Posted by Franz Huber on May 24, 2019
OK, close you eyes… take a deep breath and regulate your heartbeat. Why? I’m about to ask you to deeply visualize. Visualize a bunch of close to 20 Surfers Sunrise Rotarians, Associate Members and their partners putting their shoulders to the wheel and their noses to the grinding stone at the Small Business Expo, where we were invited to assist and raise some badly needed funds. They were there the day before on Wednesday for “bump-in”. They were there on Thursday to man the Car Park to collect Gold Coin parking fees (as well as the equivalent in electronic form). They manned our display stand for the day, kindly provided to us by the Small Business Expo organizer, Paula Brand. And they were again there in force at the “bump-out” stage, removing and stacking up the tables, chairs and partitions.
The effort raised over $3,000, nearly double that of last year. Organizer Paula Brand (picture right) was so happy with our services that she increased the $500.00 fee for bump-in/out to $800.00 – just like that! Next year we’ll be moving the Sports & Leisure Centre next door, so it’s going to be bigger again!
So what is all that visualizing about? Simple: in the absence of your editor (he is still slightly damaged goods, albeit steadily improving), every one else was simply too busy to take photos..! ☺
A big Thank You! to all the participants and to Paula Brand and her team for inviting us!