting up and taking down duties.
We would love to get more checkpoint sponsors - if you have business contacts in the Main Beach or Surfers Paradise areas, we can locate a check point to their advantage.  Please advise contact names and we will follow up.
Please advise asap if and when you can assist.
PP David Baguley
Gold Coast Ramble: can you help? Franz Huber 2018-07-06 14:00:00Z 0

This Wednesday 11th July 2018 - The Lutzy Awards

Posted by Franz Huber
It's on again!  This week we'll meet at the Surfers Paradise (NOT Southport) Surf Life Saving Club to present the Lutzy Award presentation, in conjunction with the Surfers Paradise SLSC.  The venue is on the Esplanade (corner Hanlan Street) Surfers Paradise - right in the middle, opposite the beach, in their upstairs restaurant. Usual time - meet 07:00 for 07:15 start. Plated breakfast will be served at a one-off price of $15.00 (normally $20.00) per person.
Note: if you have not already done so: you must advise Franz that you are / are not attending - we need to provide the SLSC with exact numbers. 
This Wednesday 11th July 2018 - The Lutzy Awards Franz Huber 2018-07-06 14:00:00Z 0

"Our" (now Past) District Governor hands over the collar

Posted by Franz Huber on Jul 02, 2018
"Our" (now Past) District Governor Darrell Brown handed over his collar to Terry Brown (no relation) at Saturday's District Changeover in Casino. Photo above, by DGN Andy Rajapakse, shows them cutting the cake, with their partners Kerrie and Carol. Congratulations to DG Terry Brown!
"Our" (now Past) District Governor hands over the collar Franz Huber 2018-07-01 14:00:00Z 0

Report from Alissa Lott - US Youth Exchange

Posted by Franz Huber
Via her Granddad, Ross Augustine, comes this latest update from Alissa Lott, our Youth Exchange Student in Michigan, USA:
Hi Rotary!
Here’s another update on my time in America. We are officially on Summer Break! We have three months without school now, so I’ve got a lot of time to spend experiencing things to do in Minnesota and travel America on the rotary tour which I am super excited for. I just got back from a trip with my friends to the lake near where we live which was really fun, we camped out and went canoeing (we accidentally tipped the canoe- whoops!) and made a campfire. Soon my friends and I will go to one of the bigger theme parks in Minnesota, Valley Fair, and I’m going to see a musical called ‘Chicago’ in a theatre in Minneapolis too! Recently I had prom, and moved host families. Both went really well. My new host family is lovely and prom was super fun, I’m so glad I got to experience that while I was here! Thank you again for sponsoring me, I’m having an amazing time. I’ve attached some prom photos, and some photos from a Twins baseball game I went to!
Photo: On the way to the proms - For more photos check out the photo album on the right hand side!
Report from Alissa Lott - US Youth Exchange Franz Huber 2018-06-27 14:00:00Z 0

Last week's speaker: Charles Thomasson - Instagram

Posted by Franz Huber on Jun 28, 2018
In the "good ol' days" people communicated... well, meeting face to face. Then the telephone was invented, but we still largely communicated face to face. Not anymore!  Social media is well and truly here and here to stay!  And since writing takes too long, a picture tells a thousand words and takes all of a couple of seconds.
Charles gave us a concise outline of a major new trend which has emerged in addition to Facebook and Twitter: Instagram.  The purchase of the app by Facebook in 2012 for $US 1 Billion (!!) put it truly on the map.  In essence: you take a photo with your mobile device and you can instantly upload it to Instagram, to be viewed by all your friends who follow you.  Their friends in turn might then also become aware of it, and so on... Talking about news spreading like wild fire!
Charles' Power Point presentation is uploaded in the Download Section on the right - it is quite self explanatory - just go over there and open it!
Last week's speaker: Charles Thomasson - Instagram Franz Huber 2018-06-27 14:00:00Z 0

Update on Changeover Luncheon 2018

Posted by Franz Huber
Jacinta Veitch, a friend of our newly baked President Jo Winwood (yes, she got married last week!), came along specially to take lots of photos during our luncheon last Sunday at the Kurrawa Surf Club.  Rosie Rocco has put them up on a Google Drive for you to view - click on this link.   Some real pearlers in there!
For those of you who weren't there, here are the award winners for 2017/18:
Rotarian of the Year:       Jo Gorman
Quiet Achiever Award:    Mario Fairlie
Fellowship Cup:              Richard Smith
Doug Waller Trophy:       Franz Huber
Further, the following members were recognized and honoured with the awarding of a Paul Harris Fellowships: Geoff Croad, Simon Brook, Gerald East, Jo Gorman, Mark Twyford, Angus Miller and Al Sirovs (who was absent, traveling overseas).
Update on Changeover Luncheon 2018 Franz Huber 2018-06-22 14:00:00Z 0

This Wednesday 27th June: - different venue, pls advise attendance

Posted by Franz Huber
Note: Different venue:  This will serve as a "trial meeting" for a potential new meeting venue. We'll meet at Freshwater Point Resort, Broadbeach, 33 T E Peters Dr, Broadbeach Waters QLD 4218The caterers require us to give them numbers, so please call or email to Franz no later than Tuesday 09:00 am whether your are attending or not (yes, either way!). 
They'll put up a sumptuous buffet style breakfast - cost of $20.00 per person.  Charles Thomasson will run a training style introduction to Social Media,  in particular Instagram and Facebook, and how we can use this not just to communicate among each other, but also spread our message to potential members.  See you there!
This Wednesday 27th June: - different venue, pls advise attendance Franz Huber 2018-06-21 14:00:00Z 0

Teacher's Pets (sitting in the front row...)

