(Thank you, Mitch Brown, for taking the notes in my absence. Ed.)
At last Wednesday's meeting, our new Surfers Sunrise Rotary member Brian Pearson, who recently transferred to our club, gave us an insight into his background. As is customary at Surfers Sunrise, new members are encouraged to expand their 'Rotarian behind the Badge' talks to include one of their major hobbies or passions. 
Brian opened his talk about his culinary journey around the World. He invoked the memory of food rationing in post-World War Two Britain which continued into the early years of the 1950s. After briefly touching upon his early life in Grimsby and work as a sales manager in speciality chemicals, he regaled members with colourful stories of gastronomic explorations, first in Europe and northern Africa and then later, after relocating to East Asia and marrying, some of the more exotic dishes he savoured, including a Cobra Cocktail (of sorts) and various indecisive seafood dishes.
Brian shared his love for cooking and provided his recipe for the best Wagyu steak – ever. His mantra to eat the local cuisine rather than their attempts at replicating western dishes was perhaps, given some of the more bizarre dishes he had described earlier, lost on some members... 
(Photo, by Andy Bell: Brian (left) is presented a 'Thank you!' by meeting chairman of the day, Larry Murray.)