Last week, we had working bees on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday at the Project Shed.  The main purpose is to re-organise the shed to have more working space. This will be achieved by moving the shelving to the outer walls and relocate the finished wheelchairs into the 40' container which was recently delivered.  Thank you to all members and volunteers who participated: Larry Murray, Angus Miller, Franz Huber, John Hall, Geoff Croad, Al Sirovs, Des La Rance, Bryan Tuesley, John Chirio, Darrell Brown, Laurie Roberts, Andy Bell, Paul Seymour and Charter President Bill Moir. Good to see you still active in Surfers Sunrise, Bill! More photos in the Photo Album on the right.
(Photo by Al Sirovs - maintaining Social Distance: everyone would if the other guy wields an angle grinder...! ☺)