Posted by Franz Huber
Last Wednesday 20th June, Angus Miller, Mario Fairlie, Richard Smith, Gerald East and Franz Huber were joined by Kate Woodham from the Rotary e-Club of Next Gen to assist at the Rotary Youth Driver Awareness (RYDA) event at All Saints Anglican College.  OK, perhaps a bit far fetched, but seeing them sitting in the front row, aren't they, in effect, Teacher's Pets? wink
Teacher's Pets (sitting in the front row...) Franz Huber 2018-06-19 14:00:00Z 0

Snippets of last week's meeting 060618

Posted by Franz Huber
Bob Harrison was on the door with Larry Murray as Chairman (for Graeme Isaacson) and Ian Mayberry was Sergeant. Apologies were received from Tania Laird, Jim Blackburn, Rosie Rocco, Daryl Sanderson, Des La Rance, Adrian Crowe and Fred Hamblen.
President Andy Bell welcomed all members, Charter President and Honorary Member Bill Moir, our YE Students Gigi van Ligtenberg and Benedetta Marniga, Michael Gambaro (guest of Doug Lipp) and a special welcome to long absent Simon Brook ☺. Andy reminded us of the Changeover Luncheon on the 17th June. Note: you MUST BOOK. Online bookings are now open - see separate article.
Fundraising Director Doug Lipp was all excited: we got our bond back from the City Council... And we still have some money left over from the Samoa Project: are there any invoices left to be paid?  Mario Fairlie is in contact with Dr Joshua Francis, in conjunction with his friend Christina Carberry. Dr Francis was one of the Keynote Speakers at the recent District Conference, who specializes in health systems relating to diseases still prevalent in Timor Leste, such as Tuberculosis and Rheumatic Heart Disease. In conjunction with the Project Shed, we are also looking at making an alternative to the wheelchairs: Rickshaws for disabled children! DG Darrell Brown donated another $100 to the Wheelchair Trust, in celebration of the birth of another Grandson.  Congratulations! Membership Director Paul Seymour has another potential member lined up, and finally, President Andy was congratulated on his birthday, with a raucous rendition of the Happy Birthday song...
Snippets of last week's meeting 060618 Franz Huber 2018-06-10 14:00:00Z 0

Last week's Guest Speakers: Gigi and Benedetta

Posted by Franz Huber on Jun 11, 2018
Our two Youth Exchange Students, Gigi van Ligtenberg (Netherlands) and Benedetta Marniga (Italy) have recently returned from the 3 week's Youth Exchange Safari, and it is no surprise that they were quite excited about it! Who wouldn't? A bus full of 17 - 18 year olds from a wide range of countries and cultures, travelling along Australia's East Coast to Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide then up through the Centre to Coober Pedy, Uluru, Alice Springs and back out to the eastern beaches... 
As is almost obligatory, of course it rained on one of the first nights in Sydney and - yes - the tent was flooded. Up at 5 am, wring out the wet gear, cold and hungry. Back on the bus, onwards... Inspecting the Opal diggings at Coober Pedy, riding camels, scuba diving... eating Wichetty Grubs (apparently they taste like egg?).  
Picture above: All the nationalities represented at Uluru; picture right: Gigi (front left) and Benedetta (second from right).
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Last week's Sergeant: Ian Mayberry

Posted by Franz Huber
Andy Bell, I take it that you won't be on the list for next year's District Training Assembly..???  Al Sirovs: there we had our badges missing for weeks... and where were they found (well, at least some of them)? At the Project Shed! Graeme Isaacson, when you are on the Duty Roster as Chairman, you are supposed to be there early, not after the meeting has started ☺! Al Sirovs again: going on holidays? Are you taking your skate board with you? Franz Huber, good of you to pick up the club's mail, but you are not supposed to bring other people's mail in as well! Bill Moir, any guess how many times you have been fined over the past 30 years? Gerald East, as 'Flag Setter in Chief' you should have picked it up the they were not in correct order! Doug Lipp, good to see that you do have a friend!  Larry Murray was name dropping about some famous restaurants, whilst Ray Higgs disputed that he was the last man in (but paid the fine anyway....) Darrell Brown, with the ever increasing size of the family: is BMW making People Movers? And, in view of some sort of a football game being on tonight, are there really any Blues supporters out there? Well, pay up then!
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Changeover Luncheon 2018 - Have you booked yet?

Posted by Franz Huber on Jun 04, 2018
Let's celebrate. Only a few days left. But you need to book by no later than today!
Rotary Club of Surfers Sunrise Changeover lunch- a time to celebrate our achievements in 2017/2018 and ring in a new Rotary year!!
We'll meet at the new Kurrawa Surf Life Saving Club
Beachfront Events and Functions Room
Old Burleigh Road (beach side, opposite Charles Avenue), Broadbeach. 
Arrive from 12pm for 12:30 start
We would like members to invite family, friends and colleagues to celebrate the wonderful 2017/18 Rotary Year and to welcome in the Year 2018/19. President Elect Jo Gorman has negotiated for us to get a sumptuous buffet with three hot and three salad dishes, plus home made cake, all at the same price of $60.00 per person we had at Seaworld the last couple of years.  Drinks will be cheaper too, at club member prices. Capacity is 80 people and we expect a big crowd so be sure to book early!! 
Click on this link to book online:
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Last Sunday's District Training Assembly

Posted by Franz Huber
Last Sunday 3rd June, President Elect Jo Gorman led a team of Surfers Sunrise Rotarians to the District Training Assembly at Skennar's Head (Ballina).  Jo was joined by Rosie Rocco, Mark Twyford, Andy Bell, Richard Smith, Mitch Brown, Chris Thurtell, Paul Seymour and your editor.  As you can see, we were all enthralled by the spirited, motivational speeches to the congregation of current and future leaders in our District.
Mark Twyford also presented a lecture to incoming Club Secretaries.  Your editor attended a lecture given by PDG Michael Irwing designed for incoming Club Administration Committee Chairmen. OK, so we have Andy Bell again in the Sergeant's position (fasten your seatbelts!). We'll have a new position on the Roster: Fellowship Officer, and unless somebody else challenges me for the Bulletin Editor / Webmaster job...
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Last week's Guest Speaker: Inspector Bruce Kuhn

