Sometimes we might be a bit remote, a bit detached from the results of our work to manufacture the 'Rough Terrain Wheelchairs', raising the funds and the organisation of getting them shipped. So it is great to receive two separate messages, one from Papua New Guinea, one from the Solomon Islands, confirming that the goods have arrived and are being distributed. The photo on the left is from the Reverend Hoge Ramura from PNG, who wrote
"Good day to you all good Rotarians in Rotary club of Surfers Sunrise in Qld, Australia.
I am a retired Reverend, Hoge with my wife Vagahu Rabura of the Rotary Club of Port Moresby in Papua New.
We have great interest to volunteer in the Wheelchair Trust project in the your club...
I am 63 yrs old and my wife 58 yrs old.... We also do other social work like volunteering in the Prisoners Bible teaching, and are facilitators in HIV AIDS, TB, GBV, etc trainings.
But, our interest is in volunteering in the Wheelchair project..
Can we have a chat re the above request and please show me the correct form of communication...
Please see some of the wheelchair donations pictures, we did on behalf of Rotary club Port Moresby... within Port Moresby and outside...
There is great need for wheelchairs for all ages, we want thank your club again for such support.... Many thanks
Rev Hoge and Vagahu Rabura.
Shortly after, Col Laurenson forwarded a couple of photos from Honiara, Solomon Islands. They, as well as a lot more from PNG - see our Photo Album Section, together with a couple of photos sent from Honiara, Solomon Islands.  Fellows, give yourself a pat on the back!