OK, first the good news: I’ve just read of the appointment of Dr Jesse Harman (picture left, with DGE Andy Rajapakse) of the Rotary Club of Wendouree, near Ballarat VIC, as “our” Zone Director to the Rotary International Board. [Yes, Henrietta, I just found out that DGE Andy had published this on his Facebook Page ages ago, but you insisted I that I tidy up the garage.] And yes, I now know she is not just a pretty face: Jesse holds a Doctor’s Degree (in Social Entrepreneurship, so don’t ask her about your ingrown toenail! 😊) and is Pro Vice Chancellor of Federation University Australia. And I’ve just learned that she was introduced to Rotary as a RYLA participant in 1987, and that she is a Past District Governor and Past just about every other high office that can be attained in Rotary.
So why do I sound a bit grumpy?  After all, Jesse will make a refreshing addition to a Rotary International Board overwhelmingly male (18 to 2 in the current board, actually), and it wouldn’t even surprise me if she ended up to be the first female RI President sometimes down the track. Again, why do I feel grumpy? Well, if I was to know of a person of her qualifications, of her calibre and high profile in society, I would not even have considered asking her to join my club. “Holding down her job, with a family and three kids, she wouldn’t have time to scratch herself!” would have been my excuse. Anyway, she certainly wouldn’t want to join a Breakfast Club…  Yes, your Honour, guilty as charged.
So, this being the period of the year when our New Year’s Resolutions start to conveniently fade into distant memory, perhaps now is the time to firmly commit to just the one: By the end of 2020, I will have witnessed the induction of a new member into my Rotary Club who was introduced by me. Doesn’t make a difference whether male or female though, but yes, a high profile lady like Dr Jesse would be great! So now, start thinking about whom you could contact, then… Just Do It!