Posted by Franz Huber
Every now and then, being a Rotarian - and in this case, being a Surfers Sunrise Rotarian - gives one some quite exclusive "insider" information about what is going on. Many members have "the pulse" of the town, but it is uncommon for the Guest Speaker to have such intimate access to "the pulse" as Inspector Bruce Kuhn. You see, Bruce was in charge of controlling the Aboriginal protests at the recently held Commonwealth Games.  So, how do you deal with a bunch of Aboriginal protesters who are unrelated to the 'Yugambeh' tribe, the local indigenous people on whose ancestral lands the games were held? In particular in view of the Yugambeh having no issues with the games and indeed were dead set against this mob muscling in on their turf?  How do you deal with a bunch of protesters, many of whom are not Aboriginals themselves (but very much look like "professionals protesters")? The reporters and cameramen of the local and international media were just waiting for an opportunity to have a decent bust-up. Anything to break the dull monotony of following a baton relay stretching not just for kilometres of flat ground, but also for hours of, in essence, repetitive spectacle of the same baton handover from one well deserving and often high profile individual to another?  
On the last day before the games started, our very own District Governor Darrell Brown was one of the Baton Bearers affected by this unauthorized protest which blocked Seaworld Drive. Your editor happened to be there too. My personal attitude to this sort of disruption is somewhat more teutonic and thus, in retrospect, I have nothing but great praise for the way the Police handled the issue in a way that indeed did NOT create the incident the sensationalist media were hoping for.  150 police personnel were on the ground. Their job was not just to maintain order, but to ensure that the Gold Coast would be projected as anything but violent.  As those of us who also watched the evening news (or were at the Opening Ceremony) would know, the mob still kept agitating in the evening too.  Bruce's team was right on the ball.  There were no real ugly scenes. I dips me lid!
So, what is the real story? Much regret to say, but you should have been there yourself.  Since Rotary is on principle not political and is far more determined to promote peace than conflict, the details of Bruce's presentation will not be reported in this bulletin. Suffice to say that, upon your Editor's question of who finances the 'Stolenwealth Games' organization (yes, it is an organization. It costs money to fly people in from as far as Perth), Bruce's answer produced the proverbial "sharp intake of breath" as writers of conspiracy novels would describe it. The organization is related to the highest levels of a major parliamentary party. Except that this is not fiction.
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Last week's Guest Speaker: Rev Jon Brook

Posted by Richard Smith
Many thanks to Richard Smith for taking notes on my behalf! ☺  Franz.
Rev John Brook, from St John's Crisis Centre, spoke about his organization which helps with Alcohol and Drugs.  John was a psychiatric nurse and plays guitar to relax.  Alcohol has the greatest impact with only 5% of people who attend AA remaining sober.  He holds three narcotic meetings at the centre.
Of the people who attempt to give up smoking only 17.5% make it.  A pack of 25 cost $25 to $30 and a pack of 50 cost $50.  By 2020 it will be over $40 for a pack of 25 - John's view is that the government is exploiting addiction. Homeless Australians – (there are 116,427) with an increase of over 40% in the last 5 years.  The centre is required to advise the department of child safety if they find a child under 12 who is homeless. The largest causes of homelessness are domestic and family violence and family breakdown.  The latter being the cause of youth homelessness. John said 40% of Australians live below the poverty line and the New Start Allowance has not increased in 25 years. There were many more statistics given by John.
The Centre does Christmas lunches and hampers and our Club helps by providing toys. They also provide laundry, showers, toilets, shelter, and medical services and want to add legal assistance. He said that once a person gets a roof over their head half of their problem being either drugs or alcohol disappears.  Click here to obtain more information on the St Johns Crisis Centre, which also provides contact details.
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Surfers Sunrise now on Instagram!

Posted by Franz Huber
OK, so some of you may not even have heard of Instagram. Some, like your editor, have heard of it, but relegated it to "kids between 8 and 18 years old or so" and thus remained blissfully ignorant.  Wrong! Our incoming Membership Chair, Charles Thomasson is a young professional Stockbroker and Financial Advisor - and he is definitely not "18 or so". Charles knows that Instagram is one of the most effective ways to spread the word among young business people - our very target market for new members.
Our club's account is in the name of 'RotarySurfersSunrise'.  So, how do you go about getting started? Dead easy: on your iPhone, go to the Apple Store, on an Android phone, go to Play Store. Search for Instagram and just follow the prompts to get and install it.  Suggest you either use just your first name as a login - it will automatically assign a name and number combo, or use a shortened combo.  Charles promised he'll hold a brief training session soon.
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Last week's Guest Speaker: Andrew Rodgers

Posted by Franz Huber
Should Charity begin at home?  Often misused by people who don't want to donate, nevertheless it is clear that there is a very pronounced need right here on our doorstep. 
A member of the Rotary Club of Brisbane CentenaryAndrew Rodgers (picture above left with President Elect Jo Gorman) heard a guest speaker from the Foodbank organization at their club.  Foodbank is Australia's largest non-profit distributor of food for the disadvantaged - they are a conduit between the industry's surplus food and the welfare sector. Andrew asked him how they get along for meat? "We never get beef!" was the answer. 
So Andrew and his club set out to organize 'Beef Bank'.  The concept is really simple: farmers, auctioneers, abattoirs, butchers, transport companies etc support the project by donating or supplying beef and their services at the lowest cost.  People donate money, participate in their annual Fun Run (coming up on 27th May 2018) and Beef Bank buys cattle.  In the 10 years since its inception, they have supplied nearly 500,000 meals! The statistics get better year on year: in 2016 they delivered 48,000, in 2018 they aim for 150,000 meals! Is it needed? More than ever: Just in the last 12 months, Foodbank reports an increase in requests by Community Support groups of 11%. On average, one out of 30 children go hungry.
One cow yields about 250 Kg of meat, which translates to about 2,500 meals, at 45 cents a serve. Beef Bank is a registered charity and any donations over $2.00 are fully tax deductible. Further, as is the case with most Rotary projects, there are no overheads since all directors and administration is done on an unpaid basis.
Download a full run down of the Beef Bank concept from the download section on the right.
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Last week's Guest Speakers: Sgt Lyndon O'Neill & Team

