Posted by Franz Huber on Apr 06, 2019
First feedback from our Youth Exchange Student in Minnesota, USA.  Never mind freezing temperatures - Lucy Thorburn takes the plunge into freezing water anyway - all for a good cause! Click here for video on our Facebook Page!

Good morning this is Lucy Thorburn, I wanted to send you a like update on my exchange so far it’s been a crazy two months already. So it start with the first week of me being here in Minnesota we had the Polar vortex temperatures of -38 degrees celsius, that week school was cancelled four days in a row due to the crazy cold temps! We’ve also had lots of snow this winter so I’ve been skiing, snowboarding, sledding, ice skating and snowball fights with friends. I’ve already met some really awesome people, my rotary club here is very impressed with everything you guys do with your wheelchair program, they started a program two years back in India to help girls get an education, right now they are funding around nine all girls schools and have help thunderous of girls in the last two years!

A couple of my friends and I participated in The Polar Plunge which was a fundraiser for Special Olympic (it’s pretty much jumping into frozen lake water temps below 0, craziness I know!) We ended up raising $1,900 as a team, I’ll leave some pictures and videos down below.

I’m also playing badminton at school for my after school spring sports with a couple of friends. My friend Lucy and I are playing doubles ( and yes everyone has a little laugh that we are both named Lucy). We made the varsity which is the best team to be on so we are really happy about that! 

Photo on left: Menolly (host sister), Lucy Thorburn, Kelly (host mum), Brennan (host brother( and Bryce (host dad).  More photos in Photo Album - see right side.