Posted by Franz Huber on Jul 08, 2019
A what?? A Pod? Isn't that something to do with flowers? [No, Henrietta, nothing to do with pot plants. Nor with pot... ☺] Or with something that is detachable from an aircraft? 
No, it is a Mini-Accommodation on wheels for the homeless.  Our indefatigable President Mario Fairlie has had discussion with the equally indefatigable local City Councillor Dawn Crichlow about this potential new project which Surfers Sunrise might become involved with at our the Shed.  A picture tells a thousand words they say - so check out the attached image of the front page of a recent Gold Coast Bulletin article (you can expand it so you can actually read it - just press Ctrl + ). The estimated cost is $500 plus the bicycle to pull it.  And yes, Dawn will take it to the council.
At last Wednesday's meeting, Des La Rance gave us a good run down on how this will happen. See President Mario's message above.