At last week's meeting, Past President Jo Winwood (now a member of RC of Byron Bay), brought one of her organisation's major projects to our attention.  Appropriately named '1000 notes of friendship', the project aims to reduce loneliness, particularly for people who are in retirement and nursing homes. Write (best hand write) a note, a postcard or a letter to a 'mystery person' and post it (yes, by old fashioned snail mail) to Jo.  This is to safeguard privacy. Below is Jo's summary. There is also a PDF in our Download Section (on the right) and their website, click here. This will also be discussed in more details in the upcoming meeting this coming Wednesday.

Help 1,000 of our most vulnerable seniors by making them feel less alone with a simple note of well wishes / friendship.

Be Someone for Someone is Aged Care provider, Feros Care’s initiative to tackle loneliness– and never has there been a greater need for our help. Right now, millions of vulnerable seniors in Australia are in self-isolation, with no visitors and no chance of leaving their home.  We know that loneliness leads to anxiety, depression, chronic disease and worse. We want them  to know that they matter, and we are thinking of them. 

What you can do

Write a letter/note or card - leave the name section blank ( the part where you normally write "Dear" and Jo will personalise them for you.

Post the note to 

1,000 Notes of Friendship Campaign
PO Box 585
Byron Bay
NSW 2481  

The team at Be Someone For Someone will take care of the rest

PS: Include your address if you would like to encourage a response.

Now, is that a project worth supporting or not?