Posted by Franz Huber
Our daily news feed provides us rarely with a friendly face of our Police Services: either it is a violent crime or, worse an over eager reporter shows video of alleged Police brutality.  So it comes as a refreshing change to meet three Police Officers with big, hearty smiles: they are from the Gold Coast District Cross Cultural Liaison Unit.  Deliberately meant to be "cross cultural", the ethnic origin of the members are telling: whilst Sgt Lyndon O'Neill (centre) is obviously Caucasian, Officer Jasylyah Kadir (second from right) is from Singapore and Officer Saga (pron 'Sanga') Selesby (on right) is Samoan.
Lyndon had a well prepared PowerPoint presentation to outline his unit's work and purpose (you can download the full PPSX in the Download section on the top right). The unit has 5 key areas of focus:
  • Safety Presentations for newly arrived migrants, students and visitors,
  • Increase Media Engagement,
  • Develop and Implement Policing Education
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Snippets of last week's meeting 090518

Posted by Franz Huber
Geoff Croad was at the door, Simon Brook was Chairman and Tania Laird was Sergeant.
We had apologies from Jim Blackburn, Gerald East, Chris Thurtell, Rosie Rocco and Ian Mayberry.
President Andy Bell welcomed all members and guests Michael Gambaro (guest of Doug Lipp), Honorary Member George Keily and our guest speakers Sgt Lyndon O'Neill, together with Police Liaison Officers Saga Selsby and Jasyiya Kadir.  For a demonstration of what Police Officers these days have hanging on their bodies, Andy called up Sgt Lyndon: Besides a heavy hand gun, there are handcuffs, pepper spray, Taser, Body Camera and a baton. Note: just in case you thought a small 30 cm long device couldn't hurt you very much: it extends to 3 feet in a flash!
District Treasurer Doug Lipp confirmed that the accounts of the recently held District Conference are definitely in the black, with some $22,000 surplus going to Australian Rotary Health, ROMAC (Rotary Oceanic Medical Aid for Children) and the Griffith Uni's Malaria Vaccine Project, bringing its fundraising to within less than $100,000 of the target of $500,000 .
Youth Director Tania Laird advised that we have now 4 candidates nominated for the RYPEN camp. 
President Elect Jo Gorman confirmed details about our upcoming Changeover Luncheon on Sunday 17th June at Kurrawa Surf Club (see separate article), and Secretary Mark Twyford confirmed that we now have an official lease for our Project Shed for (the maximum period) of 5 years.
Honorary Member George Keily provided an update on his collection of used spectacles: some 25 bags with a total of 600 pairs. Further, the ongoing support of our Wheelchair Project by Apple Marketing is much appreciated: 6000 used stamps and over $7,000 have been collected over the past 12 months.
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Planning for 2018-19

Posted by Franz Huber
Last Wednesday, after a 4 weeks break, was designated a planning meeting.  President Elect Jo Gorman led discussions, which ranged widely from introducing her board and committee chairs to issues of fundraising, general policy and - yes, to put it in Real Estate Agent's terms: location, location, location...
Since this bulletin is open to the public, not all the discussions can be reported.  However, of major interest was a very promising fundraising project proposed by Mario Fairlie, which involves not only our club members but also our volunteers at the Project Shed...  More as decisions are being made!
See in the Download Section (top right) the full PowerPoint presentation of our President Elect - it all makes sense!
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Wheelchair Volunteers on ABC National News

Posted by Franz Huber on May 02, 2018
Follow up from last month's article on the Wheelchair boys making the ABC National News:
Last Wednesday, Daryl received a parcel in the post with a nice letter written by David Handley AM, the founding director of Sculpture by the Sea (Bondi, NSW and Cottlesloe, WA)), together with a nice book, featuring his exhibitions.
Dear Sir,
I  am writing to congratulate you and your fellow Rotarians on the tremendous initiative of the Wheelchair Trust I have heard on the ABC Television News last night.
In response, I simply wanted to reach out to say well done and thank you. Our country needs more people like you. For my part I created these Sculpture Exhibitions within this book and I would like you to have a copy.
Yours sincerely,
David Handley.
Well, what can we add to that? "Legend" comes to mind...
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RYPEN camp (for 14 - 16 years old) this month

Posted by Franz Huber
May is designated by Rotary International as Youth Service Month. Only one major youth event in May: the RYPEN (Rotary Youth Program for Enrichment) camp.  Click on this link for details and to book. 
RYPEN is for 14 - 16 year olds. The camp, over three days from 9am, Friday 25th May 2018 to 1pm, Sunday 27th May 2018 is designed to develop skills that will assist them in the transition to adulthood.  Participants are involved in a variety of workshops and activities, which provide an opportunity for them to personally develop, gain self confidence, communication skills, challenge themselves, build friendships, and develop life skills.
Do you know any potential member to nominate?  Contact our Youth Services Director Tania Laird - applications close 10th May 2018.
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District 9640 volunteers earn over $220K on C'wealth Games

Posted by Franz Huber on Apr 28, 2018
Many of our members were very active during the games.  Some worked as unpaid volunteers, many others were manning the brooms and vacuum cleaners at the Athlete's Village.  The total earnings for District 9640 was over $220,000 (see full report in the  May edition of the District Newsletter).  You'll just have to wait till Wednesday, when President Elect Jo Gorman will reveal how much of that is apportioned to Surfers Sunrise... 
Photo: (from left) Adrian Crowe, DG Darrell Brown, Nick (team leader from Incognitus), Charles Thomasson, Peter Lyons from the PCYC of Toowoomba, Geoff Croad.
District 9640 volunteers earn over $220K on C'wealth Games Franz Huber 2018-04-27 14:00:00Z 0

Even casual meetings are good fun!

