Posted by Franz Huber on May 20, 2019
Last Saturday night, Mark & Tanya Twyford hosted a Surfers Sunrise bar-be-que at their home.  The deal was quite straight forward: Mark & Tanya did the "hunting and gathering" (read: we'll provide the meat) and the guest were expected to bring not just their own drinks, but to also provide a nice bottle of red for the hosts to enjoy on a quiet evening on another night. Very generous arrangement! ☺ Mark reports that the event was most enjoyable. 
No rest for the wicked though: as incoming District Treasurer, Mark was off at the crack of dawn to travel to Warwick to attend the first District Training Assembly!  A big Thank You! to Mark & Tanya for putting this on!  
Picture on left (by Mark Twyford): Mark, Sue Smith and President Jo enjoying the open fire in the court yard.  Ah, the old open fire just makes such a difference to the ambience!  More pictures on our Photo Album (see right side)