Posted on Oct 27, 2021
After two postponements, this morning we presented the coveted 'Lutzy Award' to Jett Milford - Ferguson. Congratulations! The award is in honour of Keith Lutz, who was not only a Charter Member of our club but also a highly respected leader of the Surfers Paradise SLSC. The exclusive surf ski is sponsored by our Rotary Club and is presented annually to a young person selected by the committee of the Surfers SLSC. The winner may not necessarily be the top surfing champion but is selected because he/she has demonstrated real leadership qualities. Often, the winner goes on to Rotary youth development programs. Go to our District 9640 website and check it out - top right of menu on the home page.
(Photo - from left: President Paul Seymour, Jan Lutz, Jett Milford - Ferguson, David Orchy, Charles Thomasson)