Posted by Franz Huber
OK, so we didn't have a "formal" meeting immediately after the games. That doesn't mean it could not be interesting and lots of fun.  Photo by Sergeant Tania Laird - note some very interesting visitors, by the looks of it, coming from the Commonwealth Games side.  And Ross Augustine, grand dad of Alissa Lott (see her update above) was there too (peeking out between Richard Smith and Jo Gorman).
Even casual meetings are good fun! Franz Huber 2018-04-27 14:00:00Z 0

DG Darrell Brown ran in the Baton Relay

Posted by Franz Huber
OK, it's history now, but just because we didn't have a bulletin for the past 4 weeks doesn't mean that DG Darrell should not feature prominently...  Here he is, surrounded by his beautiful family. 
DG Darrell Brown ran in the Baton Relay Franz Huber 2018-04-27 14:00:00Z 0

Our YE Student in the USA, Alissa

Posted by Franz Huber on Apr 28, 2018
Hi Rotary!
Here’s an update on my time in America. My first few months have been crazy busy, settling in to school and meeting people, and the time has flown by. I can’t believe it’s already been almost four months! Still, in that time I’ve done a lot. I love the snow, and I’ve learnt how to downhill ski which is super fun. Apparently this is the longest winter they’ve had in a while, even though it’s April and meant to be fall, we had a blizzard on the weekend and we’re getting more snow this Wednesday. Everyone here apart from me and my friend Cate, an exchange student from Spain that goes to my school is sick of it, but I think it looks magical! It looks like Christmas card weather. Here’s a photo of Cate and I in the snow! We were the only ones who actually wanted to go outside, and after the photos we took we ended up with snow all over (snowball fights are amazing)!
Our YE Student in the USA, Alissa Franz Huber 2018-04-27 14:00:00Z 0

Daryl Sanderson OAM in the C'wealth Games Baton Relay

Posted by Franz Huber on Apr 02, 2018
This morning (02/04/18) our Wheelchair Trust Chairman Daryl Sanderson OAM was running (OK, walking... ☺) in the Commonwealth Games Baton Relay at Runaway Bay.  Here is a picture of Daryl in full colorful uniform, with some of the Surfers Sunrise members and Volunteers from the Project Shet cheering him on.  'On ya, Daryl!
Daryl Sanderson OAM in the C'wealth Games Baton Relay Franz Huber 2018-04-01 14:00:00Z 0

Inspirations - well, sort of... 040418

Posted by Franz Huber
(Left): When you hear a good pun and you can't help it but smile...
I wish we could have state-of-the-art hospitals in every corner of the earth... but realistically, it's going to be a while before that can happen. But we can immunise every kid on earth, and we can prevent these diseases. It's only a matter of political will, a little bit of money and some systems to do it.
Seth Berkley, Scientist and founder of the International AIDS vaccine initiative.
Bread is like the Sun. It rises in the yeast and sets in the waist.

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This Wednesday we'll meet at Bumbles Cafe

Posted by Franz Huber on Apr 02, 2018
In view of the Commonwealth Games coming into full swing, this coming Wednesday 04th April as well as the following Wednesday 11th April, we won't have a 'normal' meeting, but instead we'll simply have a social get together at the
Bumbles Cafe,
Cnr River Drive and Pine Ave,
Surfers Paradise  QLD 4217
Usual time - 07:00 am. No meeting fee, simply place your own order.
This Wednesday we'll meet at Bumbles Cafe Franz Huber 2018-04-01 14:00:00Z 0

Charmaine Wheatley presents to the volunteers at The Shed

Posted by Franz Huber
You would recall the visit by Charmaine Wheatley, the dynamic lady from the Rotary e-Club of South Africa, who presented at our club in early February (see bulletin of 14th February - it is still on the website - see left). Last Saturday, Charmaine visited our Project Shed to see our volunteers, our Associate Members, to give recognition of the work they do. Charmaine again presented on the deployment of our wheelchairs in South Africa. The picture above (by Al Sirovs) shows her surrounded - - talking about a rose among over a dozen thorns... ☺
Charmaine Wheatley presents to the volunteers at The Shed Franz Huber 2018-03-25 14:00:00Z 0

Last week's Guest Speaker: Nasser Kaviani -  'The wonderful work of the bee'

Posted by Franz Huber
Last Wednesday, we enjoyed a visit by Nasser and Nayer Kaviani (both members of the RC of Broadbeach).  Nasser is an expert Apiarist (Bee Keeper) and "runs" several hives to produce that most wonderful of nature's food, honey.  His presentation, entitled "The wonderful work of the bee" outlines in an easy, non-technical way the various types of bees, how bees are organized in hives, their life cycles, how they mate...
OK, we all know that central to the hive is the Queen. Then there are the Workers, who are the ones that collect the honey and the pollen. But did you know that the queen only mates with a Drone? Drones are the male bees and do nothing to help the Workers (which are infertile females). They congregate in a separate area high up outside the hive, waiting for virgin queens to visit for mating. Only a few get the opportunity to mate and, once their business is concluded, they simply die... The queen returns to the hive and from then on, the Drones are not permitted entry and usually die at the hive entrance on the ground.
Development depends on the type: it takes just 16 days to make a Queen, 21 days to make a Worker and 24 days to make a Drone. Their life cycle is between 5 and 7 weeks. There is no school for young bees - they know their job from day one.  There is so much interesting stuff... if I have to pick one, it would have to be the Waggle Dance.  Its purpose is to communicate with other bees where nectar and pollen can be found. Rather than me trying to explain it, why don't you just click on this link where it is all explained in detail:
The volume of honey produced is extraordinary: world wide, some 1,500,000 tonnes are produced, of which 462,000 tonnes is produced in China. Is the honey you buy in a supermarket the real thing? Well, not necessarily, so Nasser advised. Commercial honey sold in the supermarkets is heated to stop it crystallizing on the shelves. If this heating process is not managed well, all the mysterious goodies in the honey get wasted. So, raw and unheated honey is only the real one with all the goodies in it still intact. Nasser can supply you with just that! Simply contact the Editor and I'll forward your request on to him.
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Photo Album of our District Conference

Posted by Franz Huber
Now, was that a conference or what!?  Record numbers (some 580 registrations), very exciting speakers and superb fellowship. I've put up a small Photo Album on our website - it's on the right hand side. You will find a comment against each photo.
There is also a massive album up on the District Website - just go to Photo Gallery (at the top) and it's all there.
Photo Album of our District Conference Franz Huber 2018-03-15 14:00:00Z 0

