Posted by Franz Huber on Oct 26, 2018
Visualize: you are standing (yes, standing, not lying) in your coffin, but it has a glass top and you are looking up. You are not six feet below, you are about 15 feet down. You have never seen any of mourners assembled around the grave - as a matter of fact, the "priest" is just a little bit mad. And they are not playing Pachelbel's Canon (as you gave strict instructions in your will); all is accompanied by a cacophony of thunder and lightning, heavy metal music, more lightning... you are quite positive the ground is moving (and I'm still not sure whether it did or not - it certainly vibrated).  And when it was finally over, they the grave digger starts to shovel the dirt down over the top of you. But you are still alive...
Hmmm... not sure how many of our members who visited a "behind the scenes" tour of Dracula's last Wednesday felt like having a shot of brandy after the opening introduction - purely for medicinal purposes of course, just to ensure the heart is still going! Executive Producer Richard Macionis guided us through the venue, explaining the various aspects of how the show is created and staged. We visited the wardrobe department, where the chief seamstress Robyn is ready to design outfits which require a special wild imagination! And to top it off: Dracula's gave us a generous bunch of tickets for us to raffle or auction off for fundraising purposes.
Thank you, President Jo and 'First Bloke' Tony for arranging this - a Rotary meeting with a difference, indeed!