In many clubs, the awarding of a Paul Harris Fellowship (PHF) is quite an unusual event. In short: the club donates US$ 1,000 in the name of the recipient to The Rotary Foundation (TRF), one of the largest and, according to Charity Navigator, certainly one of the most efficient international charities in the world. TRF then issues the PHF award to the individual. Generally, the club awards the PHF for outstanding efforts made by the individual. In many cases, this is not their first award: for each additional award, a sapphire is added to the pin (see picture right for a sample of the pin with 2 sapphires, depicted as PHF +2). This morning, Immediate Past President Charles Thomasson bestowed a PHF to a whole bunch of our members. The picture above shows those members who were present at this morning's breakfast meeting (from left): PP Charles Thomasson, Geoff Croad (PHF + 3), Doug Lipp (PHF +3), Graeme Isaacson (PHF +1), Angus Miller (PHF +2), Paul Seymour (PHF +1), Andy Bell (PHF + 1), Larry Murray (PHF +2).  Other awardees were Fred Hamblen (his first), Ray Higgs (PHF +1), Gerald East (PHF +1), Peter Morgan (PHF +1), Neil Thurlow (PHF +2). And how come they were not announced at the Changeover? (You may recall, Charles awarded PHFs to Neil Thurlow, Rotaractors KJ and Matt and your editor.) Well... our club has, for many years, registered all members for a yearly US$100 donation to TRF. The above members have reached the US$ 1,000 "maturity"! Sign of getting older? No! Recognition of continued loyalty to the club!