"Our" District Conference

Posted by Franz Huber on Mar 12, 2018
OK, time to allow our fingernails to start re-growing! After over a year of pre-preparations, dozens of committee meetings and hundreds, nay, thousands of email exchanges (just my small department of organizing the Registrations had well over 500 incoming mails outside the 580 registrations themselves!), we concluded the conference with a 'Paella in the Park' event. Regrettably, the weather was anything other than what one would visualize to go with Flamenco and Salsa dancers, but, hey! we still had a marvellous time out there. The wheelchair boys with help from all over erected the marquees, Graeme Isaacson was in several places at once, organizing the Paella chefs, the ice cream van and the Flamenco Guitar player... 
We had so many remarkable events, outrageously funny and inspiring keynote speakers, award presentations and good old fashioned Rotary Fellowship. So, why would I pick for this bulletin the only event that was truly affected by the rainy and blustery weather and where no grand speeches were held? Well, because there is no way I can report on the happenings of a three day conference in the space allowed in a club bulletin! Wearing my other hat as the DG's Newsletter Editor, I'll make a genuine effort to put together a reportage for the upcoming April edition of 'NINE Six FOUR Oh!' - it will be in your mailbox on or about 29th March. To Jo Gorman, her organizing committee and all the helpers and volunteers: you did a superb job!  Thank you.
Photo: Kate Kimmorley (RC of Gold Coast, who was an "inner cabinet" member of the committee), Tony Winwood (Jo's fiancee) is smiling - he might even again get to spend a few moments with his wife to be, District Conference Chairman Jo Gorman! And Des La Rance expresses what everyone thought about how successful the conference was! Bonza!
"Our" District Conference Franz Huber 2018-03-11 14:00:00Z 0

RYPEN attendees and Rotary Peace Fellows

Posted by Ray Higgs on Mar 12, 2018
If by chance, you missed DG Darrell Brown’s District Conference on the weekend just gone, you missed a Biggy. Though the overall concept was far greater than the few words following, I would like to mention a small part.
You missed seeing speakers, whom you as members have supported and who are fabulous ambassadors of Surfers Sunrise. Honestly, you had to be there! To mention a couple that are directly associated with Surfers Sunrise:
  • our RYPEN (Rotary Youth Program for Enrichment) attendees Jessica Webber and Lucy Thorburn spoke in the Youth segment about their experiences at RYPEN. Both are recipients of the “Lutzy” Award Surfers Sunrise presents to awardees suggested by the Surfers Paradise Surf Lifesaving Club. Great presentation, girls!
  • Surfers Sunrise sponsored a Rotary Peace Fellow, Jackie Kauli, who gave an emotive and passionate presentation of how she was tackling domestic violence aspects of life in Papual New Guinea. She does this through drama sessions to the villagers. 
It was great to see a successful outcome, to what our Rotary Club of Surfers Sunrise programs and support can achieve. Speaking of achievement, I’d like to extend my personal thanks to all my fellow Conference volunteers, as in working as a team, the best and most successful Conference (in my opinion), was achieved, and I was proud to be a small cog in that Rotary wheel. [Ray, among lots of other jobs, was in charge of program planning and execution. Just visualize: the Run Sheet, which details to the minute what will happen, exactly at what time, done by whom: 17 pages of spreadsheet, in small print with no big blank spaces! That is why the conference ran like clockwork. Ed.]
RYPEN attendees and Rotary Peace Fellows Ray Higgs 2018-03-11 14:00:00Z 0

Gigi and Benedetta visit the Project Shed

Posted by Franz Huber
Last Saturday, our Youth Exchange Students Gigi (left) and Benedetta (right) visited our Project Shed to learn all about how to convert unwanted bicycles into wheelchairs.  Here they learning how to trim the plywood to the correct size. WH&S Inspectors: relax, pull your head in: no need for goggles, ear protection, steel capped boots: this was for show only, the machine was not even switched on.  [I hope. Ed.]  Photo by Al Sirovs.
Gigi and Benedetta visit the Project Shed Franz Huber 2018-03-03 14:00:00Z 0

This Wednesday 07 March: Get ready for the District Conference!

Posted by Franz Huber on Mar 03, 2018
This is going to be one of the biggest District Conferences ever. Chief Jo Gorman has been working her fingers to the bone. We have well over 500 registrations. But, together with the RC of Gold Coast, our club is hosting the conference. We provide the organization, the personnel, the know how, a lot of the volunteers.  YOU MUST BE THERE! All leave has been cancelled until the 12th March. 
But then, on the 14th, we have one of the most exciting Guest Speakers - a genuine one-off: Dr Dainis Zirovs (Al Sirov's nephew) will speak on the transformation of his native Latvia from Russian control to Western Democracy. See Upcoming Events section on the left.
This Wednesday 07 March: Get ready for the District Conference! Franz Huber 2018-03-02 14:00:00Z 0

Last week's Guest Speaker: Anna Vlamis - Love Bites

Posted by Franz Huber on Mar 03, 2018
Love Bites? Last time I looked, this meant anything but Domestic Violence! I recall, (some 50 years ago) one of my mates one day rolling up to work with one of them planted firmly on his upper neck. He suffered ribald and rude comments for the better part of a week...  Now, to the more serious issue of domestic violence: the statistics are... well, simply unbelievable: one in three females are suffering from Domestic Violence (DV) at some stage in their lives, one in 5 males... Unbelievable, so I jumped on Wikipedia, where it said just that. OK, perhaps a more sober place then: The Australian Bureau of Statistics. Officially, "no single agreed definition of Domestic Violence" it says. There they call it FDV (Family and Domestic Violence).  The ABS statistics for FDV, say that in just one year (2015) FDV related assaults range from 177 victims per 100,000 population in the ACT to a staggering 1,668 victims per 100,000 in the Northern Territory. Click on the link to read the whole report. Warning: the homicide statistics relating to DV are no less scary. Based on this very uncomfortable reality, the summary which Anne provided me for this bulletin (printed below) is rather tame and benign.  That does not mean it is less disturbing, just not as stark as the raw statistics are.  Ed.
The Love Bites Reference Group began on the Gold Coast 2013 as a collaborative approach in managing the delivering of the program using a model to include best practice given the sensitive content.
Love Bites is a Respectful Relationships Program that aims to provide a safe space to discuss relationship violence and sexual assault for year 10 students. It aims to educate youth regarding domestic and family violence and sexual assault supporting young people to develop respectful relationships, engaging young people in conversations about gender equality, valuing difference and anti-bullying, clarifying rights as a human being; how to assure safety, access support and also be aware of the consequences for actions.
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Pride of Workmanship Awards 2018

Posted by Franz Huber
Last Wednesday, we presented a Pride of Workmanship Award to 6 well deserving people.  It was also a great social night, with the awardees and their partners joining with our club members and their partners.  Richard Smith,  in charge of Vocational Service at our club, presented the awards as follows:
NameNominated byVocation
Jody MurrayGraeme IsaacsonPost Office Operations
Dee JohnstonMark TwyfordLogistics Administration
Joel BurnsFranz HuberAir Conditioning Supply and Installation
Janusz RadzkiFranz HuberFurniture Upholstering and Restoration
Dr Stephen CoulsonGerald EastDentistry
Ken HildegrenGerald EastDental Technician
You can find the full citations in the Download Section on the right.
Photo below, from left: Richard Smith (convener), Mark Twyford, Graeme Isaacson, Dee Johnston, Jody Murray, Joel Burns, Gerald East, Ken Hildegren, Dr Stephen Coulson, Franz Huber, Janusz Radzki.
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Charmaine Wheatley to present at The Shed 24. March

Posted by Franz Huber on Feb 25, 2018
You would remember Charmaine Wheatley who recently gave us a presentation of how our wheelchairs make a difference in her neck of the woods in the South African bush?  She will present again at the Project Shed on Saturday 24th March, 10:30 am, so our untiring volunteers also get a chance to see how their efforts make a difference. [And this time we hope to have the projector working for Charmaine... ☺ Ed.]
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First bike for future sports star

Posted by Franz Huber on Feb 25, 2018
Well done to the gents at the project shed in helping to prepare our first Community Bike Sale. The young person in the photo took ownership of the bike through the Assistance of the Wesley Mission QLD program, Youth At Risk Alliance (YARA). This program assists vulnerable young people and their families in times of need. The young person has been identified as having future sporting potential and this is recognized by her School. A placement was offered to her to join the  AFL sporting excellence program. The bike will assist in not only her transport to and from school, building independence but also enhance her training program. What a great story to "kick" off this local community service program.
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Benvenuto, Benadetta Marniga!

Posted by Franz Huber
Last Wednesday, District Youth Exchange Chairman Chris Thurtell introduced us to our latest YE Student from Italy: Benadetta Marniga. Benadetta comes from a small village called Borgosatollo, near Brescia in the northern area of Italy. She will be hosted by our club for the second half of her stay in Australia. Welcome to Surfers Sunrise, Benadetta!
Benvenuto, Benadetta Marniga! Franz Huber 2018-02-18 14:00:00Z 0

Last week's speaker: Col Laurenson - Adani Logistics

Posted by Franz Huber on Feb 16, 2018
"The average spend for logistics on a project is 3 - 5%. For a $10 Billion project, that equals to $300 - $500 Million. If we can save 10% on costs that equals $30 - $50 Million." Col opened up his presentation with. At that stage, your Editor (and I think most of his audience) still hadn't quite clicked on the enormous magnitude of the project.  Until his next point: There really are 3 projects, not just one: The Carmichael Mine, the expansion of the Abbot Point Terminal and the rail line from the mine to Abbot Point. Col briefly elaborated on why Mackay is the ideal entry port for the rail construction: not just the shortest distance to the mine site as well as to Abbot Point, but the port has already the infrastructure and experience to handle the type of materials required.
Still a bit foggy on the size of the project?  Well, just look at the rail project alone: 800 Km of tracks require 48,000 tonnes of rail, 198,000 tonnes of sleepers, plus bridges, signalling, rail clips, ballast material, estimated to total 988,000 tonnes of material. And how will they transport this? Road trains with 4 side tippers can handle 315 tonnes at a time. That therefore will require 3,136 trips. 
What about distances? Well, Brisbane to Sydney is 921 Km. Brisbane to the Carmichael site is 1237 Km! Even from Abbot Point, it is 457 Km.  And it is not all flat either: If you drive out there, you'll come across flood signs: not 1 metre - 3 metres!  And one needs to consider just how to get the equipment required out there: The Burdekin Bridge has a maximum dimension of 6.1 m high and 7.41 m wide.  Problem is that some of the gear is 10 metres wide.
And so it goes on... Adani will have an airport for fly-in/fly-out workers. 12 Km away, there will be a village with 2, 000 beds for construction workers... traffic management: 1 truck arriving for unloading every 9 minutes.  We have not yet started to discuss projected peak fuel requirement of some 300 million litres...
And just how would Col Laurenson know about all this?  Well, that was his job at Adani. One never ceases to be amazed at the Rotarians one meets at Surfers Sunrise.  Col's PowerPoint is uploaded - see Download Section on the right - 2 files.
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Pride of Workmanship Award Evening

Posted by Franz Huber on Feb 16, 2018
This Wednesday,  21st February 2018, we'll present Pride of Workmanship Awards to several worthy recipients. It will be an evening meeting in lieu of our usual breakfast. Of course, bring your partners and friends along too! Several nominations have already been received, but if you have anyone in mind who deserves this award, simply contact Vocational Services Chair Richard Smith and provide him with details.
Surfers Paradise RSL Club
9 Beach Road
Surfers Paradise  QLD  4217
(you can park in the Bruce Bishop Car Park across the road)
6:30 pm for 7:00 pm start
$20.00 per person, includes dinner
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Last week's Guest Speaker: Charmaine Wheatley

Posted by Franz Huber on Feb 11, 2018
I keep coming back to this year's Rotary International theme: 'Making a Difference'. Here is a lady who is giving 110% to improving the lives of the disadvantaged members of her community in South Africa. Upon receiving some 120 wheelchairs donated by our Wheelchairs Trust, Charmaine Wheatley, a member of the Rotary e-Club of South Africa, made it a point to come and visit us all the way to say thank you and to give us an insight into how she applies her skills, her connections and her energy.  Even though we (regrettably) were unable to get her laptop to communicate with the projector at the SLSC due to a missing adapter, Charmaine's presentation was still very powerful. She concluded by presenting a certificate of appreciation, which Daryl Sanderson accepted on behalf of all the volunteers at the Project Shed. Equally relevant is Col Laurenson's Donations in Kind organization, which was instrumental in getting the wheelchairs shipped. A picture tells a thousand words.  Go to the Photo Album on the right side and see for yourself!
Note: Charmaine will visit the Project Shed on the morning of Saturday 7th April 2018. We'll make every effort to have a working projector ready! ☺
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Two Baton Bearers from Surfers Sunrise

Posted by Franz Huber
Do you know that Surfers Sunrise has not just one, but two Baton Bearers running at the upcoming Commonwealth Games?  Here are the details:
DG Darrell Brown: 12:28 pm  
Date: 04/04/2018 Start time: 12:28 pm
Start Location:  200 meters after intersection of Doug Jennings Park Access Road on Seaworld Drive, Main Beach QLD 4217, Australia
End Location:    400 metres further on.
Daryl Sanderson OAM:
Date: 02/04/2018 Start time: 10:01 am  
Start Location: 172 Bayview Street, Runaway Bay  4216
End Location:   153 Bayview Street, Runaway Bay  4216
See you on location to give them enthusiastic applause!
Two Baton Bearers from Surfers Sunrise Franz Huber 2018-02-04 14:00:00Z 0

AB Paterson College students to make wheelchairs

Posted by Franz Huber on Feb 05, 2018
Last Saturday, Ms Toni Kirton of AB Paterson College visited our Project Shed to discuss a new Community Service project her school will instigate. Ms Kirton, in her position of  Director of Positive Education and Leadership is a member of the Senior Leadership Team at the college. Des La Rance introduced her to the various aspects of our operation.  We understand that, initially, the college's students will make 5 wheelchairs for us.  This could be the beginning of a mutually beneficial relationship between Surfers Sunrise Rotary and AB Paterson College!
(Photo provided by Al Sirovs)
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Last week's speaker: Charles Thomasson, Man behind the Badge

Posted by Franz Huber
Our newest Rotarian will turn just 40 in a couple of months... Here is a professional in full flight of his career: by the time you read this, Charles will have taken over his business!  Congratulations!  But let's go to the beginning: he is an "original" Gold Coaster, having been born and bred right here.  His father (also a Rotarian) is a well known Veterinarian. After Trinity Primary School, Charles continued his education at TSS. Recounting a funny episode: visiting the Gold Coast and TSS by Peter Phillips (Princess Anne's son - that's him on the right), Peter was billeted at the Thomassons. As is traditional in such occasions, if there is no spare room, the guest sleeps on a mattress on the floor.  Charles' mum however thought that "one could not possibly ask a Royal to sleep on the floor", but tradition did indeed prevail: Peter did sleep on the floor (and was quite happy about it! ☺).  Following TSS, Charles attended University in Brisbane, studying Accountancy. 
Initially he worked in Brisbane, but then spread his wings to go to London.  His employer for the first three months, a major Hairdressing organization, happened to also employ a highly attractive young lady named Angela...  Yes, you guessed it, she became his wife in 2008. They married in Angela's home country, Wales. They now have two lovely daughters aged 5 and 7.  Charles moved quickly over to Finance, and upon return to Australia, to Stockbroking. His company, Wilsons Advisory, is a major national Financial Adviser organization. As mentioned, Charles has just taken over the local franchise.
And for leisure? Cricket, Rugby and Golf. His current handicap of 18 still has "room for improvement". And of course, regular trips to the family's holiday house on Stradbroke Island. 
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Last week's Guest Speaker: Greg Beard, Mater Foundation

Posted by Franz Huber on Jan 27, 2018
That's what is called dedication: Greg Beard, himself a Rotarian, has worked exclusively in the not-for-profit sector for almost 20 years. Whilst most of us would have heard about and seen the Mater Hospital in South Brisbane, few would be even aware of the extent of that organization: it comprises seven hospitals, Health Centres, the world-class Mater Research, as well as Mater Pathology and Mater Pharmacy.  Greg's section, Mater in the Community is the philanthropic arm. 
The story of Mater starts with a vision that remains as current today as it was in 1861 when the first group of Sisters of Mercy arrived on Brisbane and set up a 20 bed private hospital in North Quay. Check out this online video. This was the start of a tradition of providing compassionate care for the sick and the needy – which eventually led to the establishment of seven hospitals treating over 500,000 patients each year. Mater in the Community provides an opportunity to learn more about Mater today. Just a few salient facts: Mater Mothers Hospitals deliver more than ten thousand babies each year and providing specialist care for more than 2000 premature and seriously ill babies! Not just 'traditional' Hospitals: there is a Neurosciences Centre of Excellence including a Stroke Unit and an Epilepsy Unit,  the Mater Young Adults Health Centre Brisbane for people aged 15 - 24. They provide education, they tackle homelessness and refugee health.  
Did you know that Mater had the first Radiation Room in Queensland? Today, the technology certainly has changed: Micro Surgery, allowing operations which just a few years ago would have involved hospitalization for days and weeks, completed in a short time with keyhole surgery and the patient is on the way home in as little as 4 hours...
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Colonel Sanderson addresses the troops

Posted by Franz Huber
This picture, provided by Fred Hamblen shows "Colonel" Daryl Sanderson OAM addressing the troops at the Project Shed about how they have a container coming for 270 wheelchairs and they need to ensure they have that many ready when the container arrives 9 February...
Colonel Sanderson addresses the troops Franz Huber 2018-01-26 14:00:00Z 0

Last week's speaker: Franz Huber - Imagine: No electricity

Posted by Franz Huber
It all came about when I read a novel by William Forstchen 'One Second After'. It is the first volume of a trilogy which, in rather detailed form, outlines the physical as well as psychological effects of an Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP), caused by a nuclear strike above the atmosphere of the earth.  A novel, therefore it is fiction, isn't it?  Numerous other novels in the dystopian genre have been written: from classics like George Orwell's 1984, Aldous Huxley's 'A brave new world' to more recent, modern writers such as Veronica Roth with her 'Divergent' series or Suzanne Collins with her 'Hunger Games' series. But it's not going to happen, isn't it..! All those hypothetical situations would be preventable, had the people been vigilant and arrested the decline before it was too late. (Hmmmm... would they?)

But coming back to EMP: is it fiction?  I went digging a bit more and found numerous scientific references which clearly confirm what the underlying theme is all about. I give it to you in a nutshell: Should such an attack (or multiple a